We waz robbed!

Can you believe it? Someone stole my WTFBBQ from our yard! And such a fine BBQ it was. What a rotten thing to do. I'm going to the police in the morning. But it's already been taken to a junk yard, I'm sure. Feh! WTFBBQ, indeed.

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Piezo triggered LED Strip with multiple static and flashing colour? Answered

Hi There are already a few threads and topics on this site explaining how to hook up a piezo triggered light strip, however I'm looking to build a custom drum kit with particular lighting system and i can't find the info I need to build it.  Inside the drums I want a constant, static colour of my choice on the led strip (e.g. blue) and then the piezo trigger triggers that LED strip to to different colour (e.g. red) for a quick flash and then back to blue. I would also like to have control over which colour combinations I use, so if i want yellow drums with green flashes, i would hopefully be able change that with a remote.  Is there a circuit or a mod of an existing circuit that will handle my needs?  Cheers,  Owen

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Piezo Triggered LED lighting with a twist!

Hi There are already a few threads and topics on this site explaining how to hook up a piezo triggered light strip, however I'm looking to build a custom drum kit with particular lighting system and i can't find the info I need to build it. Inside the drums I want a constant, static colour of my choice on the led strip (e.g. blue) and then the piezo trigger triggers that LED strip to to different colour (e.g. red) for a quick flash and then back to blue. I would also like to have control over which colour combinations I use, so if i want yellow drums with green flashes, i would hopefully be able change that with a remote. Is there a circuit or a mod of an existing circuit that will handle my needs? Cheers, Owen

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Play roblox its better than minecraft.Reason why is because minecraft has to many trolls.in rob lox theres groups,lots of games to and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to delete keywords from an instructable?

I've discovered by trial and error that keywords are supposed to be comma-separated. I've ended up with some sentences for keywords. How can I delete them?

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Anti-Land Mine Robot

I have started design and concept design on a robot to mark (via GPS and UV paint) and destroy unexploded ordinance in Cambodia.  I am assembling teams for various aspects of the project (mechanical, electronics/power, practical application, coding and programming, construction, etc).  While many people have offered their experience and knowledge, the more people contributing can only benefit the end product.  This is not a money-maker, it's a life sustainer.  I'm looking for people who are interested in using their skills to better someone else's existence.   Though it is brand new, you can visit the project's blog at http://antiminebot.wordpress.com/   All advice is welcomed.  Project updates will be regular. Thank you for your time, Huck

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Question about low voltage power supplies

I have several wall plug power supplies. The voltage on one says 12v 300ma but on my multimeter im getting 17 volts. Why is it 17v and not 12v?

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1st time robot. Too ambitious?

Hello All, I have recently started an ambitious project. There will certainly be much learning along the way.  But it is too ambitious? The goal is to build a bot that can be controlled remotely, to aid in the detection, marking, and ultimate removal of unexploded ordinance in Cambodia (in this first application).  Though I have never built a robot of any type, I am quickly learning the basics, but would like ultimate beginner advice if anyone had any.  If anyone would like details on the project, PM me.  It's really a lot for a forum post... If there are any Veterans or military buffs out there, I could really use other first hand accounts of experiencing UEO. Through generous donation and aquisition, I have come cross an electric wheelchair, and many parts needed for a former "Battle-Bot".  Battle-bot turns peace-maker.  I love it!  The motors are Bosche, 24V and ~750watts.  Included were DC motor (high amp) speed controls, and 2x 12v 26A sealed lead-acid batteries.  Very very excited to really dig in.  I lack a quality track or model of a good track to use for traction, etc.  Anyone know of any good and sturdy RC tank tracks I could look at for design or actual construction? Though I began to construct my own track out of sheet metal and various materials available (it actually turned out kinda ok), I don't intend on reinventing the wheel, as it were.  3" took me almost 2 hours. Will also be incorporating a ~3'-4' rotating and articulating arm.  Trying to keep its weight to under ~30lbs.  The wheelchair frame is very strong and moddable, Ws thinking of using a lazy susan type bearing, but I'm not sure I could find one rated for that weight for an affordable price.  Any suggestions? Thanks for checking this out.  Again, if you want more details, I'm happy to share my plans.  Just PM me. This is being designed 100% open-source, and 100% documented with a video and written journal in order to be easily duplicated.   Constructive criticism is NOT personal criticism! Huck

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can i use aexternal battery charger to power a robot?? Answered

As my question title states would i be able to hook my robot up to an external battery charger to  power it? if so how would i hook it up that way

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Put links in descriptions to a website of a supplier

Hello, I was contacted  by a supplier who asked me if I would like to put links in the description to their website where you can purchase the components that I used. I have no problems with that but is this allowed on Instructables? Thanks. Kind regards, Rob

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I can't share my instructable on Facebook

Hi! I can't share my instructable on Facebook. I try with the Facebook link on Instructables, and I try copying the link and pasting it on Facebook, but a warning says "Ooops! something went wrong...". My instructable on trouble is www.instructables.com/id/ROB-ZOMBIE/

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Reindeer Ride Paper Animation

Reindeer Ride is my latest downloadable paper animation kit. I've made it available in two flavours. There's a free uncoloured version for you to colour in and for a modest fee a pre coloured version. Both feature the same animated paper reindeer. There's a YouTube link here.Hope you enjoy it!Rob

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Eyeborg: Filmaker plans to install camera in prosthetic eyeball

"Take a one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer, and a vision for something that's never been done before and you have yourself the EyeBorg Project. Rob Spence and Kosta Grammatis are trying to make history by embedding a video camera and a transmitter in a prosthetic eye. That eye is going in Robs eye socket, and will record the world from a perspective that's never been seen before."I'm hoping that the eyeball video camera will pave the way for more prosthetic eye hacks. I've want to embed a laser diode into a prosthetic eye for some time now, and just haven't had a candidate who will volunteer their eye. Common Instructables community - how many of you with one eye out there will let me help you become Cyclops!?!Filmmaker plans "Eyeborg" eye-socket camera | ReutersEye Spy: Filmmaker Plans to Install Camera in His Eye Socket | WIREDMore at eyeborgblog.com.via benjaneer

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How do I unsubscribe and stop auto pay?

I want out! I only wanted help with one project, I never completed my subscription information and yet was charged anyway!  There is no "manage my account" category even offered, I feel as though you are robbing me and not allowing me a way out!  So, my question is how do I get out of this money trap?

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How can I use a stepper motor that has no markings on it? (voltage, amps, rotation degrees) Just model numbers

I pulled 2 stepper motors out of a old printer. They look the same but there are no markings on them. Only one red and 3 white wires. I don't have them with me this week, but how could I test them over the weekend?

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How would you use Stroller Wheels for a bike trailer? Answered

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Valve/Tube Amps

Hi, I am currently designing a stereo/mp3 amp for my education and I was wondering... Is it possible to incorporate a Valve/tube into a conventional stereo circuit? (like a standard valve amp but smaller and without the Equalization effects) I suppose the Valve/tube watts would have to match the speakers, but is this possible or would I have to use a circuit from a guitar amp that is already paired with a valve/tube amp system?! Much appreciated. -Rob

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My Maytag Performa toploader washer stops moving during wash and rinse cycle.

I watched it fill with water, then the agitator started moving. After a minute or so, the agitator stopped moving but the motor was still running. I moved the knob to the spin cycle and the washer drained and spun as normal. Wonder if there is some sort of belt that may be wearing out? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Merry Christmas!---Rob

Question by robjob1918 7 years ago

How to Become a Zombie

Want to ditch this mortal coil, but not all the way? Curious to see what your face will look like as the flesh begins to peel off of it? Then you might want to check out Rob Sacchetto's site where you can submit a photo and he'll draw an undead version of you and send you the print. The sample pics on his site look suitably gross enough to merit the $80 price tag. Zombie Portraitsvia Drawn!

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more than two stepper motors using Adafruit Motor Shield, possible?

Hello, I have three stepper motors (Sparkfun ROB-10848) that I wanted to control. I have already had an Arduino Mega 2560 and an AdaFruit Motor Shield V2: How could I connect all these steppers so to control them using Arduino Mega? Thank you, Karim

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Dell M70 laptop with windows XP i need to reinstall windows and am confused ?

Hi Everyone  First my name is Rob and i am sorry to trouble all you guys with my problem, i continue to be astounded by genius on this site and the brilliant hacks, solutions and inventions that you guys come up with. I am an engineer in motorsport (rallying) and am reasonably good with anything mechanical, But i must be dyslexic when it comes to computers, i just dont get them i really dont.   To my question my dell m70 laptop with windows XP and many "motorsport type" data logging engine mapping software that have used over the years, the computer is 6/7 years and is now very slow many programs do not work eg "excel " i am told i need to reinstall my disc which i have                        my questions are 1how and where do i back up my current information to ? 2 can i back up/save the software i have on it and reinstall it after disc  (i dont have original software cds etc) ?                        Rob

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I need a dc dimmer circuit with an external switch 12v 10 amps

I need some one to design a circuit board for a very small 3"x 2" footprint dc dimmer module It needs 2 wires to a battery 2 wires to power LED strips 2 wires leading to an external rocker switch that will be used to control the module Any questions please feel free to email me at  Rob@xtremeled.com I need the design only. I can build it 

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What kind of switch is best for a coil gun? ?

Im making a coil gun for a final project and I am wondering what kind of switch to use to fire the gun. I cant find a powerful enough switch, the highest rating ive found is 480v but they just burn out. I'm using a knife switch know but it robs a lot of the potential power and the gun doesn't shoot as far. I am using 15 300v 100uf capacitors in parallel

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Here's somethingHere's something that you crafty people at Instructatble will enjoy."Everything You Need to Make Amazing Paper Machines!Automata are animated toys that use several basic mechanisms to come alive and they're made completely out of paper! Using the ingenious punch-out designs included in Gizmos, you can assemble six enchanting automata by designer Rob Ives and when you've mastered the fundamental techniques, you can create new designs of your own. Gizmos includes:A pre-made pop-up frog ready to jump right out of the box!Pre-stamped punch-out parts for two snap-up models that are perfect for first-time buildersComplete punch-out parts to create six full-color, fully animated paper machines: Die Fledermaus, Mouthy Moose, Schrodinger's Cat, Shrimp Boat, Surf Bunny, and Marching RobotA 144-page book with an introduction to automata and the simple mechanisms, cranks, cams, and levers that give them life; easy-to-follow instructions to make eight Rob Ives models; and handy reusable templates for each of the model parts, to get you started on future projectsGizmos is a fascinating way to learn about basic mechanical principles as well as a guide to paper-crafting techniques that will enable you to design and build paper toys that capture the imagination!"

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How would I go about recreating some decorative woodwork? Answered

I need to recreate a piece of decorative oak from a door.  I have other doors on the property that match but I do not want to rob them off.  Someone clearly removed a piece from our front door before we bought the property.  We are trying to restore it so I want to do this as accurately as possible, but need some ideas/help on the how to go about it.

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ESPixel Stick Q&A

Hi all.....I bought an ESPiex Stick....And I know what it does, but does not come with a users manual. Does anyone know how to set it up? I am a newbie to this kind of tech but learn quickly. Any help or tips would be really appreciated. There are many youtube videos showing what these are and some define what they are. I don't know how to attach one of them to this site. But if you type ESPixel Stick in Youtube you will easily access everything......Thanks,,,,,,~~RoB~~

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How to make the flash circuit out of a old camera smaller?

The camera is outdated. It is from 2002 with a 2.1 MP and 3x optical zoom. The camera still works (not now), but the picture button is broken and case is cracked every where. This is a flash circuit out of a old Argus 3550. It still held a charge in it for 4 weeks. I am just not sure what traces to cut to make the board smaller also I don't know where power and ground is. I would like to make a coil gun or something out of it.

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Rusty Bike Chain

Hey guys, my bike chain has gotten rusted from being outside, to the point where I really can't ride it. Should I buy a new chain or can I take apart the chain and the gears it rests on and clean them with something? If I should buy a new chain completely, how much will that cost and where can I get one? If I should clean up the individual parts, can someone make an instructable on it or just provide basic instructions for the do's and dont's? Thanks in advance, -Rob.

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coke has burnt your mind

Hey all u lame ducks all i can say is in louisiana you can get 1to 5 years hope that coke change is worth it and what are you gonna say to mama when the kid is sitting front and center facing some hard nose judge that is going to have some serious questions for you like what is your education level, got a j..o..b and that means work with pay for those dum asses dum enough to rob a drink machine boy or girl when you get sent to the cooler it won't be to have a coke you are going to be some hard core's honey

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Doctor drills into boy's head to save his life

The regular household drill is a wonderful thing. It can be used for drilling holes in wood, scrambling eggs, and even drilling into a boy's skull to drain it of blood clots. Yikes!Dr Rob Carson performed the procedure on Nicholas Rossi, 13, after the boy fell off his bike and hit his head.The doctor had never attempted the surgery before, and had to be talked through the operation by a Melbourne neurosurgeon.The boy's father said the doctor's improvisation had saved his son's life.But Dr Carson told reporters: "It's not a personal achievement, it is just a part of the job." Link

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Proximity key fob for motorcycle

Hey guys, I am working on a custom barebones motorcycle. I want to make the starting system incredibly simple by just carrying a keycard or fob that can be sensed within 4-5 feet of the bike which would allow me to just kick start it and go. I worked in access control before and to my knowledge the cards and fobs needed to be placed basically on top of a sensor to activate it, is there any way to give in just a touch more range? so just having it in my pocket would close the circuit and allow me to kick start the bike? wiring it in isn't a problem, I just need a switch that would sense a fob 4-5 feet away and close a switch. thanks! Rob

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Did we get it right?

An article on the BBC is predicting that large swathes of internet content, starting with news websites, will soon vanish forever behind paywalls. Content that is free to users, funded by advertising, will (apparently) soon be a thing of the past: Rob Grimshaw, managing director of FT.com, says charging for online services is inevitable, as online advertising is unlikely to deliver sufficient returns. While it is still "swimming against the tide" to expect payment, he says it will be recognised soon that "the oddness has been to give it away". In the long term, he says not charging will come to be seen as the aberration - and he imagines future business students writing case studies of how publishers were wrong-footed. So, fellow-pros, do think (as I do) that we have got the model right, with free-to-access content, plus paid-for benefits?

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Instructables Podcast Vol. 1 - Build a Greener Life: Robbtoberfest

Part of Instructables' mission is to inspire our community to create and share great projects. We do this though contests, theme months, and challenges that are seasonally appropriate, part of a bigger cultural trend, or simply areas where we want to see more great Instructables. This year we've decided that our overarching theme will be "Green."To kick off our Green theme of 2009, comes the first in a series of podcasts from Instructables featuring just some of the outstanding projects and authors on the site. In this first episode, titled "A Greener Life," we talk to Instructables community member Robbtoberfest, whose eco-friendly projects represent exactly the kind of DIY green ingenuity we love to inspire and share at Instructables.

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Flying Pig Website

If anybody likes automata, but can't be bothered to work in wood and metal, try Flying Pig models.They (mainly he) make and sell cardboard kits that move in interesting ways.Obviously, most of them are for sale, but he has some free models for downloading, which change very occasionally.Probably the most interesting parts of Flying Pig for this site, though, are his Workshop Notes blog, where Rob updates readers on the process he goes through developing his models (he's part way through a dinosaur at the moment, and has released a kids range).He also has a section of mechanisms, with animations of all the paper mechanisms he uses, plus several that don't go into paper models (like a stirling engine).Generally, it's a great resource for anybody interested in engineering, paper or otherwise.

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I'm undecided about my next project. ROV, Road Robot, Go-Kart, or CNC Mill? Answered

 I am interested in getting feedback from people on instructables, because, I need to narrow my focus down on a single upcoming project. My ideas are an underwater ROV, a four-wheeled high-speed robotic platform, a normal ride-on go kart, or a CNC mill. All of these ideas are projects for which I've been marshaling resources, and now the resource I'm lacking is the time (and cash) to do them all. So, what are you guys more interested in? Also, feel free to suggest projects you want to see that I haven't mentioned. You can check out my existing 'ibles to see what I've been working on lately, to gauge my abilities, if that helps.

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Boom-box ambulance

An emergency siren that alerts drivers by making their vehicles vibrate is being tested by doctors in Hampshire, England.The Howler is being used by BASICS Hampshire, a charity made up of 20 volunteer medics who attend about 750 road traffic accidents every year. The Howler sends out low bass sound that makes the car in front "shake".Dr Rob Dawes, a volunteer doctor whose full-time job is as an hospital anaesthetist and military doctor, said people get out of the way quicker when the device is used.He said: "The main problem is on the motorways where people can't hear the sirens or see you, because often they either don't look in the mirrors or they've got the radio on quite loud."What this new siren aims to do is, because they can't see you and they can't hear you, we hope that they'll be able to feel you." BBC Story.

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A Quest!

OK - first off, hello everyone!! I've not posted an Instructable for perhaps 4 years now, but I have done a fair few things in the intervening time (shortened life story to follow - if you just want details about the project, scroll down.) Not sure when, but in early childhood I started playing around with K'NEX. I'm sure you'll all agree thats acceptable for a kid of about 5. Several years progressed before I discovered the art of K'NEX weaponry - which led me to create my first ever (and widely crap) Instructable. My fascination for things that you have to put together to make them work has not faded - I have become involved heavily in the Greenpower Race Series for Schools (www.greenpower.co.uk, if anyone's interested - I'm Rob on the forum) and next year will probably be my last truly competitive one - I'm building the one for next year over the summer. Having looked for a couple months about what I can do next, I've come up with a bit of a foolhardy quest  that sevearl people have probably already done. The Project (hello, if you've just scrolled down) is to design, build and drive on the road an Electric, 2-seater, Hardtop Sports car with the following features: 85 MPH top speed (15 more than the Motorway limit), 500 mile range, flash charging capabilities, various mod-cons (e.g. a windscreen), some luggage spaces and a price tag of as little as possible. I'm probably going to be designing the chassis on a 3D CAD program (either Solidworks or AutoCAD) over the next couple of years, as well as getting enough money, sourcing parts, and designing the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation, controls how long the motor is on for in any given second) system. Here is a list of what I see as I need to do: Source electric motor Source batteries + charging system Design chassis Source parts for chassis - Welder, rear differential, steering components, bits of Aluminium/Steel (haven't decided which) box/tube. Build rolling chassis. Anyhow, I will be making an instrucable and will hopefully publish it once I'm done. The whole thing will consist of my entire design process and building processes. Everything from chassis stress testing to choosing what type of dials to have. Hope that was mostly interesting! Rob Hopeful Instructabler

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Well, I got fired

Well, yesterday i got some bad news from my boss. after missing a shift because of a long Harry Potter movie, I called to tell her what happened and that is when it happened, " Well this is the last time this will happen because I'm afraid that Steve (owner of the store) has told me to let you go". She then hung up quickly. So I ran down the the store and called Steve, He said that he had NOT SPOKEN TO MY BOSS FOR A WEEK! Displeased with her lie i asked him to talk to her. She managed to make me sound like a useless pay-robbing dick, so he fired me for real this time. although he said that i could use him as a reference, i still had to leave what I actually loved doing. Now, i sit here Unemployed because of a really bad, little kids Harry potter movie. Does anyone know how to handle this?

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Estimating torque on microscope stage

Hello,I am involved in a project, based on the technologie used in microscope stages. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Olympus-Mechanical-Microscope-Stage-w-Specimen-Holder-From-Model-BH2/123699351875?hash=item1ccd0e5143:g:Hs4AAOSw0TpckTT2These have an X and Y axis which can move independently and are driven by rack and pinion gear, controlled by a translation unit with two knobs. The consistency of the grease used in the shafts that connect the knobs with the gear generates great damping and resistence when the stage is moved, so that the movement is nicely smooth and slow. I am not a technician/engineer but a designer and know nothing about torque. I need to know the torque that is generated by this sort of system, especially when the stage is moved BY HAND, so not using the knobs. I would be interested in the minimum and maximum torque that is generated when pushing the stage by hand.I am thinking of using a slip clutch/torque limiter to replace the translation unit, because I don't want to depend on grease. That is why I need to know the torque. Anyway, maybe somebody on this forum has a better idea. I'm all open.Thanks,Rob

Question by butterflies55555 6 weeks ago  |  last reply 6 weeks ago

Gate latch/opener design?

I'm building a fence and having trouble figuring out how to do the latch for a walking/utility gate. I want the fence to be almost seamless from the outside, so with a quick glance you couldn't tell there is a gate right there; however, the gate needs to be able to be opened from the outside with a key. The problem I'm having is that all the hardware I've found for gates use padlocks, so you could only open it from one side if it's locked, and the gate won't be thick enough to use a normal door handle or deadbolt. The parameters are: Opens from inside while locked from outside Outer hardware is minimally intrusive (doesn't stand out much, preferably nothing more than a key hole.) Actual latch can be surface mounted So far the only thing I've been able to come up with is to frankenstein the key half of a deadbolt with half of a turn handle latch I found that forks like a regular door knob but can be surface mounted. The problem is that I am afraid that the spring in the handle will be too much tor just the key to turn and it will wear out quickly. I would appreciate any ideas, and will try to clarify if there's anything someone doesn't understand. Thanks, -rob

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Achiev'ibles - 21/11/2012

I've been pretty busy recently, hence no updates. The script's still been ticking along automatically recording stats, until this week when it broke due to a bug in Instructables. Canucksgirl's helped me work around that and now it's fixed I thought I'd post an update. For those that don't know, Achiev'ibles is an automatic patch giving effort. Sign up by commenting below and then every day your stats will be automatically collected. When you reach key milestones in total views, Instructables, comments, followers, following and more, you'll be rewarded with a patch to show your achievement. Some fun facts: - We now have 282 members - This is my 100th forum topic! Yay! - I improved the code to generate the below table of patches, it's now dead easy to get. If someone reminds/nags me every two weeks, I promise to post an update. Or I can let them know how to generate the table themselves and they can post the forum topic. Here are the patches that have been automatically awarded in the last two week period, 07/11/2012 - 21/11/2012. bricabracwizard Tomdf zack247 Rob+O DoctorDv patriots8888 qazwsx755 drknotter Re-design thermoelectric dark+sponge Samuel+Bernier bajablue Subscribers: iproberry1 kelseymh frenzy Comments: coolbeansbaby68 bricabracwizard poofrabbit rimar2000 Following: poofrabbit poofrabbit

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Arduino LED Clock RGB?

This is probably too big of a project for a first timer.I do not own a Arduino but plan to get one in the next few weeks or so or whenever Make releases the Getting started with Arduino KIT Again. I'm planing my project so that I can work on it with the fewest problems. I had the idea from 5volts fire extinguisher striking clock. My question is that is there a way that I can use RGB LEDs? I just wanted to use RGB LEDs instead of 7 segment displays but use the same layout and have a nice color fade with the time.http://www.5volt.eu/archives/16 Look for his schematic and code.The schematic shows a easy way to hook up a 7 segment display to an Arduino. I'm just not sure how to control another color. I was thinking maybe 3 BU2090's going from pins 12 an 13 and using the Arduino to control the power going to them. 5volt suggested triple multiplexing but I'm not too sure on how to do that. Also I'm not sure on common anode or common cathode LEDs?(I don't want to use 54 of each color.)As for clock face I was thinking like in the picture. 2 LEDs per segment, 8 for the colon. That is a 24"x12" box using 10mm LEDs. Center to center LED height is 7.125"Any help would be appreciated I have hit a snag trying to figure this out.

Topic by Rob K 10 years ago

Arduino Mega WaiveShield 48 Button sampler (Advice ?)

This will be my first project, and original reason I found Arduino in the first place! I was searching for an affordable portable music machine. What has developed in my mind has become progressively bigger, but  I digress. I currently have 2 Mega 2560's, Wave Shield, and an assortment of switches, pots, and buttons robbed from "trash ?". In the mail as I type is a Beat707, QuadRam, R.C. MIDI Shield, Mux 2 Shield, 3x 555 Timers, and a  PT2399 delay. My plan of action was to beef up one mega with the quadram, waive shield, MIDI shield, and Mux 2. If this is possible, it would make a 48 Button sampler with SD card slot, MIDI in and out, and just maby 8-10 bit recording capabilities? Mean wile take the timers and delay and create a funky sounding distortion box that can be positioned anywhere in the circuit. The second Mega is dedicated to the Beat707. Question being, what do you think? I have tons of hardware experience, and soldering hours under my belt, but programming is a new one for me. Im not sure how to judge if the Mega will stand up to the challenge of the first combination, but my biggest requirement going into this, was I wanted something portable, that ran off batteries, but was not just a toy. I started calling it the pocket studio, although I doubt it will fit in a normal pocket.    

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Advice needed on adding a Wind Turbine (generator) to a DIY PV Solar System.

I have bought a 12 volt FD-300 300 watt wind turbine to add to my 12 volt DIY solar setup. The solar setup consists of 3 home made 70 watt panels on a single axis tracker charging 6x 12 volt 85 ah batteries wired in parallel (510 ah total) through a 20 amp controller. I run a 12 volt fridge/freezer (120 liter) and my now 12 volt (was 240 volt) evaporative air cooler (cools our 3 bedroom house) off the controller load output. The wind turbine has an inbuilt regulator. The instructions for the wind turbine tell me to attach it's + and - wires directly to it's own dedicated terminals on the battery bank. This is of great concern to me. How can this be done when the batteries are already connected to each other and to my systems controller? If it can be done without damage to the batteries would I still run the appliances through the load output on my controller? Would the different charge limiters cause an issue? My controller cuts out at 13.7 volts while the turbines controller would want to allow a charge of 14.1 volts. The two controllers also have different lower limits. As you can see I'm confused and in desperate need of quality advice. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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What would you do with these?

Greetings all, I've made two of the coolest costumes (cool to me anyway) in the last five weeks, it was an inspiration that rose of it's own and I'm not really sure why or how they came to me: https://www.instructables.com/id/Constructing-Anubis/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Constructing-Bastet/ We really had no goal in doing those other than to share them. We entered them into some contests here, because if we win, I have a very good friend who is in dire need of a decent computer - but that is another story. Doing a thing for a specific goal robs it of all it's power. :-) We just returned from Halloween night and another tour of the Gaslamp in downtown San Diego, met with photo-op stops every five feet and "10-signs" and applause at all the outdoor restaurants. (It's traditional at Halloween that when you're seated at outdoor restaurants, they give you signs with 1-10 on them to wave at passing costumes, a Gaslamp Halloween Olympics of sorts.) We've had SO much fun sharing these. It's been one of our highlight experiences this year. Just the reactions from people, young and old, were priceless. However. Halloween is over. My wife is not thrilled about saving them for next year, it's like watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns. We'll need a new discovery. So . . . what would you do with these? You might think "keep them" but we have gone through some major changes in recent years, one of them a down-sizing of gargantuan proportions that required giving away or selling most of everything we own. As we did so, rather than the loss one might expect, we were more and more aware of how liberating this was, how free we became as we unbound ourselves from possessions. We vowed never to begin amassing possessions again, and this would be a dangerous first step in that direction. We thought about offering them for sale to Egyptian themed enterprises, such as the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, but that's just one idea. What do you do with your creations that obviously spark some awareness in those that experience them? Thanks for reading. Not sure what to do.

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Stick Rpg CompleteCheats

Stick RPG CompleteSubmitted by: RMCheat mode:Enter HEYZEUS!!!! as a user name to get 555 Stats and 10,000 to start the game.Save money:Start with your intelligence at maximum, then get a job and keep getting promotions until you are the CEO. Do not increase anything else or do anything else until you are Ceo with an intelligence level of 250. Then, stop increasing intelligence until you get a penthouse with a television. Watch the news until you have about 330 intelligence. You can then hot wire the car. The car is like the skateboard except faster and cooler.Easy money:First, start a bank account. You do not need much, but the more the better. Next, go into your apartment and sleep for a few days. The interest in the bank will earn money slowly. The more money you have, the more you will receive. This is very useful if you are trying to get a few stats. Buy the items that raise all of the stats when you sleep. Each night you sleep, you will get better.When you have 999 Intelligence, Charm, and Strength, get to -100 Karma by doing a lot of Drug deals and bar fights. Notice that you will receive an invitation in your home to join in an Election. Click on the 50,000 Election and you should win it. After that, sleep and you will get $5,000 a day.Save the game, then play blackjack. Bet all your money. If you lose, refresh and try again. Save the game each time you win more money.Note: While playing blackjack is an easy way to get money, it takes a long time to click the chips to bet. Instead, do not click them. Press [Tab] until the 500 chip is selected then hold [Enter] for a faster method.Red car:If you get over $500 you will get a new car.Commodities:While doing Commodities, before you leave the bus station to sell, make sure you have agun with 99 ammunition. Also make sure that you pump up Strength and Charm and lower your Karma for extra safety.Darts:When doing the darts, go for the lighter dart board. Convertible:Start out with unlimited intelligence and get the job of the CEO. Follow the first car cheat and get to day 381. Then, press C and you should be in a red convertible.President or Dictator:When it is 2,000 days and you have a castle and lots of money (200,000), you should be invited to have an election. For Dictator, have $200,000, Karma -100, 850+ Stats, CEO, and a castle ($500,000).For President, have $200,000, Karma 100, 750+ Stats, CEO, and a castle ($500,000).Funny messages 1:Whenever your stickman gets run over by a car, he will get one of three messages. One is from Sticknews, another from You Hit, They Run law agency, and the final one is is from Cash for Skidmarks' Inc.Funny messages 2:Give the boy who wants smoke exactly ten of them. He will die and you will get a message from a detective.Red Stickman:Keep robbing places.Kill kid on the corner:Keep giving the kid on the corner of the street cigarettes. He will eventually die from too much smoke inhalation.Sleeping:If you are trying to sleep very quickly, press [Tab] twice, [Enter], [Tab], [Enter] and repeat.Hint:Submitted by: Brandonto wake up at 12:00 am everyday, get a job or the HEYZEUS!!!! and purchase an alarm clock. this should wake up a little earlyer, next buy as many nicatinue pills as possible because every pill used + alarm clock will wake you up at 12:00 amHint:Submitted by: nathanstart the game enter HEYZEUS!!!! get 999 of charm intellagence and streinth get castle check email erace it you will get a lottory if its not when you leave the castle is in the bank choose 50000 you win go to bed you get 5000 each day hey you deserve it for all your hard work im still getting my presidensial account byeEasy money:Get an alarm clock ($200) and caffeine pills. You will be able to work four times a day.For a CEO this results in $2,400 per day. Note: This is also how you get a bus ride.Good karma:Go to the bum by the bar and keep giving him money. You will get good karma in return. Hint:Submitted by:adamif you start a new game and keep working as a CEO and dont rob any places you will get a white stick man. Hint:Submitted by: Daniel Householder to get a red stickman you can either kill the kid on the block and make a lot of deals in las vegas, you can also get into some barfights or you can rob places a lotHint:Submitted by:tim get some money then go to the bank and deposite all but 1 dollar. then go to casino and play black jack click on the token that says 0 on it and a 0 will be added to your money. you can repeat this as long as you want.Very Easy money:Submitted by: davidfirst become presedenant then sleep for 50 days put all your money in the bank and keep doing this.Hint:Submitted by: BoabaDO YOU NEED MOR MONEY? Buy 10 cocain or beer and travel to NJ or LA by bus. Make sure you have a cell phone and a gun with atleast 90 ammo. Sell your comidates and you will get a BIG profit.Hint:Submitted by: PManHi i have just found out a new hint for Stickman RPG:When you get your intelligence up to 330 you can steal a car but if you already have a yellow/red car go to sleep untill day 364 and you should get a message saying Congratzyou have been playing for a game year and you will recieve A BRAAANNNDD NEEEEWWW SPOORRRTTTSS CCAAARRRRbyeMoon walk:So to do the moon walk you hold up left right then you look like you walking forward but your going backwards Sports Car:After 365 stick days you should wake up and get some mail and a sports car!Changing colors:Purple - Win a lot of bar fightsWhite - Become PresidentRed - Rob banksBlue - Start of gameHint:Submitted by: ya mumto get easy money get all your cash out of the bank exepet for 1 doller and go to the casino and bet all of it al if u loose get out of it then back in to iit then u should still have all your cash. and if u win go save it then do it all over again keep doing this until u have alot of cashMoney Trick:Use the following trick for easy money and decreased Karma. Buy 20 pieces of cocaine from the person besides the pawn shop. Make sure every time you wake up it is midnight so you could catch up to the bus. Go to Los Angeles and sell the cocaine you bought for easy money. It is possible that your stick will be red.Cool car:To get a cool car get unlimited time and sleep until the number says like 365 which is a year. If you slept for a year in stick RPG then you get a cool car I guess. It happened to me. Take a bus:Get a alarm clock then get caffine pills go to sleep then go to the bus station and pik anywhere u want to go but its not wat u think it is.Wake Up Car:After you have hotwired the car by your home, enter it and go to your inventory. Press the go home button and go to sleep. After you wake up the next day, save your game and leave your home. You should start off inside your car.Hint:Submitted by: keithMake your car do the moon walk press up left and right together it you'll moon walkHint:Submitted by: hubfirst, buy a computer. the stocks can not go below 1 dollar. Buy as much of it as u can at 1 dollar than wait till it doubles or triples, easy & fast money. Hats:Go to twilly in Falconreach and put minigame prises.win big:If your new to this game listen to me. first make sure you are playing stick rpg complete. Now make your name HEYZEUS!!!! make sure you typed all of the !!!! marks and its all in caps.Now youy shold be playing. If you want to be prez or dictator follow this: prez=999 in all stats, 100 karma, a castle, a convetable, a ceo, and your stick figure has to be white. Dictator= 999 in all stats, -100 karma, a castle, a convertable, a ceo, and your stick has to be red. p.s. you have to wait 2000 days to have election and you need $20000.Skateboard tricks:When you have a skateboard and want to do a trick, hold [Shift] and press [Left], [Right], and [Up].Easy Money:Use the following trick for easy money and decreased Karma. Buy 20 pieces of cocaine from the person besides the pawn shop. Make sure every time you wake up it is midnight so you could catch up to the bus. Go to Los Angeles and sell the cocaine you bought for easy money. It is possible that your stick will be red.Hint:Submitted by: JoshTo get a red stick, just rob the bank a whole lot. you dont have to get away with money to turn red. you just have to have a gun with ammo, and click "Rob the place" when your at the bank and eventually, you will turn redHint:Submitted by: josephcomplete cheats:codes,HEYZEUS!!!! Tips,Sleep for 365 days(1 year) you will get a messege and press c and you can drive a hot rod or to get the yellow car neer apartment and hotwire it by geting 370 intelegence,become CEO evrey day do job and when you get enogh funds you can by a mansion tv satlite (for tv) computer bed!!more information email me at jprgameboy@hotmail.comHints:Submitted by: willeversteps for ultimate gameGOOD1 HEYZUES!!!! improtant (!!!!) 4=555 all stats, $100002 go to the house click on the car at your house hotwire it. 3 go to the bar out side is a bum click on him give him 10 dolars4 go to the pawn shop and buy a almarm clock 5 go to the school and use the gym till u have 999 strenth6 go back to the school with 5000 dollars and do `go to class`7 after u have finished th 5000 dollars if your not at 999 intelagence go to `study` 8 go to the big building beside the bank and ask for promptions till your ceo9 work till you have 600,000 dollars 10 buy the caslte at the bank11 go the bar and drink beer untill you have 999 charm12 make shure u have 100 karma13 go to your castle and sleep untill u get a letter asking to run for presedent 14 say yes 15 play as u wish u are presadent what more could u want u get 5000 dollars a night EVIL1 HEYZUES!!!! improtant (!!!!) 4=555 all stats, $100002 go to the house clic on the car at ur hose hotwir it. 3 go to the bar out side is a bum lick him and giv im 10 dolars ( holly shit ive never accidentally done something that funy)4 go to the pan shop and buy a alarm cock (lol) and knife5 go to the bar and bar fiht till u hav -100 karma6 go to the scool and go to clas until u hav 0 karma7 repet step 5 and 6 til u have 999 strengh and intelgense as well as -100 karma8 go to the bulding beside the bank and become ceo9 work until u have 600000 dolars9 drink ber until u hav 999 charm10 bar fite until u have -100 karma11 wait til u got an emal sain u can be dick-tater ( who wold wana be a dick made of taters) 12 say oui13 play as, want sorry for my BAD spellingHint:Submitted by: tjIf you start out with the name HEYZEUS!!!! you will get money and to get money get the ceo job and then you save to buy castleHint:Submitted by: DillanGet the car and get in and then press the direction pad and press c and the car raves its engineHint:Submitted by: wronTo get lots of money put 10,000 dollars in bank and sleep for 365 day you will wake up check your messages you will get a new car and in your bank is tons of cash, i got a castle fron doing this with money left over!!!Hint:Submitted by: JAKEIf u want a totally black screen while playing, hold "c" and the right arrow key at the same time.Hints:Submitted by: Jordy Give the bum by the bar lots of money until you turn white.Kill the kid that asks for smokes (10 smokes) then go by some coke then go to LA.Hint:Submitted by: mathewplay the game get at least 700 intelligence steel the car then get promotions until u r ceo the get a clock and caffeine pills the sleep go t work u should get $2,400 the go home save game then go to the casino bet all your money if u win u get lots if u8 lose close window and re-open it the keep repeating it and ull beHint:Submitted by: tomfirst put your name as HEYZEUS!!!!second when you have your stats and money save your file then go to the casino.next go to the blackjack table and bet all your money.if you win go to your house and save.if you lose quit the game and go to continue.keep doing this until you have 640,000 dollars.now go buy a castle.go to the furnishing store and buy everything.now go to your house and get on the computer.now buy all the stocks that are at 1 dollar.because the stocks cant go bellow 1.spend all your money.now sleep and next morning the stocks should go up.wait till they are about 2-4 dollars or more. then sell them you should make alot of money.if you get good at stock managing then you can make alot of money.this doesnt take long. about 1-2 hours depending on how good you are.i made over 1.2 mil in 15 mins. so give it a try.Cheat:Submitted by: ZaneGet mega money by either going to the casino and betting all it may take long but if you win save (also save before you go) press tab till its on the 500 and hold enter for faster betting also you can put all your money in the bank then wait untill the intrest is high then make a lot of money and put it in the bank and you will sky rocket up in money i did and got over 5 mil and im still going up.Hint:Submitted by: j&b;If you you are president or dictator get 1million$ and put it in bank. sleep till you get 1million with you. the keep with drawing 1million you should be very richHint:Submitted by: RobbieSave then get 1 mil then bet it all on blackjack. If you don't win then close down the game then log back on and do it again but when u do win save strait awayHint:Submitted by: Sidow21st get a lot of money(no loan)2nd go to Fine Line Furnishings3rd buy every thing there4th go back the next day5th buy every thing again (it has new stuff)6th if you bought every thing you should get more intelligence, Strength and charm everydayHint:Submitted by: Sidow2You need 200 charm 1st you need a gun ($400)2nd get money (CEO is best)3rd deposit money4rd rob the bank4rd-B or go to jail for 5 daysCheat:Submitted by: cODYFirst you must have a health lvl of 560. Use HEYZUES!!!! as your name at the start of the game your health will be at 560/560. go towards tthe edge of the area and fall off you should then have 560/570. Go home and sleep BANG extra hpChanging color:2 become white, u just go 2 work. 2 become red, u smoke, drink, rob, fight and buy cocaine.Hint:Submitted by: JulioHeres a good tip...buy alll the exercise things...and then sleep all the time...your strength will go up with your charm and intellgence...just from sleeping!!! ALSO! Do that Zeus thing from other tips...and you will get so much money fast...after you get 999 of all skillzHint:Submitted by: keaneto work at mcsticks you have to type in HEYZUES in capitals as password.to get are scateboard you have to buy smokes and give them to the blue person on the corner of path.Hint:Submitted by: rexxarWhen u get to one thousand days and when u get $200,000 -100 karma and a castle and ceo u get to become a dictator and its not 2,000 days its 1,000 days.Hint:Submitted by: SETHyou must play complete version of stick rpg you will have a car outside your house click on it to hot wire the press c to drive then hold c to make the screen blink black makes stickman like hes in a invisable car.Easter Egg - Back Wards Cars:Sometime when u put Heyzeus!!!!. U might see a car driving backwards.(It doesn't realy have to be HEYZEUS!!!! as ur name but thats a different code)Cocaine:Dont go to a place with to much cocaine the cops find you and your sent to jail u lose your gun and your stuff.Gambling win:Take out a loan at the bank,then click repay loan.type minus and then the amount that you want(repeat this as many times as you like).then gamble it at the casino and hope you win.if you dont then start a new game and try again.Hint:Submitted by: freddydavebobsmithgrayomif you are in a bar fight and it freezes instead of clicking it froze just click the done button on the fighting bar and it should come back to life... do this every time it freezes and finish off your enemy =]Cheat:Submitted by: Shawn JTo become prez all u have 2 do is have a castle be ceo and haf 200,000$ because that is the best chance to win election and you don't have to wait 1000 days,i was prez at 400 days.Hint:Submitted by: CazzerTo become dictator you have to have been playing for 1000 days, On the 1001 day you will get an answering machine message asking you to become dictator of sticks, the more money you put in the more chance you have of winning the electionHint:Submitted by: EvaWhen you have a lot of money, take it all out of your bank acount and save the game. Then go to the Casino and bet it all on blackjack. If you win, save your game and you will get double money. If you lose however, just dont save, exit, and go back and all your money will be returned to you.Hint:Submitted by: AndrewIf you want to sell stuff in other citys but don't want bad karma sell beer insted of cocain.Bank Glitch:Submitted by: CamerantGet some money. Then go to the bank and put a 0 before it than deposit. Might only work with even number like 02000, 01000 etc. You'll deposit that much and keep half. Email gnicol116@aol.com Bye! hope it helps it did for me.Easy Strength + Charm:Submitted by: brodyAn easy way to build strength and charm is to buy the mansion and the treadmill from the furniture store. Next, go to the convinience store and buy a whole bunch of smokes. Then, go stand one pace away from entering your mansion. Then all you have to do is smoke until your health is too low to smoke any more (you will be prohibited to smoke automaticly, so don't worry about dieing) then enter your house and sleep whickh will raise you health and strength. Continue this until desired.Cheat:Submitted by: shaun when you have a castle + $200,000 + the job as a CEO + 100 karma and have played for a virtual year you should be invited to have an election, accept and choose the $200,000 campaing and you should become presidentnote: when you are president you can not work and you get $5000 when you sleepCheat:Submitted by: BOOBhold forward and backwards in the car put your bonet over the edge near the mansion and make sure u just start the game or i wont work btw u can fall thogh ground why u on the road and went u respawn u start with 999 everthing and preisdent and castle and 9000,00000 money.Here are some cheats for stick Rpg CompleteCheat:Submitted by: samto be director get 999 on every thing but karma, a castle and 200,000 dollars and sleep till 999 days egzactly and you have a messeage read then erase then you get another message and choose the 200,000 dollar option (if u kill people you cant be presidant).

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The Mapping Festival is an international cultural event dedicated to VJing and its neighbouring disciplines, that is to say audiovisual art in the broadest sense of the word. Created in 2005, the Mapping Festival is already in its eighth edition. Year after year, it continues to attract a broader public and to put an emphasis on the most forefront artists while introducing their work and creations built of all kinds of new and innovative technologies. --- You’ve asked for it on Facebook, you’ve desperately looked for it on our website, you’ve even tried to rob us information on Twitter, but there was nothing to do about it, we’ve kept the secret until the very last minute. Less than two months before the eighth edition of the Mapping Festival, taking place this year from May 10th to 20th in Geneva, we’ve finally decided to reveal the line-up. For this 2012 edition, the Mapping Festival remains true to its motto “Visual – Audio & Deviant Electronics” and presents an architectural mapping of the Museum of art and history, takes you on a fairground stall, gives you the opportunity to discover La Gravière, invites you to a Secret Label Party, a new audiovisual label, and make you lose your bearings with such performances as Dieu est un DJ, Loop me or La Caputxeta Galàctica. Want to know more? We’re getting to the heart of it … This year, we’ve decided to unveil our program step by step. You will find below our global line-up, but some focuses will follow, to keep the party going! But let’s not make you languish any longer… Ladies and gentlemen, here is the line-up of the 2012 Mapping Festival: EXHIBITION @ Le Commun – Bâtiment d’art contemporain (BAC) /// from 10 to 20/05 Preview: 10/05 Pascal Dufaux (CA) Déjà vu Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ/FR) Eyjafjallajokull Daniel Canogar (ES) Scanner Aleksandra Dulic (CA) In a Thousand Drops… Refracted Glances Frederik De Wilde (BE) UMwelt-VIRUtopia Danny Perreault (CA) Flow ARCHITECTURAL MAPPING @ Musée d’art et d’histoire /// 19/05 Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists (HU) Apparati Effimeri (IT) AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCES @ Théâtre du Galpon /// Fonderie Kugler /// Cinéma Spoutnik /// Théâtre de l’Usine Insectotropics (ES) La Caputxeta Galàctica Insanë (CA/CH) Dieu est un DJ- 1st representation Sculpture (UK) Unstable Modular Collage Casper Electronics (US) Tasman Richardson (CA) Chloé Tallot + Arnout Hulskamp (FR/NL) Red bus Yilab (TW) Loop Me RYBN (FR) ADM7:FLASHCRASH – 1st representation Michael Vorfeld (DE) Light bulb music TVestroy (CA) FLEETING INSTALLATION Cie Nejma & A-li-ce (FR) La Baraque Foraine 6.1 VISUAL-AUDIO CLUBBING @ Zoo /// La Gravière /// La Fonderie Kugler Discodeine (Kill the DJ/FR) Remain (Meant Records/FR) Vosper (Meant Records/CA) El Hijo De La Cumbia (AR) Nekochan (FR) Label Commercial Suicide Party (UK) Ras Mali (CH) Tempo Moderno (BR/IT) Discotecario Doca et Actaruss1 RomBeads (K.O.E/CH) Monkey Freakz (CH) DMS vs Hiiters (CH) SECRET LABEL PARTY @ Fonderie Kugler /// 12/05 The official launch of a brand new audiovisual label! The best artists of the moment and long-time favorites of the Mapping Festival, all gathered around for a full day of lectures, performances, and of course party. A wild event, keep an eye on them… WORKSHOPS MadMapper (CH/FR) TagTool (UK) And as always, the VJ CONTEST @ Cinéma Spoutnik /// 18-19/05 More info soon… www.mappingfestival.com

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Total Views Count - Thursday 18th August 2011

Here's this week's total views count. This week, give a round of applause for me for remembering to run it for two consecutive weeks for the first time in months! "This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views." Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 5,592,045 5,637,459 45,414 canida 5,029,172 5,056,222 27,050 fungus amungus 4,504,785 4,519,704 14,919 randofo 3,629,559 3,648,546 18,987 Honus 2,862,349 2,878,468 16,119 jessyratfink 2,229,703 2,251,516 21,813 Plasmana 2,077,039 2,085,853 8,814 Kiteman 2,043,982 2,054,558 10,576 Tool Using Animal 1,799,518 1,805,733 6,215 T3h_Muffinator 1,212,099 1,215,901 3,802 killerjackalope 1,200,964 1,206,210 5,246 zieak 1,177,573 1,181,251 3,678 drinkmorecoffee 1,174,234 1,179,521 5,287 Creativeman 1,120,184 1,132,646 12,462 gmjhowe 1,110,638 1,114,599 3,961 ChrysN 1,056,467 1,064,469 8,002 Weissensteinburg 1,020,680 1,024,541 3,861 lemonie 1,005,079 1,011,854 6,775 chr 991,241 999,226 7,985 SaskView 992,494 994,974 2,480 seamster 907,944 915,482 7,538 frenzy 886,729 901,249 14,520 Brennn10 764,040 766,590 2,550 mikeasaurus 712,599 722,136 9,537 mikey77 714,140 717,824 3,684 CameronSS 703,717 706,376 2,659 jeff-o 650,696 653,758 3,062 PKM 640,186 642,513 2,327 laxap 595,498 597,841 2,343 scraptopower 577,557 582,356 4,799 aeray 575,304 581,956 6,652 depotdevoid 534,487 537,290 2,803 belsey 514,892 518,286 3,394 ModMischief 491,872 494,307 2,435 Jayefuu 415,254 418,792 3,538 starshipminivan 409,874 417,160 7,286 AngryRedhead 336,189 339,687 3,498 nmcclana 314,973 317,106 2,133 Spl1nt3rC3ll 315,689 316,792 1,103 BrittLiv 301,381 302,630 1,249 rimar2000 293,357 297,406 4,049 Vyger 287,511 288,912 1,401 scooter76 281,027 281,694 667 KentsOkay 279,782 280,941 1,159 Doctor What 256,502 257,670 1,168 rickharris 235,150 236,019 869 Ninzerbean 222,567 225,901 3,334 Greasetattoo 205,468 208,106 2,638 dark sponge 206,328 207,044 716 Lithium Rain 200,870 202,631 1,761 Technochicken 191,780 193,178 1,398 bongodrummer 190,356 191,055 699 bertus52x11 180,655 182,021 1,366 comodore 178,747 179,402 655 Hiyadudez 177,790 179,033 1,243 Kaelessin 171,142 171,935 793 yokozuna 169,697 170,225 528 uniqueutopia 163,126 165,562 2,436 Lynne Bruning 164,415 165,003 588 janw 163,354 164,848 1,494 Dr.Paj 160,891 161,811 920 thermoelectric 140,717 141,727 1,010 Nelson_Yepez 140,152 141,478 1,326 RavingMadStudios 139,466 140,002 536 The Jamalam 133,925 134,312 387 iminthebathroom 132,111 133,246 1,135 JamesRPatrick 124,524 127,156 2,632 I_am_Canadian 124,445 125,363 918 ynze 122,064 123,567 1,503 jen7714 118,686 119,722 1,036 vishalapar 110,665 119,164 8,499 Goodhart 112,694 113,212 518 DJ Radio 111,580 112,355 775 wizgirl 93,945 95,394 1,449 Killer%7ESafeCracker 85,034 85,931 897 MichelMoermans 82,588 83,231 643 annahowardshaw 76,863 81,001 4,138 Jimmy Proton 76,374 77,725 1,351 mary candy 70,183 71,148 965 mman1506 68,952 69,436 484 dombeef 66,499 68,271 1,772 Shadowman39 66,018 66,392 374 Mr.Sanchez 62,741 65,668 2,927 Re-design 64,339 64,748 409 Biggsy 63,584 64,276 692 agis68 63,874 64,235 361 ajleece 63,699 63,924 225 arthurb 56,494 56,776 282 The Ideanator 56,047 56,511 464 TNEN 55,161 55,420 259 kelseymh 53,143 53,333 190 Sunkicked 52,996 53,297 301 beckervdejazz.com 50,620 50,829 209 EmmettO 49,062 49,408 346 TitanTechRobotics 47,128 47,451 323 KoffeeKommando 45,089 45,629 540 Berkin 48,998 44,474 - knuckel 44,128 44,378 250 TSC 42,127 42,711 584 jwystup 40,230 40,550 320 nickodemus 39,272 39,605 333 lilyfrancis 37,986 38,172 186 Z.Backas 36,591 36,947 356 beanieostrich 35,347 36,523 1,176 MotaBoi 35,599 35,869 270 LargeMouthBass 32,492 33,270 778 cbm104 32,568 32,736 168 lizzyastro 31,648 31,984 336 kcls 31,243 31,611 368 possum888 30,974 31,194 220 patriots8888 30,906 31,183 277 steveastrouk 30,879 31,157 278 Data643 30,246 30,524 278 shadowninja31 30,022 30,227 205 peguiono 29,330 29,435 105 cdawisconsin 28,376 28,913 537 Win Guy 27,667 28,175 508 Rob O 26,874 27,900 1,026 krysteanuh 27,340 27,783 443 ahrshin   27,693 - TabbyDeAnne 25,886 27,047 1,161 plane phanatic 26,388 26,551 163 m6233555m 26,281 26,364 83 Derin 26,060 26,239 179 Tornado96 25,710 26,083 373 CrayfishYAY 25,646 25,780 134 Knex_Gun_Builder 25,053 25,134 81 Mimikry 22,287 22,746 459 tqwerty 22,206 22,568 362 qazwsx755 21,344 21,590 246 Tom Buckey 21,450 21,534 84 lil larry 21,144 21,450 306 splazem 20,449 21,183 734 zack247 19,954 20,385 431 Dr. Pepper 20,158 20,354 196 floris2burn 19,396 19,520 124 zascecs 19,275 19,347 72 Legofanatic 19,081 19,262 181 fdmjh 19,049 19,203 154 aeronut01 18,533 18,733 200 zurichko 17,844 18,393 549 nutsandbolts_64 17,240 17,432 192 uberdum05 16,439 16,538 99 knexsuperbuilderfreak 16,088 16,153 65 mJusticz 15,544 15,673 129 acidbass 14,367 14,496 129 FrozenStar 14,149 14,220 71 Sorunome 13,691 13,893 202 masterochicken 13,002 13,078 76 NachoMahma 11,828 11,850 22 A-Nony-Mus 10,734 10,821 87 knexinventer 10,197 10,534 337 Kryptonite 9,571 9,694 123 iceng 8,952 9,634 682 cherishcherub 8,672 8,747 75 username252 8,476 8,728 252 LoneWolf 8,424 8,498 74 moocowdog 8,161 8,273 112 slithien 7,719 7,818 99 Nutrition Man 7,541 7,643 102 Nostalgic Guy 5,985 6,097 112 RNB 5,863 5,934 71 wareneutron 5,109 5,205 96 tbcross 5,127 5,184 57 jamesdude 5,106 5,132 26 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 4,887 4,929 42 9400dk   4,519 - Randomguy65 3,790 3,930 140 solarblade90 3,808 3,849 41 Kaptain Kool 3,647 3,762 115 BladeFyre Studios   3,725 - mg0930mg 3,695 3,710 15 happyjo 3,387 3,459 72 Jag56 3,324 3,370 46 Super_Nerd 2,995 3,302 307 nfk11 2,942 3,043 101 cj81499 2,810 2,812 2 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,275 2,325 50 zero.gx 2,235 2,242 7 neuropol 2,108 2,171 63 shadon 2,141 2,167 26 ElvenChild 1,678 1,736 58 TheAwesomestDude 1,202 1,364 162 LivStoleYourPie 1,340 1,357 17 cyanyears 1,338 1,356 18 FastLearner 885 909 24 Jeff Kallaus 750 758 8 Black Panther Knex 702 726 24 Fr-Pa-Co 339 341 2 heratio 193 194 1 %28YOUR N 167 172 5

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Total Views Count - 15/09/2011

Here's this week's! Kiteman will be posting next week's total views group update. Just because. This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 5,824,506 5,908,545 84,039 canida 5,147,745 5,184,284 36,539 fungus amungus 4,579,426 4,603,573 24,147 randofo 3,722,529 3,760,386 37,857 Honus 2,914,022 2,926,776 12,754 jessyratfink 2,344,572 2,372,444 27,872 Plasmana 2,114,004 2,123,258 9,254 Kiteman 2,086,727 2,102,389 15,662 Tool Using Animal 1,824,378 1,829,780 5,402 T3h_Muffinator 1,228,465 1,232,194 3,729 killerjackalope 1,222,137 1,227,970 5,833 drinkmorecoffee 1,199,594 1,206,797 7,203 zieak 1,196,739 1,202,463 5,724 Creativeman 1,154,932 1,162,922 7,990 gmjhowe 1,138,417 1,142,196 3,779 ChrysN 1,100,629 1,118,327 17,698 Weissensteinburg 1,038,049 1,042,380 4,331 lemonie 1,034,525 1,041,867 7,342 chr 1,024,300 1,035,137 10,837 SaskView 1,004,316 1,007,249 2,933 seamster 964,243 971,294 7,051 frenzy 922,829 931,693 8,864 Brennn10 775,371 778,486 3,115 mikeasaurus 756,961 770,943 13,982 shesparticular 748,375 753,616 5,241 mikey77 730,299 738,438 8,139 CameronSS 716,894 718,862 1,968 jeff-o 660,638 663,761 3,123 PKM 650,837 653,440 2,603 laxap 605,872 608,565 2,693 aeray 600,824 606,890 6,066 scraptopower 595,575 600,835 5,260 depotdevoid 548,894 552,778 3,884 belsey 526,187 528,759 2,572 ModMischief 517,919 522,257 4,338 Jayefuu 433,193 458,427 25,234 starshipminivan 431,913 439,772 7,859 AngryRedhead 349,663 351,756 2,093 nmcclana 323,370 325,620 2,250 Spl1nt3rC3ll 320,224 321,346 1,122 BrittLiv 307,657 311,013 3,356 rimar2000 308,116 310,721 2,605 Vyger 294,656 296,175 1,519 KentsOkay 284,427 285,674 1,247 scooter76 283,965 284,859 894 Doctor What 261,284 262,484 1,200 rickharris 239,269 240,291 1,022 Ninzerbean 234,739 238,379 3,640 Greasetattoo 218,733 221,882 3,149 Lithium Rain 213,057 214,951 1,894 Technochicken 210,275 212,244 1,969 dark sponge 208,976 209,704 728 bongodrummer 194,086 194,839 753 bertus52x11 185,570 186,826 1,256 Hiyadudez 182,859 184,368 1,509 comodore 181,440 182,249 809 Kaelessin 174,674 175,518 844 uniqueutopia 172,244 174,344 2,100 yokozuna 173,617 174,222 605 janw 169,680 171,039 1,359 Lynne Bruning 166,981 167,790 809 Dr.Paj 164,423 165,276 853 thermoelectric 145,232 146,420 1,188 Nelson_Yepez 144,552 145,727 1,175 RavingMadStudios 142,624 144,885 2,261 iminthebathroom 138,440 139,792 1,352 vishalapar 136,820 139,744 2,924 The Jamalam 135,506 135,886 380 JamesRPatrick 134,502 135,489 987 mary candy 115,843 135,202 19,359 I_am_Canadian 127,361 128,156 795 ynze 126,753 127,930 1,177 jen7714 123,466 124,634 1,168 DJ Radio 114,995 115,889 894 Goodhart 114,759 115,606 847 sunshiine 104,716 108,375 3,659 wizgirl 97,971 98,796 825 annahowardshaw 93,225 95,760 2,535 Killer%7ESafeCracker 88,214 88,805 591 Mr.Sanchez 84,404 85,749 1,345 MichelMoermans 85,040 85,656 616 Jimmy Proton 82,425 84,056 1,631 dombeef 72,405 73,392 987 mman1506 71,134 71,745 611 Shadowman39 67,685 68,143 458 Biggsy 66,505 67,537 1,032 Re-design 65,724 66,047 323 agis68 65,311 65,646 335 ajleece 64,591 64,830 239 The Ideanator 57,960 58,395 435 arthurb 57,721 58,007 286 TNEN 56,029 56,329 300 kelseymh 54,532 54,892 360 Sunkicked 54,122 54,359 237 beckervdejazz.com 51,498 51,722 224 EmmettO 50,462 50,816 354 TitanTechRobotics 48,749 49,356 607 KoffeeKommando 47,622 48,222 600 Berkin 45,303 45,590 287 knuckel 45,140 45,386 246 TSC 42,989 43,503 514 jwystup 41,646 42,148 502 nickodemus 40,614 40,950 336 beanieostrich 39,600 40,849 1,249 lilyfrancis 38,805 39,021 216 LargeMouthBass 37,480 38,330 850 Z.Backas 37,954 38,262 308 MotaBoi 36,599 36,876 277 Win Guy 33,003 34,370 1,367 ahrshin 32,353 33,743 1,390 lizzyastro 33,195 33,727 532 cbm104 33,260 33,427 167 kcls 32,458 32,723 265 patriots8888 32,071 32,419 348 steveastrouk 31,971 32,225 254 possum888 31,860 32,074 214 Data643 31,268 31,540 272 cdawisconsin 30,552 31,102 550 shadowninja31 30,747 30,877 130 TabbyDeAnne 29,827 30,654 827 Rob O 29,862 30,428 566 iceng 28,875 30,021 1,146 peguiono 29,734 29,864 130 krysteanuh 29,109 29,501 392 Tornado96 27,180 27,509 329 plane phanatic 27,030 27,216 186 Derin 26,766 26,949 183 m6233555m 26,547 26,593 46 CrayfishYAY 26,176 26,331 155 Knex_Gun_Builder 25,414 25,572 158 Mimikry 24,035 24,398 363 tqwerty 23,439 23,733 294 splazem 22,700 23,058 358 lil larry 22,368 22,687 319 qazwsx755 22,320 22,652 332 zack247 21,982 22,504 522 Tom Buckey 21,761 21,903 142 Dr. Pepper 20,955 21,144 189 floris2burn 19,998 20,133 135 fdmjh 19,745 19,903 158 Legofanatic 19,730 19,874 144 aeronut01 19,412 19,671 259 zurichko 19,297 19,665 368 zascecs 19,515 19,596 81 nutsandbolts_64 17,995 18,194 199 uberdum05 16,873 16,990 117 mJusticz 16,195 16,377 182 knexsuperbuilderfreak 16,309 16,362 53 acidbass 14,937 15,105 168 Sorunome 14,593 14,767 174 FrozenStar 14,510 14,619 109 masterochicken 13,261 13,312 51 NachoMahma 11,917 11,938 21 knexinventer 11,383 11,660 277 A-Nony-Mus 11,133 11,251 118 Kryptonite 10,084 10,185 101 Twinmum - 9,689 - username252 9,437 9,646 209 cherishcherub 8,986 9,075 89 LoneWolf 8,726 8,852 126 moocowdog 8,497 8,574 77 slithien 8,130 8,238 108 Nutrition Man 7,974 8,095 121 Nostalgic Guy 6,368 7,791 1,423 RNB 6,150 6,214 64 wareneutron 5,521 5,632 111 tbcross 5,345 5,394 49 jamesdude 5,226 5,253 27 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 5,041 5,072 31 9400dk 4,571 4,588 17 Kaptain Kool 4,176 4,334 158 Randomguy65 4,239 4,318 79 BladeFyre Studios 4,035 4,104 69 Super_Nerd 3,877 4,064 187 solarblade90 3,989 4,032 43 mg0930mg 3,776 3,795 19 happyjo 3,706 3,770 64 Jag56 3,482 3,525 43 nfk11 3,265 3,334 69 cj81499 2,830 2,838 8 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,448 2,500 52 neuropol 2,349 2,424 75 zero.gx 2,263 2,274 11 shadon 2,233 2,261 28 ElvenChild 1,867 1,913 46 TheAwesomestDude 1,592 1,668 76 cyanyears 1,449 1,486 37 LivStoleYourPie 1,429 1,464 35 FastLearner 936 950 14 Fr-Pa-Co 352 356 4 Alexvolos1   230 - heratio 201 202 1 %28YOUR N 179 182 3

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Total Views Count - 9/29/11

Hello and welcome to the total views count update extravaganza!!! I'm a wizard. :D The following comes to you courtesy of Jayefuu. A round of applause please! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 6,025,455 6,116,993 91,538 canida 5,218,387 5,258,110 39,723 fungus amungus 4,623,505 4,642,600 19,095 randofo 3,786,741 3,818,917 32,176 Honus 2,943,997 2,961,177 17,180 jessyratfink 2,403,118 2,438,765 35,647 Plasmana 2,132,450 2,143,784 11,334 Kiteman 2,116,949 2,136,903 19,954 Tool Using Animal 1,835,264 1,840,983 5,719 T3h_Muffinator 1,236,766 1,241,227 4,461 killerjackalope 1,233,370 1,237,928 4,558 drinkmorecoffee 1,213,975 1,222,828 8,853 zieak 1,207,322 1,211,906 4,584 Creativeman 1,172,655 1,183,574 10,919 ChrysN 1,147,029 1,165,180 18,151 gmjhowe 1,145,280 1,149,313 4,033 lemonie 1,048,822 1,055,951 7,129 chr 1,044,975 1,055,211 10,236 Weissensteinburg 1,047,428 1,052,977 5,549 SaskView 1,009,941 1,013,270 3,329 seamster 979,486 988,061 8,575 frenzy 949,500 961,786 12,286 mikeasaurus 780,537 791,937 11,400 Brennn10 781,600 785,190 3,590 shesparticular 758,743 765,787 7,044 mikey77 741,996 745,783 3,787 CameronSS 721,664 723,487 1,823 jeff-o 668,641 671,876 3,235 PKM 657,382 660,337 2,955 aeray 613,257 618,592 5,335 scraptopower 609,269 616,545 7,276 laxap 613,247 616,261 3,014 depotdevoid 556,045 559,698 3,653 belsey 532,524 535,271 2,747 ModMischief 527,507 532,887 5,380 starshipminivan 479,563 495,370 15,807 Jayefuu 469,051 478,062 9,011 AngryRedhead 354,509 356,841 2,332 nmcclana 328,685 331,546 2,861 Spl1nt3rC3ll 322,224 323,315 1,091 rimar2000 313,493 315,951 2,458 BrittLiv 313,367 314,942 1,575 Vyger 297,424 298,364 940 KentsOkay 286,852 288,167 1,315 scooter76 285,738 286,681 943 rickharris 243,167 264,282 21,115 Ninzerbean 241,720 247,003 5,283 Greasetattoo 224,906 226,878 1,972 Lithium Rain 216,754 218,539 1,785 Xellers 213,594 216,429 2,835 Technochicken 213,989 216,098 2,109 dark sponge 210,351 211,043 692 bongodrummer 195,581 196,565 984 bertus52x11 187,935 189,558 1,623 Hiyadudez 185,758 187,231 1,473 comodore 183,026 183,840 814 mary candy 156,987 181,457 24,470 uniqueutopia 177,139 179,374 2,235 Kaelessin 176,358 177,265 907 yokozuna 174,880 175,607 727 janw 172,595 173,727 1,132 Lynne Bruning 168,556 169,447 891 Dr.Paj 166,173 166,928 755 iminthebathroom 143,052 152,651 9,599 thermoelectric 147,658 149,056 1,398 RavingMadStudios 147,009 149,035 2,026 Nelson_Yepez 146,958 148,262 1,304 vishalapar 145,316 146,768 1,452 JamesRPatrick 136,035 136,879 844 The Jamalam 136,238 136,581 343 I_am_Canadian 129,169 130,250 1,081 ynze 128,849 129,619 770 jen7714 126,026 127,457 1,431 DJ Radio 116,627 117,323 696 Goodhart 116,336 116,948 612 sunshiine 111,955 114,958 3,003 annahowardshaw 98,602 102,775 4,173 wizgirl 99,615 100,390 775 Killer%7ESafeCracker 89,426 89,999 573 Mr.Sanchez 87,540 89,386 1,846 Jimmy Proton 85,544 87,323 1,779 MichelMoermans 86,296 86,981 685 dombeef 74,140 75,680 1,540 mman1506 72,403 72,923 520 Biggsy 68,639 69,579 940 Shadowman39 68,646 69,024 378 Re-design 66,378 66,747 369 agis68 66,112 66,581 469 ajleece 65,081 65,324 243 The Ideanator 58,872 59,296 424 arthurb 58,278 58,553 275 TNEN 56,595 56,856 261 kelseymh 55,185 55,487 302 Sunkicked 54,604 55,003 399 coolpizzadude 52,185 52,409 224 EmmettO 51,157 51,714 557 TitanTechRobotics 49,920 50,361 441 KoffeeKommando 48,856 49,500 644 cammers 45,294 46,399 1,105 Berkin 45,845 46,123 278 knuckel 45,628 45,868 240 TSC 43,943 44,380 437 beanieostrich 42,044 43,159 1,115 jwystup 42,457 42,823 366 nickodemus 41,296 41,672 376 LargeMouthBass 39,412 40,316 904 lilyfrancis 39,247 39,485 238 Z.Backas 38,551 38,794 243 MotaBoi 37,112 37,361 249 Win Guy 35,611 36,746 1,135 ahrshin 34,643 35,494 851 lizzyastro 34,152 34,529 377 cbm104 33,563 33,740 177 kcls 33,089 33,372 283 patriots8888 32,796 33,270 474 TabbyDeAnne 31,734 32,874 1,140 diyoutdoorsman 29,190 32,812 3,622 steveastrouk 32,453 32,666 213 possum888 32,332 32,568 236 cdawisconsin 31,673 32,218 545 Data643 31,756 31,938 182 iceng 31,007 31,729 722 shadowninja31 31,010 31,165 155 Rob O 30,796 31,124 328 krysteanuh 29,968 30,427 459 peguiono 29,964 30,075 111 Tornado96 27,753 28,024 271 plane phanatic 27,350 27,470 120 Derin 27,134 27,330 196 CrayfishYAY 26,495 26,702 207 m6233555m 26,655 26,699 44 Knex_Gun_Builder 25,688 25,782 94 Mimikry 24,803 25,111 308 tqwerty 24,027 24,359 332 splazem 23,403 23,830 427 zack247 22,929 23,369 440 qazwsx755 22,997 23,287 290 lil larry 22,990 23,285 295 Tom Buckey 21,988 22,069 81 Dr. Pepper 21,338 21,553 215 floris2burn 20,283 20,591 308 fdmjh 20,368 20,535 167 zurichko 19,933 20,246 313 Legofanatic 20,043 20,165 122 aeronut01 19,887 20,109 222 drknotter 19,905 - zascecs 19,662 19,727 65 nutsandbolts_64 18,353 18,551 198 uberdum05 17,140 17,267 127 mJusticz 16,541 16,751 210 knexsuperbuilderfreak 16,403 16,463 60 Nostalgic Guy 15,336 16,260 924 acidbass 15,233 15,376 143 Sorunome 14,931 15,110 179 FrozenStar 14,741 14,846 105 masterochicken 13,371 13,452 81 knexinventer 11,897 12,164 267 NachoMahma 11,953 11,986 33 A-Nony-Mus 11,366 11,463 97 Twinmum 10,071 10,470 399 Kryptonite 10,272 10,387 115 username252 9,889 10,123 234 colorex 9,640 - cherishcherub 9,139 9,201 62 LoneWolf 8,935 9,032 97 moocowdog 8,635 8,723 88 NatNoBrains 8,453 - slithien 8,318 8,406 88 monsterlego 8,103 - RollerScrapper 6,318 6,488 170 RNB 6,278 6,350 72 wareneutron 5,704 5,771 67 tbcross 5,454 5,499 45 jamesdude 5,280 5,304 24 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 5,116 5,164 48 Kaptain Kool 4,496 4,653 157 9400dk 4,612 4,635 23 Randomguy65 4,397 4,479 82 Super_Nerd 4,291 4,479 188 BladeFyre Studios 4,179 4,236 57 solarblade90 4,075 4,117 42 happyjo 3,842 3,927 85 mg0930mg 3,820 3,853 33 Jag56 3,554 3,599 45 nfk11 3,404 3,493 89 cj81499 2,846 2,853 7 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,549 2,599 50 neuropol 2,485 2,552 67 zero.gx 2,288 2,304 16 shadon 2,276 2,302 26 ElvenChild 1,953 2,007 54 TheAwesomestDude 1,769 1,854 85 Mutantflame 1,795 - cyanyears 1,511 1,547 36 LivStoleYourPie 1,499 1,526 27 FastLearner 978 993 15 Karma Charger18 331 394 63 Fr-Pa-Co 358 362 4 Alexvolos1 265 291 26 heratio 202 203 1 %28YOUR N 187 187 0

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