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Subscribe to Self!?

Why can you subscribe to yourself?

Topic by NatNoBrains    |  last reply

self excited self powered generator?

I have a portable generator (tiger diesel generator's alternator of 220v 750 watt rated power output) connected to a 1 hp ac induction motor using a pulley-belt system. The rpm of both the alternator of the portable generator and the ac induction motor is 2800 rpm so the size of the pulleys that i used are almost the same. Initially when i bought the generator i tested the output with a digital multi-meter and it checked right.(working powered by the diesel combustion engine). But i have coupled it with the ac induction motor i can only draw out 12 v ac at around 1 amp. I tested this from the same out put plug of the original generator. so I'm wandering what went wrong. Any one have an insight to this I would be grateful for your comments!

Question by nahom.ghawariat    |  last reply


Hey everyone, I need some help for my project paper. I want to build a self-balancing "one wheel". But I dont know where I can buy a wheel hub motor. I searched on Alibaba and found some fitting ones. A 800W 48V DC Brushless (Wheel Hub-) Motor. But i don´t know which speed motor control is the best for this type of motor. I want to use an arduino uno ! Can someone please Help me finding a motor control ? Thanks a lot :) PS: Sorry for my bad english :) I am german

Topic by Lucafaeth  

Self-closing box

I saw an instructable where a box has a toggle switch, and when hit, the box turns the switch off. I can't for the life of me find the instructable now. What is it?

Question by stryker14    |  last reply

Papercraft Self Portrait

Hi to all, Its my first topic!!! I found this amazing costume and I'm thinking if someone can find the way to do it and make an instructable. Best Regards!!!

Topic by JosePablo    |  last reply

A self switching switch? Answered

Does any one know a switch that switches or toggles to another output after each one has had 1 turn  

Question by techxpert    |  last reply

Self Sustaining Robot? Answered

I Would like to build a solar powered robot that could basically move around by itself indefinitely. I'm not very experienced in robotics and would just like to know if this is possible. thanks!?

Question by The_Gnome    |  last reply

self tying shoelace

Ok i know im gonna get alot of crap cause people hate it when i ask them this but the self tying shoelace i dont really feel like spending 20 bucks 4 that and ive been doin magic 4 awhile like 3 years and i just wanna know how to do it if you dont feel like syin it you can emial me at thanks

Topic by pyrokid648    |  last reply

The Self-Righting Object

The Gomboc is a "mono-monostatic" object -- a three-dimensional object that purely by dint of its geometry has only one possible way to balance upright.The challenge intrigued two scientists, Gabor Domokos and Peter Varkonyi, both of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. They spent a few years doing the math, and it seemed as if a mono-monostatic object could, in fact, exist. They began looking to see if they could find a naturally occurring example; at one point, Domokos was so obsessed that he spent hours testing 2,000 pebbles on a beach to see if they could right themselves. (None could.)After several more years of scratching their heads, they finally hit upon a shape that looked promising. They designed it on a computer, and when it came back from the manufacturer, they nervously tipped it over, wondering if all their work would be for naught. Nope: the Gomboc performed perfectly. "It's a very nice mathematical problem because you can hold the proof in your hands, and it's quite beautiful," Varkonyi says.It's apparently similar to the shape of tortoise and beetle shells, explaining why these creatures can actually flip themselves back over.

Topic by canida    |  last reply

Shameless self promotion

I'm not sure why I waited so long to post about this but something pretty cool happened to me because of my last contest entry. I entered mySolar Thermally Pumped Hydroponic System in the "keep the bottle" contest. For some reason I didn't win ;-), however, shortly after the contest I received a PM. The PM was from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, they were putting on a conference on Ecological Urbanism and they wanted my project to go on display for six weeks. I, of course, was honored and after negotiating an enormous fee (j/k) I shipped the project up to them.Recently while looking for some more info on the subject I stumbled across their Flickr Pool and two photos of my project. I have to say, it's almost fantastic that a project, composed primarily of empty soda bottles could go from my backyard to the halls of Harvard.And, obviously, this would never have happened if Instructables didn't exist, so my heartfelt appreciation to Eric and the fine people behind the scenes of the website. So without further ado, the pictures.

Topic by Tool Using Animal    |  last reply

Self-Flying Balloon

I have an idea to make a bunch of smallish balloons that have a LED sinside and small circuits that would control small heating elements to randomly change the density of the air inside the balloons, making them rise or fall. Just as a fun art project, making a bunch of them and letting them into a room for a party or something. A couple of issues I have: I'm having a hard time figuring out how to calculate the buoyancy, though that may have to come later once I decide on all the components. I don't want to use any lighter-than-air materials like Helium, just regular air heated up. I've been trying to find some small ceramic heaters, but I haven't had much luck. Ideally, something like this seems like it would work perfectly, but I need to find some that I can buy in quantities less than 20,000: Whatever I choose would also need to heat up and cool down pretty quickly so the rising/falling would have a stronger effect. I might be asking too much here. I'd need the whole circuit to be pretty small and lightweight. If I use an Arduino Uno, could I just transplant the ATmega328 into the balloon? If I used a small watch battery, would that even provide enough juice to operate an LED and a heating element? Anything bigger seems like it would be too heavy. As for the casing, I plan on whipping something up in Blender and printing it out in lightweight plastic. It would have to hold the circuitry and be airtight to keep the balloon sealed. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Topic by jemtan990    |  last reply

Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

I hope you enjoy the job, Greetings

Topic by Andromeda30    |  last reply

Instructables Self-Esteem Help

Has anyone besides me noticed that when you publish an instructable, it says "You're Awesome!". This is so cool, go self esteem!!!

Topic by Wasagi    |  last reply

Self-Stirring Cup Concept

The cup doesn't really stir itself on its own, but it has a ball that fits into a groove that can be swirled around to mix up your tea and sugar. It's a funny concept that's looking for a manufacturer, but is there a problem with stirring out there that I'm not aware of? Also, do you want to be swishing HOT tea in your hand in the morning before you've really woken up? Sounds like a noisy recipe for disaster to me and that's assuming you can keep the ball and cup together after a couple of washings. Linkvia Neatorama

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Self Assembeling Chair Robot

I found this on Youtube and thought it was kind of silly but at the same time pretty cool.The robot chair breaks and then reassembles itself. What do you think about it?

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays    |  last reply

any self defense projects?

Question by ke5ldo    |  last reply

use's for self repairing armor

Lets say someone created self repairing amor (like in CRYSIS) what would it be uesd for? (besides for military use)

Question by RSV26    |  last reply

intraduce your pastafarian self

Just get to meet other pastafarians

Topic by wonton    |  last reply

Self home energy aduit? ?

Does anyone have a printable checklist, maybe even a speradsheet that is/can be use to calculate and track home energy use?  I want to do a self energy audit and be able to track energy use over time.  I've looked on google and can't find anything like that, most are just guides for what to look for, nothing to actually use to document info with. 

Question by RedneckEngineer    |  last reply

VLSI self test circuitry ?

VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty VLSI chip is tested by test equipment and some self test circuit just for example we made microcontroller then we can test by automatic test equipment , we use test vector to determine fault 1.test vector < microcontroller chip > output response 2.test vector output response 3.test vector output response Q I did not understand that self  test circuit and fault model  built within vlsi  chip or we connect   external fault model circuit to test VLSI chip ?

Question by vead    |  last reply

Self loading confetti cannon Answered

I'm dressing up a golf cart for parade duty. I thought the "exhuast stacks" should be used for confetti cannons. However I don't want to stop jump out and dump more confetti down the pipe in the middle of the show. Any Ideas?

Question by heathbar64    |  last reply

Self springing wheeled legs

I am trying to build myself a sliding truck bed drawer. There are lots of video or instruction on how to do it..However I am thinking to build it with the intent to use it as a slideout deck, so it easily could be loaded with a good amount of weight... Therefore I am thinking if anyone knows how to add a self-spring leg in the front /middle of the bed? I am talking about something like folding table legs / Gurney's legs (but with wheels.. likely wheels (ex. gate wheel) with self-adjusting spring wheel for height differences). It should spring open and lock in place as bed is extended out of the truck bed. And as the bed goes back in, it should able to hit the legs and allow it to fold back up.What you guys think?

Question by dgupta3    |  last reply

Making a Self Roaming Robot

Hey guys, I am doing GCSE Electronics and I've decided that I would like to create a fully automated robot which will roam around on a patch of grass while avoiding any objects in its path (I would assume by using infra-red). I have searched the internet briefly but have not found anything useful. I would very much appreciate it if anyone could point me in the correct direction. Thank you very much, Lawrence

Topic by Fysh  

Self opening-closing drawer

I'm hoping someone can help. I have a handicap that makes opening drawers and cupboards impossible via touch. Aside from foot. I've been trying to come up with a solution for this for a while now.  I need something that takes up little, if any drawer space. Is relatively cheap (since it needs to be replicated across multiple locations). Can be opened/stopped/closed via a single foot pedal. And that will stop if it encounters some sort of obstruction. Actuators that are able to open drawers to the size needed are very expensive, and I'm unsure if they have the stop function in case of blockage. Anyone have any suggestions/

Topic by sanguish    |  last reply

Self charging an electric bike?

Hi all, I am always amazed at the ingenuity here and after many years of being fascinated I would like to ask my first question.  I'm thinking of getting or converting/building an electric cycle.  I've been told by local dealers that none except the very expensive have a recharge facility for sat when you go downhill or are freewheeling,  That seems a waste to me so I am thinking ... why not buy a used wheel with a hub motor and fit it at the front wheel and that raises the following questions in my mind ... Can hub motors be used in reverse as generators?   Would the output be speed (rpm) dependent and if so then if said cycle has say a 36 volt system would it only charge the battery if the 'generator' is producing 36v or close to? If so would it be better to find perhaps a 24v hub motor to use as a generator and charge the battery via a variable input, 36v output step-up? I appreciate it will be less than 100% efficient when both using electric at the motor and charging at the 'generator' but would anyone have any idea how inefficient?  I'm fit enough to cycle on the flat but would appreciate help on the hills!! I assume I will need a diode or similar ... does anyone know where I can find a suitable circuit diagram Lots of questions I know ... sorry. David

Question by HRobinson    |  last reply

How can I improve my self-esteem/self-confidence?

I have tried the books, the mental excercises, but either I am too stubborn or just lack the ability to have confidence, mostly when talking to women. What can I do?

Question by Focker    |  last reply

Ideas for a DIY self defense item please?

I dont live in the nicest town and i thought about getting a self defense weapon but tasers are illegal where i live, I have a kuboton but it does not make me feel safe so i was wondering if anyone knew how to make a proficient self defense weapon on the cheap.

Question by CR15P33    |  last reply

anyone know how to make a self propelled &quot;toy car&quot; with out batteries or motors because i need it for tech class? Answered

I need this info for a tech class one day project we're build and raceing cars out of a set amount of materials and it needs to be self proppelling also anything on making it aerodynamic would be appreciated.

Question by cryptex    |  last reply

Built self-watering plant project (by randofo). Can I get help troubleshooting? Answered

Arduino fires up okay, but I can't get the relay to energize, so the pump does nothing, of course. Great project, but some of the steps aren't clear enough for this retiree. For instance, in Step 23, "Plug the black wire from the circuit board to the ground socket on the Arduino." Which "black wire?"  There is no complete schematic, so I'm guessing at what I'm trying to find. Also, the Arduino sketch in Step 19 (Randy Sarafan) didn't compile or load into the Arduino until I inserted the missing semicolon after the line "int dryValue = 700"  Could sure use some help, as Mama is looking forward to having her vegetable plants watered when we're not home! Thanks in advance! --Fred Lochner, Boulder, CO

Question by fredlochner    |  last reply

How to make a self dumping bucket? Answered

Looking to make a self dumping water bucket toy in the back yard. Any idea's on how to do this?

Question by nfarrow    |  last reply

How can i build a taser?

I want to make a taser .Can u help me

Question by Doc Penguin    |  last reply

Self Winding Watch Winder challenge

I'm looking for a cheap version of the self winding watch winders like they have at I haven't found anything under $70! I searched this site and couldn't find anything either.So here's a challenge for you gadget gurus out there that think this might be something fun to make!I look forward to seeing what will pop up here!JM

Topic by JibsMan    |  last reply

How do I make myself less insecure?

I'm kind of a mess and I'd like to feel a little bit better about myself. How do I do it?

Question by Fruppi    |  last reply

i like to get a steady drip from a bottle to cool clay 'fridge' for andalucian summers. anyone has a tip? Tekaka?

Permanent drip living without suckers (electricity)

Question by tekaka    |  last reply

5 KW Permanent magnetic generator

What horse power 24v DC motor do i need to run 5 kw permanent magnetic generator at 400 RPM? if I dont want to use wind turbine to run it.

Topic by azizmak    |  last reply

Do it yourself medicine -- not necessarily what the doctor ordered?

A news report on CNN describes a teen-ager who, in her high-school science class, diagnosed her own Crohn's disease by catching a granuloma on a microscope slide she was studying.As a "teachable moment" for good science education, it's great, but I'm not sure having to diagnose one's own disease is really what "do it yourself medicine" is meant to be about!

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Self-balancing motor sizing and drivers?

I'm starting to plan a self-balancing unicycle and I notice several people that have built them are using 450-500W motors. I'd like to use something a bit more robust, like 750W @ 24v, due to terrain. I'm wondering if that's too much and if the guys that are using 500W are happy with the results? Has anybody tracked their current (amps) usage? My guess is that unless you're going full speed and uphill you'll rarely hit full wattage on your motor except for temporary instances. One of the challenges I'm finding is that there are motor drivers up to 25A at 24v or 36v that can handle a bit of surge, but then it takes a huge leap to 160A and 400A surge. I don't think I need something that large and expensive, but my electric motor experience is limited. Could some of you more experienced guys chime in with a bit of advice? Thanks, Gyv

Topic by Gyvven  

Building integrated led rear mountain bike lights?

Hi folks ,as said above , would like to install a row of red high-power leds into the rear of my bike seat  post to give a hidden , high-tech look  :-). Elements of design to be considered ;  to run off  2-4 AA batteries , to use 5-7  5mm leds , to use        " off the shelf parts " , no hand built electronics , to have constant and flash modes , would consider adapting an existing product ( e.g. cateye light unit ) For the installation i intend to drill a row of 5.5mm holes , 25mm apart , with the led heads sealed in place just protruding the surface of the metal post. The led leads would be drawn up and out of the top of the seat post into the saddle area and is where the battery pack would be strapped in. Any electronics could be housed inside seat post or under saddle. A handle bar switch would be nice but not essential. I feel confident about the wiring and fitting of the components ( electrician by trade ) just need a pointer with the electronics. Cheers Pete.

Question by biff55    |  last reply

Self-Solar Powered LED Flashlight? Answered

I know it would not be 100% efficient, or even close for that matter. But I was wondering how much battery life could be "recycled" by directly projecting the light from the flashlight onto the solar panel(s)? Say at a 45 degree angle beneath the light. Obviously this wouldn't be a high output LED, and another question at that.. Would a Red LED be more efficient or would the PV cell not do so well with Red LED? Thought this would be a neat idea even if it would only recycle 5-10% battery life. I would love for someone to implement this idea into a project and see how efficient it is.

Question by xSoFx    |  last reply

Self-Reversing Electric Servo Motor?

Is there a circuit that can change the rotation direction of an electric motor that's cheaply and easily?

Topic by lupinesoul    |  last reply

self sustaining power generator ??? possible??

I hear some news on the TV. i don't even known it that's true ??? i can't say where i hear it , because i forgot !!!!

Question by pauljohnramos86    |  last reply

Small self-contained energy source

Hello,            I am interested in making a energy source similar to iron man's arc reactor in the fact that it is small, self contained, and and powerful. I would like it to be hand-held, but I can deal with slightly larger or even desk size. It needs to be long lasting. I am well aware that an arc reactor is fictional, but I just need something that may be similar. It can be a large project (I have time) but needs to be not super expencive. Around $500 is the max I can go for!  I hope someone can help, 13islucky

Topic by 13islucky    |  last reply

Self Made / DIY electric Vehicle

Hey, I want to build my own electrical car / velomobil to drive to work.Here is the "Go Fund Me " Link:;_medium=copy_link&utm;_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1Thank you very much for your Help

Topic by gorillagamingemail  

We need a self help group

Does anyone else here feel like they might as well have a full time job at instructables? I need some kind of Instructablers Anonymous group. I wouldn't be surprised if I spend 40 hours a week on here. (Can any of the staff members check that for me?) Anyways...I'm sure I'm not alone here...

Topic by Weissensteinburg    |  last reply

Electric bike self powered no battery

I have a hub motor 1000 watt for bicycle, I would like a hub generator that would power the motor hub with out a battery, can anyone tell me how I can get or make something like this, or ,,it takes a 48 volt battery, can I use a 12 volt battery and step up transformer , or 12 volt car generator and step up transformer, or dynamo hub and step up transformer , or would it only raise the voltage and not amps

Topic by Lylecpitts    |  last reply

Opening MAG screen for self repair it

Hello im having trouble opening the Mag screen I'm trying it for a while now ive uploaded some picture of it, my problem on it is that I have very bad connection to dvi connecter (when im moving the cable, pushing it in its working when I leave it it disappears) I took out 4 screws on the corners and as u see I tried to take out the lower part of the screen but it still doesn't open I only wish to repair the bad connection, any help will be appreciated thanks ahead mike

Topic by mike2k4u    |  last reply

Do-it-your-self wireless antenna

Hi,I am new to all this but what has brought me here is my quest to find out how to build a simple home-made WI-FI antenna such as those made out of Pringle tubes or any cheap bits.The sites i have found at the moment do not seem to be clear enough. They also seem to gloss over the main point of how it is actually connected to the laptop I want to increase the signal to. I have a built-in wireless connenction on my HP laptop. Any useful advice, or instructables covering this topic would be very much appreciated. Cheers Muckster

Topic by muckster    |  last reply

Self Playing Guitar/bass/BAND

Http:// I am thinking of doing one for a guitar, and after i have success with the guitar then one for a bass. and so on until i have a band. i would just need a guitar(which i have) and 144 push servos for the frets on the guitar(likely pneumatic or magnetic), 7 servos for strumming(1 per string then 1 to strum all the strings) 6 winders to go to the headstock for different tunings, 1 to flip the lead & rythm switch, enough servos for the volume and tone knobs(will vary depending on what guitar i use). I could then hook up the servos to a processor that will scan sheet music(likely a scanner optical) or listen to a program that will activate the servos. This is my new cool project. any advice is appriciated.

Topic by popeluciferthe666th  

Windows that self-close to regulate temperature

I like letting the outside air blow through my apartment, but I also like the temperature and humidity to be in a good range. So I go around opening all the windows when it's a good temperature outside, and then forgetting to close them later. I wish windows could be programmed to open themselves automatically to regulate the temperature. I bet this could save a lot of money on heating and air conditioning, while allowing fresh air from outside to come in. I'm imagining a bunch of slats of glass that can rotate like Venetian blinds that are controlled by bimetallic strips or something :) Maybe there would be two layers for better insulation, and one layer could open to allow more heat exchange but not air flow, and both could open at the same time to allow air to flow. For modifying an already-existing window, it would have to install motors and stuff. Anyone have any ideas about how something like this could be made?

Topic by endolith    |  last reply