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Series and Parallel?

What is the difference between Series or Parallel if I'm hooking up a bunch of LEDs? Is one better than the other?

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Transistors in series

If I were to put transistors in series (and hook up there bases together through proper biasing resistors) would it increase the voltage capacbility of the circuit? I need a way of switching on and off about 1000 volts really fast. for example, would 2 750 volt transistors in series be able to handle 1500 volts or not? just a HV pic from my old, dead NST

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Batteries in a series?

So if you were building an electric car and needed to up your voltage by wiring multiple Pb batteries in a series would you only get the watt-hours of one battery like you do with capacitor capacitance, or would you get all of them combined, or at least a little power capacity boost.  Also, would using lithium-ion batteries like these in a series be ok. lithium

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Series or Parallel speakers?

Quick question guys. I have two speakers I extracted from a laptop, and I need to use them for an iPod. The loudness is the goal here. So what's best for the volume - attaching them in series or parallel? Does it make a difference? I don't have time to get an amplifier, for it's due tomorrow morning, and I didn't think about using speakers until this morning. Thanks!

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LED Series Resistor

I just finished soldering a board to flash an IR LED using a 555 timer, and attached it to 9V PP3 battery, and the LED burnt out.The LED was rated at 1.7V 100mA and I was using a 100ohm series resistor. By my reckoning I should have only needed a 73ohm resistor, (9V - 1.7V) / 0.1A = 73ohms, so 100ohm was more than enough.Any ideas?

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Wiring Capacitors In series?

What are rules for wiring multiple capacitors in series? Especially when The voltages are different. If i wire two 80v's with a 200v what would my WV be?

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Police quest series

Does anyone have the original police quest series (1 vga,2,3) in mt32 or higher quality? If so can you find a way to record and put up for download and in mp3 or midi please, Thanks.

Topic by builderkidj  

magic series Q's

Ok, im wondering if i should make a series of instructables for all of my things related to magic, or if i should make 1 HUGE instructable of them all together? which do you people that read this think i should do?

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Anyone know this series?

Its on youtube and its like: super mario 64 search for luigi part 1,2,3,4 and it cuts between sm64 and ssbN64 when he jumps into the sky PLEASE HELP!!!!!! btw does anyone have any wood gun tutorials(pistols)?

Question by builderkidj  

Batterys in parallel and in series? Answered

I am designing a circuit with some space restrictions. Unfortunately i can only put 3 AAA batterys in it. I need at least 1.8 volts for the circuit to be operational, so 2 AAA NiMh batterys in series is rated 2.4 volts. If i have this can i also add a single parallel battery, for added Mah. The diode i will be using has a forward voltage drop of .33v at 1 amp. These batterys will have a load of about 500 Ma. Will the (very bad) schematic i have work? Also, will the output voltage of the batterys be somewhere around 3v? One more question, will the load be shared between the batterys?

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What is the difference between the TR series and the BR series?

Yes, I know that the TR is the turret rifle and the BR is the battle rifle, but is there a fundamental difference between the 2, or is it all just preference as to the name?

Question by The Jamalam    |  last reply

Can capacitors be wired in a series? Answered

I am pretty sure a series goes from + to - to + ext. and parallel is grouping all + and all - separately. Is it possible to wire capacitors in a series

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Resistor Value for LED series?

I am new to electronics, just started it as a hobby, and tried my hands to make a LED Series. As I am not aware of the exact calculations to figure out the resistor value, I am facing problems - resistor is getting burnt. I am just seeing a led series bought from the market and trying to make another one based on its circuit & design. The overall scheme & design of the circuit was:  - I made a series of total 44 white led lights. - Added a bridge rectifier first (4 diodes joined in a systematic way), - then came three led's with 1K Ohms resistors each - then followed 38 plain led's, - finally three leds again with 1K resistors each. The last three resistors got burnt after 10 odd minutes. Obviously the resistor value is not right. What should be the general thumb rule to figure it out. I wish to make few smaller series of 12, 24 & 36 LED's, how many resistors do I add in each? Will be thankful for some guidance. 

Question by swatma    |  last reply

Halo novel series order?

In what order should the halo books be read? there's: fall of reach the flood first strike contact harvest cole protocol and onyx i think

Question by RelyNupon    |  last reply

Connecting small generators in series?

Hi all,I'd like to make a bunch of small generators, like Pleech turbines, for example. Each one might only be producing a couple volts and however much power. What is the best way to connect them together to get their combined power?I was thinking that I could just give each generator its own rectifier, and then connect everything together in series. Would that be efficient?My circuitry understanding is a little limited, so a simple solution that is 90% efficient may be better than a complicated solution that's 100% efficient.... :)Thanks for any suggestions!

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Help! LED series with Speaker

I recently got a little old stereo which I've been cleaning up/painting/tuning/etcetera. To me this thing is just so darn cute and I got really excited when I noticed some LEDs under the speaker grates. However they only light up when the volume dial is up to 9 or so, and the stereo is just way too loud! 1-2 on the dial is what I would consider a medium volume level, and don't see myself ever going much higher. I would like a way to fix the dial discrepancy, but I feel that I can live with it. What I'm really after is a way to get the LEDs on at a normal volume level. Ideally pulsing with the music(like they can do now.) I've included a picture of the circuitry. Let me know if you'd like a picture from the other side and I can take it out. I'm a super novice at this stuff. It seems like the LEDs are in a series(btw, each little circuit board is home to three leds, for a total of 12) but that the whole series is actually parallel to the speaker itself? Or is it all in series? Anyway, my first thought was to leave the blue wires going from the LEDs to the speaker, but to move the black 'power' wires to the end of the last LED series so that the power would go all the way through the LEDs before getting to the speaker. Is that a bad idea? haha. I'd rather not burn these LEDs out since they match the colors of the stereo. What do you think? Thanks in advance! Diane

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power supplies in series question

Just asking before I blow up 2 of my power supplies that I just made/salvaged/fixed/modified. I need 19 volts at 2.95 amps (practically 3) for a laptop that I found (yay dumpster diving, don't worry I'm not a guy who steals identity, it was actually my dad's lab and they're throwing away a bunch of stuff, it's a goldmine!) and it was marked dead. I pull out the battery and it has 0 charge. It had no charging adapter, so can I just make one? I have to power supplies, one from a computer that I modified and an adjustable one the goes up to about 15 volts at 6 amps (and they were throwing it away! it only need a new fuse). After all of that background info, here's my question: can i put the 5 volts from the comp supply in series with the 14 volts from my adjustable supply to get 19 volts at enough amps to power on this laptop? I don't want to buy a 60 dollar charger just to find out the comps broken cause of something else.

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

Adding capacitors. Series or parallel? Answered

I was building a curcuit and had no 0.05uf capasitators so I decided to use five 0.01 capastators. Should I wire them in series or parallel? Also they are ceramic. Thanks for any help. David.

Question by David97    |  last reply

Home-made weapons series?

I have for a few years now made my own home-made weapons knives, axes, bows and arrows, and the like. I had the thought recently about creating an instructables series on how to make all of these by hand. My question is how many of you out there would like to see something like this? Please leave a comment below just saying that you would. Or if you have a suggestion, question, or would like to send me a project of yours comment that too.                                                            thanks guys,                                                                              pbman123

Question by pbman123    |  last reply

Linking drill batteries in series?

I've been watching this video of a guy building a portable speaker powered with cordless drill batteries and i'd like to do the same for my project but my amp requires 30 to 36v. At around the 1 minute mark the video shows how he linked his battery up and i was wondering could 2 of those usb adapters be connected in series to allow 2 18v batteries to be linked together for 36v?

Question by ambientvoid    |  last reply

Little League World Series!

The Little League World Series is being held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. From August 15th to the 24th, Little Leaguers from far and wide will come to play for the biggest title in their 10-14 year old lives!Little League World Series WebsiteLLWS Game Schedule

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T.B.S (Thunder Bolt Series)

Here it is every one, The first of many guns in the Thunder Bolt Series.

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

1970s animated series -innovation

Does anyone here remember an animated series ca 1970somethin, in which a group of people travels back to the dinosaur age and harness geysers, crack rocks by soaking wood wedges in water etc? Kinda silly but fun.

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

Flash (knex gun series)

This will be my first gun series and will start of with a compact 1 shot rifle. I will also make: A pistol A sniper (slingshot) A knife (mabye) A large mag gun A heavy duty rifle. you thoughts are welcome. plus subscribe if you want to be the first to see them.

Topic by Tom Buckey    |  last reply

Best commercial series ever?

I absolutely love the Jack Links Beef Jerky Sasquatch commercials. They are really funny, this one is one of my favorites! Tell me what your favorite commercial is!

Topic by DELETED_Blue Mullet 2    |  last reply

Connect transformers together in series? Answered

I've got 4 neon sign transformers, each outputting 12 000V at 30mA. I want to connect them together in series to increase the voltage to 48kV but I just wanna check on the right way of connecting them for safety reasons. The input for all transformers is the standard 220V AC.( I need such a high voltage for a fusion reactor) (the pic is one I found on google that's why the input voltage is 120)

Question by JunaidA44    |  last reply

Web design & development series

Hi, I am web designer & developer form Nederland. I've been looking around here for some time and it seems like there are not many series that cover everthing about how to design and then develop a website. I thought it would be awsome to create a instructsble serie that let's someone develop there own website in pure HTML & CSS. So I have a couple of ideas. - explaining the basics of flat design (todays standard in web design) - creating a website in pure html & css from the ground up - creating a compleet wordpress theme - much more If you like one of the above ideas or if you have one of your own, please let me know. Thanks for reading. And let me know what you think! Greetings from Holland.

Topic by Kevin Tipker    |  last reply

Blinking LED lights in a series

I need to make a board with LED lights that blink on and off in a series. It would need an easy on and off switch and I would need to be able to choose what direction the blinking would go (left to right, right to left). If this is an easy project, any help would be great. Thanks, BradTheses pictures are what I need the first one would be ok ,the second even better. Would this work so, how much would this cost in the US or how much would someone want in order to build something similar. If someone could make the circuits I could attach the lights to the board. Any ideas out there?

Topic by bradlife    |  last reply

My K'nex NG Series

So, basically, I have made a new K'nex gun series. I have decided to post pictures of failed NG guns, and you guys can see if it's fixable. Also, this forum will hold all requested internals, a complete strip-down of every gun, (from V3 on up), and possibly reviews of each future NG gun. Ask questions here if you want, give me suggestions, or come back to this forum post once in a while for any failed projects! Hope you like it! Pictures : (in order) NG V3, NG V2, NG V1, and internals of the V2.

Topic by knexguy237  

Series Hybrid Motorized Bike

I am designing a system to motorize my bike, but I really don't have enough money for it. I have been thinking I would like to use this engine for quite a while, because it's cheap, light, and OHC. There is a centrifugal clutch for it, but it costs $85, so I've been trying to design a series hybrid system instead. Considering that these motors cost only $6, it seems perfectly feasible to make something cheaper this way, but there are ways I can think of to possibly make it even cheaper. Here comes the technical part: my original design has two of the motors hooked up to the engine at double speed as generators, making 12v. Then there would be two more of these motors traction-driving the rear wheel. The problem with this is that the gear reduction is expensive. My new design has the engine directly driving only one generator, making only 6v so that I would have to have as many as 8 motors driving the wheel (opportunity for AWD?) to pull enough current to get full power out of the engine. Here's the problem: I don't know if the generator will be able to handle that current draw. Considering it would only have to do it for a couple seconds, do you think that one of these motors (working as a generator) could handle 400 amps surge? Other information: this will not see much low-speed operation. Geared to top out at about 25mph, it will probably spend most of it's time going 10-20.

Topic by yourcat    |  last reply

Instructables YouTube Show/Series

Hello! I had the idea of making a YouTube show promoting great tutorials and projects from Instructables about 3 years ago. At the time I didn't have the skills to create it. After taking up a short course in video editing and graphics, I was finally able to create it!  I wanted the show to really help get the word out not only about Instructables, but also the world of DIY, recycling, re-using, creativity and the hands on building skills that many of us are losing because of the impact of new technologies. If the show motivates just one person who isn't familiar with Instructables to create something, I think it's a great success! Here's the first episode: I hope you like it! There'll be more episodes to come! Thanks,  - Nick PS. All authors gave me permission to feature their Instructables in the video. 

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Can you wire USB Ports in series?

Hi, All. New to the forums, but have used several instructables and love this site. I'm currently trying to make a notebook cooling fan using a 12 Volt fan pulled from an older computer. Obviously I can wire it to the USB ports, but the 5V I'm getting there aren't enough. Would it be possible to wire 2 usb connections in a series, giving me 10V at 500mA, or am I just asking to fry my ports? I've seen some external hard drives that use 2 USB ports for power, so I'm assuming it can be done, but I didn't know if you needed anything other than a series connection. Thanks!

Topic by doublec5    |  last reply

Can laptop power adapter outputs be wired in series?

I need a 24v DC power source, and I have a few spare 12v Laptop adapters lying around. I know you need to connect the positive end of one to the neg end of the other, but something tells me that's gonna create a short somewhere. Not sure how this is gonna work. Any advice?

Question by Fuzzy3D    |  last reply

Question regarding series and parallel circuits? Answered

Hi Guys,              I'm a bit confused in parallel and series circuits and was hoping that someone in the instructables community could help me out. If I wire 3 Blue LED's (3v 20mah each) in parallel their amperage will add up but the voltage will remain same, which means I would be able to run those 3 LED's off 2 AA batteries and it would last for umm.. 2200/60 = 36 Hours. And if I wire those LED's in series the voltage would add up and I would be able to run them off a 9 volt battery for um.. 300/20 = 15 Hours. I wanted to know that if my calculations were right and that in both the ways will they be equally bright. Thanks in advance :). UPDATE I was a bit confused how to wire it up in parallel so I made a diagram can you guys tell me if it is correct?

Question by The Prickly Potato    |  last reply

How to charge a series parallel array?

Hi, we are building an ice cream cart with a 36v sound system and a 12v led dance floor. We desire to do a series-parallel with six 7.2Ah SLA batteries, for the 36v amplifier. And run two 7.2Ah SLA batteries in parallel for the lights.  I would love to brainstorm on how I can charge all these sla batteries. Can people help? We already own a cheap car charger 2 and 6 amp setting.  I am leaning toward throwing a switch or a few switches to go between 36 and 12 for the amps batteries. HELP!!! Thanks, Tor

Question by torclausen    |  last reply

Should speakers be connected in series or parallel? Answered

So I'm following an instructable for making credit card speakers using piezo speakers . In their instructable they only use one speaker so there's no need to wire it in series or parallel. I have 3 speakers. Will the speakers work in both series and parallel? What are the pros and cons of both?

Question by cdubnbird    |  last reply

Garden Light Solar Cell in Series?

I'm working on a project that involves garden light solar cells. Each one produces 1.5V (I have two of them).  I have them currently wired in a series yet my readings keep coming as zero. I've checked my wiring a few times and it all seems okay.  Here is the set up... +___(+__-)___-(+__-)___-       hopefully this makes sense. I am not well educated in circuit drawings. The ()s are the cells themselves and the underscores are the wires.  Help! EDIT: So I found the problem: it was the connections in between each + and - within the solar cell. so (+__-) I had a wire connecting when I should've left it alone. 

Question by SeedRally    |  last reply

how to connect 2 PHOTOCELL in series

How to connect 2 PHOTOCELL (Brand KAGA AS-22006A) in series which each cell controlling 1 light (filament type -220V) each.

Question by omar1679    |  last reply

PLA (Polylactic acid) Trioboelectric series?

Hello, I am currently trying to figure out if I can make a Vandegraff generator with PLA instead of PVC, but cannot find PLA on the triboelectric series chart. Any ideas?

Question by Cheesey125    |  last reply

Help 170 leds in series parallel

5 leds in series, way too many resistors can I use constant current? If so how many strings of 5 could be connected with 12 to 14.7 volt supply?

Question by bdexter    |  last reply

lithium 18650 series first or parallel?

Hey all Looking at doing a lithium battery build but trying to cut down on soldering or spot welding. My idea is to use a stack of 3 18650 batteries in series pushed inside a piece of PVC pipe, thus making a 12V tube and then having multiples joined together to make the final battery Is there any reason why people mostly use a set of batteries is paralel then series?

Question by pickstock    |  last reply

Wacthing a serie I foung instructables!!

I was wacthing blacklist and I found the logo!! can anyone tell me if this is casual or nott??? Greeting from an argentinan fan!!

Topic by npenna    |  last reply

Charging in Parallel and discharging in series capacitors? Answered

Most people (okay, well tech guys :P) know that if you put 2 identical capacitors in series you can double the voltage they can handle and you cut in half the capacitence. These 2 capacitors together have 2x the Joules as one capacitor alone. But if you charged them each seperatly, and then connected them in series, would they have 4x the joules as original? For example, lets say I have a 16 volt 100uF capacitor, if each was charged in parallel to 16 volts and then connected in series, when discharged would it have the same amount of power as a 32 volt 100uF capacitor, or would it still have the same power as 2 capacitors charged in series (from a 32 volt power supply)? This question seems kind of stupid, but using what seems like good logic (or bad if your on the other side) you could argue this both ways. But there's only 1 right answer.

Question by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

The Knex More-for-less efficency series

Ok, i just posted my pistol, which wraps up my first knex gun series.It is featuring my guns which have decent range and features using less parts.........THEY ARE (in order that i like them):-The AR-4 Commando-Longbow SR-L-The SPEC-9 sniperand..................The Jackal.357enjoy building these very part-efficient guns!

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

Maker Update (weekly video series)

Hey everyone! My name's Donald, I'm a former Project Editor with Make: magazine, and I'm starting up a new weekly video series called Maker Update. Each week I feature a handful of projects (typically from the Instructables community) that catch my eye, along with tips, maker news, and events. I'd like to know what you think, and I'd be grateful for some subscribers if it's something you're interested in. Thanks!  -Donald

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The 12345 series of knex ball machines

Hi guys! Im gonna make 5 mini ball machines!! i will make them and you will decide on the winner They will be mini!! so dont go off thinking they're gonna be like shadowman's awesome bm's I'll make\post the first one today or tommorow -megametal8

Topic by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Samsung series 9 keys not responding? Answered

I own a samsung series 9 ultrabook and a few days ago some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working.  Almost all of the function keys wont work and several letter keys, as well as backspace, escape, and enter.  I have no idea why this is happening.  The only inkling i might have is that microsoft intelipoint may have installed a weird keyboard driver on my laptop and now it's messed up but i was never notified of a driver update.  I have used a wireless keyboard for the computer for a while now so i don't think it has anything to do with a driver from that.  anyone help please? samsung series 9 3d gen intel core model 900x windows 7 64-bit thanks for your time :)?

Question by bobert610    |  last reply

im starting a new youtube series!

Ok im starting a new series called hows that shoot its where i thake your requests and make guns and i will show how they work and review them what guns shoud i make i will make guns if you post a link or pic also i will be uploading them to here so if you cant go on you tube you can still watch them my channel is knexsbf to start off i will do 2-3 guns: what im doing: my lever action rifle based off of sks and 2 of killersafe crackers guns

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Remember: Series 1 - Freddie Mercury

In a few days from now, will be the 17th anniversery of the death of Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist from Queen. He unfortunatly died of bronchial pneumonia on Nov. 24, 1991.Please notice I will try to make more... but still never forget these famous legends 9/5/45 - 11/24/91 R.I.P.

Topic by Flumpkins