Rugged motors?

Does anybody know of a source of motors that are rugged enough to survive long-term* on the surf-line of a beach?  They wouldn't need to survive flying rocks, but saltwater and sand proof would be good. The plan is to use them in reverse, as generators, so DC is preferable. *In the first instance, "long term" means "more than half an hour".

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Handmade rag rugs

I was trying to remember if I saw a 'ible on how to make a rag rug, like the ones they sell at Pier One, or a rug (or pillow) made from strips made from T shirts. Does anyone remember any of this?

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T-shirt rug loom?

I am making t-shirts into rugs with 5 to 12 year olds. I am looking for instructions for a loom similar to the ones we used as kids to make pot-holders only big enough to use with loops cut from t-shirts.

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Braided Wool Rug materials

I have the "ingredients" to make a great braided recycled wool rug: for years I saved wool fabric, bought wool slacks and skirts at Goodwill, etc, then cut them into strips, sewed them together, and pressed them into beautiful balls of wool, all ready to braid into a medium-sized (I think) rug. I didn't feel like doing the braiding part, so I tried finger crochet with the wool. That also works, but it will make a smaller rug (think several door mats). Still no motivation to finish this great recycled project. So, all this prepared fabric could be yours! You could also knit thick, cozy wool slippers. No instructions included for any of these projects; feel free to write your own instructable. Colors include navy blues, lighter blues and grays with a little red thrown in here and there. 11 balls total. Name your price, and pay actual ground shipping.

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where can I find instructions for toothbrush rug..thank you?

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Is there a way to make an everyday laptop into more of a toughbook?

I just want to be able to protect my laptop slightly more. I dont need it to withstand huge drops, or be super waterproof, but i want more protection than any simple cover can provide. maybe a few keyboard, screen covers, some rubber edges? Idk any ideas?

Question by robert.torres 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

I want to paint this on the back of some area rugs to keep them from curling..... will it work?

I want to paint this on the back of some area rugs to keep them from curling..... will it work?

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washing LED's?

I want to weave a rag rug, and include LED's in the rug. Ideally, I would like to weave the wiring and LED's into the rug so that they are concealed in the rug- and not removable. But most people like rag rugs because they are machine washable. If I were to soak a LED wired rug in soapy water, rinse by hand and only use the machine to spin the excess water out, then line dry the rug, would the LED's still work, or does water destroy them and the connections? Thank you for sharing your expertise!

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How to I trim a store-bought rug to create a unique shape?

I would like to buy a regular rectangular area rug and round off one of the corners (can't buy this shape). Is there a good way to do this?

Question by 9 years ago

I have a very small budget and area rugs are proving to be expensive any ideas on where to get one or how to make one?

I have a dining room and living room that have brown carpet, im looking to cover them up with two area rugs,

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Can I dye a Chinese wool area rug?

I have about a 5x8 Wool area rug that is light seafoam green & I would like to dye it in shades of reds. Is this possible....too big a jog....or just plain 'won't work? Anyone given it a try??

Question by jogirl 10 years ago

Is there a reason drummers set up their kits on a space rug? Answered

It's simply that. I always see drum kits set up on a small rug that they take with them. Why?

Question by PyroMaster007 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

I need help making a Polar Bear skin rug

I was wondering if anyone of you fine people could help me in the making of a Polar bear skin rug for my girlfriend for Christmas? Thanks

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Rugged external pull up/down resistor connection

How do you people install a pull up/down resistor in a very stable rugged way.I want to hook up a pull up resistor to a sensor but I only have a cheap color coded resistor and if I solder it would be a messy hack and not a rugged long term solution. Of course I would like to buy a rugged solution, but I hit a wall with google, maybe my keywords aren't right. But I am pretty sure i am not the only one with this issue.Rufus MapQuest UpToDate

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Shading Rug hooking wool with Tide detergent?

Tide detergent:  I took a rug hooking class a number of years ago, and one session was all about dying.  The woman had a special technique for shading the wool using TIDE detergent (and it HAD to be tide).  She would have one color of a wool, and then soak it is tide, and then add more water and soak the next piece of wool to make a lighter shade.  I have lost the actual instructions.  Does anybody know about this?

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how can i cleen up a vary durty floor rug ? Answered

I got a used car with a vary dirty enterer need to be cleened

Question by yo man 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What's the best way to clean an entire olefin area rug?

I have an 8 by 5 olefin area rug that needs a thorough cleaning.  It has gotten a fare bit of grime in it but i don't think any stains would be permanent.  The finished product need not be perfect.  The solution need be simple enough to warrant the hassle!

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smoke smell removal from oriental wool fire.

How to remove smoke damage smell from oriental carpets. small house fire left residue, ash and smell throughout house. now I am on clean up, but can not find place that will clean theses type carpets with in 100 miles, (I live in the country), sure I can send to some rug company that does just rugs, but these are pure wool and expensive, do not want to take that chance. sorry, not knocking rug cleaner industries, they have done the deep clean steam on the wall to wall carpets, came out fine, but steam is not used on these rugs. well, any suggestions...thanks.

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Vibrant green rug made from felt scraps

The folks over at Martha Stewart's craft department make a lot of things out of felt and thus have a lot of felt scraps left over. Kristin St. Clair had some free time and started a small project with the felt that turned into this crazy rug. To make it yourself, cut up a ton of felt strips and start rolling them up, using fabric glue to keep it all together. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and add some other shapes along the way to keep it interesting. I just FELT like crafting! via CRAFT

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how to install linux on a LISONG MP3 Player?

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How do I cut plastic bags to use for crocheting?


Question by weezie putman 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to make the subwoofer itself not the casing? Answered

I would like to know how to make the subwoofer itself not the casing i have enough of thoes

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How to clean up fiberglass/polyester resin that accidentally spilled. Answered

How to remove or clean up fiberglass/polyester resin that accidentally spilled on a rug, photos and computer (about half of 32 oz)? I am new to using the resin and I accidentally spilled it while walking near one of my desktop computers, some photos and a rug. The resin that I mixed will never cure because I didn't add enough hardener.

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How can I build a simple,rugged crusher that will crush a high volume of aluminum cans? Answered

I can weld steel. Prefer components that are used and commonly available. Should be as light and small as possible.

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j2me download?

Heyy im haveing problems with my tungsten t3 again i need j2me to run programs for it but i can't find were i could get j2me could someone send me a link for it thanks

Question by rug 8 years ago

How strong is sheet steel? I am thinking of a rugged Kindle Case?

I want to make an extremely strong case for my kindle, the kind of case where I could sit on it and not cause a problem. I'm also worried about the corners of heavy books hitting it right in the middle and breaking it through the case. I have thought about sheet steel, flattened PVC and wood. Wood adds a decent amount of thickness to be rigid enough, and I wouldn't know where to buy thin hardwood planks. PVC I don't believe is all that rigid once it's been turned into flat sheets. Sheet steel is readily and cheaply available on Ebay between 0.18mm (0.007 inches, or 36 gauge) and 1.7mm (0.06 inches, or 15 gauge), and probably higher. I don't care about the weight as much as the thinness and strength/rigidity, so I thought sheet steel might be the best option but I've never worked with it. Suggestions? Edit: I would add some sort of shock protection, ie: neoprene, but it's not dropping that I'm worried about. The design would be two flat pieces sonnected by a fabric "hinge," similar to this:;=1340375705&sr;=8-6&keywords;=kindle+case I would add raised edges surrounding the Kindle on the "bottom" piece of metal, so that the two pieces wouldn't squeeze the kindle between them when pressure was added.

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how can i make a easy rocket motor like what you can by? Answered

I want to make a roket motor because i live in new zealand and cant by any please help me!!!!!

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is it posible to make this useing LEDS?

would it be posible to make this top useing LEDS? i know it was blue screen but i still want to try it, it would be cool if i could get it working heres a link to what i want

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Random Question

 Can you guys take a quick look at the instructions for my Intervention, M4, and F2000 and tell me which you like best?  They each have a different background, and I want to know which you guys prefer.  The Intervention is on hardwood, the M4 is on carpet, and the F2000 is on a rug.   Thanks

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For us garden composters,

Is there some genius out there who can devise a hand (or foot) powered leaf  and twig chopper?   I'm groing old cutting this stuff by hand with scissors or shears.   It must be rugged, and able to chew up wet stuff as well as dry, brittle or stringy.   Mother Earth needs you!!

Question by ClaireW01 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

110V 200-250Watt dummy load

As the title says I`m trying to find a best solution for a 110V 200-250Watt() inductive or resistive dummy load. Small size 4x4", rugged , as lightweight as possible and the least emitted heat . Incandescent light bulbs are not suitable. What are my options. Thanks guys. 

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how can i get hold of teal os v1.54?

if anyone has teal os 1.54 and the icon pack can they please email me it, i have a t3 and have searched everywere for the software for it, but all the links and stuff has expired can someone please help

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how does a jet lighter work? Answered

hey im wanting to try and make my own jet lighter but i dont know how the main turbine part works. if someone coud post a few pitures like the shape of the blades the layout of them and how the gas and air mixes that would be a big help thanks    (^_^)

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how can i make a load bass sub from a normal speaker?

U know how u can get normal kit set speakers well i got like 10 but they cant play bass  i was wondering wether i could easily make 2 that could play lots of bass like a sub?????????

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 Ma Barley (me) is now living in with the locals on the island of Roatan.  I STILL NEED YOUR HELP (asked now for a few years) to find ways TO RECYCLE PLASTIC BOTTLES INTO PLASTIC BRICKS, BLOCKS, CYLINDERS for the poor to build with.  ALSO, How the heck do they in the Middle East turn plastic bottles into those THIN HOLLOW PLASTIC TUBES that they then weave into such COOL RUGS?  HELP! June, 2012.  Still working on finding a solution to this problem.  Have sold my lake home and am dedicated to spending the rest of my life making life better for those that can't without a little help.  WILL YOU HELP ME...HELP THEM?  Please continue BRAINSTORMING the possible solutions to this and other options for recycling waste.

Question by Ma Barley 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how do i make a laptop inverter work?

hi i am wanting to be able to run a laptop inverter off a few batterys the inverter looks like the one in this instruclible i was wounderin what cables i would need to put power on ? i an not wanting the screen to work, just for the back light to glow, please help

Question by rug 8 years ago

How to make water from excessively humid air (using little energy) . Any ideas?

I was thinking of making some sort of machine that uses cooling coils to condense water from the air, seeing as to how humid it has been lately, but I want to do it using less energy than a dehumidifier that's on all the time and have it be more rugged so I can put it outside and maybe use it to water the garden. Any ideas?

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what do I need to build a prerunner?

I have a 1987 ford ranger with a 2.9 V6 2x4. I want to build a prerunner but I have no clue what to get. I'm sort of new to it and plus this truck is entirely stock and won't handle the harsh rugged terrain of the desert. so any ideas or places I can try? I live las vegas and heard there are a lot of places that sell parts for this type of thing.

Question by capt. caveman 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How do you start a contest on this site? Answered

Hi, I'm the person who made the "Woven Rug" video that got featured recently. I would like to start a contest to see what other people on Instructables can do with 8 knitted rolls. I've seen some amazing things on this site and I bet other people can come up with way more creative stuff than me. There would be a cash prize at the end and that amount would be $5 times the number of people that enter. The 1st place winner would get 60% of the prize. The 2nd and 3rd place winners would get 20% of the prize each. Instead of having one or a few people judge the contestants I think it would be great if everyone on the internet could vote for the contest winners.  I would love to host and sponsor this contest but I can't make the entry fee any less than $15.00 (give or take 2 dollars for shipping).  Another thing is I'm not sure how many people would even enter a contest like this.  How many people would be interested in this contest if I started it? What do you think?

Question by knitwitcharm 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Stepper motor voltage too low? Answered

I'm getting started with Stepper motors and I got one on ebay, it's MINEBEA NEMA23 2.5V/1.8 AMPS 1.8DEG/STEP (model# 23LM-C045-01H). I'm a bit confused by it's low voltage. Am I reading it correctly, it's 2.5Volts?  Stepper driver that I have requires at least 8 Volts (it's Arduino with rugged motor driver shield), so is it safe to drive with motor with voltage of 9 or 12 volts?  How would one drive such motor at 2.5VDC?

Question by bratan 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What type/shape of metal ( i.e. tubular aluminum) should I use for a robot frame? Answered

I am building a robot. It will be about 1.5 meters long, about 30 centimeters high, about 40 centimeters wide ( all dimensions excluding wheels, tracks, etc.). It's body will be a metal frame with an outer fiberglass shell. The frame needs to be strong, lightweight, and rugged. It would also be nice if the frame could be welded with a homade stick welder, but that isn't a primary concern. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Question by mad magoo 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

PDF downloaded but no instructions included

Hi Has anyone had any problems downloading the following instructable: I recently took on a pro membership specifically to receive the instructions for this project, but when I downloaded the PDF there were no instructions given at all. It only showed the table of contents, the images, the comments and related instructables etc, but doesn't actually tell you how to make the coasters.  I've contacted the services team, so hopefully they'll be able to fix the problem, but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this before.  Thanks!

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Refrigerator Insulation?

Background: I was looking at Costco and they have their big semi-rugged totes on sale this time of year for like $6! The thing I'm pondering is sticking one in inside another and filling the space between with insulation.  But what to put in between? You're probably thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky:  Spray it full of Great Stuff foam. But then I'm looking at my fridge going... that thing is literally freezing inside and not even cool to the touch on the outside!  What kind of insulation do they use?  I'm guessing something trickier than Great Stuff, what with Energy Star ratings and all.  In short:  What is it and where can I get some!??

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Dangerous Local Pest, What to do ? Answered

Well the local wild coyote is boldly walking up and down our Reno street at 2pm in the afternoon, sniffing at the neighborhood house dogs leg-lift corners and bushes.  As a life rule, I figure "live and let live"... The bears and wild animals are moving into town because food is scarce in the mountains this year and our leaders admonish us for leaving garbage readily available and encouraging predation.    BUT this afternoon there was some confrontation at the fenced pen our dog uses for his duty and our dog was afraid to go out and chose to leave a large pile in our computer closet which I boldly managed to step into with both feet when starting the computer after supper.  Yes, I was prepping to do our monthly ledger but first I managed to drag brown foot prints over rugs through our bedroom to our bathroom.  After a couple hours of cleaning the most foul smelling dog poop, the monthly bills and Febreze treatment of the wall to wall rugs, we had to use a leash and collar to get our naughty pet to step out to the high fenced dog pen and let him discover it was safe ! ....  We watch preschool grand children and fear the situation.  What to do ?? ... I could rig an IR light beam trip wire to cause a servo to rattle some cans to discourage coyote walkabout in my yard but hope someone has a better suggestion ?

Question by iceng 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Bag made out of climbing rope

Hey guys,  I've decided to start a challenging weaving project. I have about 6 60 meter retried climbing ropes. I had originally planned to make some rugs out of them, but changed my plans. Right now I am trying to learn some weaving and plan to use the rope to make some sort of backpack for climbing gear. I have a 20 meter rope that I have taken the core out of and the sheething alone works great. Any good guides out there on weaving a bag, or what types of weaves would be good for this, maybe guides from para cord

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Obama gives props to "the makers of things"

This isn't a political post - just an observation. I took note of the phrase "makers of things" during Obama's inauguration speech. Go Makers!"In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the faint-hearted - for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things - some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom."

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Steampunk Mobile

Some great ideas come from taking a completely new gadget and making it something that looks like, and in this case sort of works like, something from the 19th century. This steampunk cell phone concept has no display. No 3G. No data plan. No games. It doesn't even have a dial pad. You make your calls with binary-coded punch cards, steampunk.All you get in this rugged brown package is an earpiece, (possibly faux) gauges, visible screws, and a spinning number-counter. Oh, and a hole punch every time you want to order a pizza.The project was developed for O2, aiming at the RPG player market (really!). I don't think it works. It would be cool if it did, but I don't think so...UnplggdOriginal designer

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Crate GT15R Personal Lead Amp 15 Watts with Reverb

I have a brand new Crate GT15R 15 watt amp for sale, I bought it to use with my cigar box guitar, but have gotten too busy to play much. I've only used it about 5-8 times, it works perfectly.This rugged amplifier combines outstanding features with serious clean and distorted sounds. A Reverb control is provided for greater flexibility. RCA input jacks allow connection of a CD or tape player for playing along with your favorite music, and the Headphones jack lets you practice in private.I am asking for $85I will set up the sale on Ebay, pay with paypal.PM me please.

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