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Robo Rainbow

This video of wanton vandalism is simply delightful. Shame it won't embed, even when I use the "source" function... robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

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I am an bus-boy at an Italian restaurant and once monthly we have event called wine tastings, the waitress goes around and pours wine and every fifteen minutes or so a bus-boy that is brought in just for the event goes around and passes out food on a large tray. Because of labor laws and school (during the school year) the bus-boy's only job during these wine tastings is to pass out food and total the bus-boy is getting paid 6-7 hours wages for only an hours worth of work. Me being lazy and labor cost conscience think that it is just a waste of money to have a bus-boy when a robot could do the job for only the money to charge it up. My idea is to take the iRobot create and add a visual "People" sensor and a weight sensor to make a robo-bus-boy, or a bus-bot, I haven't really decided. In order to do this I will have to wire a series of LED's into a power source. One series of LED's must be blue, signaling a command to take the plates on the bot. Another series must be red signaling to place plates that are finished on there, flashing red LED's will mean that the robot is at weight capacity and will go back to a specified area to unload the trays by the normal bussers. Now the three problems I have not explained yet are as follows: Sliding plates, making a shoulder level, high-class, stylish stand, sensing when the bot is at weight capacity. To make the plates not slide I will use a clear rubber "gripping" substance that I have rolled up from when I had carpet in my computer room. To make the bot stylish and not at all an eye sore I will use an aluminum sheet metal and the waitresses trained style eye. For the weight capacity issue I will wire and electronic scale to the bot and program it to change the LED color when a certain weight is reached and in some cases when the max weight is reached will change the behavior of the bot from making laps around the dinning room to going to the wait station. When at the weight station the bot is reloaded and a reset switch is pressed and the LED change to blue; then laps are resumed and the process repeats till there are no more people left.

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about robo fight?

Tell me how to use aurdino in robo fight

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Suggest me some robotics projects in my college technical fest. a simple line follower will not WORK. regards.

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can you share me how to make a robot using small and electronic objects which are useless?

Can you tell me how to make an automatic machine or a robot using 'useless electronis objects',,like TV,Radio,watches etc..

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i want a simple robot that can a ability to push the things ,please give ideas for that?

I want a simple robot that can a ability to push the things largely please give me idead about it's materials,circuits ,wheels,etc

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how to solder a push to on switch button??

Hi. i m currently makin a project regardin robo.its names robot control using dtmf. need to solder this s/w..replies expected soon! thank u~!

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Which software is good for robotic simulation? Answered

In search for a  software which not only helps in designing and analysing but also simulates robotic movements. Designs are going to be new and I am not restricting myself to robotics kits. Please help. 

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Just found on YouTube a printer that prints on curved surfaces. As I do airbrushing which is very time consuming and the return for hours spent is very low . I can build the frame work and install print head etc. However the scanner and associated software is beyond me . please if you can help go to YouTube and type in ARTROBO . Very interesting machine . cheers and thanks laurie

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When will they post the RoBo contest winners?

Will they ever post who won the RoBo contest? They delayed it 3 times and will be mad if they do it again.

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How do you connect to robo earth ? Answered

I've seen this great network called robo earth but I can't connect my robot to it. Please help me ?

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This is our front porch decoration for tonight. I wanted something a little more robotic for Halloween this year and this is what we're going to have. We just need to secure the bowl a bit more because it holds our leftovers pretty often. I just finished it up and don't have any lit up shots. I'll try and get some done tonight. Update: OK, got some night shots.

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building of a mobile controlled robo wid camera

i wanted to have some idea about the circuits related to build mobile controlled robo. can u plz send me the circuit n as well as the way to implement it in a descriptive manner

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how to build a four legged robo for climbing a ladder??

I want to build a 4 legged manually controlled robot for a college competition which can climb a ladder which is placed at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground.and the robot must be of size 400mm X 400mm X 350mm .... please help me......

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Mobile Robo-Lamby for your Enjoyment and Pleasure

Sorry, I posted this as a response to the Contest announcement, but I guess I should have posted it as a new topic. This is my entry for the Scholarship contest.First of all, I think that this contest is a great idea, and I'm kind of thrilled that iRobot is encouraging enthusiast robotics like this.Anyway, my idea is this. I current have a (stationary) robot, which provides no other purpose than amusement. It is a stuffed animal with a servo to control its head, and motion sensors. It turns its head to "watch" people as they move around the room, creeping them out :)By utilizing an iRobot Create, I can make the robot mobile. Now, instead of sitting on the shelf where people know where it is, the robot can occasionally move around the room, finding a nice out of the way place by a wall or corner, and watch people moving around from there. :)I have some links to a previous version of my robot ("Lamby"), as well as some feature enhancements I started working on. If I were to make it mobile, I would have to use 802.11 instead of USB for connectivity back to a controlling PC (to support voice synthesis and recognition), or possibly bluetooth. The Roomba would get a full outfit in order to make it look more plush and less mechanical: . More details:

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LEGO Mindstorms Competition - Robo Lunch Party

Instructables participated in the LEGO Mindstorms Competition today (August 29th) at SOMA StrEATFood Park.  We went against Pandora, Facebook, and Flickr.  The competition was about using the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit to create a robot that best represented the city of San Francisco. Our team consisted of Randy, Sherry, Dave, Karen, and myself: Penolopy Bulnick. Instructables:  Robit the texting techie robot that walks around while playing on his phone not paying attention to his surroundings and running into people.  We gave him glasses (it made him look like Wall-E) and then wore LEGO Glasses ourselves. Flickr: San Francisco Icon Emperor Norton. Pandora: Two robots.  Dressed in baseball outfits.  One was the pitcher and one was the hitter. Facebook: This robot was also baseball themed.  They had one that would hit the ball and then follow a track to run the bases home. It was a tough competition, but in the end Pandora came up with the win.  We didn't leave empty handed though.  We managed to snag the coveted "Best Texting While Driving" award!  (Please remember to not actually text and drive, or you will get in an accident like our robot did.  Poor robot, should have known better.  Smashed into so many pieces.) Good job Instructables! Check out the Fast Company and CNET articles about the competition, including more information about the other contestants and images of all the entries.

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How to Speed control a DC motor Using Resistors? Answered

For wired Robo car !!!

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drupal to community website with multiple logins and protection for multiple users from robo spamming.?

drupal to community website with multiple logins and protection for multiple users from robo spamming? How would it be done with the least stuff added to drupal 7.9? I know their are plugins are they nessisary? WHat level of functionality is in the basic drupal install and what is the minimum needed to be added?

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Project idea for artificial lift

Hi Team,I want to develop a prototype of Artificial liftThe requirement of my project is that it should be based on arduino.Till now, I have thought of having a robo car which will have a robotic arm and attached to it will be linear actuator.The robo car will help me go to the well, robotic arm will be above the well and linear actuator will go inside the well and measure temperature and humidity and come backThe problem is that I am not able to get all the things and attach to each other. If I get a robo car, then I will not get a place where I will attach robotic arm.Kindly help me and also suggest me some ideas. I have bought a meped mechanical spider.Thanks & regards,

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Robo-Goat Lives - At least I hope he Will

OK here goes. I work at zoo and I am a self taught geek, (mainly old school). I recently volunteered for a project mainly because I'm too stupid to know that it's not possible :~) Purpose of the program/project To - Engineer, Design and Build an Animatronic Robot Goat for: a Cheetah Conservation Fund in Kenya, Africa. This device will replicate a live goat in: size; appearance; movement; sound and smell (smell supplied by others), that can withstand the sever conditions of the desert, durable, possibly solar powered and easy to transport, setup and operate. Note: Up until this point real goats have been tried but they have not been too successful. They were either too stressed or they were stolen for by locals their meat. Objective(s): To lure Cheetahs into an area and enticement them into a cage trap with a simulated live goat (Robo-Goat), to provide a safe humane and ethical capture of wild cheetahs so that recently acquired state of the art GPS/Cellular tracking collars can be placed on them to help gather information to preserve this endangered animal. Analog Radio Tracking Collars have provided the only way to gather much of the information for many different wild animals. Radio Tracking style of the past has always been a difficult and time consuming endeavor, with old style tracking, large heavy radio collars that broadcast a ”beep” continuously, must be tracked with specialized hand-held radios and yagi antennas. All this to locate an animal being studied. Many times you would have to get close enough to disturb the animal just to find out where it is and then try to track it. Obviously not good “normal behavior” data gathering. The new GPS/Cellular systems track the animal in real time and send back data coordinates on the animals location, elevation, speed and direction as it travels. This GPS information is sent via cell towers, (yes they have them in Africa), to a computer that logs and graphs the movements. The research gathered through these efforts may provide the answers to saving these endangered animals. Project design/methods: #1. Establish parameters Record video & audio movements and sounds of normal & panicked goats Research and study movements and demonstrate what mechanical requirements will be necessary to replicate the minimum needed movements - [DONE]. {Raise and lower head; Look left and right; open/close mouth} Determine movement engine {I'm not sure here} {All of the movements are really axial in nature} {At first I was thinking motors but then there are end stops, control systems, ect. To deal with} {next I'm considering solenoids for the low energy requirements and simple full scale movements, except you cant control the speed} {But now I am becoming fixated on model airplane actuators for low weight, low noise and appendage like joints and accessories} {then I ran across "pager motors" and how they are small powerful and inexpensive some how I don't know where to begin} {can you tell this is all still up in the air?} Throw distance & Speed of movement - [DONE]. {Raise and lower head = 90 degrees of arc from base of neck = 5 seconds max} { Look left and right = 90 degrees of arc from left to right with return to normal center point half way = full movement l-r = 2 seconds max i hope} {open/close mouth = 45 degrees of arc from lower jaw = 1 second max} Repetition rate & pattern {random if possible} Determine audio requirements - [DONE]. {this is easy but requires playback trigger synchronized with mouth} The Cosmetics: Determine body and outer skin requirements – [Engineering]. {aluminum wire frame mesh} {foam sculpted head for low mass} {foam wrap suit for body & legs for low mass} {tyvek skin, airbrushed or penned for low mass} {stainless steel / nylon joints for low mass} DB level of normal and panicked goats - [DONE] {I have determined audio system requirements} Determine control system requirements {clueless at this point} Determine power requirements {I'm thinking deep cell marine battery and solar panels to retain charge autonomously} {amp hour rating for battery and solar charging circuit TBD after R&D; tests} {if solar is not feasible them battery exchange schedule TBD} #2 Acquire all electronic and mechanical parts #3 Create mechanicals Fabricate lightweight frame and skeleton structure. Assemble motion joints and motion engine Assemble and test motor functions Determine estimate of MTBF for spare parts, if any #4 Create & install sound system Edit custom audio media for both normal & panicked goats Utilize 12v Solid State Audio Playback Unit # 5 Create Control System #6 R&D; Testing Test charging and power circuit Final assembly #7 Final test Any help to provide suggestions to get me started on the type of engines would be great. tia

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Robotic Biomimicry

Reading up a bit, I came across this, and thought I would like to try do something like that, but a spider. It's a "robo roach", a RObotic Autonomous Crawling Hexapod, or ROACH. Bio mimicry is starting to become a leading factor in robots for use in the field. Biomimicry itself is quite amazing the way it uses what works in nature to, well, work! Although there's something interesting about this cockroach, by the way it's made. It uses a simple bi-axial movement principal to keep things simple and cheap. They have a download link for the episode, just go to and zoom forward to 12:25 and watch it. I'd recommend it, it's quite interesting. Would any one have any information about this? I'd love to try make a robot that's based on an animal, preferably small, but there aren't many details any where. I'd like to hear your ideas about this biomimicry, what would you make and what would you use it for?

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how can i learn to create robotic?

I want to know what are basic steps and what are the fundamental skills required to start/create a small robo.

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AHHH!!!! Too many people have robot avatars now! I counted around 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! AHHHH!!! I have a need to be different and change back. Fear the robo-lution!

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how can you mod a xbox controler to control a robot for say a hexapod with upgrades?

I want to make a hexapod with some upgrades an would like to use a old xbox controler for it

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how to make a wireless remote control if i don't have a money ?and materials is households? Answered

I use a household materials to make an wireless robo remote control

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So guys and girls i have a blowgun made of an aluminum arrow that is hollowed out on both ends. Now the trick is to make a good dart which I am no good at. comments and links to instructables darts will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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How do I make my cheap red laser burn? Answered

I would like it if it could make lint (like dryer lint) get set on fire or something that strong. thanks

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Has anyone tried to use raspberry pi to keep out robo callers

Has anyone tried to set up a raspberry pi to intercept robot callers but let live people through?

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Need help in making a Motor Controller? Answered

I am building a combat robot and need a   24v , 100A Motor Controller to power the motors. I will be using a 2.4ghz Turnigy 9x Transmitter and Receiver. I have seen the Victor 885  (link) motor controller that perfectly fits my need, but is too expensive for me. Could someone please help me in building a motor controller similar to the Victor 885? 

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The national Institute of Science and Technology and Robocup have been working on a cool thing that they're calling Nanosoccer, where nano-scale robots go around pushing a ball, ideally into a goal. It's pretty cool, it has even become a robo-nano-soccer competition. via hackaday

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How do i go about building a Four Wheel Drive Robot.

How do i go about building a Four Wheel Drive Robot. I am only aware of Dual Motor Controllers such as the Sabertooth motor controller.

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how do I make a simple curcuit for a homemade robot?

I know there is a way to take a simple, cheap motor and a battery and some wires and make the motor work. However I have no idea how. Please direct me to an instructable with photos for this, I want to try a project.  gotta figure out how to make the circuit work first. Thanks

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A No-See-Through visor for a Halloween costume?

Hai there! I had an idea for a type of robo-ish, army costume. I wanted a gas mask, with the visor tinted out, then a ring of red LED's behind it, but I didn't want my face to be seen, and i didnt want to buy a $20 can of window tint for a little visor when it might not even work. Anyone have ideas?

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Photos from this year's NRW 2012 Robot Block Party!

Everyone had a robo-tastic time at the Robot Block Party for National Robotics Week at the Autodesk Gallery! On Monday, April 9, the Instructables crew invited the community to check out robot demos, workshops, and enjoy home-made liquid nitrogen ice cream! Here are some images of the party - Thanks to everyone who joined us, what a blast!

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FPS arcade gun

//Rustlabsthis is a project Ive been working on for a while now and am nearly finished! its a FPS shooter arcade style gun for FPS computer games. it uses robo realm software to track blue or infrared LED's (depending on the surroundings) and gives full point and shoot game play. it uses a side mounted joystick to control player movement and has many axillary controls.i will have the instructable up soon- just got to finish it up- enjoy!

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Arduino: How to connect Wifi Shield to Arduino Robot?

Good morning, I bought the new Arduino Robot: and wanted to connect the Wifi Shield to it: However, the pins 4,7 and 10 which are required are all occupied by the LCD.  Could you please supply me with instructions of how to connect the Wifi Shield to the robot, both hardware and software instructions. Please help me on this topic, I really need to get this working. Thank you in advance. Kind regards Stefan Marggraff

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What changes need to be made to a 3d printer and or software to mill/route with it?

I have a Robo 3D R1+, and am about to mount a rotary tool flex shaft on the carriage, other than mounting the dremel what other changes need to be done.  My biggest concern is the software, mattercontrol is what I'm using atm (the stock software that came with it). some of you may wonder why or what I'm going to do with it, yes,  1) because 2) whatever I can do with it.  (to clarify further, will I be milling pcbs or making neet figurines out of brass, aluminum or wood?, yes to those as well)

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Where to begin to build a robot that can pick up (grip), move and release billiard balls?

My 3rd grade daughter has been assigned robo-billiards in the elementary science olympiad. However, we have no robotics experience and need to get smart quickly! Also, I believe we may be funding this project ourselves. From my poking around, it seems that robotics parts are very expensive. Please share any advice on: 1. introductory robot building, 2. whether there are cost effective ways to build, 3. advice on essential elements for a robot that must pick up billiard balls and move to place them in a container.  Thank you. 

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How do I control multiple servos with the Boe-Bot?? Answered

How do I control multiple servos with my Boe-Bot? I am currently making a robotic arm and I have 5 servos. So I decided to use my Board of education     rev d boe bot circuit to control them because I want to be able to program it. Would any one know a way to do it? I do know code for controlling the wheels on my boe bot which are servos but I dont know how to do that on the breadboard. I will continue to experiment but any answers would be appreciated. Thanks, Electro Nerd 

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2009 fischertechnik convention

Ft Convention 2009: Erbes-Budeshei GermanyWHAT: fischertechnik Fan Convention!The fischertechnik fan convention will be in Erbes-Budeshei Germany. This convention (formally held in Moershausen) is the largest convention of ft fans and models in the world! WHEN: Saturday, 9/19/2009- Sunday 9/20/2009 WHERE: The fischertechnik fan convention will be at Erbes-Budeshei , a small village near Alzey near (about 75 k) Frankfurt am Maim in Germany. Knobloch GmbH is hosting this year's convention, and moved it from Moershausen to Erbes-Budeshei. WHO: All fischertechnik fans!WHY:If you are interested in what people are developing with fischertechnik, this is the event to attend. German companies Knobloch, LPE, and fischertechnik will have a presence. There will be a presentation on the new awesome TX ROBO controller!WEBSITE:;=2074

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What are all the flaming-hoops?

Say if I was to sell electronic objects invented by me or friends, that may or may to be functional or may or may not be artistic what are the laws/certification/inspections/flaming-hoops that I would have to clear first and what is that entire process like? Does anyone know? The FCC is one of them, and it pertains to whether your object will make planes fall out of the sky or turn off pacemakers dues to magnetic waves or unauthorized frequencies, correct? Who ensures that the objects won't catch on fire or melt into a caustic China Crisis goo? How you convince them of this? Who else do you want or need a rubber stamp from before you can sell your radio wave emitting blinky bug at the garage sale? Or your robo-fridge ("Is your fridge running? Better go catch it!") in your Etsy shop? What if it had a sim card? Any illumination on this would be invaluable!

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Going to buy one soon but what do I need?

Things that im wondering: 1. Do I use AutoCad or 3d studio max or something else? (At the moment im not 100% on what im making but so far i think ill be building things like Strandbeest or bookmakrs nothing huge but interesting projects. Ultimately I want to find the thing i love making). 2. Robo R1 "ABS+PLA Model" for now seems like the best model for the price (ultimately when im good at it I want to buy a Form 1 "formlabs" for jewelry) 3. Should I grab any 3d model I see and hoard it like a winter squirrel? 4. instructables has always been a great site (Home improvement projects) I just never had a reason to build a profile, are there other sites that would have info on 3d printing? Any help would be great :)

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