Rich Editor? Answered

All to often when I paste something into the rich editor it loses the cursor and I have to guess where it may be -- Why?? Or is this just me?

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Rich editor

Would it be possible to put the rich editor back in the comments box?  It is the only way I was able to comment using an iPad.......or is there another way?  Highlighting doesn't work.

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An embarrassment of riches

I was an Artist in Residence at Instructables from September-December 2013, and words cannot express how wonderful it was.  Instructables has recently built out what I can only imagine is the world's greatest general use workshop, at Autodesk's Pier 9 facility.  You are probably aware of this shop if you're reading Artist in Residency posts, but if not, check out the overview here and the machine details here.  I tried to learn and do EVERYTHING in this shop!  I didn't quite succeed in that but I came close enough that I didn't totally finish any of my projects.  I'd planned to make an articulated model of an Escher drawing and an 8 foot tall steel dinosaur statue, both projects I could probably have spent all my time there on.  There was so much awesome to learn about and experiment with, though, that I kept getting distracted by side projects and what-if's that I might not have had opportunity to mess around with later on.  So what I actually ended up making was a series of acrylic jewelry, two small cardboard dinosaur models, MOST of the Escher drawing (I finished it later), some sheet metal walking-leg linkage experiments, half of a new Mustache Ride, part of a sixth Pulse of the City heart, tests of chemically-mediated etching on metal, a pair of 3d printed snowflake ornaments, and the beginnings of a pair of antler pants.  (I will definitely write instructables for the dinosaur and the pants, when they are complete.) I loved it all.  I loved it all so much, and so consistently, that I had to try everything and was hardly able to finish anything.  I cut metal on the waterjet, I printed many 3d things on the 3d printers, I lased like it was going out of style, I lathed like I didn't know what I was doing (Yay Learnings!), I cut and welded and drilled and screwed and printed and ground and sewed and soldered and blasted and glued.  I was like a kid in a candy shop who can't finish the fudge because the lollipops are so tasty and then whoa! peanut brittle! peppermints! gumdrops!  The only part of the shop I didn't use was the test kitchen because, well, I don't really cook. Three months was not enough.  Three years would not be enough.  I feel so fortunate to have been in there doing anything at all for any amount of time, though.  Things I can do now that I couldn't do last summer include: turn wood on a lathe cut metal, stone, cardboard, etc on a waterjet etch metal on a laser printer operate a small vacuum former print multiple materials on an Objet Connex run a jointer and planer operate a Shopbot TIG weld aluminum (to be sure, I'm lousy at this still, but I know How) operate a sand blaster bend steel tubes I'm an introverted anti-social nerd so it has taken me to the bottom of this post to talk about the people.  I absolutely need to say how great the people there are - everyone, no matter their job description, makes things.  Everyone just gets how it is to lose yourself in making some weird possibly useless object that you might have to get rid of when you're done anyway, but you just need to work on it to figure out That One Thing that you didn't quite understand but now you do!  It is a rare and wonderful set of people.  And some of the people, it is explicitly their JOB to teach me about all the equipment and help me with any problems I had with anything at all. If you're reading this you should definitely apply for this program.  You do not want to miss out on working in this shop.

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Rich editor bug

All to often when I paste something into the rich editor it loses the cursor and I have to guess where it may be -- Why?? Happens to a lot of people. I, for one, of many would like Rich ed to be the default for the pro users.

Topic by rickharris 8 years ago

Missing Rich Editor

So I just went to embed a video on one of my step-by-steps and couldn't find the "Embed" button. Actually, all of the rich editor features are gone. I get the same result with Chrome and Firefox. Is this a bug? Is the answer right under my nose? Do I have to be a PRO member to embed videos? Sorry if this is a re-post; I couldn't find any help in the forums.

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rich editor not available

I think somebody has been moving the furniture around again.  The way I can tell is when the pages look different than they did before. More specifically, the editor for forum posts has changed.  There used to be a button to turn on the "rich" editor.  There also used to be a "preview" button, for to preview what the post looks like before actually posting it.  Both of these buttons are missing now. Also I thought it might be because my "pro" membership had expired, but I checked that, and I think it's still current. Is anyone else having this problem?

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The rich get richer

I'm kind of ticked off about a big problem I noticed. The main page in every contest has a big panel for the most viewed instructables posted in the contest. The problem with this is that because a lot of people only click on the instructables they see right in front of them. So all the other instructables no matter how good they are , if they don't have many views , get buried under the most viewed ibles and don't get any views. So the people who don't even need any more views get them piled on and the people with hardly any stay that way. Somebody please do something about this!

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what does "rich editor" mean? Answered

When you post a comment it says rich editor at the top. what does this mean?

Question by Acepilot42 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Rich editor in replies to Instructables broken.

It looks like the rich editor is broken when trying to comment on an Instructable. - Answers is OK.. Tested with FireFox and IE, 2 different machines. The standard editor appears below a 1/2 page of white space and the "rich editor" button has no effect.

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Rich Editor working for comments

UPDATE: Whatever was wrong earlier seems to have been "fixed" (or gone away). It seems that the Rich Editor button below the comments editor box is no longer working.  When I press it, nothing happens.  No icons, no change to the box content.  It just stays in "plain text/raw HTML" mode. I'm using the latest Firefox 3.6.11 on MacOSX 10.5.8.

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Feature rich servo controller

Hi All, I'd like to write a servo controller that allows another system to offload some of the low level motion control work to the controller. This is primarily for amateur robotics applications. I'm trying to work out whether a controller implementing the features below would be replicating effort of existing open source drivers and not really worth the bother. Has anyone come across an existing controller that can some/any of the following? Position feedback Alterable traversal rate(s) changeable in real time (mid motion) Different seeking modes (acceleration, stall detection, hammering, error margins) Different communication modes (position queuing, position interrupts, upstream arrival and stall messages, etc) and so on... I'm looking at doing this probably with an Ardunio Nano and controlling as many servos as possible, but the primary goal would be feature richness. I could also see applications for an Attiny version (1 controller to 1 or 2 servos, limited feature set). Has anybody got any thoughts on the idea? Thanks in advance, Andy

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Duplicate responses when switching between Rich and Plain editors

After my Instructable received a series of comments, I was replying to them one by one. For some replies I wanted to use a hyperlink to a relevant website or article, or to break the response up into separate paragraphs and so used the rich editor. For others the plain editor was sufficient. It seemed however on both occasions that I went back to using the plain editor after having posted a comment using the rich, the content of the previous reply (the one composed using the rich editor) was what actually got posted into the block composed using the plain editor. I hope that is clear and I apologize if this bug is a duplicate! This was experienced under Firefox 4.0.1 running on Fedora Linux 14. Cheers

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What happened to the rich text editor??

When the rich text editor was available in the comments section it was the only way to reply or comment on an instructable.  Now there is no way to comment from an iPad which is where I spend most of my time.  It always comes up with 'missing comment text'.

Question by bricabracwizard 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Can't access new rich editor

I have multiple computers that I access Instructables on. My work PC, which runs FF3.6.3, the rich editor does not work at all, yet my home ones, same platform do work. What dependencies does the new editor have on .net components ? Steve

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24K Gold-Plated Bike for the Uber-Rich

A UK based insurance company, ETA, is offering a custom-made 24K gold-plated Charge Plug bicycle complete with customized seat, handlebars and chain to mark the Green Transport Week. The Midas themed ride comes with its own security guard. But, there are certain restrictions in case you want to buy this hell of a pimped ride like you must be eighteen years old, live in the UK, and get a free quote online for cycle insurance in order to enter the contest. One person will be randomly drawn after the contest ends on October 21st. This amazing two-wheeled ride is approximately worth $18,750 !

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Can someone start this idea for an electric company? Electricity would be free. Answered

My brother came up with this idea. An electric company that is powered by people working out on bikes and other stuff. I don't know if it's possible but think of the possibilities. People would supply their own electricity by working out and getting fit.  All the people working out would be volunteers and maybe they could get paid based on how much energy they produce. That would give people motivation to exercise. Instead of paying for a gym membership they would get paid to get fit and they would be helping the community.  For the community electricity might be free if not a whole lot cheaper. I don't know a lot about electricity but if this idea is possible someone should start it because it would do a lot of good in a lot of communities.

Question by knitwitcharm 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How would 'Rich' people live in The Green City?

I've been asked, "How would Rich people live in my Green City?". Since The Green City is a forum for pure Freedom in every sense of the word (in a good way). Rich people could simply pay for what they want, or need in the Green City. But, it's also a place of serenity. Peace, not full of frustration or anger or hate. It's a good, safe, serene place to live. When I first began discussing The Green Cities possibilities, I started from the ground up. People that already have a lot of money, could simply build what they want in The Green City, but I'm sure as time went on, they would see the 'Good' of what the City is trying to accomplish and they would do whatever they could to help it. If you are Rich you could help shield the Green City from adversity by the power of your money, thus preserving the serenity of the City and the serenity of your home. Not to mention if you have family or friends in the City you would also be helping them out. This is NOT a city where a person can go and become a 'Bum' and live off of others. Everyone MUST contribute something or it is ALL for nothing. Freedom is NOT synonymous with lazy. But, good works can be done in a variety of ways. One does NOT have to work out in the field to do good with those around them. That's all the Green City is about, freedom and doing good to those around you. Simple. Go to:

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Another British Contribution to the World's Cultural Richness

For the clarification of our colonial readers, "pants" are what British people wear under "trousers". From the BBC: A South Tyneside man is claiming the world record for wearing the most pairs of underpants at the same time. Gary Craig from Whitburn put on 211 pairs - 11 more than the current official record of 200. The 51-year-old, who has dubbed himself the Geordie Pantsman, completed the task in 25 minutes. By the end, he said he looked like a "giant tennis ball". He began by putting on a pair of 40-inch underpants (size large) and finished with a 60-inch (size 4XL) pair. Speaking afterwards, he said: "It feels pretty sore at the minute but I'm just absolutely delighted. "I wanted to really crack it and give the Australians something to think about. I deliberately went one over the 10 just to make sure." He added: "The great thing was I had lots of people there to support me and that made a big difference. "I felt like if I'd had more pants I could have carried on." Mr Craig has so far raised about £3,000 for the St. Simon's Drop-in Centre for the unemployed and underprivileged in South Shields, as well as the Cancer Connections charity. Gary's own website, with link to donate to the charities concerned.

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most simple yet complicated question you will ever see on instructibles....? Answered

How do you write a reply in bold lettering and stuff

Question by BIGHAIRYDUDE 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

BEEZID.COM...scam, or genius

Well, It's both. This is a new website that works like ebay, but all of the items are BRAND NEW and cost only pennies on the dollar. How the **** could this possibly work? Well the guy who made this website is probablly already a rich genius. Cars sold for a few hundred dollars, tv's for only $100, and brand new ipods for merely $50. Here's how it works. Items start at a penny and every bid brings it up another penny, but everybody that bids PAYS a dollar for their bid. so do the math. A car is sold for $500, which means 50,000 the guy gets $50,500 for a $20,000 car, but the winner only pays $500. This website is engenius for the creator, but be careful. You could be spending hundreds of dollars and never win keep in mind...all of the money has to come from somewhere. And in this case its coming from all the people who bid and lost the auction.

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how to extract from rust form rust rich soil? Answered

OK, so I have this big water treatment plant around me and there is a huge pit where the soil is deep orange and filled with rust. I know its rust because the people who work there told me its rust. If you just touch it your fingers are orange. So I went down there with a plastic bag and gathered up some chunks of soil that were dry and orange. I was wondering how i could extract the iron oxide(rust)  from it so there is no dirt in it and I have a pile of rust. I want to use it for thermite. Thanks alot!

Question by ostomesto 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Boy inventor re-imagines doorbell, gets VERY rich!

A 13-year-old boy from Croydon is set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after inventing a doorbell that calls the householder if no-one answers the door. The boy entered a school "Dragons' Den" type contest, and ended up with his idea in production.  Orders made so far should earn him £250,000 ($411,000).  Three of his fellow contestants ended up with full patents on their ideas, and one other is negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer to get his idea on the shelves.  That boy is only twelve! Dubbed Smart Bell, the device came about in response to a competition hosted by Rook's London school. The contest, however, necessitated a working prototype. Rook's parents passed the plans along to a family friend, Paula Ward (crowned world's top female inventor of 2004 at INPEX), who sent the plans to China. Less than a year after its development, major U.K. retailers have signed up to sell the Smart Bell, which will retail for £40, or about $66. The Smart Bell has a built-in SIM card and other cellular technology that will call the owner's phone. The unit also produces some subtle white noise that mimics the effect of an intercom.

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Rich Editor unresponsive... UGH... I think I need a collaborator.

I'm having trouble attaining the bold font in an unpublished Instructable I'm working on. It may be my Internet connect... or?   Can someone advise me... or perhaps collaborate?  This Ible is for the Scanpan Challenge, just so you know in advance.  lol (not really)... but I'm sitting here helpless and unable to finish/present this Ible the way I want to. HELP... Please!?!

Topic by bajablue 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to write a Dummies Book (for Dummies - and get rich at the same time!)

Intro How to write a Dummy Book - for DummiesHave you ever wanted to write a Dummy's Book, but not sure how to go about it! Here's a quick example that's guaranteed to make you money like the rest of the series. Three simple steps, but endless fun for all involved.step 1 Create your coverGoto: yourself out with your fantastic Dummy Cover design. See mine for reference.step 2 Write the content (this is were the $$$/dosh/bread is)Chapter 1: Buy this bookChapter 2: Give money to people who guarantee to make you moneyChapter 3: Print your own moneyChapter 4: If all else fails, buy another copy of this bookstep 3 Contact and watch the money roll inContact details can be found at : Dummies Books 4 What are you waiting for?I once picked up a book called "What men know about women". It was 20 pages of fantastic blank page reading. If you want to achieve anything in life, the first step is to work out what you want, then just go ahead and do it. If that means going and buying a Dummies Book, then so be it. Personally, I prefer to write them.

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server side bug

Recently I've been posting the odd code sample from Arduino sketches into answers. I open the source view option of the rich editor, and paste the HTML copy from Arduino 1.xx That's code with the  pre tags set start and end. I close the source view, and my rich edit preview is fine. I post the message, and all hell breaks loose - I see the "Instructables is down " message in the middle of the postings, and all the text becomes centred. This is FF18, but the error seems to come from Instructables - or where would your "Instructables is down" come from

Topic by steveastrouk 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Editor change

I've just released a new version of Instructables, with a new updated version of the rich text editor. Also, we set the default for comments to not use rich text, because most comments don't need it; but you can click the 'rich text' button if you want to use formatting in a comment. The new editor looks a little different but works basically the same. As always, Pro users do have a greater range of formatting options.  It has a couple nicer features than the previous one (e.g. you can paste directly into it) and runs a bit faster.  We hope you will find it an improvement too; please let us know of any problems you may encounter with it!

Topic by rachel 8 years ago

how can i add source code in my instructable(one that appear in box on some instructables)?

I know that this can be done by source button but the main problem is that despite being a pro member their is no source button on my is their any check box or something in the account settings that must be checked in order to use rich editor

Question by MayankTiwari04 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Two new bugs: big gap for new comments box, and no Rich Editor

Welcome back, Matt!  Here are two more newly introduced bugs to add to your list: The "Add Comment" action introduces an absurd (roughly two windows' worth) amount of white space between the forum-topic text and the commend box. The "Rich Editor" button doesn't do anything, leaving all of us in the land of the stupidly broken "plain text" editor.  The paid users can put HTML tags (like ) in by hand, but everyone else is stuck up the proverbial flaming Cuyahoga, with neither paddle nor fire extinguisher. Have a nice day!

Topic by kelseymh 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

New editor does not do proper paragraph breaks without [Rich Editor] option

The new editor has a pretty substantial bug.  If the user leaves the editor in the new "default" (plain text) format, it does not respect carriage returns.  It should do so.  Most particularly, it really ought to follow the convention that two carriage returns correspond to a paragraph break.

Topic by kelseymh 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

PH reading of colored stuff. Paint, Blood, etc.

PH is a color change indicator. So how're ya spposed to take the pH of blood, or color rich food, etc?

Question by Toga_Dan 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

can u iron money straight Answered

Okay in the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" it shows 50 ironing some money. is it possible to iron bills straight if so on what level(cotton,ETC)?

Question by pancho del rancho 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Suggestion - Allow us to edit/submit "Rich Snippets" meta-description in search engine results

Rich snippets are "the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page". In plain English, it's what you see when you search for something in google. While it might not necessarily help with SEO all the time, it does help any potential viewer know what the link is about, and whether it's worth clicking on. While the subject can be a bit more complex, all I'm referring to here is the meta-description. Currently, the meta-description seems to be, by default, the first ~300 characters of the Instructable (or auto-generated by Google). If you write any sort of intro, it probably won't be relevant to help understand the project at all (out of context). Suggestion - It would be great to allow users to submit a meta-description via a simple text box, perhaps on the "Instructable Preview" window where the Cover Image can be changed. If they want they can submit a 50-300 character meta-description that better explains what the whole guide is about, or if not they can leave it blank for it to auto-generate as is already the case.Being familiar with WordPress, this would be a trivial plugin. I'm sure a site as big as Instructables can see the potential benefits (increased click-throughs, reduced bounce rates...), while also knowing that it wouldn't be intrusive to users or particularly hard to implement.Just wanted to give my opinion. Like in the attached image, it can be a bit frustrating to have no control over the meta-description since it isn't always representative of the project. In the case above where it was auto-generated by Google, it doesn't give any incentive at all to click since it doesn't make much sense as a description of the project.

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Hi all dear friend i am a wireless cable services provider please help me how can i strong my service note i am not a rich man i am poor man thanks for all brothers

Topic by hearthunter4gf 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Pro Members? What about the features we already have? [UPDATE]

Ok, so far these are the incentives for becoming a pro member: Pro Member: PDF Downloads, Allsteps Preference, Rich Media Version, Pro Badge, Digital Patches, Less Advertising, Private Projects, Members-only Forums, Favorites List.BUT I already have the available: PDF Downloads, Allsteps Preference, Favorites List.I love these options, and really it's the main reason why I signed up for instructables. If this continues, will I lose those options? Because using the site would become a whole lot less user friendly. Maybe make it for only new members, but it still bugs me that you would remove options, rather than adding more. I guess the main question is, do I have to start bookmarking my 251 favorites on the site, or are we safe from these changes?All in all, I think it's a mistake to remove options from the users who have helped to make this site what it is today. Also, I would hope that user comments for new enhancements to the site don't just add up to the incentives for going pro, but are made for the people that suggested them. Don't get me wrong, pro versions are what can keep websites afloat, but sometimes it can go to far to the pont that only hard time members will stay.If you have any thoughts, please comment below.UPDATE: Well, this was the final nail in the coffin. The preview time is over. They took away the option to see a larger image that wasn't the main one for the instructables. This was the reason why I signed up, not realizing the other benefits, and it's what makes it possible to proof read my own instructables, and follow others. This has taken the site to a point that it doesn't seem worth it to even log in. I'd say that there really isn't a point for me to make an instructable now if I can't even view it all together, make a backup in case something happened to the sight, or view all of it completely. Thanks instructables. FIX: This happened to me, but now after a few hours it doesn't anymore. It must be sporadic. Instructables is looking into it as a bug, so it's not supposed to happen yet. Sorry for the false alarm.Lukethebook333

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I used a torch to melt some rich gold ore and it made little gold bbs about 1 grain why did this happen?

I have a rather large amount of this materal with visable gold content i estimate this materal is 40% gold bearing appears to be a flour gold formation. i took a blow torch to the materal and it created a swarm of bbs 24kt and 18kt gold at least half of the stone i melted was gold. Now i attempted the same process over and over and no results were the same the stones are all from the same pocket vein. If some 1 can tell me how to repeat the function with the torch method or another as effective id be happy to send a sample of the materal

Question by smith_9393 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is it possible to color the font in an instructable? Answered

I'm improving a published project over the weekend.   I'm thinking it might be nice to use colored font (for distinction) on the specific improvement/changes/inclusions. Is this possible using the rich editor or by inserting html code? If it is possible, what color would you recommend? 

Question by bajablue 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

composting amateur

In every article etc i see about composting, the end product is a rich dark soil like substance.I inherited a 3 tier rubber or plastic composter.Appropriate garbage goes in the top where the redworms dwell.The end product is liquid.Is it the nature of the type of composter I have that the result is liquid or am I doing something wrong?

Question by billito 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

embedded instructable - all links are missing, formatting a bit off

Having some problems when i use the "share" -> "embed" feature to put my instructable in my own website.  all hyperlinks in the instructable do not show up in the embedded version, that's the biggest trouble.  various rich-formatting stuff shows up a bit weird also. thanks, -dan-

Topic by dan 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what is a good recipe (that is still sweet and tasty while being healthy) for a person with gout?

My father has gout, and it seems his attacks come on as a result of too much rich, sweet food. I want to bake him something delicious, but I don't want it to cause him to have a gout-attack. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Homemade RIESEN chocolates? Answered

Valentines is coming up fast and the tootsie rolls don't taste as rich as RIESEN chocolates... I personally believe RIESEN chocolates are the worlds best chewy chocolates ever and was hoping someone could do a step by step on how to make them. 

Question by Julianne fights Dragons! 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

can i find a source for small purchases of craft and 'small scale woodworking endeavor' supplies?

Where can i get things like: magnets, squeeze bottles w/ spout (for glu and finishing substances, like shellac and poly-u), industrial ammonia -- 28 % or so, hardwood lumber, etc. ? thanks, rich

Question by Rich99 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Fable 2 Dicussion

This is were you can discuss anything about Fable 2 from odd happenings, to how you managed to become rich in one fable day. You can also say your gamertag(if you have one of course) so other members from Instructables can play with you, and other members. Gamertag: ExtraAngry bolt

Topic by Rock Soldier 9 years ago

Quick! Stop surfing, it's gone main-stream.

I don't surf (that's the North Sea out there!), but I can see the attraction. Unfortunately, so can the DINKYs - surfing is turning as cutting edge and "street" as golf.Apparently the latest wave of people into surfing are so rich that estate agents have found a significant niche market - people buying property to store their surfboards!

Topic by Kiteman 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How can I make the horns on my ram skull less dull in color? They're kind of gray/bland...? Answered

I have a ram skull which I found & defleshed. It's pretty incredible - the horns span almost 3 feet. But their sheen is pretty blah. When wet they have a gorgeous rich color - is it possible to make this color come out when dry?

Question by r.effuse 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Anyone got tips on leaning out a 2.8L chevy V6 stock carb? Answered

Mine likes to blow BLAAAACK smoke out when I 'punch it' also, lately its been getting around 11mpg.... though, it fires up absolutely fantastic when its -20 or -30 F

Question by Junk_Wizard 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

international characters for "Steps"

The rich editor 'comment box' and 'Instructables editor' is able to handle international characters, such as: é, ê, ç, ¿, ñ (possibly others), however the "Title this Step" in an Instructable does not reflect the same editing perimeters. Instead, displays "�" (displays as black diamond with white question mark). This also happens with the yellow description box overlays. This may be user error, but seems weird that I can see certain text in one field but not another. FF v3.6.12 ?? _mike

Topic by mikeasaurus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Choosing IC

I recently came up with the brilliant idea (read: scheme) of constructing gloves with built in  RGB LEDs that fade through colors randomly. I plan to sell these to ravers as they are usually spoiled rich kids (no offense) and I can fund my new found interest in electronics. My question is if anyone knows of any ICs that can control this without having to program it, like the LM3914 can work as a VU meter. If no such thing exists, then the cheapest alternative.

Topic by wootwootman 8 years ago

I can't comment on Instructibles

I am unable to post on any instructibles even after completely re setting my computer i can type up what i want to say but when i try and hit the "POST" button nothing happens additionally nothing happens when i hit "Preview", "Add images", "rich editor" or "reply" Using the most recent update for firefox *problem resolved* turns out it was Ghostiary an ad on that blocks ad tracking

Topic by Ward_Nox 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago