Remote computer restart switch.

Hello geniuses. I have a computer setup at a remote location that is attached to a weather station that uploads data. Occasionally it will freeze up and won't report. I can't access the computer remotly by computer to restart it because of firewalls and whatnot. What I'm looking for is a switch that will once a day reboot the computer by actually pushing the reset button. In my company crapper there is an air freshener that juices the room every 45 minutes so I know switches like that exist. Is there a simple solution or do I steal the air freshener and hot wire it to the computer and have it restart every 45 minutes? Any help is greatly appreciated. A.

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Battery electric shutdown and restart.

Hi everybody I am improving my robot ( with a 12v battery I made a switch panel to turn on off the arduino board and the raspberry pi . If I turn on everything in same it s ok . My question are: Why if I am using my raspberry and I turn on my arduino board ; why the rpi reboot? (battery trouble) And can I fix it ? Thanks for your time

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How To Stop A Shutdown/Restart in Windows

This is for when you accidentally or on purpose start a shutdown or restart. It will stop it immediately. I used it a couple days ago, having stumbled on it some day on the intertubes, and it saved me from having to restart.Press the Windows key on your keyboard and R, or open it from the Start menu. Type shutdown -a and click OK/ press enter.

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pc wont connect to internet right

Hello,  more or less recently, i posted a forum topic stating that after a while, my pc would not let me connect to anything but skype, and that to fix it, i would have to reboot. now, rebooting is a pain, i have a myriad of things to close out of, deal with, etc every time i boot up. the answers i got were just telling me how to remove applications, which i know how to do (derp) and my pc stopped doing it, so i descided to give up getting an answer. its gotten WAY worse. when i boot up my pc, it will not let me connect to skype, steam, or anything else, it will let me view one or 2 web pages before requiring a reboot, and takes a LONG time to reboot. someone PLEASE help me, i cant do ANYTHING with my pc anymore! i have had the idea of replacing my wifi adapter with a direct connection, but my router is too far with too many walls in between. if anyone knows what to do, please tell me. also, no "just reinstall windows" crap, please. i REALLY need to not. TIA, Krayzi99

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why do arduinos have to restart? Answered

I want to know why arduinos restart

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How do I fix a certain problem in Windows XP?

During a recent freeze, I cut the power to my desktop. Now every time I restart it, it comes up with a black screen with a perfectly operational cursor that receives input from my mouse and tablet and nothing else. I read that it is because no processes are running. Now is there anything that I can do to fix this that doesn't involve me reinstalling Windows? It gives me an option to run it in a crippled "safe mode", so I can access my files.

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Does HQ ever intend to restart email notifications ? !

Does HQ ever intend to restart email notifications ? !

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'02 pt cruiser engine died will not restart why?

While driving the engine made a clunk sound the car jerked then the engine died. it will not restart. it trys to turn over but will not fire. checked all fluids. everything was good. not sure what it is or where to go from here. any help would be appreciated

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How do i put pictures on my computer without restarting it???

Every time i put pictures on my computer, i have to restart it again. Even when i put my SD card into the slot in my computer it doesn't detect it, but then i restart it and it detects it. I want it to be able to detect the SD card without me having to restart it. Help anyone???

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USB drive virus, scan through, restart with external harddrive in

Hey! So last night I started scanning through my computers, scanned the whole computer with MSE, MBAM, PANDA ONLINE and superantispyware and it was clean. Then I plugged in my external harddrive to scan, I scanned that one with MSE and then with superantispuyware and then MBAM. It didn't find anything. Then I scanned the whole computer AND the external harddrive. First with MSE, it came up clean. Then with superantispyware, it was also clean, but it found som tracking cookies on the pc, and I had to restart the pc. But heres the problem, I forgot to take the external harddrive out of the pc while restarting... Can this (if there is a virus) have made it boot into the computer, so AV's can't find it anymore? (I had autoplay turned off through "control panel" - "hardware and sound" and "autoplay") Lets say that there is a virus and it did do this, will reinstalling and formatting get rid of it anyways? Is this tool to be trusted? Does it work? : please say if you know of any better ways to detect this. *More backround info in my last topic here (including list of viruses that could have something to do with it. 

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Auto restart circuit or software for external FireWire hard drives?

Hello community,  I own a few external hard drives, plugged in FireWire in the Mac, and for whatever reason, when left idle for a good length of time, they cannot spin back up, and it appears as if they crashed. Usually, I quickly power-cycle them, which seems enough to restart them but not unmount them. For the manufacturers, the drive don't have any defect as spin-down is the expected behaviour.  So currently, I was considering a crude circuit based on a 555 (I have about ten of them) or a 556 (just 1) that would automate this power-cycling, and would connect as a multiway switch. I found some long-delay repeat timer designs, but still unsure what form the final stage would be, considering up to 2A (probably more during startup) probably flow through the switch. I though about a reed relay, but they are difficult to find and quite bulky to be integrated in the external drive. The other delicate part is that the end-stage must not stay in the off state for more than about half a second, otherwise the hard drive will be unmounted The second main drive subject to this problem is more complicated, as it doesn't require any external power source but takes it from the FW port. Alternatively, I thought about a very simple (algorithmically speaking, because I know absolutely nothing there) script that would 1- detect when the drive is present. 2- When it is, every hour, delete and rewrite a small file to a partition, causing the hard drive to stay on. At least one software do that, but has an exorbitant cost of $12 to circumvent a flaw in the OS. Any idea, one way or the other?

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When my electricity goes for 1 minute and comes again, i have to restart my Air Conditioner again from remote?

When my electricity goes for 1 minute and comes again, i have to restart my Air Conditioner again from remote? is it possible to make my air conditioner of auto restart mode when electriciy comes? my ac is of hier company. thank you

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uh oh, Steam's broken?

 Look! There's obviously something wrong, soo meh. I've restarted numerous times, deleted blob files multiple times, Then restarted, logged in and out, multiple times, but nothing seems to be helping. Ill eventually reinstall, but I just wanted to know if there was something wrong.......

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Sub Zero refrigerator model #KSSS 42DMX 05 does not restart after defrost.?

Will not come out of defrost mode every few days. This is an intermittent problem.

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I cant embed my videos :T

Every time I try to save it erases the embeded video.Any help? I've already restarted my computer too.

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I changed my email address and the newsletter stopped arriving. When I try to re-subscribe, I am taken to the create new membership page. How can I simply restart the newsletter?

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did something to my windows xp sp2 computer and it will not start keeps restarting even before the xp logo?

It goes through the hard ware screen then i here a click as i hear the click it's restarting it will not even start in safe mode nor safe mode w\ command prompt. what did i do. i remove a few unused programs like games and telephone modems we don't use dial up any longer but cant figure it out.

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My dell won't turn on?

It have a dell laptop and one day I opened the sims 4 and it just turned off. I could only get it to turn on twice after that and both times it said there was a problem and I could either restart it or troubleshoot. I made the mistake both times of restarting it. When I try to turn on my laptop i hear the usual noises it makes when I turn it on, like the fan and stuff. But the power light is the only one that lights up, the cylindrical light next to it only light up the two times I could get it to turn on.

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can a taser re start a heart? Answered

I was talking to a police officer at six flags and the issues about tasers came up and i wanted to ask everyone's opinion if a taser can restart some ones heart

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How can I fix the blue screen of death ?

Recently I connected two ddr2 rams (1gb) into my ddr3 sockets with 2 sockets already having two ddr3 ram(2gb) . And when I turned pc on it said it has a problem and I should try to restart . I removed ddr2 ram and turned on my pc but whenever I turn it off or try to restart my pc it just ends up with "blue screen of death" .Anyone knows how can I fix that ? or is that even possible to fix ? Please! 

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My ASUS computer reinstalled windows and now all the documents, data, settings I've put on my computer is gone?

I'm freaking out! I'm a high school student with 2 AP classes and my computer seems to be completely wiped, the documents, settings, EVERYTHING! I have an ASUS K55a laptop. It's about 3 years old. Earlier today my browser (Internet Explorer) was acting funny so I tried to shut down my laptop. It wouldn't do anything so I tried again by trying restart. It eventually shut down but when I tried to start it again a page came up saying something about windows is malfunctioning or something like that. It gave me the option to "start normally" or diagnose and address the issues. I picked the latter. Then it started updating and it said it would take about 20 minutes. I waited and when I came back, the computer was restarting itself, updating, restarting itself, updating, restarting itself, updating ... It wouldn't stop and the keyboard wouldn't work so I took out the battery. When I started it again it started doing the same thing and I had to quit a few programs using control alt delete. That's where I am now. I tried to do a system restore but it says there are no points to restore to. Is all my work lost? Please help!  

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Pictures On Firefox

It seems I cannot change the pictures on Instructables. I am running windows xp pro Service pack 3 on a fairly powerful Machine. I am running Firefox 9.0.1 with the latest versions of all major plugins (flash, java, wmp, vlc, etc...). However when I go onto any instructable, it seems I cannot change the pictures by clicking on the thumbnails... Tried it on about 50 different instructables, all have the same problem, tried everything i could think of to fix (disabling all extensions, restarting browser, restarting computer) EDIT: Seems only to affect Firefox, other browsers are working fine...

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Windows XP computer problem

Hey everyone. The other day, I had to shut down my primary computer by holding down the power button for several seconds. When I restarted, however, instead of Windows loading, this screen popped up that said DHCP and a little spinning thing next to it. Either waiting a few seconds or pressing the escape key took me to a screen that said "NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart." A friend had fixed this problem before by simply pressing a few keys, but he lives in a different state now and I can't contact him. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

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installing dual boot for asus x553m

I have tried to install ubutu alongside windows 8.1 pro  to asus x553m which have uefi bios,it goes normally but when i restart after completing installing it doesn't give dual boot option?  

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Virus on Instructables !

I was online in the morning and was replying a message when suddely the command promt window showed up and then it disappered automatically...My anti virus gave a warning and it shutdown....It then restarted and i had to call the pc guys and get a new replacement....The guys said that it was

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Instructables App Can't Upload

Instructables App Bug!!! on the instructables app I've been trying to upload a new instructable. But for some reason when it starts to load it crashes. And I have to restart the App hopefully someone could help me 

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problems with the new instructables editor Answered

I've tried using both internet explorer and google chrome on windows 7 and neither worked. problems include: not being able to add image notes to instructables on the edit page, adding images is very slow. instructables get stuck in some point while editing and editting cannot be continued (even after closing the window, restarting the computer, restarting the internet in my house), instructables don't always save themselves when i press "Save Now", images are not displayed after being uploaded, the screen gets stuck on "updating" with a loading line, and more. what should i do? i'm trying to upload two instructables right now, and both are stuck and cannot be continued.

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on boot there are lots of colors pc?

I cleaned my pc and when i put everything back onto the mother board i tried to turn my pc on but a blue screen came up so i restarted it and then lots of colors appeared and it started blinking.Please help.

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blimp coming soon! but need help

I have restarted the blimp project and it will be coming soon....i hope. i need to know how many cubic feet of helium does it take to lift 1 pound (16 ounces). also need to know if mylar will melt to. please respond

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So I have bridged my lan connection and my wireless connection I cant get the internet connection to work on xbox live

But it works on the laptop... it says restart router.. did it.. still the same problem.. any advice??

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How can I fix this? VBS

X =msgbox("Do you wish to restart?",4+16+4096,"Critical Errror") if VByes Then CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run "shutdown.bat" ElseIf VBno Then CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run "shutdown.bat" I want both the yes and no to do the same thing when pressed

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my ipod touch wont turn on?

My jailbroken ipod touch wont turn on!!! i downloaded an app from cydia and restarted my console to try it out and would not turn on.ive tried charging it to which wont work.please help me!!!

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my screen scrambled up after a download. shut my comp down and restarted, but now screen will not come on at all. help?

After downloading a couple of programs, I went to open and install one and my screen image scrambled up. So I manually shut down my computer and then after a minute turned it back on. I can see that the computer's power is coming on but the screen is not coming on at all. I tried plugging in a different screen but that screen would not come on either. Someone told me they thought maybe my graphics card died. Any advice?

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Unpublished Instructables are all in lock-down.

OS: Windows 7 Browser: Google Chrome and IE All of my unpublished ibles are in lock-down and unable to be edited. When I click "edit", the page enters a pertpetual state of gray-screen "updating".   I tried restarting my computer and switching browsers.  No change.

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Ipad screen 'greying out'?

When reading an instructables article on my ipad after 2 to 3 minutes the screen greys out and I get unwanted adverts/links which I can cancel with the X at the top after 2 cancellations the X no longer appears and I have to go out and then restart the article. Any ideas?

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blimp coming soon! but need help

I have restarted the blimp project and it will be coming soon....i hope. i need to know how many cubic feet of helium does it take to lift 1 pound (16 ounces). also need to know if mylar will melt to. please respond

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Why does my blog keep crashing? Answered

I have a blog called suvivah at Sometimes, when I open my blog, it crashes- shows the blogger symbol and freezes my browser. Usually it works, but sometimes, it crashes and I have to restart my browser- and no, this is NOT a spamming attempt.

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Bought a new Poulan w/B&S 148cc enginge. Ran 5 minutes, stopped dead on the lawn. Can't pull starter rope to restart.

Didn't hit anything. Disconnected housing and rope pulls freely with no frays. BRAND NEW. Spark plug new. New oil and new 89 octane gas. HELP!

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Pixlr Bug

I want to post an ible with writing on the cover photo. I have done it before, so I clicked on the "edit in pixlr" button and it makes the picture go grey. It doesn't do anything and when I click on the back button it doesn't go back to the picture, so I have to restart or us the draft. Help would be appreciated.

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Why does Windows XP keep booting and crashing?

Whenever I try to turn on my Windows XP computer, it runs for a few seconds through the booting process, shows the "blue screen of death" and crashes and tries to restart. I need the computer to work so what can I do to fix this?

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How to fix Windows 7 laptop after downgrading from Windows 10?

I recently upgraded  to windows 10 to try out the new OS. However I found that I preferred my old windows 7 OS better. Thus, I decided to revert back to my old operation system. I went into settings and under recovery found where it said "Go back to Windows 7" and clicked on it. I let it go about its business and when I come back, my computer no longer starts up. It repeatedly gives me an error along the lines of "The computer encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click 'OK' to restart the computer , and then restart the installation." But when I click okay, the computer simply restarts and I get the same message again.  The problem is that I do not have an external backup of all of my files because I did not expect anything like this to happen. If there is any way I can solve this problem without losing the files that I have I am all ears. Please provide any help or suggestions you can as I need to get my laptop up and running again. The laptop is an Acer Aspire 7750G-9807 running Windows 7 Home Premium. Please help, anything in greatly appreciated!

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Powering a 12v DC fridge ?

Hi, I have a 12VDC fridge and am trying to convert a computer power box to supply power to it. I started with a ATX type and have problems with it resetting itself after the compressor restarts itself after reaching temp. I have a 10Watt resistor connected to the 5V wiring to keep it running during full temp switch off, but when frigde restarts itself the power supply resets. I am now trying a AT 230W box and it does not reset but under load I only get 10.4v, not enough to operate fridge for cooling. Any sugestions how to lift voltage as when connected to motherboard and 4 hdd's it generates 12v. Sorry I should add that the fridge is 12v 4.2amp and the power box is 12v 8amp. I have tied 2 x AT type boxes with same result. Thanks Tim Thanks

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I have a 1985 ford f150 p/u 5.8lt 4brrl that runs real good cold but runs real bad warmed up?

It runs great cold but when it warms up it stalls  is hard restart it has a new carb  it has a new ign, . plugs wires cap and rotor. System dosent overheat

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mysql database got corruption?

Hi all, It seems that whenever I restart my Windows 7 64bit box MySQL gets corrupt. I just wanted to make this bug known as it's a serious issue. Are there any special settings I need to setup (task scheduler) to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to inform windows to shutdown MySQL? Thanks for any help.

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Use of enable on intelligent LED displays. Answered

I've found some early intelligent LED displays (datasheet here, I have confirmed I have the decimal-only variant) and have been trying to load digits onto them using the enable input. Currently, they will display whatever value is applied to the input pins when power is applied, but changing the value requires interrupting power to the display so it restarts with the new value. When enable is pulled to 0V, the display turns off and will not turn back on until enable has been released and the display has been restarted. The rise time of the power supply seems to be important in whether the display will start properly, as the display will usually not start without at least a10uF capacitor on the power supply.  Also, the decimal point is non functional. How do I get the decimal point and the enable input to work so that I don't have to switch the whole display on and off? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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21 in poulan power mower will only start with starting ether.?

 1 year old 21 in poulan will only start with starting ether.,once it starts it will continue to run until i shut it down after I finish cutting.  While it is hot it will restart easily, I have replaced the spark plug.problem started this season it was  stored in a heated garage.

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iPhone apps not loading! Answered

 The iphone 3Gs is amazing. But 3 days into it, with only a dozen apps downloaded, more than half of the apps dont load. They pop up for an instant and immediately close out. Only a few work. I've tried removing an app. I've tried restarting it. No dice. Any suggestions?

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How do you unblock a picture, accidentally blocked when making instructable?

I was in the middle of making an instructable, and, i accidentally right clicked and hit the button that said "block images from img.instructables..."  I tried everything i could think of.  I didn't save, I deleted the step with the picture on it, and i even restarted the computer.  What should I do?

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batch randomization

Ok so im trying to make a text based game in batch, my concept was a batch store game where every time a customer walks in for example they ask for something its not the same thing every time you restart the batch file and if there is a way to put a section on the batch file where you could list a few scenarios and batch would randomize it to be one of those scenarios you had.

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