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K'NEX PMR-30 V.1

Hey guys! Well, it has been a while since I have made a pistol (yes, I know, I just posted my FN Five-Seven 'ible, but I had taken those pictures a long time ago), so I decided to make a gun I saw in my March 2014 issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine, the Kel Tec PMR0-30.  The original shoots .22 Magnum, has a 30 + 1 magazine capacity, and only costs about $415.00 U.S. dollars. Mine shoots tan/blue clips/connectors, has a 10 - 13 +1 magazine capacity, and only uses about 100 - 150 pieces. I have yet to fire the thing, so this forum topic is just to gauge what you guys think about it. Credit: Most the the handle/grip comes from Blue Mullet 2's Pistole Makarov. Everything else is pretty much original. Features: - Only 8 in. long - 10 - 13 +1 magazine capacity (this can be easily increased) - Nice setup overall - Semi-comfortable handle/grip - Nice sight set (I forgot to take a pic of them) - Easily modifiable Well, that is all the time I have to write for right now, I got lunch calling my name! Enjoy! -The Red Book of Westmarch

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can a fully charged capacitor from a camera kill someone? Answered

I mean like a healthy teen to 30 year old

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pwm o/p pic?

Dear sir,                how to get low frequency 30.....300c/s square wave from PIC MCU ,application required to simulate a tachometer.

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Is there any activities for cub scouts Just like something to waste 30-60 minutes of time.

I need something to keep the cubs entertained... It'll be in a room, possibly outside, but not alot of space outside, just a parking lot. And not too expensive... we have 10 cubs.

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Where to find old tube radios?

I am looking for old tube radios to collect and/or restore for fun. I have so far checked most of my local thrift stores about once a month for a while and I also checked a lot of local antique stores but found there prices to be ridiculously expensive for a beat up old radio. Now I am stumped as to where else to find these beutifull old radios loclaly, because the shipping for the heavy tube radios from E-bay can get incredibly exspensive as well. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get them? I have already asked both my grandparents and my imediate family is keeping and open eye for them. Also if anyone knows of any good stores to buy this type of stuff in the DC/MD/VA area then I am open for that to.

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Can you drill dowels on an angle into 2x4's to use as shoe rack?

I have a 30" wide wall area  in my closet. I've been searching for weeks to find the right racks/shelves to use as heels/shoe/cowgirl boot storage. I'd Like to nail finished wood (2x4's?) tho the whole wall after drilling/gluing different diameter/length dowels into them but not sure the (less than) 2" will be deep enough to hold some weight and how do determine which degree angles will work best. I'm an amateur but have every tool needed, so I'm game for all suggestions! Thanks

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Monster hunter

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Full combination list : +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1.Potion = Blue Mushroom + Herb 2.Mega Potion = Potion(1)+ Honey 3.Nutrients = Blue Mushroom + Godbug 4.Mega Nutrients = Nutrients(3)+ Honey 5.Antidote = Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom 6.Herbal Medicine = Cactus Flower + Bitterbug 7.Max Potion = Mega Nutrients(4)+ Dragon Toadstool 8.Ancient Potion = Imunizer(10)+ Kelbi Horn 9.Catalyst=Bitterbug+Honey 10.Imunizer=Catalyst(9)+Dragon Toadstool 11.Power Juice=Catalyst(9)+Rare Steak 12.Mega Juice = Power Extract + Well Done Steak 13.Demondrug = Catalyst(9)+ Power Seed 14.Mega Demondrug = Pale Extract + Demondrug(13) 15.Armourskin = Catalyst(9)+ Armour Seed 16.Mega Armourskin = Pale Extract + Armourskin(15) 17.Poisoned Meat = Raw Meat + Toadstool 18.Tainted Meat = Raw Meat + Stunshroom 19.Drugged Meat = Raw Meat + Sleep Herb 20.Bomb Material = Stone + Sap Plant 21.Smoke Bomb = Bomb Material(20)+ Ivy 22.Flash Bomb = Bomb Material(20)+ Flashbug 23.Dung Bomg = Bomb Material(20)+ Dung 24.Paintball = Paintberry + Sap Plant 25.Gunpowder = Nitroshroom + Fire Herb 26.Small Barrel Bomb = Small Barrel + Fire Herb 27.Large Barrel Bomb = Large Barrel + Gunpowder(25) 28.Sonic Bomb = Gunpowder(25)+ Screamer 29.Net = Spiderweb + Ivy 30.Pitfall Trap = Net(29)+ Trap Tool 31.Tuna Bait = Worm + Yambug 32.Arrowana Bait = Cricket + Bughopper 33.Goldenfish Bait = Firefly + Snakebee Larva 34.Antiseptic Stone = Bitterbug + Earth Crystal 35.Lifecrystals = Godbug + Wyvern Fang 36.Lifepowder = Lifecrystals(35)+ Wyvern Claw 37.Health Flute = Lifepowder(36)+ Flute 38.Antidote flute = Antiseptic stone(34)+ Flute 39.Demon Flute = Mega Demondrug(13)+ Med Monster Bone 40.Armour Flute = Mega Armourskin(15) + Med Monster Bone 41.Normal S Lv2 = Huskberry + Needleberry 42.Normal S Lv3 = Huskberry + Rumblefish 43.Pierce S Lv1 = Huskberry + Velociprey Fang 44.Pierce S Lv2 = Huskberry + Pin Tuna 45.Pierce S Lv3 = Sm Bone Husk + Pin Tuna 46.Pellet S Lv1 = Huskberry + Scatternut 47.Pellet S Lv2 = Huskberry + Wyvern Fang 48.Pellet S Lv3 = Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Fang 49.Crag S Lv1 = Huskberry + Burst Arrowana 50.Crag S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Burst Arrowana 51.Crag S Lv3 = Lg Bone Husk + Bomb Arrowana 52.Clust S Lv1 = Huskberry + Bomberry 53.Clust S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Claw 54.Clust S Lv3 = Lg Bone Husk + Scatterfish 55.Disk S = Huskberry + Disk Stone 56.Recover S Lv1 = Huskberry + Herb 57.Recover S Lv2 = Huskberry + Potion(1) 58.Poison S Lv1 = Huskberry + Toadstool 59.Poison S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Ioprey Fang 60.Stun S Lv1 = Huskberry + Stunshroom 61.Stun S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Genprey Fang 62.Sleep S Lv1 = Huskberry + Sleep Herb 63.Sleep S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Sleepyfish 64.Paint S = Huskberry + Paintberry 65.Antidote S = Huskberry + Antidote Herb 66.Demon S= Huskberry + Power Seed 67.Armour S = Huskberry + Armour Seed 68.Dragon S = Lg Bone Husk + Dragon Seed 69.Dung S = Huskberry + Dung Now dont ask for Items combinations anymore they all are here... once i get MHF I'll add the new ones if theres some

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If you had about 30 or 40 12v 7.2A Lead Acid batteries what could you do with them?

I am wondering if I should get these, they are free, so it;s more of a matter of wasting storage space and being unable to get -rid- of them if I can't use them for something practical. I've been meaning to make a little follower-bot, so I may have a use for about 6 of them at most...Any suggestions before I go and pick em up?

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Can I charge and use 18650's simultaneously or better charged first, block from solar, then use with the power inverter?

Hi all, I have been into DIY Solar / Wind for a while. Everything been working great until I planned to replace my lead acid batteries for the 3.6V LG HG2 3000mAh 18650's. With the lead acid I could power my house anytime during day (using solar panels) or night off-grid with ease. So, I bought a lot of 200 18650's and spot welded them in 4S50P. Balanced them, and all that good stuff (time consuming, and a learning experience). Installed a BMS on it too, have a 30 Amp charge controller for 4x100W solar panels which I reserved for this project. Now, I have been searching for a while if these 18650's can be used anytime (connected to solar panels and with the power inverter feeding the house at the same time) ... with no success.

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wiring a building up with a 10 awg stranded wire

I have recently bought a repoed amish rent to own building.  it was getting wired in the middle of the repo.  i have some stranded 10awg stranded wire with an extension cord male plug on one end.  i would like to have it to where i can easily disconnect the power by unplugging it from my outside outlet of the house.  inside the building is a complete breaker box with a 60 amp breaker and a bunch of 30's as secondaries.  i have read that 30 amp is max for the 10 awg stranded wire.  is there any way that i can have the other end of the wiring put in the breaker box with a 30 amp breaker as the main and 15's and possibly a 20 here and there for breakers.  it has about 6 outlets and one flourescent light in there.  i will have only a small air compressor, small miter saw, couple lights, and a drill battery charger in the building, but never all running at the same time.  can someone give me a couple pointers on this?  by the way, this is industrial warehouse wire, and not no cheap stuff.

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Need old Microprocessor CPU chips

I need a bunch of old CPU microprocessor chips for a craft project.  They can be totally non-functional.  I'm interested in the physical package, not working electronics.  I'll pay postage and agree upon a sales price. However, I'm most interested in older chips, the 486's and early Pentiums (586's).  See figure 2 as a guideline.  I need a bunch ( > 30) but I'll buy them one at a time if necessary. All are for an Instructable, so it's for a good cause.  Any advice for websites that are selling to old chips would also be appreciated. Thanks for any help!

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600 Shots Fan-shape Red & Blue Stars

FireworksSpecification:12*17*170cmPacking:1/1Details:20's * 30 row 7 seconds red/blue stars quick shoot;=1992If you want to browse this fireworks' video, please click the "video" icon which is right under the product picture to watch.

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Request for timer

I would like to make a timer circuit for one or two digicams. Something which would press the shutter button at a desired interval, like from 30 sec to several minutes, to make high resolution timelapses. (2 cameras for stereo, or visual - infrared) I know this should be easy, a simple circuit with relays, but having no knowledge of electronics it would help to have it pointed out step by step)

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How to set a motion detector that will wirelessly activate my vehicle's light bar for 30sec from 11:30pm-5:30am?

I bought a Whelen LED lightbar which an installer will put on my vehicle using a Federal SW200-B four switch module and a 50 Hi amp circuit breaker to install it to the vehicle's battery.  I'd like to have the lightbar automatically trigger on for 30 seconds every time someone pulls in to my lot between 11:30 pm and 5am. What do you recommend I need to pull this off? Motions detectors, wireless switches, timers, etc? I'm clueless in these matters, please be clear and simple :) I'm located in S. Jersey Thanks!

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A gun idea i cant work out

I been trying to make make this weapon but failed every time its the CBJ-MS made by Saab Bofors Dynamics here are the stats Weight 2.8 kg (empty) Length 363 / 565 mm Barrel length 200 mm Cartridge 6.5×25 CBJ-MS and 9×19mm Luger/Parabellum Rate of fire 700 rounds/min Muzzle velocity 2,723 ft/s (830 m/s) Effective range 150 m (6.5×25 CBJ-MS) Maximum range 400 m (6.5×25 CBJ-MS) Feed system 20, 30 or 100 rounds Sights Adjustable open sights this was copied from Wikipedia

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i need arduino code that flashes given led for said time after set time passes?

Ok so I need to have some code that flashes two LED's on different pins. After four hours it needs to flash the two LED's 5 times every 5 min for a total of 30 min. Anyone got any ideas, maby the start of the code or heck even the whole code would be great..

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Which model of Raspberry pi should I buy? Answered

I want to buy a raspberry pi. My budget is about 30$ (Rs.2000 INR). And there is not any specific project for which I want to buy. Also I’m beginner to this. So 1) Which model should I buy? 2) Where can I find raspberry pi at lowest price? 3) Any kit available in this price range?

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1ª Build Night por Sugru en The Inventor´s House (Mexico)

El pasado jueves 18 de Julio se llevo acabo la primera Build Nigth en The Inventor´s House patrocinada por Instructables y Sugru Una noche en la que a pesar de la lluvia que cayo en la ciudad hubo varios participantes que dejaron volar su imaginación y crearon cosas geniales. El evento comenzó a las 20:30 debido a la lluvia, se les entrego a todos los participantes un sobre de sugru, varios venían preparados con material extra como cautín, partes de fuentes de computadora, plugs de audifonos, controles de playstation, madera entre otras cosas para hacer sus creaciones. El evento estuvo genial incluso contamos con la presencia varios niños todo en un ambiente colaborativo y de creatividad. Estos son algunos de los inventos realizados en esta Build Night te mostramos el video y la liga al instructable. Un cubre polvos para tu celular: Instructable: Un Joystick mejorado de control Nintendo 64: Un mouse USB/PS2: Instructable: Base para ventilación de laptop: Instructable: Fue una experiencia genial, que nos dejo bastante conocimiento para seguir mejorando el evento, ya estamos organizando la build night de agosto, en esta ocasión primero impartiremos un pequeño curso de como crear un instructable y así mejorar nuestros post. Sin mas nos despedimos desde Aguascalientes, México. Saludos :D

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MotaBoi's K'nex Handgun

 Ok... this was originally meant to be a Desert Eagle and it looked pretty good... but it didn't shoot very well at all, that's why I didn't call it a Desert Eagle.  In the future (next week) i will make a replica that does shoot. Some features: 30 - 40+ ft range True trigger 8 round mag Sounds really cool CREDIT TO TRAUTS,  SUBSCRIBE TO HIM!!!  I USED HIS MECHANISM FOR THIS GUN.  A VIDEO WILL BE UP THIS WEEK AND INSTRUCTIONS ON THE WEEKEND!!!

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What is the best way to power this motor? Answered

I'm tempted to build an electric bike. I will be using a 4000W Hubzilla hub electric motor. I need about 100V and 80A at max. Batteries are really expensive, so what kind of battery(s) can I buy for under $600 that would match this motor and give me roughly 20 miles? I'm not incredibly worried about weight, but under 30-40 lbs would be superlative. Thanks!

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Soldering Irons?

My last soldering iron needs to be retired, it will no longer melt solder, and was originally purchased sometime in the 80's. So I need a new soldering iron, but I do not know which one to buy. Should I get a 25 watt or 30 watt to make sure I have enough heat? Also are any of the soldering stations with the variable heat gun worth it? For now I will have to be careful and use my butane soldering iron (I have not burned any components yet).

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lbp working games console

helleo i have made 2 working games consoles on lbp i am going to talk about the seconed one it is the sgr 30 it is called this because s is my gamer tag scenscoff91 sg is a game and computer  group i started for my freinds on lbp r stands for rainbow it is in their because games are in full coluor and i didnt want to call it spectrum in case id break a copy right law . 30 because thats how many images a cartirige can hold . check it out please if people want to im ofering to show people how to make their own games on lbp if you want to know how and me on psn my psn name is scenscoff91 no caps or spaces it uses cartrige to hod data serously games arnt that good yet but their beter than the first ones please check it out

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Vancouver, BC: Got Craft?

Event: GOT CRAFT? Date: Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm First 30 people through the door receive a FREE swag bag full of goods! Location: Legion - 2205 Commercial Drive (at E. 6th Avenue) Admission: $2.00 (kids 10 and under are FREE) More information: Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair featuring over 50 local and handmade vendors from clothing to jewelry to children’s accessories to bath and body products. Bringing a modern twist on the conventional craft fair, Got Craft? is a one stop shop showcasing the best talent Vancouver has to offer while providing the general public with an opportunity to purchase one of a kind items. ... because MALL is a four letter word.

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Zune 80 Cases

Hey, I'm new to posting on this site, so if I am posting in the wrong area, please forgive me. And I'm not sure if I can make requests, but if I can, I have one. I bought one of the new Zune 80's and have been looking around for a case specially designed for the Zune 80 and not the Zune 30, but can only find two. So I am just wondering if anyone out there can make an instructable on how to make a Zune 80 case, if it isn't too hard. Thanks.

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Anyone got tips on leaning out a 2.8L chevy V6 stock carb? Answered

Mine likes to blow BLAAAACK smoke out when I 'punch it' also, lately its been getting around 11mpg.... though, it fires up absolutely fantastic when its -20 or -30 F

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contest voting rules

I am still new to this site and enjoy it very much, I log on every day more than once and utilize 'ables by others on a regular basis. I recently entered the Mothers Day Contest and monitored it closely by votes, hoping, of course, to be a winner. By votes, I finished about 12th (YAY!!) As I waited for the results from the judges, I was a bit confused as to how an instructable (a very good one) from ranking by votes around 30's got to be the winner?? How does the judging work with the votes of the users?

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Beautiful sculptures made from pencils

Jennifer Maestre makes some insanely cool stuff with colored pencils. The pencils aren't used to create the art, they are a part of it. Sea urchins and fantastical creatures get reimagined as colorful spiky sculptures and to think that she didn't even go to an art school until she was in her 30's. Check out the interview with Jennifer that has lots of cool new works as well as her own site that has lots of pieces from the past few years.See more pencil art here.via Neatorama

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wiring of L.E.D. bulbs for constant "on" and reduced heat ?

Self-confessed "tinkerer" with little/no electronics knowledge OR understanding....In need of guidance/expertise ? I have a project; requires constant 5V (from USB) to power/light several L.E.D.'s (either cool white or bright white) in a straight line(s) to illuminate an area approx. 1/2" (W)x 6.0"(L) x 1" (H)... Not knowing the power requirements of various L.E.D.'s ....some LED's require 12V and additional equipment. And the expected period of use being 6-8 hrs (max.) - I'm afraid of problems regarding heat dissipation and poor LED longevity ? With these constraints, I'm unsure if this is feasible or not ? Any help or suggestions ?  Have "tinkered with a string of LED's powered by (3) AA batteries = 4.5 volts x 30 LED bulbs. Didn't seem to get hot using the batteries. After cutting these bulbs from string and "bundling " positive (+) and negative (-) ends and connecting to 5V from USB very warm-hot ? Reading various online posts that seem to agree that the output from batteries is NOT this the problem OR maybe not using "resistors" and not knowing what type or how many would be needed ?

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How do I intensify the spark on my Whirlpool gas stove igniters?

I have a Whirlpool gas stove. A few months ago a few of the spark igniters started to fail. When I discovered that they cost $30 to $40 to replace, I learned how to make my own. The igniters are not much more than a small copper tube soldered to a wire and imbedded in a clay cylinder. Here is my question: Is there a component that would be the opposite of a resister that would intensify the spark? My knowledge of electronics is rather limited. I will soon share this project on Instructables.

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Electric Bike project, what kind of configuration should I use?

I'm planning to make an electric bike and have to select between many options, and want to know all the options available. Where should i put the motor? What kind of configuration (assisted, or motor only, etc.) should I use? I am actually making my old bmx to electric. It will weigh about 100kg with me on it, and the batteries and all. I want it to do at least 20-30 kmph. Im having a tough time selecting parts, and would really appreciate help.  

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uli lab stations

i have some vernier corperation uli lab iterfaces for sale with sensores and some documentation but no software i only have a few so there first come first serve. if anyone on here has access to the sofware or knows of some free software that will work it would be much apprishiated. im thinking about $30 US plus s&h; for the whole set sensors and all . this includes the interface and cables what documentation i have and the fallowing sensors. Heart rate, ultrasonic motion detector, magnetic field detector, mic/amplifier module, regular and fast response temp probes, and a force probe

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EMAIL: inaccurate notification

I received an email stating that MY question had another answer...first, I was NOT the author of the question, and secondly I WAS the one giving the "answer".....I have copied it as follows:  Hi Goodhart! People are answering your question! You have 1 new answers. --------------------------------------- From: Goodhart Date: May 30, 2011. 6:00 AM Subject: Sorry.....the line that reads: First " --- "'s suggestion of varnishing should ACTUALLY read: First " Burf's" suggestion of varnishing reply:;=CGB3VIDGO6VA9QF

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F/S: nokia n95,motorola Q,sidekick 3,xbox 360,playstation

Dear Valuable Buyers,JONQUET VENTURE INC are Independent Legal Company With An Import & Export License ; specializing in the wholesale trade of GSM, LAPTOPS,NAVIGATORS,PLASMA, DIGITAR CAMERAR, CAMCORDER and CDMA cellular phones. We import, export and trade major brands such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG just to name a few. Gimik Trade International Ltd ships worldwide. What do you require today? Give us the opportunity to earn your business.Contact: jonquetventures@hotmail.comHere are some of our present stock:Samsung D900. .. ..220usdSamsung E770. .....220usdSamsung E900.. ....220usdSamsung X820. .....200usdSamsung Z400.......1800usdSamsung D600.......160usd.Benefon Twing. ....220usdBenq Siemens.. . ...230usdBlackberry Paerl. . 230usdLg Chocolate......200usdLg U890............220usdQtekQtek 8500 ....... 150usdQtek S200 ....... 180usdQtek 9000 ....... 250usdQtek 8310 ....... 200usdNEXTEL PHONES.Nextel i930-----120usdNextel i860-----150usdNextel i870-----180usdMotorola Kkrz1. ...150usdMotorola L6...... ...160usdMotorola pebl.. ..200usdMotorola v3i.. . ..140usdMotorola q............180usdNokia N95... . ... 300usdNokia N73.. ..... 240usdNokia N92... .. . 230usdNokia N91... .... 220usdNokia N90.. ......200usdNokia N80... .....180usdNokia N70..... . 160usdNokia 6030.... ..170usdNokia7360..... ...180usdNokia 8800... . . 200usdNokia 9300i... .. 180usdNokia9500.... . . 180usdNokia E61..... . ..180usdUNLOCKED I-MATE PHONES.I-MATE Smartflip ......200usdI-MATE JAMin ......... 230usdI-MATE JASJAR ........250usdI-MATE K-JAM ......... 210usdSony Ericsson W810i... 230usdSony Ericsson W850i... .230usdSony Ericsson P910i......240usdSony Ericsson W900i... .240usdSony Ericsson W950i.....240usdSony Ericsson K800i......230usdSony Ericsson K600i......180usdPamtreo PHONESPamtreo 600------180usdPamtero 650------200usdTreo 700----------220usdTreo 750----------200usdPalm Treo 700wx......220usdT Mobile Compact Li...200usd02 Xda Exec...................220usd02 XDA Atom ................200usd02 XDA NEO .................180usdHP iPAQ hw6900..............220usdCingular 3125 (HTC Sta......220usdDell Axim X51v..................220usdHP iPAQ h6300 Series........220usdRIM BlackBerry Pearl..........220usdTomTom GO 500-----180usdTomTom GO 510-----210usdTomTom GO 700-----230usdTomTom GO 910-----240usdTomTom RIDER-----.-250usdXBOX GAMES:Xbox 360 Core System --................ 200usdXbox 360 Prenium pack -................-220usdXbox 360 Platinum Bundle Console -- 240usdNintendo Wii (Nintendo Wii)............150usdSony PSP 4GB Core Bundle ...............180usdNew Tickle Me Elmo T.M.X.................100usdApple iPod nano Media Player 2GB ....60usdApple iPod nano Media Player 4GB ....80usd............6GB Mp3 player ..........120Apple iPod nano Media Player 6GB ....100usdApple 4 GB iPod Mini Blue M9436LL/A...60USDApple 2 GB iPod Nano.........................60USDApple 4 GB iPod Nano........................100USDApple 30 GB iPod Video......................120usdApple 60 GB iPod Video.....................150USD+Free carrying case....Camcoders Price List:Sony HDR-FX1............2000usdSony DCR-DVD203 .....320usdSony DCR-HC90 .........570usdSony DCR-HC14 ..........560usdSony DCR-DVD403.......530usdSony DCR-HC18 ..........200usdSony DCR-SR50 ...........665usdSony DCR-DVD405.... ...665usdSony DCR-HC44 ...........230usdSony DCR-SR30 ............435usdSony DCR-DVD404.......335usdSony DCR-DVD505 .......665usdLAPTOPS Note Book PCSONY VAIO VGN-AR11S........1GB 200Gb--700usdSONY VAIO A217S-- 100GB.....................450usdSONY VAIO B1VP-- 40GB HD...................400usdSONY VAIO T370P/L-- 60GB....................400usdSONY VAIO A397XP-- 80GB.....................400usdApple announced the (brand new G5) iMac.......400usd (used)$250usdDell Inspiron 6000----- $400Dell Latitude D505------$400Dell Latitude D610------$460.we hope doing business with reputable individuals andorganisations.Contact Details We sell in Bulk order, and in GOOD Discount prices,We make shipmentthroughfedEx courier services and UPS, and they deliver within 2-3days homedelivery,Contact: jonquetventures@hotmail.comTHANKSMANAGERMANET.

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Voyager 2 probe leaves the neighborhood

Http:// 30 August, NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft -- which has been sailing through space since 1977 -- crossed the "termination shock", the boundary between the bubble in space dominated by the solar wind coming from the Sun and the transition region beyond that lies between Earth and interstellar space.Voyager 2's twin, Voyager 1, crossed this same boundary in December 2004. But Voyager 2 did it while almost 1 billion miles closer to the Sun, suggesting that something -- such as an interstellar magnetic field -- is compressing the bubble of the solar wind on that side. The twin Voyagers headed out of the solar system in different directions, with Voyager 1 taking a northern path and Voyager 2 a southern one."Now both spacecraft are in the final frontier of the solar system," says project scientist Edward Stone, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. "We've reached another major milestone in our 30 years of discovery." He and other Voyager scientists presented their findings on Monday at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

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any ideas on ground wave radio control? Answered

So I have a pipe dream of building an extremely long range remote controlled boat (100's of kilometers). from my research it seems as if I would need to broadcast my control signal at less than 30 MHz so that the waves travel along the ground and less power is used for longer range. I am up to my ears in designs for the vehicle itself, but I am struggling as to how I would communicate data for such long distances. I have considered adapting Ham radios, and making a sound controlled robot. but this seems unreliable. So... any ideas? Thanks for your help :)  -Cheeseboy

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PEMF device that mimics earth's magnetic field?

I am very interested in making a pulsed electric magnetic field device that mimics the Earth's own magnetic field. It could be as simple as one single coil. That coil would have to have a magnetic field that measures in the 30 to 90 microTesla range, and it would have to be able to be pulsed in the 5 to 45 Hz frequency range, since that is roughly the strength and frequency of the Earth's own magnetic field Any ideas on how to make that happen? I am a reasonably intelligent person, but I am not necessarily technically gifted. So for somebody this might be uber simple, I don't know, but I am just not sure how to go about doing this. What do you think?

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Praying Mantis Dying? HELP!

I have what I believe is a large Indian Mantis.  I fould it on our deck and have kept it for about 3 weeks so far.  It molted a week ago and for the first time I saw wings.  The covering of the wings is a little shredded, but look ok.  Starting yesterday it started looking very lethargic and was hanging by 1 leg from the top screen of it's cage where it hasn't left in 3 weeks except when it molted.  It looks like it is dying and not showing any signs of strength or interest in food.  What can I do, if anything?  Temps here in New England are in the 30's at night and I don't think it would stand a chance if I let it go or I would. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP.  THANKS!

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Would an Instructable on the Grandmother of Rock 'n' Roll be ok?

I've been writing an Instructable on how to become a better guitar player and performer by getting to know the "Grandmother of Rock'n'Roll" Sister Rosetta Tharpe.I was wondering if it was something Instructables would want.I've been passionate about her for quite a while. She was an Electric Guitar legend and influenced everyone from Elvis to Keith Richards, but for some reason there are many people who don't know who she is.I uploaded a couple of her videos on DailyMotion about a year ago. They have always been 5 stars. I was thinking about making some "music video" slide shows with some of her music, so I can put them in the Instructable. (I'd love to know what programs you would suggest to make them - open source is best) There isn't much video of her. I've only seen about 7 clips. I was going to point out some of the passages in the songs, that I think illustrate her musical genius, and go through how her style evolved from Delta Blues, to Big Band, and into Gospel. Almost all of it Rocks also.I'm actually not a guitar player but I have played other instruments and can hear what I think are a lot of the influential parts of her playing. I think I can identify the types of guitars also. She played acoustic back in the 20's, then went to a resonator in the 30's, and started playing Electric as soon as they were invented. She was a contemporary of Robert Johnson the "Grandfather of Rock'n'Roll". She started playing guitar at 4 years old in 1919. Yes, 4yo, no typo there. They stood her on a table. She is from the same Delta Blues tradition of Robert Johnson but went into Gospel.I'm pretty sure she was the first black woman to ever play guitar in Carnegie Hall.There are music historians that credit her with the 1st rock and roll song - "Strange Things Happen Everyday" in the mid 1940's. She recorded from the 1920's to the 70's.I don't want to write the whole thing here, so I better stop now.What do you think? Appropriate for an Instructable?Check out the video to see what an amazing musician/performer she is. You can see another one from the 70's on my Dailymotion page. I'm SFHandyman there also. It's fun to see this middle aged church lady, in a long flowery dress, in front of a gospel choir, rock out on an electric guitar.

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My computer locks up with an audio loop, help! Answered

I recently upgraded my hardware (I put in two 8600 GT's in SLI, and an E6850, both used), and shortly after, my games began to lock up. Whatever was on the screen would stay there, and the last second of audio would loop. The only way to get out of it was a hard reset. Then I noticed when I unplugged my other two hard drives, games wouldn't freeze up anymore. So I replaced my 400 watt PSU with a 550 watt, with 50 amps on the 12 volt rails. Everything seemed to clear up, until today, when I was browsing Newegg and listening to Audioslave (not very resource intensive), and it locked up with the same symptoms for no apparent reason. I'm getting worried now, as I shelled out 75 bucks for a decent PSU and the same stuff is happening. My CPU idles in the upper 30's to lower 40's, and peaks at 60 C in games. I know it's a bit toasty, but it shouldn't be hot enough to cause this sort of problem, right? So if anyone has any ideas about what's going on, any help is appreciated.

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how to set alarm of rtc clock by sending serial command

Hi! i am facing problem in my next task of the project which is to set the alarm time of rtc through my smart phone here is the code for this task  .. #include #include #include    virtuabotixRTC myRTC(6, 7, smiley-cool; int led=13; char h=8 ; char m=30; char s=0; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(led,OUTPUT); setTime(8,0,0,16,7,14);    myRTC.setDS1302Time(00, 00, 8, 3, 14, 7, 2014);} void loop() {   myRTC.updateTime();   // Start printing elements as individuals                                                                     Serial.print("Current Date / Time: ");                                                                   Serial.print(myRTC.dayofmonth);                                                                          Serial.print("/");                                                                                       Serial.print(myRTC.month);                                                                                Serial.print("/");                                                                                       Serial.print(myRTC.year);                                                                                 Serial.print("  ");                                                                                       Serial.print(myRTC.hours);                                                                                Serial.print(":");                                                                                        Serial.print(myRTC.minutes);                                                                           Serial.print(":");                                                                                      Serial.println(myRTC.seconds);                                                                           Alarm.delay(1000); // wait one second between clock display if (Serial.available() >0)   { h=;  //dont know how to make;// these three commands to;//work properly through proper  programming command    Alarm.alarmRepeat(h,m,s, morningalarm);  // alarm set through smartphone } else{ Serial.println('nothing have been sent'); }} // functions to be called when an alarm triggers: void morningalarm(){   Serial.println("Alarm: - turn lights off");   digitalWrite(led, HIGH);  } plz do help me out in this should i receive hour minute and seconds at a time serially and put them all together in alarm command so the alarm is set to a new time which is specified by the user through his smart phone

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Malware from in Instructables comment?

PMbeartoe 's comment(Jul 28, 2011. 8:30) on Solar Hot Air Balloon Message-in-a-Bottle instructable referred to I used it for a search.  Shortly afterwards my wife use google. The google results page would not scroll. and also a google security update was suggested. I accepted the update and Microsoft Security Essentials immediately warned of malware and cleaned the just installed files from the downloads folder. A scan was advised and actioned.  Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.EW (Aliases: Suspect-AC!E30DD121029B (McAfee)    WORM_PUSHBOT.SMA (Trend Micro)    Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.ajmj (Kaspersky) ) had been detected in  ...\Downloads\Google_Security_Update9.2b.exe Can any one advise if the malware came with scroogle?

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How can I connect several LEDs to 12v outlet in my PC's PSU?

I have some (about 30: red, gren, blue, white, UV etc.) LEDs laying around in my project box from a high-school project. And I want to make good use of em. so I want to make some kind of mod for my PC. I forgot the voltage of each kind. but they are all 5mm. so I am guessing they will be of very similar voltage. the problem is I have no idea about how to connect em to the available 12v outlets of my PSU. also, I am a novice with LEDs. Any help will be appreciated.

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Converting Wireless PS3 Rock Band Guitar to Wired USB?

I'm a bit late to the Rock Band party (okay, *a lot*), so I when I saw a PS3 Rock Band wireless guitar at a Goodwill store, I excitedly bought it, but when I got it back home, I was disappointed to find that it does not use the PS3's Bluetooth after doing some research, and actually requires a special wireless RF dongle that I did not receive with the guitar. Unfortunately, these things cost around 30 bucks on their own. So, I've been wondering if it's possible to make this wireless guitar use a USB cable instead (perhaps to just work with the PC). Is something like this even possible without swapping the internals altogether? Thank you in advance.

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Any of you guys want to learn how to do the Rubik's Cube?

 Well, I recently became addicted to "cubing" all over again.  I have made some instructions for my friends, do any of you guys want me to post instructions?  I have looked around, and none of the other people that have posted instructions on here posted very good instructions.  Also, they kinda suck at it, no offense :)  Most of these people solve in about 2 minutes, my average is under 30 seconds.  If any of you guys wanna learn, just leave me a comment! Here are some instructions I made for my friends, I will make an ible when I have time:

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My girlfriend's father caught us making out in her backyard at 1:00 am. He was pissed. What should I do?

My girlfriend and I have a very happy relationship. We couldn't see each other during the day, but decided we really wanted to hook up that night. Her parents go to sleep at 10:30, and she decided to sneak out and I'd meet her in the backyard, since her house is in walking distance.I told my parents I was going for a walk around the block. I left at 11:00 pm and said I would be home by 11:30, which is the curfew when minors have to be off the streets.I get to her house and 11:10, she quietly sneaks out and we meet up. I had intended to leave and be home on time, but soon found ourselves making out under bright moonlight and we just couldn't bring ourselves to end it.Soon I start getting phone calls from my parents. My cell phone is vibrating in my pocket but I didn't pick up. Quite frankly I was too lost in the moment to care.I ignore the calls for a while. After a long time, we're both terrified to hear the back door open and her father come out!He says, calmly but obviously pissed. "---- come inside. And you best go home."I slip away without a word, obviously pretty spooked. I get to the end of her street, and check my cell phone. It's 1:00 AM!!My parents called the police and reported me as missing! I got to the end of her street, and a police cruiser picks me up for being out after curfew.They contact my parents. I wasn't arrested because I explained to the officer the situation, I was with my girl, we lost track of time, honest mistake, apologies, etc. My parents call my girlfriend's parents. Her folks are obviously not happy with me. I've had my cell phone service disconnected, and my girlfriend doesn't have Facebook, e-mail, or any way for me to contact her.I need to know----1. How to make amends to her parents2. If we can continue our relationship with her parents hating me3. How to manage this whole clusterf**k situationPlease any advice will help! This just happened yesterday so I need to act. I'm really crazy about this girl and we have a great relationship, it'd be a shame to lose it.Thank you so much to everyone!-IR

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attiny85 to control two different jobs through a switch?

What i really want is to piece up 2 sketches together in attiny85 programming,the result is to enable it to be controlled through a switch.the 2 sketched are pretty long.I don't know how bcz i am a newbie in first i thought of 'Case,break'syntax,but later found it may not suitable. The pins i choose is Pin4(Analog2) physical pin3 of attiny85 to control of WS2812B light strip.another Pin1(PWM)physical Pin6 to control a speaker. #include #include #define PIN 4 Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(30, PIN, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800); void setup() {     Serial.begin(9600);   strip.begin();; // Initialize all pixels to 'off' } void loop() {     int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);   Serial.println(sensorValue);//Just for the calipration     if(sensorValue > 10)   { rainbowCycle(0); } if(sensorValue >30){ theaterChase(strip.Color(255,0,0),10); theaterChase(strip.Color(255,0,0),10); theaterChase(strip.Color(0,0,255),10); } if(sensorValue >40){   colorWipe(strip.Color(255,0,0),10);   colorWipe(strip.Color(0,255,0),10);   colorWipe(strip.Color(0,0,255),10); } } ============ /* ATtiny85 Speaker */ // constants const int Speaker = 1;             // speaker pin void setup() {   pinMode(Speaker, OUTPUT); void playBeep(void) {     for (int i=0; i < 500; i++)     {       digitalWrite(Speaker, HIGH);       delay(1);       digitalWrite(Speaker, LOW);       delay(1);     } }

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Range finder using RF and an arduino?

One of the projects I've been spit-balling for a very long time requires me to be able to build some sort of range finder (if I'm using the correct term). Basically, I would like to create a "finder" unit and a "hider" unit[s]. My thought would be to us RF of some sort, so the "hider" unit will spit out a certain frequency, that the "finder" will pick up and react to (in this case, speed up the blinking of some LED's and turn some servo's to set levels). This doesn't need to be exact. So long as I can detect a decent range so I have a cold, warm, warmer, and on fire points to use, it'll do the desired deed. Price is another factor, as I would like to keep this around the ballpark of $30 per unit.  Thanks in advance!! 

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Paper Airplane Contest 8 (Closed)

As summer ends and school begins, the need for great paper airplanes increases again. Because of that, I have decided to attempt to coax instructablers everywhere into designing a new paper airplane to perform common requirements. In addition, I have decided to increase the prize values. Instead of the first place being a 3 month Ibles Pro Membership, I have raised it to a 1 Year Ibles Pro membership. Perhaps that will stir interest among this site's many innovative creators, eh? :) For this contest, the specifications are for a multirole airplane. Requirements: 1. Aircraft Requirements: • Ability to: (A) fly at least 50 feet; (B) perform at least one full loop, wingover and/or half Cuban eight and fly a further 15 feet; and (C) carry at least four 100mg toothpicks • Up to three differently configured variants can be submitted to fill the A, B and C capabilities. Between these three there must be at least 60% commonality in construction. • Durability to fly at least 20 flights • Use of less than 15 inches (0.381 meters) of tape in construction • Use of less than 6 pieces of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper in construction • Aircraft must be named (if there are multiple variations, identify each distinctly) 2. Instructable Requirements: • 1 page (not the intro page) strictly devoted to materials required in construction • 1 page explaining how to fly the aircraft (if there are multiple variations, illustrate how to fly each) • The instructable (or instructables’) license must be: "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)" • This sentence and link must be displayed on your entry's intro page: “This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 8.” Prizes: For this contest I will award the publishers of the top 3 performing paper airplanes* one patch each. Each patch will feature its respective aircraft, rather than medals. The first place winner will also receive a 1 Year Pro membership if his/her plane meets or exceeds all specifications. *Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of prizes wide however, each entrant can only win one prize. How to Enter: To enter this contest, you must send me a private message entitled “My PAC8 Paper Airplane [Your Member Name Here]” with your instructable(s)’s URL(s) included. I will then put the link(s) and author's name onto a list on this topic under "Entries". Judging: I will judge all the planes myself based on their abilities. I have decided to test this way because I believe judging on performance and suitability, rather than shape, is a more objective approach. The launch height of all test flights is 5 feet above ground level. The contest begins Friday, August 26, 2011 and ends Friday, September 30, 2011. Entries must be published before Friday, September 30, 2011. From October 1 to October 5, I will be judging all entries. I will announce the winners of the contest on Thursday, October 6, 2011 and issue them their prizes Friday, October 7, 2011. Entries:

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Fade LED on/off when powen on/off with strong LED in miniature space

I want to make a "magic" staff which will power on a strong (>100 lumen) LED under a crystal in the top of the staff. There will be a hidden switch somewhere and I want the LED to power up/down in approximately 1-2 seconds. The power source has to be relatively small batteries but big enough to power the LED for up to 30 minutes. I believe this can be done simply with just a capacitor and a resistor connected to the LED but since I'm a complete beginner, I'd like some advice. 1) How to connect parts together.  2) What parts to choose? I can calculate the timing from t = RC (or is it root of RC?) but there are soooo many to choose from. Probably the LED needs to be fully powered at 3 or 6V. Probably the resistor therefore needs to be 100-500 ohms? Probably the capacitor needs to be approx 2 - 20 mF? But it would be so much simpler if someone says: "Take these components - that will work". I guess choosing the batteries will be crucial for both size, voltage and current conciderations. But please note that I want the LED to be as strong as possible - flash light strength.  3) Is it possible to have a faster power down than power up (0,5 s rather than 2 s) without overcomplicating things (and crowding the space provided). The space is probably no more than an inch diameter (2-3 cm) cylindrical hole for a maximum of 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) length.  All help appreciated! 

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I want to get more out of my sound

I've been getting kinda bored with how my music sounds, and I have LOTS of it on my computer. Some is really pushing the line as far as the quality (128kbps bleh), but most of my music is fairly good quality, some of it flac rips of my cds. I can listen to a good cd on a good cd player on my stereo and it has clean basslines and no distortion in the treble, and no crackle unless it was recorded right into the track. But on my mac, mostly only the high bit rate stuff sounds okay on my stereo. Stuff at 192kb/s or vbr sounds crackely and I can't stand it. I often found a lot of the times it was the EQ in iTunes, if I turned it off, sometimes the crackle would go away, has anyone found this with their mac? I have the volume down 4 notches from full, so I know it's not clipping or it would show on my stereo. I've tried surfing the inter webs for DSP software or something of that sort for my mac, but apparently all there is, is like professional mixer board software and just stuff I didn't want to get into. Why can't there be a program made for even a PC that gives you any amount of access to sliders to adjust the EQ of the sound, that doesn't sound like crap? Im not talking itunes what? 10 sliders? I want to be able to adjust like 30-60 sliders per channel, does anyone make eq software like that????

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