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Sampling electronic components? Answered

I can not find on websites where to sample stuff! can someone give me a link to an online component supplier that has all kinds of electronic components that I can actually sample?

Question by Adum24    |  last reply

Capacitor/wire problem... Samples?

I am making a coil gun(like the instructables). I have everything good right now. but i need a way to get about maybe 16 gauge magnet wire and capacitors free(like samples) I have been needing wire and any wire is welcome to me. For the coil gun does magnet wire work the best or do you need normal copper? I want to get these for free please. like companies giving free samples. please send sites.(need free shipping as well please) ausi

Question by Ausi319    |  last reply

LCD/VFD free samples?

These screens are pretty expensive, has anyone been successful at recieving a sample? Also if anyone knows where I can get samples of flux, desoldering braid, perspex, rare-earth magnets, IC sockets and headers. Thanks, Alex.

Topic by alexgeek    |  last reply

Where custom PCB sample?

I designed a circuit, need to customize a printed circuit board (PCB) example of fine workmanship. I need only 4 to 6 layers PCB Prototype, cost-effective than S = 544849 is higher places to recommend? Good friend recommended place, sharing resources. In my circle, PCB manufacturer resources is not much, hope that we share a lot of you like a good PCB manufacturer resources. Thank you very much!

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Share your websites for free samples

A while back I was doing an electronics project and needed some components. I found that you can get free samples of components from some companys if you ask nicely. There are some good instructables on that that I will link below. I am now trying to experiment with different metals and am trying to find some websites that will give out free samples. But please put all the good websites for samples here so that anyone can find them if they have a project they want to do. The website I have found so far but I have not ordered from them yet: Some of the instuctables i found:

Topic by Nedla2000  

how to fill out a free sample form for electronics?

so i recently found some instructables telling me i could get free samples from electronic companies. but you have to fill out a form. which i dont know how to do. which i know sounds realllly stupid. it asks for things like job title, company,application, project name and so on. could someone please help me on this?

Question by andyweigl    |  last reply

VAT numbers? Answered

I was ordering some samples from Skiffy and I need a VAT number what is it and what do I put?

Question by wolf996  

Free IC Samples: Good or Bad

Every now and then I order a sample of an integrated circuit from companies such as TI, Atmel, or Microchip. But can I get too many. If I order too many do you think they will catch on to my using of their free samples for hobby use and not research? I stopped ordering because I am afraid they might start charging me for all the chips I ordered. What's your opinion?

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Where to get free electronic samples?

I have read a couple of instructables about getting free electronic samples from manufacturers. I am intersted in doing this but I have a problem. I don't have a company or a company email adress. I was wondering if somebody new of a list of manufacturers that I can get free parts from without having a company. Thanks

Question by nurdee1    |  last reply

Sample and Loop Frog (Bent toy)

Hey Folks, i ordered this frog at dealextreme. com.Its called a "Digitally Recordable Motion Activated Visitor Welcoming Door Chime Frog". Originally it is a toy that says "Hello" when someone passes by. You can use your own sample, simply by pressing a button to record it to the frog. Nice toy for circuit bending i thought. Here's what i made today. I added loop, pitch control, input and output jack and a button to start the sample manually. Okay it has still a few bugs, but it works. Hope you enjoy the video:  

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Is there an instructable that gives me an idea of what to do with those little laminate chips that contractors and vendors hand out on key chains? You know, the ones that are samples of flooring or countertops? I don't know what they're called, but I sure have a slew of them!

Topic by suziwollman    |  last reply

Where to find samples of jumper cable online?

Is there any website that gives out samples of jumper cables or just normal wires for use with the arduino? For some reason I am not able to order anything online since the past month so I'm searching for samples, Thanks

Question by vishalapr    |  last reply

Anyone know how to get samples from fairchild semiconductors? Answered

I tried but it said my email wasn't valid or something like that.

Question by furrysalamander    |  last reply

Does anyone know where I can get free electronic parts?

I have read some instructables about getting free electronic samples from manufacturers. I would like to do this because I love making electronic things but I have a limited budget. However I don't have acopany or a company email adress, and most of the companies that give out free electronic samples want a company and a company email adress. Does anybody know of some that don't need a company and company email adress. I am particularly interested in LEDs. Thanks

Question by nurdee1  

witch copanyies ship free elctronic samples to the uk?

I was looking for some sites that give away free elctronic samples and ship to the uk can you suggest me some?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Help with corporate email id to order electronics sample?

I want to order some electronics samples but i don't think they would give samples to one with @gmail or @ymail email id So tell me what you guys do in such a situation, or maybe someone could provide me email id with their domain name or in their corporate or maybe i can use someones else's name and email.

Question by Atul009    |  last reply

Air sample analysis for the concentration of CO2/Carbon Dioxide? Answered

I'm working on a high school science fair project which concentrates on the CO2 emmissions of automobiles and anlyzes two methods of filtering CO2 from car exhaust. It's really a pretty simple project - except that i don't have a Carbon Dioxide monitor. Online they range from $200-800 and i've contacted the enviornmental department at a local university to see if they can help me. I'm still waiting on a reply but i'm wondering if any of you guys (or gals) have any ideas on how i can find the concentration of CO2 in car exhaust.

Question by Aaron Cole    |  last reply

What is the optimum solar cell sample size that I should select while testing it with PASAN SunSim 3B Sun Simulator?

I have to suggest sample sizes in order to generate some I-V curves using PASAN SunSim 3B Sun Simulator. The issues with the size and other things was about difference in distance to the light source, and the fact that the light source is not collimated and we can't collimate it, so we need to workout the tolerance. The distance between the external lamp and the sample is about 7 meters. External Lamp consists of 4 lamps connected to a single square shaped holder. The dimensions specs of the external lamp as given in the attached images. What if the sample size is smaller than the light source? What is the optimum solar cell sample size that I need to select? What parameters will be effects if the sample size is not optimized? "Please Keep In Mind That The Sample Size Should Be As Small As Possible". The attached images with help you in getting an idea, how the sun simulator looks like and what are the dimensions of external lamp

Question by raishikoh  

White mold on algae?

Recently (as in for a few weeks), my bowl of algae has developed white goop floating in it. It looks like flour, and sticks together like flour. I (intelligently, I believe) have not tasted it, but it or something else in the algae smells terrible (well, worse than how terrible algae already smells, lol). I'm worried because Im donating samples of this algae to my middle school to use for experimentation, but a few, um, white things got in the samples. I really want to know what this stuff is. If anyone wants pictures, I'll upload some,. but basically it looks like flour and floats on top of the algae.

Question by Rotten194    |  last reply

Sample Arduino pgm to emit robotic noises (squeaks, beeps,etc)?

I saw an arduino program online within the last year for emitting robotic sounds (beeps, squeaks, etc.--not words) from a piezospeaker--but forgot to save it--and can't find it again.  Has anyone seen this--or even a similar Basic Stamp program?  And if so, could you send a link?  Thanks!

Question by RoboBear    |  last reply

How much DNA does forensics need to get a good sample? Answered

I got my new drivers license today. I would have kept my old one, but the guy working there said they were sending it to Jefferson City, the capitol of Missouri. They already have all the info on the card in their database. How much material do forensics need to get a good dna sample? That would be a really clever way of building a database without people knowing if you could isolate a person's dna from the other people that touched the card.

Question by Vorenus    |  last reply

I am making a 9 volt battery powered USB charger for my friends phone. I need some help as I am using a buck converter.

I am not sure how I would attach this and what each of the pins on the buck converter does.  I could have made one out of a 5 volt regulator, or this:, but I don't have $15 (I have no source of income) to spend on my friends gift and I want it to be highly efficient.  I am waiting for the buck converter to show up in the mail right now.  The datasheet for the buck converter is:  Also, I found a website that sells the kits for these: for 16 dollars, but once again I don't have any money.  I want to make a charger like the one they have on there out of free samples.  Thanks for the help, Mike P.S.  My friend has an android.

Question by furrysalamander  

PRO Trial

A trial of the Pro subscription should be offered. At the very least, there should be an option to download sample pdf's to see if a subscription is worth it.

Topic by sciorra    |  last reply

Is there any website or person who can send samples/electronic equipment to me in the UK . Answered

I am 14 and very into electronics, i have made and customized many items lately. From a new heatsink for my Xbox 360 to a infa red topple bot. as you can picture i am 14 with no job because i am not old enough and i have no cash, i need some samples/donations for some electronic experiments thank you ever so much please inbox me or comment for sugestions

Question by Lord Parry    |  last reply

how to avoid lump formation due to carbonates in lab slab cultured marble samples.?

When we make lab samples, small lumps are formed which is difficult to break in the mixtures. This on pressing gives spots of carbonate specks which looks very odd and damages the beauty of the samples.

Question by ashok -1955    |  last reply

hey buddy .. What no one knows how many sample sizes .. fingerboard?? thanks ...:)?

What no one knows how long & wide fingerboard?? and wood what .. its good quality? please help ....

Question by putz666    |  last reply

Circuit Bend a Yamaha DD-7 : How to trigger more samples than pads ?

Hi, I have a Yamaha DD-7 tabletop drumset. It has 4 pads & 51 sounds (samples). My goal is to hook up 7 or 8 external piezo triggers to trigger 7 or 8 different samples. I can easily see how to hook up 4 external triggers to the 4 existing pad input connections on the PC board, but how would one be able to trigger more sounds without switching them at the unit ?  Thanx.

Question by thfox7    |  last reply

Using Old Upholstery Fabric

I have recently gotten hundreds of upholstery fabic samples. Each sample is about the size of a placemat. I think I could do something really cool with them but not sure what. Any ideas?

Topic by dorcaslee    |  last reply

How to determine the target size for a specific sun simulator?

I am have to determine the I-V curves for a few solar cell samples. The sun simulator that I am going to use is PASAN 3b SunSim. My Questions are: What is the optimum solar cell sample size that I need to select? What parameters will be effects if the sample size is not optimized? The specifications of the external lamp are attached to this question.

Question by raishikoh    |  last reply

Any suggestions for turning a MIDI file into a dog barking? Answered

I know the Casio SK-5 keyboard had a dog bark sampling, but I can't find any other keyboard that does, nor do I still have my Casio SK-5... I'm open to ideas/suggestions.  The easist way would be using a program like Garage Band to switch the instrument, and to have a sampling of a dog bark, but I don't know if this is possible or not.

Question by yokozuna    |  last reply

AVRDUDE C programming and random - help

I've tryed a few code samples but none are working. I use AVR dude and i've been doing #include but i cant get rand() with RAND_MAX to work, cuz i just get a expression error. code sample please!

Topic by Killa-X    |  last reply

What tech I need to make a tactile/haptic musical instrument...i.e. a sample that responds to touch and vibration...?

I'm looking to make an instrument that responds to touch or vibration, I have seen similar things elsewhere but have no links. The basic idea is that there would operate as a stand alone object that when touched, stroked tapped etc. it generates a sound and the volume, timbre or whatever is relative to the force applied. So using vibration to trigger a sample and quality of vibration to determine the quality of sound. Any ideas about how this could be achieved? Could an arduino provide the answer or is it purely sensor based? I would really love all your instructable knowledge on this one. Ta

Question by citybloc    |  last reply

where could i get a piezo buzzer for free. (for a guitar pickup...)? Answered

I want to know where could i get a piezo buzzer (such as in an old radio alarm, where i could recuperate or does any company give free samples?) it is to make a pickup for an acoustic guitar! Thanks!

Question by draksul    |  last reply

Free Speakers

I was just Curious if anyone knew any sites that offered free samples of speakers besides and for thoughs that don't know offers free samples of there speakers piazo benders sirens mics ect. iv only ordered speakers but they do make a good product my favortes espeshally for home systems are the AS10004ps-r, and the AS7708ps-3.

Topic by juggalo_assassin183    |  last reply

Free Robot? _ huh?

I have a little dilemma, i want to get into robotics and programing, but first is need a microcontroller, I remember seeing an Instructable about building a robot from a PIC sample. I can't find it! Maybe you you know where it went! or maybe you can help me find a free sample of a PIC microcontroller! anywho, Thanks!

Topic by Sandisk1duo    |  last reply

Free Speakers

I was just Curious if anyone knew any sites that offered free samples of speakers besides and for thoughs that don't know offers free samples of there speakers piazo benders sirens mics ect. iv only ordered speakers but they do make a good product my favortes espeshally for home systems are the AS10004ps-r, and the AS7708ps-3.

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Free Speakers

I was just Curious if anyone knew any sites that offered free samples of speakers besides and for thoughs that don't know offers free samples of there speakers piazo benders sirens mics ect. iv only ordered speakers but they do make a good product my favortes espeshally for home systems are the AS10004ps-r, and the AS7708ps-3.

Topic by juggalo_assassin183    |  last reply

Need tiny items to fit in tube 3"x2"

Need tiny samples or items to fit into a 3 1/2"x2" tube for a mental health fundraising project: Beauty samples, grooming items, tiny tools, tiny toys/stickers, pencils/pens, craft items, jewelry: you are all probably more creative than I am, so any ideas (especially harebrained) are welcome. If you could tell me where to look or who to contact for samples or tiny items, I would appreciate it.   If you have any to get rid of, please send to Sue Clark, PO Box 851943, Richardson, TX  75085.   Thank you so much.

Topic by SueC1    |  last reply

Commands needed in R language?

Hello everyone I hope that you are fine. Because I am starter, I am facing difficulties in figuring out commands that do the following: Find the sample mean M and sample standard deviation S Build the histogram. Find if the shape of the distribution is close to normal or not. Add to the histogram plot the line corresponding to the probability density function of the normal distribution using obtained mean and standard deviation. Set up a 95% CI for the sample mean, using your values of M,S and N Use the temperature (tempc and tempf) data given in the excel sheet. You can download the excel sheet from following link: Kind Regards raishikoh

Question by raishikoh  

Heating Element for DIY Melting Point Apparatus

Hi Everyone, this is my first post on this site!  I am seeking advice to help me construct a home-made melting point apparatus (M.P.A).  A melting point apparatus allows it's operator to determine the melting point of a chemical sample by heating it in a controlled fashion and noting the temperature when the sample melts.  I have most of the design made up in my head, but I'm not sure as to how I can obtain the proper heating element.  The heating element I am seeking is an emulation of the M.P.A.s heating elements in my school's chemistry lab, which look like this: a metal block (about 3cm tall by 2cm deep by 3 cm wide) with vertical holes bored into the face with a pane of glass pressed against said holes so a glass capillary tube (containing the sample) can be slid into the bored hole and viewed through the glass pane as the sample is heated by the metal.  Another hole is bored into the metal, adjacent to the sample hole, for a thermometer.  So again, my question is do you have any suggestions as to where I could by a heating element like this?  Or, any suggestions on how to build one?  I have a jewelry shop at my disposal so I can probably bore any holes myself.   Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!

Topic by Das Horse    |  last reply

Colour changing fabric?

I want fabric that changes colour with heat or after washing, does anyone know where I can get samples from ?

Question by claree23  

A circuit which can find out frequency of high frequency signals?

Alright so I am doing this project and we have to find out the fundamental frequency of any input signal so that we can use that information to select sampling frequency. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding making a circuit which can measure high frequencies in the order of GHz even?Thanks!

Question by Hussam    |  last reply


Where can I find muscovite? I mean, not in a shop, but in nature itself. i would like to find my own sample of it.

Question by necropolian    |  last reply

Reading 12 rows of data from an SD card every minute and storing the data into Arrays using Gboard pro Arduino

Hi, I am working on a project that measures temperature and current, store it on an SD card (csv file) and send them to a website. I decided to sample the signals every 5 seconds and store the data to the SD card using time interrupt (TimerOne). My plan is to sample and store data for 1 minute and then read the sampled data from the SD card and store them into 2 Arrays i.e Array1 for temperature and Array2 for the current and send the data to the website. Thus far I have managed to sample and store the data using the time interrupt. I also included a count variable in the interrupt subroutine so as to know how many times the interrupt has occurred. Since I am sampling and storing the data every 5 seconds and I want to read the data stored in the SD card every minute, so when count = 12 I would like to read  the last 12 readings (24 since its current and temperature ) and store them into 2 Arrays.   The problem I have is that I do not know how to read the data from the SD card and store them into two Arrays and would like your help. Note: the Reading of the SD card will not be in the Interrupt subroutine Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks Muundu

Topic by muundu    |  last reply

Info Resource: Periodic Table of Videos

Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one....Soon we'll be updating all the videos with new stories, better samples and bigger experiments.So once you've watched all 118 videos, make sure you come back soon and check on our progress. The sample video below should give you a taste of it :-) The LINK to the site

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