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Competitions - rest of the world...

 Hi, Is there any chance of any Instructable competitions that *anyone* can win? The last 3 competitions that were run were all "US and Canada only". Come on Instructables. Throw us Europeans (amongst others) a bone...

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So, a girl from our school died yesterday...

A girl from my school was hit by a car on friday. She was grievously injured and passed away after being in a coma on Monday night. Rest in peace.

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Work for NASA Doing Nothing... Absolutely Nothing

NASA wants to find some special people to pay to lie in a bed for 90 days straight. No moving about, no getting up, just lying there awake for 16 hours and sleeping for 8 hours a day. If you can handle it and this even sounds somehow appealing to you, NASA will pay you $17,000 for it. That's $1,000 a week since there are periods for tests and recovery.The goal is to see what effect microgravity has on the human body. It also sounds like some new form of torture.Don't have 17 weeks to spare? Then maybe the 41 day study is for you. Then again, that study requires you to be on a human centrifuge for an hour a day for 21 days. Yikes! Bed Rest Study Artificial Gravity Project

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DIY Rifle cleaning Rest?

Looking for a DIY rifle cleaning rest. Plans and or drawings. Thanks, Arley

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Ipod charger diferent then the rest

OK so i bought the minty boost and everything worked fine until it burned up but now i know its cuz i had the bateries in it when i put it in a metal altoids tine and shorted it. The n bought another one thinking that it was my wiring that burned it up well the same thing happend. SO i spent about 40$ by now and want a to charge my ipod. But i want to do it with AA AAA not 9V. Any easy way to do this with out a big parts list (like tha minty boos) also i have no idea how to ahead of time know if it is Decherging the batteries when i connect it to my ipod or how good the charge is. Any one know how to tell? Or make one like I descirbed??!!

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I am going to give up Instructables...

Hell no! I will never give up Instructables! However, I am getting far too addicted to Instructables and I cannot concentrate on my projects... So I need to take a break from instructables, that means I will be inactive for a while, maybe about a week or two.. I will begin being inactive when it passes 12:00 AM in San Fransisco.So, bye to everyone who likes me... ;-(UPDATE:I am back!

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson =(

Wow. The king has died. 50 years of excellent, ground breaking music has come to an end. Here, I am paying tribute to him as a mediocre fan. Discuss the life and times of MJ here, not sadly but in celebration of his life. Rest in peace, we will miss you!

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US and Canada Contests

I'm fed up I cant enter some contests like the 30-second video contest just because I'm not resident of the US nor Canada. I live in Spain, and when I see a contest I like, it says its only for US and Canada residents. I understand that its easier for Instructables to send the price withing America, but the sending taxes are not so high for them to be a reason of not sending the price. While I was reading the contest rules for the 30-second video I had ideas for 4 different entries. But I'm not going to bother doing them if I'm going to be thrown out of the contest the first day because of my nationality. I think contests should be something international, where everyone could win. That is the spirit of this new era, the internet era. With sites as this one, youtube, facebook, one can really feel as part of the international comunity, where every one, no matter age or race, can be someone. But of course, this "feeling"· of being part of something bigger end by the moment one reads "This contest is limited to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older at the time of entry." (I understand the age problem for legal reasons). So, I ask to the team of Instructables to be considerant and to think of all the people living outside the US and Canada that could have a good idea or ideas for any kind of contest. Thanks for all Juanviperea.

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Can the rest of us make guides now? Answered

The last answers to the question about how to make guides look they're from 2009 and they said that only Instructables staff can. Is that still the case? Thanks!

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Where are the rest of the instructions for the crocheted beard hat?

 For instance, Rnd 4 doesn't give all of the details. What happened to Rnds 5-10? The beard and mustache rounds aren't complete. Do I have to buy the complete pattern?

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Ok what do I do with the rest of the pieces?

I took the little motor out of my cell phone and now the phone is mangled beyond repair and I don't know what to do with the peices. All I know is that I have no need for them and dont want them anymore. What do I do with them?

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possible? the auto-cooling pillow.

I am the kind of person that flips over his pillow every fwe minutes so my face can be on the cool side for a bit. I was wondering if anyone has ever created a pillow that keeps one side cool the entire time. Can anyone help?

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Arduino seeing only one button input and ingoring the rest without delay?

Heya! I'm making a project that involves precision timing but I ran into a problem. I when I press a button the Arduino registers many '1's'. But in my code I want it to only see the first input and ignore the rest until the pin goes low again. I'm not trying to debounce or anything. Thanks!

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please make a trap that you can attach to the back of a bike(read the rest

Build a controller thatl ets out tacks or.

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Stop back flow bringing smoke to the rest of the house through the AC ducts? Answered

One room in the house we smoke, but when a window is opened all the smoke is sucked through the ac ducts to the main intake which is in a hallway right outside all the bedrooms. I believe this is because the room is generally ~10 degrees warmer than the main part of the house which the hallway is off of because it is a large, open area which is less insulated because of a vaulted ceiling and many large windows. I am looking for a way to seal the room off from the rest of the house without disabling the functionality of the AC/Heater. I've found this HVAC Damper which I think could work, but it's a bit pricey, and it's supposed to be hooked up to a controller unit, so I don't know if there's a way to hook it up to either the fan or thermostat so it just opens when the AC/Heater/Fan is on, and the closes after. I had also been thinking about building a box with a large, one-way valve, but the only design I can think of is a bit beyond my fabrication abilities. Any help, hints, or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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How to make: LED circuit that can be switched on and off sequentially using an input button

Dear Instructables Community, I am trying to create the following LED circuit for a school project and would be grateful for any help. I would like to create a circuit containing a grid (see attached image) with 2 rows of LEDs in 3 columns. In this circuit, pressing an input button must move the "LIGHT ON" signal from 1 LED to the very next LED on the circuit in the following manner: Button click -> RowA column1 "ON" (Rest OFF)- > button click -> RowA column2 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> button click -> RowA column3 "ON" (Rest OFF)-> button click -> rowB column1 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> etc etc eventually leading to RowB Column3 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> button click -> rowA column1 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> etc etc 1) What would be the simplest circuit design for such a circuit? 2) How difficult would it be to add a second input that moves the "light on" down a column? (The circuit would then have 2 inputs: 1 button to move "light on" down a row, and the other input to move "light on" down a column. Looking forward to your advice! Thank you :-)

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admin password ?

How do I rest my admin password I forgot it

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My potatoes have "eyes." I know the eyes themselves are poisonous, but is the rest of the potato okay or not?

(And does anyone know why are they called "eyes," anyway?) Thanks.

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which is suitable for producing KCLO3 by electrolysis, fertilizer grade KCL(0-0-60) or food grade KCL?

Fertilizer grade is 0% N, 0% P, 60%K and the rest is KCL while food grade KCL is about 49% KCL and the rest is NaCl

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Update to Bookbinding project

I've added all the rest of the photos, and clarified some things.

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I want to make cushions for the arms of a chaise lounge

I have terry cloth towels and foam pieces cut to the size of the  arm rests of the deck chairs.   I would like to fasten them on to the arms with velcro.  I want to be able to take the foam out to launder the terry cloth.

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Missing have my dowload

I just purchased a DIY for a manual for a 1999 Honda ATV.......paid by credit email address is, the problem I am missing half my manual. got only 209 pages and where is the rest of the item I purchased. if you cannot provide me the rest off my manual I would want a full refund for your error

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Contest voting not on my page

I have a few Instructables that do not have the vote button on my page.  The rest of my Instructables do.  

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How can I plug my usb wireless modem into a computer, and have the internet transmited to the rest of the house?

I have a usb wireless modem, and the internet can only be used by one computer/person at a time. I want to know if I can have a computer set up pemanantly with the internet plugged into it, and have the computer connected to a wireless router (without a usb port), via a network cable (please let me know if I have to use a cross over cable or not), and be able to have multiple computers accessing the internet via the wireless router and computer. I would also like to know if I can just turn the computer's (with the internet plugged into it) wireless on instead and not have to use the wireless router. Thanks alot!!

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mini drone wiring

Hello guys i'm building my first drone using the arduino pro mini , i'm following this tutorial on how to build it but i have a problem with the wiring , i've connect the battery to the arduino and also the hc-05 but i'm having problem with wiring the rest i've uploaded a picture of my wiring so far can someone please help me wiring the rest. thanks!

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would a knex van de graaf generator be possible? Answered

I only want to use knex to make the frame, but the right materials for the rest.

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Soooo... What can IR LEDs be used for?

I have three of them that I found in a Furby. What can I do with them and the rest of the Furby?

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Info Map for the Paranoid or those that like to be informed of world news...

Are you curiuos about the rest of the world? A link to the world and what is happening out there.....

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41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC

Ok I've managed to get the single LED working but not the rest what am I doing wrong ????????

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Colour Night Joule Thief kit & PCB

Please see the instructable for the details and video of this project. *** This is a color changing LED version of "Night Joule Thief". Pricing is exactly the same. *** Kit (includes PCB) Pricing is $10.50 for the kit. Shipping is $5 for USA, $17 for the rest of the world. A picture of full contents is shown below. Kit 5 Pack Save by ordering 5 packs for $39! Shipping is $5 for USA, $17 for the rest of the world. PCB only Pricing is $4.50 for the PCB. Shipping is $5 for USA, $17 for the rest of the world. Payment To order, please go to my blog page at You will find buttons to buy, and checkout via PayPal. Please send messages or leave comments here if you have questions. Thanks!

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servo controlled by arduino

Hi everyone and thanks for looking. I wanted to conrtol a servo using ardunio. This is what I want the servo to do, I want to be able to flip a switch and have the servo move. switch in "off" position, servo is at rest flip the switch to "on" position, servo moves 90 degrees and holds switch to "off" position, servo returns to rest position I am just starting out with arduino and really didnt know what was need to acomplish this. any help would be great. Thanks in advanced

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Swagboss Mods

I've made some mods to Zak & Bakenbitz's SwagBoss. The mods include a better shotgun trigger (pull with your pinky!), cheek rest, better stock (my standard curved stock), bolt mods, and a craptastic sight mount. 1. Mine. 2. The shotgun trigger (ask for internal pictures if you want) 3. How I connected the pin guide (lol, but it works) 4. Stock 5. Cheek rest (held in by blue clips) 6. Bolt mods 7. Sight mount THE INSTRUCTIONS. BUILD IT HERE

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Cute Cat Makes Wedding Proposal

All you need to know is that the Colin B in question is someone who works in our building. The rest speaks for itself. The Question The Answer

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What is a bolt-action k'nex gun? Answered

 I realize it separates the bullet from the rest, but how does this work?  Could somebody make me a diagram?

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gsmoon scooter 33cc removing piston?

i got the tranny off pull cord off engine is apart but cant get the rest apart to get the piston out can anyone help

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Is there anything that can be done with an old screen from a laptop that has been "dissected"?

P.S. The screen is in good shape still, but the rest of the computer is pretty well dismantled.

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food fight

Today at school there was a huge food fight and somehow some kids got hurt. There are 7 people hurt and one in the hospital. There was about 10 arrests and now the rest of the school year is f***ed up for us.

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How do you disguise a link? Answered

I have seen people take a link and made it something like "here" then the rest of the sentence. ExampleHere is the soso. How do i do that!

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How to create selected state links?

I want to know how to create a link that when clicked will turn a color and stay that color. For example, if you have a navigation bar on a website and each page had its own link, how could you make it so that if you were on the home page, the home page link would black and the rest of the links would be orange? If you were on the about page, the about page link would be black ans the rest of the links would be orange. 

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Flip Flop 4 input 4 output

How to make a flip flop/toggle with 4 input and 4 output when one On, rest will be off automatic

Question by jasveerg  

Drinking Water

Hello! Here's the big one for all you engineers, inventors, and smart-dudes. How can we purify water cheaply, efficiently, and safely for the rest of the world who needs it? Go team GO!

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I think we should all think of a day to name "illegal day" where everybody goes oot and trys to do incrediably illegal things and then compile their day for the rest of the instructables community im in.. Cheers Tim

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Two luminous, frosted swans rest before a red plaque inscribed with "Love." A candle holder at the back adds a romantic glow.More Info:;=34122

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A comment on slideshow option...

Is there a way to shut off the slideshow option and see it like the rest of instructables? It seems to be slow, clumsy and eye-iritating to the point that it's not worth fighting with to look at. Feel free to disagree and post your opinion.

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Can Some one Show me how to connect Pc power Supply to Original Xbox? Answered

I got a Original Xbox and it had no power wires, I opened it  up and started to hook up a pc power supply but I don't know where the rest of the wires go?The xbox turns on partly; fan goes on, two yellow lights turn on but thats it no buttons work?So the xbox does not have full power so can someone post a diagram or just tell on where the rest of the wires go? 

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Are you able to download content from the online ? Answered

I am going to buy green day rock band but can you download the rest of the content? Remember for the wii!

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resetting ipod?

I have a 30 gig ipod n i`m trying to reste it on itunes but it won`t do it! Ihave heard that there is a way by hitting the center button n other keys to get a different screen anyone no about this?

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Beaded necklace with bound neck section

Hi all, I've got this necklace that I'd love to recreate. The neck section appears to be bound with cotton, and the rest is strung with beads. Is there a tutorial somewhere for something like this? Cheers!

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coffee cup coffee table Answered

I just thought of a cool idea-what about a coffee tabe that had a base that was a big cup with  fake coffee in it? Glass could rest on the top for the "table" part.  What do all of you think?

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