Rope Faling

What would happen if you put a rope around the world and tied one end to the front of a house and one to the back of the house the held on to it and cut it on the other side (not the on your holding on to)

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rope hammock

Does anyone know how to go about making a rope hammock? I've seen the diy cloth hammocks, but I am more interested in a hammock that retains its shape when its not being used, like the rope ones do. If someone can create an instructable for this that would be amazing. Thanks

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Rope Braiding? Answered

I am braiding normal 1/8 inch rope and was looking to do a 3 strand braid.  If I have 20 feet of rope, about how many feet of 3-strand rope will I end up with?

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Rope Light?

I have a rope light that runs on a battery pack that holds 2 AA batteries. I want to use these lights to outline my grill on my truck. Is there a way to hook this up to the 12V electric system of the truck so I dont have to use batteries all the time?

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Cutting Rope at a height

Hey guys, I need to cut down a banner on the second story on a side of a building. The banner is held by 4 string/ropes at each corner and I do not have access to a ladder. What would you suggest is the best way to do this? I thought of putting a scissors on the end of a long stick and devising a string pulley system to operate the scissors from the bottom. Like have the scissors open and position them with the rope between the shears. Then I would just pull on the string to snap them shut. What do you think? Any better ideas?? Thanks!

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Rope/Cord Bracelet

I recently saw this:;=4 ... and thought that someone could whip it up in next to no time, saving a fair few pennies. I'm not so hot on jewellery making though - does anyone know what the finding on the right hand side of the bracelet, the cylindrical one, is called?

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wrap store nylon line?


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how to make a rope ladder?

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Looking to buy rope pulleys

Hi everyone. I need to buy nylon rope pulley wheels. I've never had this much trouble finding something on the internet. I need two different sizes. Both need to be 3/4" wide with 1/4" hole with one being 1 1/2" diameter and the other 3/4".  I'd like them to have bushing if possible. Also, they'll be used with 3/8 nylon rope. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve

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How to make a Rope Bracelet?

Hi guys. MrGeek here with a question. I found a pretty awesome bracelet at think geek (  and I was wondering If anyone knew how to make one. I've looked over some of the instructables here, and haven't found anything. If there is something, or if you're More creative than me (which you probably are) could you please show me? Thanks! MrGeek

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polyester rope as bow sring? Answered

I will soon post an instructable on how to make a reverse compound crossbow. but i've been stuck into something which is quite basic, the string that needs to be used,  the crossbow will have a draw weight of about 150-175lbs. i have came across a rope  which has a diameter of 4mm, and claims to withstand a tension of 1500N(150KG) I just want to know if it would be ok to use the rope,  i  know that it is very important to use a string specially made for bows and crossbows but we all like it dangerous(especially if you're broke) thanks in advance

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Nichrome wire rope cutter

I've recently started working on a nichrome wire rope cutter. I've built a prototype that uses 2 9V batteries that connect in parallel to a 2" piece of 24 AWG nichrome wire. It works, but burns through the batteries within a minute of running them before they don't output enough current to heat up the wire.  I would like to improve this by turning it into something that is much less likely to burn itself down, or electrocute me in the process. I've been looking into ac to dc converters so I don't burn (almost literately) through 9V batteries. I'm kind of a bit hung up on the electrical engineering portion of this however. If I were to use something like a 12V 5A power supply, and then nearly short it with the nichrome (a resistance of .2477 OHMs) is the adapter limited to 5A, or would something start to melt. I have a feeling I need another resistor in there to reduce the current (if I but a larger PS), and or a potentiometer to dial in the temperature.  Any help would be appreciated.

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How to make rope sandles?

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How to tighten nut with bolt in jump rope?

  well im trying to make my own jump that have bearing and more similar like buddy lee jump rope, i using eye bolt and old jump rope handle to make it look a like, so my questions is how to tighten the nut in the small jump rope size(inside the jump rope), if you can see from the picture let say i took the rope from that jump rope and replace it with the eye bolt, so put nut inside the jump rope handle, but the problem is right now to tighten the nut from the inside. any suggestion.

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Which 'able can I use to launch a rope into a tree?

I recently cut down a tree for the first time, and though nothing damaged and nobody got hurt, it fell in the exact opposite direction that we wanted it to. Part of the reason this happened was because we decided not to tie a rope to the tree, partly because it was very, very difficult to get the rip UP INTO the tree (by tying a hammer to it, and throwing). I saw the net gun 'able, and got me thinking, there's got to be a way to launch a single rope, maybe 30' or 40' up, with some sort of weight on the end, into the top of a tree. It would need a weight heavy enough to drop the end of the rope back down to the ground, in order to tie the proper knot on it, to secure the rope to the tree. I suppose fishing line could be used if it's not strong enough to launch rope, and the rope can be tied onto the line and pulled over. So is there an instructible I should use, or which one should I modify? I have compressed air and proper tools, but I'm not engineering-minded enough to come up with my own (nor do I have the time and money for repeated trial and error).

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Bag made out of climbing rope

Hey guys,  I've decided to start a challenging weaving project. I have about 6 60 meter retried climbing ropes. I had originally planned to make some rugs out of them, but changed my plans. Right now I am trying to learn some weaving and plan to use the rope to make some sort of backpack for climbing gear. I have a 20 meter rope that I have taken the core out of and the sheething alone works great. Any good guides out there on weaving a bag, or what types of weaves would be good for this, maybe guides from para cord

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monkey fist? Answered

I have got in to making monkey fists and i was wondering what size rope i should use for a 2inch thick iron ball it weighs 18.60 oz } 0.527kg}                        all the same ball 1.162lb}

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Anyone have a good/inexpensive source for small braided nylon, 1.4mm or similar?

 Anyone have a good/inexpensive source for small braided nylon, 1.4mm or similar? I am learning to make nets and can't find a source for decent small cord close to me and the cord that I do have is really slick and a beast to try to work with.

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anyone know where to buy thick cotton cord? Answered

Im not really looking for extremely thick (preferrably unwaxed) cotton cord, just something that's about 4-5 mm in diameter. I'm not even sure that what I'm talking about is called cotton cord, but its kinda like paracord with no inner strands and a braided cotton sheath.

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Is there a way to power rope lights portably ?

I have these rope lights I'm using to make a whiplash costume. Obviously, I'm going to use them as the whips. But I need a way to power them with a battery or something. I've tried 12 volt batteries (which work with regular Christmas lights) but no luck. I think its because I need more current. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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What kind of rope is best for a ballista? Answered

Would Nylon or Polypropene make a good torsion spring?Or would some kind of metal wire work better? By "better" i mean is able to produce the most force or is able to pack the most force into a 5/8"hole (thats the biggest drill bit i have).

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what is the difference between poly-rope and paracord?


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Trying to make a table-mounted hot knife for rope cutting

I'm wanting to build a mountable hot knife for cutting climbing rope, similar to the ones at and, using a method similar to flywoodkb's How should I go about keeping the "prongs" coming out of the box from electrocuting me/causing a short? I'm hoping to use a jigsaw blade for the blade part.Also, I have a handful of transformers from disassembling some electronics. Is there a way to tell what voltage and amperage they are?  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Is there a way I can make a rope light controller that allows me to use the "chase" effect??? Answered

I would prefer an answer very soon, or a link to an 'ible on how to make it. if i dont get this soon (within the next 2 days prolly) I'll have to buy it (i already have a site to buy it from), I dont have a problem with buying it... but this will also help people who are looking for the same thing...

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Caption Contest! Winner announced!

Eric and Christy recently spent a couple weeks in Guatemala and didn't invite any of us to go along! Well, we at least got to see the several hundred photos they shot while they were out there, including this bird shot.Come up with a caption for this photo and win this awesome magnetic photo rope from Photojojo. The best caption will be selected tomorrow afternoon. Limit of 5 captions per person.

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What is the best knot to connect two ropes together at the ends?

What is the best knot to connect two separate ropes together at their ends?

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How do you make this plastic bottle to plastic string device?

I found this on YouTube, but I could not find an Instructable about how to make it.  Has anyone else found out how to make this device.  I wish I knew Russian but there does not appear to be instructions on how to make it.

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Could I substitute rope for the paracord contest? Answered

I would simply order some online, but I'm afraid it won't arrive in time for the contest. Would it qualify if I simply substitute rope for paracord until it arrives?

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No Hinge Tortilla Press - (Rope, Screw, Hammer?)

I am looking for a highly interactive/artistic version of a Tortilla press. Has anybody seen a Tortilla press without a hinge? Maybe a Rope or Screw mechanism? Slide Hammer? Sledge Hammer?

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setting default mode or light pattern on commercial rope lights?

I have purchased a commercial LED rope light which has about 8 selectable light pattern by pressing a tack switch in series.  Problem is everytime the rope light is unplugged then switched back on it always defaults to the first pattern.  Is there an easy way of setting a default patter other than the first light pattern?

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Logo Contest

Hi! I know I haven't been very active, but I want to hold a little contest. ATTENTION: Logo makers needed. Prize: 1 YEAR PRO MEMBERSHIP I need a new logo. Mine is getting old and boring. I would like a knot theme, or anything with rope. Heck! I'll openly take anything related to the outdoors. So! Get your creative juices flowing, and make me a logo!! Post it in the comments!

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How do I activate a holloween ghost by motion sensor? Answered

I have a battery powered ghost.  It has a microphone and when it senses noise it activates.  when it's running it moans noises and moves along a rope that's tied between two points.  The microphone is terrible and you have to yell to make it move.  I want to have a motion sense at the beginning of the walkway and when activated sends a wireless signal to the ghost to activate it.  How can I do this for cheap?

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Does anyone want me to make an instructable on how to make string out of (stinging) nettle plants (or similar)? Answered

 This depends on what sort of plants I can find around my house and how much revision and coursework I have to wade through.

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Boat Chandlery Question...

I've had a senior moment. You know those widgets that they use on boats to fasten ropes?  What are they called? Two ridged, rotating sections, lay the rope between them, and tension makes them turn in and lock the rope in place, pull the other way and they open to release it. What are they called? I thought they were "cleats", but that turns out to be the roughly T-shaped fittings that you knot rope around.

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flexible light rope or similar light moving device

Am searching for method to replace old or upgrade new idea for creating safe toy which allows child to operate from control box or reistat the movement of color lights through safe tubing- similar to light rope but changable through speed and direction. Mostly speed. Enough rope to shape into any form. thanks, west virginia kate

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How to secure rope to inside of bucket for mario pipe?

Im trying to make the mario pipe fir my cat but am lost as to how to secure the rope inside suffiently enough so my cat can safely climb jump and attach himself to it

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Where do I buy sisal fabric, not rope

I am working for a 501c3 cat shelter that needs their cat trees refurbished. I have not been able to find sisal fabric vs rope. Can anyone point me in the right direction?Thanks!

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solar rope lights changed and even charged the batteries they work for that night but that's it. How can I fixed them..?

I have changed and recharged but they work for the night. What can I do to repair them or fix them..Need help. Thank you.

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String Contest Question

If the contest is called the "String Contest" why is the picture full of ropes? Hmmm... Or maybe it should be added that rope is eligible too, It might not be obvious to everyone...

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Piezo triggered power socket for rope lights or led strip?

I'm an electronics beginner. I generally know what components I need for my ideas, but I don't know what specs or how to put them together. I would like to create a socket similar to the one pictured that is triggered by a kick drum, so that I can have rope lights strung around the drum riser flash whenever the drum is hit. I know I will need a piezo element and a transistor/relay. I have read that transistors are more instantaneous. Is this feasible, or would it be more practical to use an led strip? A list of components and advise on how to put it together or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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How to make sandles or flip flops out of rope?

So I was walking around st. george street down in St. Augustine when I went into a shoe shop and found the coolest looking sandles ever;they were made almost completly out of rope! And since i've been on instructables for a whole week, i have noticed the many different styles of improvised footwear. Hope to see the resopnses!

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What is the best way to plug 12v LED rope light in to a wall socket?

I recently got my hands on some 12v 1a 1/2" rope light that I want to be able to plug in to a normal wall socket. I've looked around for adapters but the only thing I've found is generic 12v 1a ac adapters. My question then is: what is the best way to plug the lights in to the wall? Buy the generic ones and wire them to the lights myself?

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in what applications would you want to splice a rope?

And how is a splice done in shipping?

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Do you guys think I can build this? ( I have the money to make it ) If so, Do you think it will sink?

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