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Roms And Emulators

I remembered this Instructable when i found this site and i remembered all the trouble people had with said Instructable and i wanted to inform earth of this so post your favorite emulator and corresponding roms.

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disk rom to ram Answered

Hello, I know it is illegal to rip a disk, but when a disk is processed, and it is decrypted, and put onto ram. So, how is that any different from using cleanrip, and having it stored to a ram disk (not harddrive). It is rom to ram action just like a console.

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CD/DVD Rom motors. Answered

There are three motors in a CD or DVD Rom unit. Does anyone know the operating voltage of each motor? Thanks

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How do i turn an internal dvd rom into an external dvd-rom?

I would like to turn an internal dvd-rom drive into an external usb dvd -rom drive. Any suggestions or leads?

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CD-Rom drive repeat song? Answered

Can I make a CD-ROM drive repeat a cd over and over again? This is using

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Is it possible to run pinball Roms on Arduino?

I have been interested in pinball machines for quite some time, and was possibly thinking of making my own (when I get some money).  However, I would sometime like to make a recreation of one of my favorites (Lethal Weapon 3), and I see that the ROM files are posted. I was simply wondering if an Arduino could even read the ROM files, and if not, how they could (if possible) be ported to something that the microcontroller could read. Thanks in Advance!

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How do it open a ROM in a emulator? Answered

I'm really new to emulators, and i successfully used a SEGA Genesis one, but i found a NES emulator (FCEUX) and i can't open a single damn file! I've followed the instructions, just click "file" and open the file, but WHAT is the file, WHERE is the file. -NYPA

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cd rom cnc machine not working

So I tried to make a cnc machine with an arduino uno, an easydriver and stepper motors according to this i almost have no experience in electronics. and the machine isn't working. I have two ideas why it isn't working it according to what I have searched. It could be either my stepper motor drivers are burned out or I have wrong wirings on my easydrivers. On the wrong wirings part, I may have soldered the wrong wires on the wrong motor coil but im sure that the motor coil that i soldered onto the pins are a correct pair. So I'm not sure what's the problem of the machine

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Posted file not downloading with the correct file name

Https:// I attached a NES rom I made to my instructable, and when you click on it it comes up as random letters  with a .TMP extension.  (asdkfj2ljh2l5hkjhlhjaf.tmp).  You can still download it and rename it, but it still shouldn't be doing this. Thanks for the help!

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Stepper motor from cd-rom wiring out

Hi guys I have a nasty problem with this stepper motors it cant move, I just press a little bit with my finger and I feel the motor trying start. I`m using Arduino uno conected with a uln2003 and the stepper motor is attached to the IC driver the code is offcial from arduino IDE #include const int stepsPerRevolution = 400;  // change this to fit the number of steps per revolution // for your motor // initialize the stepper library on pins 8 through 11: Stepper myStepper(stepsPerRevolution, 8, 9, 10, 11); int stepCount = 0;         // number of steps the motor has taken void setup() {   // initialize the serial port:   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() {   // step one step:   myStepper.step(1);   Serial.print("steps:" );   Serial.println(stepCount);   stepCount++;   delay(500); } WHAT IS MY FAIL?????

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I got a TT card and have trans r4 files to the sd card but when I switch on the DS I get a red folder icon sayinMENU? Answered

I created the "games folder and have the _DS_MENU.DAT-- _DS_MSHL.NDS>> _system_>> moonshl all in the root of the SD card and even have my seperate "Games" folder but when I plug it in I just get a red folder saying MENU? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Powering a CD-ROM drive without a PC

Hi, I'm new here so sorry if I'm doing something wrong or have posted in the wrong place! lol I'm trying to build a CD player using an old CD-Rom drive from an old PC. I've done some research to into how to power it, but everything I've found seems really over complicated and involves big power supply units and stuff.  I got this idea that I could use a 5V ac adapter from USB phone charger, and connect the red and black wires from the USB lead to the red and black of a Molex 4 pin thingy. Then a 12V ac adapter and connect the wires to the yellow and black of the molex thing.  As you can probably see, I don't know much about this kind of stuff, but i understand that the red wire on a molex 4 pin thing is the 5V wire, and the yellow is the 12 V, so if i connect two adapters to each of these should it be suffiecient to power my CD-ROM drive?  Thanks for any help, and sorry if this is a stupid question! 

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Supercard Flashcart Help

I'm currently looking at a Supercard DS Two flashcard to run backup roms on my ds (instead of lugging all my originals around). But I here a lot of new games such as Super Scribblenauts and Force Unleashed II won't play on most cards. Anyone here have a DS Two card and if so what is game compatibility like for new games on this cart? I really want to play these games and have them all in one place as I travel a lot with my ds. All help appreciated. 

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how to rip 3D models from an emulator ROM?

I have seen stuff like that online, where people have stuff from N64 emulators in editing programs, i would like to know how that works, and/or how to do it.

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how can i connect dvd rom to laptop?

I have netbook and want to connect dvd rom via enclosure,but when i connect it it only appears,that device is installed.nothing in computer (i got win7 and asus 1215b) how can i create dvd rom in computer?

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how to play roms on xbox(not 360) without modding?

I dont got money to get Halo so i need a way to play downloaded games on my xbox.

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Replacing portable dvd player with pcdvd rom drive

Sup guys.  I have an audiovox vbp4000 portable dvd player.  The drive reads disks when tore down but not when put together.  It wont eject.  I noticed however that its just a standard pc dvd rom.  I hooked it up to my windows pc and it recognized the drive and i can use it like normal.  So my question is, how can I replace the portable drive with a standard dvd rom drive?  Ive tried simply hooking one up, but no joy.

Topic by kithso  

I there a way to play a cd on a CD-rom drive, and listen to it without the support of the computer?

 And if if an be possible, is there a way to monitor and control it VIA micro-controller or analog switches? also the same question for a DVD-rom drive

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How can I run DC motors found in a CD Rom?

I have a DC Adaptor with variable voltages and I applied the wires to the terminals of the motors but they dont run. Am I missing something. Can they be run by simple adaptors,

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What NES games should i get? Answered

My Dad put a thing on my computer so i can download ANY NES game for FREE. Ive downloaded, Legend of Zelda, Zelda2, Kirby adventure, Metroid, super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 5, and Pacman. What should i get next?

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how can i connect a dvd rom via usb?

my compiuter syestem broke and i have a new laptop but the dvd rom is nor rw   so i want to connect my dvd rom from the syestem to the laptop by via usb. plx help

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What the difference between SNES roms with different filename spellings? ([!] [h1] [t1])

I've seen these ("codes?)" all over the place, and I have no clue what they mean... Usually a ZIP file will come with 3 roms, each spelled different. Any help would be great... Thanks. -Shadow Ops

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questions about flashing my sprint intercept with custom rom

      I would like to flash a custom ROM to my rooted intercept to get a more stable, higher tech android system however i have concerns.       will a custom ROM look zoomed in? i don't think so, i saw custom android builds working perfectly. but i still want to be sure!       Can i get a custom ROM that i can move most of the system files to the SD card? (i only have 160MB of internal storage, i cant install many apps. i would like a ability to move an entire app to SD. not 30% of it. also, the ability to move virtually all my apps to SD. i can only move half of them.)      WILL I LOSE SPRINT SERVICE? (im not talking about bloatware, like the real usability of the phone ex: calling, texting, 3G networking)      what is flashing a custom kernel? how?      what are custom jits?      what is SD partitioning, what does it do? is it similar to partitioning a hard drive on a computer?             please take a look down at my answers/comments for more unanswered Questions and concerns and keep updated on this question; i will add more questions. thank you in advance, -- max

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on a cd/dvd rom when you push the button on the front

On a cd/dvd rom when you push the button on the front the tray slides out then push the button again and it slides back in how does that circuit work?

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Help with CNC controller

Hi , Can please somebody help me with using a4988 pololou stepper motor driver.I want to use it with arduino.

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laser burning cd designs

I am pretty sure there was an instructable on how to actually "burn" an image or design straight onto a cd using a cdrom, but i cant find it now. what would happen is you would put in a blank cd into your computer andetch an image right onto the cd, but i cantfind it. if anyone knows where it is, please tell me. or the maker of the instructable. thanks!!

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Will I still be able to make calls if I install a custom ROM on my EVO 4G?

I want to root my EVO 4G for WiFi tethering and to install custom ROMs.. Will I still be able to make calls even though I will flash a custom ROM?

Question by ladygaga    |  last reply

Looking for A good DS Emulator. I tried using iDeaS but it was to no avail.

When I downloaded iDeaS the 2 screens came up but when I tried to open a ROM with it but nothing happened. I tried 2 different ROMs from 2 different websites so I don't think the ROMs are the problem.

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Is there a way to make my SNES controller have a USB adapter to plug and play on my Windows 7 PC?

I would like to take my SNES controller and make a PC gamepad out of it to play my old SNES games through a ROM. I know retrolink has  similar products but I was not satisfied with it and would rather build my own. If it is possible please explain how. If it isn't please explain why not. THANKS!

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Can a CD-ROM motor converted in to a servomotor?how? please help me, it is very urgent for my project.

Please help me it is very urgent for my project

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Help build a non-microsoft computer like atari or commodore or Texas Instruments

Enter comment on the part of the computers and dial up telephone network you would like to help build. This computer should not have microsoft or icons that slow down computers and make them annoying. The rom should enable the computer to turn on instantly. There should be about 5 rom chips including , video rom, a sound rom , a disk drive rom , a basic rom . The keyboard should include graphics keys of some choice. The right side of the keyboard has to be different. Since this might be a high volume computer the memory might be less than annoying microsoft. Mandatory commercial viewing might be a possibility. The dial up network might have less complex programs. Everyone should be able to write a program and type save. The problem here might be an excessive demand for 3.5 inch disks and cd disks.

Topic by halamka  

how can i used the power supply of a cpu to power a dvd/rom without connecting it to a motherboard?

I salvage a working switching power supply from a busted cpu. but when i connect it to my dvd/rom it does not work. what  will i do to power the dvd/rom without connecting the power supply to the motherboard of the cpu?

Question by tranient    |  last reply

How do I effectively (and cheaply) cool a rom in a warm day?

Of course I cannot afford an air conditioner, and a simple vent is not enough. Is there any way to cool my room?

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Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Old World Survival Manuals and more on DVD-ROM

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Anyone know of an Acorn Emulator for the PC?

Anyone know of an Acorn Emulator for the PC (Windows XP) And also a rom for Bug Hunter if possible, thanks.

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i am haveing a problem with my xbox 360 cd rom not spinning.?

I need help with my CD-ROM on my 360 its not wanting to spin and i don't have the cash right now to fix it is there any temp fix i can do other than hand spinning the disk for over 2 hours i just can't spend the $32.06 for now

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how do i modify the ocarina of time ROM so it has cel-shaded graphics, or twilight princess graphics? Answered

Exactly what the header says, i saw an instructable on how to do it but i can't fibd it or remember how to do it (*EDIT*) i can legally download this particular ROM for an emulator (And about 20 others) due to the fact that i have legally purchased them, or have been given them, now, specifically, how can i do the graphics mod with an emulator download? i got a graphics shading pack, now what? (*EDIT#2*) adding more clarity, and specificity, how do i modify the graphics in the nintendo 64 emulator Project64?

Question by ashannon1    |  last reply

how do i modify the ocarina of time ROM so it has cel-shaded graphics, or twilight princess graphics?

Exactly what the header says, i saw an instructable on how to do it but i can't fibd it or remember how to do it (*EDIT*) i can legally download this particular ROM for an emulator (And about 20 others) due to the fact that i have legally purchased them, or have been given them, now, specifically, how can i do the graphics mod with an emulator download? i got a graphics shading pack, now what? (*EDIT#2*) adding more clarity, and specificity, how do i modify the graphics in the nintendo 64 emulator Project64? (*EDIT#3*) ok, the instructions on the following page DOES NOT WORK! so please do not refer me to it:

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What am I doing wrong with Linux? Answered

I've been trying to get Fedora 11 on a relatively old computer that, until recently, was running Windows XP home edition. It worked fine on that, but wouldn't detect any Linux Live CD's I put in there ( burned off the internet--could iso be the culprit?) to try to test Linux. It was set to boot from the CD-Rom drive and everything, but it simply didn't detect the live CD's. I thought that was just some weird thing about my computer, and that it would work if I simply did a major OS change. So I bought a new HDD and configured it for single. The computer detects the hard drive, it works great, but then the computer doesn't detect the first Fedora 11 install disc ( again from the internet) in the CD-Rom drive. And now, perhaps I just don't have the jumper right, but now the computer won't detect the old hard drive I replaced, when it's connected singly. Any help is welcome. My theory is that it is one of the following things: The iso format of the CD's is messing with the computer ( so it wouldn't read Live CD's earlier), the CD-RW's and R's are old, corrupted, etc., or that my computer is somehow totally incompatible with Linux. I skimmed the hardware before trying to install Fedora, and didn't see anything obviously Windows-only. It is designed for Windows '98, 2000, etc. It is a Dell Dimension XPS T650r with intel Pentium 3. Thanks!

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How can I make a CD player from a CD ROM for my truck? Answered

Hey. I saw an Instructable awhile back that detailed how to make a "ghetto" CD player for a vehicle from an old computer CD drive. Can't find it now. I have an old beater pickup that I want to enhance with this silly project. Can anyone help?

Question by brandegor    |  last reply

What to do with 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives? Oh yeah, and a zip drive with no disks!

I have 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives. They are kind of old, but should work fine. I noticed the idea of Floppy Disk Racing, and was wondering if any one else had ideas for what to do with them?I also was curious if the diode of the CD player would work as a burning tool, like the on here: Laser Flashlight Hack!!Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Oh yeah, and I have a zip drive with no disks!

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how can i play roms on an original xbox? ( without modding any thing)?

I've been wanting to play halo on my xbox(not 360), but i dont gots no moneys to get halo... so i need a way to play games i downloaded off the internet..

Question by mastuhcheef007    |  last reply

hack a namco plug 'n play? Answered

I have this Namco Plug 'N Play tv game that i want to hack. Is it possible to change the games on it? Or am i stuck with one ok game and four bad ones?

Question by josh1324    |  last reply