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Search for search in Topics


Is there any way of "searching" for a specific topic?

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The search program isn't helpful, do you have an index. For example; searching for Peltier projects, the search just goes to the everything page as does other searches as well.

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I looked around but can seem to find a way to search within a category.  Is there any way to do so? Thanks.

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No Search..

Wow, instructables is great when I enter from a link but useless when I can't search.. Windows 8.1, Chrome.. Just nothing happens when I enter search criteria and hit go..!! Please!! I joined, donated etc. and need it.. Thanks, Alan

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This is a great sight BUT.....  Why can I not find a search tab... the google one please no.. A search content of this site to find forums and posts fast on subject of interest  would be a great help , if there is one please point it out ...... I have been looking through pages and pages to try and find forums on bio fuels and methane but am getting a bit  P#$# trying to find it and am about to go else where.

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No search

Following the re-design, I can't see the search box.  Clicks on the orange bar all go to 'Submit a new Instructable'.   This is using IE6 (my employer hasn't moved on).   I haven't yet tried any other browsers.  Is this a browser issue? John

Topic by Cusqueno    |  last reply

Search Broken

Search does not return any results for anything.

Topic by G_K    |  last reply

Search options

How can you exclude words from a search?  Example: meat less hotdogs.

Question by cdgood49    |  last reply

Search results

I miss the old Instructables Search results. I liked it better when each result had a thumbnail.

Topic by NunchakuMan    |  last reply

Search Engine

I don't know if anyone else has had this "problem," but the site search doesn't exactly provide the best of help.  When I search the site for something, It'll often return 'ibles, forum discussions and other things as unrelated to my search as possible.  After browsing or going down the search results a way, sometimes I'll find an 'ible with almost my exact search term in the title.  IMO, something that should be at the top of the search results.

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search function

I've logged in OK but the search function does NOT work...have tried for days. Very frustrating. (Let's Make________) Eish

Topic by peggy.flynn.14    |  last reply

No to the new Search

I pay good money to go Pro, and I don't expect to see ads in this new search, that is very basic in the first place.

Topic by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl    |  last reply

Instructables Search

I'm sure I used to be able to search Instructables with keywords.  Now I only see a "google" search input, which seems to do a Google search across the web, not specific to Instructables. Has something changed?  My browser (IE 8) also seems to cut off or overlap some of your web page objects, so I don't know if there is an Instructables-specific search input that has been covered up or something. How do we search for instructables these days? -SB

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Default Search

Feedback on Search with the new site design. I was puzzled when I could not use search to find my instructables.  I thought the site search was broken.  I saw another post in this forum that said you had to click on the little grid to get everything because the default is for featured instructables.  As an author of many instructables, I have to say I really don't like that being the default - it makes it hard for people (especially people new to the site) to find  instructables. I can no longer just tell friends and colleagues to search for the instructable by name or keywords - I either have to explain how to use search or send them a link (which isn't ideal since with search they may find related instructables interesting to them).  The new search filter is way too subtle.  Personally, I think the default should be "everything" or at a minimum you need something a more obvious on the home page search and the other search bars so folks know what they are searching. Thanks.

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Search problem.

I wrote an Instructable on how to use the Verowire technique to make circuit boards. Rather oddly a search for "Verowire" does not find it. It finds other things which do not have "Verowire" in the title, but not the article that does. So perhaps I didn't need to bother writing the article, perhaps my search to see if it had already been written wasn't as conclusive as I thought.

Topic by andypugh    |  last reply

search bar

Hello could you have a search bar for just your website so if i need a "walking stick make " i can search it out

Topic by melandpaul    |  last reply

Search parameters

Hi forum, could anyone point me in the right direction for searching under specific parameters - eg search the site but NOT show results for a particular contributor? I have tried the usual "Arduino" + "Analog" -"xxxx" without success. Many thanks D6

Topic by D6equj5    |  last reply

The search function

The search function is, IMO, too restrictive now. Limiting it to searching only instructables, forum topics and the answers section hides a large section of the site from folk who did not know it was there. I propose (re-)adding to the list: Groups People Whole site

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Search suggestions..

So I have been visiting the site for years and years now and havent had a chance to contribute at all. Seems my projects all seem to be done before I have a chance to take pics and write about them.. I have tried searching the website a couple different times for things and have gotten slightly frustrated.. Having been a website designer at one time I know what is possible.. Ok, done blabbing and on to the suggestions... I tried searching "dog gate" or "dog barrier" and it takes each word individually so I got lots of baby gates, and vapor barriors, etc... You could build code so that it would start searching both words in a search string and post those results first... Also an advanced search would be nice too, maybe keeping forums from the search or only searching forums.. searching by date or newest or oldest first.. etc.. I hope to REMEMBER to take pics on this build project and be able to post it as an instructable so that someone can SEARCH for it later ;)

Topic by just4u2c    |  last reply

Search Engine

The web guys should write a search feature that counts the number of times a word or phrase is searched and then displays that value whenever that same word or phrase is searched. A separate page containing the top searched words or phrases could be added. A feature such as this would allow members to create instructables about topics in demand.

Topic by HuggyBear    |  last reply

Bug in Search

1> Search for any keyword (should result in more than 3 page search result) 2> Click on page 3 3> Click on any of the search results on page 3. 4> click back on your browser, (expected : We should see the search results on page 3 ) but instead it goes to the 1st page .

Topic by Strydon    |  last reply

Advanced Search

If this already exists and I just can't find it, please inform.  Otherwise please, please provide an advanced search feature.  What apparently exists is far too primitive for a site as diverse and and at the same time special interest as Instructables. For starters I suggest the following simple and easily remembered scheme:  - single word search terms  - conjunction of terms using + to create multi-word atomic search terms  - logical connections of terms and groupings using &, | and ~  - grouping with ()  - arbitrary prefix, suffix and infix using * as the last, first or both  - escape of these search characters using \ For example (using " " for expository purposes only):   raspberry+pi -- matches the two consecutive terms "raspberry pi"   raspberry+(pi | pie) -- matches either "raspberry pi" or "raspberry pie"   (raspberry+pi) & nas -- matches if the terms "raspberry pi" and "nas" appear anywhere   (raspberry+pi) & (nas | server) -- you guess   *dog -- matches words with "dog" as the last three characters   dog* -- matches words with "dog" as the first three characters   *dog* -- matches words with the three characters "dog" anywhere in them A way, unspecified yet, to apply the query to title, summary or body of the project and some combination thereof. Further suggestions invited.  This would make the site so much more useful for finding solutions.  Implementation of the suggested scheme would occupy a good coder for about half a day.  Great project for an intern.  :-) As an advanced advanced search the use of full regular expressions would be incredible and there exist numerous public domain regex implementations (not sure about Javascript) that could be easily incorporated (wrote a complete one myself in C 30 years ago and it was surprisingly compact.)

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Graphical Search

Once again I am complaining because the graphical search is missing. Last time I just overlooked the button, but now I don't think it is there at all. If anyone can somehow find a way to get the old search back it would be much appreciated.

Topic by pgd5000    |  last reply

Searching on instructables

This is more of a sugestion to the people who run instructables. It would be really cool if you had a materials search as well. I know it would require some sort of entering process on behalf of the posters, but i think it would be neat.

Topic by g-tech    |  last reply

Searching on instructables

This is more of a sugestion to the people who run instructables. It would be really cool if you had a materials search as well. I know it would require some sort of entering process on behalf of the posters, but i think it would be neat.

Topic by g-tech    |  last reply

New search

Every time I do a search for phone, it logs me out and all I see is ads without search results. Annoying mosquito. 

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

search function

I don't know what's goin on here. I'm looking for a keyword (in this case: WS2811) - i get the results and when i scroll to the end, it switches to a white field and when i scroll down, i get some "common" unrelated results instead of the end of the results-list. That way i can't klick on/check entries at the end of the list. I'm really a lil fed up by now with "advanced" functions of this site, after it takes me several times of clicking on "comment" to comment an ible. I checked java installation on my comp and it's set to newest. I don't know what's wrong with the site vs. my comp or whatever, but i clearly don't like it.

Topic by Luziviech    |  last reply

Filter Searches

There needs to be filters after a search so that people can narrow what they're looking for to relevant threads.  i.e., if I'm looking for something that would most likely be in wood working, than I should be able to filter out anything that involves food.  Categories should be similar to those found in explore.  Allowing additional tags would further help this experience.

Topic by jtaft1    |  last reply

Search problems

Ever since the front page was redone with the current version I have a harder time searching for things, like if I search for "orrery" I get 4 results, none of which are  also for as long as I've tried to use it, the mobile site search results are horrendous. it finds tons of 'ibles that aren't even remotely related to what I've searched for, or match one word of my query at best. what gives?

Topic by thealeks    |  last reply

Search Bug.

Whenever I use the search tool in the search bar, my avatar in the corner changes to what I think is Logic Boy's avatar. Below is a screenshot. Anyone know what's happening?

Topic by The Jamalam    |  last reply

College Search

Hey guys!I'm a high school freshman (or a sophomore now, rather. score!) and Mom wants me to start taking a look at different colleges Now, I don't know too much about colleges, but I do know that I should probably go to one where I can get the kind of major that I want. Thing is, I really don't know what I want to major in, or what I want to do after I finish my schooling. So I figured I'd start with my interests. Here's my top 3:Computers- I've always liked computers, but I really became hooked when I learned about CharredPC's i'ble on how to make XP look like Vista, when tech_king walked me through the steps of how to open a PC, and when LinuxH4X0r and a few others taught me about Linux. And, I know quite a bit about computers and continue to learn more and more about them every time I use them.Engineering- I like building stuffs, but I'm not too great at it. I don't really have the time, money, resources, or transportation that I need to work with the things that interest me most. More specifically, I like automotives, but once again, I don't have the skills or experience, just the interest.Music- My passion. I play clarinet and tenor saxophone pretty well, and can also play the trumpet and harmonica. I'm hoping to get really good at the saxophone, and play that in marching, concert, and jazz bands at my high school, and hopefully play it in a college marching band. Eventually, I'd also like to learn to play piano/keyboard, violin, percussion/drums, and bass guitar.Oh! Location should be important, too. Any good colleges across the states are good; particularly I'm probably going to have to stick with the southeast; as far north as Virginia and as far west as Texas, but once again, feel free to tell me of any good schools you know.

Topic by Labot2001    |  last reply

Searching for groups

Is there a way of searching for groups? Also are all the groups listed under groups? (a stupid sounding question i know)

Topic by The Stans Mysterium    |  last reply

search input

Over a year ago I searched for "Swamp Cooler" in Instructables.  Ever since then, no matter what I search for, the search data is erased and "swamp cooler" is automatically entered.

Topic by wlgoode    |  last reply

Searching Sucks

What is up with the search? I used to search for stuff and a bunch of pictures and descriptions came up, I could quickly find what I was looking for by looking at the photos. Now it's a google style search with no images. This is completely awful and I will not use it nor waste a crapload of time searching for stuff that used to take 2 seconds. should be embarrassed because of how awful this search is.

Topic by captainserious    |  last reply

search coil ?

How can i make search coil for metal detector  with image if  u can please   and what the best  circuit  can i build please ? 

Question by sahel_ja    |  last reply

search bar

Seaarch bar appears to be missaligned and doenst work when i hit enter

Topic by Linkster999    |  last reply

Search Bug

Bug while searching: When searching for something with not many results (ex: bertwert) the page will after the results, on a new section, 50 random instructables. Then it will reproduce the page after and after infinite times. This does not happen when there are no results but other then that it always happens. See images for details. System details: Windows 8.1 Chrome 39 Reproduction: Search a term and scroll down to the end. (ex: Thanks :-)

Topic by DELETED_bertwert    |  last reply

search help?

I am looking for an instructable I saw a month or so back. It was about making luggage quick to ID using the end of a necktie as a tag. Can you help?

Question by lmcgough04    |  last reply

Ideas for searching

So, i have a big 'ol projection tv just waiting to be used for some sort of chaos, and of course turned to my online home of all things makeable. then it hit me.. woulde there be any way to create a search feature based on the requred materials, like turning a parts list into a set of searchable tags. ie: i have a big tv, so i type in projection tv, and all related instructables pop up that list a projection tv. or one step better, use all or some of the parts, like the fresnell lenses, capacitors, focusing lenses, big 'ol speaker magnets, etc. just an idea that hit me. i don't know how this could e done on already created posts, but you could edit the how they are created by allowing parts lists to be actively searched.. well.. gotta go, enjoy?

Topic by pyroswmr    |  last reply

Searching for Hardware

I'm desperately seeking hardware for a set of stilts I'm making.  I *need* certain weight grades, etc and am having trouble finding anywhere (online or in the real world) that gives me sufficient information on their products to be sure that what I'm purchasing won't let me down at a crucial moment, like when I'm surrounded by kids and might injure myself or them if I fall. I have looked on several websites (like McMaster-carr) and just can't find the info I need.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Topic by dirtfaery    |  last reply

Internship Search

Hello, I am in search of companies that offer internships to high school graduates going into college as a way to gain experience. The problem is that companies I want to intern for all want (Idaho Power, Union Pacific Railroad) college experience and previous college education in that field. I am primarily interested in the industry side of things, because I want to see how things work and experience them myself. The industry is considered “dangerous” so therefore I have not been able to find any companies willing to offer internships to high school graduates. I really don’t care about pay, because I am only interested in education as of right now and this would be very valuable. I would prefer local companies, but I would be willing to go out of state. What I really want to know is: How can I convince companies to let me shadow an employee or be an unofficial intern? Do you need documentation from companies that you interned with them when writing college resumes? What sort of companies would be interesting (Idaho Power, Union Pacific, Norco, etc.)? Anything else you may be able to suggest. Thanks!

Topic by tinstructable    |  last reply

Update for the search bar? search for ingredients

Ive got an idea for the search bar. im 13 years old and im new to the site, ive made a few things out of it so far, but im still a beginner. i usually come across old stuff like beat boxes, ps2s, and a bunch of other stuff that id like to make into something, but i can never think of all the possibilities of things to do with it. so i though what if we added an option to search for a key ingredient in an instructable? thoughts? comments?

Topic by dczupik    |  last reply

Search for "guitar" gets an empty search page.

If I and some others search for "guitar" we get and empty result even though I know there are guitar items that should come up.

Topic by Re-design    |  last reply

i cant search using the search box

I searched skateboard this morning then when it searched a load of script look a likes came up then it said link broken i cant search anything at all anyone with the same problem?

Topic by sharlston    |  last reply

New Search Features

Way to go on the new search features! So far, I'm excited to be able to search for a member's name and to have my spelling corrected when I mistype. 

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

No Search on Initial Log in

When I first log in to Instructables, there is no search box in the header. System: Windows 7 Pro, SP1 Firefox 30.0 Internet Explorer 9.0.28

Topic by CajunBorn    |  last reply

Google search not working

Google Search is not working today ???

Topic by michaelfking    |  last reply

Instructables Search for Firefox

How do we do this? I would like an Instructables search in the upper right search menu in the Firefox browser.

Topic by robbtoberfest    |  last reply