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What is scar skin for?

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Makeup Holoween Scar

A grandson will go as Harry Potter in a few days. I would like to make a scar to glue to his forehead. As a kicker I want to put an smd LED under the scar. What and where does one find scar materials use to make a on skin ?..

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I need to make a project on the remote control car using solar cells? How to make it?

A  remote  control car using a solar plate to store the energy in  battery's and how to make the remote control car by using the solar plates?

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Knex scar L not working?

My scar L is not working when i pull the pin back the bullet goes backwards and forwards sometimes and when it does fire it does not go very far any ideas on how i can fix this?

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Ok guys, my last project, the XM8, failed. What I got out of it was a brand-new mag system, it basically makes it complete the chamber. In other words, it won't fire w/o mag, which could help or hurt. Anyway, the Scar-H will have---- -true mag release -folding stock(I think) -new mag mech -tactical rails -RDS -EOTech sight -Heartbeat sensor(maybe) -M203(Maybe) -Undermounted Shotgun(maybe) -Removable "Plasticsights"  I think it will come together alright, but no guarantee. It will be posted as a slideshow first, and then(if people like it) as a full instructable.                       Thanks, Builder968

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Removing a white heat scar on fine furniture veneer? Answered

E-How describes several methods, but I'm reluctant to try any of them for fear of making the scar worse. Does anyone have a success story they'd like to share?  Much appreciated!!!!

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How to make a Harry Potter lighting scar? Answered

A grandson will go as Harry Potter. I would like to make a scar to spirit gum to his forehead. As a kicker I plan to put an smd LED under the appliance. Powered by a flat cell in the hair and fine magnet wire for conductors. So far I was planing to use a glue gun to form the scar on a tin can for simulated forehead curved shape.. Any suggestions on a better material or kit will be greatly appreciated !

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Senior Waffleman's Scar-L Problem

Hey guys! Well, I was at a loss as to what to build on Tuesday, so i decided to build Senior Waffleman's Scar-L. I decided this for multiple reasons, among which, the gun just looks flippin' awesome! Well, I finished it Thursday (I did not have much time to build between when I began and Thursday) and I began to work with it, shooting it, editing it and so fourth. Well, the gun is horrible when it comes to shooting, and I'll tell you why. What you see in the paint image below is basically what the internals of the front of the gun look like, and you may see the problem. The mag I made was different than his, and was more realistic, but as the bullets go up the barrel, they stop as they hit the top of the barrel. When the FP hits the bullets (his shooting mech is freaking brilliant, and works well) The bullets either: 1) Don't leave the barrel, or 2) Leave the barrel at a speed of 60 meters-per-year. Everything works well, except for the fact that the bullets don't leave the barrel half the time. Tell me what you all think...? Keep in mind, I've tried lots of different ways to fix this. I tried: making the barrel taller, making the bullet heavier, hitting the bullets harder by adding more rubber-band power, and even making a breach-loading mech to at least make the gun shoot. Help!

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I'm back

Hi everybody, I'm back. I got really into airsoft and real guns earlier, and neglected my K'nex. Sorry if I have not replied to your comments, I have not been on in a while, and your feedback is appreciated. Anyway, does anybody still want the M16? If so, I'll finish it off and post. Or, if somebody wanted to help me improve the internals, that'd be fine too. After that, I'll probably make a SCAR-H, as I just got an airsoft replica, so the K'nex version should be very realistically sized. I'll probably make it a realistic replica (Fake bolt, real style take down, folding/collapsable stock, etc, etc), and not a shooting model. After that, I'll remake and improve the LMG. IDK what I'll do then.  If nobody wants the M16, I'll just go to the SCAR-H. If nobody wants that, I'll go to the LMG. 

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bruce911's knex xm8/fn scar gun?

I want to build it but i dont know if i have enough pieces. if you know, can you post a piece list? thanks, chopstx

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My first tennis ball mortar scars!

This is hilarious , i finally built my tennis ball mortar, i "accidentally" put way to much hair spray in lol. It launched well, but blew the back off so im going to have to build a new base lol. I have some pictures to show it lol. the sound was so loud that i can not hear a thing out of my right ear except a loud ringing. is that a good thing?lol heres the pics.

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what should my new knex assault rifle have

Choose from the list of things that my new gun should have on it or with it. pick 1 from each section apart from the 1st one because I could try and put all those things in. some kind of rails like Ironman's (ill try and make my own) adjustable stock adjustable cheek rest fake charging handle if you can think of other things please say! what ammo should it use rods yellow blue white green grey red black connectors grey orange grey and orange joined together (like my m110 and scar) what should the gun look like M4 m16 scar Xm8 m468 hk416

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TNKIT entry and FN SCAR H (Now with pictures)

This is my TNKIT entry, an F1 based car. It has built-in suspension (not independent, but on the axle), and realistic features. The last pictures are of my new assault rifle, an FN SCAR replica. The stock is different because of the internal ram mechanism, and it has Ironman rails top and bottom, with strange new rails on the sides, which hold a bipod at the moment. An ironman mag adaption allows for extremely quick mag changing, with the release lever an inch from the trigger at the front of the trigger guard. The flip-up iron sights have been modified since these pictures, and the barrel (area with the bottom rail, not the false barrel at the end) has been shortened by 2 units, making the weapon more realistic and easier to use. Uses lots and lots of y clips and hinges, and requires about 6 cut white rods (can get away with 5). The EGLM fires a large projectlie using a push trigger behind the mag (in front of and below the handle). Also for your enjoyment; my MP5 from May.

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How do I know if a MySpace account is really run by the person that the account is named?

Ok, so I want to message my favorite singer on Myspace. I want his autograph so I am going to ask him if I can message him me address to receive an autograph. But I fear one thing, what if it is not the singer? What if it is some creep who will stalk me and murder me? I want his autograph but I do not want to get killed. Is there any way to tell if this guy is the real deal?

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Citrine crystals and hepatitis protein?

Has anyone else heard that  when a laser is passed through a citrine crystal onto bodily scars, it will remove scar tissue?  Also, any news on research using a protein found in hepatitis ( c, d, or g,?) to cure aids??  I heard both of these  on the radio. Thanks. kathleen

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my fn scar slide show pictures will not show up Answered

My slide show for my fn scar has no pictures showing if you go on my profile you see the slide show you see the first pic but when you go on it no pics show. (the first pic it this)

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Homemade tattoo gun and tattoo??

Hi, well i've researched a bit about homemade tattoo guns and that stuff, and I sudenly remembered that my brother has a Crayola Cutter (just like the one below LOOK FOR IT IN YOUTUBE SO YOU CAN SEE IT WORKING) and I have some Asian ink I think (the bottle is in spanish so it says "TINTA CHINA" so I thinkk it is the same stuff. well, I but some alcohol in a little part of my leg so I could try making a little dot with te cutter and the ink, and for my surpise, it didnt hurt that much and a little black dot remained in my leg (omg it worked!) BUT! I really want some recomendations of people that might already made their own tattoos, plus, i need ALL the information about this, I mean, care, what should I do if I decide to make a small tattoo in my leg, all of that stuff PLEASE I REALLY NEED THE INFORMATION everything you know about this will be so helpfull and, should I do it with the crayola cutter and that ink??? THANKS GUYS I'LL REALLY APRECIATE YOUR ANSWERS

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Homemade tattoo gun and tattoo?

Hi, well i've researched a bit about homemade tattoo guns and that stuff, and I sudenly remembered that my brother has a Crayola Cutter (just like the one below LOOK FOR IT IN YOUTUBE SO YOU CAN SEE IT WORKING) and I have some Asian ink I think (the bottle is in spanish so it says "TINTA CHINA" so I thinkk it is the same stuff. well, I but some alcohol in a little part of my leg so I could try making a little dot with te cutter and the ink, and for my surpise, it didnt hurt that much and a little black dot remained in my leg BUT! I really want some recomendations of people that might already made their own tattoos, plus, i need ALL the information about this, I mean, care, what should I do if I decide to make a small tattoo in my leg, all of that stuff PLEASE I REALLY NEED THE INFORMATION everything you know about this will be so helpfull and, should I do it with the crayola cutter and that ink??? THANKS GUYS I'LL REALLY APRECIATE YOUR ANSWERS

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really off the subject but "why not to make a cat angry"

Show us your battle scars..... from cats

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How would you make fake bald patches in fake fur? Answered

Well i decided im going to make Mod'ur from the movie Brave for halloween (hopefully this year) and i had noticed that he had bald patches in his shoulders and i think on his forehead but im not sure. Also how would you make scars on fake fur even if its short?

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the_burrito_master's knex guns

Bullet bill knex gun: x bow: samus arm gun: SR-4 knex recon kit: assault kit -scar 11.01 knex -assault knife: 52 knex sniper:

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Injury prone people

Share your scars here! Injury pics are awesome! Are power tools involved? Is glass involved? How about metal? Knives? Beware, I have no control over what people post, there might be some graphic stuff.

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(newsletter) 5-Minute Cake, Run Through World of Warcraft, Fake Scars...

Oct 23, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! Our book, The Best of Instructables, Volume 1, is now on sale! We selected over 120 of the best Instructables and put it into an awesome book. Check it out and buy a copy today! Enter the Party Like It's 1929! Contest! With the economy in the toilet we need to find clever ways to save money, live with less, and reuse what we've got. Remember the Great Depression? We can definitely do better this time around. Share your cash-stretching tips and tricks, and win something useful! The DIY Halloween Contest is scaring up awesome projects! We've partnered with some of your favorite websites to bring you the biggest and best Halloween contest ever -- and we've got tons of great prizes to give away. Show us your best costumes, treats, gadgets, jack-o-lanterns, and more! Check out the entries and get inspired for the best Maker holiday ever. The Hungry Scientist Contest and this round of Burning Questions close this weekend. Enter now to win a Kitchen Aid mixer, a super nice knife set, or a Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron Cook Set for your food hack or a t-shirt for your Burning Answer!Stop by our office tonight for our Halloween open build night and make something awesome! The Best of Instructables - Video by ewilhelm Run Through the World of WarCraft by ManaEnergyPotion 5-minute Chocolate Cake by scoochmaroo Easy to do VERY convincing scar! by BlackDidThis Tons and tons of spooky andamazing prizes!Closes this weekend! Leather iPod Touch Case using Water! by gmjhowe Clear a clogged drain with SCIENCE! by fultron89 Eat a Sprouted Coconut by TimAnderson Little Zen Garden by itschrys Cookie Periodic Table by maicoh Reclaimed Wood Table by drocko Is Your Printer Spying on You? by EFForg Journal to Save Your Life by johnnyallenshaw 10 ways to gross out your guests Share your best money-saving tips! Make a Laptop Stand with a Coat Hanger by tullytully Make a Shirred Fabric Summer Dress by threadbanger Homemade Spaghetti by gregr Sewable Arduino Interface by Plusea Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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what gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, i want to make 3 guns. they are the inferno,SR-V1 and the scar 11.01 (burrito masters gun). but, i do not have the pieces to make all of them. so what one should i make? please tell me

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Free Piano Sheet Music?

Does anyone know of a website that provides free printable sheet music. I'm interested in modern music. Alors on danse Stereolove Scars (Papa Roach) Don't stop believing  (Journey)    and others

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Should I post?

This is a new gun I made after finding about Ipod Killer's "innovative" trigger system. It uses Mepain's ram and part of the Burito Master's clip for his scar gun. The clip pushes up the ammo by itself, so all ya gotta do is pull the ram then trigger. It also uses a spring to absorb the shock of the ram.

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Where does the belly button lead to? Answered

I know it scars over after birth, but what if you opened it back up? Would it still lead somewhere? Could it be used again as a 'feeding port' if opened? Sorry for not picking a best answer to my last question about snow. I wasn't convinced there was a best answer but I did learn a lot.

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Could someone make these guns?

I was wondering if someone could make these guns out of knex. the real ones are manafactured by FN Herstal which are a belgian company. i know that some of these have already been made out of knex, but im looking for new ideas. here they are: (1) fn scar (2+3) f2000 (4) fn p90 (5) five seven tactical (6) fnp9 da / sa

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I'm excited for Solution .45 (band)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, on September 11, 2008, my favorite metal band "Scar Symmetry" announced that singer Christian Alvestam and other members are splitting apart. Christian Alvestam was my favorite metal singer ever! Well, he's not gone forever. There is a new band "Solution .45". And Christian Alvestam is in it!!! They will be hitting the studios THIS spring!!! Trailer:

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How do I get my 5 year old Autistic son to stop biting and attacking me when he is overwhelmed, upset, frustrated, etc?

Whenever my son's emotions are overwhelming for him, he attacks me -biting, kicking, slapping, pinching, etc. He has autism and I need to know what to do to stop this. My arms are scarred up from this. He is 5 years old.

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Easiest and Cheapest way to paint a latex mask?

Hey every one. With Halloween coming I’m preparing to make my Two Face costume. Because I don’t want to paint half of my face I’m using half of an (modified) store bought latex mask. My last step should be the most difficult, painting it. The half of a mask will be doing a lot of moving so I need a flexible paint. I’m only an amateur, but have read some about painting latex. Most methods I’ve seen require mixing different substances. I’d like to get away from that if any was possible, I’d like to make this as easy as I can. The other thing is that it has to be very cheap. I’ve already spent too much money on this costume, and would like to not spend too much more. If anyone knows a type of paint that is flexible and cheap please tell me, because I really need one. Thanks every one. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Free solution to clear acne and pimples without popping them?

Ok, im in puberty full swing. That means acne and pimples. I need a free solution to clear my acne and pimples. However, I dont want scar tissue left behind from popping the pimples. Do you have any solutions for this problem? Maybe some adults could help....... just leave your comments BTW, check out my avatar:

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i just ordered knex

Finaly i am geting some balljoints and hindges. i am geting 20 of both so i will be able to make some good guns that use them. i only had 4 of each before. i am also geting 30 hand connectors because i am running out of them. p.s. just to let my know the_bruitto_master i am planing of making your fn-scar when the peaces get here.

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12" Alien vs Predator set with Display Stand - 50.00 OBO

Grid Alien, a vicious member of the Alien species whose mindless killing is a threat to both Predator and human alike, is sculpted with movie-accurate detail and comes with a custom detailed base. Base joins with the 12" Scar Predator base to form a larger battle scene. Two beautifully sculpted figures which comes from a smoke free, pet free, dust free environment.

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Assault rifle contest!

The assault rifle competition winner will get a 5 star rating on any 5 instructables/forum topics/groups. (in that order, can mix). the 3 runners up will recieve a 5 star rating to an instructable of their choice.There will be categories, and everyone can vote for one gun in each category. i am only accepting assault rifles - must have a working mag, be the size of a rifle and fire.A voter may only vote up to two of their guns into any of the categories, and must vote something for every category. You may only vote onceCategoriesBest looking assault rifle1.Banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle2.-3.-Most innovative assault rifle1.Storm 2232.-3.-Most powerful assault rifle1.Storm 2232.-3.-Most reliable assault rifle1.The Burrito Master's Scar 11.012.-3.-Highest power:pieces ratio (ie. the more power per piece = better)1.Crestind's AST rifle2.-3.-Best overall assault rifle(cannot enter in this category, the guns with the top 3 ammounts of votes in any category will earn a place here)1.Storm 2232.Banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle/Crestind's AST rifle/Burrito's Scar 11.013.

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The Inkheart movie!

So, lots of people read inkheart, right? Well the movie is coming out in about three weeks, January 23. I was thrilled. However, I don't like the character choices. The main problem is they have this girl, Eliza Bennet playing Meggie who is 16, probably 15 at the time of filming. However, in the book, Meggie, is only 12. The 2nd problem, which isn't really a big one, is that I did not see Paul Bettany playing Dustfinger. To me, dustfinger was older, and in the promo pictures he doesn't have scars all over his face. That's all I have to say, but I digress. What do you guys think, I also think we need inkheart instructables. I'll think of one!Edit: Noone is an inkheart fan?

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Some funny band name Spoofs

I posted some stuff such a long time ago on a forum topic, and I looked back at it today. It still made me smile a bit. So... here are some things I came up with (Not meaning to offend these bands)Simple Plan = Complicated IdeaMetallica = Plastallica - If you don't get it, in Metallica you see the word metal. In Plastallica you see part of the word plastic. Or plaster. Whatever you want it to beMaroon 5 = Blue 2.550 cent = 25 centScar Symmetry = Bloody ArtSpoon = ForkRed Hot Chili Peppers: Blue Cold Habanaro PicklesGuns n' Roses: Broom n' Poisen IvyScary Kids Scaring Kids: Pretty adults prettying up adultsYeah...

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Gelli plate substitute

Hi. there is a new craze sweeping the craft and art community with a mono printing plate called a gelli plate. It's made out of some sort of mineral oil or gel of some sort. (i think). It's a flexible, clear mat with a soft feel and a give to it, a bit like jello. There are plenty of homemade versions using gelatin. which works fine for a while but it soon breaks up or bacteria sets in as gelatin is a food substance. Are there any clever boffin types out there that can make a similiar product that doesn't use gelatin and that has a good shelf life. I first thought of Oogoo but it's not pliable enough. This Gelli plate reminds me of the soft silcone gel that is used for scar healing, but is so expensive for small sheets. here is the link to see what I am after.

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Maplins sale!

Wow i went down to maplins today to pick up a component that I needed for the LED contest and i was really impressed with the sale for less than ten quid (£8.97) I got ten metres of solid core wire (ran low), my component, a 25W soldering iron (£2.99!!!) and 100g of lead free solder (also running low) I was going to have to go to bangor to the house there and pick up the soldering iron, train fare is about £6 in all and the iron cost £2.99 what a bargain, especially considering they're alright for smaller stuff, I used almost exact same one in school for years and they handle abuse very well. Soldering iron: £2.99 Solder: £3.60 Horrible burn scars from being too excited about the iron: priceless yes the solder cost more than the iron

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Lack of regard to personal safety or the safety of those who read a post.

I'm just wondering as to why there as so many ibles posted that are an accident just waiting to happen? Does anyone check out as to how safe the end product will be?  Do have some kind of get out clause to stop themselves getting sued to buggery when some less than bright child does one of these and becomes a Darwin award winner? I'm all on for the self cleansing of the gene pool by guys who blatantly disregard thier own and others health and safety. I dont believe that we should be making the the job easier by showing them how to do idiotically dangerous things. I am an engineer by trade, I have always been aware of safety issues, but still managed to collect a fine collection of injuries and scars over the years. If there are featured and winner banners why not one for marking the dangerous or unsafe ones?

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why i like electricity type stuff so much.

i have told, like, nobody this before but, one day when i was about four years old, on a boring night, i was in my apartment kitchen with a silverware knife. i then saw an empty outlet in the wall. then... IT HAPPENED. i shoved the knife in the socket, and never felt a single volt of electricity!!!!!!!! from then on, in my mind / imagination, i saw my self as a special person, who could harness electricity. but then, in 1st grade, i met Cole O'Grady. we got into a fight, and i screamed, quote, "I hope u get struck by lightning and go to the hospital and get scarred for life!!!!!!!!". then, during a storm in december, there was severe lightning strikes. then, when i went back to school i didn't see cole for a week and 2 days. when i asked where he was during that time, and i was informed he WAS in the hospital with 2nd degree burns. now THAT, is NOT, COINCEDENCE! that is why.

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Can someone please diagnose this? It's driving me crazy!

A couple days ago I got a red bump on my foot. No biggie, thought it was an ant bite. Now I had bumps on most parts of my body, and they itch like hell. They range from small to somewhat large, and they are red. They itch so bad I can't even concentrate. There isn't a lot of them, but enough to be a PITA. Right now they are on my feet, arms, toes, wrist and jaw line. I checked WebMD and it gave so many things that were really, really bad, so that was kind of scary. I don't they are too bad, but I don't want to scratch them and make scars. I've been inside mostly for the last week or so, save two days working on my dad's truck (had bug spray on), and about two weeks ago I climbed a small hill through some thick thorns, vines, and other crap. Perhaps I had a tick on me? If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it!

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Knex sniper

This is a Knex Sniper my friend and I made. we combined many mechanisms, ideas, and concepts from other guns to create this one. We would like to know if we should POST instructions. It fires a bit farther then the original scar and the grenade launcher is quite powerful depending on the amount of rubberbands.We would like to Credit: Best knex from youtube, Rofo12 from youtube, Alingarhs from Instructables, Bruce911from Instructables, Mepain from Instructables, and if we forgot to mention you then pm us and we will add you to our list asap :) =) =)SO if you would like instructions for this awesome sniper/gun please comment!!!Stats:37.5 inches longGrenade Launcher shoot grenades 16 feet and lands at about 26.5 feet (this can be made farther just add more rubber bandsAny problems with this instructables please comment and ill be sure to respond asapGrenade Launcher shooting White rod (little one) can launch it about 24 ft and continues to idkWe haven't made the main firing test yets but will get the results in soonAlso if you have any ideas for a better name for this gun please tell usKnex sniper

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Guns To Check Out

Cool guns to check out: The Jamalam's battle rifle. Why should I? Do you want a k'nex gun that has an awesome hold, great distance, cool magazine, and working bolt? Well if you do, The Jamalam's assault rifle is perfect. Another one, is the SR-V1 by killer-k. This gun has intricate slingshot design, and very powerful range. This is definitely recommended in a k'nex battle along with all the others. I mean come on! It looks like a sniper (duh!), feels like a sniper and shoots like one too! Also, another one is Gorkem's sniper rifle. It is a awesome, sturdy, powerful choice. It is an awesome sniper. I love it, and it is filled with cool features like, a great stock, a ridiculously cool barrel, and an awesome loading system. A cool one is the fn-scar k'nex gun. It has good ratings, a cool gun, a nice system, and overall good and reliable. Last but not least everyone please watch my crome eagle rifle slideshow and say to post or not. Just type in: Crome Eagle k'nex gun slide show. I give credits to all of the guns I mentioned and am a big fan of them, well... bye!

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Effects on metal

So I really like this clock.  I think I'll buy it soon. But as a beginner's art project, I'm trying to replicate some of the metal effects here.  I'm curious for techniques on how to accomplish some things, like: The back plate is copper, which the artist says is "oxidized".  I expect oxidation to turn copper green, blue, or black, not this silver/grey color.  Any ideas how this was done?  Is it just that it's a light oxidation? I really like the metal texturing here.  I've been able to replicate something similar on copper plate by hand-sanding in one direction with a fine-grained sandpaper.  But notice the vertical texturing on the backplate - how would that have been done?? I like the polished metal look of the minute hand contrasting with the reflective look of the hour hand.  How would you do that - similar way as the backplate?  Same with the gear? I've actually made what I think are much prettier nails by taking old (originally quite rusted) square iron nails, removing the rust and grinding the crap out of them with a bench grinder until I get a cool reflective finish.  Doing the grinding in patches gives it almost a hammered metal look while keeping the reflectiveness.  I think the effect is cool and really works with the "old-but-new" look of the square nails.  I'll post before+after pictures if anyone's interested.

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The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1 Results)

The results for the first round of the contest. Good luck to the people who moved on! -Viccie.B1993- 1st: Kairah --- Kairah's K'nex Train V01 --- 770/800 points. 2nd: Jollex --- K'nex Snowmobile --- 640/800 --- points. 3rd: (Atlas) --- Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension --- 620/800 points. 4th: Silentassasin21 --- Willy's Jeep --- 610/800 points. 5th: Knexguy --- FN-SCAR-H --- 600/800 points. 5th: ZakS95 --- K'nex Car --- 600/800 points. 6th: Serial-Cricket --- Horse Drawn Carriage --- 590/800 points. 7th: 222222222539 ---- Every Terrain Tank With Fully Automatic Turret - 580/800 points. 8th: K'nex Mad --- Knex 4WD Truck --- 550/800 points. 9th: DJ Radio --- 4WD Tank - 540/800 points. 10th: Killer~SafeCracker --- K'nex Racer --- 530/800 points. 11th: The Jamalam --- T.N.K.I.T I-Think-Entry --- 510/800 points. 12th: Owen-Mon-82397 --- K'nex Car (TNKIT Entry) --- 490/800 points. 13th: Heat-Seeker --- "Gypsy" Caravan --- 480/800 points. 14th: Cj81499 --- The New K'nex Innovations Tournement Car --- 400/800 points. 15th: AJLeece --- Random Car For TNKIT --- 360/800 points. 16th: Millawi Legend --- K'nex Tunes Puller --- 310/800 points. The people who aren't listed did not move on because they were too late. Link to round 2:

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I'm possibly back? A few oldies and memories, and just a big update forum

Wassup guys? Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. I was originally Superjustin18, but decided to change to Flumpkinz... cuz it's funny sounding! Whats NEW? Well, I've matured a lot... and I'm 13 now. That's right, all this time I've been to young for an account. But now I'm old enough, so no more guilt haha. My music taste has grown. Instead of being based on Punk and Metal, I now like Folk, Deathcore, and so many different extents of music. Another thing Is that now I actually have friends (which is the reason I haven't been on recently lol. Going back to old times, heres an oldy for Instructables. But since it's been SOOO long since I've been on, I just thought I'd ask. What are you're favorite bands? Or, if you want just post bands you listen to. Now, last time I did one of these, my heaviest band on there was Scar Symmetry. Now my heaviest is probably the Faceless.  I'll post videos below. To answer my own question The Faceless - Prison Born Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome to the Family Disturbed - The Infection Gaelic Storm - Johnny Tarr Ughh, too much more haha. Bands like Diecast, War of Ages, etc.

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Does anyone know what kind of bug/spider this is??!?? Answered

 I just happened to be on floor with my ear against my sub as I'm testing something out, but then I looked at the carpet and saw this dead bug sitting there! My gf has been getting bit in her sleep, well not recently within the last week, but she has like 6-7 bites along her wrist that are weeks old now and they are not healing up worth a damn. I don't think it's a bed bug, we stayed at a friend's house a long time ago and didn't realize they had a bedbug problem, neither did they, needless to say my gf's skin is scarred all over from bedbug bites. Now we're back at my parents and I did the necessary precautions to make sure we didn't bring any with us, including I kept all her clothes and whatnot in a duffel bag outside in the shed for over a week, if it didn't kill them it at least slowed them down, then I brought it in and washed ALL of her clothes with a hot wash in the washing machine. Anyways this looks like a spider to me, and thats what she thinks was biting her because they don't look like bedbug bites, but it pisses me off really, I even sprayed all sorts of "Spider-bahn" around my room and around the perimeter of the walls, perhaps that's why I found this one dead?? Anyone help please! P.S: I live in Canada, and I've heard from a couple people that this year is really bad for bedbugs, at least up here.

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Testing my ability to use Lyrics to understand the meaning of a song

Okay, so I want you to tell me what you think. I am testing my ability to tell what a song means by it's lyrics/song title. Song: Deviate From the Form Artist: Scar Symmetry Okay, so already there is a clue. The word "Deviate" means to swerve, avoid, etc. So obviously, this song is about avoiding something. Now, lest look at the lyrics. First verse: I transcend my earthly form Through some questions never asked before Question the need to be a machine That responds automatically Okay, so "I transcend my earthly form". Transcend means to outdo, or exceed. So, basically, imo basically saying that you are doing better, or knowing better than a human. Knowing whats right and wrong about some questions that haven't been asked before. I suppose they mean something like "When will the next largest technological revolution happen?" Or "What inventions will destroy our planet in the future?". Like questions technological revolutions,  and future disasters or inventions. To back up that paragraph, read the next two lines. "Question the need to be a machine that responds automatically". Or to translate that, why do we need all these machines? Do we really have to be too lazy? What's next, self folding clothes? We do not NEED all these inventions. And later in the song, it talks about how there are changes, and turning into nothing. And what I mean by that, is that there will be so many innovations, that Earth will be pretty much taken over by robots. It will be nothing. All these machines are monotonous. They do not think, or have emotions. They are NOTHING. So to sum it up, I think this song means that they are trying to avoid becoming nothing. They do not like how there is an invention for almost everything ever thought up. They are staying in the past where we did not need all these gadgets

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The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1)

The category is "K'nex Vehicles".Only one thing to remember, 2-16 wheels on your vehicle needed!You can show it in a Forum Topic, a Slideshow, or a Video.The things where your vehicle will be judged on:- Originality- Looks- Added Functions Such As: Suspension, Engine Model, Etc- ReliabilityIf you have made something, post a link here, and i'll judge it as soon as i see it.Enter it before 1 September 2009, or you'll be disqualified.Contestants:- St J - Entry:- Millawi Legend - Entry: Kairah - Entry: Shadowninja31 - Entry:- Silentassasin21 - Entry: DarthVader - Has been banned sadly enough, so he can't enter anything.- (Atlas) - Entry:- Jollex - Entry: ZakS95 - Entry: Knexguy - Entry: 222222222539 - Entry: Killer SafeCracker - Entry: LordSnipe - Entry:- Owen-mon-82397 - Entry: Cj81499 - Entry: Dj Radio - Entry: KillerPanda - Entry:- Heat-Seeker - Entry: Serial-Cricket - Entry: Yannyboy - Entry:- Katarukito - Entry:- Ajleece - Entry:- Knex Mad - Entry: Knexmaster7000 - Entry:- Darth Gecko Man - Entry:- The Jamalam - Entry: your thing, guys!UPDATE:THE RESULTS ARE HERE:

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