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Seaweed/Nori Replacement for Sushi? Answered

Hello all! I just wanted to see what sort of foods i could replace the nori or seaweed sheets in sushi. Nori never sits well with me and give me terrible headaches as well as stomachaches, probably to do with the high salt content but that is just speculation. I love sushi, but it would be soooo much better if I could replace the nori with something that wont wreck my evening. Any thoughts?

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Any good bands?

 I really like bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, The Jesus Lizard, Seaweed, Black Flag, Sonic youth, etc. I am tired of living in the 90s, and was wondering if anyone knew any newer bands that I might like.  Thanks! 

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How to identify mushroom / fungus growing in watermelon pot.?

  The medium used is coco peat from south India. The fertilizer used is organic seaweed imported from South Africa. I want to know whether its an infestation or beneficial for my plant growth? THE PIC:

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What is this green globby goo in my driveway? Answered

What is this stuff?? I noticed this green slime in my driveway one day. It's sorta gel-like, has some air bubbles, and is centered around greenery. I can sorta pick it up with a stick and it jiggles and doesn't really come apart. It reminds me of seaweed kinda. It was mainly located in the center of my driveway where we have weed growth. The appearance happened to coincide with a long bought of rain (nearly several weeks). I also noticed some in areas of our lawn and near the edges of our gardens. This is in Northeastern Vermont, photo taken this summer, '09. PS--I apologize if this is too picture heavy. Please let me know if it is. I just like sharing all the neat photos of this strange substance that looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters!

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Any Idea Why People Use Corn Syrup in Candy?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question: Why do all candy recipes have corn syrup? I have tried making hard candies from just sugar and water, and the candies are good and hard the day I make them, but then the second day, they end up all crumbly when you bite in to them. Does that have to do with not adding corn syrup? Thanks for reading this question! ~Seawee

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what do i use to make a mold of my face?

Instead of using plaster, I saw on a show someone mix up a powder that he said was made with some kind of seaweed. It was the show "Unwrapped "on the Food Channel. He was making a jello mold of his face, I'm trying to get the name of this powder He uses it because it sets fast and does not stick to skin. also he got the idea while at the dentist getting a cast of his teeth Thank you. Tony Romano

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why are my jalapeno chillis turning purple?

Hi, I am growing jalapeno's for the first time and something strange is happening, some of the jalapenos are turning deep purple. I was wondering, could this be due to sunburn? or mineral defficiency? they live in pots but the pot is way big enough, generally when the roots appear at the pot base i repot. Also ive added fertilizer a few times and added some seasol (seaweed extract) recently as well, so there ought to be enough nutrients in the soil. Could the purpling be from sunburn? some jalapenos are only purple on one side, and green on the other, or could it be sun exposure is causing some sides to rapidly ripen, such as what occures to some apple varieties . Does anyone know exactly what causes the purpling to occure, and will it at all have an effect on the outcome of the fruit?

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