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Can i increase my carrying capacity if i install heavy duty coils?

I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia and it has coil springs all the way around. I was wondering if i merely installed some variable rate coil springs (so it still isn't like driving a rock) that have a heavier weight rating if i could load my SUV heavier. On vacation I carry 4 people, their luggage, and a small 14 foot pop-up camper. I'm using a weight equalizer hitch, and as it stands, i am maxed on the back axle and could carry 200 lbs more on the front. If i installed heavier suspension, can i expect my axle and chassis to be able to handle the extra weight? and how much more?

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On a 94 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper,where is the manuel crank to lift the top up located?

WE have a malfunction with the hydralic drive itself so want to use the hand crank to lift it up. We were told it was there and to use the same crank as for the four wheel lifts. But we cannot locate where to crank it so the top lifts manually . Please advise.

Question by waterhorse  

Need help with toyota sequoia hatchback stuck shut, please help

I have a Toyota Sequoia that has a problem with the hatchback .  I can not get the door open.  The latch seems to be stuck.  I took off the panel in the inside and still am not able to get the latched open.  Do I need to take the panel under the license plate off to be able to get to the latch?  I have tried everything I can think of to get this door open with the latch.  The door is stuck shut.  Please help me if you can.  I have a childcare and can not be with out this vehicle according to State Licensing laws.  Also can not afford to take it to the Toyota dealership to have it fixed

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need help with the latch on my Toyota Sequoia, the door is shut. Can not open.

 I took off the inside panel and still not able to open it.  Do I need to take the panel behind the license plate off also on the out side of the hatch to be able to get to it better?  Please help me with this I need to get it taken care of as soon as possible Thank You  in advance for you help with this problem.?

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Where is the hand crank located for a 94 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper to lift it my hand?

We need to lift the top with the manual crank but cannot locate where to crank it . Does anyone know where it is?

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