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What is RSS? Answered

...and how do you use it?

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What is rss?

Hey! I keep seeing people saying rss and signs with labeled rss. What is it? Also, i have two instructables, and one of them has a weird hand next to it. What is that??

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RSS Help!

Okay, RSS is something rather new to me, and I would like to know a bit more about, so could anyone explain/define/preach about RSS feeds, feeders, etc. Like, full on RSS for Dummies.Don't link me to buy RSS for DummiesSmart asses

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how RSS works??

How "Really Simple Syndication" Works for any website??

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RSS Feed dead

The RSS feed is empty - no items. This has been going on for several days

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RSS Feed inconsistencies

I prefer to keep up to date with new posts (specifically in the Food section) via the RSS feeds. Problem is, they are wildly inconsistent with the actual content of the site, it seems. When I check the RSS feed, and then compare that feed to the corresponding page of the Food section, almost none of the entries are the same. I don't know if the RSS feed is just a few days behind or what, but I've had this problem for months! I really want to keep up to date with the posts in the Food section, but the RSS feed is not at all reflecting the current content of the site, and hardly ever changes. On a related note, it would seem that there is only ONE RSS feed per category, but there are different pages within each category (Popular, Zeitgeist, Newest, Featured). RSS feeds are offered on each page, but closer inspection reveals that they are all the SAME feed. I would get a lot more use out of this site if the RSS feeds were correct.

Topic by H4T  

RSS Feed Please

This website could use an RSS feed.  I'm unlikely to visit often, I'll junk-mail an e-mail newsletter, but an RSS feed always catches my attention.

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What is "Private RSS"? Answered

I see it and want to know what it does. Did I miss something?

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RSS individual projects

What is the rss link for individual projects? Appending rss.xml doesn't work. For example:

Topic by PaulineA12  

Rss button is not working

I didnt know where to put it but i guess this the right place... The rss feed button is not working, all that it gives is blank... Please if you can fix it...

Topic by samuraijack  

Contests RSS Feed

I am an avid user of Google Reader.  I also like to keep updated with the new contests that run on instructables.  There are RSS feeds for new instructables, but I think it would be useful to also provide a feed for new contests.

Topic by zcshiner  

Is there an RSS for all instructables by date?

The RSS link in the taskbar seems to be only for Featured instructables.  However, I'd like to get an RSS feed of all instructables as they're added.  Is there any way to get this feed?  Thanks.

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Category selection in rss feed

It would be great to have one RSS feed per category (as defined in "Explore"). There are so much posts in "food", not interesting at all for me, cluttering up my rss reader, that I seriously envision to unsubscribe from  instructables feed. I'm tired of filtering them every day.

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Instructables RSS Feed Hacked (again)

Instructables' RSS feed has been hacked again.   Before it was the Turks with their soccer scores, now it's apparently the Koreans with their ???   See image of RSS feed as it appears on my homepage (

Topic by MikeR3  

RSS feed in flash?

I saw one of the new instructables today and it was some RSS feed on a guys desktop.. thats cool in my book, but i dont want javascript or w/e.. id like to slap some cool flash on my desktop with an rss feed and some other cool things but i cant for the life of me find a tutorial online.. All i get is rss feed programs u can buy and put in flash.. Someone know how to make it work in flash? or have links to tutorials? -Thanks!

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RSS Feed breaks regularly

The RSS feed regularly fails in Firefox due to unclosed tags:Error: mismatched tag. Expected: .Source File: 141, Column: 5Source Code: ----This was due to a category tag up in the list not being closed. Are you hand editing your feeds?

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rss feed on member page

Hi, I found one of the rss feed from the member page (actually the one in the tag) point to but this feed has noting to do with mine Instructables and this is a big problem connecting Instructables to Google Buzz :( I think the feed in the tag should be Can you help me ?

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Turn any web page into an rss feed in a second!

Does exactly what it says. Super handy for pages that don't have RSS feeds, or feeds for the right kind of thing. Been using it for about a week now, works great.If you have any problems with it, ask me. I've figured out some

Topic by Aeshir  

90% of my Instructables RSS feed is some kind of foreign spam!

90% of my Instructables RSS feed is some kind of foreign spam!

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how to add Instructables RSS feeds to Yahoo home page?

A year or so ago I added RSS feeds from Instructables to my Yahoo home page. It was groups like LEDS or Shop. I can't figure out how to do it now.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Why Are Old Forum Topics Always Showing Up In the RSS Feed?

I realise it is because when someone comments on them/edits the page, but why do I have to keep seeing repeats every five minutes?

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

RSS Feed don't work. -> RSS Feed don't work.Check please.

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RSS feeds not working in Yahoo

Thursday evening the RSS feeds from Instructables to my Yahoo home page stopped working. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Private RSS Feeds... what the heck is that all about? Answered

I was dinking around with my settings and noticed that my private RSS Feeds setting was disabled... which is fine, I suppose... but WTH is a  Private RSS Feed, anyway? 

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RSS Search Feeds -- sort by Relevance?

I've been using the RSS feeds to have programs search ibles, however, the RSS feeds are sorted chronologically, which is not good, since I don't know what the first result is. Is there a way to sort by relevance? Thanks, and Happy T-day!

Topic by zachninme  

RSS feeds for your favorites.

I think it would be a good idea to enable RSS feeds for your favorites. This way, I can add them to my google reader and posterous much easier and faster. There are other uses as well, but thats the one I can think of off hand. It would enable more people to see good instructables, and promote sharing even more than before!

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Screwed up RSS Feed?

I've been getting the strangest items from the instructables:explore feed, like really really strange. They're in the explore one too, not my inbox or balktalk. They're things like random posts, random topics, random bugs, random comments, and random orangeboard posts. Has anyone else gotten this?

Topic by zachninme    |  last reply

RSS feed no longer has summery of instructable

Https:// I used to "drink from the firehose" even if there was a ton of dupes as people corrected and republished their 'bles. However, now there's no summery on the feed, only a photo. Annoying.

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RSS Feeds not validating and not working in RSSOwl

At least 2 RSS feeds that are being generated are not functional in the RSSOwl aggregation software.  Also unable to display the feed in Internet Explorer 9 due to invalid character errors in Titles.  Chrome 26 does display the pages with errors present in the rendering. Specific URLs: The errors found by the validator can be found at the following locations: OS - Windows7 64bit Software - RSSOwl 2.2.0 and Internet Explorer 9

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Instructable not showing up in rss feed

I follow instructructables using the instructables rss feed in Google Reader.   Last week i published an instructable and it hasn't shown up in the feed while everything that's been published after has.  It hasn't been gettting any hits and i couldn't figure out why so i went back thru the feed and i think this may be a big part.   this one wasn't done as part of any contest and probably isn't worthy of being featured with all the cool Easter stuff coming out but it seems like it should be getting more hits than it is. this is the ibble: i'm guessing that i've done something wrong when i published but don't know what or how to fix it.   It does show up on the recent page.  thanx for any suggestions.

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featured RSS feed may be leaking future "featured" instructables

 I got this one: and a few others. They occasionally show up on my feed reader but I can't read them in the reader. When I search the site, the istructables do exist, but they are not "featured" yet There were about three others, but I did not get the name before Akregator crashed. BTW, feature request. if there is some way I could "sum" several feeds together  (featured, popular, and a few of my fave authors) such that I only get the instructable once on my feed, even if the user changed the title or did a quick republish a half an hour lator, that would be great

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What Happened to the Instructables News Feed?

For serious! Where'd it go?

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

What is (are) a Private RSS Feed?

So, I was messing with my account settings, and I saw "Enable Private RSS Feed" or something like that. What I want to know is, what is a Private RSS feed, what does it do, and do I use it? Now, before anyone tells me to google it, or is "kind" enough to Google it for me, I already Googled, "What are Private RSS feeds?" with no helpful results.

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RSS feed source URL

It seems like if this topic has been left over the last years, but I´m still looking for an rss feed source URL that passes the test on the W3C Feed Validation Service.I´m trying to show all instructables with a specific keyword on my own website (using a WordPress plugin like RSS Aggregator).Any idea someone?

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RSS and Atom Feed Readers

What RSS and Atom feed reader(s) do you use? What feed to you get? I use Google Reader and get to many to name.

Topic by sardines454  

Repeating RSS Feed Topics

I'm subscribed to the RSS feeds for Instructables, News, Forum Topics, Comments (to me), and my Personal Messages Inbox. And they all repeatedly send me the forum topics. Most of the "new" items I get in all of my Instructables RSS feeds have already been sent to me before. It's incredibly annoying.

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RSS Feature: Does it exist?

One of my other favorite sites,, has a feature where you can filter OUT keywords from your RSS feed. I'd like to filter out knex from my RSS feed, so I don't see any more knex guns. Not that they aren't worthy of the site, it's just that I don't have any knex, and even if I did, I wouldn't make guns with them. Do we have that here? If not, can we get it? Thanks

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RSS feed from instructables with images?

Has someone already made a way to embed recent posts from the rss with thumbnail images?I can make one of my own at would like to promote instructables to my students, and embed the recent submissions in the class page, so they will be inspired to make stuff!

Topic by nearlythere  

Instructables RSS Feeds vs. Questions RSS feeds... Does anyone have the address to only the instructables? Answered

So, I pointed my RSS reader at and it picked up and the Title "Recent Instructables" . It gives my what I want and More, Way more. Does anyone know the address to the feed of ONLY recent Instructables and NOT the questions?I do realize I can add each Category separately from the feeds at the bottom left of the category page, but I don't want Tech separated from Outside separated from Workshop. Granted most of the questions are cool and give me something to think about. Some questions make me think it was easier for them to post it here rather than goggling it themselves. I had about enough of the questions when I read the one about trying to get Positive and Negative out of a 3 prong AC cord.... God keep this person safe as he/she plays with house current. Anywho I'm sure this will post on my feeds as well, but I am only interested in the Instructable posts. Thanks Matt

Question by mattadamsnet    |  last reply

How to get my podcast listed on iTunes? My RSS feed is complete and accurate, but Apple denied my request to be listed.

Podcast is at and the RSS feed is This works fine when loaded manually into iTunes. When I request to be listed on the iTunes Store, Apple suggests that I use a podcasting service instead. Does anyone have a specific suggestion about how to get listed on the iTunes Store?

Question by jayseye    |  last reply

Is there a list of every "featured" Instructable? Answered

I've subscribed to the "featured" RSS feed for about a year now. I'd like to see a list of every featured Instructable in order from the beginning. I could in theory just scroll back that far in my RSS feed reader but that would take a long, long time. Any suggestion?

Question by nolte919    |  last reply

Need a list of all instructables RSS feeds.

If there is a feed for any of these, please post! New Instructables Featured Instructables New Questions Blog Posts Specific People's Orangeboards Contest Results etc. Please Help!

Question by CodeKid1001    |  last reply

Why are there Korean, non-DIY, articles in your RSS Feed?

I use your RSS feed to browse your site.  Recently, sometimes half of the articles I get are written in Korean with pictures of young ladies. They also seem to be advertising YTN.COM, which seems to be a Korean news site. If they are intended to be in your feed, can you create a feed without them?

Question by Brainiac1955    |  last reply

Personal RSS feeds not updating any more?

I use the RSS feed for comments on my phone and they appear to have stop updating, is this just temporary while stuff goes on or are they being removed?  I actually find them pretty useful for checking comments on my phone - I did remember to try resetting the feed but to no avail...

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No pictures on RSS feeds on my Yahoo home page

On Sept 17th I noticed the several Instructable RSS  I have on my Yahoo home page don't have pictures with them, just white where the pictures should be. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Topic by foxwoodfarm    |  last reply

forum questions appearing on "featured" RSS feed

I subscribe to the featured feed. Lately I'm getting questions from the forums. Examples: I thought there was a third, but that may have been a repeat. Both of these questions date from the 15th, BTW.

Topic by kill-a-watt    |  last reply

How do I get RSS feed to show on desktop in windows vista?

 So I want to add RSS feed to show on the desktop as it would save alot time as there wouldn't be need to go every1 site check news. I've read one tutorial here, but it doesn't help me in this problem. I've already made the html file and it works, I just need to get it show in desktop.

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LCD + ??? = Awesome RSS "picture frame"?

I have in my possession, an old 'Sharp' LCD from a Mitac 5024 laptop which was disassembled and regrettably thrown away. I had an idea today to make a twitter picture frame which could sit on my wall, or any wall in the house for that matter, grabbing updates from my twitter timeline, which could be done a number of ways, from groping the API to simple ol' RSS. However, all I have is the LCD, and a total lack of knowledge where to begin with such a project. I understand I need some device to both fetch the tweets (Or RSS articles) and also to power and drive the LCD. Does such a piece of kit already exist? Or will this need to be a totally custom bit of work? p.s. I can't get any further information on the LCD at this moment in time, however if it's required / relevant, I can provide details and/or pictures as required.

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What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To?

What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To? Also, what do you use to read them (your RSS reader)? Maybe make them links to the site with the feed too. I have about double the amount of these feeds but I'm only subscribed currently to these ones.My Subscribed RSS Feeds:[AlbinoBlacksheep] - Flash animation/games site[ Darkmotion] - Instructables user Darkmotion's blog. Sometimes I look at people Instructables pages and If I see they have a website, I usually visit it.[ Explosm] Daily webcomic and other stuff.[]Instructables - All published instructables.Instructables: News - The instructables blogInstructables: Comments - My comments backtalk feed.Instructables: Inbox - My private message inbox[ Lab with Leo Blogs] - Mass feed of everybody's blogs on the TV show "The Lab with Leo Laporte" on G4TechTV.[ Maximum PC] - Mass feed of everything on, official site of the magazine.[ Smash Bros. DOJO!! Latest News] - Mass feed of the official site for the upcoming Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. [ Weebl's Stuff] - Funny flash animation/game site.

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