Sending a Patch? Answered

OK with the new profile page how do you send a patch.

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Send to Friends

Hey Instructables! I like the "send to friends" feature at the publish step, but what I'd like even more is to be able to send publication notices to friends on instructables! Similar to collaborate, but without giving edit permission, as a way to push publication to friends with instructables usernames who aren't (yet) subscribers. Cheers! Keep up the good work! *

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I am at a all time comment shortage so SEND ME COMMENTS ON MY POSTS!

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PM's don't send?

I was sent a PM around 18 hours ago, and I still havent recieved it. either ibles is slow as s*** or pm's don't travel.

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Send power wirelessly?

Is it possible to send power wirelessly? If it is, could someone tell me how to do it? I want to mod my wirelessly Xbox 360 controller so that it wouldn't need batteries. Thanks

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How can I stop sending instructables at my email?

 instructables keep sending at my email. please help me. thanks.

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Email notification about other people project

Hi,     I think every member weather pro member or normal member should received with Instructable news regardings project outline or created by those members in every three days of one week. But I haven't received any project news running on this email routines sending, why? Thanks, BY KLTAN.

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intrudalert that sends text messages

I need a intrudealert that sends alarms to your cellphone

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sending party balloon to space

I was wondering if you need special permission to send party balloons with a camera to space

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What is the purpose of sending patches? Answered

I just received a patch for winning a contest and it says i have 3 patches to send what is the purpose/what does it do?

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I can't send a patch!!

As you can tell I went PRO a few days ago. When I tried to send a patch to a member on instructables, it didn't work. I filled it all out, uploaded a picture, and hit the send button. When I did, nothing happened. I went to check his page and it didn't show up. I tried it on two different computers and it still didn't work. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks K~SC  

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What's the deal with sending patches? Answered

If you become a pro member you have the ability to receive and give patches, I don't understand what they do? Is it just a way to say thank you? if so I think Instructables needs to make up some new ones or drop it altogether. 

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What is sending out the signals ? Answered

Hi, I opened up the remote controls of my old alarm system ( those reed switch ones) hoping to find some IR LEDs. But I got this instead, no IR LEDs. Can anyone tell me which component is sending out the signals ? Thanks in advance.

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Send and receive an electric signal...? Answered

Hi everyone,I just wanted to know how I can send a small electric signal over a distance(not more than 10 meters)wirelessly and receive it at the other end to trigger a relay which in turn of course.. switch higher voltages and do something say...light a LED.I don't know much about frequencies,oscillators and FM/AM or anything.So please let me know how I can get an idea about these and most importantly accomplish what I just mentioned above.

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sending sound over light?

I have seen those thngs where you can send sound with a laser pen  i have an old sterio with a ir sensor and a laser pen i was wondering how i would go about making this thing  im not the best with eletrinics so need a dumbed down vertion lol      would the laser pen work with the or recever or would i need an ir bulb to

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Photoelectric sensors sending a text

What I'd like to achieve: Multiple motion sensors that will send a text message to my phone when any have been triggered. Once I get the hang of that, I'd like for it to specify a zone (ex: Zone 1 - Front of house, Zone 2 - Back of house, etc...)First things first, I'd like to just understand what components would be needed to complete this in the lightest way possible and for someone who is very new to any of this. I have found sensors, but I need them to send a signal somehow so that something like an can send a text to my phone.I'm open to this being a learning experience, but am definitely at a beginner level.Here are two sensors I'm looking at: guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!

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TechnoChallenge...Please send suggestions!!! Answered

The Challenge   To design and build a device to travel 90cm down a vertically positioned broom handle in as close to 30 seconds as possible.   In the Leonardo Centre there will be broom handle fixed in a vertical position. 11cm from the top is a (start) line from which the device must start. 90cm below that is a second (finish) line, below which the device must finish. The challenge is to build a device that takes 30 seconds to travel this distance.   The Rules All parts of the device must start above the start line. All parts of the device must end up below the finish line (time will be measured to when this is achieved) Once started or released no assistance can be given to the device   The Competition There will be a competition for each year group. Devices will be timed and the one that completes the descent in closest to 30 seconds will be deemed the winner

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Can someone send me a patch

Can someone send me a patch? preferably a racing like one. if you do I will subscribe to you.

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send pictures via pvt msg

Hi i want to send pictures to somone of an amp problem i have need to be on a pack like this is there one these are the pick going to some one called slowpoke if you can help...

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How do I send mail? Answered

I really want to know how to send mail from my inbox and use the sent part of it.

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How to send permission of parents to Instructables.

Just I want to send an entry in Instructables LED Elemental Contest, and I am a minor so I want to ask how to send parents permission to Instructables? Please want it fast because I want to send entry before 30 august or the contest is closed. Sorry for my bad English.

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Ibles is sending me a post card!!!!? Answered

I got a messege saying there going to send me a instructables holloween post card? di anyone else get this

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Is it possible to send an email via batch?

I have a batch file I have been working on and wondered is it possible to send an email via this program? if you know how or know a program please tell

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Sending messages to devices on my network?

Ok, so I can set up my own wireless network from my laptop, how could I send messages to the devices (computers, ipods, cells etc.), either all of them or specific one(s)?

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Sending messages to devices on my network?

Ok, so I can set up my own wireless network from my laptop, how could I send messages to the devices (computers, ipods, cells etc.), either all of them or specific one(s)?

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Can someone send me $500?

Hello, I need $1500 so I can pursue my dreams as a race car driver or mechanic. Could someone please send me $100, 200, 300, 500, etc. or even 2000 would be wonderful. The donation must be made in US dollars. If you would like to help a guy out. Pm me and I'll give you my address! Thankyou. For your generosity, may God bless you in all that you do!

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Can somebody send me a patch?

I want a patch for name so it looks all cool (an avatar) take killersafecrackers for example if you do ill sub you and 5* 3 ibles thanks megametal8,

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SMTP to send email directly to a client

I have a project idea to create a BTRD, or Beer Theft Reporting Device. (Yeah, I need to come up with a more creative name... :P) The idea is to use an ESP32 microcontroller connected to an accelerometer and 6 pressure sensors mounted to a board, on top of which sits a six-pack. I do see a few problems though. hopefully wifi can penetrate the cold metal coffin without too much loss in signal. (I'm afraid the fridge may end up functioning like a faraday cage...)Assuming that isn't going to be a problem, I have been googling around trying to figure out if it would be possible to send automated emails from this device to inform of potential theft. Since I am not concerned about receiving emails at all, It seems overkill to have to use SMTP to send the mail I want to send to some server first, which then itself forwards the email on over through the internet over to a client. Is it possible to simply send the SMTP email directly to the recipient? I mean, if this is a product that I sell, then I would not want the end user to have to bother too much with configuring the device too much.

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Sending data from arduino to the server?

Hi my friend, based upon ur reply,i have progressed my ideas..Now my project communicates with the html page->server-> per the instructions in the web page,the arduino will be the query is,i would like to send the values of sensors to the html page..but i dont want to use any additional shields like ethernet shield,etc..dono how to progress..pls help me as soon as possible..waiting for ur reply

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Instructables prize packet, sending time?

Hello, Around 2 weeks ago I won in an instructables competition and am waiting to receive my prize pack. How long will this take since I have not been told that it has been shipped or anything... Thanks Michael

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Program to interpret and send keystrokes to the system.

I have been doing a lot of reading up on "chorded" keyboards, especially the 5 key variety and I think it sounds really interesting.  I was thinking about toying around with the idea but decided I didn't want to build a standalone device.  I was thinking about a program that could be run to interpret the key presses on a standard keyboard and send new signals to the system, similar to a key mapper and was wondering where to start.  It needs to be able to run in the background while I do other stuff so I can use it to enter data in other programs (web browser, word editors, and such). I am pretty fluent in Java and C++ and I know a little python.  I'm not asking you to work out the logistics of it for me, I am really just wondering where to start.  If someone could point me in the right direction (should I write a Java program or an executable in C++, how might i send keystrokes to the system, etc.)

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How to send and receive an electrical signal?

I don't know much about radio waves and oscillator circuits , AM/FM and stuff, but I need to send just electrical signals wirelessly, without any information on it, to some other device which activates when it would detect the signals. I would prefer to make the devices myself, if it is possible, without needing to buy anything, like RF oscillators and other stuff.    I was told that whenever electricity passes through a wire, a radio wave is emitted outwards from the wire, and is emitted every time the current flow stops, starts or changes direction,  I was also told that whenever a radio wave crosses a wire, it induces a very small current in it. I don't know if whether the above information was correct or not but I think I can use it in making such a device.

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Newsletter Sending to Wrong E-Mail

Ok, so I have switched to a different email address than the one I was using when I signed up on Instructables, even changed the email in my account settings to the new one. Yet my Instructables newsletter continues going to the old account. Maybe this is some kind of bug or a part of the system that has some flaw in it, I just dunno.... If you're reading this I hope you are an admin or something of that ilk that can remedy this. ~Peace Be Da Journey Man!!!

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Can't find or send patches. Why?

I'm a pro member (from getting featured multiple times), have been for about a year. I just recently found out about patches and I want to create some custom ones and give a few away to my following when I reach 100 followers. I can't find any of the settings or anything related to patches on any of my profile/settings/you pages. Have the patches been phased out? Am I looking in the wrong places? Why can't I access them?Help is appreciated, thanks!

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Instructable's robot not sending me notifications?

For the past week, I have not been receiving notifications for questions I have asked, or comments on my instructables. They do seem to appear in the orange board, and I have checked my settings for email notifications twice on different computers to verify it is not just me. I have also noticed that my recent replies to people are not answered or replied back to. Although it is difficult to tell since people to don't usually reply back anyway. So if you plan to reply, and I'll keep an eye out for any notifications and keep the page refreshed, and hopefully reply within the same day, maybe then you (the community who answered) can come back and verify if they did not receive the reply? I wonder if the same issue occurs with PM messengers, Not sure. Also how do I submit a bug report? [EDIT:] Posted bug report here, as well as other minor bugs with the commenting system. (might as well kill as many birds with a stone as I can.)

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Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?

Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?You can send me one do ?

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Can anybody please send me a patch? Answered

i was wondering if anybody could send me a patch or two whoever sends me a patch or two or more i will give 5* on all of their projects.

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What to do when sending a book overseas. ?

What to do : - how to make sure the book is secure? - And other additional comments. Thanks :)

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How do I send Pictures in a PM

Hi guys I'm currenty working on a knex project and we both don't know how to send a picture in a pm so can you help me?

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Can an xbee send live video streaming? Answered

Well, the header says it all. SKC

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how do you get/send patches?

How can a get and send pathes on instructables?

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LCD arduino speedometer sending signal to solenoid

Hi i'm a student, i'm currently doing a project which require me to be able to send the signal from the LCD arduino speedometer to the solenoid, help please!!!!!!  P.S if i'm missing something out please post a comment.  Thanks 

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Can anyone send me a google invite?

I would like too and just asking if u invite me do i get u as a friend?

Question by OrIsIt 

Extra characters when sending a web link?

I use Vista on a desktop and Yahoo for my email and Firefox 9.1 for my browser. When I click on a web page to send the link, for example "", what it sends is "; ". I have tried using Hotmail and Internet Explorer browser and have the same problem. I realize something is substituting %3A%2F%2F for ://.  This seemed to have started about a year ago maybe when there was an upgrade to Foxfire.    I tried everything on the Foxfire help pages and that didn't help.  Does anyone know how to correct this.

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How to send numbers over IR with Arduino

Hey! When I buy a cheap remote from the store, and I run a IR receiving sketch, every time I push a button I get a series of numbers e.g. 1259575. Now I now how to receive IR. But how do I transmit a number through IR? Every where I go it is outdated and doesn't work. All of Ken Sheriff's stuff is sending special Sony, Panasonic and othercompany's codes. I just want to send a number. I just want to hook up an IR LED to Arduino and have it flash a number! Simple, right? Thanks!

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Robot not sending me notifications? SOLVED !!! (as_a_work_around)

"For the past month, I have not been receiving notifications for questions I have asked, or comments on my instructables. They do seem to appear in the orange board, and I have checked my settings for email notifications twice on different computers to verify it is not just me." Come On  AUTODESK  put some resources on this snafu ! I do get Best Answer and featured projects

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