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Smoothing the rough surface

Hello everyone. My name is Thomas and I am very new to this 3D scene but still very glad to be here. I would like an input from everyone about something. Recently I purchased MakerBot printer and printed something simple. At first glance I was amazed by the finished product. I'm sure you've felt the same way. But on a closer observation and physically picking up the object, I realized that the outer surface was rough (or more like layered). Now my question is what is your solution to this rough surface? I tried sanding to smooth it out. But I'm pretty sure there's a much starter way to tackle this problem. Thank you have let's make something!

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sliding door running rough?

Does door have ball bearings that need replacing and how ,sliding door

Question by teabreak  

how can i be rougher with my boyfriend without going so far that its extreme pain?

My boyfriend likes when i bit him harder than a nibble and he says that i should be less gentle with him. Im willing to give it a try but i have no idea what a good limit is without going over the limit?

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Smoothing out the rough surface on 3D print?

Hello everyone. My name is Thomas and I am very new to this 3D scene but still very glad to be here. I would like an input from everyone about something. Recently I purchased MakerBot printer and printed something simple. At first glance I was amazed by the finished product. I'm sure you've felt the same way. But on a closer observation and physically picking up the object, I realized that the outer surface was rough (or more like layered). Now my question is what is your solution to this rough surface? I tried sanding to smooth it out. But I'm pretty sure there's a much starter way to tackle this problem. Thank you have let's make something!

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Rough White Buildup around my fish tank?

I had a beta fish for a couple of months, and every time I did a water change, rough white residue was on the lid and around it on my desk. Sadly he has passed away and the white rough residue is on my wall and every time i try to clean it, it comes back.  If anyone knows how to clean it properly or if you can tell what it is and how it happened as well as preventing it. Please comment.

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Small antique motor running rough, lubricant? suggestions as to a product Answered

I have a small antique desk fan that I am refinishing the art deco base on.  Now keep in mind, in another life I was an antique dealer.  I know messing with it drops the value, however the base was all ready badly corroded.  The motor runs, though rough.  I think it is most likely bearings, and or possible winding's could have a small short, though that is doubtful.  Lubricant for the bearings?   And keep in mind cleaning it with aggressive chemicals like acetone could melt the varnish off the winding's, then I'm really hooped.  Now the obvious would just be to replace the motor, but pieces like this were built not to ever be opened again, at least without hope of putting them back together the same way.  Thanks

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How do I turn rough sawn walnut into a table top

Hi all, I've recently got a job as a chainsaw operative and at our yard recently there have been some 3'x5'X2" rough sawn lengths of seasoned walnut. I've bought one home to find making it smooth is harder than I first thought... I've got a few odd tools in the shed, like a rotary sander, some chisels and a few planes (but I don't know how to use them.)  is there a fairly quick proper way of doing it or is it just a case of sand the hell out of it? There are a few deep scratches but it's mainly small scratches and general unevenness. I would really appreciate if someone could give a fairly detailed process and description of The tools I'll need. thank you all for your time.

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Clear coating a guitar?

Hey again, I just painted my new electric. annnd i wondered what you do after clear coating...its kinda rough looking...and i wondered if it is possible to like wet sand or something and in what order and everything you do it to get it so smooth.   thank you!!

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Would isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) be too strong/"rough" to make perfume?

Would isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) be too strong/"rough" to make perfume? I don't know what the industry uses (suppose I should google THAT), and I'm worried that if I make a tincture by soaking flowers in it that the result would be too dehydrating or bad for the skin...?

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can anyone give me a rough description on how to build a comunicator for a dc motor?

I have a basic wooden axiel and on it ive placed 3 smaller coils of wire but i need to know how to build the part where the burhes connect from the battery to the axiel. also how far should i have the magnet spacing?

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I want to make my kitty-seat-toilet-thing have a rough texture... Answered

Hello!I will be getting a kitten sometime soon, and I want to train the kitty to use the toilet (because that'd be GREAT!!). I would like to put a sandpaper like texture on it so there is something to scratch ;) , but I can't find anything about putting a sandpaper like texture out there! And I would cut out a path to the bowl...Don't know why there isn't one... HELP!! :)

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I have 2 rough-running, four-point, orbital, oscillating buffers that need to run smooth again.

These are heavy duty, 2-handled, 2 Amp, 3240 rpm, four-point, orbital, oscillators that were converted to professional massagers. Both of them now run really rough and I can't keep buying new ones nor can I afford to ship them back to the company for refurbishing. I assume they only need lubrication, but I can't figure out how to open them up nor does there appear to be any one around here who repairs power tools. (Rock and a hard place, eh?) Can anyone help? I have a photo, although those two black knobs do not exist on my units.

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when i used my spray gun the result left a very rough finish...any idea where i went wrong?

Just a newbie at using sprayer for paint

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can someone find prices of screw jacks/ miniture acutators?

just need rough estimated prices and power output its for a  presentation at college. I need to gather a rough estimate of mutiple parts and materials and im struggaling finding prices for them. thanks :)

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Gessoed canvas

I gessoed over a painting and the surface seems rough. Should I sand down a little?

Topic by DianeR81    |  last reply

How do I make wispy, sick hair healthy and full again?

My mom's hair is really wispy, especially at the bottom. And it's really rough too. She seems to be really rough with her hair when she washes it, and I'm wondering if that is the problem. If she stops, will that help? Or does she need to try something different shampoo?or conditioner? It's sort of embarrassing. It's really wild and all over the place, and unhealthy.

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Hypnotizing 5 Axis CNC high speed car prototyping

Well, i just spent 5 minutes of my life watching a 5 axis CNC machine milling a prototype car out of some foam.I recommend you do the same.Right now.The Machine starts off with a massive block made from some rough shapes of foam. It then proceeds to rough it off into layers, it then adds a more defined smooth layer.To top it off, it then coats the entire thing in a epoxy layer.The entire process is both entertaining, and hypnotic.Via Makezine

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MXDL 3 watt joule thief? Answered

Can anybody make sense of the joule thief inside a MXDL 3 watt luxeon torch? I can post a rough picture of it if needed.

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Will a two season sleeping bag inside another two season sleeping bag be equivalent to a four season sleeping bag? Answered

 ....Um.... ....I plan to be camping rough in Inverness in two weeks.

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Landing jumps

Does anyone have some useful tips on landing a jump on a dirtbike? How about landing onto a rough, washboard track, any different? I've become very good at landing... on my face...

Topic by Rishnai    |  last reply

How do soft-serve icecream machines work? Answered

Hi, Does anyone know how softserve icecream machines work? I have a rough idea that they use an aerator but thats all.

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Drying towels on clothesline

I have just started using a clothesline and I have a problem with the way the towels dry.  They are very rough, kind of like sandpaper, and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make them dry softer.

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Portable NES Emulator

Below are my rough designs for a portable console that runs a NES emulator, built inside of a NES controller. I don't exactly know how I would do it, but I have a EXCELLENT screen that would work perfectly.

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How do I make shells and coral smooth to be used as buttons?

These buttons hang, so they are in motion against the fabric and can abrade the fabric. Is there something that can put on the shell to enhance the shine and cover the roughness? Does porcelain petal work?

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We have land to build on and would like to build Owen Geiger's Beachcomber house. Would you be able to give us a rough estimate for building from well and septic to walls, kitchen and bathrooms, etc.?  Thank you.

Question by cgherrera    |  last reply

humanoid or bionic robot

Hello all im new to tech i was wondering what is needed to start building a humanoid or bionic biped robot. im looking to build it for speed precision and fast calculation. eventually ill post up some rough drafts of it. thank you for your responses.

Topic by Newbie216    |  last reply

How can I glue these two things together?

I have a piece of hardboard and some woven speaker cloth. What's the best way to adhere these together? I'll be attaching the cloth to the rough side of the hardboard. I have tried SprayMount to no avail. Thanks everyone

Question by sladek    |  last reply

I have to make a large magic book?

I have to make a large magic book. Something along the line's of the Charmed tv show or harry potter. It has to be quite large, really old looking with rough yellowed paper inside. I need some good idea's. Thanks Cameorose

Question by cameorose    |  last reply

bike light design help

Im trying to design a new light for night riding im using a 7 led array in the neighborhood of 1500lm with a 30deg wide beam of light but ive hit a bump in the road and would like some guidance in it so far my pictures are only a rough draft per say 

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How many K'nex do you have?

Well the title pretty much explains it all. As for me, I made a rough count and I have approximately 16,000 K'nex. I also have a picture of all the sets I still have instructions for.

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Some hints at making stuffed animals and casting resin

I posted a web album that goes through some of the process designing a plush animal and adding resin parts to it. It isn't super though rough, but might be helpful to some. Feel free to ask questions!Mr. Blue's Web Album

Topic by goosezilla  

looking for design software? Answered

Hello, just finished a CNC router, im new to this, looking for some easy to use design software, doesnt have to do anything fancy, just needs to be compatible with mach3/kcam, im still a noob at all this, just looking to start out with making a few rough parts to try it out.

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Painting basketball shoes

I want to pep up these shoes. So my idea was to paint them, so can anyone tell me how to paint it, what paint to use and suggest colors and designs. And will the paint stay after rough use (playing basketball) and wash? Any way to make it permanent? Thx in advance.

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restoring ovalia egg chair

I am trying to restore an original thor larsen ovalia egg chair for my game room.  i have stripped out all of the old worn out fabric from the interior down to the bare rough fiberglass.  i'm trying to adhere fabric to this rough fiberglass using spray adhesives with little success so far.  i have tried using 3m super 77 adhesive and also misty foam and fabric adhesive.  my test piece of fabric pulled off easily after letting the adhesive set up for over 24 hours.  i'm wondering if anyone has some ideas on this process of adhering fabric to fiberglass that i may be missing.  i've looked for info on restoring a piece like this one and have come up short so far.  so any info or ideas of things to try would be welcome. thanks!

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How to graffiti.

Hey, im realli big fan of graffiti, but dont know how to do it? cn som1 please tell me, thnx. the pics below are som rough desgins ive don on paper. I should clarify, i do not plan to damage peoples property, i plan to work on large canvas and put it on my property.

Topic by dont-stop-me-expressing-myself    |  last reply

Song titles? Answered

Whoever can name all of the following songs, and artist, will be selected as best answer. **************************************************************************************************** when you go down, when you go down down, you spin my head Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun, when its love if its not rough it isn't fun you, change your mind like a girl, changes clothes

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Is a special technique required to apply water-based paint with an air spray gun?

Using 30-40 psi as specified. Using a small, detail gun with compressor.   Finish is rough, flat, rather than glossy.  Spray appears to dry in flight. I varied distance, paint-volume, pressure, and thinned the paint with water.  Nothing is effective.

Question by JonBoy17    |  last reply

Baking my chalkboard painted mason jars?

Hello there! I think I prepped the jars well, they have roughed surfaces (I used sandpaper), and they are primed! I am wondering, if I should bake them after applying the chalkboard paint, and if I should condition the paint (with chalk) before or after the baking? Thank you in advance! Vic

Question by allillusions314    |  last reply

How to polish/buff polycarbonate (lexan) on roughly cut edge? Answered

I'm not talking about minor scratches. I would like to polish 1/2" thick cube that I cut out with table saw, it's not transparent at all on the edges (due to rough cut), but I'd like it to be :)  Can I do it with some kind of Dremel attachment?

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RGB LED Bathroom shower light project problem. ?

I finished two bathroom reno's with the exception of the shower ceiling light. I started off by cutting 3 1/4: square 304 stainless steel plates and drilled out 4 holes in each for the rgb. Then assembled the rgb's into the housings and sealed them with hot glue. Then figured out the resistors based on 12 V which if memory serves me right they were 470 ohms and soldered them in parallel. Then I soldered the connectors and hot glued them so they wouldn't come in contact with each other. After installing the ceiling tiles I drilled 2 1/4" wide X 2½" deep holes through the kerdi membrane and sealed a plastic cover with foam insulation in the attic. Then I roughed in rgb cable from one hole to the other, with a home run to the controller. I tried doing a rough in trial run and it worked until one of the rgb�s burned out since they came in contact wth each other. I could actually hear it fizzle. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work or are there retrofit rgb units that will fit the opening without breaking the bank? Each bathroom has 6 rough openings. That would make it 6 x 2 = 12. I'd like them to be rgb leds and be controlled via 12V adaptor and controller. If I need to start over again I have a budget of $150.00 if a another unit would work better. Thanks

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airsoft shower/shotgun/grenade launcher

Ok what do you guys think its a airsoft bb shower at 20-30 psi it 20 bbs goes around 200fps and100feet (rough estimations) can you rate it 1-10 if its a decent avg ill make a instructables (you probibly know how to make one but the shells are kinda hard)

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Any ideas for my manga?

Hi, I am going to write a manga hopefully soon, but I don't have any ideas.  how I'm going to do it is I will make a rough draft with the ideas from all you guys, then, I'll go through the process of refining the story until I have the final copy.  Then, I will start to draw the story.  Please comment.

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use google sketchup model in edgecam? Answered

I want to use a landscape i made in sketchup(a mountain range) and mill it out of polystyrene using edgecam. Maybe there is a way to convert to  autodesk inventor first?  The model is only a face, which is why its hard to use in a solid modeling program. Ive used a rough face before on the cnc machine.

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Can Painted or Stained 2x6 boards be run through a planer? Answered

I have 2x6 Painted/Stained outdoor stair treads that are a little rough and peeling from the sun. Can I run them through my planer without damaging the cutter? I'm hoping to get a nice smooth, clean surface to stain without trying to sand everything. Thanks for your help.

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Need Help Using Resin - Please-

Hello! I just started to make things with resin. I could really use some help. What is the best way to sand rough edges, when do you do that, how is it done? What should I use to seal it and give it a high gloss shine? Any and all tips would be greatly appreciate. Thanks so much!

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Laser cut parts

I'm looking for help getting some new smaller drafting tools cut. The cut area is no bigger then 9"x6", I was hoping to get the part cut out of .04" clear Lexan, I can supply if needed. I'd also like to have the parts etched as well if that is possible as well. I have the rough drawing done in AutoCAD so far.

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3D printing of a broken chair leg

Hi all, My chair is broken. I can't find the part anywhere so I thought maybe I could 3D print it, but I have no idea how to do it. Would anyone help me out to create a design file. I have a rough sketch below. If anyone can help out I'd really appreciate it, thanks!

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Old ways of wood working and building.

I am into learning how to build furniture and structures in the way it was done in the past. I.E with out nails and with hand tools because I find that these old ways produce very high quality furnite, and because I like the rough look. Dose anyone know of any good books websites forums etc that talk about this kind of thing?

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