retractable stock

I have a new retractable stock idea I will have pics up soon! sorry its taking so long there will be up soon promise

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Retractable door screen

Hi, It's just coming on to nice warm weather here in Australia and the flies are pretty bad. We have an odd situation with our front door in that there's this wooden beam supporting part of the roof that comes across low. This makes it impossible to have a screen door that opens outward (the main door opens inward). My son suggested that we get some sort of retractable screen, but they are so $$. Does anyone know of instructions for how to make your own? Perhaps something that retracts on a vertical roller on one side and when open, it seals tight on the other side with a magnet strip. Thanks, ebb_AU

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I need your help with this. What in the world is it? Answered

What was is used for.  It is very tiny, but really cool.  It says "Brushsuede",  "Pat Pending" and then something else (unreadable).  It has metal bristles. Thanks for any information.

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Retractable mount for stepper motor

I am currently working on a small project which includes a 28BJY-48 stepper motor. I want to make a retractable mount for the motor so I can extend it to a desire length. What is the recommended way to do it? I thought about intalling two metaling poles inside the body of my device which will be connected to motor and to use pg16 glands as a twist-lock locking

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Idea for a Knex retractable sight

Ok, I had an idea where There would be this gun. The sights are hidden in the top of the gun, but can be exposed by removing a rod from the assembly. The sights would go on top of the barrel, would be powered by springs, and have a stop. The gun would look like it had no sights, but the sights would pop up when you removed a bolt is the idea. Unfortunately, to make such a gun, It would require a lot of parts, and the gun would be very big, but I'm just throwing the idea out there.......

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want help with a possible future steampunk instructible

okay, so i want to make a steampunk contraption.  at first it was going to be a spring loaded gun like the derringer thing in sherlock holmes but with a huge gun (i actually have feasible plans in my head for that one.)  but it drifted off to make an even bigger gun.   i thought, and came up with an awesome idea. a retractable Gatling gun arm.  the gun will move forward, and backward, and will spin around. i made a 3d example to show what i mean, if i can figure out how to post it. [URL=;=MyMovie.mp4][IMG][/IMG][/URL] and if that's the wrong code: what do you think?  any suggestions, questions, ect?

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How do I make the gun retracter from Taxi Driver?

The contraption attached to his forearm(not seen in photo) or a contraption of similar design

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How to make solenoid retract when friction applied.

I have a 12V solenoid that was going to be used in a project with a spring loaded door. It was wired into an arduino project and all was going well. That was until I realised that if the bolt had any friction on it that it would not get retracted when power was applied.I wonder therefore whether there is a simple way of making the bolt retract even when friction is being applied?Alternatively, is there a simple mechanism that could be made where friction can be applied to something else that doesn't add friction to the solenoid bolt itself so that when the bolt is retracted the secondary part is free to move and release the sping loaded door.Any help would be appreciated.

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Extending Servo Wire

I need to make a servo wire that extends approximately 4 feet and then retracts to a length of 18 inches or less. There is a risk of entanglement, so the less sag and less loose the wire, the better. One option would be to use coiled wire of the appropriate gauge, but a product such as this is expensive. What are some other options?One idea that I had was to build a wire spool mechanism like that of a tape measure. From what I understand, a tape measure uses a constant force spring to somehow apply a retractive force to the actual measuring tape. Can anyone provide a more clear explanation of how a tape measure retracts? Does anyone have any ideas of how to implement this into a wire spool? Other ideas on retracting a very long wire?Thanks

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My classroom projector screen will not retract all the way without considerable effort, how can I fix it?

Humorous to my students, aggravating to me... With several attempts, I can assist the retraction spring by lifting the screen into the storage part and have it rolled up enough that I can rest the handle and... bar, for lack of a better term, on top of a bulletin board.  Is there an easy fix or should I just start looking for funds for a new screen?

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wiring limit switches on a linear actuator

I am trying to wiring two limit switches onto a linear actuator. One to stop the extend stroke but will allow you to retract the actuator. The other limit switch will stop the retract stroke but allow you to extend the actuator. The actuator is installed on a door I need it to stop on the extend stroke and the retract stroke so it doesn't damage anything. I have an LACT8-500A actuator and the company doesn't make a limit kit for the adctuator.

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Fully-Function Retractable Grappling Hook Gun Vs Jetpack

 Hi. I'm new to this site that I discovered on my quest to create the above mentioned item. A fully-functional retractable grappling hook gun. Vs, however purchasing a jetpack. I need blue-print of how to make a strong enough retractor, I already have a grappling hooking in mind. Here goes.  Nothing like planning to dawn a cape, just like to keep up with the times. Been into mobility for awhile.Thank you.

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Does anyone know where there are instructions to make a assassins creed ii hidden blade that goes out but also retracts without being pointed up to do that. cant be gravity powered

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Need assistance with the electric motor aspect for a retractable projection screen. Answered

I want to build my own motorized movie screen and have just about everything thought out except for how to set up the drive system.  Mainly, I'm trying to figure out how to set up the electric motor system so that when you stop lowering the screen it stops at that point instead of drifting a little bit as electric motors tend to do.  Also, a good suggestion for the size of a motor would be helpful.  I don't know what the final weight of the screen will be, but it'll have some heft to it.  Appreciate any information on the subject or resources.  Thanks!

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Key Retractor How to Make

Has anyone figured out how to make your own key retractor/key reel/badge reel? I use them a lot, but none of them have exactly the features I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like something with: Metal case loop to attach to belt/pants/whatever with string or wire stainless steel retractable wire split ring on retracting end

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Disapearing Instructables?

When an author retracts an instructable does it automatically remove that instructable from your favorites, and all posts made on that article as well? I had one such favorite that I was SURE was there and when I went back this week it was gone. I also posted questions to the author and I can't seem to find those either. My browser history was lost when I formatted my computer so I was hoping there was a way to track it down on the instructables site. Any hints?

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Ceiling-hung, Retractible Clothes line or rack for use with clothes hanges

I think this would be very popular in smaller rooms (or one in which you don't want a sagging clothesline running through your field of vision). I would like to hang a sturdy, pipe-like structure (so no sagging under light to medium weight) that I could pull down on a retractible cord/pipe/other to hang coat hangers of washed tee shirts to dry and then retract back up out of the way while drying or not in use. When I was a kid in the 60s we had a ceiling lamp above a table that worked like this; when you were working on something you could just pull it down (click click click) to however close to the table you wanted, then back up out of the way when you were done. This idea would be hung from 2 spots on the ceiling with some kind of mechanism that would allow for pull-down access and then push up storage; some type of pipe suitable for holding clothes hangers would be strung up at both ends and mounted to the ceiling. The "pipe" would then hang level when use at an accessible height, and the "push up" to hang level, closer to the ceiling. Ideally this would be not too heavy as I have smashed my dominant-hand wrist and have limited strength as a result. Help me Mr. Robots! Help!

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How to wire an actuator to reverse polarity with relays only, no switchs?

I'm using the L12 S Firgelli actuator in my project. If I applied 12v and Ground to respective leads the actuator will expand if I reverse the wires the actuator will retract. I need this: When I turn my car on the actuator will expand and when I turn my car off the actuator will retract. How do I wire the relays? Again I don't use a switch. Thanks

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Canon Powershot SD1100. The lense is stuck and won't retract. Any suggestions?

Hi most brilliant community- Unfortunately, I'm very accident prone and dropped my Canon Powershot SD1100. The lense will not retract. When I turn it on you can hear the motor whirring, but it's not taking the lens in. An error message pops up sayin "lense error, restart camera" which I've done. I have also googled this error have been to many sites that tell you to hit it, or push this button while pushing that button but I can't seem to get it to budge. I did open it up to take a look and the lense is, of course fully enclosed. Most replacement lenses are arount $80 w/o labor. I am convinced that this camera can be saved (without mucho dollars) Has anyone ever taken one apart and more importantly, mended a camera such as this? Can a klutzy but resourceful girl (me) fix this on my own? I have a second camera (same type) that i spilled a melted frosty all over and now it wont turn on. I'll leave that situation for another time! Thank you to anyone and everyone who has any suggestions!

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Arduino Home Theater Screen Design

Hello Makers! I have been designing a home theater retractable screen housing that is arduino based. I want to use stepper motors for the added precision and will be playing with some minor resin/fiberoptics to decorate the front in a movie theater-esq manner. My concern is with the stepper motors. I would love to know if anyone has attempted a similar project. The speed of the descent/retraction is not all that important but consistency is another story. I also have some power concerns. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I want to use a very simple circuit to start, stop and reverse the motor. Does anyone have any idea of such a circuit ?

We are currently doing a project to retract a certain beam and to extend it. We require a switch to start the motor to extend the beam, stop it and retract the beam when needed. The stopping part would be automatic. The start can be activated from a switch and the reverse switch would be connected to our previous circuit. We really need help for this motor circuit.

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what electronics do I need for push solenoid to extend and retract once with 5 sec delay after power on from 110 timer?

Trying to automate cassette tape deck for my church. deck & amp power on from external power interrupt timer. need to build device with push solenoid to extend & retract once on a 5 sec. delay after power comes on to push play button on tape deck. timer turns on for 10 min. Mon-Sat. & for 20 min. on Sun. what electronics do I need for this and a simple schematic would help.

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Retractable white roof for passive heating /cooling ?? Dual season roofing idea? Answered

Last summer my top floor apartment was over 115 degrees indoors with blinds closed !  In a recent email to my landlord to report a broken mailbox I suggested the possibility of painting the apartment buildings roof white .  In reward for reporting the mailbox he says I could paint the roof but only above my apartment  . Cool . He says that the insulation was not adequate when built . The apartment has also gotten down to 30' in winter so I can only guess how cold it would get in here without the current black roof.               QUESTION ;  Are there any ideas to help solve both seasonal issues ?   I can't re-insulate because I rent .  I was thinking of a retractable white cover for hot summer days that can be removed in autumn . Or maybe even a white paint that would insulate against cold ??   An original idea was something like Bubble foil but I doubt that would stand up to weather.  Any suggestion would be great .    

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Editing possible after publishing?

I really think there should be a FAQ for such basic questions, but I couldn't find one sooo... Wondering if it's possible to edit your instructible after you publish it?  Or is it possible to retract it (delete or unpublish)?

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I am trying to figure a good way to build a retractable awning for over the deck on my house?

y deck is 12 foot by 12 foot and the sun really heats up the house thruogh the sliding glass door.

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Google sketchup ?

I need help, i cant figure out how to install google sketchup free on my usb flash drive, I have a sandisk 4 gig, the one with the retractable usb plug, please help me.

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HI, I would like to know if there is a solenoid that will retract when power in one direction is applied to it and when the current is reversed, the solenoid sticks out again. THANX VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE, i look forward to reading your answer. Ahmad

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Need free PVC for new projects THANKS

I really need some PVC for free for a lot of my new projects including: full auto nerf gun and a  retractable knife. Thank you guys SO much for all your help it really means alot.

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Getting Power Into A Drawer???

Here's a strange question that I hope someone can answer. I've got a project which has a drawer that has line voltage going into it. My goal is to be able to remove the drawer by unplugging the line voltage. My initial thoughts were using a ribbon power cable but I can't seem to find those. Other two options are coil cord or a retractable cord. In other words, the power needs to stay with the drawer as it opens and closes. Any ideas, thoughts or experiences on how to get line voltage easily from where it plugs in in the back of the main housing and keep it connected within a drawer compartment so I can power a few outlets and other things??? Thanks in advance to the geniuses and experts out there.

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Suggestions for a cheap source of solenoids for a music project? Answered

I'm looking for some 'normally in' the would perform a striking action when voltage (pref. low) is applied.  I'm not above scavenging, ordering online, or building my own.  It just has to strike a xylophone and retract, so not a lot of force is required. Any suggestions?

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Fighter Jet

Hey all, check out my modern fighter jet, I've had it built for a couple of years but modified it several times. Features: Folding landing gear Wing lights Engine Retractable Chainguns Please comment on what you think KSM

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Timing system for 2 actuators

Hello all! I have 2x 12v actuators with 2 wires. I need to have both of them (at the same time) extend all the way and stay for 30 minutes and then retract completely for 30 minutes and cycle like this. What would be the simplest way for me to go about this? Cheers!

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Whats your favorite airsoft gun? Answered

What is your favorite airsoft gun it's a pretty straight forward question...My personal favorite (I own this airsfot gun) is a MP-5 with retractable stock 480 mag capicity 400 FPS with choice between semi auto and full auto. Thats my favorite gun (grins)

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Why was my 'Ible rejected from the "Three Ingredient" contest?

Why was my "Retractable Helping Hands (My Mini Soldering Helper!)" rejected form the "Three Ingredient" contest? The whole project uses only 3 ingredients: 1. An Old IKEA Lamp 2. Mini C-Clamp 3. Epoxy Putty

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Yet another unidentified tool

Hi guys,Can anyone tell me what this tool would have been used for?The fine wire is spring loaded.I was thinking perhaps a pricker for an old gas or kerosene lamp light to clear the aperture, or maybe a paint gun.Seems an over complicated device if it is what it was used for, but i guess it protects the wire by retracting it.

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USB Device Recharger

For efficiency has anyone tried the ZipLinq X2 model universal charger coupled to the Gomadic retractable cord with tip #37 for the Creative Zen V+. It seemed like a nice setup except it doesn't work.I also tried to use it for my Motorola Pebl and Razr with tip #28. No Joy. Wish someone would try and comment. GomadicZiplinq

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Is there a way to lengthen the plastic blade of the basic toy lightsabers (about 12 dollars)?

 I like how this particular model retracts all the way into the hilt, but the blade is very short, and in conjunction with my stature it seems even shorter. Holding the toy up to the light I can see that there is a lot of plastic that is behind the other pieces. Is there a way to utilize this and make the blade longer?

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Star wars fans look here!

This is it, the most durable knex lightsaber ever imagined. Each piece doubles up the next creating a blade that will not bend nor break, even with high speed collision. The hilt (figure 2) is also quite detailed considering this is made with knex. The only con to this is that the blade doesn't retract. If you like what you see then tell me. I will make it an instructable if asked.

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Need help with long distanct USB run [~ 100 meters]

I have extend/retractable boom that extends almost 100M when full extended. I know I can not get a USB signal that far out. I am thinking of possible converting the USB signal to Fiber-Optic signal if possible. I need help on both ends of the cable. Rocket Nut

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Does anyone know how to wire a PC controller?

I bought a Phillips Retractable PC controller. within 3 months, the cord kinked and split. I tried to replace the cord with a CAT5 cable, but I wired the controller wrong. (When I tested it, the light failed to come on and it started to vibrate in my hands.) could anyone provide a wiring diagram, or any advice whatsoever?

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how to make a tripwire thats not a tripwire? Answered

Hello everyone its been a long time since i have asked a question here but with curiosity staring me in the face i have no choice... so as the question title states im trying to make a tripwire thats not a tripwire and what i mean by that is im trying to make a type of sensor that you pull the string from it (which when you let go it will retract) and as soon as you pull the string the sensor turns on and knows how far the string is out...  im hoping to make this part of bigger project and this is definitely a big part of the project but i dont generally make things myself even though i want to... im hoping to get a small program that will just register the sensor since it will be connected to the computer and program while its on ill need to program many of them for different things but the main issue is just telling it what to do when a certain amount of the string is out or put back in from retracting... you know? it needs to be precise aswell... as in "sensor 1 pulled 1 inch out" (brain then moves piece 1) "sensor 2 pulled 8 inches and sensor one retracted 1 inch"  (brain moves piece 2 a few inches and piece one back 1 inch) do you see what i mean? it needs to be precise and all the sensors need to work together in one big network... there will be probably... 100 or more sensors working with there strings in a huge layout and i just when it comes to the sensor i dont know where to start or how to do this do i use Arduino some other parts and thinner paracord? you know so if anyone could help me out with this or what they would do that would be awesome

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Where do i find this? I am building a toy that requires a small motor extracting and retracting a shaft....

....and I am not in the field. It wont require a high torque and I would say I need a range of 15 cm (approximately) of shaft movement. Something like the picture below(.gif). I wish it would also rotate, but it is fine like that. Anyone please could help me with this...I found it online but they are super expensive because I only saw industrial types for high torque, heavy load use. Do they make it in plastic? or any other cheap material for light use? any suggestions as per substitutes with same action? what name do I look for under?Please help.Very appreciated and a big thank you!!

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Can I get/make a functional one of these guns?

Here is a gun that i found from some site, it doesn't actually exist, but is it possible to make one of these that fires 6mm bbs or any air gun rounds ( maybe even crossbow bolts if it helps)? The main pistol grip is a lot like that of a walther ppk and it does have a retractable stock like that of a mp5 ( but this isn't a needed feature either)

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Instructable Idea: Glowing Pen

Okay, I had this great Idea for an Instructable that would turn a regular retractable ballpoint pen ( The ones you click to open), into one that would light up at the base, using an LED. The Problem is , I don't know how I would Put It together. If you have any ideas on how to do it or any help, you can post them all here. Any and all help is welcome and appreciated.

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The Assassins Creed Hidden Dagger

Altair ,the protagonist of the game Assassins Creed has a hidden dagger attached to his arm which is obviously spring loaded, but he unsheaths it by pressing a button with his pinky and retracts it with the same. I wanted to know if it is possible to make such a contraption and how it would work just to satisfy my curiosity. There are a number of videos on youtube but most of them are gravity driven or do not give any explaination so I'd be obliged if someone helped me out with this.

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How to build a remote controlled humane trap?

I work with a humane society and we have a need to build a remote controlled humane trap so we can trip the trap when the right cat walks in.  It would need to run on batteries and work at a 30 yard distance.  There are a lot of creative types out there and wondered if anyone had an ideas on how to add this device to a trap so it can retract a pin and drop the door.  Any ideas would be appreciated..... Thanks,  Jim

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Can I use electric actuator(s) on a driil press?

I have 2 electric actuators, by Linak, from an old recliner chair with control box. The actuators are rated at 24v and can push up to 6000n (611Kg)  and pull up to 4000n (407Kg) . They move fairly slowly and steadily and automatically cut out once they've extended or retracted to the max. Would it be safe  to use one to push and pull the drill on a home made drill press?

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Small Temperature Controlled Relay Circuit? Answered

I'd like to build a small temperature controlled relay circuit. I need to sense water temperature and send +12vdc if temp is <95F and -12vdc if >104F. It's driving a linear actuator so it should advance the rod (+12v) at low (<95F) temperature, hold position (0v) between 95 and 104, and retract the rod (-12v) at high temperature. (>104F) Any circuit suggestions? Thanks.

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Knex Mp7

-Edit, pictures taken from Samsung steller, quality isn't to great- Hello! Its been a very long time since Ive posted anything on Instructables. But here is one of longer projects, my MP7. It look me three weeks to finish building. It feeds perfectly and has removable clips. It is around the same length, size and weight. It uses a brand new modified ram rod. It feels amazing in your hands and its very sturdy. I have added a strange looking stock instead of the rod stock for strength. There is no point in having a retractable stock because it has a very long ram pull. It also has basic sights up on top seen on MW3. It also has the folding fore handle. More Specs: Shoots 60-70FT (Using two bands and modified ram) Holds 20 Grey connectors in mag. Removable magazine. Very long ram pull. Non retractable solid stock. Very comfortable handle mold. Solid 6th layer body frame. MW3 low profile sights. True trigger. Folding fore handle. Fast reload time. Upper rails. Easy to reload magazine. Trigger guard.

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