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Jap Scrap

I know this guy that's selling this little blue toyota standard car (don't know the year sorry) and I do know that the gas tank is apparently leaky in that you can't fill it past half, anyone know if you can get some kind of metal epoxy and seal it up or do I have to buy a new gas tank?

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scrap the shotgun...

I have a new idea, it's a crossbow, with 2 differences: has a pump has a mag (if possible) The pump will essentially just be two green connectors spaced apart, with a snapped elastic band round each "wing" and the pump will move up the barrel, and willbe hooked onto the trigger which is in my pistol, the pump is then realeased, and if i can get the mag to work, then one bullet will be pushed up into the barrel, the gun will be fired, the bullet will fly out of the gun, and hopefully return to being hooked into the two green connectors, ready to be pumped again... I will try my best, and since i now have a camera, i will show pictures of my progress (if i have any)

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Scrapped M4

This is an M4 that I am working on. Sorry guys, I scrapped my old M870 RBG Shotgun for parts, but If I can, I will try to make this one shoot rubberbands, however, the main feature will be the realism (if pieces of plastic connected together in the shape of an M4 can be considered realistic). Some of the features will include an adjustable stock (the first of its kind), a removable magazine (shown in the first video, along with the stock), Adjustable sights* (maybe), open ejection port (where the shells come out on a real gun), a charging handle, that when pulled, will pull the bolt back, opening up the ejection port*, and if possible, I will make it so that a 30-06 shell will pop out of the open ejection port. I will hopefully be posting more movies showing the other features as I add them to the gun. Hope you enjoy! *Not made yet. Unterzeichnet,Mykhailo

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Electroforming from scraps? Answered

Hi, I was reading the Electroforming 'ible and I have a couple of questions: 1)  It says you need an 18 amp digital rectifier. However in step 13 it says "Check the amp and voltage setting, they should both be at or below 1".  Why do you need an 18 amp rectifier if you only need less than 1 volt and 1 amp? 2)  Is it possible to build some sort of a suitable rectifier from scrapped microwaves?  I know people wind a 10 gauge secondary into the MW transformer to make welders, so can it be done for electroplating too? Thanks!

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Can I buy scrap from a scrap yard? Answered

Well can I? Like engines and stuff and  motorcycles.

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How to make a scrap book?

Steps in making scrap books materials needed

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how to scrap a ps2 for parts?

 i have opened my ps2 and got down to the most of the raw parts. how much of the circuit board do i need for the switch and what do i need for the fan, do i just need the wire? i want these parts for a homemade projector. also i will use other parts for other projects.

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Scrap Metal and Coal/Charcoal

Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone in the Hollywood-Miramar-Pembroke Pines area of Florida USA has any old scrap iron, steel, charcoal, or coal they do not want and would be kind enough to offer it to me for free or for a reasonable price. I am doing blacksmith work so it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Things wanted: Bolts, car springs, brake drums, any kind of bar (round, flat, square, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.) lump charcoal, any large chunks of steel to be used as anvils, any old blacksmith tools such as hammers, etc.... anything donated is appreciated. Thanks again!

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CRT TV scrap parts? Answered

I found four CRT TVs in the garbage around my house; I've already torn out the flyback transformers, the motors from the tape decks, and the speakers. I was wondering if there were any more parts I should be interested in scrapping before I take them down to my local recycling center. So, are there?

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What should i make out of my scrap wood?

I have about 30 3' 2*6 pieces, some plywood and various 2*4 and smaller pieces?

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(VIDEO) Design Studio Field Trip: Scrap-SF

                             Design studio members JON-A-TRON, Aleator777 and mikeasaurus recently went on a field trip to the amazing re-use store, Scrap-SF. The one-of-a-kind materials and objects available here could be the creative catalyst you need to get your project started. Stay tuned for Instructables inspired by their visit. Let us know what your favorite places are to find materials and inspiration for your next project (because we'd like to go to there). Find out more about Scrap here: About me: Who am I? Good question. I'm the new video producer for Instructables! Keep your eyes peeled for video content here and on our youtube channel:  

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What to do with fleece? Answered

I have this piece of fleece that I do not know what to do with. It is too small for a blanket and It is red plaid with kittens on it so clothing would not be an option, as far as aesthetics go. Please answer ASAP.

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What is "litho" recycling? Answered

Out of 32 items on my recycling invoice, the only one I know nothing about is listed as "litho".  I do know lithography is a printing process.  I do not know what the lithographic materials are that get recycled. Is it plates?   X-ray stuff?    What have I been missing out on? Thanks

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Best Roadkill?

Not squashed squirrels or a mangled moose, but useful stuff. Let me explain:I was driving along and there was a bright yellow thing in the gutter. It turned out to be one of those hanging crane controls, with a couple of metres of cable attached. She Who Must Be Obeyed wouldn't let me stop and collect it in her car, when I went back later in my car it was gone. Shame.What's the best stuff you have found lying dead in the street?

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What to do with scrap from a broken Trampoline?

I had a broken trampoline that i couldn't afford to fix so now i have a pile of scrap metal and like 60 trampoline springs. I was wondering if anyone has any project ideas that i could use my pile of scrap for.

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Too much scrap from salvaging! Recycling ideas needed

Hello fellow instructabilians, I love the site and the community here! I have been salvaging and collecting a lot of items from dumpster diving, hard waste / rubbish collections etc that I have used to extract components like motors, electronics, glass etc. But as always, after extracting what I need, I end up with a mass of plastic, wood, metals, and some other random materials that have no use. I would love to find a way to crush the bigger plastics, melt the metal ( if alloy ), shred the wood, and melt down the glass. Of course, you are able to make some big crushing machine, but this is why it is under the green section. I am trying to find a sensible way to rid of all this excess junk, with a means of being able to teach others to do the same thing. Our bins are very small, the tip is very costly now to even take junk, rates are going up, please, someone throw some ideas of any sort to help me find a system / make some green 'machines' etc. I hope you understand, and just a quick mention, I am dealing with at least 6m square of this useless junk that needs to, and can be sorted if there was a way. I may even need to get my local community involved, like a pre-recycle event.. I dont know. Help. :( I guess a crusher, or something to deal with the largest of materials ( like CRT screen plastic outer shells ) would be a first step.

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how to remove copper from motor?

I was wondering how to remove the copper from an air conditioning motor.  It is wound around the metal in several different places, and has a heavy papers inserted into each hole where the copper is looped/  The only way I have found is to take a screwdriver and pound each  hole with a hammer to push the copper out.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.  Trying to scrap several motors of there copper.

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What should I do with a 13v 4 amp transformer?

I have a 13 volt 4 amp transformer from a subwoofer that stopped working. What can I do with this to put it to some use?

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Salvaging copper from transformers?

I am trying to salvage copper wire from transformers. I get these tranformers from old elctronic waste. I wondered if anyone had suggestions or thoghts about doing this. Has anybody on here done this? Thanks

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old ink jet printer?

What can be made out of an old injet printer? it doesnt print and give the age to much to have repaired shurley it can still be used for some thing else ?

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Was working on a water heater using an old water geyser when i realised there is around 5 kg of glass-wool used as insulation. I do not wish to discard it and cause problems to others. but am neither interested in making epoxy based fibre glass products. ideas anyone??

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Uses for scrap floppy disk drives.?

I have a stack of old fdds - they have small motors and worm gears to drive the head and some have motors for the disk but the others have the disk motor coils affixed to the circuit board and so it is difficult to salvage that. Is it possible to 'drive' the fdd over the connector? What signals normally traverse the ribbon cable? They all have opto sensors for the disk in or out and an led of course.

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I constantly have cutoff pieces of redwood, various sizes, usually thin (1/4" thick by 5/8" wide, various lengths) that I would like to do something with besides use it for kindling.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I was thinking something like cutting boards by gluing a bunch together, but I absolutely know redwood is a POOR choice for a cutting board due to its softness.  Any other ideas for small pieces???  Thank you!

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Help me create a salvage/component list

Don't get me wrong I love going to RadioShack to purchase things I need for my projects, but I usually prefer to scrap older or broken electronics for my components. If you've ever scrapped to find a specific component, most likely it takes you a few very frustrating times if that. That's why I am going to create a list to post online or create a webpage for it, you can steal my idea if you wanna create it. It's going to be a list that will be alphanumerically listing: component type/ component part number/ a short explanation/s of what its used in/for, and then electronics that you can find them in. Ex: IC 16-pins         Uln2009           *motor driver         Found in: *manufacturer name* scanner model: #### So if you know any electronics that contain components commonly looked for please post the details here so I can frequently update it for everyone. 

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how much do scrap yards charge?

I wanted to visit a scrap yard to pick up a bike(bmx or mountain) and some other scrap how and what rates do they charge?

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Source for Corian scraps in Nothrern New Jersey?

Can anyone share a source of Corian scraps or cutoffs in Northern NJ?

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I got several boxes of scrap wood

I got several boxes of scrap wood for sale wood is in banna boxes might be good for crafts firewood etc asking 5.00 per boxs pick up only im located in the lebanon,pa area

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Anyone know a good source for scrap acrylic? Answered

 Im trying to find some acrylic but dont want to spend the ungodly amount of money that new acrylic costs.  Sometimes I find some good pieces at goodwill but that's about it.  Any ideas?

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Ever Saved a Motorcycle from the Scrap Heap?

I come across old unloved bikes alot. Somebody got all excited and bought a real beauty. After a couple of years, the newness wore off, and the old bike spent 20 years in the barn rusting away. Lots of times these old 2wheelers can be had for the asking, or at least for scrapyard prices. I love to save these old bikes from certain destruction at the hands of weather/recyclers/inexperienced tinkerers. I'm working on an ible about salvaging these old machines. Anybody else out there ever saved a classic/junker from the elements (or even worse, the crusher)? Any tricks you know for bringing one of these would-be stallions back to life?

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Scrapping electronics, What should I look for???

       When I was like 10, I would take apart all of my electronics that were broken, or not broken. Then I would play around with the parts with great curiosity. I once rigged alarm to my bedroom door, by fixing a string from in front of the door. When Someone broke it, the string would loosen a weight that would connect a wire to a motor, which would set off an old fashion alarm clock. It was tough to make, and as you know i would have to re string everytime someone came in my room. Recently while in a forum, someone mentioned Robomaniac`s tutorial of the beatle-bot. And this tutorial resparked an old intrest lying deep within.. Well my question is: Whenever I am taking an electronic object apart. What should I keep?? And what should I ditch?? 

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Can I clip the leads off of the back of my Arduino Uno? Answered

I don't have enough money to buy or make a specialized case, so I was wondering whether I could clip the leads off of my Arduino Uno for a smoother back surface, or should I take a piece of scrapwood and mount it on that?

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where to get fiber optic scraps for art project

Where can I get fiber optic scraps, 1-2mm glass for an art/tech project? 2-5 ft long about a laundry basket  to small truck bed full.        Houston TX

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PET Recycled fabric made from PET bottle scrap in India.?

Why nobody is manufacturing or supplying the Fabric made from recycled PET bottles. Requirement of such fabric and availability of such scrap are huge in India.

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how to make tesla coil by home scrap the esiest way?

How to make tesla coil by home scrap the esiest way........i just want to kill small incects.......should it work like zapper?

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Vibrant green rug made from felt scraps

The folks over at Martha Stewart's craft department make a lot of things out of felt and thus have a lot of felt scraps left over. Kristin St. Clair had some free time and started a small project with the felt that turned into this crazy rug. To make it yourself, cut up a ton of felt strips and start rolling them up, using fabric glue to keep it all together. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and add some other shapes along the way to keep it interesting. I just FELT like crafting! via CRAFT

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Can wool yarn scraps be recycled into a felted fabric?

I do a lot of needlecrafts so I have yarn scraps of all descriptions & I would like to use them in some productive way. I want to use them to wet felt into something that I could then make into a pillow or whatever. Theoretically, it should work. If anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know. thanks

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would it be possible to bulk up gold flake for scrap ? Answered

Would it be possible to bulk up gold leaf/flake of a high purity with a resin/hardener to scrap ? as the jeweller will take a filing to test  would the bulking agent be minimal to detect  because it not being an alloy/metal ? love a bit of knowledge about this before i buy 30 kg of gold flake/leaf ;-P thanks   MAGIXO

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How to make a spycam out of my scrap parts or at least find some better scrap to make one ... =P

Hey guys, recently my interest in spy cams has become bigger and i've been searching my whole house top to bottom to find some stuff i could (hopefully) use. so (hopefully) you'll see my pictures now and notice my camera sucks... but apart from that you might notice the parts i found. i used one of my dad's old cellphones to get a tiny tiny camera from (to be precise the phone is a Nokia 6600 from back in the old days =P) but now my problem is unveiled... the camera is as tiny as i hoped it would be. But as you maybe notice, it's socketed (as usual in phone or other small hardware appliances) Now my question (or at least one part of it) would be... can i use the camera with or without the socket... further more... would i be abled to use it at ALL ?? i mean... i'd really love to build a tiny spy cam but i don't think that much of myself as a electronics guys so... tell me what you think. The second part of my question would be this: If by any chance i could build a tiny spy cam and make it successfully work from a distance, i would love to make it remote controllable, not to move it around but to be able to switch it on/off. As you see in the picture's i have (i believe so) the PERFECT thing for that. it's a Remote Control from Lamptron... its a RC4 one.. here come's the tricky part... upon searching the internet... this version is not found... so this makes the project even more impossible So far i have an (probably but hopefully not) unuseable camera and a remote control which shouldn't exist. Well that's quite a bit for a noob like me to handle all by myself... now my question (in total) would be: Can anyone give me answers to both sub-questions, the main questions and provide aid for making the whole thing work like i hope it could? Greetz  and thanx in advance =)

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How can I make a rose out of scrap fabric?

I have some leftover fabric from a pillow I'm making, and I would like to make a small/medium-sized rose to sew onto the pillow.

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Is it okay to post recources for sale here? Industrial Plastic Scraps....

In the near future I will have industrial plastic scraps available for people who need random sizes and don't want to have to pay for whole sheets/rods etc. I have perused this site over the years to check out the projects and stuff but am not aware of the community etiquette. I don't wish to spam so I'm wondering if it will be okay to post what i have when i have it or if there are classifieds here... Basically what would you guys suggest for trying to connect with people who may need what I'm trying to part with? thank you!

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Where is a recycleing centre in Iowa that pays you for scrap metals Answered

I live in iowa and am woundering where i can go to get rid of this junk i got but only if i get some kind of money for it. (i could use the stuff on other projects if there is no place like that)

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i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Hello i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

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Any ideas for using 6 to 8 inch marmolium strips?

The floors are done. Yay! But now I'm looking at rolled up pieces of scrap and wondering what can be done with them? Any ideas?

Question by mole1  

PETG,brass,pvc pipeing

Any scrap pipeing?

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How can i build a Scroll air compressor out of scraps and cheap material and power it from renewable energy ?

How can i build a Scroll air compressor out of scraps and cheap material and power it from renewable energy ?

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Wanted pieces of Corian countertop material

I am looking for a source of Corian countertop scraps. Not the 4 x 4 sample chips, but bigger pieces (12" x 4" or larger) any color. Anyone have any to sell at a reasonable price or know of a place to get scrap Corian? Thank you!!! Email me at

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Recycling Metals

I was looking around the other night for information on how to separate metals through smelting, electrolysis, etc. I wasn't able to find much. I'm guessing this is still somewhat out of the range for the DIYer? My neighborhood typically has a rediculous amount of scrap metal on the curb, but the scrap yards around here only offer a slight profit on pure metal. Besides selling the metal at a scrap yard, how hard would it be to seperate the metal yourself, and just use it for your own purposes. I'm going to be investing in a metal-working lathe in the near future, and I'd rather reuse metal I've got lying around than buying it brand new at a premium. What do you guys think, is this doable?

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is there anything i can make from scraps that i can use to boost my DSL signal?

I was just wondering if there's any way i can make a DSL signal booster out of cumputer parts or something because there are times when i lose the connection to my DSL hub and it's in the room next to me. anybody got any ideas?

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