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Firework Season...

Well since its firework season, I figure i should ask if anyone has any cool firework things that are cool that i should go buy more fireworks for (if there are any fireworks left after i went through the first time ;) )

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Seasoning cast iron..... Answered

I do not like the factory seasoning on a cast iron skillet I have. Should I season over it or remove the factory black, nasty crap and season on my own from scratch? It's a shame how poorly companies, even good ones like Lodge have such poor quality seasoning on their products.

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First Snow Of The Season!

Yaay! Snowww!! What does your snowy area look like?

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'Tis the Season to be Missing...

.. fa lalalala la la la la! OK folks, I'm off to the wilds of Northern England in about 18 hours from the time of typing, spending Christmas with relatives who don't really grok modern technology, so my access to the inter tubes will be sporadic. Just in case I don't get online before then, I'd just like to wish you all the best for whichever version of the season you choose to celebrate.  Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, I wish you a relaxing time with your loved ones. If you are celebrating alone, I wish you a hug from a stranger and a phone call from a distant friend.  If they don't phone you, you should phone them, just to wish them a happy holiday, and to remind them that they are in your thoughts. The tree was posted on Laughing Squid. EDIT OK, so I didn't end up missing so much, but I will definitely be offline for the next 24+ hours. Happy Holliers, one and all!

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All Season greenhouse?

I live in Northern, Ontario, Canada. We get only a few warm months through the summer and its fairly cold for the rest of the year, dropping down to about 40 below, Celsius!!  I have a vegetable garden in my backyard that does fairly well during the summer but I would like to be able to have fresh vegetables for my family year round. Is there any way I could build an outdoor greenhouse that I can use year round, without costing a fortune?  I also have a spare room on the upper level of my house that I could use but I don't want it to become too humid and rot my walls. Any ideas would help! Thanks!

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adding seasoning & dry rub/sauce & Marinade sections to food page

I like the food page layout, but I would like to see extra sections for seasonings & dry rubs, as well one for sauces, marinades, & dips.    If you like this idea, add a comment, maybe we can get our awesome instructables crew to make this sight even cooler than it already is. Thanks for your time!

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Season branches for walking sticks

Does anybody have an idea for building a small seasoning 'shed' or box for 5 to 7 foot long walking sticks that speeds up the process? We're in Florida and the air remains moist year round. I build a kiln controller for my wife and was figuring on building a small room on our back porch and making thermostat for a space heater and putting it in there, but if anyone has any ready made plans that's relatively inexpensive, I'm all ears. :)

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Track Season (Spring sports)

Spring sports are starting, I'm doing track, anyone else doing any spring sports?

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Tis the season (for cheap LEDs)

It's a good time (in the USA) to buy holiday lights with LEDs. To disassemble, and retarget, of course. Discount stores are a great place to start.Here's a string of 70 brand-new white LEDs I bought last week. Cost: $4 USD.

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Is there a particular season for ginger root?

I was grocery shopping... one place (a Walmart Neighborhood Market) did not have any ginger (they did about two months ago). The next place (Publix -- a large supermarket chain in the south east) had some, but most of it was moldy and disgusting (surprising because Publix tends to keep very high standards). Just curious if there's a reason why I can't find any. I'm looking to experiment with homemade ginger ale - I had some in a restaurant, so I want to do some testing to come up with a similar recipe :D

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Will a two season sleeping bag inside another two season sleeping bag be equivalent to a four season sleeping bag? Answered

 ....Um.... ....I plan to be camping rough in Inverness in two weeks.

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How to watch the second season of Survive This?

I love all things survival, and I used to love Survivorman with Les Stroud. After he stopped his Survivorman series, he made a new show called Survive This. It's about survival among kids. I love this show, and have watched the entire first season. The second season is out now, but it being a Canadian TV show, I can't seem to watch it on my TV, or even find a place to watch it online. Season One was on Cartoon Network, so I could watch that. Cartoon Network dropped the show, though, so now I can't find a place to watch Season Two. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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Whale hunting season, begins again...

Just interested in how "ible" members felt, about Japanese whaler's entering protected zones for the purpose of research.. This is also the first year they will be escorted by an Australia research vessel to gather documentation to use against this process. The fleet has recently set sail for our southern water's with the intention of harvesting humbacks for the first time in decade's. The Australia Anti whaling vessel's, as usual should provide for an interesting event... So what I'd like to know is, since the rest of the world say's NO to whaling why do we not as global power's tell the Japanese to cease... I'm not talking everthing, but atleast during migratory season when they are in sanctuary's and sitting duck's... STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND STOP WHALING NOW!! Whale can't taste that good, make a synthetic version like fake crab.... fake whale... they need to wake up and deal with it... they are not theirs to take. They are our's, so leave them alone...!!

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cheap mythbusters

Does anyone know where to get all of the mythbusters episodes at a resonable price like: Season 1 part 1 Season 1 part 2 (is there a second season!?!) season 3 season 4 to buy all of them off of discovery it's 200 bucks!

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are all types of lavender edible?

I have some growing and wanted to use it in cooking and wasn't sure if all type or only a few types were edible

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Watching Everything 1 1/2 seasons behind the brits

Does anyone have any of the new season.  All of my resorces are at least a season behind and the few dvds our libary has are of the Christopher E seasons if any one can help please im getting some what buggy here!!

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How Much Do T.V Seasons cost on the Playstation Network?

I want to get some t.v seasons for my psp go!

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@ 'Homeland,' Season 3, Episode 6,WATCH/DOWNLOAD ONLINE 'Still Positive':?

'Homeland,' Season 3, Episode 6, 'Still Positive' homeland season 3 episode 6  'Homeland' Season 3 episode 6 spoilers: Lady Edith's choice Homeland” is almost through its fourth season run, save for the annual Christmas episode in two months' time. Find out where the season . Homeland series 3 episode 6 review Homeland Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Choices ... - With only two episodes left of Season 3 before the Christmas special, drama has reached a new level at Homeland. Story lines developed ... WATCH FREE HOMELAND SEASON 3 EPISODE 6> HOMELAND SEASON 3 EPISODES 6> WATCH FULL SERIES EPISODE FREE HERE >> Homeland verdict: Season 3 episode 6 review - Mirror Online- No! NOOO! The Dowager is ill. Is Dame Maggie Smith's life the sacrifice demanded by the demons of Downton? Homeland Series 3 (Season 3), Episode 6 Recap: Like Pigs in .- Jack Ross and Rose in Homeland Season 3 episode 6. The Crawley family and their devoted staff are back in Homeland Series 3, ...Homeland series 3 episode 6 review | Den of Geek - It was all pigs, pregnancy and international passage on this week's episode of Homeland…Watch Online Homeland Season 3 - Watch Series .Homeland, Homeland tv show, watch Homeland season 3, ... free, watch Homeland season 3 free online,Homelandfull episodes, ... 6 Series 3, Episode 626/10/2013 • Episode 6 Series 3, Episode 603/11/2013 ...Homeland, series 3, episode 6 – Lord Grantham leaves for the ...1 day ago - The penultimate episode of the latest season began with the delivery of a telegram, which can only mean bad news. And it was...(PUTLOCKER) HOMELAND SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 ONLINE ..- Unknown macro: {WATCH}. Homeland Season 3 Episode 6 WATCH ONLINE FRE … taken, it turned out, by a bunch of greasy meanies ...Watch Homeland – Season 3, Episode 6 Online | Tv Show ...- Cora's playboy brother Harold is in a fix and Robert must travel to America to help bail him out, whilst a new farming venture at Downton sees ...s06xe03 : HOMELAND SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 WATCH

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How do you season a cast-iron pan?

I'd really like to start cooking in cast iron pans, because i know if you get even a decent pan, you'll have it for the rest of your life, which is pretty darn appealing. i have a pretty darn big frying pan already, but it hasn't been seasoned for years, and i have no idea how to go about it, can anyone tell me?

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What I truly hate about the holiday season.

It's when the new shows start telling me how much to tip everyone. The serious "advice" from these people ranges anywhere for a day's pay to a month's salary for everyone from the garbage man (there are four on the trucks in my neighborhood, does each receive $100?) to each person where I get my haircut, not just the barber, EVERYONE. The suggested tips run up into the thousands of dollars. Hey Christmas, go to hell! And let's not forget the office gift exchange, we are strongly encouraged to participate, since they can't make it mandatory, to bring a new $10 gift. Last year I hand made something and caught a firestorm of crap for it. This year, being my last, I bought a $10 gift and gave it to Toys for Tots. Materialistic, self centered BS that's the holiday spirit.

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Hunt/Gather contest ends before deer season begins!

I am so excited to see the Hunter Gatherer contest here on Instructables. I am out of the country and cannot participate, but I did notice a major flaw in this contest. They say they want instructibles featuring dressed deaer, but they neglected to look up when deer season begins. The contest closes over a month before deer season even starts in most parts of the United States. Unless people happen to have documented their methods from last year, or deer season in the rest of the country starts well before North Carolina's, that contest will be sorely lacking in all things deer related. 

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What should I do with the last batch of cherries of the season?

I have two pounds of cherries that are about to go off.  What should I do with them?

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Hunter Gatherer Contest Badly Timed- Ends before deer season begins

I am so excited to see the Hunter Gatherer contest here on Instructables. I am out of the country and cannot participate, but I did notice a major flaw in this contest. They say they want instructibles featuring dressed deer and other deer hunting related ibles, but they neglected to look up when deer season begins. The contest closes over a month before deer season even starts in most parts of the United States. Unless people happen to have documented their methods from last year, or deer season in the rest of the country starts well before North Carolina's, that contest will be sorely lacking in all things deer related.

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MythBusters - Accident at M5!

I hope he's ok for next season..

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do you like kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food, one of the types of pickled vegetables that are fermented spicy seasonings. Once salted and washed, mixed vegetables with shrimp seasoning made from krill, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and chili powder merah.Di Korea, kimchi is always served at meals as one of the most common type of Banchan. Kimchi is also used as seasoning during cooking kimchi soup (kimchi jjigae), kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap), and various other dishes.

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Finding moss

Hello, I am wondering where I can find moss outside. I am not sure if it is the season, or if there is a moss season. I live in San Jose, CA and would love to find some outside for free so I can start a cute jug terrarium. Any ideas or advice? 

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excel problem. averaging results of index match?

Hi all (again) new problem semi related to previous. (check my profile for the ones with NFL in the title) now the problem is i want to get the average score for each team in each season. my current formula only gets the first result of the index/match even if i use some of the tricks i've googled. the data is in the format of YearVisitingTeam(W/L/D)Score@HomeTeam(W/L/D)Score          ie   201249ersW41@2012PatriotsL34 i use a formula to strip "Year(Visiting/Home)Team(W/L/D)" so i' left with Score on either side of the "@" (that was a [redacted] pain) using any and all of the tricks i know i get either 0, 27 or an error of some sort. the only way i've been sorta able to do this is by getting the first home win, first home loss, first away win, first away loss BUT that's only 4 of 16 games each season and not a good representation of the average points for the team in a season. the sheet in question is AVG point - Reg Season the source data is 78 - current regular season (2012 season starts @ row 3152)

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How to dry wood?

I've picked up a horse-chestnut branch, 2-3 inches thick. It's fairly fresh (I think kids climbed the tree & snapped it off). Without specialist equipment, what's the best way to dry it out (season it?) without it splitting and cracking? It's currently standing in the corner of my shed.

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Does anyone know when season four of the series 'Murdoch Mysteries' comes out on DVD for region one ? Answered

I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere.  I'm not sure where this fits in here, but I'm hoping someone might have something to pass along.  Thanks so much!  =^..^=  

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Is "Prototype This" coming back? Answered

I love the show and i want to know if they're is going to be a second season.

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is it worth it to put solar panels on a seasonal residence (used 3 months of the year)?

I work at a summer camp and i am currently working on a project to green the grounds. we want to do solar panels but there is some concern about the camp only being occupied for june, july and august. can they be snowed on in the winter if there is no one there to sweep them off? can we sell the energy back to the grid that is produced in the off months?

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Is heat pipe is effective to evacuate the heat out of the system during heat season ?

I want to maintain a temperature of water feed into an equipment to be  no less than 0 C in winter and no more than 20 C in summer case using a heat pipe technology. The surrounding temp is about -15 C in Winter and 40 C in summer. How is it possible? Please advice !

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Retractable white roof for passive heating /cooling ?? Dual season roofing idea? Answered

Last summer my top floor apartment was over 115 degrees indoors with blinds closed !  In a recent email to my landlord to report a broken mailbox I suggested the possibility of painting the apartment buildings roof white .  In reward for reporting the mailbox he says I could paint the roof but only above my apartment  . Cool . He says that the insulation was not adequate when built . The apartment has also gotten down to 30' in winter so I can only guess how cold it would get in here without the current black roof.               QUESTION ;  Are there any ideas to help solve both seasonal issues ?   I can't re-insulate because I rent .  I was thinking of a retractable white cover for hot summer days that can be removed in autumn . Or maybe even a white paint that would insulate against cold ??   An original idea was something like Bubble foil but I doubt that would stand up to weather.  Any suggestion would be great .    

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'Most X on record' climate list?

Does anyone know if there's a list/graph of the 'Most -whatever- on record' for the world, season by season? What I mean is, countries recording their hottest summer, wettest winter, worst drought, etc. I ask because it would give a pretty striking visual for climate change. It seems everywhere I spend any time it's the most something season on record, or at least for 40-50 years. Here's a little list I compiled a couple years ago, from where I'd been: 2002 - summer - New Zealand - worst drought on record          - summer - Western Australia - worst drought on record          - spring - Malaysia - hottest on record          - winter - Ireland - wettest on record          - autumn - Ireland - mildest 2003 - summer - Australia - worst drought          - summer - United Kingdom - hottest summer, hottest day          - summer - New Zealand - highest UV index 2004 - summer - British Columbia - longest          - summer and autumn - British Columbia - worst fire season 2005 - winter and spring - Victoria, Australia- wettest          - summer - Australian east coast - hottest          - summer - Western Australia - coolest Since then it's been worst droughts, floods, cyclones, wettest summers, and now snow. If it hasn't been graphed, it should be.

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6Seasons? no way!

They are only making 6 seasons of corner gas! Lets make a petition! We need that show! Sign up now!

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Where to get a cheap compound bow?

I'd like to get one for deer season in NC for under $200

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In what "season" do water snails lay their eggs? In the summer? Spring? Every 100 days?

Also, is their a way to encourage them to lay eggs? I have two glass vases with bamboo in them, each contains one snail. They don't need to have a partner to mate, so I am hoping each snail will populate each vase. Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

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hodo you get rid of shave bumps?

With swimsute season upon us..please help me get rid of the shave bumps.

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To desertdog and others-solar dish power generation/cooking/heating/cooling?

How -much power can you generate with one dish daily/weekly/seasonally?          - many people can one recycled dish feed twice or three times a day on a seasonal basis? Is portable or fixed the safest way to operate? How do you store the power? How do you keep it safe and not self destructing in itself/at the focus points? Thankyou.isobar1

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With what can I paint/decorate PVC rain boots?

It's rainy season in Mexico and I just bought a pair of black PVC boots that I would like to decorate myself, but I don't know what kind of water-proof paint I can use on this material or if maybe vinyl transfer/stickers are a good idea. Any suggestions?

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Another slideshow not working

 I posted a slideshow but I can not see the slideshow. The browser tells me that it can not find the swf file.

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can crock pot

I have this idea its a can crock pot you put water and other ingredients or seasoning in it then you it the meat in and boil it over a fire

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Holiday Greetings

Season's greetings to all.  I'm sure everyone is busy making something for this holiday season, whatever you celebrate or not, there are some good contests to enter... And would you believe I've been hanging around this place for 7 years already? Well, during years past there once was a greeting card exchange but with today's advancements in technology, here is my video e-card. Please feel free to comment and add your own shout out to ibles staff or other members.

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how to maintain humidity in a room with naturally in winter?

HI, Please let me know how to maintain humidity in a room either in any season. I need it for Mushroom cultivation. Thanks

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How much easier is it for a fire to start with pollen in the air? Answered

In a town near where I live, three houses burned down. With pollen season around, it made me wonder.

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