Hi, I have set everything on "Weekly", but I'm receiving emails every day.

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PC Settings for Instructables

Hi all, What are the correct settings in IE6.0 for Instructables? Sometimes all I get is the HTML code? Thanks, Ray

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500 Error when I view my settings

I get an error when I try to view my settings page (/account/settings). I think the site is upset that I am ageless. com.instructables.exception.InstructableRuntimeException: some problem with the settings... at com.instructables.webapp.account.SettingsAction.prepare( ... Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.instructables.model.persistent.User.getAge( at com.instructables.webapp.account.SettingsForm.( at com.instructables.webapp.account.SettingsAction.prepare( ... 18 more

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Something funny going on in "SETTINGS' Email Alerts'" in profiles.

When I go into my profile to edit my email alerts, I click on the SETTINGS tab, then EMAIL ALERTS.  The page opens up expanded.  Next to the title is my email address.  I make the change I want and click UDATE SETTINGS.  That takes me to another page titled EMAIL ALERTS but the page is not expanded and there is someone else's email beside the title. What's up with that?

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How to stop windows seven from adjusting settings when plugs are inserted/removed?

I am using a laptop running windows seven, for presentation purposes. My problem is that if I put/pull the VGA cable, charger, etc in/out of the computer, some of the settings (mainly screen settings, but some others too) will change. Another problem I have with it is that when I connect/disconnect audio/network devices to the computer, several messages pop up telling me that a device has been plugged in/removed. How do I stop this? I know exactly what I have plugged in. I don't want the computer telling me this information. Is there a way to stop the computer from doing this?

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Full Spectrum Laser help

Hi-I am new to the Full Spectrum "hobby laser 40W 5th gen"--I have a bunch of 123dMake projects to laser-cut in cardboard and cant seem to get the right settings for power, speed, and current (top burns, bottom not cut through, etc)--Anyone out there have any "approximate" settings that have worked with single-ply corrugated and that machine? I am grateful for any tips and suggestions! thanKS.

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DS pot settings

Hi. Can anyone tell me the settings of the two potentiometres (pots) situated on the board close to the battery. thanks a lot

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Unable to Update Settings

I'm using Mobile Safari, iOS 9.3 on an IPad Air. I've tried other browsers. iCab Mobile DOES WORK, so I was able to change my password after a password reset. i don't see anywhere in the iOS app to change settings, either. Thanks

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I can't change my settings.

I seem to be unable to change any of my settings. Either the page shows an error or nothing happens when I click to update. I have done all of the normal stuff like delete cookies and temp internet files. I still can't change anything. In the FAQ section there seems to be others having the same problem, but I am not seeing any fixes. Anybody have any ideas?

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Digital Camera with ISO, shutter speed & aperture settings

Hi, i would like to make a very flat digital camera with the possibility to change the 3 principals settings : ISO, shutter speed and aperture. I would like to change those settings with a potentiometer so by rotation or with a sliding linear spot.   First question of i use a a mobile/iPhone camera  is it possible to adjust those 3 settings electronically ? If yes what do i need to make one ? Thank you. Thomas.

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Why is my list of Groups under "Settings"? Shouldn't it be in "Discussions"?

I just spent an unproductive five minutes trying to track down the list of groups which I have joined. It used to be on the consolidated "main page" of .../you/. Now it turns out to be tacked on as an afterthought as the very last sub-category link under Settings. Why? Doesn't it belong under Discussions, along with Forums, Questions, etc.?

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"You" dropdown shortcuts not rendering

I keep a shortcut to questions and answers in my 'you' dropdown top right of the page. In my personal settings I have it set to still show those links, but with the new rendering of the you dropdown I have other stuff Inbox (0) Favourites Instructables Drafts Create ...etc... no shortcuts :(

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Hi! I have a problem with emails. In fact I found two of them :/ First is that notification mesages stopped coming to my email, which is quite bad, because I wanted to enter some contests and now I don't know if my entries were accepted or not. I also don't know who commented my stuff. I also checked my spam folder and there's nothing in there. And the second one is, that I can't change Email alerts in settings at "my page". When I change notification times (for example from "once an hour" to "as they are made") and then I click to "Update settings", but nothing is changed. My operating system is MS Windows 8.1 and I use Google Chrome browser (version 35.0.1916.153 m) , but I tried to change it also in Internet Explorer and it was the same, so I guess that operating system and/or browsers don't have an influence to this error. But I'm not an IT guy.

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Stop alerting me! (UPDATED) (AGAIN)

Today, i noticed 8 new emails. JOY! I have never gotten so many emails! Surely I must be beloved by all! Sadly, they were all from instructables. Oh well, I bet they bring good news! No. just comments. Lots and lots of comments. I wondered why I was notified, since I have never asked that they do so. I went to check my settings, and, will you look at that! I'm not supposed to be alerted when I receive a comment, because the box that should be selected should I want to receive said emails, is not selected! So, ibles, why are you telling me stuff I don't want to know?! UPDATE: The staff is aware of this, and asks that we be patient while they work on it. UPDATE 2: Rachel fixed it! Hooray! My inbox can be lonely and hungry once more!

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Email Alerts

It used to be that an Email alert was sent when someone replied to one of my comments. Now, I get the entire thread that follows my comment. This results sometimes in a plethora of Instructables emails frequently falling off topic or multiple single lines from those that like to respond to their own message multiple times! I much prefer the old way it was handled... I could follow the thread from there if I chose.

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Issues with "Shortcuts" settings

Https:// I attempt to save the settings to customs the "Shortcut" bar it will not save them.IE7 says "Error On Page".ERROR MESSAGE FOLLOWSLine: 438Char: 7Error: Object doesn't support this property or methodCode: 0URL: Image of detailed Error message as well

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Can't save my account settings

I just purchased an annual membership for ~$23 and created an account for this site for the first time about 5 minutes ago. payment process went smoothly, logged in no problem...but when I was trying to personalize my various account settings nothing would save. So, for example, for creating the 5 optional shortcuts...all the dropdown lists worked fine, I made my selections, but when I hit "save settings" I ran into a snag. I'm on my gen 1 iPad...using safari...and as I'm sure you know, the iOS for first gen iPads tops out at 5.0 :(  but that still should not make a difference as using safari is not functionally different. when I click "save settings" it gives me the grey highlight for a sec, to acknowledge that it knows I touched it...and the words become underlined in white...and they stay underlined, but nothing else happens. Safari doesn't start thinking, the page gives no indication that it's reloading...but it's not as though the page freezes. If I go click the  dropdowns again it works like normal.  I refreshed the page a few times, closed safari, opened it again....closer browser window....navigated back to the site from a fresh window...nothing made a difference. I then clicked the tab for email alert settings and I successfully went through and indicated all of my preferences for when I'd like to get email alerts but when it came time to hit "update settings" the same exact thing happened...underlined the text but then nothing else. it's as if hitting the button sends a command to "highlight and underline" but doesn't include a command to do anything else. It's not even like its a broken link....I'm not getting rerouted.  i searched the app store because I figured maybe I could download the app & possibly tweak account settings within the app....but I'm actually not able to get the app on this device because it requires iOS6, which obviously is not available to me. If I have to open up a laptop or turn on a computer anytime I want to use my account to the fullest extent, then I'll probably never use it....I don't drag out the computers unless I have work to do, and when I'm working I'm not on the instructables website.  the main thing for me is the ability to see all steps for a project on one page. I wasn't even going to create an account until I saw where I could set that as a default preference. unfortunately, as of right now, I can't take advantage of that setting and I'm not interested in looking at projects over multiple pages. feeling a bit like I wasted $23. Please fix ASAP. 

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I cant change any settings on my profile

I can't change any settings on my profile. I can type them in, but when I click update profile it doesn't do anything. (In the bottom left corner of the screen, it says error on page) I've tried everything, but I can't get it working.

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set top box?

What is the use of smart card in set top box ,can set  top box works same without it  

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set fire to dvd? Answered

Is it possible to set fire to a dvd w/o an accelerant?

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Regular Knex sets?

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy knex sets that are entirely composed of the standard sized knex? I've noticed that micro knex dominated over many of the value tubs. I intend to find a set to build knex guns

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knex coaster sets?

 any one willing to see cross ties and tubing for the following sets: screamin serpent,storm moutian,rippin rocket,shark run,etc(no new coasters)

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How do I set dyed fabric that has been batik so I won't loose the brilliant color?

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stop motion set?

 How Would i make skirting board for my set, which is in a house. My characters a cat standing about 18 cm tall and is 20 cm in length, so my sets pretty big???

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Lock Pick Set? Answered

I need help making a lock pick set, i can NOT use paperclips, they don"t work for me. it needs to be INEXPENSIVE, i have seen many types, but it needs to be easy to make. the materials need to be objects that i can get from an average hard ware store, any suggestions?  Be SERIOUS!

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diy drum set?

Since i have built plenty of guitar and a new bass i'm planning to build a drums, just to know how much work is put on building drums. is it possible to build a drum set from scratch? how are they built? and on what materials? and what are the things to consider.

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Set an Instructables Record!!

Help set a record for the most comments on a forum topic. I don't care what it is, pictures, videos, messages, whatever. Just wright something! I have not yet seen a topic with more than 600 comments, but if you know of one, tell me in the comments. Just to start things off: I lost the Game

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New Knex Sets

I was recently on where I found two new sets that had just come out Lava launch coaster and Loopin' lighting coaster. One thing I noticed on the lava one was that the main structure was made out of micro knex! WHY??????? Can't they just go back to making sets like big ball factory thats very substantial and strong rather than weak rubbish micro knex. Another example is the motorized madness ball machine which I not even sure whether it uses any normal knex. Annoyingly I think old sets or just boxes of random stuff off ebay is the only way. I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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head set help!

I need help with my headset, its just a little microphone and speaker, but when i put it in the headphone port, it doesnt read anything on voice recorder thing. Help please

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Hi , new to instructables and have been looking at some posts and am now confused. Im in the process of seting up a led lighting board, I am using 20 blue high power 1W led's 350mw each. My plan is to run them from a computer power supply, but am unsure of the safest way to hook them up, parallel with a resistor for each or so on, I am basic when it comes to electronics and components, i can read a basic diagram. Also some parts listed in high power led driver on this site are parts numbers that are not available in Australia, i know i need to regulate voltage and current at 3.5v and 350ma but don't know what parts to use, i used led calculator and was told to use a 1watt 5.6ohm resistor in parallel. Please help

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Ubuntu set-up? ?

I have a dell computer that I wiped of the Windows OS and installed Xubuntu 8.10, I am trying to intsall Ubunto. I need help installing it. I can not access the internet at the moment on that computer. I did go through the whole process of downloading the system last night before the internet went out on it. I did not get it loaded. It is just downloaded to the desktop. I also have a copy of it on my laptop to put on a disc. I put it on a DVD disc. Once I put that into the computer I did not know where to go from there. IF you can help me figure out the steps I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have a manual or any instructions. I am very new to Linux and firefox. Thank you for your help Mrs. Skunkbait

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password re-set

I have encountered a flaw in password reset. i have made a membership..not pro. but i made the account last summer and i started using this site again after about 4 months of being in-active. i started using this site again everyday for the past week. starting guessing on actual days but lets say it was Monday because i cant remember what day it was. i opened the site got to log in. cant remember password. OK. used the password reset manager. made a new pass word. that all worked. next day. Tuesday. i go to log in. my password isn't what i reset it too. so i go and reset my password again. same thing its nice and dandy. works. lets me in. next day same error occurred. happens everyday. any explanations? any fixes? am i doing something wrong?

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Set Pistol Instructio

I have had a lot of success with instructables that have more than one objective in view. For example, my K'NEX Gun Attachments 'ible has had almost 4,000 views (not to mention 22 favorites), and I think that the main reason for this can be extensively attributed to the fact that there is more than one thing to look at within the 'ible. After all, look at BM2's L85A2. The gun is amazing, but people also (note the word ALSO, there) love the ACOG that he has included within the pictures. I think that this could be used again in a really cool instructable "initiative" that I wanted to propose to you guys. My idea is this. Why must we always post instructables with only one item included within them? I see no reason for why this should always be, so I propose this. A pistol instructable. What we would do is (a collection of us) build a bunch of shooting pistols (no models please) whether replicas or not, I don't care, so long as they shot and are relatively new (no carbon copies of other builds). Then, at the end of say, April, I would make and invite a bunch of you guys to post your pistols onto an instructable, and then I'd finally post after everybody got theirs added and edited. What do you guys think? The idea kinda seem sorta far fetched, but we could give it a whirl all the same...? -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Profile Update Process

How can screen name be changed or account deleted? Please help. Happy holidays!

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When viewing my settings it is saying i have not joined any groups Answered

But when i look at my public page they all show up they also show up when i want to add an ible to a group. Has anyone else had this problem?

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The new interface just made this website much worse.

What is it these days, it's like a competition that big websites want to change their visual design just for the sake of change even though the previous design was extremely clear and functional, and recently more often than not, the new design is a downgrade. Why fix something that wasn't broken? Now everything is less intuitive, you can't find anything, you have to do a lot more scrolling, and having to look at that makes your eyes sore sooner, you just want to quit. I get it that you're all obsessed with trying to make everything look like mobile phone UIs but it's a terrible idea: we're not all that obsessed with phones, plenty of us still prefer a proper computer because its large display allows us to see more things at the same time so there's no need to scroll to and fro and you can make connections between a lot of things simultaneously.Having to scroll through a lot of material because you can only see very little at a time is extremely counterproductive when you're trying to grasp the holistic picture of something, work on something that requires working memory. Using a phone UI on proper computer displays is an absolute nightmare and makes you want to not use websites that waste your time with the hide and seek game and sense-irritating visuals. It helps a little bit if I downsize the font of the entire page by several notches but because everything gets smaller, the texts that were small to begin with, will get too small, and that still doesn't fix the unintuitive randomness of how the page is composed now.I'd really appreciate it if users could at least choose which "skin" or UI to use for the site so it would be accessible to everyone.

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Controlling Arduino through the Serial Monitor

Http:// I find I need to tweak parameters in my arduino apps and I don't want to have to upload the code over and over again.  This code snippet lets me open a serial monitor and adjust special parameters "on the fly". I hope you find it useful.  I use it in every one of my robots!

Topic by aggrav8d 

Am looking for Erector (Meccano) sets or K'nex sets...updated

But haven't a lot of "resources", so mostly unwanted sets that I could pay shipping to take them off your hands. They are for special "classes" /  tutoring segments I am having with an Asperger's Syndrome child.  (NOT the one in the video.... I am working on a wide variety of projects for the youngster.  From "squishy circuits" to robotics, to chemistry and metalurgy, but she has a keen interest in dinosaurs and Roman history, and I am a bit lost on Roman history....any suggestions on how to get THAT worked into an interesting project? Thank you Gmoon for stepping up to the plate and getting me started on this project.  It will mean the WORLD to my wonderfully attentive student :-)

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Best knex set for the money

Which knex sets have the most pieces for the least amount of money?

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New categories setting bug.

Some recent projects have not got the new categories set.  When I try to set them, I get "error 500 - internal server error".

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Vacuum Tube Chess Set

This chess set made from vacuum tubes is pretty stunning. Plug a tube into a square and the top lights up. I doubt that the pins will stand up to very many games of chess, but it is lovely to look at. Vaccum Tube Chess Set via Make

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Help setting promoted items

I've been trying to set my best instructables lately, but it seems to be broken. All I have is a forever saving screen and it doesn't set my promoted items! I've seen that others also have this problem too. Can someone help with this?Thank you

Question by zakbobdop 

Guitar Hero drum set....

GF's daughter pulled a wire out the left cymbol plug...Is their a fix for this???

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cannot re-set password

I have tried several times to re-set my password without success. I fill in the access code and then fill in my new password hit submit and it keeps taking me back to that same page. I am not especially tech savvy but those instructions seem pretty simple, what am I doing wrong? Thanks Cheryl

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Setting Up a DNS Server

I am interested in setting up a DNS server but have never setup any kind of server before. I am currently running Ubuntu 7.04 and windows xp. Is there anyway to do this for free? All shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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What if 24 was set in 1994?

Jack Bauer and CTU doing their thing. I miss those geocities page :)

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Classes and setting buttons broken?

When on my profile page, I see three options near the top, just under my picture: Profile, Classes, and Settings.  Below those are what seems to be a feed, perhaps, with only one item that says I joined instructables.  When it first loads, Profile is highlighted.  If I click on Classes or Settings, something seems to load, but I still see the same feed - no classes, no settings. In order to get back to a class I had started previously, I had navigate to it by browsing classes. This seems like a bug, but if there's something I'm doing wrong please let me know. Thanks, Steve  

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Chain Mail Chess Set

This entire chess set is made out of chain mail. The amount of work that must have gone into this is mind-boggling. You will certainly lose the nice sound of solidly dropping a piece into a new strategic location, but maybe the clank of chain mail on chain mail will be even more satisfying.Link

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Predict the Future! ...of data sets

I just made an excel spreadsheet, that predicts the future of data sets. My main reason was because I wanted to have a way to predict my Instructable views, but this could be used for a lot more. This is not completely accurate (as it uses the best fitting line of the data) so don't believe it completely. To use it, just change the first two numbers (at least) to values you want to see grow. Any value you don't know. Mark with n

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An old surveillance set-up

At the moment, I am in possession of a really old, monochromatic surveillance monitor and camera. Both the camera and monitor have their own microphones and speakers (low quality), with the camera speaker being the louder one. The monitor has multiple inputs for audio and video (red/yellow/white). The set-up itself is not very large, the monitor is smaller than an overhead project by a 25% or more. Now my question is what do with it?

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