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Arduino and scavenged LCDs

Hey guys i've recently received an Arduino Uno (tech-mas gifts !) and have started trying stuff out, i also had 2 old cellphones that i hadn't used for years, so i scavenged the vibrators and screens and left the rest untouched(no ripping appart, worry not) now i see that the screens both have a plastic thing with a lot if very tiny pins sticking out of them, and i wonder if there would be any way i can connect these to the arduino and use them as displays (was thinking of a smart-not-phone, wich does all the funny stuff a smartphone does without the phonecalls), please keep in mind i have a very basic set of tools (the arduino, a breadboard and the "starter pack"(with leds resistors ect...), plus a soldering iron, and would like to keep this project salvage based if possible (no money for smart-not-phones) info i could find on the displays: 1st one is a LMS240GF12,(non touchscreen) i couldnt find any info on this model but a few similar displays with lms241 or 242 names exist, so i guess the specs should be similar ? 2nd one is the touchscreen that came with a HTC Wildfire phone, and i think the display serial would be A3333 G8 but i'm not sure, none of the information is labelled and internet has been of little help as of now ^^. If you have any tips or need more info i'll be glad to receive them

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What's the best way to scavenge toroids?

What are they commonly found in? And are those things easy to get for free?

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I need to scavenge some solid state relays. 5v 120vac. What types of things have these in them?

I am trying to power some Christmas lights with my computer speakers and need some solid state relays to switch them. I tried the reed type from radio shack but they keep sticking. I have lots of random electronics laying around to scavenge from, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Build a webcam/surveillance cam or similar out of a CCD-sensor

Hey, I've deconstructed an old video camera because I needed some parts, and now I have this ccd-sensor with the whole lens-system around... Does anyone have an idea for a project using these parts? Somehow it should be possible to get the digital signal of the sensor on the computer, to build kind of a webcam, what do you think? I'd appreciate any suggestions! Best regards, Tobi

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Need ideas of object to scavenge

Hello everyone, i'm working to build some home made toy, but I am missing one important piece. To find it at minimum price, I need to find an every day object that would contain a shaft with a driving ring. The ring would also need to be able to move along the shaft. Can anyone help me to find some idea ? where can I find it? I'm sure it must exists in plenty of objects, I just can't think of any.... thanks ! :)

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Will scavenged parts survive soldering?

If I pull components out of, say, a dead radio, will those components survive the heat of resoldering? Considering they've already been soldered once, and the leads clipped short, are they still REALLY viable?

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Hard drive motor scavenging

Hi ! I was wondering, I saw some projects using 2,5" Hard drive brushless motors but I don't get exactly how do we manage to take them off their casing ? They seem strongly fixed and I don't see any screws holding them... Can someone help me on this ?

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Scavenging Smartphone Touchscreens for DIY Projects

Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how feasible it would be to harvest a touchscreen from an old smart phone (say, a $35 LG on ebay) and integrate it into a DIY electronics project (eg. an Arduino project). Are the connections just hopelessly convoluted inside the phone or do many phones have fairly sensible screens that can be re-used? Thanks in advance for any insight. Sean

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Where to find a 120V to 12V transformer?

I want to make a "styro-slicer" which needs a 120V to 12V transformer. I would like to scavenge it instead of buying it.

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LCD scavenged off of Alarm Clock

I have found an old post scavenged lcd from an old Cosmo Time Alarm clock and i have no idea how to hook up the 34 pins  with my arduino.  If anyone can help here are some random writings on the part that cou8ld help. Greenmod3 e 701 fh1 eh1 Thanks for the help, Loo.

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How can I Scavenge/Salvage a crystal+audio transformer from an old radio (or anything!) for an AM transmitter project? Answered

Hi! My name's Bashu, I'm 18. My electronics skills are pretty feeble but I think I'm trying to get a better idea about how they work.. by making projects! old homeschooler reflex. So my brother has an old 1982 lovable Toyota Tercel named Humphrey. Humphrey was passed on to my brother the way God or Toyota made him.. with an AM radio. This is pretty rad if we want to hear Chinese/Spanish/Italian radio jockeys (they have really nice vocal rhythms), except usually we don't for some reason. So I wanted to make an AM transmitter. I found a project on here. Looks pretty simple. Requires an approx 1 mhz crystal and an 8-1000 ohm audio transformer, which I was prepared to buy, except then I heard about salvaging them from cheep radios! VERY EXCITED WAS I! I love reusing old things that were once very incredible (taking songs out of the air? Magic) and would otherwise go to the dump. Alors, I bought an old clock-radio from a thrift-store, opened it up and looked inside, and realised I had no freakin' idea what the crystal or audio transformer would look like. I then decided to enlist the help of the only community I thought would know. You! My question is, if I wanted to find a 1 Mhz Crystal and a 8 into 1000 ohm audio transformer, without buying them, where would I be likely to be able to salvage them, and what will they look like? Pictures of the radio I bought and opened up are attached, in case they are on there and easily spottable. I don't mind digging. Thank you very much for any advice you have! I am also thinking it would be really cool to have an instructable dedicated to salvaging components from various equipment. I found a wiki on it, but it's somewhat incomplete and has no photos whatsoever.

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What are these components I harvested from old boards? Answered

If you know what any of the components in the pictures are please leave a comment with the number of the picture in which the component you are referring to is in. Thanks

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Finding good Trash!

Check out this AWESOME resource for finding good dumpsters!http://trashwiki.orgIt's a brand new website in its infancy, so sign up and start adding your info! (started by the excellent folks at

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Photo Scavenger Hunt: Your Mom Edition

Hello everyone!  I've got some patches that are burning a hole in my pocket, and I'd love to share them with you! Here is my plan:  on a not at all regular schedule, I will come up with a harebrained idea for a strange and/or difficult to acquire picture.  I will take an example picture and post it in the community blog.  You will then go and take your own version of said picture and post it here in the comments, and in return I will send you a patch.  Sound good?  This needs to be your original picture, but if you feel the need to cover your face or whatever, that's fine.  Just make sure that you identify yourself in some way, say with a sign or something with your username on it.  For example, if I cared about preserving my anonymity I would wear a paper bag over my head with eye holes cut out and "Depot Devoid" written on it in sharpie. Photoshop is fine to touch up pictures, but don't overdo it.  I don't want any pictures that are completely photoshopped fabrications . . . unless they are really awesome.  I reserve the right to be the sole judge of what is awesome and my decisions are totally arbitrary and cannot be appealed to a higher authority.  I AM THE HIGHER AUTHORITY MWA HA HA HA!!!! Anyway, here's your first Photo Scavenger Hunt objective:  A picture of you and your mom (or grandma, or some reasonable facsimile thereof), engaged in lightsaber combat . . . to the death! Go forth my minions, and bring me pictures!

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Where can i find (scavenge) a 555 timer and other commonly used ICs? Answered

I have a special interest in components retrieval from out or no-more-in-use eletronics, and since i live out ou the US that is probably the easiest/cheapest/quickest way to get some parts. A mini-question: what is the main application of the 555? I've seen it mostly controlling dc motors and blinking lights and in some amps. Knowing the use of it is another way to know where to find it. So, just like a stepper motor can be found in most (if not all) printers and scanners, where can we find ICs and other crucial parts for projects?

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How to remove electron gun from an old tv?

There is currently two old tube tv's on my street and i have already scavenged components like the flyback and 400v cap, but i was wondering if there was any way i could remove the electron gun for experimentation in vacuums. If anyone could explain it to me or post a link to vid, instructable or webpage it would be very helpful.

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Projects for old 35mm point and shoot cameras?

I have a few 35mm point and shoot cameras and I see them in thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets all the time. Are there any cool ways to make these into something else or scavenge the parts for other projects?

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What can I scavenge high power triacs/scrs/ssrs from?

I'm doing some questionably safe experimentation and need some very high current method of pulsing AC in the 2-3KW range.  I also have no money and want things free off of craigslist, what appliances would likely have these parts in them?

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What can I do with a scavenged 9" TFT panel?

Over the last several years I have been through three different pairs of portable DVD players.  Since they don't work anymore, I yanked the displays from them.   What can I build with these bad boys?  Is there any way to use them without the controllers from the players?  If not, where can I get a controller?

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How do I connect this scavenged LCD screen to an Arduino Uno?

This morning I dismantled an old Palm Tungsten E that I had laying around.  I was able to extract the LCD screen and want to use it in an Arduino project but I'm not sure what the best way to connect it to a breadboard/Arduino might be.  It appears to have a 40 line bus ribbon (they're small so I might have miscounted).

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any ideas for this? Answered

Just found this in my stuffs. Scavenged from an old photocopier years ago, any use to it? like using it for a sort of battery indicator displaying in percentageX10^-2

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How do I know if a transistor is a 2N4401 or a 2N3904, etc? Answered

Good day. I'm a newbie scavenger, and I scavenge parts since I don't have enough money to buy new parts. I want to know if the transistor i found is a 2N4401 or a 2N3904 or another? I can't find it in the Internet. One thing I know is that it's an NPN transistor. I also noticed some numbers on the flat side of the transistor. Does it help in determining the transistor? Thanks in advance to those who will answer. :D

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what are we called ?

What are we called ? scavengers,mcguyvers? people who build odd usefull stuff out of junk. some computer guys call themselves geeks what are we?

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How can I identify the power rating (wattage) of my scavenged resistors? Answered

I am currently making a mini guitar amplifier, from this instructable,, and i need a 1kΩ resistor. I have accumulated a few components by de-soldering and scavenging parts from old, and broken electronic devices. When I found out i needed a 1kΩ resistor, I looked up the ring code for that value and scanned over my broken electronic circuit boards to see if i could find a match. Which i did, but i do not know how many watts the resistor is rated at. The resistor in question is no more than 3mm in length. I know that quite a lot of resistors are more like 5mm in length. Can you tell from the physical size what the resistor I have is?(I will include a couple of pictures)

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Heavy Duty Workbench

Specifications: 60X30 Not attached to any walls Heavy duty (I need to be able to throw a transmission on it and get to work or take out my hammer and do my woodworking stuff and not have holes or any other damage to the work bench) Under $500 I have scoured Instructables and can't seem to find an instructable that suits my needs.  I can get a full metal workbench for $1500, or a metal topped workbench for about $800. I'd like to keep this cheap. I'm all good for scavenging, but I live in the suburbs, so places to scavenge are hard to come by. Regards,  David

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Cyber War with a Shovel?

A 75 year old woman has cut Armenia off from the internet. Whilst scavenging for copper in neighbouring Georgia, Hayastan Shakarian accidentally severed the fibre-optic cable connecting all three of Armenia's internet wholesale providers, and the whole country was cut off for almost 12 hours until after midnight on the night of 28th March. The pensioner has been arrested, and could face three years in prison, but has been released pending the completion of the investigation and the result of the prosecution. Armenian websites identified Shakarian as Armenian herself, not Georgian, and questioned the credibility of an old lady causing the blackout, claiming similar damage in Georgia has caused problems for Armenia in the past. AFP ArmeniaNow BBC

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Help with my brainstorm

Hi everyone, I have an idea for a new gizmo that I'm trying to make a working model of. It will use a 12volt electric motor and want to spend as little as possible on it until I'm pretty sure it will work, so I'm going to scavenge for parts when I can. The most expensive parts that will go into it is the electric motor and the battery and I have a few questions: 1- Does an electric motor draw whatever power it needs or is the power forced into it? 2- If it draws what it needs, can I take a 12volt motor and use an 18v battery with it without problems? So if I scavenge an electric motor from a 12v battery powered drill can I run it with an 18v lithium battery? 3- What about the amps? If I use a 12v motor that normally runs off a 12v car battery, can I run it with an 18v lithium battery that has less amps? 4- Any other specs I need to focus on? 5- When I find the right electric motor, which I think will be a small 12v gearmotor, where should I go to find a low cost supplier? I'll have more questions later but if you could help me with this I can get started. Thank you! Bretina

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Are there any good uses for a black and white TV tuner from an old minitv?

Specific model is XINFA TDQ-4D. I've already scavenged most of the parts from this old minitv, and the tuner is one of the few left that I can find no use for. Any ideas?

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very old laptop

Can I do anything with this old piece of crap other than scavenge parts from it? it has 1 floppy drive i think 64mb of ram 250-450mb HD space the ports you can see in the picture windows 95 and intel inside

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Suggestions for a cheap source of solenoids for a music project? Answered

I'm looking for some 'normally in' the would perform a striking action when voltage (pref. low) is applied.  I'm not above scavenging, ordering online, or building my own.  It just has to strike a xylophone and retract, so not a lot of force is required. Any suggestions?

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Im looking for old cheap laptop's or desktops to scavenge parts from, i don't want any of your data, um..special pictures or your hard drives if they are not wiped.I am hoping to post an instructable on how to overhaul laptops or desktops.

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Secret Resource: Waterproofing!

Everywhere I look, people are throwing out umbrellas. I've started scavenging the skins and (in rainy England) sewing them onto *everything*. It's great. There are tons of umbrellas that break, etc. and are thrown out every day. You can sew them together to make a big tarp, make a cover for your bag/laptop, etc. Wonderful!

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component recognition software? Answered

Finding datasheets for stuff i have lying around is a PITA!!! i also can't find datasheets for some stuff i scavenge because i don't know what they are. is there a sort of "facial recognition software" but for electronic components? also is there a program that indexes the characteristics of components i have, kind of like mouser's or digi-key's website?

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Need help finding a datasheet for a camera? Answered

I scavenged a camera from a cellphone and thought it might be usefull for somthing with a arduino. The problem is that I can't find any datasheets on this part. The part number is... A6J925 3471933     3 If any one has this camera, a datasheet, or knows anything about this part any help would be helpfull. Thanks, David.

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Printer Salvage - What I saw on PCW

So PCWorld has determined that in some cases it is cheaper to buy a new printer rather than new ink.  That means that you can use the old printer's spare parts for all sorts of shenanigans.  Just thought I'd throw that out there so people could scavenge their old printers or their friends' old printers. Here is the original article

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Where can I find P channel power MOS-FETs?

I have been able to scavenge plenty of N-channel silicon power MOS-FETs from discarded power supplies, monitors, TVs, and amplifiers. It is rare to find P-channel in these things. What sort of junk electronics should I be looking for? ~Bob~

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any interest in a few armouring instructables?

Who would be interested in a few armouring instructables? i'm thinking about doing one on setting up an apartment friendly "shop" and then maybe a few on basic armouring skills... maybe dishing, basic patterning, how to peen a rivet etcetera. I'm deffinetly doing one on how to make your own suit of lamellar armour from scavenged pallet banding.

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Things to make out of old PCBs

I have some old PCB scavenged from some electronics and a router that no longer worked. They are quite big. I may scavange some parts from them in the future but they are pretty much useless but they look cool. I was wondering what i could make out of them something decorative or even functional. 

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Why do I need a blocking diode on the output end of a solar panel?

In some of the instructables dealing with solar panels, the instructions call for a 1N314 blocking diode. Is this really necessary? What happens if you don't put one in? Does the solar panel glow or something? Would a LED be just as useful? Where could I scavenge one if I had to use such a diode?

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Ravens are Smart

Check out this article for a really neat description of how and why ravens are smart. Basically, it's a great trait for a scavenger to evolve- they need intelligence and what amounts to a rather sneaky form of empathy to snitch lots of food from predators and hide it from their fellow ravens. Good stuff.Ravens can toboggan, ride other animals and spy on their enemies. Their life as cadgers stealing prey from wolves, eagles and bears has made them outstandingly intelligent.

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bicycle dynamo to power AC outlet?

I'm thinking about scavenging a motor from a sewing machine to use as a dynamo for a bicycle. Assuming the motor is powered by ac, it will also produce ac, correct? Would it then be possible to simply wire in a regular wall outlet to the motor, and say, plug in a wallwart for charging batteries? I realize that it would be underpowered for the most part. My question is, is this just a really really stupid idea, or could this potentially work?

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Old VCR Case

I have an old VCR, and I took it apart and scavenged for useful parts. I sold a couple, and threw out the rest. I kept the empty case in case I though of something to do with it, but so far I've had no ideas. I still kept the plugs and other parts from the inside which you can see from the outside. If anybody has an idea for what to do with it that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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How can I reuse a USB webcam board?

I scavenged a no-name brand cheap webcam. This means I have a lil' board with four wires coming out to USB, and a tactile switch that sits on top of the board. How can I interface with it in the crudest way possible? I want to get a signal out of it that I can use for a robot, or a HUD, or even out to a TV. Is this possible?

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Furniture Mash-Up

A bunch of broken furniture and enough epoxy, and you've got Thomas Wold's Piecemeal.Commissioned to design a "green" coffee table for Good Hotel in San Francisco (the "first hotel with a conscience"), Wold scavenged used bits and pieces to create his piece. Scope the process on his blog. And while you're there, check out the computer station he designed for the same hotel. Details are in the current issue of Ready Made.

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blinking LEDs

I'm planning a sort of a Halloween Scavenger hunt. I'm planning to hide boxes along a wooded trail, each with a blinking red LED on top, which is what seekers would look for. I suppose that this is a super-simple question, but I've got no real experience in electronics. But I do work well with instructions. I would like to do about ten of these, so I would appreciate any advice on how to cheaply create a bunch of blinking LED beacons. THANKS!!!!

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Where to obtain parts?

So, I pulled this piece from an old back massager and I wish to build something special for a deaf friend. I have a couple more motors from old game controllers that I'll be scavenging too, but I need some more materials for the rest of the device. Anybody know where I can obtain the circuits and other parts to build a music visualizer (not arduino or anything requiring programming)? Preferably free or the very least free?

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A good, never mind, Great way to start metal forging/casting

I am pretty new, wait, very new to this, ok im a straight complete noob and i only know what i have seen (not much, but i do know how to scavenge anything and modd things to make it work...) and i was just wondering what would be the best way to make a medium sized forge and what to use to fuel it.

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I found a bunch of parts from two ipod' s!

I want to start a project using various parts scavenged from dumpster diving. A bag containing two ipod hard drives an ipod 2nd gen circuit board three brand new replacement screens, the outer shell of the 2nd gen video case. wheel clicker. I have basic soldering skills but unsure what to do with all these great parts... Any suggestions would be praised!!!!

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How would you make a dancing hula doll?

I want to make a set of dancing hula dolls for each of the people in my polynesian dance group.  Might scavenge the torsos/legs of used dolls in a used shop, but don't know how they make the shaking hips.  Actually, I've never seen one in real life, so no chance to look under the grass skirt, lol.  Some sort of spring?  And ideas on how to make the hips shake on this little doll?  Thanks!!!

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Can anyone identify this chip??

I scavenged this chip out of an old weather station. Its an rf transmitter that broadcasts on 433 MHz. I am looking for any type of data sheet to identify the pin out. I have labeled the ones I know and hope to be able to integrate this into an arduino. Thanks you for your help! The chip is labeled with:  TB-THR128-0.1 016-408603-01 Connection points are circled in red. High-Res Images: The chip: The underside: What it was attached to:

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