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Where can I get saltpeter (potassium nitrate) In sudbury Ontario Canada. Or just name the place where you got some.

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other uses for and where to find saltpeter? Answered

Saltpeter/saltpetre/kno3/potassium nitrate: I know it can help make blackpowder/smoke bombs but what other uses could it be used for? also where abouts could I find it in Massachusetts (USA)

Question by therefplosion2440    |  last reply

Where do you get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate)????

Does any body know where to get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate) but not from uni's or from the internet?? If not how do u make it?

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How to make potassium nitrate (aka. kno3 / saltpeter) from fertilizer ????

Hello i would like to hear if anyone knows how to extract kno3 from fertilizer? i got a fertilizer with 28% kno3 but i dont know exactly how to get the kno3 out of it :)

Question by asgerappel    |  last reply

Caustic Soda / Lye / Sodium Hyrdroxide

I need some Caustic Soda for my next Instructable, and I've found a drain-cleaning product with Sodium Hydroxide listed as the main ingredient. (Potassium Nitrate as the second, yay!) Is there any way to measure the purity of any of the ingredients? Does anybody know of a better source of lye? (As it's kind of a pain to sift out the pellets of saltpeter from the mix.)

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Where do you get potassium nitrate?

Where do you get potassium nitrate (saltpeter) or KNo3? I want to use it for rocket motors. Please don't put any ebay or other online site suggestions, I want to see if I can get it locally. I live in the US.

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Ok i am in the proccess of making gunpowder and i personally thought that saltpeter was probably the hardest chemical to find in the uk, however, i have come across a new dilema, obtaining sulfur? i have searched google and found very vague information that is really no use to me :( and dont know what else to try? please tell me where to buy it or how to make, i am very greatfull for everyones help, thankyou.

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