What type of seam is this? I can not find how to do it as I dont know its style :D? Answered

The question explains it all, What kind of seam is it that is all over this Jersey? Thanks

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Seam Tracking Sensor

Hi All, I'm Duy Dang- Vietnamese student in Ho Chi Minh city. I'm doing a robot welding project but i don't know where to buy a Seam Tracking Sensor (Arc Sensor). Can anyone help me?  Thank you very much.

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How to make a seam on the edge of a raw piece of fabric? Answered

Hi I am trying to make a custom Cert/ Search and rescue vest. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a seam like on this vest (the black border) . Please let me know what its called and how to do it. I plan on using cordura. 

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I am crocheting a pattern ( kinda skully style).  At the end of the pattern it says to finish sew the brim seam. What is the brim seam?

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How would you seal the seams of a clear plastic greenhouse?

I want to connect pieces of clear heavy plastic together to make a house-shaped greenhouse, without using tape. Would a hot glue gun work or would it melt the plastic? Could I sew the pieces together or would the needle holes cause ripping? I'm afraid to use tape because I don't think it would stay on long term. If anyone has done this successfully, please share how you did it. Thanks!

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Which glue to create massage roller? How to do the seam?

In order to create a firm massage roller, I'd like to glue a piece of (foam) yoga mat around a short pvc drainage pipe. Would love advice on - 1. Which glue to use between mat and pipe? and between the mat ends? 2. How to not have a bump where the mat ends meet? Thanks!

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how to do a double stitched seam? or any strong seam, bcuz i want to make a 6x6" squares for bean bag toss game?

I understand first start off with a simple stitch with a seam allowance from the cut edge like a 1/4 inch. The part that confuses me is that u have to run another stitch but either it goes higher or below the first simple stitch? I dont know this. And how much room to leave of leftover trim?? and i look-uped and they said the second stitch should be 1/8 of an inch from the first stitch. which leaves me again to the same question. or will a zig-zag stitch be stronger then 2 running stitches? Pictures would be great for me to see how a double stitch would look like...

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How do I sew / repair chair that is split along a seam?

Chair is split along a seam where a cushion meets.  What type of stitch hols firmly?  I plan to hand sew this with upholstery thread.

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Does anyone have suggestions as to what would be an inexpensive serger that would beit  used solely to re-hem knit tops?

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how to keep your wood project from splitting?

I have a relief carving project I am working on the wood is cedar and it is 4" thick. It had a seam on the back that didn't show any signs of cracking on each end but after working on it the seam started to show cracking more on the one side then the other and it keeps on cracking. How can I fix it, I have put alot of work into it and it is almost done?

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Sound Proofing A Wall...? Need Cheap Ideas That Work...

Hey Everybody I Need Some Advice On How To Sound Proof A Wall Between Mine And My Room Mates Room...It Seams At One Time There Was A Door There But Someone Took The Door  Out And Replaced With Drywall...There Seams To Be A 3 Inch Depth And Would Really Like To Use This Space For Egg Cartons Or Other Ideas...Please Let Me Know No Matter How Crazy Thank You...

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I am trying to sew pant inserts on a pair of too tight pants, getting stymied ?

I am trying to sew an insert on the outside hem of pants that are a little too tight. My fabric is a triangle shape & I am just trying to get the seams matched up correctly & wondering if there is someone out there that can help me, give a little instruction. I am stymied & already spent a long time working on this...thanks..

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I joined 2 pieces of pine together. How can I make the seam invisible?

I am replacing the stair treads in my house by removing the carpet and then replacing them with pine treads bought from Lowe's.  The problem is I have 2 stairs that are longer than the 4' tread.  I joined two pieces together to make a longer one using a dowel rig, glued them together, and clamped them until dry. Unfortunately the pieces weren't completely matched up so I used wood filler and sanded until smooth. After painting the board with black porch paint I can see the seam.  Any ideas on how to get rid of the visible line? Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone repaired a inflatable boat (such as a small Zodiak inflatable) - gluing seams that have separatated? Answered

I purchased a small zodiak inflatable that needs work (yes I got it for a great price). The end of the inflatable tubes have come off and an our lock has separated. I have looked online and most places say that it is hard to impossible to repair outside a professional shop, I tend to disagree. But I have been wrong before. The boat is older and is likely PVC (looks like canvas covered in rubber). I was also wondering if it is possible to place a tube inside the float tube of the boat - or is this redundant?

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can people download insturctables?

Is because every time i click at download it takes me to this link thats say "wanna go premium or already a member" and im already singed in and it seams you just want me to spend money

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how to repair a copper kettle?

I have bought a copper kettle through ebay, but found that it has a split seam which leaks at the bottom of the spout. I cant solder it as solder is lead an not safe for consumption. Any advice would be welcome, thanks.

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Refreshing for every Lesson

Ok, this happened to me on the lastest Google Chrome version on a WINDOWS 10. ..And an Amazon Kindle Fire's Silk browser! The following captures/page were: https://www.instructables.com/lesson/Sewing-Curved-Seams/ and https://www.instructables.com/lesson/Sewing-Stretch-on-a-Home-Machine/

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What do you think about Electrochemical Engineering?

Hey there. I been doing some research on degree paths, and the Electrochemical Engineering degree seams relatively new. Not too new, but still, not many places in my country that seem to offer this degree.

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Got a shopping list but where to buy????

Is there any one place that i can buy LEDs ,resistor , and other components.I have found many company's ,but no all-in-one is there even such a place. Seams to me like there should be any help will be very appreciated thank you.    

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Making a plush doll

So. I'm attempting to make a Squid plush doll for a friend who's leaving for college. This is the first time I have ever attempted something like this and I was wondering how I would go about sewing the seams. Like, would I sew it inside-out and then flip it right-side-in? And is there some preferred way to sew these? Aside from that, I'm having trouble picking a material. It would be a bit large and I expect it to see a lot of use, so I want to stay away from felt. Also, I wanted to give it some character so I was thinking of making it out of polo shirts, but I have no idea if that would be a good material...Please help.

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using calcium chloride as humidity reducer closets /laundry rooms

I bought a product called "damp rid "in a hardware store that was used for removing moisture from hamper area,laundry rooms, to prevent mildew. i realized the pelted looked familiar and it was calcium chloride. i want to make my own as i have access to a big bag of calcium chloride. it looks like there is a piece of tyvek/ or other moisture passing membrane on one side of the top upper half, the other 3 sides of the bag look like a mylar  type bag.  The seams all seam to be sealed, except the top has a piece of plastic snapped-sea;ed over it, with a couple very small holes that go into the top half of the bag. the top plastic piece  also has a hanger  loop.. when i bought it the calcium chloride was in the top hang and the bottom half was empty. There looks like a plastic seam weld separating the calcium from the bottom half, and i noticed that are a couple 1/4 inch gaps in the seam. the calcium, chloride draws the moisture out of the air and turns it into water, which falls to the bottom half of the bag.pretty cool device, and seems i t would be able to make, if i can find a source for mylar or whatever this material is. i would also have to make the seams, not sure if glue would work, maybe make a clamp like device , rather than the welds, this way i could just empty the water and replace the calcium chloride, no reason to throw it out. anyone seen these devices, i noticed they have a www with the same name, they may have pictures.  Also looking for a source for mylar and tyvek.  I am not sure if the postal envelopes would work, i would also like to scrounge a sheet of tyvek to use as a ground-cloth or emergency shelter when out on my bicycle and the t storms hit. i haven't seen it except in big rolls, i guess i should keep a lookout for construction sites trash areas.otherwise i am not sure where  i could get a 10 ft piece. i will take the bag apart later to dissect the workings and see if i can measure the thickness of the  mylar

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microwave is noisy

How can you quiet vibration on side panel where magnatron is located, if I put my hand on this location you can feel it vibrate and by applying a little pressure the noise is cut in half , tried  square piece of rubber used as seam tape for rubber roofing helped a little but looks ugly (wife) 

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How to fix this cake stand?

Hi everyone! I bought this cake stand off ebay to use for our wedding cake. It's made of some kind of thin metal. The problem is that the upper plate seems wobbly where it attaches to the pedestal underneath. At this point I'd worry about whether it would be sturdy enough to support a 3 tier cake. I'm wondering if there's a way to re-enforce the seam between the pedestal and the plate to give it more stability? You can see the seam right below the "bowl" part of the upper plate. Would something like epoxy putty work? I'd like to avoid taking the whole thing apart if possible. (Don't mind the weird orange green colouring - I plan to spray paint the whole stand). Any advice or input would be great!

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Can anyone HELP. I paid for a membership and can? Answered

Nothing seams to work. I paid 40 dollars because I wanted one pdf and I can't even get it. I hate getting ripped off. I see several others are having the same problem. Endless loops of log-ins, no downloads.

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Help, please: Opening a sealed camera battery

I have several exhausted NiMH camera batteries, for a camera I rarely use anymore. The batteries (or perhaps the charging system) were awful. But I would like to use it as a backup--maybe by replacing the NiMH cells, or inserting smaller Li-ion unit... Anyone been successful at opening these? I think the seams are welded...

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How can I make a lifesize head that folds flat for transport?

I want to make a life size head or skull which folds flat for transporting but is 3-d for displaying goggles, helmet etc at steampunk show and tells. Any ideas? Has anyone ever tried to make home made inflatables ? If so, what materials and how to make the seams?

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How can one join large pictures together into one file? Answered

I'm trying to start a comic strip. I've drawn each cell and scanned them. I've been trying to put them together on MS PAINT, but I'm having trouble. There doesn't seam to be anyway to zoom out, just reducing to size of the images, which reduces the quality. Any ideas?

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How can I fix my canoe yoke?

I got a fiberglass canoe for free, the catch is that the yoke is broken free from the body of the canoe, this makes 1 man portaging a little tricky and leaves the canoe itself a little wobbly. The canoe is fiberglass like i said, as is the yoke and it's broken off clean at the seam where it joins the canoe.

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how do i felt a wool sweater using washing machine, and is dryer needed?

When felting a wool sweater using hot cycle washing machine method, is it absolutely necessary to dry the item in a dryer afterwards? also, should i cut seams off before or after felting the fabric?

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Fabrics coming off, help!!!?

I tried to make a fingerless gloves with a sweatband by cutting the seam and it was good. However it has a logo on it and it was too long (i only want it to cover the palm and a bit of the fingers and wrist) so I had to cut both ends. And now the fabrics keep coming off, i tried using a lighter but it didnt work cuz the fabrics dont stick. what should I do? (sorry for the bad English)?

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My intructable isn't showing up in the contest, how can it get votes if it's not posted?

Please check out my instructable on customizing your own guitar. I put my instructable in before the deadline. Why isn't it showing up? Seams like if you can't get them out there then you should have a day between entry deadline and voting. Maybe it'll be in there today?

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I'm a dunce, I do not understand how you keep the water out of the square drill head, on your Wooden trolling motor?

I have watched your video several times, and I have read what the others have written, and I just do not seam to get how you sealed up the square drill head that is under the water so that it dose not rust.

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Can countertop laminate be used as flooring?

I've been having a hard time finding just the right color and pattern that I want in sheet vinyl or tiles, and Formica/Wisonart laminates come in about a BILLION styles and colors. If I put it down as flooring, do you think the surface would last over time? In a bathroom it would only see foot traffic and water, nothing heavy to scrape or damage it (like a fridge or furniture legs). I don't imagine it would chip or break as long as all the outer edges are protected. In a small bathroom you could get away with using only one sheet (no seams), or 2 sheets with just one seam in the middle. Sheets of laminate aren't cheap, but they're no worse than sheet vinyl of the same size. I imagine you couldn't "loose-lay" it even if you cut it to the exact dimensions of the room, because you'd probably get a slight air pocket effect when you step on it. A strip of glue down the floor's center along with perimeter gluing ought to be sufficient.

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Air Conditionner

After lightning air conditionner stop working completely dead  Friedrich minisplit MR12C1E I did replaced the burned fuse and a varistor  now the inside unit start open loovers start the fan after 3 minutes  gren led flashe and unit stop  seam to be comming from the timer  try to set timer to OFF loke like the unit does'nt accept the command from the remote control  is it a deffective mpu ?  how to check if mpu is good ? JMA123

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What is the best way to repair a Jeep soft top with stitches coming undone?

I have a '97 Jeep soft top. Some of the seams that see a lot of bending when I put the top down are beginning to come unstitched. This is an aftermarket Bestop OEM replacement. Are there any problems I need to avoid? Can I just use a strong needle and good thread to fix this before my top begins to flap in the wind?

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Hi guys.what type of glue is best for sticking stones etc to t shirts or jeans so they don't wash off when laundered?

I am really into revamping my old clothes and have some really cute coloured stones ( they are usually used for the bottom of fish tanks!!) and I want to use them on the seams of my jeans.I have tried various glues but they all seem to come off when I wash them.Any ideas??

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whats the best way to open a laptop's ac adapter?

I have a Compaq v2000 laptop with a faulty lead inside the AC adapter's strain relief. I want to cut the cable and resolder it inside the adapter, but I need to get it open... it appears to be heat sealed (no visible screws, but a recessed plastic seam) what is the best way to open it up? btw, I'm quite comfortable working with large capacitors, before you ask. help?

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Injured Frog/Toad what do I do?

The frog/toad looks to be a American toad. It has a best described as a shaved head. It has a hole on the front of it's head that leads into it's mouth. It looks to be missing an eye as well. It seams to have an injured limb on it's front left. It has been alive for over 16 hours, it seams to have gotten better than when we first found it. We have fed it dried blood worms. We have not seen it eat them but they are gone from the make shift enclosure. I am worried that it may not be able to survive in the wild if we release it after it heals. That is if it heals. I just don't know what to do, please help. NOTE the water got the chemicals removed before we put it in there. We also tried to get the grass off of it by using water (again without chemicals) but we couldn't get all of it off.           We found out it has Toad Fly ( I think that is what it is called ). I am so glad It wasn't me who ran it over with a lawnmower the other day. I still feel sad for it though.

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Home DIY Questions

The house i live in is falling apart at the seams. I fix every problem as it arises but a few things have stumped me or I've just never tackled them before. Any advice? 1. Gaping holes in Brick/Plaster walls left by electricians? 2. Panel from door punched through and sticky taped in good dodgy tradition. An attempt appears to have been made before to repair but the material has swelled with moisture (bathroom door). ? Cheers.

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Need help with b88an eprom

Evening all, I have a martin 218 disco light that i would like to flash a new firmware to. I've taken a look at the chip and this is the model number ST - B88AN 9605E Image - Can't seam to find any infomation on the chip :( i wondered if any one could point me in the right direction on what eprom programmer to use? Rom link - http://www.martin.com/service/showpage.asp?id=455&tit;=RoboScan+Pro+218+Mk+II&thisprod;=roboscanpro218mkii many thanks

Topic by gareth_2008 

Any idea of how to repair a gramophone spring? Answered

 I bought a wind up  gramophone the other day, but when I try to wind it up it never get to the point when you notice that it's fully wind up. And while you try to wind it up sometimes you can hear a heavy spring noise, so I guess is the spring that is broken. This Columbia gramophone seams to have to springs. I saw a video of how to remove the spring but not to sure of how is suppose to be repair. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

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Help! Many repair and maintenance questions. Greatly appreciate any advice!

We spent literally thousands of dollars to remodel and upgrade our home, and now face many projects were done improperly and need to be corrected. The company is no longer in business, and I need to learn to "do it myself". My first priority is to fix broken stair treads. They are oak and are splitting at the seam. I was considering using an epoxy wood glue, and using duct tape to hold the tread together until the glue dried. Does that sound reasonable? Many thanks for any help you can provide!

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underwater silicon cover

Hi everyone, I see outex.com and i'd like to make it by myself, I think it's not so difficult but I need some expertise I don't have that you can give it to me...^_^ i'd like to start from this bag,  https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZ2lk6Fr2qj8sAc_D6bZkRBepK17dzmUvUBjOJBTeNbH8P8Fp1RA cut it and mold some pieces to fit the Camera size and shape, do you know how to make waterproof seams on this material? hot,glue or what to make it impermeable? hope you can help me and make my next holydays great with underwater shoots!

Topic by cavalars 

Q: worn-down mtb cleats/pedals - welding fix?

Hi, the bike i brought from the u.s. over here to europe is falling apart (like me). latest issue: the cleats as well as the mtb-clips of the pedals are simply worn-out. i looked around online for new parts. that sh it is expensive. a friend of mine down in the valley has a welder... i am wondering if i can weld some seam back on (either cleats or fixtures, or both), and the file/ grind it into shape..... anybody doing that? thanks, yodler, from the mountains in spain.

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How do I join 2 neoprene sheets in a sharp 90 degree angle?

I'm creating a neoprene casing to a small product and I'd like it to have a rather straight and stiff appearance, almost like a molded detail. For that reason I don't want to use normal seams (flatlock, overlock) to join the sides of the casing as it would cause bulgy surfaces or a too wide radius. How is this done in the industry? Could it be done either like alternative 1 or 2 in the picture? Which one is to prefer and which joining method is preferable (sewing, glueing, tapeing)? All ideas are welcome!

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Oil used for boots

I've had my pair of Danner boots for 5 years, going on six. I do everything in them, hiking, welding, motorcycle riding,  only taking them off to go to sleep, so they get alot of abuse. I use Mink oil on mine, heating them up a little from the inside then applying the oil. Of course I clean them off first with a damp rag and a little bit of soap if needed. I've had my Danners re-soled once so far and had a few seams re-sewn. Who knows how long they'll last. They have a little crack where they get toe creased but other than that they're great. 

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Which is better?

Well i was just wondering which do you think is better ask.com or google.com i know google is more popular but which one is overall better? ask.com:pros: Can see screen shot of website. shows pictures of the search item on the side. shows blogs on side. gives you suggestions. I thinks thats it now for google. google.com:pros: Most browsers have a little bar at the top for searching. Most popular searching site. Can't think of anymore.. ask.com:cons: Not very popular All i can think of. google.com:cons:doesn't have all that stuff that ask.com has. That seams to wrap it up. What do you think is better? Also if you have any thing to add on the pros and cons list post them here.

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Is there an alternative to epoxy resin for sealing a plywood boat? Answered

 I am planning on building a version of the CC14 or NC16 from bateau.com. I would like to keep my costs down on this project as I just bought a car, but would still like to build this boat so I can get out on the water along with my wife who has a kayak. I was wondering if I could just use epoxy/fibatape combo to seal the seams and add strength where the panels come together, and then just use something like rubberized roof sealant (like used on the CozyBoat by TimAnderson) to seal the rest of the plywood from rot. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks.

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Soda Bottle Fusing? Anyone ever successfully joined two soda bottles either by heating fusing or by adhesive glue?

I want to take standard 2-liter soda bottle and join a few of them together into a short column.  The seam or joint needs to be able to hold together and be air-tight and withstand some pressure. I want to submerge the bottles in the water, and so the joints must be able to withstand the forces against the outside of the bottles.  Anyone tried fusing the edges together again; like cutting the bottoms off of two bottles and joining the two cut edges together to form a double length bottle?  If so, how did you do it?  Any special equipment?  Thanks in advance!

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