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Scrolling Issue

I have run across a rather peculiar bug while viewing instructables on the site. Whenever there is a slideshow or an embedded video (like a YouTube one inserted into a step/description), and I scroll down, about 10 pixels or so of the Slideshow/Video stay on the top of the body portion of my web browser. My browser is Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 5, running under the operating system of Windows 7. An included screenshot is below.

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Alternative scrolling methods

Here's one to challenge your creativity. I read a lot of blogs, engadget, lifehacker etc... and these are mainly long pages of text and images. I've become bored of using a plain ole mouse wheel to scroll down and so i'm looking to make something overall cooler or easier to use. Note the use of OR before reading the next bit. I've had an idea of one method. Get one of those realistic fake cats that breathes and put the scroller in it's back. Then you can cradle it in your arms Dr. No style and stroke it's back, all the while scrolling down a page of your choice. I also thought of somehow making the whole right side of my desk a massive scrollbar, but it would be a bit complicated for my liking. So what do you think? Do you have any good ideas for ways to scroll down a page? Think everyday actions that involve some sort of scrolling motion, and keep it work safe.

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New scrolling banner

The scrolling banner on the home page looks nice but...... while i am looking through the topics, the banner changes and the page jumps up or down. to fix this, make ALL banners the same height. thanks

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LED Scrolling Marquee

I am looking for help setting up an LED scrolling Marquee. It has 8 rows and 96 columns. all leds are one color. The only microcontroller I have available is the 8051. any ideas would be great

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Help with scrolling ables.

When browsing ables when go into one and than come back out to browse some more I'm taken back close to the top of the page and not where I left off. I than have to scroll though all the ables I pasted before. Is there something I can do to correct this? Thanks!

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Scroll Saw Art

Hi Everyone here, New here I have some pictures in my photos of works that I have done in the past and present of scrollsaw woodworks , I welcome feedback so feel free to comment,

Topic by tjcebula    |  last reply

Scrolling Backdrop for Video

Hi All: I'm looking for ideas on creating my own rotating backdrop for a video that I'll be creating for my book. I will be drawing/painting a city skyline onto some type of paper or another and then want to be able to have it on a continuous 'scroll'. (Think a reel-to-reel player type of setup except using manual power.) I've considered paper towel holders on a Lazy Susan project....Any thoughts? Many thanks!

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Auto Scroll = Pointless

One thing Ive noticed is that when you click on someones comment ( after going to the you page) It brings you to the instructable they commented on, right down to exactly where the comment is, but then as soon as the pictures load, it sends you halfway up the page. This COMPLETELY takes away the whole point of showing you where they commented. I suggest making it so they let the pictures load, THEN scroll you down. It would work a LOT better.

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Horizontal scroll bar issue

When arriving at a page such as There's a horizontal scrollbar. To remove it, find this rule div#omni in your CSS files. Either: - Remove: border: 1px solid rgba(119,130,135,.4) - Add: box-sizing: border-box; Either one should fix your problem.

Topic by WilsonA15  

4inch scroll saw blades...?

Hi,i am looking for 4inch blades for my Dremel scrollsaw, i know i can purchase them online but they are not cheap so i am looking for an alternative blade that will do the same job only for a little less money.... I have tried bucket loads of sites but have had no joy so far, if there is anyone out there who can help it would be much appreciated...                                                                                       Thank you                                                                                        Tim Hollywood.

Question by TimH22    |  last reply

Search infinite scroll not loading more results

When I search, the first few pages of results are normal, then when I scroll past the point where it needs to load more, it kills the page. It turns white and is completely blank for about 5 pages, then it loads the homepage instructables and doubles up the footer. After it kills it, there is a little sliver of the original search results at the top but it is not clickable.

Topic by abm513  

Scrolling Down While Editing Kills Format Bar

When you scroll down the page while editing,  the formatting bar hits the top of the screen and it floats as you scroll down. A second formatting bar opens on the right. Both quit working as soon as the formatting bar starts to float. Sometimes the right one works, mostly not. On my laptop with Window Vista, both on Firefox and Internet Explorer On my desktop with Windows 7, on Firefox 29.0.1, Internet Explorer and Safari. I'm working on a draft "Amped Floor Lamp"

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Setting scroll wheel to keyboard buttons?

I would like to set my scroll-wheel to the arrow keys on my mouse. I have the 4 direction scroll wheel. I cannot, however, find the right software. Help please.

Question by Nameless37    |  last reply

HELP!!! Elder scroll 4 (XBOX360)

I need help i have the G.O.T.Y. version of elder scroll and I have lost my memery i need help to lvl up and get money quick (Duplition trick doesnt work) (Im lvl 4)

Topic by Rimsy64  

Arduino/Trinket USB scroll wheel?

I've seen several tutorials on making an Arduino or Adafruit Trinket based volume control wheel, but I can't seem to find anything about making a scroll wheel.  Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any tutorials on how to make a USB scroll wheel with an Arduino or Trinket? Thanks ~Josh

Question by Josh_Blackburn    |  last reply

wen scroll saw adapt kit Answered

Need to change my wen scroll to all painless blades. What do I need and were do I get it ? Help, New to this

Question by Craigpick    |  last reply

Scrolling LED Sign on a T-Shirt?

How would I go about making a scrolling LED message with LEDs in a shirt? I found the LilyPad arduino/conductive thread, so I have a start, but I don't really know what size it should be (height wise, I want it to wrap all the way around me). Any ideas?I want it to sort of look like this, but less 'fancy'.

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Steampunk wrist-mounted scrolling map

Found this at Boing BoingOver on Boing Boing Gadgets, our John spotted this vintage wrist-mounted scrolling map from 1927, an antediluvian wrist-mounted GPS: At first glance, this 1927 map watch is pretty nifty: an antediluvian GPS, don't you know. It was called the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator, a name so clunky, unmemorable and artless that it even sounds like the name of a modern GPS device. The idea was simple: the Wooster-esque motorist would putter around England, scrolling a tiny paper map loaded in his wrist as he went with two black knobs. If you took a turn, you simple slid out one map and inserted another one and continued on your way. What ho! Ingenious! Except a complete road map only cost a few pence back in 1927, where as this device would have set you back around 5 quid. And just like modern GPS map providers, the real business model was in selling you additional maps. Which leaves the design. I quite like it: it's cheap, but whimsical and adventurous, like something you might strap on your wrist to traverse Oz. LinkLooks pretty cool and steampunkish. I would love to have one.

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Click to Scroll through Options (Yonatan24)

If you came here, you're probably** one of my followers. If you're one of my followers, you're probably interested in my Instructables. If you're interested in my Instructables, well... You get the point... If you're interested in seeing my projects in action, and more, Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel! Maybe these (deleted) embed links might decide to work one day... If you are on mobile or want to watch my channel trailer, Click here) Have an idea for a project that you think I can make? Post it here, or send it in a Private Message! If I win in an Instructables contest with your idea, I'll send you a FREE 1 YEAR PRO Membership! You can always contact me by Private message, though for something that's really important, you can send me an email using common sense and the period of this sentence, which contains my email address.   More links: Free PRO Membership Membership Giveaways My collection of my favorite projects My first I'ble My first featured I'ble My Twitter (haven't decided what I want to do there...) **(If you came here through the forums, this Forum Topic has been linked from My Instructables Page. Since I now have no Orangeboard, and have several different sites that I want to link through my profile page, I thought that I would do it like this...)

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Help with an arduino 16x2 LCD sketch?

Hey all. Im new to arduino and have bought a 16x2 lcd to learn more about the ide. I was able to write the simple text. Then i also scrolled it. But now i want that the upper line should be static and the lower line should move. How can i achieve this effect. Also when scrolling a piece of sentence (lets say right to left), when the sentence goes completely toward left, it doesn't appear from the right until the whole sentence has not disappeared. This leaves a lot of space in between. I want that the moment text touches the left, it starts coming back from the right ( like what was there in the old snakes game that came with all primitive phones).  Plz reply fast......Thanks a lot! :)

Question by SnehilSensei    |  last reply

Source Code Window in Instructable Page

Hi, it's my first time to write an instructable. I wanna add a few lines of source code to demonstrate in a page. I saw many people has done that.I searched in google but couldn't find it. I think perhaps it should be something like HTML format. Anyone could help? Thanks very much! Jichun

Topic by penguin007    |  last reply

Hacking bike pedals to control (mouse) scrolling? Answered

 Does anyone have any advice/Ibles/links to how I could rig up a pedal exerciser to control scrolling on my browser? I scroll a lot and the mouse's scroll wheel is doing terrible things to my wrists. I'd love to have a little pedal set up (forward to scroll down, reverse to scroll up) - that way I'd save my wrist and get a little workout too! Would it be easier to hack an existing machine, or just build one from scratch?

Question by the_gella    |  last reply

Too much scrolling to view sequential images

When there are multiple images in a step, it's extremely tedious to have to scroll down, click the next image for it to load, then scroll up to the area where the image is viewed. For those of us with small laptop screens, this is Just No Fun. May I suggest a "next" button, or some way to proceed to the next image within the step without having to scroll? I'd like to be able to view images at 100% size, not squinch them down to be able to click/view without scrolling. Thank you for considering this.

Topic by Mander2033    |  last reply

no possibility to scroll down in the last two newsletters.

I have a problem with your last two newsletters. I can't scroll through the newsletter. The older newsletters do not have this problem. If I save the newsletter e-mail as an html page, I can scroll through it with the cursor keys, not with the mouse because there is no scrollbar... Maybe a CSS error?

Topic by MerlinTheGreat    |  last reply

Best instructable to make LED MATRIX Scrolling.?

In example 24*6 or anything that size.

Question by Hman2121    |  last reply

Stop the Everything bar from scrolling with the page

If you also dislike the Everything bar remaining visible (and eating screen space) as you scroll through pages of Instructables, open your favorite Ad Blocking software and add: Once that's done, the Everything bar stays at the top of the page.

Topic by ringai    |  last reply

Scrolling message of Welcome for first day of school?

Every year on the first day of school we go outside and hold up a sign with our names on it to gather up our new students.  I would very much like to learn how to do this electronically using some type of LED display. Never done anything like this so it would have to be pretty simple at least to start. If it could scroll a welcome message that would be even better. Fairly handy with tools just never worked with electronics or programming. Thanks, Jeff

Question by jwhit    |  last reply

How do you scroll down the collections bar?

When you see something to add to your collection and have more than 2 collections already, how do you scroll down? I press the down button but it doesn't do anything.

Question by melody01    |  last reply

how to make a watch like led scrolling display?

Hi all,  i want to make a watch/ bracelet like scrolling display. which can show alphanumeric characters and special characters also. attached here with a led watch image. is anyone have any idea about this?

Question by sureshpadhy    |  last reply

Band, Miter, jig or scroll saw: the "goto" tool

Hi, I was wondering what people use for prepping materials to fit on small workspace spaces. I am interested in using machinable materials like acrylic, lexan, delrin, hdpe, machinable foam, polystyrene, brass and aluminum. These materials are usually easy to get in the right thickness and width, but the length could be 4'. I need to slice them down to sizes no more than 5.25" long to be used on a small cnc machine (5.5"x4.5"x1.25" build area) What do you think, or have experience with, that solves most of your needs? Thanks, Andy

Topic by AndyWilson    |  last reply

Best power saw for cutting wooden gears?

Would I be better off trying to cut very small wooden gears with a scroll saw or jigsaw? My goal is to be able to make wooden gears perhaps as small as half an inch in diameter. Would I better off even skipping the power options and just do it by hand with a file?

Question by paulcauchon    |  last reply

Precision Fiberglass Wood Lettering Cuts

A couple three or four years back I used a retired surfboard to illuminate my house address numbers. Cutting the fiberglass was a nightmare; it splintered, cracked and was nothing remotely close to precise or clean. I ended up cutting an open area in the deck of the surfboard [section where you'd typically stand]. I then used a jigsaw to carve a design of wood with address numbers inside. As an artist, I wasn't impressed with the outcome, but many, many others who've seen it seem to love it. Including those who purchased the house at our previous address. At any rate, I've been commissioned to create another, similar project. SInce it's going to be for someone else I'd really like it to be perfect; especially since my name will be associated. My question is, what tools are available [reasonable cost not an option -few hundred dollars give or take] in order to cut precision alpha-numeric characters in fiberglass or 1/8 to 1/4 wood completely through? I'd like sharp, nearly 90 degree angle on the characters/numbers. I've already tried a scroll saw on the fiberglass with less than desirable results. And the edges and corners were nothing close to 90 angles. My number '5' looked like the letter 'S'. Any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. The original post which Caitlyns Dad addressed. The link to the images is no longer valid:

Topic by Sovereignty    |  last reply

How can i build a Scroll air compressor out of scraps and cheap material and power it from renewable energy ?

How can i build a Scroll air compressor out of scraps and cheap material and power it from renewable energy ?

Question by FeteLeToiMeme    |  last reply

How fast can caps/scroll/num lock alternate? Answered

As if i wrote a program to alternate caps lock on and off once every 0.002272 seconds would they react that fast?

Question by ReCreate    |  last reply

i want someone to build a scroll saw with a sewing machine

It goes up and down so maybe reblace the moter and add a blade and just use the clockwork and frame i meant to put it in burning questions sorry EDIT: if you do it you get a patch

Topic by Zaphod Beeblebrox    |  last reply

Does anyone know how to program electronic signs, or scrolling marquees?

I have a large scrolling marquee type electronic sign, and it turns on fine and seems to work.  However, I have no idea how to program it and have not found any compatible software online.  The back says that it is from SIGNLINE and the model number is 180500.  It looks like it connects to a computer through a phone cord.  If anyone can help in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it.?

Question by FunkyBrewster    |  last reply

Library for easy alpha-numeric display on an LED matrix?

I'm looking for a library for either the Arduino or AVR line of microcontrollers, that enables easy display of scrolling text on a 5x7 or 8x8 LED matrix.  Here's what my requirements are: - The library should contain a table of common alphanumeric characters (alphabet, numbers, and maybe some symbols) - A function should call up any number of letters to form words or phrases, like this: Scroll(H,E,L,L,O,sp,W,O,R,L,D); - Once the function is called, the text automatically scrolls across the display - The function can be called from anywhere, like if/then statements, case statements, results of random numbers, etc. - Additional modifiers, like scrolling left or right, speed, and repetition would be nice to have but not necessary. I've searched the AVRfreaks forum and various Arduino forums, but haven't found what I'm looking for.  So far anything I've found is basically hard-coded bit-banging, making it difficult to change the text and impossible to store more than maybe 100 total characters.  My goal, with a set library of characters, is to have the ability to play back hundreds or thousands of characters, arranged as single words or phrases.  They should be as easy to change as typing in a new sentence in plain language into the code.   So, has anyone come across such a thing?

Question by jeff-o    |  last reply

Why won't my e-mails from you scroll up or down anymore?

I can not read my email from you anymore. they will not scroll up or down. How can I fix this problem?

Question by lorettajean    |  last reply

How do you vote in Epilog without scrolling through hundreds of projects?

I want to have vote for an Epilog project but I have to 1) scroll through a bunch of projects to find the one I want or 2) click a bunch to get a button on the project page. Is there an easier way? .

Topic by joiek    |  last reply

new home page is very frustrating

I cant scroll down the page anymore. as i try to scroll down the main page to see whats all there, EVERYTIME the header image changes the page forces me back to the top of the page. this effectivly makes the page unusable.

Topic by sredmond421    |  last reply

"See All" button for be at the top of the mobile site as it is for your general site

It would be great to not have to scroll to the bottom of a page on a mobile device to then click the "see all" link and then scroll down through all the items again.  I also frequently find myself accidentally clicking on an image while trying to scroll, and when I hit the back button it takes me to the top of the page, requiring more scrolling and searching to find my previous location --- maybe it should open images in new tabs... TIA

Topic by poldim    |  last reply

I have a scrolling led license plate frame. What do i need to do in order to be able to hook it up to my pc via usb?

 I'd like to be able to mod the sign so that i can hook it up to my pc and program messages into rather than using the painstakingly slow remote it came with. Thanks.

Question by spacegravity4me    |  last reply

Is there a way to search by key words? It seems that you have to scroll through every project.

I am trying to find project how-to's but don't want to scroll through 55 pages of halloween projects to find what I'm looking for.  Is there a search box somewhere I haven't found?

Question by lkaplan1    |  last reply

How do you control the speed of an AC BRUSHLESS motor? (Used on a scroll saw)?

I have a small scroll saw i would like to build a cheap speed controler for It uses an AC motor which appears to be brushless when i dismantled it Could anyone tell me how brushless AC motors work, and how their speeed controlers work (i assume you need to change the phase of the ac current) Many thanks Chris

Question by ooda55    |  last reply

How can I build a relatively large scrolling LED display able to be outdoors and have programmable messages? Answered

My dad has an interesting idea for his Chevy Blazer project car...he wants a scrolling LED matrix attached to the rear spoiler so that he can have messages shoot across it.  Would it be moderately easy to make this or should I consider purchasing it?  The display would be approximately 3-5" tall by 36" wide.  I would need to know specs on the electronics (LED's, arduino, parts in general).  Also, If it is best for me to purchase it, where should I look for the parts? Thanks.

Question by kreationism    |  last reply

What is the best code approach to add infrared control to an existing program?

I designed a scrolling message board that is PIC based. I have also written separate code to decode an infrared signal. What is the best way to add the infra code to the message board software. Should it be interrupt the scrolling message every time a character is receiver by the IR receiver? The are 32 bits that need to be decoded each time a key is hit on the IR transmitter.

Question by bronx68  

How do I strengthen the back of a paper hanging scroll painting without damaging it further?

Hi, I have a beautiful old hanging scroll form Japan. It wasn't expensive at the time, probably because the painting on it seems never to have been finished by the artist, but I value it highly. The paper itself is crumbling in some places and I would like to somehow attach a backing (I was considering cloth of some kind) to that the paper won't eventually rip when the picture is hanging.  What kind of adhesive should I use to attach a light fabric to the paper that won't eat away at the paper from the back over time? any other suggestions, i.e. alternatives to my fabric idea, are also very welcome. thanks in advance.

Question by hexhex    |  last reply

I need to find a few Parsley or Ivy Victorian Scrolls for a motorcycle gas tank and seat. Answered

Hello, I am going to paint my new project chopper motorcycle, and I want to paint matching left and right parsley scrolls on the gas tank, and engrave it on the leather seat. but so far I have not had any luck finding a good candidates for that. Any help will be incredibly appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Lunna XIII

Question by mrlunna13    |  last reply

Chrome Problem viewing

I seem to be having a persistent and repeatable issue with viewing instructables in my Chrome Browser. I see the first "page" of any instructable, but then when i scroll down or page down, it dissapears! The outer frame scrolls down but the instructable disappears until i scroll back up. I can only see the 1st page. I don't see this issue on any other website. It doesn't change is i resize my browser. I am using Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m  Running on a WIndows 7 machine. Any ideas?

Topic by Kbarry29    |  last reply