Retro Radio Cabinet

I want to re-fit this radio cabinet with some type of sound system.  I want to preserve, or transform the display glass, and I want the knobs on the front to activate some functions (volume, tuning perhaps) I want to put some very understated LED light behind the front pillars and redo the bamboo screen.  I am just not sure which way to go with it.  I could use a car system and 12 volt adapter system of some kind, but I would really like it all to plug in with just one plug.  I need ideas.

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Retro lamp shade pattern

Found what I want online but they are too expensive. I want a geometric, atomic age shade pattern. But, I am open to any other ideas. Here is a link to the type of shade I would like to make:;=2

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Retro! The Polaroid SX-70

Isn't this a great piece of engineering?

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retrofying a fridge

I want to get an antique fridge for the kitchen in my new place but everyone keeps telling me the electric bill will be crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to retrofy a new fridge, I'd like to go a step further than just buying an old handle for the fridge. I'd like to maybe paint it teal and figure out a way to round off the corners in that 1950's style. The fridge in the picture will probably be the fridge I buy for this project.

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Sorry folks looks like the server screwed up my posting and i'll have to post my idea for home brewed 5.25in floppies all over again (the post eventually appeared several hours later so i deleted it) ok so where to start (*light bulb appears over head*) i got it if you have a 5.25in floppy get it out and look at it you'll notice that its pretty simple the first part you will notice is the plastic envelope enclosure thing which is just a single piece of folded plastic with some holes cut in it, just below the surface of the enclosure is a fabric or paper dust trap that keeps the disk debris free and finally comes the hard part the disk each disk has 3 components the iron oxide powder, the disk, and the binding glue stuff the holds the powder to the disk. now here is my crude theoretical unproven construction process 1. cut out the enclosure(i'm thinking a material like plastic card stock might work) (probable impossible by hand put it under a laser cutter or watter jet if you have one) 2.use 8 dabs of glue to glue the dust trap in place on the side of the enclosure that will come in contact with the disk 3.spray some adhesive onto the disk and bury it in iron oxide powder 4.remove the excess powder and spray it again with adhesive 5.carefully put the disk in the enclosure and fold the enclosure around it gluing the enclosure shut 6.stick it in your floppy drive and format it i'll have time to try this myself this summer until then feel free the criticize and question my sanity just PLEASE don't suggest buying disks from e-bay, thrift stores, flee markets, online, or any where else for that matter

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Building a controller Possible for Retro Consoles?

I'm trying to figure this out if it even possible to build a custom controller and use the Console's pinout like the Sega Master System's to be read on the Sega Gens as a Master System Controller and can it be done if I got myself a prototype board and make it myself? here's a broken USB NES Controller I'm gonna turn into a SMS Controller - so is this possible to make my own using tactile buttons for 1 and 2 plus other buttons for the D-pad then hook them up VIA the SEGA Master System's Pinout to read to the Sega Gens?

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what can i make out of a cobra retro phone?

I found a retro phone in my garage and want to make something out of it

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does any one know how to make LEDs flicker at first and then turn ON ????

I want to make it look like those retro lights which used to flicker first and then stay ON does any one know how to do that with LEDs ????

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Should I get the Grado SR60i Headhpones???

Ok.. I really like these headphones for theyre looks and I've heard rave reviws. Whaddaya think?

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What can I do with this? Anyone have any ideas? Answered

I bought this at a yard sale but can't sell it on ebay, not worth much. If anyone has any cool ideas for it let me know.

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Excitebike made out of wood

This pixelated wooden motorcycle that Justin Harder made based off of Excitebike is just awesome. It looks like a ton of work and love went into this one. Great job.   ExciteBike motorcycle built out of wood hits us like a ton of pixels

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Can I connect a cell phone to an old touchtone landline phone?

I want to connect my cell phone to an old 70's touchtone landline phone. Can this be done. I know you can connect a reciever to a cell phone but I miss the old touchtone keypad. Any advice?

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How do i do a scaled down version of a car body in fibreglass, like full size down to 4-5 foot?

I want to make scaled down version of clasic cars to put onto a go-kart frame 5-10 hp motor looking the same as the road version?

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Arduino powerglove remake?

Would anyone be interested in making a non fail power glove type device using arduino? I believe we can rebuild it, we have the technology!

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how do you make batch file games like tetras/Mario?

How do you create a batch file that has things like tetras, mario, a calculator, trivia, jokes, Ect.?

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Kids retro console lock out Switch?

Hi, anybody got any ideas for a simple lock out switch that can be used with any games console, probably have to go on the mains lead? That way mum and dad can simply switch it on and off as required. This way the console doesn’t have to be removed from the young kids bedroom when time is up.Thanks

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Excellent instructable idea ~ Retro camera~ digital guts into different or handmade body

Don't know why this hasn't been done really or why this is hyper linking. Anyway, Please check out photos &  link for inspiration to get an idea of what i'm talking about. It's time to start making killer Retro cameras! Either make a new body or re-purpose a vintage camera

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Possible to hack a retro clock into a split-flap display?

I've been wanting to make a split-flap display board for a while and hook it up to display various messages/times for my office, however building one from scratch seems to be very expensive due to the motors and parts involved. Is it possible to take a retro-style flap clock and repurpose it to be one of these displays? I haven't been able to find anyone attempting this before, despite it seeming (to me) like a pretty good way to get around the issue of the expensive step motors and gears involved, considering the relatively cheap cost of retro clocks online. Any ideas or opinions? Sort of new to this whole endeavour but willing to do the legwork in executing on the idea if it is possible.

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Homemade wax paper wrappings? Answered

Hello everyone! This is the first time I've used this feature on Instructables, so here goes. :) I'm trying to recreate vintage sweet wrappers for a friend who will use them in a film he's making for uni, and I wondered if I could somehow impregnate the wrappers in wax to make them "chocolate proof" so I could let a friend re-live times from long ago. :) I'd be using standard printer paper and inkjet ink, would this survive the waxing? Also how would I coat the paper in a layer of wax thin enough not to crack when the package is assembled? I was also planning on heat sealing the edges wsing a warmed metal tooling to first fold the paper into a tube, then crimp the edges. Thanks for any help :) (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, as its technically a wax and paper mess-afound i think it's closer to Art than anything else. :) )

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Making Photographic Film

Hi, how could I make photographic film at home without using chemicals or substances like silver halide crystals,potassium dichromate etc. as the sensitizer solution. Does anybody know of a more natural replacement? .

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See this - ancient IBM video (although it's probably film...)

This is so... It's back then, it's like teaching cave-men how to arrive at 42... What did typing-pools make of this? Punch-cards, magnetic- ah such good old stuff Retro', very retro', and in parts quite profound. And it's ... Cholmondley-Warner?

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Steampunk shirts

I found this and thought you guys would like em

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Is it very simple to connect USB cable to a 4-pin DIN?

I want to make an arcade themed Custom PC build. I will be building the case out of wood. It will be used for playing retro games using emulators with maximus arcade as a front-end. I want to make some controllers, and use 4-pin DIN connectors to make it a bit more unique and retro. Can you solder usb wires onto the connectors? IS it that simple and if it is; am i likely to encounter any problems? I don't have any problem soldering and connecting either.

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Teen Guy Bed Room Ideas-No Sport?

Hi, I am 13 and I am wondering how to decorate my bedroom?? I have a rectangular room with all doors and wardrobe at one end, and grey/purpkleish walls with a eggplant feature wall. Beige non-replacble curtains. I have a massive metal 4 poster bed crazy thing. Which I LOVE! What shall I do? I also have a white/green retro dresser and dressing table, and some small wooden filing cabnets. I like the late 50's and early 60's. And pugs, definatly pugs. But, as I am in Australia there is no Wallmart or macys for me. But we DO have target! I am intrested in making 2 'zones' in my room. bedroom down the doorend, and longue(????????????/) down the other? What should I do??? Thanks

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Using relays to control lighting?

I have one Banner QS18VN6LV Retro-Reflective light interruption sensor, and one Banner QS18VN6D sensor with NPN Relay outputs. How could use the set to say, power on lighting when one is interrupted and power them off when another is interrupted? What I want to do is use them in my home theater, to power on the room lighting, projector and audio equipment and lower the screen when the one at the top of the steps is interrupted, and power off the room lighting, and turn on my ambient LED lighting when the one at the bottom is interrupted. The only problem this may have, is that the retro one is always sensing something till interrupted, and the non-retro one is only sensing something when interrupted.

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Swapping Rubber-Membrane for Microswitches?

Is it possible to convert a button from using a rubber contact to using a microswitch? The intent I have in mind is to take the buttons on a GBA and make them more like those on the SP/DSi/3DS, but the idea could be applied to any instance of squishy rubber-contacts.My best guess of how to go about this would be to trace the positive and negative leads into the switch on the circuitboard, then to somehow break that connection and reroute them into the microswitch by soldering wires to them. I need to go double-check the leads are available on the particular board I'm working with, and I wanted to test the general theory using a cheaper board like a TV remote.Any thoughts?

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Apparently, I'm a hipster heathen for breathing new life into old videogames/accessories...

So, a few "purists/elitists", have decided I'm a "hipster heathen", solely for the Advantage Clocks and Lamps I create. (My first Instructible provides tech on how to create the original lamp.) I'm destroying a "limited" number of these things. I wonder if they really understand how many of these there really are. I consider it a rescue, and re-purpose, honestly. I gather these from numerous dusty places, and I've even found some of the broken ones in a dumpster one time. I always go for broken before working, but do they seriously think all of these would be hooked up to working systems and being used? How many would be in a landfill? My original is still alive and kicking. I wonder about theirs. 

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Project VR6

Hello all, thought id share my progress of my 97' VW Golf mk3 VR6 2.8 to create some discussion and VAG banter. I brought her completly standard and wanted to build a real sleeper for road use and track use that is fast, practical for everyday use and safe for the family. When I got her back in 2009 she was a standard vr6 nothing really special just a well looked after example Firstly I gave her a good clean inside and out along with a service.......and by clean i mean really cleaning, shampoo the carpet, treat the leather, clean out the heater units, remove and shampoo the roof lining, polish and resin the paint, de greese and steam clean the engine bay to name some of the bits ive done. The result was a very clean base "template" Once all was clean and I could see areas for imporvement I began the work, replacing all the bushes, front and rear lower arms, brake lines, discs, calipers, exhaust were the easy steps When it came to the engine itself I did not want to mess about with it too much just improve the BHP and general running of the car as 174bhp from a 2.8 VR6 is shocking. So removed the engine and re conditioned the gearbox and clutch. While this was out I thought it best to also do the pull chain not a big job but much easier with everything out, once back in I still was not finished.... After giving the engine a full service with new plugs, leads, coil pack, oil change, rocker cover, inlet manifold, seals, upgraded air filter I decided to get the car chipped to see what BHP could be pulled out of her. Happy to say with all that work she was running on the first dyno 192bhp a massive improvement from standard 174bhp and all that from just replacing and upgrading some standard old parts with more expensive performance parts. Once the Chip was installed and the guys at the tuning store had done their works she was happily chucking out 216.4BHP With that I was more than happy and the work put in over the 6month period really showed. I then decided to have all but bumpers colour coded and did a few minor tweeks to the exterious to make her a clean standard example... I will add a full list of specs and work done soon, enjoy the pics feedback welcome

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Portal Theme Done on 8080 and C64

If you've played Portal then seeing this video brings everything full circle. The retro computers inspired the closing song "Still Alive" which has then inspired someone to recreate the song on retro computers. It's geektastic and was done on an Intel 8080 with a C64 sound chip.If you haven't played Portal yet and you're even remotely into games, then beg, borrow, or steal a few hours on a machine to play it. It's lovely. via bbgadgets

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Knex Enforcer

I have yet to find a knex gun on here that looks like the enforcer from unreal tournament, it has a magazine in the front and a slide above the handle. like in the picture, i have posted pictures of my version, but it is too front heavy and way too big. have a go at building it if you can, and post pictures aswell please, i want to see your creations :P credits to foofinator for original gun (which didn't even work for me so i made it into this because it has a similar shape)

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Need a funky cool lamp shade pattern for an atomic age table lamp

I just bought an antique, funky, table lamp that is need of a shade. I have seen the kind I want online but they are wayyyyy too expensive. I know I could make one very inexpensively if I had a pattern and knew what kind of materials I need. I want a geometric, atomic age type of shade. But, I am open to any other ideas. I would upload a picture but I am in the middle of restoring the wiring and getting the rust off the base. Anywho....Here is a link to the type of shade I would like to make:;=2   Thanks for any help :)  

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cassette/tape deck sensors/readers; what can I do with them?

So, I was at my girlfriend's apartment when I came across a busted tape/cd deck underneath the porch and immediately though "FREE parts!" like any self respecting modder would. The circuit board, in pieces, has been subject to the elements for quite some time, the device made in 2002, I've no idea though how long it has actually been under there.  ("new" place) So two questions. 1) Are any of the components (capacitors, diodes, resistors) safe to use, assuming they were not short circuited by rain/humidity and rust hasn't set in?  (On some parts it has, the motor turning the tape deck being the main and most unfortunate one.) 2) WHAT could I possibly use the sensors/readers that read the tape of the tape deck besides reading the magnetic tape inside cassettes?!  I came to the conclusion that reconstructing a tapedeck with these sensors would be impractical, if not stupid.  Can they sense any magnetic field?  Would it be hard to write an arduino library? I tried looking up a datasheet and get nothing that resembles these, much less something that might belong inside a tape deck. 15RSA0 J2 K1520 Is how it appears on the side of the part, the 0s might be Os.  But the rest is pretty clear (I love a nice font).

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my new longboard!!!

Check out what i got!!!! its a landyachtz evo with 10mm bear grizzlys and lime retro big zigs!! i already hit 25 on it!

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Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there advantages to buying the 300 series instead?

Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there any significant advantages to spending a bit more and getting a 300 series or better? I'm new to this equipment, but hope to use it for a wide variety of purposes. Is the variable speed essential? And what about the flex shaft? Any advice, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ~Mr. Retro~

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Is a sony ericsson w810i handsfree's answer button momentary or what?

I'm trying to stuff a wired handsfree headset into a retro phone handset. i need to know if the answer buyyon on the headset can be replaced with somehting.

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Arduino nokia 5110 games

Hi anybody have the code and other info to build retro games using Arduino and nokia 5110 screen  I did see the game of snakes but now can't find it. Thanks Malcolm

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Where would the ground go in this schematic for a Sawtooth Generator? Answered

I found this schematic in a library book, but there is no ground labeled. Please help as soon as possible, I would like to have this finished by Christmas for my brother. My guess would be on the very bottom wire where C1, Q2, and R6 are connected. (I would highlight where I meant, but I can't seem to add a comment box to the picture.)

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jeffkobi- Finalist

Jeffkobi is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:Retro Hi-Fi Project This is a forum post created by Instructables on behalf of the finalist. Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Check out all the finalists in the master list or in the Laser Cutter Finalists Group!

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Bass Guitar Whammy Bar

Does anyone have any good information on how to get a whammy bar retro-fitted onto a 4-string bass? or at least where to get a bridge/bar? help much appreciated!

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What might this be? With Pictures

I just bought something called an Impedance Analyzer at a surplus sale. It came with a set of retro headphones and some sort of bizzare probe. Any comments on what this might be, and what it could be used for are most welcome. I will post pictures if anyone is interested.

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How can I build a simple computer around a retro cpu like the Z80?

I am interested in building a small computer and had previously opted to build a very minimal computer out of discrete components (think 4- bit). Due to cost constraints and my skill level in electronics I don't think I can do this at the current time. So, I have opted to try building a small computer with a pre-built retro cpu. First, my two goals: <>I do not want a computer with extra capabilities like serial output or the ability to drive a display. I want a "bare bone" computer. This entails a dip switch input and led indicating output. I would also like the option to switch to some sort of latching system for the inputs and outputs so my computer can control and be controlled by peripherals as my skill level increases. <>Ideally I would like to have as few chips as possible. I was initially planning to use a Z80 as the cpu because wikipedia says it had the need for less supporting ic's than its predecessors. Also, there is a lot of documentation out there on the cpu. You may be asking why I am asking for advice then but the truth is because the Z80 computer building tutorials I have found all involve a screen and are more complex than I can manage. If there is another processor that is easier to work with, please tell me! As best I can figure, for my basic computer I would need: the processor, a ram chip, a rom chip, 8 latches for the input and for the output (for an 8 bit processor), an 8 switch dip switch, a clock, and an 8 led display. Are there any other chips I am missing (buffers or the like)? Also, how can a program be written to the cpu? My thoughts on this were that the very first address of the rom section would have instructions to read say bit 1 and bit 2 of the input. It would keep doing this if both were low. When bit 1 goes high it triggers the cpu to jump to a section of rom which performs a loop where it reads the input->stores it in a certain memory address allocated to storing programs-> increments this memory address by 1->reads and stores the next input. If it read a bit 2 initially it would jump to the memory address where program starts. All in all this seems like a very bad way to program, what is the best way to program? I am fairly certain that some startup program will need to be written to the first address of memory in the rom. Thanks for your help.

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Usb sega genesis controller idea... need advice.

So i ve been seeing projects with people using the buttons of a retro gaming controller to control mp3 players and the such, and i had an idea. personally, im in love with the sega genesis. and i was thinking, wouldnt it be possible to re route the functions of the buttons to a 5 button usb dpad ( 5 button for a, b, c, start, and mode) and case it all inside the genesis controller? i wondering about it, it seems like it made sense. thanks. -sk8er6

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Toy Gun speakers, or premade circuit with sounds effects for charging

I am making retro-50's laser gun and want it to make a charging sound when I "turn it on", before I fire it and maybe even have it make a retro sounding laser shooting sound.  However, I have been unable to locate pre recorded speakers and circuits. I have looked at toy guns, becuase the size would be about right. I need it to be smaller and fit inside a smaller cavity. Does anyone here know of a place to buy such an item?  Do they even exist? Or is their a way to record sounds and then have them playback using a simple triger method. Thanks, Bonnonon

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Bug report: can not delete a step

Trying to edit my published -ible. I try to delete my last step I get this:org.hibernate.AssertionFailure: possible nonthreadsafe access to session at org.hibernate.action.EntityDeleteAction.execute( at org.hibernate.engine.Actio

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Where can I get tapes for Commidore 64 in audio format?

I recently got a Commodore 64 and plan to use it for vintage coding and playing retro computer games. So I want to load some Basic code on some games like Pacman, Tetris, etc.  I would like to load sound from my phone and connect an AUX cable to he input port, the conputer will think that I am loading a cassette since it is analog and is really just looking for a sound. I can't explain everything so well, just go to this video, and skip to 7:32. That should explain what I am talking about.  So my question is what are those websites with retro games file in cassette (Audio) format that I can just plug in my MP3 player or phone or whatever into the input port and the computer will think I am loafing a cassette? Also I guess if I want to record I will plug in my phone to the output port and record audio. So basically can someone give me a website where I can retro games in audio format like what I explained? Abd sorry if this is the wrong category.

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Crystal radio help anyone?

(If you want the blow-by-blow of my questions, skip the following gigantic piece of text and proceed to the 2nd list after the first)   I was reconsidering making a crystal radio the past week and so I set out to research the topic on the 2nd most popular information database on the internet which comes out of the 1st most popular one. According to wikipedia, all you need is one diode in order to split the AC signal coming in via the antenna in half, therefore it uses half-wave rectification (it's not quoted; it's what I understand from it). Could full-wave rectification be also used? Like connecting the antenna to a bridge rectifier (aka. diode bridge, aka. 4 diodes stuck together)? I know that half-wave rectification yields pulsed DC, but I also don't understand how. By that I mean what happens to the other half? Does the other half of the wave connect directly to the output? One last thing, I know the largest metallic object I can ever use as an antenna is basically just my roof, but then I don't like coming up to the roof and looking for some exposed metal to connect to. Any thoughts on what huge, metallic items I can use in my household? I've already thought up a list of what I could use for an antenna: -Window screens -Extremely long piece of wire (I have an 8 meter long CAT5 cable going from the 1st to the 2nd floor) -My front gate -Sheet metal laying outside my front door (not the gate) Here is the summary of all my questions: -Is this wikipedia article true? (see at the list "semiconductor" area) -Can full-wave rectification be used on such radios? -In the case of half-wave rectification, where does the other half of the signal go? -What can I use as an antenna (excluding my roof)? Aside from the asked questions: -Is there any other way to tune to a particular frequency? -I'm asking opinions to people who know what they're doing (no offense to beehard44, this is more of a poll that anything else).

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Can a rotary phone be hooked up to wireless phone jack system and work? Answered

I have an old retro looking rotary phone I want to hook up as simply as possible because I don't want to run a phone wire if I don't have to because the area is not that easily accessed.

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Video Game bits-What are they?

I've been recently getting into retro gaming, and I've noticed a lot of things, like bits. I know more bits means better graphics, but what is bits a measure of? I've also noticed how they go. It's by a power of 2, Like this: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 etc. Lastly, what was the Atari 2600's?

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question on an unknown super Nintendo accessory

When i got my super nintendo i bought it used and it came with the little box in the picture. i can't find anything about it online. on the box end it looks like a computer gameport and on the other end its a snes controller plug it seas total control. an answer as to what it is will be greatly appreciated.

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What do I do with a still-working old handheld that was taken apart?

I have a retro Tiger Electronic Handheld Baseball game circa.1993-95 like the one somebody else listed here;=item45f3be64a7. While wiping the dust off, I forgot to switch to an alcohol wipe instead of my Murphy's Oil/Water rag and took it apart to dry it out. Now all the pieces in the itty bitty screen won't go back together right. I'm pretty sure the thing still works if I could just reassemble it. Any recommendations on what to do? Or can I just list it as "FREE" on craiglist or a yard sale to anyone that wants to play with it or use it for parts? Sadly, I no longer have the original package or instructions.

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