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Contest Prizes being Pro Accounts for runner-ups?

It would be great if you added runner-up prizes in some or all the contests of Pro Instructable Accounts. I am new and have not seen that, maybe you already have them sometimes, if so then please ignore this. But if not, it would be really great for those of us (me) that want one yet can't afford to spend the money on one. I know it isn't much to some of you folks, but it is a lot to others. The cost of the supplies of things we are going to make, which we will spend first anyway, it is already hard to afford. Adding the Pro account as a prize wouldn't cost Instructables much if anything and there is no shipping cost plus I think it would be appreciated by many.   :}. Thanks, Conny

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Does anybody here play Dungeon Runners?

Dungeon RunnersTizzle, nizzle?I don't have any idea what I just said there.

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Runner Up Prize Pack options?

Hello, I see that as a Runner-Up winner for the Summer Fun contest, I can either receive a t-shirt or stainless steel mug. However, when I click on the link to claim my prize, I only see the option for t-shirt sizes, and no option to choose the stainless steel mug. Is there a way we can choose which one we want? Thanks!

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dc to dc step up converter for 22v 6 cell lipo to get to 44 volt , need advice

Im building a power harness for my hang glider, the project is very near completion, my brushless out runners require 44 to 48 volts. I am using two sets of 22v 6s in series, but the weight of two large 6s batteries banks is significant , what would be the potential to create this step up converter and what are the down side of designing dc to dc step up converter into my power system. My hope to eliminate the in series battery ( double battery  weight ) set up.  I suspect loss of amps or total run time ? what about problems with electronics  heat in the circuit, issues with ticky speed controllers, or the out runners , how will they be effected , or will these components work normally in a step up voltage / current  as compared  batteries in series. ( which is working beautifully ) I guess volts are volts, it just sounds to good to be true , double volts and less battery weight Any and all qualified opinion and advice is appreciated.  Thanks Jeff

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So, beginning of the third day of learning Parkour. However, years of "Hardcore Tag" seem like the same things, just higher landings, instead of more effectively rolling. Anyways, Can someone point me in the right direction for parkour? I think I know how to roll, however Im not sure. Tips on vaulting and speed vaulting? How about after I vault, I have a 6-10 ft drop. Do I roll? How do you roll from high up? Do you do a landing, then crouch to roll? How can you become to have a smooth roll? Tips on catleaps? Where is the best place to practice or try out parkour?-RoAr

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My passenger side window is off the runner and stuck in down position inside door, what do I do?

Pontiac Sunfire My passanger side window is off the runner and stuck in down position inside door, what do I do?

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I don't want to brag, but I won runner up prize in the science contest (yeah I won a runner up prize!) and I have not gotten my stickers! I want stickers! lol, also I want the patch. When will it ever come?!?

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New Prize for Art of Sound Contest

In addition to the already awesome grand, first, and runner-up prizes for the Art of Sound Contest we're adding one more: a Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs. Bleep Labs was already providing the quirky Thingamakit runner-up prizes, but now they're throwing in the sweet and bleepy Thingamagoop as well to make the contest even more exciting.

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Here is a link to the coolest web sight ever here

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How many of you are gonna get sbcg4ap or strong bads cool game for attractive people. and what do you think about it do you think it will be fun or will it be a flop?

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Knex Awards 2009 Winners Announced!!!

Hey guys! Yes I know there are already awards for the best gun, but these are different. Put simply these are awards to do with knex. Well you want to know who won right? Best Replica the runner up is Killer~SafeCrackers winchester! And the winner is... AK47 by Bakenbitz!!! Best non weapon the runner up is... Chaos Ball Machine! and with all but 2 of the votes, the winner is... the Miter Saw by Shadowman39!!! Best knexer the runner up no-one because only one person who joined in 2009 was nominated. and the winner is... Killer~SafeCracker!!! (shadowman and kNeXFreek were unable to be accepted into this category as they joined in 2008, sorry but it"s the rules.) And what you have been waiting for, the best weapon of 2009, the runner up is MeZak! and the winner of best weapon of 2009 is... this pistol! No seriously the winner of best weapon of 2009 is... the Turret rifle by KILLERK!!! well thank you for reading, look out for these awards next year, feel free to comment all you want now, thank you and good night.

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Samuel Bernier gets Runner Up in Core77 Design Awards 2012

Instructables member and artist-in-residence alumnus Samuel Bernier was recently awarded Runner-Up in Core77 Design Awards 2012 for his amazing Instructable Project Re_, an exploration into 3D-printing as a DIY tool for upcycling. Here's an exerpt from the Core77 page: "This experiment of Project RE_ explores 3D-printing as a DIY tool for upcycling. Customized lids are created using low cost 3D-printing. They are then clipped or screwed onto standard jars, tin cans and bottles to create new and personal objects" If you're not already familiar with Sam's work with Project Re_ you should check it out, he updates the Instructable with new design ideas and regularly answers questions about his 3D printing experiences.

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String Contest Mistake/Typo

I don't know if anyone else spotted it, But under the Runner Up Prizes of the String Contest, It says "T-Shir" instead of "T-Shirt"

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Broken links in Toy Challenge results

Hi there, I noticed that the links for the runner-ups in the Toy Challenge are inaccurate, leading you to the wrong Instructable or to the homepage. Thanks for looking into this Lance

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instructables prize link isn't working?

I won runner up in the Mcgyver challenge and ''the instructables robot'' messaged me saying to ''click on this link to claim prize'' but I CANT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!! PLS HELP 

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Contest Prize Not Shipped?

Hi there! I received a runner up prize notification 16 days ago that I had won an Arduino MKR 1000 for placing runner-up in the Arduino Contest 2016. I claimed my prize, and haven't heard anything about shipping or any other kind of confirmation yet. The other prize I won for coming in 2nd place on another contest notified me and shipped very soon after I accepted. Can someone check to see if everything is ok? Attached is a screenshot of the winning prize message I was sent (and accepted). Thanks, Esper2142 (Josh)

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micro alternator airborne / out runner balance charger for large scale rc aircraft

Using the same concept as diesel trains. As they drive / pull on electric. The drive train is actually electric . The noise we hear are the generators charging the power banks. . Electric are far more efficient than diesel or gas engine direct  to the drive train. That being said. How can we set up micro scale generator on board 1/3 scale electric rc airplane. concept : connect 40 size os max rc nitro engine direct to 700 kv E. out runner shaft , rectifier bridge /  12 volt SMART lipoly charger, all this to enhance primary lipoy bank on large scale electric rc planes. ( increase flight time dramatically) sounds stupid I guess, but the concept apparently works in real world cargo trains. Can anyone help wth the system set up of rectifier bridge components to give this a shot ? I have no electrical expertise.  Thanks Jeff

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Just wondering how many instructable member's play mmorpg's. I play City of Heroes (Orangetag001 on Champion) 2moons (just started) Dungeon Runners again Orangetag001, forgot server I have tried Silkroad, Runescape, Knight online, WoW, Guild Wars, and plenty of others

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Paint It! contest

It seems like the Paint It! Contest has been stuck in judging for a while now. I was wondering when the winners will be announced. Also, (I may have imagined this) weren't there "runner up" prizes initially available in the contest?

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Sequential Lighting

I am looking to create a string of LED's that can be programed to turn on and off sequentially over 100 meters that can show the speed of a runner over that distance. ex: 100 meters in 9 seconds. any ideas, also re-program the same to different times.

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Congratulations Winners!

Congratulations to the Forbes Teach Me Fast contest winners! They don't seem to be formally announced yet but the contest page has been updated to reflect who won and who the runner-ups are. I was happy just to be a finalist. Oh well, now on to the Arduino contest! - John

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How do you make creations aesthetically pleasing?

I want to take things I've built and make them look less like "Blade Runner" props and more mainstream-aesthetically-pleasing. Can anyone recommend books, best practices, etc. to help me do this?

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Electric Motorcycle batteries

Hi, I have an electric e-motorcycle (Road Runner -several years old) and I need to get new batteries ASAP. Inside it has 2 rechargeable batteries. Does that mean I need to get 2 - 12V batteries, whatever Watts I like, based on however much horsepower I need.

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Wondering time frame to receive a prize?

I was a runner-up in the 4th epilog laser challenge.  I got the instructables prize pack about two weeks after the contest ended. However I still haven't gotten the leatherman juice.  I was just wondering if this was normal.  Any further light would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Prize addition for Get the LED Out! Contest

The runner-up prizes in the Get the LED Out! Contest now include $50 worth of LEDs from Phenoptix.Long-time visitors may remember that Phenoptix put up LEDs as prizes in the last LED contest and we're happy to see them here again.

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Rare Instructables Robot T-shirt?

I recently won the Toy Rods And Connectors Contest as Runner up and got a knex set and a unusual Instructables Robot T-shirt. I looked all over the internet for a shirt with the same design but came up with the usual ones. Is this one special or just a newer one? On the back of the shirt at the top, it says " Instructables".

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Thanks to all that helped!

I would like to say a big thank you to all those in this great community that helped me on my way to a runner-up in the apple challenge. I would also like to thank those who helped me reach my goal of 50,000 views, I am soon going to tick over 57,000 and still going strong.

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VB question

Hi all. I am new to Visual Basic and am wondering how one would make a VB eBook reader. PLEASE READ! i know it can be done, i just haven't found a tutorial for making one. I have virtually no experience working with VB and little experiance programming. If you know of a link to a tutorial of this nature, PLEASE tell me. Thank you.

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How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Hey guys! I was one of the runners-up in the Cocktail/Mocktail contest. I just got my t shirt and stickers and patch in the mail - but no gift certificate. Anybody know how I redeem that? And yes, I followed the redeem link I got in my email. Thanks!

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reuse contest prize distribution.

Hi, as a proud winner of the recycle and reuse contest in December i told all my friends of my good fortune, now they ask 'well?lets see your prize then' To which i can only reply i have not got it yet. in contrast the runner up prize for the photography contest arrived swiftly. here are pictures of instructables iv made since then.

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Didn't receive prize?

I recently won a runner-up prize in the elemental LED contest. I entered my mailing info and about a week later, I got the instructables prize pack with a t-shirt a stuff, but I didn't get the actual prize (Apollo beat jammer). Does the prize normally come separately from the instructables pack? If so, how long will it take? (been 2 weeks since the instructables pack came) thanks

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Instructables T-shirt Giveaway (Closed)

Hey guys and recently I came in the nine runners up the K'nex toys and rods connectors contest 2014 and I have received my prize a week ago but the t-shirt that came with the K'nex set was to small for me and it wasn't the colour I thought it would be so I'am giving it away to the person that asks for it will get it. The t-shirt is purple and in size medium.

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I know I have won a contest, but still haven't been notified? Answered

My instructable is listed as a runner-up for the photo editing contest, but I still haven't been notified! I double checked my settings, and my email is correct. Have checked my spam folder and everything...still no email and no message on the instructable website either. What is going on--How do I claim my prize?

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Christmas K'NEX Contest

Hello, I became pro for two years yesterday, and I have given away 2 of my 40 patches, and I doubt I will ever give them all away without hosting a few contests. The contest is to submit an Instructable (Must have instructions) that is Christmas themed, and send the link to me by private message. The winner will get a specially made patch. The runners up will be featured in a guide. The deadline is January 12th 2011. Thanks, Flannel UK

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How can I make a countdown timer that runs for 3 years?

I want to have a countdown runner that counts down the seconds (94,608,000). Ideally it only displays the seconds and has no other function. Ideally it does not have to be connected to an external power source but connected with some kind of battery that does not have to be exchanged for 3 years.  Any ideas how to do this? Arduino?  Very new to this community and grateful for any advice!

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What did you GIVE ?

There are a couple threads on "what did you get?" Here's one to talk about any gifts you managed to come up with that were particularly clever, cool, or well-received. I suppose the one I put the most effort into was the "day-runner planner" re-purposed into a sewing measurement and craft data book for my wife. I threw away the traditional calendar pages and added some downloaded and self-made special purpose pages...

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Build a Nintendo NES PC author hatsuli dies of cancer

It is with great sadness that I share the news of hatsuli, author of the Build a Nintendo NES PC, dying this August. He suffered from cancer for almost two years. His mother wrote to tell me that he was a great fan of the site and visited it everyday. hatsuli was a runner-up in the Use It Again! contest for his Nintendo PC, which is currently rated among the top 1% of all Instructables.

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Homemade Holiday Contest Prize Change (for the better)!

You may have seen the Hackable Christmas card Instructable by ian. Well now you have a chance to win one of those cards for yourself. Each of the runners-up in the Homemade Holidays Contest will win one card in addition to the $50 from Shapeways and the Pro membership and t-shirt! We'd like to thank ian for putting up these cards as prizes and wish everyone the best of luck in winning one!

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SPRING BIKE CONTEST, 30$ gift card?

Hi, A while ago I entered my project into the SPRING BIKE COMPETITION and won runner up. Also a while ago, while I was out on vacation, my dad received a package with a purple instructable T shirt, a patch, and 3 "business cards?". I have yet to find the 30 dollar gift card. :( I was wondering if the gift card was electronic or was it misplaced by us, I have no clue. Thanks for your help!

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Receiving my prize from 3d design contest

So won a runner up prize in 3d design, I live in the philippines and I usually ship th prize to my uncles johnny air account I do this because I am not sure what carrier instructables use to ship the prizes and the priority of the package itself I was just wondering if anyone could answer my question... 1. Does instructables ship via FedEx? And if so what shipping priority is used    

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Welcome everyone to my contest all you need to do is send me a link to your instructable/s that you would like to enter in the contest and at the 1st of february i shall choose the winner  and there will be: Grand prize 1st prize 2nd prize and runners up. The rules: all of the instructables that you enter must be yours no one elses instructables just yours. 2 you MUST not beg in your instructable if you do i shall reject it ALL instructables must be entered before the 1st of february  okay enter these instructables!

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Man Vs. Cartoon !

Did anyone catch this episode of Man Vs. Cartoon, on Tru TV ? Watch as a team of the country's brightest minds takes on the devices and techniques used by Wile E. Coyote in his vain attempts to snare his arch-enemy the Road Runner. See if expertise, years of training and the best equipment that money can buy will be enough to actually make Coyote's flawed Acme Company machines work.let's make some of the Wile E.'s stuff WORK !AND some character Bio'sSome of the future TESTS

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How long am i supposed to wait for the package??

Am i supposed to wait for the package for six months or what? I won an Instructables Prize Pack in Pocket-Sized Contest! ( ) as a runner up prize. So why isn't it here yet? I asked once already about this delay, on forum i think, and they told me that it's because there are many prizes that are holding the sending back. So it's been six months, it should have arrived already, could still be the delay. 

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Toss It! Winners Announced

All right, the winners of the Toss It! speed contest have been decided! We saw a lot of great entries and several good videos of successful, and not successful, flights. We love paper airplanes and were excited to see all of you get into them as well.In determining the winners, some duplicate votes were thrown out and for the random winner we picked a short list of Instructables, taped them to planes, and the one that went the farthest won.On with the winners! Top Votes and PageviewsThe authors of these two Instructables will each receive the Air Instructables Flight Kit which includes decals and a pilot's license, and an Instructables robot t-shirt. Top Votes Pageviews The Instructables Robot Paper Airplane; Classic. by GorillazMiko Twin jet paper airplane by neelandan Runners-Up The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt. Ease the Pain of a Child who has Cancer with Paper Airplanes Paper Fighter (yes it flies) Heart-Shaped Paper Airplane Design Super Slow Paper Glider Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have his plane fly the farthest, the author of this Instructable will receive the Air Instructables Flight Kit which includes decals and a pilot's license, and an Instructables robot t-shirt.and the random winner is...this entry from someone who was originally a runner-up for his other plane.

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Can you cheat on contests?

So I was browsing the contests and found an instructable that seemed kinda suspicious. The instructable itself was fine, but in the comments section I found about 8 users, all praising this "amazing", "genius" instructable, and when I checked the accounts, they were all made and favorited and commented on the post on the same day, and that was all of their activity. Oh yeah, the author also commented. I'm also guessing that they all voted as well. My question is, will this be overlooked, or will this author win possibly runner-up with their instructable for cheating? I hope that this will be noticed and will be thoroughly checked. Thanks,Zakbobdop

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How to waterproof a pallet planter box

Does anyone have an recommendations on how to waterproof the bases in a planter box made from pallets? Picture a pallet standing up. The bases on each runner/rail have been filled with a piece of wood. I tried this once before and just used silicone around the join but it was no use, water still came through when I watered the plants. What would be a clean, simple way to water tight the edges of the bases? I've attached an image of what we are trying to create. A friend suggested just adding rubber to each planter compartment.

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Baby Bootie Contest - Win a Singer Sewing Machine!

CRAFT is currently running their Michael Miller Baby Bootie Contest. Enter a super cute and unique design and you could win the Singer Curvy Sewing Machine, a $100 Gift Certificate to Repro Depot Fabrics, and a feature on Runners Up will receive a Michael Miller Fabrics Fat Quarter Bundle and a $20 Gift Certificate to Repro Depot Fabrics.The contest is currently open and runs until June 18. To enter you just submit your pics to the Flickr group and you're off to the races. Contest page

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