It's really sad that instrutables is beginning to let advertisers "sneak" onto their site. It was such a beautiful idea to begin with and now I see more and more advertisements labeled as instructables.  PLEASE go back to everyday people sharing useful instructions instead of Charlatans spreading their own self-aggrandizing products.  Instructables, you WILL begin to lose your fan base unless something changes. I've seen it to many times in the past. Sites that start out with good intentions but eventually succumb to the almighty dollar. I know bandwidth isn't cheap and We don't mind the adverts on the edges but, PLEASE watch out for shameless self promoters. Watching With High Hopes, Me

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sad days

Anyone ever fell like when your sad you want something warm in your body. i have a theroy that its only on rainy days in which you should have soup its the only aprotriate time

Topic by bommber man   |  last reply

Im Really sad.

I got a hair cut, it looks nice, but i miss my fro, all warm, now when i go out side, i have to wear a hat. i hate it.

Topic by Yerboogieman   |  last reply

: (

I created an instructable and no one can see it i published it too like 2 hours ago! check out my pro you can see it, its the one with buiscuits kfc style : (

Topic by Shifrin   |  last reply

Sad decline, forced registration

I think it's pretty sad if you can suddenly not look at secondary pictures, or some pages of an instructable, without being logged in, if this pathetic behaviour continues I will have to un-register and stop visiting.

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Its been a sad month

This month of July 2009 has been tragic. Four celebrities have died: Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays. I can't believe it!!

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Memories - Noun - The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

Well, I was "doing my rounds" on the net tonight, and hopped into the instructables chatroom, upon entering, I was swept with memories of what had happened in that room, and seeing it today.. Its really interesting to see the ups and downs of life... :(

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When it rains, it pours......

Early this morning, during another bout with pneumonia, my Mother in law (my wife's Mom) passed away. I am at a loss for both words and feelings at the moment, please forgive me if I seem "absent of mind" in the next few days before my own hospital stay.

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. Help with installing an SSD into a Mac ? Answered

Hello, From a no knowledge base I have taken out the dead hard drive on my friend's early 2009 iMac, using youtube as a guide, and replaced it with an SSD. I used a crucial MX300 and it is totally compatible. I have El Capitan on a flash drive When I started up the mac it showed a question mark. When I started it up with the flash drive in, and held option, it does not show the new hard drive in disk utility., just the flash drive. I read around and it seems that the new SSD should be formatted before installation. Lots of people seem to have this problem; I read a small answer where someone said that you could connect another mac to get into the iMac's disc utility and somehow format the new SSD;  they did not go into detail but it seemed to suggest that the letter T was used on start up.  Or is the only way to this to remove the SSD and use an adaptor and connect it to a mac to format it?  Any advice or links will be gratefully received. thank you

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Why does kiteman look sad?

I wonder how long this has been going on...

Topic by Yerboogieman   |  last reply

SAD sunrise clock, led bulb mod?

I suffer with SAD and a sunrise clock helps a lot getting up in the mornings and winding down at night. I have one similar to this It uses ses 14 bulbs, currently using halogen 42W but these don't last long and I managed to blow one closing a drawer! So, I'm looking for a way to use 10 to 20W leds  but obviously, given its UK mains voltage that does the timed dimming, finding a suitable LED driver is difficult. There are a few out there but I've no idea which ones will work as it need it to. Also, the only commercially available dimmable led bulbs are e27 fit only, very expensive and only 12W, around 400 lumens. I need at least 600. Also the more the better. Looking to use 6400K or higher colour, as the higher temp colours are proven to be better for SAD. I can make electronic circuits and have hacked together/repaired plenty of stuff. I would rather build something than buy as I don't have £££ to spend! Does anybody have any ideas to help me get started? I'm also looking to replace my SAD bulbs, currently 85W cfls with LEDS as well.

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Related to, but seperate from: July Change of Plans...

I finally broke down and asked the HOPE Conference people for some help, because I was unable to attend the Hope conference, with the ticket (since it was stated clearly at the time I bought it, that it was non-refundable).  They could not, but one person offered to buy it. This is great news, if he comes through and actually does pay for it. BUT, if he doesn't,  I haven't lost anything further. Just bringing you all up to speed on the last thing that needed done before I was free of worrying about the conference.  

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I feel drained.....not just drained but kind of empty....UPDATED

I have been trying to "restart" my creative mind, but of late, I feel like I have had my brain replaced by a vacuum cylinder.   I am at a total loss, and even the LASER project I was working on, failed miserably.   Before going on to anything more with that, I will have to get some protective eyewear though. This is all very depressing to me....but I don't want anyone that knows me to feel badly because I do, it isn't your is partly situational and party medical (I feel like I am getting old - like my imagination is waning...). I guess PART of the problem is that the BAR KARMA project appears to be coming to an end.....with no news of whether it will be renewed next year or not......I had a LOT of fun, writing and submitting ideas to that, and even got to hear a suggested piece of music on one of the shows :-) I want to thank each of you for replying to my little mope has gotten kind of lonely in my section of the world....and it's good to know i am well thought of....thank you all.   I guess my recent failures, the mess I made of the box I  sent out in the gift exchange, the recent ambition to do something with a crystal radio....and my laser project that fizzled fading eyesight, and inability to do the artwork (pyrographs) I once enjoyed doing....all has taken it's toll. To be honest, it hasn't been a LITTLE mope session, this has been going on for a few months, but has come to a head recently. What good is this deafness..... Only one? I was just going through many of my old PM's since I have kept a LOT of them, almost as far back as I can I could weed out some of them, and I have come to realize a few things:   #1:  I am DEEPLY in everyone's debt here for all they have done for me over the past few years.   In fact, that brings me to something else.... #2: I feel quite ashamed at feeling down when there are so many of you out there that care, I have NO BUSINESS feeling alone. .. it might even be considered "selfish" of me to feel that way.    And I am sorry for that.....but I do realize I am not alone, and I ACKNOWEDGE each and every one of you I have dealt with over the years. You are all VERY special to me.

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Does anybody think this video is sad?

This video is a clip from Daft Punk's movie Electroma with a different song by them called Make Love.I find this clip very saddening. To get this jist of the movie watch the second clip (the video doesn't really start till 33 seconds in) and it has pretty good music! Basically the robot with the silver helmet wants to become human and the robot in the gold helmet is his best friend. They try and become human in a robot world. any thoughts?

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I haz a sad - Gorilla competiton

So I saw the Gorilla competition and it said - make a cardboard construction and enter it in our competition. So I made my construction, and went to enter it, and only then did I see that I was supposed to be making was an instructable. This may be obvious to anyone familiar with the site, but I had not entered a competition on here before, and it does not say anywhere in the rules that a series of photographs and instructions was part of the competition. So I have a very nice cat tower made from carboard tubes (which the kitties love), but only a final photograph. Sigh. I will know next time, but I think you should say that this is a competition to make an instructable, rather than just a finished object.

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Common guys please join =D

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Sudden defeat type song?

I'm doing a school project on certain battles in WWII, but I need a song for the background. It's a film of sorts, and the song should be energetic and uplifting in the beginning, maybe orchestral and with booming drums, then fade into a sad ending to symbolize that even though the war was over, the losses were great and many people were dead.  Can anyone help?

Question by LiquidLightning   |  last reply

Throat Problems updated (Double update, please read)

Recently, I had complained about my abnormally small throat. Well, I just wanted to say... it has gotten so bad to the point where sometimes I have trouble BREATHING. I cannot swallow properly sometimes, and even FLUIDS have trouble going down my throat. Well, they don't get stuck like food, but I can feel them go down my through extremely slow. I am scared as hell. I am scared to eat. I am scared of choking again.Just a few days ago, my mom, dad, and I had pizza for dinner. I only had 2 slices of pizza. Both my mom and dad had 3, maybe 4 pieces (they were small). My parents were done, and I was still halfway done my second slice. My dad is taking me to the doctors either this week or next week. Please, tell me what you think and if you have the same problems===============================UPDATE============================= My dad is taking me to the doc tomorrow. I am excited, even though they may shove cameras down my throat, haha. When you see this topic has "Triple update" I will tell you what the man in the white suit said.

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The music has brought to me a wonderful story? Give me your opinion

Ok, so while trying to get to sleep, about an hour ago, I decided to listen to "For Crying out Loud" by Meatloaf. I tried to daynightdream (Dreaming while awake at night) me singing the song.... the music has unleashed a story. I tried to keep the story going. I then listened to "Hallelujah" by Paramore, then "No Suprise" by Chris Daughtry. Here is the story: Plot: A man and his band have a dream of becomming big. The man is the singer. He meets a girl, who helps his band out, and is a guest singer with the man.The man feels this may be the perfect girl for him, until a terrible accident happens. Doctors struggle to keep the girl alive, but she ends up dying. The man, being so depressed, departs from his band until he finds life. He starts touring solo around his hometown. He dedicates a performance of a cover of the song "For Crying out Loud" by Meatloaf to the girl. At the end, he breaks down and curls in a ball in the back of the stage. Being so depressed, he doesn't realize that he falls asleep. He wakes up a few hours later. He finally leaves the empty theater, to go to the girls house. It is empty, except for her dog. He feeds the dog. He thens becomes curious, and reads the girls diary. The last entry of the day said "I am not sure why, but something doesn't feel right. If anything happens to me, let (the mans name) know, I love him". The man can't help but to be sad, with a touch of happiness. He places the diary back in her drawer, and goes back to the garage where his band practiced. He soon finds out that the band had found a new singer, and has ditched him... to already have a platinum record released. Will the man find hope to find his dream? Please tell me what you think. Tell me if you think I should try to see if maybe I can write it, then possibly get it published? I really want your opinion. Okay, so I just wrote my first chapter. Here it is: "Hey. Gimmie that drumstick over there. I lost my other one," "Well, you know that being destroyed will leave a void" "Shuddup with your logic, Brian. Wait... destroyed...void. Write that down for a song!" No one knew the drummers name. They just called him "Animal". The lead guitarist is Brian. The rythm guitarists name was Chad. But most importantly, the singers name was Damian. Damian Blue. Everyone knew his name. He was the popular one of the town. "Destroy... and... void.... Got it!" Brian said in a monotone voice. "Killer! Okay, lets practice our song Lost" So they did. They played. This is the bands most enjoyed song. Everyone loved it. The town, the citizens, the kids, and even the mayor showed up at a concert. These are the people, this is the life, this is the band "Pessimist or Optimist?"

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Sad News Proffesor Snape has passed.

"Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish." Wikipedia  Actor Alan Rickman, Snape in Harry Potter films, dies at 69.;=1550&bih;=746&source;=lnms&tbm;=isch&sa;=X&ved;=0ahUKEwj31pf7larKAhUINT4KHTdRBq0Q_AUIBigB&dpr;=0.8

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A car just ran over my skateboard...

Yeah..... My friend came over and was riding my skateboardand he went up my driveway (which is a slight incline upwards) and tripped,which sent the skateboard out from under him and back down the driveway and into the street were a car who was just driving by at the exact same instant drove by and went right over my skateboard!!This all happened so fast that i didn't have time to jump and save my poor baby from that car. =(Oh well at least me or my friend didn't get run over. I'm not really mad at him, I am more mad at the driver who just kept on going after he had just run my skateboard over!!! Oh well i will just have to get a new deck. I will hang the snapped deck on my wall though.

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Do I need diffuser for SAD light box?

Most of light boxes I've seen does not seem to have diffuser on them. I guess using UVless leds won't cause problem without diffuser, but doesn't looking at LEDs without diffuser still cause eye problems? IF I do need one, what kind of diffusing method should I use? ALso, does diffusing decrease light intensity? I would like to create 10,000 lux.

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One small sad note over the holidays (updated)

And I CERTAINLY don't want to bring anyone down, but we did have a small loss over the holidays.  On December 26th, at about 2:30 am (just after midnight of the 25th) our one guinea pig, Shamrock, started to have troubles breathing.  He "breathed his last" as we kept him company, so he did not die alone.  And his companion, Maura was by his side also, looking quite concerned over what was happening.  Respiratory ailments would be the worst for me; I would hate to have emphysema for years, etc.  Thankfully, he seemed to go fairly quickly (in a few hours) and did not suffer long. He WAS a fairly well aged Cavy, being about 2-3 years old when my wife and I rescued him from the local shelter.   He had a deformed foot that never seemed to bother him at all.  He got around famously despite this. We miss him already. UPDATE: It appears as though his respiratory problems were due to congestive heart failure.       

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Did you see the Lunar Eclipse?

Well, unfortunately i did not see the lunar eclipse because it was too cloudy. =(But did any of you see it?Was it pretty cool?

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I like a girl?

Ok, I'll try to explain my situation - it's a difficult but here. Since I was a kid I feared fights. I HATED fights. My father signed me up to a kickboxing class, and I liked it a lot. That's why being a ninja became my dream. I gathered resources and necessary knowledge, and I'm ready now. The problem is that I need to change my life completely - no more massive computing. No more fear from fights, or hurting myself when doing parkour. In other words, I'm adopting a whole new lifestyle and I'm having a very hard time doing it. Now that I explained my state - there are two things that push me forward - the hope that I'll make it, and a girl. I liked a girl some months ago, but she broke my heart. I gave her all I have. Now, I fell in love with her best friend. I want to tell her, but it's the summer vacation now. I don't have her phone. I asked her twice to hang out outside, but she was busy. So it's either I keep asking and tell her when we meet, or tell her over facebook. I really want her. She will really help me with finding a better life patch.

Question by netbus   |  last reply

When u say u sad in between coats, how long do u wait for the paint to dry? Answered

I jaut want to know how long in between each coat I should let it dry befor Sanding the frame?

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Halloween Gingerbread House

$5-$10 Gingerbread House kits.... I highly recommend NOT buying one. Not only are they not flammable... They taste bad, difficult to assemble AND they don't come with the parts to make it just like on the box....This was one sad sad house -- so we put it out of its misery... Just thought I'd share... <-- Some videos in there...

Topic by trebuchet03 


Why did you change what was good? This new site is awful! I see pics with no idea of what I'm looking at because the titles and brief descriptions are gone. I can't even hover and get a mouse over text. BTW - the pages don't format right in my OS / Browser combo - couldn't you have tested this first? This was a great site that needed no tweaking. Sad, so very sad....

Topic by johnclifford77   |  last reply

Here is a link to the coolest web sight ever here

Topic by the_burrito_master   |  last reply

Sheldon Brown... 1944-2008

If you didn't know - Sheldon Brown has passed away :( makes me sad :(

Topic by trebuchet03   |  last reply

Super awesome secret thread! WOOT!

WHY DID YOU CHANGE?!? Why did you change what was good? This new site is awful! I see pics with no idea of what I'm looking at because the titles and brief descriptions are gone. I can't even hover and get a mouse over text. BTW - the pages don't format right in my OS / Browser combo - couldn't you have tested this first? This was a great site that needed no tweaking. Sad, so very sad....

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why exactly did instructables create pro accounts??? Answered

Now I can't view all of the steps on one page! *sadness*

Question by gorgo333   |  last reply

Why isn't my instructable showing up?

I just made an apollo spacecraft out of legos. Sadly, however, it is not showing up. KINDA SAD KINDA MAD!!! 

Question by emcee2   |  last reply

Ipod 20g white

I have a 20g ipod the sad face is on sometimes and other times is not condition is well and it comes with a black cover Im asking for $35 or something else

Topic by f9150bust   |  last reply

What type of light do I need to help with S.A.D.? Answered

I was wondering what type of light source could I use for S.A.D.. Compact fluorecent, LEDs , and which colour? Is there a specific wavelength?

Question by ChrysN   |  last reply

Are you the noob?

Whenever you owned someone on matchmaking does it ever dawn on you that that was you in 2007 (when halo 3 came out) But for the people that just purely (suck...) it's just sad...... SO TELL US YOUR MOST AMAZING NOOB KILL!!!!!!

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Mood Faces

Right now I am sad. (:vo The comments and instructables are devoid of any emotional expressions except the most simple ones such as :D. What a case of melancholy. Anybody with experience is asked to help. Then I may be happy. :v)

Topic by szechuan53   |  last reply

WT*#@° :0-(3

Why do only pro member now can dowload the PDF's???? the last time i remembered the free acounts could download them :0-(3 BunnyMacSteam verry sad   :0-(3  

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Could I have my patch?

I'm a patient woman, but it's been months since I sent in my entries for Eric's wall...and no patch...and I'm so sad... :'( Could I maybe, possibly, y'know...get it soon? Pwease?

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Is there anyway to get the data off of an iPOD that won't start up? Answered

It acts like it wants to start up makes a whirring and clicking noise and then shows the sad iPOD icon.  the person at the Genius Bar said the hard drive had crashed.  Any thoughts/ideas?

Question by Safetylast   |  last reply

I believe this format to promote good looks over education...

No longer is there a Best Answer, a Follow, a personal comment Delete and the old click spam to help indicate the what is inappropriate or desirable...This is a sad state of affairs...

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my girl is going to paris and she not takeing me should I be worried? what if she going to see some one else? Answered

Last moth she sad she is going to paris and when she tolled me she has been cooled to me?

Question by Helzacat   |  last reply

instructable page doesn't load

Hello friends, I have such question - when I try to load Submit instrutable I have got error that this page cannot be loaded - all other pages wok fine, but not this. And it is very sad, cause I cannot submit my instructable. Regards

Topic by sergezeobit 

Buttons that select playlists on a pc?

Ok, could anyone suggest a way of making an interface that has buttons with different moods on that opens up a playlist (prefferably in itunes) and plays it. for example, if I pressed the "Sad" button it would open up a playlist I have put together and play it automaticly. Thanks  :)

Question by joearkay   |  last reply

Dead baby bluebirds.

Bluebirds were nesting in a house in the backyard. Hadn't seen them for a day or two. Went out to take a look and there are 4 dead babies laying on the ground, sooo sad. We have a hawk in the area, would he have done this? Wouldn't think he could get his head in the house. Central WI area if that helps.

Question by LGelhar 

Know any 8 minute female monologues? Answered

I need an 8 minute female monologue from a well known movie or play. It needs to have a lot of emotion ( preferably a crazy women having a break down getting angry and then sad and then being calm, or something like that.) If you know one please help :)

Question by RoseFlowers   |  last reply

Entering a draft in a contest

I noticed that, when viewing a draft, the "add instructable to contest" button is active. Could you use this button to wait out the moderation and publish after it has been accepted into the contest or would the moderator not approve an unpublished ibble? It's always sad when you've been knocked off the front page before being accepted into a contest. 

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Some important bugs I found

Hi, I found some bugs: 1- The sort by of the forum does not work.  2- In the initial web a sad gray background. ( 3- The button Go to step in every instructable does not work, I click it but it does not do anything. I am using Chrome (lastest version). Bye!

Topic by faacuunndoo 

How about a Google+ +1 button?

Having moved to Google+ and seeing how alive the place is with interesting people, I am sad that I cannot easily share Instructables there. The Google+ Chrome extension picks up a random ad, which looks awful. Could we have a +1 button next to the Facebook and Twitter ones? Thanks, -Lars

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Biological hackerspace in NYC

Yay! There's finally a hackerspace dedicated to biotech New York City. I'm kind of sad I can't drop by to visit any time soon, but I hope (fingers crossed) I can get the ever so popular caitlinsdad to go and report on it. There's even a promising $12 usb microscope (with 170x magnification) project going on! (Photo: Dave Mosher of

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