iPhone 4S popup too small to show close button and zoom deactivated, image upload broken on chrome, text editing broken on edge

Bug1: Instructables.com is not usable on an iPhone4s based on the nasty blocking nag-popup with hidden X/CLOSE. Replicate: - iPhone 4S with Safari iOS 9.2 (13C75) - Wait for the nagging "log in" popup - The close/x button is north of the screen, not visible, because the iPhone screen is not as big as your developers thought. - Zooming is disabled. Scrolling does not work as the nag-popup is using javascript to center. - There is no way to reach the X/close button - Nag-popup will not go away. - Instructables.com not usable on iPhone 4s. This is major PITA. Only way to get rid of nag-screen is ""reload"", but that was a lucky guess. Bug2: uploading Screenshots into this forum using Google Chrome DOES NOT WORK. Click "choose files" does not return anything. Bug3: although uploading screenshots works on EDGE Browser, clicking and entering the forum Text DOES NOT WORK. so- entering text into forum topic does not work on EDGE. so I upload pictures on Edge and enter this text in chrome... Do I reaaaaly need 3 browser to do this bug report? WTF? Only because I truly love instructables.com like a unicorn loves pink, I took the pain to write this report, despite this forum's "choose files" button not working when trying to uploaid screenshot. Damn, even reportig bugs doesnt work - get your s*** together!

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capacitive touch not responsive

I have a cheapo 7 inch android tablet and the capacitive touch screen doesnt work well, some spost work fine but others dont what should i do? also is there anyway of connecting an arduino up with a usb adapter so a program can control it?

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This is in response to pro accounts...

This suggestion would either eliminate the necessity for pro accounts or reduce the price to pay for one. It wouldnt bother some of us a bit if you put ads on the left hand corner of the page as well as the very bottom of it, below the copyright link. Also, I notice that there are no ads when you make/edit a new instructable or forum topic. You could put some there. If this isnt possible with you guys, or you just dont want to do it, I understand. I am not against pro accounts, But some others are, and I cant really afford one myself (I cant even get a stinkin job due to child labor laws).

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ITEADLIB_Arduino_WeeESP8266 android response

Im planing to do a project that using Arduino+esp8266 with android device, at first my code was something like this. #include #define DEBUG true SoftwareSerial esp8266(9,10); // make RX Arduino line is pin 2, make TX Arduino line is pin 3.                          // This means that you need to connect the TX line from the esp to the Arduino's pin 2                          // and the RX line from the esp to the Arduino's pin 3 void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   esp8266.begin(9600); // your esp's baud rate might be different   pinMode(11,OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(11,LOW);   pinMode(12,OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(12,LOW);   pinMode(13,OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(13,LOW);   pinMode(10,OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(10,LOW);   sendCommand("AT+RST\r\n",2000,DEBUG); // reset module   sendCommand("AT+CWMODE=1\r\n",1000,DEBUG); // configure as access point   sendCommand("AT+CWJAP=\"Arsalan Wifi\",\"arsalan123\"\r\n",3000,DEBUG);   delay(10000);   sendCommand("AT+CIFSR\r\n",1000,DEBUG); // get ip address   sendCommand("AT+CIPMUX=1\r\n",1000,DEBUG); // configure for multiple connections   sendCommand("AT+CIPSERVER=1,8080\r\n",1000,DEBUG); // turn on server on port 80   Serial.println("Server Ready"); } void loop() {   if(esp8266.available()) // check if the esp is sending a message   {     if(esp8266.find("+IPD,"))     {      delay(1000); // wait for the serial buffer to fill up (read all the serial data)      // get the connection id so that we can then disconnect      int connectionId = esp8266.read()-48; // subtract 48 because the read() function returns                                        // the ASCII decimal value and 0 (the first decimal number) starts at 48      esp8266.find("pin="); // advance cursor to "pin="      int pinNumber = (esp8266.read()-48); // get first number i.e. if the pin 13 then the 1st number is 1      int secondNumber = (esp8266.read()-48);      if(secondNumber>=0 && secondNumber<=9)      {       pinNumber*=10;       pinNumber +=secondNumber; // get second number, i.e. if the pin number is 13 then the 2nd number is 3, then add to the first number      }      digitalWrite(pinNumber, !digitalRead(pinNumber)); // toggle pin         String content;      content = "چراغ ";      content += pinNumber;      content += " is ";      if(digitalRead(pinNumber))      {        content += "ON";      }      else      {        content += "OFF";      }      sendHTTPResponse(connectionId,content);      // make close command      String closeCommand = "AT+CIPCLOSE=";      closeCommand+=connectionId; // append connection id      closeCommand+="\r\n";      sendCommand(closeCommand,1000,DEBUG); // close connection      Serial.print(connectionID);     }   } } /* * Name: sendData * Description: Function used to send data to ESP8266. * Params: command - the data/command to send; timeout - the time to wait for a response; debug - print to Serial window?(true = yes, false = no) * Returns: The response from the esp8266 (if there is a reponse) */ String sendData(String command, const int timeout, boolean debug) {     String response = "";     int dataSize = command.length();     char data[dataSize];     command.toCharArray(data,dataSize);     esp8266.write(data,dataSize); // send the read character to the esp8266     if(debug)     {       Serial.println("\r\n====== HTTP Response From Arduino ======");       Serial.write(data,dataSize);       Serial.println("\r\n========================================");     }     long int time = millis();     while( (time+timeout) > millis())     {       while(esp8266.available())       {         // The esp has data so display its output to the serial window         char c = esp8266.read(); // read the next character.         response+=c;       }      }     if(debug)     {       Serial.print(response);     }     return response; } /* * Name: sendHTTPResponse * Description: Function that sends HTTP 200, HTML UTF-8 response */ void sendHTTPResponse(int connectionId, String content) {      // build HTTP response      String httpResponse;      String httpHeader;      // HTTP Header      httpHeader = "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8\r\n";      httpHeader += "Content-Length: ";      httpHeader += content.length();      httpHeader += "\r\n";      httpHeader +="Connection: close\r\n\r\n";      httpResponse = httpHeader + content + " "; // There is a bug in this code: the last character of "content" is not sent, I cheated by adding this extra space      sendCIPData(connectionId,httpResponse); } /* * Name: sendCIPDATA * Description: sends a CIPSEND=, command * */ void sendCIPData(int connectionId, String data) {    String cipSend = "AT+CIPSEND=";    cipSend += connectionId;    cipSend += ",";    cipSend +=data.length();    cipSend +="\r\n";    sendCommand(cipSend,1000,DEBUG);    sendData(data,1000,DEBUG); } /* * Name: sendCommand * Description: Function used to send data to ESP8266. * Params: command - the data/command to send; timeout - the time to wait for a response; debug - print to Serial window?(true = yes, false = no) * Returns: The response from the esp8266 (if there is a reponse) */ String sendCommand(String command, const int timeout, boolean debug) {     String response = "";     esp8266.print(command); // send the read character to the esp8266     long int time = millis();     while( (time+timeout) > millis())     {       while(esp8266.available())       {         // The esp has data so display its output to the serial window         char c = esp8266.read(); // read the next character.         response+=c;       }      }     if(debug)     {       Serial.print(response);     }     return response; } but then i chose to use library code for esp8266 and i use this link ITEADLIB_Arduino_WeeESP8266 now i have problem that i dont know how can i get a response message back to my android device, also this is my code using library, (i know its really noobish code cuz im new but... it work atleast :D ) #include #include "ESP8266.h" #include #include LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2); //moshakhas kardane pin haye LCD SoftwareSerial mySerial(7, 8); // moshakhas kardane pin haye wifi ESP8266 wifi(mySerial); String msg; #define SSID        "Arsalan Wifi"  //UserName wifi #define PASSWORD    "arsalan123"  //Password wifi String pinnum; int count= 0; void setup() {   lcd.begin(20, 4);       Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(9,OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(9,HIGH);   String IP;   Serial.print("setup begin\r\n");   lcd.print("Connecting to Wifi");   delay(3000);   Serial.print("FW Version: ");   //  Serial.println(wifi.getVersion().c_str());         if (wifi.setOprToStation()) {         Serial.print("to station ok\r\n");     } else {         Serial.print("to station err\r\n");     }     if (wifi.joinAP(SSID, PASSWORD)) {         Serial.print("Join AP success\r\n");         Serial.print("IP: ");               Serial.println(wifi.getLocalIP().c_str());         IP = wifi.getLocalIP().c_str();         lcd.setCursor(0, 1);         lcd.print("Join AP success");         lcd.setCursor(0, 2);         lcd.print("IP: "+IP);     } else {         Serial.print("Join AP failure\r\n");         lcd.setCursor(0, 1);         lcd.print("Join AP failure");         lcd.setCursor(0, 2);         lcd.print("Contact Administrator");     }      if (wifi.enableMUX()) {         Serial.print("multiple ok\r\n");     } else {         Serial.print("multiple err\r\n");     }     if (wifi.startTCPServer(80)) {         Serial.print("start tcp server ok\r\n");         lcd.setCursor(0, 3);         lcd.print("Server Ready");     } else {         Serial.print("start tcp server err\r\n");         lcd.setCursor(0, 3);         lcd.print("Server Setup Fail");     }     if (wifi.setTCPServerTimeout(10)) {         Serial.print("set tcp server timout 10 seconds\r\n");     } else {         Serial.print("set tcp server timout err\r\n");     }           Serial.print("setup end\r\n"); } void loop() {    uint8_t buffer[128] = {0};     uint8_t mux_id;     uint32_t len = wifi.recv(&mux;_id, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 100);     if (len > 0) {         Serial.print("Status:[");         Serial.print(wifi.getIPStatus().c_str());         Serial.println("]");                 Serial.print("Received from :");         Serial.print(mux_id);         Serial.print("[");         for(uint32_t i = 0; i < len; i++) {             Serial.print((char)buffer[i]);             msg = "";             msg += ((char)buffer[i]);                         if (msg == "p")             {               count=1;                                         }                          if (msg != "p" & count ==1)             {               if(msg =="i")               {                                 count++;               }               else               {                                 count = 0;               }             }             if (msg !="i" & count ==2)             {               if (msg =="n")               {                 count++;               }               else               {                 count = 0;               }             }             if (msg !="n" & count ==3)             {               if(msg=="=")               {                 count++;                               }               else               {                 count = 0;               }             }             if (msg != "=" & count==4)             {               Serial.print(msg);               pinnum =msg;               count = 0;             }                     }         Serial.print(pinnum);         Serial.print("]\r\n");         int pin = pinnum.toInt();         Serial.print(pin);         digitalWrite(pin, !digitalRead(pin)); // toggle pin            String content;      content = "چراغ ";      content += pinnum;      content += " is ";           if(digitalRead(pin))      {        content += "ON";      }      else      {        content += "OFF";      }                 if(wifi.send(mux_id, buffer, len)) {             Serial.print("send back ok\r\n");         } else {             Serial.print("send back err\r\n");         }                 if (wifi.releaseTCP(mux_id)) {             Serial.print("release tcp ");             Serial.print(mux_id);             Serial.println(" ok");         } else {             Serial.print("release tcp");             Serial.print(mux_id);             Serial.println(" err");         }                 Serial.print("Status:[");         Serial.print(wifi.getIPStatus().c_str());         Serial.println("]");     }   }

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Difficulty leaving comments and responses to comments

Lately it has become increasingly more difficult to respond to someone's comment on one of my Instructables. It has also become more difficult to leave a comment on someone else's Instructable. I click on the appropriate button ("Comment," "Reply"), but there is no response. Sometimes I can comment or respond during some very strange hour of the night when Internet traffic is very low. I have checked this on different computers, but the same problem persists.  Today I also noticed the yellow text boxes have disappeared from one of my earlier Instructables. If I go to "Edit" I can see ghost images of the yellow text boxes, but cannot read or edit them. For some time I have not been able to edit or add text boxes in the Edit mode, only when I am viewing steps of the Instructable.  Are transitions underway on the Instructables page that make these temporary problems? Also, the words "Instructable" and "Instructables" always show up as misspelled. It seems strange the site name is identified by the spell checker as a misspelling.

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how would i wire LED's for xbox case mod and make them responsive to sound?

I am modifying my xbox 360 pro case and installing some LED's (8  3.5v Blue straw hat LED's) and i have found several different solutions, what is the easiest way to do this and how would i make them respond to sound (optional)?

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Does anyone have any ideas how this could be coded for and recreated?

Please have a look at the link below it is incredible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcRSKEIucjk&list;=PLFB48A3BB6DBE4756&feature;=player_detailpage

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Non responsive upload button.

I can't seem to get my photos to upload. I've tried both of my systems, one XP Home and one Win 7 and the upload button has no response at all. Nothing happens. Any help? I've rebooted, cleared caches, my laptop just updated java and nothing is working to get my pics to upload.

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Navigating large-response topics

As a participant in AngryRedHead's Photo challenge, I've noticed that, as the thread gets longer, navigating it to find my past comments and replies is getting... odd. Using the next and previous buttons seems mixed up.  Sometimes you don't get a new set of comments, sometimes you get a few extra comments in between the ones you already saw, sometimes nothing happens. Similar things happen on other topics with large numbers of responses. (Running XP and up-to-date FireFox)

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How long on contest response?

When I entered a contest I received the automated email, but it's been two days (like that email says) and I've neither seen it approved nor received any email as to why not. Is there just a back-log? Do I have a bad expectation that both approvals and denials get an email? Thanks! -Zac

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Pirate Bay Legal Responses

I love the Pirate Bay's responses to threats of legal action.Since they're based in Sweden, home of the Pirate Party1, their responses can get pretty entertaining. Here's part of their response to a takedown notice from EA:Hello and thank you for contacting us. We have shut down the website in question.Oh wait, just kidding. We haven't, since the site in question is fully legal. Unlike certain other countries, such as the one you're in, we have sane copyright laws here. But we also have polar bears roaming the streets and attacking people :-(.And selection from the response to Warner Bros. et al:We are well aware of the fact that The Pirate Bay falls outside the scope of the DMCA - after all, the DMCA is a US-specific legislation, and TPB is hosted in the land of vikings, reindeers, Aurora Borealis and cute blonde girls.> I make this declaration conscientiously, believing it to be true and> correct, and in accordance with the laws of each of the countries> listed> above. I am aware and agree that the contents of this statement may> be relied upon against me in any court or arbitration proceeding.So it's OK with you if we bring legal action against you for a) claiming that we host any infringing files, which we don't,b) claiming that DMCA has any relation what so ever to the activites of the site, andc) making my eyes bleed by writing in UPPERCASE, underlined, and red text?Good stuff. Read and enjoy.1 I heard Rickhard Falkvinge speak at OSCON this past year- the talk was clear and eloquent, and he's quite engaging. I could barely suppress the urge to immediately hand him a donation for the Piratpartiet.

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aurduino slow response why? Answered

I finally figured out my new seeed relay shield for my aurduino uno i went to make a simple program to turn a relay on and off corresponding with a button. when i pressed the button the relay would activate. when i released the button the relay would stay on for about 10 more seconds and start randomly turning on and off. i decided to take the shield off and run the serialRead digital example to see if it was just the shield that has issues... apparently not the serial read box would be something like this (button not pressed) 0000000000000000000000000100000000100000000000000101100000000000 (button pressed)1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 (button released)111111111111111111111111111011111111011111111111111111111111111111 (10-20 more seconds after button is released)0001111110000010111000011110111010100111111000000101010000000010100000

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Am I responsible by arranging an event? Answered

Hello, I've put this question on a law site as well but I am always interested in Instructables' answers. If I arrange an event as informally as I can such as putting a posting on a site saying, " Is anyone interested in a game of croquet at 3pm at the local park? ; Just turn up if you want to ; at your own risk." Can I as an ' organiser ' be held responsible for any injuries? If so, is there a way that everyone can be responsible for themselves? Thank you. 

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Is there a way to download all responses to an Instructable?

When an instructable has more than one page of responses, only those on the first page (or so) are included in the download.  Usually I do a custom pdf without the comments, but every once in a while there's one with a whole lot of discussion and additional information that would be nice to have in the pdf.  I know there's a link to the 'ible page at the end, but that requires an internet connection which might not be available.  Thanks---

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Socially Responsible Textiles - Bagru Textiles

One of my close friends from college , Jeremy Fritzhand, is spending a year in Bagru, India as a Union College Minerva Fellow.  He has created a business plan to allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Westerners by establishing a cooperative internet marketing strategy.  Read about Jeremy's journey and see how you can support his efforts and the efforts of the Bagru Artisans by visiting bagru.etsy.com. About Bagru Bagru - unique artisan village in India known for block printing, a technique that is used to create beautiful textiles.  It is one of the last print centers to use all natural dyes and no chemicals. The Problem The current system of textile trade in Bagru involves many middle men; the artisans have little to no interaction with the consumer. Jeremy's Solution Jeremy has formed a business plan to cut out the middle man and allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Western consumers.  He has been in Bagru for several months working with the Print Block Guild to establish a cooperative internet marketing strategy where the artisans can market their goods directly to the consumer.

Topic by Carleyy 

With no response from Tom Mcwire, how to proceed?

No response to a request for a parts list. Without it, it is anything but "easy"?

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Question about op amp frequency response? Answered

Hello , i have some question about op amp frequency response. i use non inverting like the scematic below.If i set  R1=10kΩ  , C1=220nF  ,  R2=100Ω  , C2=1uF . R1 and C1 will set low frequency response of opamp at 72Hz . R2 and C2 will set high frequency response of opamp at 1592Hz.  But how much it affect the signal in dB ? and how its affect the signal if i set R2=100k ,C2=1n (gain~11)? Can you give me the formula please ? Thanks very much! Sorry for my bad English!

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Bumping old question w. insufficient responses?

I posted a question a year ago and got a few responses, but nobody quite answered in the way that would have been useful.  I did appreciate the replies (and expressed so), but none hit the nail on the head. The thread went dormant, you could say.  Is there a way to bump the thread up in the specific forum?  Thanks.

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What does bass response mean in this schematic? Answered

Hello ! i'm making the MXR plus clone.In the schematic bellow R7=4k7,C7=0.047u ,but in other mod thay said change C7 with 0.1u for more bass response.I dont understand what "bass response" mean ??? just the signal will be clipped take effect  or all the signal run through the pedal ? Thanks for advance!

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Session timed out? Lost lengthy response!

This is a first for me. I was responding (a rather lengthy response, I might add) to a question posted in the Answers section and was interrupted for 10 or fifteen minutes.  When I returned, I completed my response, hit the Post button and got a message that my session had timed out. This is the first time I have ever received that message in the seven years I've been here. I'm not particularly concerned about having to log back in, but I am thoroughly pissed that all the work that I had done was lost, gone, vanished, no longer there, after I logged in again. Is this something new or have I just not had it happen to me before? In either case, I think it should be fixed so as any prior work is not lost in the process of logging back in. Thank you.

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2 emails and no response from service@instructables.com

11 days ago, I contacted the other Anolon winners (Thanksgiving challenge) to see if their cookware had arrived.  It hadn't.  As per a suggestion from mikeasaurus, I sent an email to service@instructables.com regarding the prizes.  Didn't hear back, so I emailed again last week.  Still no word. Is there a different robot I should be contacting? ;-)

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Why is everyone here so anti-responsive?

It seems every time I ask for tips on arranging my stereo or anything related to MY stereo (I have good shit, just don't know how to arrange things well), no one wants to help me and they just ignore me, I find it rather rude as I know it's intentional, it could be about anything else (explosives..explosives,..and maybe grenades) and people literally flock. How insaulting people.

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Is there a way to make el wire response on music with a tip31?

Hello guys Is there a way to make el wire response on music with a tip31? I  have to make el wire response on music this is for a project for school can someone give me flow chart/blue print of how to make this?   Many thanks  P.S Sorry for my bad English I am from the Neterlands

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Why aren't responses to Questions considered searchable &quot;comments&quot;?

This morning I noticed a Question posted that was nearly identical in concept to one I had answered several weeks previously. When I tried to find my response, the Instructables site was unable to do so. I found what I needed instantly using Google and "site:instructables.com". It appears that the responses people provide to Questions are not classified in the database as "comments", or at least they are classified in such a way that the pull-down "Comments" filter is not able to find them.

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Why can't you post a response to the best answer? Answered

I always choose my best answer, then wan't to say thanks or something and I have to unmark, respond, then remark, why is this.

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How to place a sub woofer for a better sound response?

How to keep it on the floor? Close to a wall? How to adjust equalizer for the best bass and treble response ? How can I assume that I'm listening to good quality sounds(music) ? Thanx a lot.

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cick on follow will not respond

I click on follow  and favorites and get no response

Topic by FreeMan49   |  last reply

Response in Answers does not show up when logged out.

In the Answers section, I left an answer in this post. I just noticed, however, that if I am logged out, my answer does not show up, log back in and it is there again. I also noticed that top level there is no indication that any responses have been posted, but when logged in, my response is there. I'm using Firefox 3.6.9 on an Ubuntu 10.04 Linux OS. UPDATE:  09/13/2010   Now it shows up whether I am logged in or not. I wonder if others can now see it too?

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How to hook up a microphone to sound responsive led circuit?

I want to make a deadmau5 helmet for a friend, and i want the eyes to light up. i have an old circuit saved from speakers like this: http://i1.expansys.com/img/b/127994/premier-systems-travel-ipod-speakers.jpg except the speakers light up in response to music. I gutted the speakers a while ago for another project, but the leds from it still light up when plugged into an ipod. I would like to hook up a mic to it so that it will light up to noise instead of having it plug into an ipod, however the mic only has +/- terminals from what i can tell, and the headphone wire-input has 3. Im no EE, is the green one supposed to be the ground, and the red/copper are the +/-?  here is the mic i am looking at: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062216&filterName;=Type&filterValue;=Microphone+elements here is the circuitboard (i circled the wires in question):

Question by kamikaze33   |  last reply

Duplicate responses when switching between Rich and Plain editors

After my Instructable received a series of comments, I was replying to them one by one. For some replies I wanted to use a hyperlink to a relevant website or article, or to break the response up into separate paragraphs and so used the rich editor. For others the plain editor was sufficient. It seemed however on both occasions that I went back to using the plain editor after having posted a comment using the rich, the content of the previous reply (the one composed using the rich editor) was what actually got posted into the block composed using the plain editor. I hope that is clear and I apologize if this bug is a duplicate! This was experienced under Firefox 4.0.1 running on Fedora Linux 14. Cheers

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Can you point the way to a DIY audience response system?

Audience response systems are invaluable tools in classrooms but I can't afford the $1.2K that companies want me to spend for a pack of 24 units! I've got 35+ students in my class! Background: Electronic audience response systems allows admins to poll a large number of users on a large amount of questions.My students (G9-12), in general, do have (newish) cell phones. (New cell phones, like new tennis shoes, are a status symbol and among even the poorest students I've seen them with new expensive cell phones). Most students do not have wireless enabled laptops/handheld computers/ accessible in the classroom. What's worse is that many school network admins flat deny student access to school's wireless for fear of security/porn/ inappropriate material etc.The open answer/polling time would need to be able to handle responses from a variety of inputs at different times i.e. little Johnny takes a little longer than Janey to answer the question so we can't have to wait for one student to enter their response before the next student. This time delay in fact would nearly defeat the purpose of gathering responses efficiently.I'm very interested in seeing if a blue tooth receiver/software package could handle the polling of 30+ cell phone connections at the same time.Your help in this matter has enormous potential to achieve a Johnny Lee wiiboard like effect on classrooms worldwide.Alternatives: paper pollingAs noted below, paper polling doesn't scale very well. If I'm performing secretarial duties of sorting paper then I'm not doing my job as a manager of a classroom and education. I feel that any teacher that is still pushing worksheets/quizzes/ etc. on paper then that teacher is working too hard and not working smart.IR remotesI've looked at trying to use off the shelf IR devices that could be used as a polling device. I believe the problem is in the IR receiver being able to identify each individual IR device. How to mod an IR so that it only has a unique signature connected to each signal?

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I need to build a special &quot;box&quot; for an alert response system?

I would like to use an Arduino, but a parallax or a Vellman kit, etc would work to... Need usb connectivity for programming...easy i know. But i have a total of 20 momentary switches at different stations. I need one box at a front desk (i'll need to go full custom, laser cut, nice graphics, etc..so if you have a really good reference for front panel production and panel parts..buttons, leds, etc...) I will eventually build 20 of these for each of their locations. but basically here is what is HAS to do... station user presses and releases button LED on front desk box lights up LED stays lite until the button next to the LED is pressed...as in killing the request for help or acknowledging it...no response notification to the station needed. What I would LIKE to have happen... station user presses and releases button system generates a signal to play a recorded audio clip custom for each button "Attention Needed at Repair Bay 1" the LED on the control box lights up for 5 seconds, along with a one or 2 quick (not loud) beep from a pezio speaker like the little tiny ones i have a ton of from pc's etc. after 5 seconds...if not responded to by pressing the control box "response button" by the specific LED, then it will flash for 15 seconds or so and then beep 5 times and do this over and over for 1 minute until responded to, in not after 1 min, either the standard flashing ot a rapid flash starts...until responded to. A Scrolling LED display with the Stations ID (station Name), one after another that are still in the "Que" until responded to.... i need an answer fast....and im putting myself out there...i need is fast like as done weeks ago....this was thrown in my lap at last min and i'm the solution/fix-it/invent-it guy and that is just where i am in this...i am willing to pay what i can to have someone help with this....

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how can I remove a refrigerator's pump in environmentally responsable way?

I have an old refrigerator which still works on CFC's, and I need it's pump. How can I remove it witout releasing the CFC's inside?

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A Few Tips On Posting Messages. Or: How To Get More (And Better) Responses

. 1) Make your title meaningful. A lot of people don't have the time to read every message and will just skip over titles that don't make sense - you missed out on someone that might be able to help. As you can see from the title of this thread, it can be pretty long.. All-caps and lots of exclamation points are counter-productive. I have Zachninme's No K'n* script set to block more than three !s.. 2) If you are having a problem or asking a question, give as much info as possible. Too much is better than not enough. If a responder has to ask a question, it's just that much longer before you get an answer.. 3) If your message is directed at a particular group of people, post in an appropriate group. Some members may not cruise the All forum. It will show up in the All forum automatically, so you get two posts for the price of one.. 4) Spell-check. Learn it; live it. Firefox has a built-in spell-checker that works very well and it's free. Google "free spell checker" for others. You don't have to be perfect, but at least make an effort.. . Hope this helps. I encourage you to add other tips.. 20080609 - moved to Community:help:FAQs. Added some formatting and link to Zachninme's No K'n* script. Got rid of abbreviations (thanks zieak).

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Gasless Lawn Mower?

Working on an engineering project and I need responses to a survey for research, my question is then, Will you help out by taking it? http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SVJWNRJ Any responses will help, thanks!

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One of my comment responces has gotten dislodged from the comment it was a response to.

My comment reply posted Apr 8, 2009. 12:14 PM was in response to the comment posted Apr 8, 2009. 11:31 AM (https://www.instructables.com/id/Vehicle-efficiency-upgrades/)Usually replies to a specific comment appear below the comment itself (in a light blue color)But this one keeps moving around. It should be at the bottom of the page near the 2nd comment posted. It is light blue, like other replies, but it is below an unrelated comment made much later. Each subsequent reply to my reply is also attached to it (and out of place).All other comments and replies are as they should be.What caused this, and how do I fix it?

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How to have sensor input data into Raspberry Pi and display the responses into smartphone?

I want to create a project which allows feedback from the sensors is sent to the smartphone via internet (cloud). for example, using a PIR sensor for detecting movement of people, if human movement is detected, the display on the phone application will display the Yes (Green) and vice versa. I'll build the application using MIT App Inventor for Android. I also use the Raspberry Pi.

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VLSI self test circuitry ?

VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty VLSI chip is tested by test equipment and some self test circuit just for example we made microcontroller then we can test by automatic test equipment , we use test vector to determine fault 1.test vector < microcontroller chip > output response 2.test vector output response 3.test vector output response Q I did not understand that self  test circuit and fault model  built within vlsi  chip or we connect   external fault model circuit to test VLSI chip ?

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What's the best way to create wind/air?

I'm looking for a controllable source of air/wind that is very responsive for an art project. I could take the air compressor route, but is too expensive and loud for my needs and fans aren't responsive enough and air pumps for fish tanks don't have enough power. Any thoughts?

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GoDaddy Debate

So, I recently posted a response converging my experience with the GoDaddy website company. Alluring responses from a couple of users prompted me to create this. Here, post your experience with GoDaddy Incorporated. Was it good? Bad? Overrated, as was mine? Warn people to stay away, or entice them with your stories of success; we want to know.

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Pro Membership not working

10 days ago I bought a Pro Membership via Paypal. It did not. Ever since then I have emailed twice to you, and also written on the community without receiving any response. I would appreciate a response from you how I can get access to what I paid for. Kind Regards Jonas Sevelin

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Can using logarithms overcome scope insensitivity bias? Answered

Say you perform the following type of psychology experiment:You describe an undesirable event to people,tell them that X instances of the event can be prevented, andask them what they would be willing to pay in order to prevent those X instances.The responses you get (Y) are not even close to being linear with respect to X, but ratherthe responses are roughly logarithmic. That is, X=ABY, or Y=logB(X/A) for some constants A and B.So does anyone know of an experiment (or real-life situation) where subjects are asked to answer in terms of log(Y) instead of Y? Do such responses show a linear relationship to the corresponding X?

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How can I improve the bass response in my SET vacuum tube amplifier?

Hello instructables, I'm experiencing an odd problem with my new SET amplifier. I just built Fred Nachbaur's MiniBlok 13EM7 SET amplifier and the bass response is poor with the power turned on, but when I turn off the plate supply and allow the amplifier to run on the energy stored in the capacitors, there is an immediate and very audible change in the rendering of the lower frequencies. I followed the schematic as closely as I could, but until my Edcor 10k:8 Ohm Output Transformer arrives, I am using a small 2K:8 Ohm Output Transformer from an old transistor amplifier. I have tried to install a filter choke and another capacitor in the power supply, but this did not improve the audio quality. Does anyone have any advice? Is the output transformer the problem, and if so, why? Thank you!

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Any ideas on materials/ setup for levitating shoes? All serious responses greatly appreciated.?

I want to make levitating shoes with an old pair I have lying around. i know magnets and electromagnetic fields will not work, so I has thinking of fan propulsion systems like in the hover crafts you can buy. Even getting an inch off the ground would be fantastic. I was wondering what your guys' opinions would be on materials and setup, or if you have done the project successfully what you did and maybe your layout. All help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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how do I rig a row LEDs to come on and stay on in response to an outside stimuli?

I want to make a wedding card box that has a row of LEDs in hearts (like the life bar from Zelda that is a row of hearts that light up as you get more life) So as more and more cards are put into the box, the hearts will light up. I picture that after, say, 3 cards are put in, that half of the first heart lights up. Then after 3 more cards are put in, the whole heart lights up. Then after another 3 cards are put in, the 1st half of the next heart will light up. Originally I thought that I could make it pressure sensitive. That after so much pressure was put on the sensor it would make the LEDs light up. But looking through this site, I see you can rig things up to a darkness indicator. So as more cards are put in and the cards block out more and more light to the sensor, more and more LEDs will light up. Or a motion sensor. But a motion sensor, senses motion-lights up the LED-shuts off the LED after the motion has stopped. I need a few of the LEDs to light up in response to the motion of the cards entering the box, then stay on. Then more LEDs light up as more cards fall in. I am not sure what way would be the easiest. I am a noob when it comes to electronic projects. I have bought an Arduino starter kit and some LEDs to pay around with. I have made it through some online tutorials and I am catching on. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Small, Secret script or utility to force or track a "delivered"or "read" response for an email recipient.

Good day! I am SO fed up for bad service and people that clam they "have not received your email enquiry, instruction etc" i am looking for some pointers to write a script, utility using some common event handler that will run automatically when a remote user (recipient) receives, scroll past or preferably mark a message as unread and deliberately saying "no" to a request for a delivery or read receipt message to be send back to me (sender address). It is just dishonest and I hate it with all my being. I have a little basic programming  knowledge in C++ and can help myself in most things, maybe even VB. I just need some pointers how to go about, what and how to use a remote event on the target computer or even better track the mail from server to server and maybe give the most recent "status" to show as prove if someone pulls scumbag on me again. Please, please, please... Deon  :)

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Wiring the L293D correctly? Answered

I bought 2 l293d's for a dollar and i wanted to use them to control a rc i have tested multiple wiring but it seems the motor doesnt move ic doesn't get hot :) and there is no response i tried with led still no response i am sure there is nothing wrong with the driver just the wiring can some please give a schematic

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What software can i use to draw graphic analysis frequency response of opamp circuit? Answered

 I'm finding a program can draw the graphic analysis frequency response of opamp circuit from schematic (some thing like the image below) . What program can i use to do it ?Can you tell me please ! Thanks for advice! sorry for my bad English!

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Error adding new collection

Hi, Just tried to add a project to a collection but got the follwoign error message: XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://www.instructables.com/json-api/newGuide. Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'https://www.instructables.com' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 405.

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Please help me solve this error in code

Arduino: 1.8.5 (Windows 8.1), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\NewSoftSerial-master\NewSoftSerial.cpp:39:24: fatal error: WConstants.h: No such file or directory #include "WConstants.h" ^compilation terminated.exit status 1 Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno.This report would have more information with "Show verbose output during compilation" option enabled in File -> Preferences./* JPEG Camera Example Sketch The sketch will take a picture on the JPEG Serial Camera and store the jpeg to an SD card on an SD Shield Written by Ryan Owens SparkFun ElectronicsHardware Notes: This sketch assumes the arduino has the microSD shield from SparkFun attached. The camera Rx/Tx should be attached to pins 2 and 3. IMPORTANT: The JPEG camera requires a TTL level shifter between the camera output and the arduino. Bypassing this may damage the Arduino pins. */This example requires the MemoryCard, SdFat, JPEGCamera and NewSoftSerial libraries #include #include #include #include #if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100 #include "Arduino.h" #else #include "WProgram.h" #endif #include //Create an instance of the camera JPEGCamera camera;//Create a character array to store the cameras response to commands char response[32]; //Count is used to store the number of characters in the response string. unsigned int count=0; //Size will be set to the size of the jpeg image. int size=0; //This will keep track of the data address being read from the camera int address=0; //eof is a flag for the sketch to determine when the end of a file is detected //while reading the file data from the camera. int eof=0;void setup() { //Setup the camera, serial port and memory card camera.begin(); Serial.begin(9600); MemoryCard.begin(); //Reset the camera count=camera.reset(response); delay(3000); //Take a picture count=camera.takePicture(response); //Print the response to the 'TAKE_PICTURE' command. Serial.write((const uint8_t*)response, count); Serial.println(); //Get the size of the picture count = camera.getSize(response, &size;); //Print the size Serial.print("Size: "); Serial.println(size); //Create a file called 'test.txt' on the SD card. //NOTE: The memoryCard libary can only create text files. //The file has to be renamed to .jpg when copied to a computer. MemoryCard.open("/test.txt", true); //Starting at address 0, keep reading data until we've read 'size' data. while(address < size) { //Read the data starting at the current address. count=camera.readData(response, address); //Store all of the data that we read to the SD card for(int i=0; ivoid loop() {}

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