What would you take with you in case of catastrophe ...

Hi =o)Kiteman's story made me wonder that :If, in the middle of the night, you had to leave your home very quickly (in a matter of minutes) because of a coming great catastrophe (hurricane, flood, fire, alien invasion ...), and given that everything you'll left will be definitively lost, what would you take with you ?Personally, I think I'd try to take :- my cat (despite that's probably not the most rational decision as I don't have a box to carry her safely)- a bag with my most important administrative and official papers- my USB keys with all my work- my cellular phone- a flashlight- and maybe a bottle of water ...And if remains enough time, I'd probably try to gather as much things as possible into my backpack/rucksack ...What would be your list ?edit : of course, it's obvious to me that none of us would abandon someone he/she loves ! ;o)

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TF2 Paintball Scenario Game Help? Answered

 Basically, I convinced the owner of my local paintball field (not telling) to run a TF2 scenario game, mainly because he's also a big fan of Valve, and because I agreed to pay for half of it. I already have volunteers who are willing to wear the costumes and have fun. I've already developed costumes (posting Instructable on costumes later). I've also found a suitable paintball sentry (www.paintballsentry.com/index.htm). Thing is, I'm absolutely at a loss for weapons. The only paintball shotgun I can find would be a shotgun made by RAP4, which is not a good manufacturer, and I have no idea what to do for the medic's healing, dispenser's healing, and teleporters. I need ideas for weapons and buildables, and they have to look at the very least vaguely like their game counterparts. If anyone could help, I'd be much obliged. Kthx, Gears of Awesome

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question in batch

How do i make scenarios like it randomlz choses a scenario that zou put in some where

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Opinion: in a postapocalyptic scenario, what kind of crazy weapon would you build?

Sketches would be quite handy.  I am planning on using your ideas as weapons for characters in a film project. Thanks in advance

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Batch Randomization Answered

So how do you make randomized scenarios in batch because im making a text based game where i need random scenarios like for example get a random customer for a shop game or random skeleton appearing with a randomized amount of hp that you can set.

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batch randomization

Ok so im trying to make a text based game in batch, my concept was a batch store game where every time a customer walks in for example they ask for something its not the same thing every time you restart the batch file and if there is a way to put a section on the batch file where you could list a few scenarios and batch would randomize it to be one of those scenarios you had.

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How does heating of nichrome wire work? Answered

I was thinking about a situation, but right now I've hit a dead end; Ok, picture this: There's a room with a length of nichrome wire which connects to a power supply. (The power supply is constant voltage, and the length of nichrome wire will be constant throughout these scenarios) If the room is at room temperature, and power is applied to the wire, it heats up to x degrees after 1 minute. Here's what I wanted to know: If the room was below room temperature, and power was applied, would it still heat up to x degrees after 1 minute? If the room was at x degrees, what temperature would the wire get to (i.e, would it be higher or lower than the very first scenario) when power is supplied, after 1 minute? Thanks in advance

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I'm Back!

I'm back and with more ideas then ever i have a couple things in the works including but not limited to 1. how to fake a u.f.o. picture guide 2. how to survive a realistic zombie invasion scenario 3. improved Pocket Rocket Launcher if i get permission from zjharva probably more

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can you help with homework?

Im in algebra 1 and need help on a word problem The scenario is a cinama sells 532 buckets of popcorn for 1489.50. A large bucket sells for 2.25 and a jumbo sells for 3.75. Questios: 1.write an equation to model the situation (slope intercept or something) 2.how many jumbo buckets were sold?

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What white material should I use to draw on blue paper? Answered

I need it white to look like a blueprint, as it's a project for school. I tried a white pencil, it was OK but I had to push down really hard and it was bad for details. Worst case scenario, I'll use that.

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Crocheted grenades make killing cute!

How cute can a grenade possibly be? About this cute. These crocheted versions of deadly explosives let you re-enact WWII scenarios with something that's fun to squeeze. Even the creator couldn't help but get into the act with the video below.Green 'round Grenades from WooWork on Vimeo.

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Switching Circuit

Hi, I want to build a Auto-Switching circuit. I would appreciate if you could help me on circuit. Sorry for my ignorance in circuit design. There are two power sources A and B. The A is 12v and B is 3v.I would be utilizing the power from A only when B is turned On. So an auto switching circuit is required in this scenario. The circuit should sense if B is On, if so it should let A On.

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Contingency Plan

As part of my disaster readiness planning, I have given the scenario of a global economic meltdown much consideration. To this end I have compiled a thorough step-by-step contingency plan. I am happy to now be able to make this guide actionable and will be sharing all of this information as an Instructable shortly. How about you? Have you done any preparation? Have you given the matter any forethought?

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Create A Step Bookmark For A Hyperlink?

Can I create a bookmark pointing to a particular step in one Instructable, and hyperlink to it from another Instructable?  Scenario: Instructable "A" has a step whose image and info would also serve in another Instructable, "B". Can I link to "A" step while still remaining in "B". Kinda like the old "call" command used in dos batch files.  Thank you!

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Zombies in Big Sur

I found a blog of a guy who just finished living a whole year in a simulated apocalypse scenario. He posted a video every couple of weeks in which he tries to learn a new skill. There's surprisingly little content about zombies in any of the videos, so even if you're not into that, you can still enjoy it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v;=Df7UfYGn6lQ http://zombiesinbigsur.blogspot.com/

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How do I make a cluster of pulsing L.E.D.s.

I want to make a pulsing red light to insert into a sculpture project. The finished piece will be about 2' x 2'. They all need to pulse at the same time for the same duration, fade in fade out type scenario. I want the lights to be pretty bright, where do I start?

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Shell says "Peak oil in 7 years."

In a recent e-mail to Shell employees, Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer writes:"Regardless of which route we choose, the world's current predicament limits our maneuvering room. We are experiencing a step-change in the growth rate of energy demand due to population growth and economic development, and Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand."2015 is seven years away and with limited resources and an expanding population we are sure to see more and more limitations on resources we take for granted. Water, cooking oil, and food are also in that list.The e-mail goes on to say that little will likely be done about this situation by any governments until the poop has really hit the fan and by then it will probably be too late. Two scenarios are laid out in the e-mail, Scramble and Blueprints. One is a mad dash towards a solution as we hit the problem head-on and the other is to make a plan now for the inevitable.Personally, I hope for the Blueprints scenario, but I feel like the Scramble is likely what we'll be doing. link

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Megaboost? A super high storage minty boost? Answered

So im thinking of making a Mintyboost for my ipod/android phone however I'd like to make it into more of a Megaboost. I wanna build it inside of an old Army ammo case and add multiple usb ports, with a much larger capacity battery(s) So my question is can i add the extra batteries in parallel and have them still recharge and operate the same way? Same scenario with the other usb ports?

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Crater Cutter kit

My challenge is to produce a reliable 10kV spark generator which will cut me craters with a plasma arc. You can see the general idea on my blog: http://www.wikihow.com/Etch-Your-Own-Crater? The 10kV spark generator is my missing ingredient, so Instructables please step forward with a design! Once running we can re-create any planetary feature by means of Cathodic or Anodic erosion. I believe this is a genuine alternative to the current 'impact crater' scenario, so favoured by astronomers.

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How to setup the webcam top give a more real face-face communcation feel during video conferencing? Answered

When we are having with our video-conference with our friends, we always feel that the party is staring down at the screen rather than looking at you. It seems like as if he's not listening to your conversation. Therefore, is there any possible solutions to solve this constraint, so that we will look more natural and trustworthy while video-conferencing?The image below explains the scenario. Extracted from http://img.tomshardware.com/us/2005/11/02/squeezing_more_life_out_of_your_notebook/msn.jpg

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I am creating a LED project and I am in need of assistance on where to put my resistors and any issues w/ burnt out LEDs

I  am creating a project  where a motion sensor turns on a row of lights. Now it will turn them on in a particular order. So while learning LED and resistance I came across some questions. If I place my LEDs in parallel i understand that I can run all off the same Volts, I just add up the Amps on all. I saw that they recommend putting a resistor on each led in case one burns out.  Questions 1) Why can I just use one after all the LEDs? 2) If I were to wire it so all the LEDs have resistors does that mean I have to use higher resistors so they keep dividing from each other? 3) How can I make each light function separately but use the same Voltage? 4) What is the outcome if a led were to burn out in a series and/or parallel? If I am being unclear let me give you a random unthought out scenario- Lets say I have 9V Battery 8 LEDs 2.2 Vf at 20mA each I believe that I cannot run all the LEDs in series because they will use all the voltage available. So I must run them in parallel. My math goes: 9v/ .160mA= 56.25 ohms resistor which would be bumped up to whatever is closest.  Now comes Q2 above. with the scenario above would I use 8 450 ohm resistors in parallel? Now with that scenario in play what is Q3 I want to power all the LEDs with 9V or whatever but want to run them separately (turn off and on)... I am sorry for probably confusing everyone who read this but I would appreciate the help... still learning. Take it easy everyone.

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How big of a CNC stepper motor would I need to move a 300Lb 52"x 9' moving table on rack and pinion track? Possible?

Working on a custom CNC machine and I want my table to move instead of the gantry. My best case scenario would be having the table move 300 pounds and my worst case scenario, although acceptable, would be 120 pounds. I would assume the need to allow for the weight of the table itself, another 50 pounds. I'm sure that I could get the table to move but have concerns with: when the table is out eight feet from the router at a compete stop, pulling it back with that kind of weight is going to cause problems. I would like the table to use rack and pinion track and gears as well. I have an additional question as well: Obviously I'm going to need a sizable motor to move what I'm proposing but I would not need something so big to deal with the other two axes, is it okay to mix different size motors run from the same control panel? I would think yes, but want to be sure that I don't need to add anything special to help. I'm open to and appreciative of any and all suggestions and help. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Remote control light for bicycle

Here's the scenario and idea. Scenario: MY friends and I have taken up biking, however sometimes we get a little far from each other. My concern is that if one of us blows a tire or something like a chain falls off happens, there is no way to alert whoever is in front to stop. I've tried screaming but only look like a fool to anyone's house we ride by lol. My solution. I would like to build a remote light kit. I would like to have box with a small button (box size hopefully no bigger than 2x2 in) that could send a signal to another box on my friends bike that has a light attached to it so when I press the button (on my box) the light in the box on his bike lights up (therefore signaling him to stop). Dilemma: I know nothing about remote control electronics, as far as I can figure I need some form of transmitter and receiver. Hopefully able to run off of a triple a battery or one of those CR2032 watch batteries. I would need it to be able to send the signal maybe 100 feet (but if it can go further that would be welcome) I'm hoping maybe someone has experience with such items and might be able to suggest something... ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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Laptop turn on block while not on AC power Answered

My mom doesn't like to plug in MY laptop, so it always discharges. (Today she even forgot the charger at work. that's why I wrote this question on her old desktop computer) Is there anything that could block it from turning on while not on AC power? And a secret to unblock it. Scenario: You turn on the laptop (which is on battery power), a message telling you to plug it in appears, you can't do anything with it. You plug it in, or type a password, the message disappears and you can continue your work normally.

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A Cat in a Box!

Sorry, no hilarious picture - but a thought exercise!Imagine a steel box (to shield the contents from the universe) that contains a cat. Inside this box is a device that contains a gas which may, or may not, cause instant death to the cat. One hour after the device is released in the steel box (with cat) - what is the state (assume only two states - alive or dead) of the cat?Mind you, you have no method to measure the results of the possibly poisonous device - after all, measure the result and you change it! I imagine there are a few of you that have read about this very scenario in an academic setting :)

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Scientists say: Hit Them Hard!

It had to happen.Scientists from the University of Ottowa have modelled the effects of a classical zombie plague, as part of a model in epidemiology.They looked at what would happen if uninfected humans attempted to cure or quarantine zombies, and the effects of retaliation:We show that only quick, aggressive attacks can stave off the doomsday scenario: the collapse of society as zombies overtake us all.It looks like we might have a need for all those zombie Instructables after all!PDF of the paper, via BBC story.

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How to turn on a 24v solenoid when a 110v unit is shut off? Answered

Ok, so an odd ball scenario. I need to open a 24v solenoid(lawn sprinkler valve NC) for 5 minutes after main power(110v) has been shut off to a device. I have the ability to piggy back on all the power terminals, so it could have constant and switched power. I feel like this kind of thing will exist somewhere, I just can't find it at a Home Depot, and can't seem to google the right key words. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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How can I make a biodegradable adhesive in a paintball-like form-factor that's durable but would break if thrown.

Scenario: you're riding your bike. A car cuts you off. You have a little hopper full of these balls and have the presence of mind to get one out and throw it at the car. It sticks to the car. When the driver gets home, he sees it. Inside of the clear adhesive is a laminated piece of paper or something durable with a link written on it. The driver goes to the website and reads instructions about how to be a better bike-friendly driver. They wash the adhesive off with no damage done to the car. They become more conscientious drivers.

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NOOOOOO! What happened?!

I just spent an hour typing up an Instructable. The current step I was working on was practically a page! I put a lot of work into it and I cannot do it again. All the writing I did has been replaced by "give a general description of this step"! I hit "save now" every time I finished a sentence! What happened?!Excuse any errors right now, I'm shocked. All that work for nothing! Really detailed reports on what to do in differing scenarios of rabbit care! Gone! I can't simply "retype" everything!*Sigh* EDIT: I RETYPED, CRISIS AVERTED!https://www.instructables.com/id/EDHNAM1FHUFAG37/

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Scholarship idea - Automated Store Inventory Manager

The objective of my project would be to use the Create platform as a mobile platform to help manage inventory in a store like Walmart. The concept would be based on RFID. A reader would be mounted on the robot and it will detect passive tags on the products stacked in the shelves. The mobile platform would autonomously wander around the store after hours, collect and collate data and generate a reorder report at the end of its run, which would in turn be transmitted via RF to a PC. Implementation would be carried out such that it could be ported to a real world scenario. Also, it would ensure that all the stacks have been visited during its run.

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Anyone know any good timer progams?

I have this old, old old old old old old laptop that I am trying to do something with. Right now it is running windows XP (on 65mb of RAM!!!?!?!?!), because no Linux distros would recognize the external pcimcia cd drive. I got the idea of using it as sort of a "time bomb" for airsoft scenarios. The program I am looking for would be a sort of glorified kitchen timer, and would hopefully make beeps as the time goes down, once every one minute and then every second for the last 30 or something. Anyone know of a good program to do this with?

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Paper plane street art mixes 2D with 3D

Really enjoying this street art that looks like paper airplanes that are flying on the side of a building pop off and land in the ground in front. This was done by Said Dorkins in Mexico City. According to the artist: "This intervention is a way to make a satirical reflection on the mechanisms of threat and power in which we are engaged, the political farces and scenarios created at the expense of the suffering and disruption of others. You may be asked for some within spheres of power, to destroy people, buildings, communities, as if it were a game, the movement of a chess piece or throw a dart on a cork." Street Art At Its Best: Said Dokins' Avionazo en la Plazuela

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PhD design research study on Furbys - Please participate!

Are you interested in electronic companions such as Hasbro's Furby? Do you like storytelling? If so, I would like to extend an invitation to take part in my research study. The Stories Tell Objects Project aims to understand the role that storytelling plays in people’s interactions with electronic companions - such as Hasbro’s Electronic Furby - and the relationships we form with them. Participation in this study involves responding to scenarios depicting Furbys, and/or completing two brief questionnaires. If you would like to learn more, or are interested in participating in this study, please visit: http://www.storiestellobjects.net/ Thanks! Catherine Caudwell caudwecath@myvuw.ac.nz PhD Candidate School of Design Victoria University Wellington 6011 New Zealand

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Interactive Art Gallery Installation

Hi, I have an exhibition at the arts centre that I work at and one element of it incorporates music. Currently we have a CD player on loop, and this is frustrating some of the staff who have to listen to it all day.... so, the scenario I want is for member of general public to walk into gallery, when they get to the appropriate section they push a button which will play the CD, it would play the track then stop. If they (or another person) wanted to start from the top again, they either wait til the end or press the button again. (Or another option could be a motion sensor which, 'plays' the CD.... obviously it can't start from the top each time it detects motion! ) any thoughts ladies and gents?

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Where do I buy or how do I make a touch screen overlay (if thats the correct phrase) for a wide screen TV or laptop?

I'm thinking about building this https://www.instructables.com/id/Robotic-Drink-Mixer/ instructable. However, I would like to get a feel for how it would act in a real world scenario and from what I have seen, many applications like this are run on a touch screen PC. I'm pretty sure that if I do this I am going to use something touch screen but I'm open to alternative idea's if anyone has one :P Thanks in advance.

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car speakers troubleshoot

Ok, so my back speakers of my car aren't working properly... they were working good for a while but aren't as of today... I brought both of them inside and connected them to a household stereo and they both work perfectly in that scenario but one works a lot better than the other in the car. speaker A works well when it is place on either the driver side or the passenger side, speaker B sounds weak and tinny when on either the driver side or the passenger side... Please help me out, i've been racking my brain trying to figure out why they arent working correctly in my car when they play perfectly in my house... and they are car speakers not house speakers

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how can you non-toxically and permanently remove an active wasp nest, which is located inside an air conditioner?

The air conditioner is in second-floor window. Every few days one or two wasps (? paper wasps; lower New York) find their way into the room; these I kill. All other active wasps go in and out of the air conditioner on the outdoors side. Two years ago this same scenario happened ... I left them alone and read that they rarely inhabit the same nest the following year, which was true in my case, and therefore I vacuumed out the nest in the air conditioner and used it last year. This year they are back! How can I permanently get rid of them?

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When I apply a load to my voltage regulator, the output voltage drops. Why?

I'm trying to make a solar powered cell phone charger. I'm using a 5v 1A voltage regulator. When I have a dc input that is batteries, the voltage across the open output in 5.01v, as it should be. When I hook up a load, my phone, it stays at 5.01v. Now, when I hook up three solar panels rated at 3.5v 75mA a piece in series into the input, the output without a load is 5.01v. Then, when I ass my load, the voltage across the output drops to 4.7 something. What could cause this to happen? here's a picture on the two scenarios.

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Grey Goo and Google

Grey goo is a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all matter on Earth while building more of themselves-a scenario known as ecophagy (eating the environment).This just happens to be the Wikipedia entry for Grey goo, which has earned a very rare position on the internet.If you haven't already noticed, if a browsers default search engine is Google, when you type something in the URL field that isn't a URL, it will either turn up a Google search for it, or go to the I'm Feeling Lucky page. I'm Feeling Lucky is just the first page a Google search returns.The Wikipedia page on Grey goo happens to be the first one up on a search for "goo." This is very standard, except for the fact that the first three letters in Google are goo. This is how I discovered this. While attempting to access google.com, a very angry-intentioned yogurt cup interrupted me using the great power of the enter key while I was typing. I was cut half way through, and it returned "goo," and I was shown the info on a wretched nano-sized robot that was about to eat me, rather than the friendly interface of Google, although it was Google itself that brought me there. Oh well, my largest problem was the yogurt cup exploding all over the floor of the hotel we were in. This means that the page on Grey goo must be a very popular page, not because of its content (although the content is rather interesting), but because of typing errors. It seems like more of an Easter egg than a coincidence.The Molecular Nanotechnology series is a little odd too.Just a sudden surprise I thought I might share with a few people...p.s. this seems to be similar to what happens in Micheal Crichton's Prey...

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Designing a micro GPS tracking device

Hello all, could anyone give me some insight to how complex the process of designing a very small GPS tracker which could be used to track lets say a person, which can post its co-ords to map software which is custom programmed etc in realtime. Hypothetical scenario: 1) Tracking someone who is on the move outdoors, only has very small pockets to fit the thing in.  2) The device must send co-ords to mapping software on a computer every 10 seconds maybe. 3) Someone can view there position on the map software in instantly to understand their exact position. Also how expensive would the whole process cost to manufacturer roughly? Thanks in advance and sorry for the vagueness in my question

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Would a system of gears increase or decrease output?

In a scenario where you have a waterwheel on a river that was turning a wheel, would adding a system of gears increase the wheel speed or decrease the wheel speed due to friction. I have included a doodle to help visualize what I mean. The left side, side x, doesn't have any gears while the right side, side y, does have gears. The gears are made up of pieces that have a small side and a large side. I am pretty sure that the output would be much faster if friction wasn't involved, but I have a feeling that the friction would actually make it slower if gears were added. So, could anyone explain if x side would be faster or y side and explain why? Thank you

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Dual boot

I am looking towards creating a dual boot scenario on my computer (XP, and Ubuntu) and I am in need of a bit of assistance. Some background and foundation: Present OS = XP SP2The main partition is NTFS, however the "backup" partition is FAT(16 or 32, I am not sure)Now, to my main question: I realize I can partition this further so I can have a dual boot situation, but I am worried about losses that may occur. I haven't had much time lately to read up on the process, but I have seen warnings about loss of data files, etc. and my being cautious to a fault, I haven't proceeded any further in my quest. So, what precautions should I take, and what is going to be the process I need to follow to get to where I want to be?

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New proposed legislation to make English the official language of the United States.

There is new talks to make English the official language of United States. Although some states have made English their official language it is interesting to see that sometimes more than one language is recognized as official. I agree that English should be the official language of the nation. As a matter of fact is the de facto language of the land. The problem I see is people trying to push the law in areas where is not necessary. English could be used for government business but the use of any language while engaging in commercial, religious, or personal use should not be prohibited. Imagine someone eating at a restaurant and being told to leave the premises because his or her use of her native language offends other patrons. I see this last scenario the misguided and extreme interpretation that some people will try to give to this new legislation.

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Best way to switch multiple circuits?

Hi, all - first time posting. I have limited knowledge with electronics and have come across a scenario where I basically need a kill-switch for a cable with 9 ends. I can't find any sort of toggle switch (SPST, DPDT, etc..) that would accommodate that many wires. I started reading up on digital bus switch IC's. It seems a 10-digit one like this would work, leaving one unused. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/74CBTLV3861PW,118/568-8418-1-ND/2765135 My question: is this the easiest solution? I simply don't know what all options exist, so any advice from someone more experienced would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. -Caleb

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Laser Tripwire Turned Off By Laser Pointer?

I was playing through my older Splinter Cell games the other day, and had my airsoft pistol next to me. I had attached a laser pointer on it, mostly for kicks and giggles. While playing Splinter Cell, I turned off a security camera by shooting it with some sort of laser from my FiveseveN and it gave me an idea. I decided that I'd like to make a simpler version of this for a scenario airsoft game. So my question for you guys is, is it possible to make a laser tripwire that can be turned off by aiming a laser pointer at some sort of sensor on it? If so, how much would materials cost me, and how difficult would it be to assemble? Could it be pulled off by someone with little electronic experience like myself? Thanks in advance!

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Best magnet size to coil size ratio for an electromagnetic generator?

What is the best magnet (neodymium - disk shape) size to copper coil size ratio for optimal electron production per one break/pass of flux lines across coil at a 1/2" distance? For instance, if magnet is 2" diameter what is best inner diameter for copper coil? Best number of windings? Best gauge wire? what are the best specs for optimal electron production before you reach "over kill". I know some things are variable like core material and magnet grade. I'm looking for an all things being equal kind of scenario. Also what would be the best thickness of magnet at 2" diameter? If anyone could point me in the direction of any existing tables or ratio information on this subject it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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free energy!!!!!

Just take a look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkLfpXpO5sQ cant this be increased in number and make energy just have a look a scenario cant 12volt dc motor be driven with 5 such wheels with more strong magnets. motor http://www.google.com.pk/imgres?hl=en&client;=firefox-a&hs;=RKo&sa;=X&rls;=org.mozilla:en-US:official&biw;=1024&bih;=667&tbs;=isz:m&tbm;=isch&prmd;=imvns&tbnid;=cJRbQTZiqa21GM:&imgrefurl;=http://www.submarineboat.com/rov_joystick_for_props.htm&docid;=uxrFBCiE5M-zVM&imgurl;=http://www.submarineboat.com/images/rov/motor_dc.JPG&w;=500&h;=320&ei;=q55WUNjSDKr04QSZ6ID4Dg&zoom;=1&iact;=hc&vpx;=450&vpy;=191&dur;=3657&hovh;=180&hovw;=281&tx;=163&ty;=96&sig;=108762749557294498357&page;=1&tbnh;=120&tbnw;=187&start;=0&ndsp;=15&ved;=1t:429,r:2,s:0,i:77 what is expected

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Question regarding colour

Hi everyone! So here is another confusion in my mind.  I know that colours are a result of electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum interacting with our eyes.  The visible spectrum consists of 7 colours, abbreviated VIBGYOR. Now my question is, what are primary colours and secondary colours? And how come mixing of two colours produce an entirely different  colour? I expected that all 7 of them would be primary. But that is not the case.  Also, for illustrating the real world scenario from which this doubt crawled into my mind, consider that i have two pieces of translucent films, one blue, and other yellow. Now initially i place the blue film in-front of a white bulb, then it filters all other colours other than blue. Now place a yellow in-front of the blue, and there, you have green. What is the working principle behind this? How come the "blue" light turned "green" after passing through the yellow film?

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Diy Intercom/Two-way with Arduino

Hallo Everybody, Hopefully I am posting this at the right place!? I dont have alot of experience wih arduino, so thats why I am asking here and I hope that someone can help!? The Scenario : My Parents in Law have a very old and very load campervan. They bought themselves each headphones/Headsets with active voice reduction wich helps alot with the noise in the Van but they cant communicate with each other.... The headphones came with a cable sothat you can connect it to a mobile phone with speech function.(Like a Headset for Skype..) Now my quiestion : Is it possible to connect the 2 Headphones/Headsets to something that is mounted stationary (<12V)  in the campervan sothat they can also use the speech function on the cable/Headset to communicate? Would it be able to do with arduino? How? I would appreciate any information! Thank You Ps. Hope my english isint too bad....

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Separate Sand and Water in Glass Vase

I'd like to hear some suggestions for separating sand and water in a 4" diameter glass vase. I'm doing an arduino project that involves having a dyed deep blue mineral oil as a non-evaporating "water" atop about 4 inches of sand in a glass vase. I experimented with drizzling Loctite epoxy and it leaked about 1/4" into the sand, so it wasn't very elegant (created a layered look - dry sand, wet sand, epoxy, water). I'd like the delineation to be as clean, but easily implemented, as possible. Worst case scenario is that I wrap something around the vase to hide the transition, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.  I suppose another option is to stack 2 separate glass vessels, but im struggling with thinking of a good way to do that too... Perhaps this is also a non-issue...I should see if the deep blue mineral oil is even visible if put directly INTO the sand. Thanks in advance.

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