Scraping a microwave oven for parts

I just got a microwave oven from the scrap yard any one know how to dissassemble it safely? Also does anyone have any ideas on what I can use some of the parts for?

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Painting Wood

I've got some wood that I'd like to paint over, but it's currently got a fair bit of paint on it. The current paint is in fairly good shape and is just a little dirty. The problem is that the paint doesn't run all the way to the edges of the wood and cuts short about 3 cm from the edge of the wood. The paint is also peeling towards the edges. The reverse side of the wood has a few crevices running along it(kind of looks like a turtle shell) as well as a few peg holes. My plan is to sand the front all over and try and smooth the edges of the paint where the paint is peeling. For the other side, I'm going to fill in the crevices and holes with wood putty and then sand over as well. Afterwords, I'll probably apply some dual paint/primer spray paint on top to give it a smooth finish. Now, I have a few questions: 1. Will the peeling edges be a problem when I paint over the wood? 2. Since the crevices are fairly shallow and smooth out pretty easily, will wood putty be a good choice for filling them? 3. Any problems with using a dual paint/primer? Or would it be better to use a separate primer and then paint? I've never really painted anything, and this is pretty much the first real craft project I'm working on, so any advice would be great. If you think it might be a better idea to remove the paint, any ideas you have on how to do it would be great too. I've attached some pictures from various angles. You can probably guess what I'm going to be making :). Thanks.

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Total Views Count - 07/10/2010

Another Thursday, another total views group roundup run.... News: - Killerjackalope's falling behind in his competition with gmjhowe to race to 250k views gained. - I beat Ninzerbean in our 100k gain race. Another one soon we think! - It appears scoochmaroo's obsession with Gaga this week gave her the biggest gain of anyone this week! Instructabler 30/09/2010 07/10/2010 Gain canida 3,658,688 3,688,789 30,101 scoochmaroo 2,743,528 2,791,711 48,183 Kiteman 1,640,632 1,649,815 9,183 Plasmana 1,500,418 1,509,187 8,769 Tool Using Animal 1,492,640 1,499,301 6,661 zieak   924,549   killerjackalope 895,559 901,137 5,578 gmjhowe 875,390 891,803 16,413 SaskView 763,716 768,480 4,764 lemonie 705,301 714,230 8,929 PKM 486,453 489,670 3,217 ChrysN 467,936 475,469 7,533 mikey77 461,238 464,585 3,347 jeff-o 393,752 419,863 26,111 laxap 398,350 401,909 3,559 depotdevoid 305,107 311,104 5,997 Jayefuu 278,139 301,168 23,029 Spl1nt3rC3ll 267,475 268,638 1,163 KentsOkay 230,666 232,128 1,462 ModMischief 225,973 231,375 5,402 reukpower 223,387 229,141 5,754 Doctor What 198,248 199,415 1,167 AngryRedhead 170,607 172,694 2,087 comodore 144,781 145,747 966 Lithium Rain 133,157 134,409 1,252 Ninzerbean 126,763 131,753 4,990 yokozuna 130,989 131,462 473 Kaelessin 125,729 127,406 1,677 Lynne Bruning 119,533 120,889 1,356 The Jamalam 114,665 115,164 499 BrittLiv 112,942 114,993 2,051 Hiyadudez 110,259 112,427 2,168 bertus52x11 104,099 105,669 1,570 thermoelectric 88,916 89,925 1,009 Goodhart 81,413 82,665 1,252 DJ Radio 78,886 80,081 1,195 janw 70,156 70,955 799 RavingMadStudios 65,922 69,024 3,102 MichelMoermans 52,214 53,242 1,028 Killer%7ESafeCracker 49,646 50,803 1,157 TNEN 42,863 43,218 355 kelseymh 41,403 41,650 247 Sunkicked 40,495 40,894 399   35,204   Berkin 33,354 33,747 393 Shadowman39 27,963 31,415 3,452 knuckel 26,206 26,738 532 The Ideanator 24,618 25,616 998 nickodemus 23,646 24,173 527 m6233555m 22,524 22,633 109 peguiono 21,099 21,390 291 artificialintelligence 20,177 20,655 478 Knex_Gun_Builder   20,041   MotaBoi 18,509 19,856 1,347 plane phanatic 18,381 18,556 175 Derin 18,037 18,233 196 Rsbarr96 17,895 18,052 157 TSC 17,094 17,697 603 possum888 16,809 16,963 154 steveastrouk 15,669 15,814 145 jwystup 14,324 15,797 1,473 zascecs 15,708 15,782 74 tombuckey 14,976 15,117 141 kcls 12,069 12,966 897 knexsuperbulderfreak 12,747 12,834 87 jen7714 10,588 12,296 1,708 uberdum05 11,145 11,248 103 floris2burn 10,820 11,057 237 Legofanatic 10,501 10,764 263 NachoMahma 10,086 10,143 57 masterochicken 9,363 9,449 86 FrozenStar   9,332   qazwsx755 8,231 8,636 405 acidbass 7,636 7,799 163 lizzyastro 5,789 5,965 176 Kryptonite 5,644 5,747 103 cherishcherub 4,544 4,751 207 zero.gx 4,303 4,367 64 jamesdude 3,565 3,613 48 moocowdog 3,419 3,541 122 Jimmy Proton 2,605 3,064 459 megametal8 2,482 2,551 69 slithien 2,192 2,351 159 cj81499 2,333 2,349 16 sorunome 1,478 1,834 356 solarblade90 1,270 1,345 75 RNB 634 651 17 shadon 534 564 30 dombeef 453 471 18 randomguy65 365 400 35 knexman1999 150 173 23

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Total Views Count - 30/09/2010

Heya, here's this week's! Quite a lot of interesting stuff happened this week, and I added the percentage gain as a column. Want to summarise for me? Post in the comments and I'll add it here :) Don't know what the deuce I'm talking about? See here. Instructabler 24/09/2010 30/09/2010                              gain       % gain canida 3,627,875 3,658,688 30,813 0.842187145 scoochmaroo 2,702,208 2,743,528 41,320 1.506089969 Kiteman 1,633,436 1,640,632 7,196 0.438611462 Plasmana 1,492,928 1,500,418 7,490 0.499194225 Tool Using Animal 1,487,143 1,492,640 5,497 0.368273663 killerjackalope 888,631 895,559 6,928 0.77359504 gmjhowe 870,524 875,390 4,866 0.555866528 SaskView 759,324 763,716 4,392 0.575082884 lemonie 699,648 705,301 5,653 0.80150177 PKM 484,135 486,453 2,318 0.476510578 ChrysN 461,260 467,936 6,676 1.42669083 mikey77 458,072 461,238 3,166 0.686413522 laxap 395,597 398,350 2,753 0.691100791 jeff-o 386,836 393,752 6,916 1.756435523 depotdevoid 299,414 305,107 5,693 1.865902782 Jayefuu 250,194 278,139 27,945 10.04713471 Spl1nt3rC3ll 266,601 267,475 874 0.32675951 KentsOkay 229,513 230,666 1,153 0.499856936 ModMischief 221,543 225,973 4,430 1.9604112 reukpower 219,479 223,387 3,908 1.749430361 Doctor What 197,317 198,248 931 0.469613817 AngryRedhead 169,293 170,607 1,314 0.770191141 comodore 143,985 144,781 796 0.549795899 Lithium Rain 132,160 133,157 997 0.748740209 yokozuna 130,576 130,989 413 0.315293651 Ninzerbean 123,686 126,763 3,077 2.427364452 Kaelessin 124,357 125,729 1,372 1.091235912 Lynne Bruning 118,895 119,533 638 0.53374382 The Jamalam 114,258 114,665 407 0.35494702 BrittLiv 110,721 112,942 2,221 1.966496078 Hiyadudez 108,357 110,259 1,902 1.725029249 bertus52x11 102,117 104,099 1,982 1.90395681 thermoelectric 87,987 88,916 929 1.044806334 Goodhart 79,169 81,413 2,244 2.756316559 DJ Radio 78,308 78,886 578 0.732702888 janw 69,575 70,156 581 0.828154399 RavingMadStudios 61,712 65,922 4,210 6.386335366 MichelMoermans 51,440 52,214 774 1.482361053 Killer%7ESafeCracker 47,773 49,646 1,873 3.772710792 TNEN 42,571 42,863 292 0.681240231 kelseymh 41,178 41,403 225 0.543438881 Sunkicked 39,518 40,495 977 2.412643536 Berkin 33,014 33,354 340 1.019367992 Shadowman39 26,817 27,963 1,146 4.098272718 knuckel 25,767 26,206 439 1.675188888 The Ideanator 23,861 24,618 757 3.074985783 nickodemus 22,991 23,646 655 2.770024528 m6233555m 22,478 22,524 46 0.204226603 peguiono 20,889 21,099 210 0.995307834 artificialintelligence 19,854 20,177 323 1.600832631 MotaBoi 17,361 18,509 1,148 6.202388027 plane phanatic 18,222 18,381 159 0.865023666 Derin 17,884 18,037 153 0.848256362 Rsbarr96 17,730 17,895 165 0.922045264 TSC 16,655 17,094 439 2.568152568 possum888 16,648 16,809 161 0.957820215 zascecs 15,632 15,708 76 0.483829896 steveastrouk 15,493 15,669 176 1.123236965 tombuckey 14,859 14,976 117 0.78125 jwystup 12,817 14,324 1,507 10.52080424 knexsuperbulderfreak 12,681 12,747 66 0.517768887 kcls 11,695 12,069 374 3.098848289 uberdum05 11,052 11,145 93 0.834454913 floris2burn 10,605 10,820 215 1.987060998 jen7714   10,588   0 Legofanatic 10,259 10,501 242 2.304542425 NachoMahma 10,044 10,086 42 0.416418798 masterochicken 9,307 9,363 56 0.5980989 qazwsx755 8,041 8,231 190 2.308346495 acidbass 7,512 7,636 124 1.623886852 lizzyastro 5,634 5,789 155 2.677491795 Kryptonite 5,590 5,644 54 0.956768249 cherishcherub 4,437 4,544 107 2.354753521 zero.gx 4,264 4,303 39 0.906344411 jamesdude 3,531 3,565 34 0.95371669 moocowdog 3,287 3,419 132 3.860778005 Jimmy Proton 2,146 2,605 459 17.61996161 megametal8 2,422 2,482 60 2.417405318 cj81499 2,325 2,333 8 0.342906129 slithien 2,050 2,192 142 6.47810219 sorunome 1,307 1,478 171 11.56968877 solarblade90   1,270   0 RNB 625 634 9 1.41955836 shadon 497 534 37 6.928838951 dombeef 438 453 15 3.311258278 randomguy65 343 365 22 6.02739726 knexman1999 135 150 15 10

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The Portsmouth Sinfonia - (the sound of metal-scraping against metal...)

Once again I'm browsing and I find something interesting. T'internet says: The Portsmouth Sinfonia was a real orchestra founded by a group of students at Portsmouth School of Art in Portsmouth, England, in 1970 — however, the Sinfonia had an unusual entrance requirement. Players had to be either non-musicians, or if a musician, play an instrument that was entirely new to them. Among the founding members was one of their teachers, English composer Gavin Bryars. The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single. The impact of the Portsmouth Sinfonia was considerable and their name and reputation has endured even though they last performed publicly in 1979. But listen to 'em... And the rest. E.g. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy And Satisfaction (Stones)

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Seal Glue Glitter on Plastic?

I bought some fancy reusable clear plastic cups and I applied some glue glitter on them.  Unfortunately, the dry glitter glue scrapes off, so I'm wondering Is there a sealant that can: 1) keep the glue from being scraped off, 2) dries clear (the glossier the better), and 3) is non toxic?  Tried Mod Podge spray sealer, Glossy Accents, even finger nail polish.  Any suggestions?

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Help Making Wooden Pendant.

I am trying to recreate this wooden pendant. What kind of wood is this? And how do I get the burn effect that is shown /scraped. Thanks guys...

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HTML Image Grabber?

I wish to be able to scrape an image from a webcomic with a html script so I can view the image offline at a later date or so I can view the webcomic when the site is blocked on a comic such as XKCD.

Question by willywoozle 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

how can i be consistent in printing with rubberized innk?

I have a problem with rubberized ink.. . some tutorials say that I have to press it hard but when i do, it's like the paint is being scraped and the "shiny" effect is not achieved.. . I don't know what to do with the rubberized ink.. another thing is that, where does "bleeding" come from? I mean, what mistake can I possibly commit to see that on my shirt? is it because of not enough pressure? another thing, about the sides of the image, sometimes i do get a "scraped" line on the side of the image.. .why is that so? Can you give me some insights on what errors to prevent? thanks

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Should I be worried about beryllium oxide poisoning? Answered

From what I know, the magnetron in a microwave has some beryllium oxide on part of it, which is highly poisonous. I'm pretty sure the magnetron I dealt with had some (it was a pinkish-purple coating on the tube).  I didn't do anything to it, but I think some of it may have gotten accidentally scraped off with the screwdriver I was using to open up the magnetron.  BeO is a carcinogen and can cause CBD.  If some of it did indeed get scraped off (and I have no idea where it went, maybe into the air?), am I in danger of beryllium poisoning?

Question by jesch1234 7 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Inexpensive way to grind plastic bottles?

Greetings, I am looking for an inexpensive way to grind individual plastic bottles into particles for easy melting in molds. I tried a blender. It just scrapes it very loudly and burns it. It doesn't break it up. Thanks

Topic by NeuroPulse 10 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

MOT spot welder?

I want to build an MOT spot welder and ive already cut the wiring out of the transformer but i noticed while doing so i scraped off what seems to be the coloring off the primary.  Will this affect it in any way? Also, i can really tell the power of this transformer? can anyone help?

Question by dask13 7 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Alexa skill?

Hi, Have you guys ever thought of creating an Alexa skill? "Alexa ask Instructables how to make a...." In theory anyone could make one by scraping the pages, but I was wondering if you guys had one in flight, or might be interested in helping me create one. By helping me, I'm thinking about a way you guys might know to provide the text/images without having to do a scrape with a third party tool. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Since Google Home just came out with a way to read out recipes, I think it would be cool to try to have Alexa read out Instructables. There are certainly challenges involved like maintaining a session while doing a project, but perhaps the user could ask Alexa to start at a particular step if needed. Just some initial thoughts. Thanks, Sam

Topic by samd1223 2 years ago

How do I get rid of corrosion in electronics? Answered

In some of my old electronics I have noticed the corrosion that has caused destruction.  I make attempts to clean it out by scraping (usually with a knife).  So, do you have any good remedies to my solution, please help!

Question by Kaptain Kool 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to remove aluminum foilfrom my new glass stove top?

I got a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of a pan and when I turned the stove on,the aluminum foil  stuck to my new glass stove top.I have scraped and scrubed but haven't removed it. Does anyone know how I can remove the aluminum foil? Jerri

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How do I repaint appliqued lettering on old glass Tom's cracker jar?

The paint on the lettering is old and can be scraped off. I do not want to remove the plastic-looking film beneath as this is my template for repainting.  But I do not want to risk "unsticking" this film during painting or anytime later.  Any suggestions appreciated.

Question by rachael44 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

I want to make a R2D2 for Halloween

I've decided i want to make a R2D2 for Halloween. I'm pretty sure i can make most of it from scrape metal but i don't know where i can find something that's like the head on R2D2. I need a metal sphere that i can cut in half, any ideas?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to remove hardened epoxy from a USB drive?

I tried to make a USB thumb drive and messed it up. It was quick drying epoxy so it's set really hard. I've tried scraping it off - works but takes too long. I don't know what heating it will do to the USB drive. Any ideas on how to take it off?

Question by Kottravai 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How do I replace the belt on my Hoover 5050ED Dryer?

Dryer hadn't dried the last load and found it will not tumble, can manually move the barrel round but it was making a scraping noise, unscrewed the back and found the belt is broken. Would appreciate instructions on how to replace it please.

Question by jools78 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How Sharp are Carbide Insert SHIMS? Machinists, never used these so I need help! Answered

I have a few secret upcoming projects in which I plan on using carbide turning inserts. Both for woodworking and metalworking projects, but not machining - their intended use.I was wondering if anyone has any experience using these. I was looking at buying square inserts, but I can find only shims like this: . Do you know if these are even slightly sharp? I mean, can I scrape wood with them with my hand, not in a milling cutter? Will they cut wood?If not, I was thinking about getting something like this: or sharp actually are these actual carbide inserts? Will these be able to scrape hardwood if I for example, hold them with pliers and scrap them across wood?Thanks!

Question by Yonatan24 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

My knife won't sharpen Answered

Back when my dad was in the Navy, he got an Edgco Buttlerfly knife in Afganistan. He gave it to me a while back. I decided to sharpen it so I could actually use it. It's not getting sharp no matter how long I scrape it on the whetstone. I can't take it to someone to get it sharpened because they're illegal in my state.

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The K.F.S.Ascraped knex fan side armversion-1.07 the first working model. to do list: Compact the trigger mech. Add a auto loading system. Talk to thedunkis for some more tips. Post on and instructables.comI have no date on when it will be done because i have to much to do.This is only so i can update the list and tell people how im doing on this project but you may discuss your upcoming knex builds and projects.

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America is doomed - only days left

Brace yourself, America - you're due to be destroyed before the end of December!Quite by chance, I came across this Koran-based prediction from The Jerusalem Post via Skeptical News.You're all going to be scraped off the planet by a giant tsunami, partly because of the way you have treated Native Americans. Quite how destroying their homeland makes things better, I can't quite see...

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Snow Day Homework!

Three out of four of Kitefamily have got a snow day! Only Roger-X has had to go to school, but #2 son's teacher set him homework! He had to build a snowman and take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the snow is too powdery to pile high, so he scraped and swept the snow together to make a picture of a snow man. He got a little carried away, though - I had to stand on a chair to fit it all into the photo.

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How to attach a jack to a small speaker pulled from a computer? Answered

Well, I have obtained a small speaker from a computer that I have scraped. It seems to only have a positive and negative wire, my only problem is, is that I do not know how to attach the jack to it (I'm very new to this). I've obtained some cord from an old pare of headphones witch also has a volume control wheel. The wires inside the cord are Copper, Green, and Red. Would very much appreciate the assistance.  

Question by MyGhost 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Bolt snapped off in flywheel, how to remove it?

Hi everyone. I was replacing the pressure plate in a nissan navara with a td27 engine. One of the bolts that holds the pressure plate to the flywheel broke. So we drilled a hole and used a easyout. However the drill bit wandered so the hole touches the side of the thread. As a result the easyout wont work. The hole barley scrapes the side so the thread only looks slightly damaged, but ok. Have also tryed getting a punch on the edge but that wont work either. Any ideas on how to remove it?

Question by David97 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Design Ideas Needed!

I have tons of scrape paper laying around on a shelf, all having some story of a project of before. I used to come up with lots of ideas for many thing, but eventually my imagination has ran dry! I'm requesting from the Instructable community to give me any ideas for a project for me to do. An 'ible would help, but I want to make something that is made from the basis of ideas. Any ideas for anything using paper is what I am looking for. This would help for me to make a cool 'ible one day. Thanks!

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Trimmer Engine Generator

   Hello Instructables community.    I was thinking of making a 12 volt battery charger with a trimmer engine (pictured) connected to a scraped car alternator (I found several on eBay). But I have a few questions: 1. Would such a combination work as shown in the illustration?  2. Would it be best if I directly connected the engine to the alternator with no drive belts or chains, or would the high gear of the large engine gear and small generator gear be worth the extra trouble.  3. What is the best way to connect the two? And 4. Where should I remove the engine from the "trimming part". Any answers will be appreciated.                                                                                                                       Sincerely                                                                                                                  Confused DIYer

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What have I fudged up now?

I bought a chipmod pro 2 modchip for my slim ps2. After LOTS of struggleing with a lot of wires (only 18, still quite a few) I got it all together and as soon as I plugged in my ps2, the red light wouldn't come on. I'm sad. I did check my connections over and found a bridge between a couple resistors and a 3V access point for the modchip. I ended up resoldering the resistors back onto the ps2 because I couldn't just scrape it out of the cracks. I have no idea now, all the other connections seem fine but there ain't no red light, any idea?

Topic by Punkguyta 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How can I remove sun deteriorated plastic decals from a painted bicycle frame without damaging the paint?

Peeling off is not an option, I have tried scraping off with a plastic scraper to no avail. Have also tried Goo Gone (citrus based solvent) and Oops! (a stronger solvent) with a non scratch scrubbing pad. I was able to peel the decals that werent' cracked from the sun but the others are basically baked on from the Arizona heat. Would a heat gun work? How careful do I have to be not to damage the paint? What about something like 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper?

Question by goodgnus 10 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What is the best way to tile on a wood surface?

I have an older home with a built in wood linen cabinet in the hallway.  It has 2 doors on top and 2 doors on bottom for linens but the middle section is open.  Usually used to just set decorations on it.  It is painted white which continues to get scraped up.  It needs to have something done and I thought tile is the best.  I will only be putting decorations on it.  It is wood on all four sides with a small lip extending about an inch on the front of it.  Seems like I could tile it on all four sides much like a back-splash on a kitchen counter.  How could I do this so it looks great?  This will be my first tile job.

Question by angieray 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Butane recovery

I have instructions for extracting pure essential oil from plant material using butane. The problem I have with it is that at the end, the butane is vented. I just don't feel right about venting unburned hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. I've been looking at glass lab equipment (distillation tubes, connectors, etc). I have no background in chemistry, but it seems to me it shouldn't be too difficult to put something together using standard glass lab equipment to capture, distill and reuse the butane. Butane boils at 31 degrees Fahrenheit and is heavier than air. At the end of the process, the oil is scraped from the bottom of a drying dish. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to put something like this together? Thanks

Topic by GlobalVillageIdiot 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Butane distillation

I have instructions for extracting pure esential oil from plant material using butane. The problem I have with it is that at the end, the butane is vented. I just don't feel right about venting unburned hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. I've been looking at glass lab equipment (distillation tubes, connectors, etc). I have no background in chemistry, but it seems to me it shouldn't be too difficult to put something together using standard glass lab equipment to capture, distill and reuse the butane. Butane boils at 31 degrees farinhite and is heavier than air. At the end of the process, the oil is scraped from the bottom of a drying dish. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to put something like this together? Thanks

Question by GlobalVillageIdiot 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 months ago

repairing cellar walls?

 We bought a house last year that had some water damage on the cellar walls. Last summer I redid the drainage around the house as I suspected that that was the reason for the damage. I am now setting out to repair the inside damage. I should not that I noticed no damage to the outside walls while redoing the drainage.  The inside wall damage consists of 'blistering' and loose light cement/plaster. The cinder blocks seem to be fine and I have not found mold. I have scraped away the loose stuff and will now patch the holes.  I have been told to use a polymer-based household cement but would like to ask the instructable community for advice.  I basically have to resurface parts fo the walls and patch a few deep holes.  How should I do this? Thank you.

Topic by Crackpot 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Is repairing a burned tool/drill motor easy?

I assume this applies to all tools. So, I have a burned out grinder motor (wires). The spining axle 'thing' looks fine. Can't I just re-wound those wires on outer ring of the motor and reconnenct it (good as new?) also I may have scraped (with pliers) the replacement/wounded copper wire when bending it away from center . Will I need to rewind it with another set of wire....have I ruin it given there's some sort of non-conductive coating on the copper wire which I scratched off. I would appreciate any specific advice on reconnecting the power source wires to the wire/magnetic field area as well. Or should I just spend $200 on a new one :)

Question by jimboa2020red 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

adding remote button to halloween screamer device

Hello! I am pretty new to all this. In fact, this is my first project. down to the dirty part. I have a battery powered screamer toy. It has a light sensor with a toggle switch and a push button that both activate the speaker.  I want to add an external button in place of the internal one located on the circuit board.  I have added a length of wire to the board already.  One end to the contact push button on the board, and the other to the point that connected to the other end of the contact push button. I scraped the copper off between the point where the second wire connected to the contact push button so now the only way they connect is through the added wire and tactile button.  My problem is this.... none of it works now. Not even the light sensor.  Please help!

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oh boy oh boy oh boy.... NYC Maker Faire is coming Sept. 21-22....

I may have a SHOT at going to the Maker Faire in Queens NY,  this coming Sept 21-22.  I am not sure if I will be able to scrape together enough to stay overnight or not (which would be the ONLY way I could be there both days), but I may be able to "earn" the tickets in any case. I am still at a loss however to explain to my wife why I want to go back since I have SEEN it already (*sigh* yes, I've told her repeatedly it is different each year).   Any suggestions about that would be appreciated.  Anyways,  are ANY of you all going to be there ?  One, or both days?  Will the Instructables team be there?    I hope I can be.....

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Achiev'ibles - 26/08/2012

Hi, here is a list of the patches that were awarded this week for our members. Achiev'ibles is a community run achievment project. The stats of members of the group are automatically recorded every day and patches are awarded at key milestones. For a full list of the patches you can earn, see here. Want to join Achiev'ibles? Leave a comment below and I'll add you. By next week I hope to have a few pages available on my website so that you can check to see if your stats are being recorded. I also want to start awarding patches to authors who are included in one of the biweekly newsletters. I think it'd be good to add each of these authors to the list whose stats are scraped so that they are automatically in the group. Good or bad idea? James Total Views: neuropol iApple+guy RollerScrapper A-Nony-Mus annahowardshaw Comments: Tomdf Best Answers: jessyratfink

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Alright, you iBle-obians are a smart and experienced bunch...

The other day, in English class, something occurred to me:raze (v) : to demolish; to level to the ground; to scrape as if with a razorRaze. Always loved that word.Okay, Instructalobians, what is the term for a word that sounds like the opposite of its meaning? As far as I know, such a category of words does not exist.If no one knows, then I shall name it after Instructables. :DAlso, first person to post another word like "raze" gets a prize. An actual, material prize that I will mail to you. Seriously. It's pretty cool. Go for it. Stop reading this. Now. I mean it, cut it out now. Okay, you know what, if you read this sentence, you are disqualified. Aww, that's too bad, it was a really cool prize................Are you still here? Geeze.PS- this is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.Pic is not related, just awesome.

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I have a bunch of speakers what can i do with them? Answered

My car has enough speakers. My room has enough speakers. My wallet has enough speakers. And I don't know what to do with all these speakers. I have 10 mid range speakers, 2 tweeters, 2 sub-woofers, and 14 headphone speakers. Now I'm not really concerned with the headphone speakers because they're cheap and if they just sit in a bag for a while I'm fine with that but I'd like to put the nicer speakers to work. I don't want a surround sound system for my living room and I already have speakers there (not surround sound). I made the credit card speaker instructable. I'd like to do something with the speakers but at this point I'm thinking about just scraping them for their neodymium magnets because I can't think of what else to do with them.

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A new direction for "Total Views Count" group.

So the original purpose of this group has been made obsolete by the rather cool new update HQ have released. A user's total views are now displayed around their avatar meaning we can see up to date information by visiting our profiles. Now that there's no need to run a twice monthly script I was thinking that perhaps people would be interested in having their total views collected daily, then twice monthly I could release graphs for people tracking their daily increase. Similar to the /you/stats/ feature that HQ trialled briefly. I'd also be happy to continue giving patches for people reaching the views milestones we had for the group. Anyone interested in that? Or does anyone have any bright ideas that the data now available on profile pages could be used for? It's pretty trivial to scrape the data with Perl, and at 1 page load per group member it's much quicker and easier than the current script (which loads thousands of pages).

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Can countertop laminate be used as flooring?

I've been having a hard time finding just the right color and pattern that I want in sheet vinyl or tiles, and Formica/Wisonart laminates come in about a BILLION styles and colors. If I put it down as flooring, do you think the surface would last over time? In a bathroom it would only see foot traffic and water, nothing heavy to scrape or damage it (like a fridge or furniture legs). I don't imagine it would chip or break as long as all the outer edges are protected. In a small bathroom you could get away with using only one sheet (no seams), or 2 sheets with just one seam in the middle. Sheets of laminate aren't cheap, but they're no worse than sheet vinyl of the same size. I imagine you couldn't "loose-lay" it even if you cut it to the exact dimensions of the room, because you'd probably get a slight air pocket effect when you step on it. A strip of glue down the floor's center along with perimeter gluing ought to be sufficient.

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how do i start a project using a microphone to cause a servo to "sweep" depending on the sound level?

I really want to make a servo rotate like when using the sweep code but with a microphone instead of a potentiometer. the servo would move depending on the decibel level and return to it's default position once the noise stops. i can code myself but i don't know where to start and i can't understand the microphone related code parts, i could really use some help with getting started, i would be greatful on many levels. EDIT: i scraped this together but it doesn't work exactly how i want it to #include int micPin = 1;    // select the input pin for the mic input       // select the pin for the LED int micValue = 1;  // variable to store the value coming from the mic Servo servo09; void setup()   {                        servo09.attach(9);    } void loop()                     {     micValue = analogRead(micPin); // use what ever threshold between 0-1023 you wish to switch  the led         if (micValue > 2)     {                         servo09.write(10);         delay(1);     }     else     {                         servo09.write(100);         delay(1);     } }

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how long can ticks live without blood?

I was just in a park where one tick bit me on the neck. i removed it. while i was driving home i saw another tick crawling on my hand. i freaked out and scraped the tick on the nearest thing on my car (the cup holder). i then pulled over and looked for it and i couldn't find it. i tried again and i still couldn't find it. and yes i've done the google search for it but the info is so varied some say 1 month and some say 2 years. i don't know if it's a soft bodied or hard bodied tick, but i believe it's a hard bodied tick. it was about the size of a headphone jack port, ya know like on an iPod where you plug the headphones into? it was that size. and it was dark colored like brown or black. keep in mind i had already had one bite me i wasn't going to sit there and examine the thing to try to determine what kind it was. if it can survive a long time is there a way i can kill it? the only thing i could think of is fumigation- and i'm not fumigating my car.

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How can I find a prostetic limb for my cats front paw?

Recently my full grown Manx Cat Maxwell had been hit by a car aquirung nerve damage to one specific spot in his leg. He can no longer feel in the paw alone but upwards his elbow and shoulder work perfectly. It has curled back and he uses it to walk around like a stump but in doing so he injured himself even more. His claw seems to be damaged in some way but it does scab over and recover when I keep him indoors for a long while but when he goes back outside he gets it injured all over again, sometimes even worse. I've been researching for a while now and it seems like a prostetic limb would be perfect on him due to the frequent use of his front paw in general. I haven't yet asked my vet about it but they recommended cutting it all off the whole leg if it didn't regain function. I find it  unnecessary  to take off the entire limb it most of it still works, but I don't want to just cut off the part that doesn't work because I know he'll use the stump and scrape it up. If you have any information on what could be used for him if greatly appreciate it, and I'm betting Maxwell would as well! 

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Some new stuff i got

So recently my dad wanted to throw away a old tv we had that had a bad cord (yeah we could of easily replaced the cord but be have enough tv's..) and i remember seeing plasmana's plasma speaker a while back and that it used a flyback transformer, so i ripped the tv apart taking the pcb with everything on it, speaker, and the coil thingy on the tube, since it was the first time i took one apart i had cliped the magnet wire winding so thats almost no good so i just got rid of that, and then i took apart 3 other monitors i have gotten over the years, one had a set of speakers inside it, and that was interesting to use. and a while back my friend gave me a old 5cd/radio stereo, i would of just kept it using it for the 5 disc changer mostly but the door was broken, and didnt move well at all, so i scraped it and used the speakers. Oh and theres a PSU in there i ripped apart a while ago, i have another but its stored away currently. Anywho heres just a view of what i got, any ideas on what i should make out of all this?

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How to get an old and filthy toilet back to glory

I moved into a new rental and it was a bit neglected to say it nice.My longest nouisance however was the old toilet.Calcium and urine stains turned the bottom, where the water sits, into a black, crusty mass.Toilet cleaners of all sorts provide a nice smaell, but even bleach or things like jiffy did not do a thing.Hours were wasted trying to scrape, brush or just swear the filth off but no luck.All I managed was to turn the black into a slightly grey crust, still ugly.One day I had the honor to clean my water kettle and to remove the calcium deposits in it.Of course I was lazy and just some delimer, citric acid, as instructed.Let it sit a few hours, wipe it out, nice.Hmmmm.....Hold on a second, what would happen if I use that stuff in the toilet?!?So I flushed some hot water through to warm up the bowl, then about 1 liter of boiling hot water with two packs of coffee machine cleaner dissolved in it.Let it sit over night only to be very disappointed the next morning.It looked like nothing changed.Unlike pots and kettles my toilet appeared to still have al crusts stuck in it.When I flushed however most of it just flushed away!A little brushing and the rest was gone too - a clean and white toilet again!No more calcium and other hard deposits :)

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Could cleaning with bleech on lead paint cause temporary stroke like symptoms and fetal distress? ? Answered

I rent my home. When I moved here with three children, I was told there was no lead paint. Seven years later, I became pregnant. While cleaning, I used bleech to clean walls and floors and shelves and windows. I also scraped and repainted some areas. One night, I went to the store with my eldest daughter and had slight pain and numbness on one side of my body. I also couldnt speak properly or complete a responsive answer with correct words. My sentences were inappropriate. It lasted about 24 hours and got better. I felt extremely fatigued but blamed pregnancy. A few days later, I was sick, enormously fatigued and had sharp abdominal pain unlike labor. I went to the hospital and my baby's heart rate was failing. He was dieing. He was taken by emergency c-section, two months early and recovered in the newborn intensive care for three weeks. I recently found out that the home i rent does indeed contain lead paint and probably a good deal of it. The home owner found out about a state program that would come in and do all kinds of renovations for free if he signed up. Then he discovered that he would have to pay the back taxes on the home and cover the cost of the inspectors and opted not to have the lead removed. I am still living here with my children.

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Futuristic Concept Guns that may be worth a Build with your twist!

Ahhh... I feel sometimes the k'nex gun builders community lacks a bit artistic visions, so I scraped the worldwide web for some images that would pump some artistic juices into the community. With no offence to our replica builders out there, (you guys are awesome at what you do!) but I feel that building a k'nex gun is an art. Trying to create that right balance of flow of a gun while incorporating a twist that catches the persons eye is a challenge, a skill, and I feel may be a bit more challenging than making a replica. With replicas you have the comfort of a defined shape and measurements, when guns like these (some virtual, I know one is real, the harmonica gun) are built to be within a similar scale but again with that unusual and pleasing twist of the imagination.  Again I don't mean to offend anyone with the idea that replicas are not cool, replicas are awesome and I find it really hard to stay within a replicas measurements (more power to the people who can). I would just like to see some more unique visions of the builder. Build a gun that defines you and your vision of what a great gun looks and feels like. Then make it perform how you want it too. It's a complex process capturing the beauty of a well crafted k'nex gun through not only aesthetic appearance, but physical performance. These unique guns are what defines us as a K'nex gun community, a community of artists.   At the end of the pictures, I've included a couple of my best Art. (two which didn't perform as planned but nailed appearance)

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