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Save YouTube music to mp3? Answered

Can you guys help me on this? I know it's not hard to download and save YouTube music to the hard disk but I also want to be able to save YouTube music to mp3 for my mp3 player or  maybe for the cell phone. So, what good YouTube Downloader can,  besides the usual stuff like download and convert youtube videos to avi and other video formats, save youtube music to mp3?

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youtube help

On youtube i see that people have slowed and sped up video's is there a way i can do this?

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Download, record, save YouTube videoclips to my PC? ?

Which YouTube Downloader is good and can also convert youtube videclips to blackberry format? I am looking for a good software to download, save youtube files to my PC and convert to mobile phone formats. I'd rather that the youtube downloader also converted the youtube videos so I need a all-in-one YouTube Downloader and Converter Freeware. Can anyone help? 

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Youtube Intro

Hey, it's ManVersusCraft here and I would like to reach out to you guys. I am looking for an introduction to my YouTube channel. It will be at the beginning of every video and I will do a separate video showing off the intro and giving credit to whom made it. So, if you would like to send me an intro (Minecraft related, and non copyrighted music. All original!) than please e-mail me with the intro at   REMEMBER this is for Intro entry's only, it is a specially made account for this only! If you don't know me check me out on YouTube at Thanks!

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Youtube is horrible now

So, when I went to Youtube one day, I watched a Rockband video. And I'm like... okay, why did this person put different music on the video? Then I realized it was on most youtube videos. THEN, my favorite Youtube account was suspended. Why was all of this happening? Copywriting. I mean, most people probably bought the song off of Zune or Itunes. Most videos that look awesome are ruined because of the earache-cheap-cheesy garbage youtube puts onto videos. I think we should start a boycott or someone should start a petition or something! Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Homemade Musical Robots

Frits Lyneborg, builds and designs all sorts of robots, his most notable robot is called "Yellow Drum Machine" which "sees" with robotic eyes, and plays music and assembles rhythms in miscellaneous things, here is a video of the Yellow Drum Machine: The Yellow Drum Machine, taps its "feelers" and records the sound, then re-plays it, and adds to it to make more of a is his YouTube page: here is his website:

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how can you upload a video from youtube to facebook?

I'm trying to make a facebook group, and my group is good enough, but i need a vid. to upload. i found a video, but facebook wants me to save it, and i don't know how to do that.

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So as you can see in the video at the end of both songs I am having a issue with it cutting/shorting out. All i can think of is the tip31 transistors im using are overheating maybe? but what is really wierd is it shorts back to the speakers?? I have one transistor driving the blue leds and one driving the red leds. the red leds are being powered by a 9v supply and the blue is 15v( dont remember the MA but they both provide plenty. They are wall warts. When i  plug in the 9v power supply it makes a high pitch buzzing noise.... If anyone has any pinters i would appreciate it. Thinking of adding more transistors.... I cant figure out how to link it so just copy paste the link below into your browser...; and i'm following this diagram cause it does not have a switch like the others.

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The use of copyrighted music in Videos

Quick question; what are the rules regarding the use of music in videos posted on Instructables (or on YouTube, through Instructables)? I ask because I'd like to post sound clips and some may contain copyrighted music. Is there a 30 second rule or something? Do I just have to give credit?

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Help Youtube Channel, need advise and support!

Hello,im new to youtube and need some help, what can i do to improve my videos.what set up and camera/mic do you reccomend. :)

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Disco tune "Stayin' Alive" could save your life

. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. doctors have found the Bee Gees 1977 disco anthem "Stayin' Alive" provides an ideal beat to follow while performing chest compressions as part of CPR on a heart attack victim.. Disco tune "Stayin' Alive" could save your life at Reuters. Edit: Added quote (OP was just a link) to avoid being chastised by gmjhowe. ;)

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Can I record Grooveshark mp3 music? Answered

If any of you guys uses grooveshark to listen to music online, I was just wondering if I can record Grooveshark mp3 music and save it to my pc's hard disk. I suppose I need some piece of software for this, but what exactly should I look for? Could really use your  ideas on how to record or save grooveshark music.

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who here, write music/songs

Does anyone here write music or songs? i write song lyrics even though i can't read music or play an instrument to save my own life. what do you think was the best "piece" or song you wrote? any posts on this topic welcome :D

Topic by AussieAnglerGal  

Embedded youtube video isn't showing up.

I uploaded a video to youtube, used the embed code of youtube and pasted it into the embed video box. when I saved and went to the page the video didn't show up. I already waited 2 days now. Is there some time I need to w8 until you aprove them or something?

Question by D_zeno  

is it legal/possible to get videos from youtube to an i pod? Answered

I want to get music videos from youtube on my ipod. Is this even possible? if so is it legal?

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Is there any way to upload a video so it looks like a youtube video without going through youtube? Answered

I got the saving part down but is there any way to upload a video so it looks and plays like a youtube video without going through youtube or any of those other websites? Yes this is my new gun trailer so whoopie you get the first glimse of the trailer.

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Video serrver not supported: youtube, embed code not sticking

When I try to save and preview the embed code for a youtube video the code box deletes the link and the window at the bottom says "unsupported video server"

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Anyone know a free safe musical synthesizer? prefereably one you can save to your computer?

Ive wanted to use one im my music but i dont really wanna spend the $$$ on one.

Question by octopuscabbage    |  last reply

Little Yellow Drummer Robot

Good morning! I found this really cool, and pretty hilarious robot on Youtube: Anyway, I thought you should check it out, the rest of the Yellow Drum Machine Videos are on Youtube.

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Can you people give me a password for my computer and I can get pass my high school's firewall, please give me a answer?

I want to get on like facebook, youtube, listen to music, and watch videos can you help me?

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im trying to accesss a website at school?

I opened a notepad and wrote ping then saved it as youtube.bat then i open it up and command promt comes up then dissapears but why?

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Can Google/Youtube's filter bubble can be reset or eliminated?

I don not know how many people know what a filter bubble is, but I'll explain: A lot of websites (particularly social networks) remember the websites you visit, the stuff you see, and the stuff you like, and based on this they suggest other stuff you maybe like. Google and many other websites try to make a personlised internet. This sounds great at first. But this is a problem. For example, after I search a lot of music on one day, then try search something about elastic bands sizes, guess what? Google sees the word "band" and because of this only suggests music bands. It gets even worse when searching for opinions about news. You only get the opinions you already agree with. But I dont really do that so for me that is no problem. Is there any way I can re-set all personlised options for a website? It is not really a problem, there are more worse things in the world. But it is just annoying. If there is a way to fix it, I want to try it. Thanks for your attention. -Tnod

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I can not publish a video instructable to save my life

I can not publish a video instructable with an embedded youtube video.  It keeps sending me to edit when I click on publish.  No matter what I try I can not seem to get it to work.

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How to record more music from Napster?

Hello, I have a 60$ annual account at Napster and I have 60MP3s/year for free and of course I can listen unlimited music on my playlist on Napster.  My problem is that I have already downloaded those 60MP3 at the beginning of the year and now I cannot download any song and I was wondering if there is other possibility to record or save somehow music from Napster on my pc and transfer them on my phone so that I can listen to them all the time? Thanks

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"Unsupported video host" sigh...

So, I've been trying to upload my video instructable for a good half hour now. I've checked other youtube topics and I have tried using the new AND the old embed code. Neither work. Whenever I go to save the site just completely stops working and I get the "null" url. I then have to go back to the main instructables site manually where a "unsupported video host" sign pops up.  Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated.

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cant add videos from youtube and facebook thing keeps popping up

When i add a embeded video from youtube it says that domain is not supported but it shows up in the place where you write stuff but after you save it it disappears and i tried facebook feature and now when i log in it says whats in the picture at the bottom

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It it legal If I use someone elses music/Tune in My Video (trailer)? Answered

Soooo I was searching on YouTube (bored as always) And I found a small YouTube channel (less than 200 subs) With a Tune that sounded alright i was wondering if it is legal to use The Tune in my own Video If i gave that person The credit for it in the video (also in the description with link to they're channel) This is what it said in the Description of the Video: Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011 Sheet Music: Please credit me if you use my score in any way :3 And at the very Bottom it said, Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) whats that? it also gave me the option of remixing the Video. Also Here is the link to the Video On YouTube if it helps more: Thanks In Advance to anyone reading this and giving me an answer -Kevin, 7/9/2014 USA 

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Has anybody heard of a video series called handmade music? Answered

Hi, I was wondering if anybody had heard of a instructional video series called handmade music. It is about making musical instruments yourself. I have looked everywhere including rapidshare youtube. thanks

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recovering data from or saving a failed hard drive?

The hard drive got pulled out of my computer while it was on sleep mode and when I tried to turn it back on, it seemed like it was gonna work but a few seconds after windows (7) loaded it crashed, now every time i get the blue screen but it wont show long enough for me to get any info off of it. As far as I can tell it seems to still work but it cant load windows. If i can't save it, is there any cheap way I can recover data off of it? (pictures/music/minecraft saves)  It is a WD Caviar Black 500gb Model is WD5001AALS

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what is the difference in quality between .mp3 and .ogg format and how much room could i save by changing to ogg? Answered

I'm trying to get my music collection to take up as little room as possible because I keep a backup of all my files on a flash drive (my music folder takes the most space) but I don't want to sacrifice quality my music folder is 236 MB all are .mp3

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Music on 16 Floppy Drives 10-09-2014

how this was done can be found in my instructable in the following link, dont forget to vote for it in the competions if you think its worthy enough ;-) vote button is at the top right on the instructable page and subscribe to the youtube channel I am updating it all the time also on facebook and twitter

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What are your top 5 Favorite Youtube Channels

Everyone has their favorite Youtube people, and heres my top 5 favorites. 5: Nigahiga- their the #1 most subscribed people on youtube but their not exactly my favorite, but their still funny 4: Dominic Fear- The creatror of the famous Lazer Collection Series, which consists of 3 Lazer Collection Videos. Doctor Octogonapus is one animated character i will never forget 3: SecretAgentBob- the creator of many famous youtube videos like- Charlie the Unicorn, Charlie the Unicorn 2, Charlie the Unicorn 3, Lamas in Hats, Lamas in Hats 2, and Ferrets. No chance this guy wudnt be on the list 2: Richalvarez- The creators of 2 awesome youtube series', Stupid Mario Bros and Youtube News, but Stupid Mario Bros is what they got famous for. Its a series about Mario and Luigi, along with many other Nintendo characters like Wario,Waluigi, Yoshi, Solid Snake, Ash Ketchum, Brock, Link, Donkey Kong, Ness, Otacon, plus some characters they made up like Shadow Mario, Nox Decious, FedEx, UPS, and more. It has 3 seasons, and 2 movies and a new video is coming soon called SMB Operation: Blindstorm. They have actors from a youtube channel called Randumb Productions. I definatly love this series 1: Smosh- Originally the #1 most subscribed on youtube and now #4. But they are #1 in my book. They are HILARIOUS! Some of my favorite videos by them are- the Pokemon Music Video, Crybaby, Food Battles 2006/ 7/, 8/ and 9, If Movies were real, if Video games were real, the Ian is bored series, and many, many, many more. They are without a doubt my #1 favorite So whos your top 5?

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Could someone tell me what the song in this instructable is? Answered

Could someone please tell me what the song is that is playing in the video in this instructable: Could somebody post a youtube of it. Thanks

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Can you watch videos or hear music while converting videos, or will it ruin the audio for the video?

The converting video is either ging to be MP4 or MPG format so i was just wondering if hearing music or watching youtube videos will affect the audio for either format?

Question by chickychick89    |  last reply

Album Review: Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson (1971) ****

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson SchmilssonRelease Date: 1971Nacho's Rating: 4 (out of 5)Tracks:01 - Gotta Get Up YouTube02 - Driving Along YouTube03 - Early In The Morning YouTube04 - The Moonbeam Song05 - Down06 - Without You YouTube (hit single in 1972)07 - Coconut YouTube08 - Let The Good Times Roll09 - Jump Into the Fire YouTube10 - I'll Never Leave YouThe 2002 remastered version also has demo versions of all but "Early In The Morning". This is the album that first turned me on to music. I had been interested in music before I heard this, but Nilsson's wide range of styles and his goosebump-inducing vocals showed me that there was more to music than Top40 hits and screaming guitars.. For me, the album as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Some of the songs don't stand alone very well, but sound pretty good when played together. I could do without "The Moonbeam Song" and "I'll Never Leave You" (having to follow "Jump Into The Fire" is a big disadvantage) but even they sound OK in context.. The album leads off with the rather goofy "Gotta Get Up" and follows with "Driving Along" - neither a great song, but definitely fun to listen to.. "Early In The Morning" gives a peek at what he can do with his voice and it's a good song, too.. "The Moonbeam Song" shifts into slow ballad mode. Nothing special, but Nilsson does a pretty good job.. "Down" is a nice bluesy song that starts to really show off his voice.. "Without You" is one of my all-time favorite songs. Nilsson takes a rather smarmy song and infuses if with FEELING. I still get goose-bumps when I hear the refrain.. "Coconut" is about as silly as a song can get, but Nilsson somehow makes it work. Another favorite for me. Wooo-oo-oo.. "Let The Good Times Roll" is another bluesy song with great vocals. Fits well between Coconut and JITF.. "Jump Into The Fire" is another favorite of mine. Not many singers can scream and make it sound good. And it has a bass line and a drum solo that will put a grin on Punkguyta's face as he blows out his speakers/amp.. "I'll Never Leave You" is a slow plaintive wail that is a bit of a let down after JITF. Great vocals, but I've never liked the song.. Not an album for every one. Check out the YouTube clips and see what you think.Links:Harry Nilsson at Wikipedia

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Which Logo?

I want a new logo for my youtube. Which do you like best? These are all edited Jack White logos. 

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Does DittoMusic Work?

My Band is trying to get distributed for free to itunes we tried dittomusic and we're wondering if anyone has ever had any experiences with dittomusic if so let me know , heres my bands youtube we just want to majorly get on itunes for FREE plz help also heres our website

Question by Airsoft 007 Sniper  

what other websites are there other than you tube? Answered

My parents blocked youtube and i need to listen to music and watch videos

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Free Music or a Way to Get iTunes into Final Cut Express? Answered

This is one of my major pet peeves. I'm growing tired of searching for back ally sites to convert music from one source (ie YouTube) to MP3 files, then download it (with a free virus as a bonus), all to get a song I already bought on iTunes into my videos! iTunes makes it impossible for anyone to do anything with their songs other then listen to them on ipods, which I don't even do. Personally, I think it's silly that I can't do anything with the songs I bought, it's a terrible waste of money.So, does anyone know how to bypass this, or know of another converter site. The one I used is no longer working. I'm making a video for AV class, but it won't be very effective without the music. Don't reduce me to recording the music off of my laptop speakers with a camcorder!

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How can i import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker?

I want to know how to import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker because i want to use decent music in Youtube videos.

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Digital control analog synth?

Hi all! I have an idea buzzing round my head and I could really do with some guidance. I'd like to implement digital control over an analog synth so I could have presets saved on a microcontroller. The synth in question is Serge modular. All the info on various modules can be found on the link below. Ultimately I'd like to be able to save and recall knob and switch settings, not patching. I would like this to be at the highest resolution possible, so no MIDI. Ideally 16 or 14 bit resolution. I'm a beginner in this, although I do know how to solder, but I don't have the underlying technical knowledge. So, how doable is this? What do I need to consider? Has anyone done something similar? Thanks!

Question by Dierge    |  last reply

Video Embedding

When I paste the embed code from youtube and click save & preview, the video won't embed.

Topic by Ins3rtNam3H3r3    |  last reply

Ghost busters theme played on automated floppy disc drives

Found this epic video on Youtube. Someone modified old floppy drives to play music, and it sounds really good.;=g-logo-xit How would one do this?

Topic by ilpug    |  last reply

MakerBot plays Tetris

YouTube user belakor110 has posted this video of a MakerBot playing the Tetris theme. According to the brief description, this is done using gcode. This reminds me of the song "A Simple Text File" by Man or Astroman? Check out that video here as well. The video is just a still image, but I can vouch for its legitimacy. I saw the band play the song in concert with just a beaten up ImageWriter II in front of a microphone. via adafruit

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Songs similar genre to Phlex by Blindspott? Answered

Iv been listening to Phlex (by Blindspott) and love its vibe and rhythm, but would like a little more variation on this theme. If you have any ideas of songs of a similar genre to it, I would like to hear it. Please post artist name, etc or link to Youtube video. Cheers, Will.

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Possible to record grooveshark songs for ipod? Answered

Hi, If you guys use grooveshark music streaming, do you also know if it is possible to record and save grooveshark songs for ipod ? I found some pretty good songs I like on grooveshark, but I saw round there that ipods are not supported ,so I was wondering if there would be any possibility to record and save grooveshark songs I like and then transfer the songs to my ipod.  I'd love to hear nay ideas on this.Thanks!

Question by bigbubbab    |  last reply

Cool internet streaming radio stations?

Just been thinking what good internet streaming radio stations do you guys have been listening to lately? My budget for buying and downloading mp3 music tracks has gone down the drain lately and I wanna start spending way less money for downloading mp3 tracks so I figured I can just listen to  music online on some streaming sites like youtube or use internet streaming radio stations that play good music. What web radio stations or music streaming sites do you guys usually go to , that is if you listen to music  online?

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Which program, application, or site is the best site for music making and mixes (I know it's opinion based)?

I've recently taken an interest in producing my own music to supplement my YouTube account. I'm very interested in creating techno, club, jpop mixes, hardstyle, and light dub step. I want to make music I can shuffle to. I also want to branch out in to other genres of synthetic music, including classical-inspired music. I want to be able to rip, warp, distort, and modify music clips. I'd like to be able to separate aspects of a song (vocal from instrumental) but I don't think free programs offer that feature. I thought I would use the previous paragraph to get past the usual "what are you using it for?" question. Which program, application, website, etc. is your favorite for making music and mixes? ~Kaddyshack

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