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Subwoofer Setup

I want a kick ass area in my house for a subwoofer. like to hook up to a computer or mp3 player. is there a way to hook up a subwoofer to a laptop?

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methane setup?

I once saw a TV show about China. There farmers were using methane to run everything for the house. A pig lived attached to the house and the waste went into some sort of digester. The pen was cleaned each day and waste was pushed down a sealed chute. Any ideas on making such a setup? I really would like to get plans and instructions for a digester and piping .

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Quiz on the new setup

I have heard (mostly negative) feedback on the updates, so I made a quiz on it. (I hope the quiz makes sense, I was in a hurry) you for participating!

Topic by random_builder  

Smaller taser setup

Is it possible for a novice tinkerer like me to use just the capacitor from a disposable camera to make a taser, wiring the battery in seperately instead of using all the plastic?

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Wireless setup for Guitar

IM new here... what a great site. My Question is. Does anyone see any reason why a baby monitor wouldnt work for a wireless system for guitar. Disconnect speakers install 1/4" buds and find a lil better housing?

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LED Setup Help?

I have 30 led i will like to setup but i am not sure what led driver i need any help would be nice. can i got a led driver with less forward current them my led need? 20 1w led  Forward Voltage: 3.2V~3.6V Forward Current 300-350mA 10 3w led  Forward Voltage: 3.0V - 3.7V Forward Current: 700-750mA Was  thinking  two the below led driver for the 1w led and   One of the below led drive for the 3w

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Caravan auto setup

I came up with an idea about making a small product for setting up caravans in terms of getting the corner steadies lowered, when the caravan is where it should be set up. I wrote a more fulfilling description here: Caravan auto leveling Anyone care to give a cost estimate for only the hardware? I can do the app-programming on my own :) Best Regards Neroes

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Boom box setup

Hi there I am putting together a diy boom box but cannot figure out how do I can nectar a 500w PC power supply and a 12v battery up so then I can use both of them to use the boom box I've figured out how to use it with just the battery but unsure on how to with the PC power supply please help

Topic by 18R4H1M.  

Is this solar setup flawed? Answered

I have a 12V 10W solar panel that I'd like to use to charge a smartphone and/or a battery pack (5000mAh-15000mAh). I realise it's not a large panel but smartphones aren't that greedy and my use would be moderate. I was hoping that I could just attach the panel I have to a car lighter receptacle and use a double USB plug that I already have. Is this a sensible arrangement? The advantages, to me, are that all I'd need is a $5-$10 receptacle and I'd have a very simple setup (no inverter or charge controller, well, I suppose the USB plug would be a controller, perhaps). Would this system work? Even if it did work would it be an efficient set-up? Would there be any danger of damage to smartphone or panel? Also: will I need to earth anything or are the devices I charge capable of earthing? Would I need a diode to stop charge flowing back to the panel when there was no sun? Thanks for reading, I'd really appreciate any input on these questions.

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Freesat TV setup.? Answered

I want to set up three Freesat boxes in our home, unfortunately our dish only has one cable running from it & is not exactly accessible being attached to the chimney stack. I know that it is possible to replace the UDC on a dish to serve extra rooms what I need to know is if it is possible to add a splitter box to the incoming cable to split off to extra rooms each with it's own Freesat box? I know it can be done with cable TV as our crews used to do it when I ran operations for a cable installation company so I am hoping that I can use similar splitters for Freesat. Any equipment recommended would have to be in the UK or available online. Thanks in advance for your help folks.

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Cricket Cage Setup

Hello, i have a creative project that i need some advice on. The idea is based off the old chinese cricket cages. From purely the electronics design perspective i would like the following features. 1. A very small solar panel (think the garden light instructables projects) 2. Rechargeable battery pack (size dependent on power needs) 3. A speaker capable of reproducing the sound of a cricket. No volume control needed, just a realistic replication 4. Something to play the sound (this is where i am lost) 5. A single green led bulb 6. a light sensor that would flip the system to on when it is dark. (I would like it to be able to operate light and sound for maybe 3 hours on a full charge) The hope is that all of this could be fit into a 8"x3"x7" space, with the solar panel mounted externally. The installation i can handle, but some of the electronics are beyond my skill level. The best i have managed is the moon jars made from a mason jar and a garden light. This project is basically like that, only with sounds, and placed in a custom enclosure.   I suspect that sound is much harder than solar LED lights, and that is what i would most like some input on. If i can get the things made i will gladly share any info, though im not sure i have the skills and equipment to actually write a instructable. 

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Post your Computer Setup

I'm surprised nobody's done this yet. Post your desktop/computer/workstation setup. Pics of mine below:

Topic by Firebert010    |  last reply

setup of mms on a sciphone i68 ?

I am looking for some setup instructions on mms for a i68 sciphone that is on att

Question by biggkali215  

about gaming desktop setup

Hello my name is oskar grönvold and i am very beginner to setup for gaming and i will include pictures of what i need help with, and i would like to hide that which is under my desk and i also would like some comment on how it looks like on top of my desk too. If this works out as i dont know how to do  it better.

Topic by oggeboyn  

I hate this new setup

This sucks, what was wrong with it before? My favourites are hidden away and everything's been moved around. And oh JOY now I can't unfave the instructable from my "favourites" page.

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book scan - Camera Setup

Hi all, So I was scanning the book manually today using camera. Everything turned out to be ok, except the final pictures file size was staggering big(little over 1MB), which finally will compiled into a single PDF file. I was using resolution of 1600*1200 and found it to be the minimum accepted resolution in my situation. So my question was under what kind of camera setup should I get the smallest picture size but relatively clear picture. Thanks,

Topic by liys    |  last reply

Simple Dimmable LED setup?

Hi everyone, A friend of mine has a project which involves using a large amount (40+) standard 5mm LEDs to light a frame to a uniform brightness with the ability to dim the entire setup uniformly. Due to the shape of this frame its not economical or practical enough to use strip lighting. Rather than try to explain the circuit design I came up with I have included it as an image. Essentially I'm worried that I've overlooked something in this design and was wondering whether anyone with more experience would be able to take a look and point out any problems I've missed. If anyone has the time I would be incredibly grateful.

Question by Zaryck    |  last reply

Whats the best capacitor for this setup? Answered

Whats the best capacitor to store charge and release slowly, i want to turn a motor which generates dc into the capacitor and then the capacitor releases this charge into another motor at the flick of a switch for a long time , i have already found a circuit perfect for this but its just finding the capacitor, or should i just use a rechargeable battery, p.s i would still like to know which capacitor would be good for this.

Question by connorfrancis    |  last reply

Fairground ride Light setup

Hiya Everyone, I was wondering if i could have some help, I have recently purchased an old fairground ride light using cabochons and incandescent bulbs 240v @ 10W each and have wired it up in a 3 phase series circuit. Now the light works fine as a light however me being me id like to allow for each part of each letter to be controlled individually so i have split the signs into three areas purple, green and yellow and i would like to program something to control each part individually and allow for it to either flash or dim each part moving onto another transition, ive had a look around youtube and google but cant really find anything else like this. Please see attached photo of one of the letters

Question by JamesT402  

UPS external battery setup?

 I have a APC BACKUPS 500 with a dead battery, it can supply up to 300 watts continuously. However, at full tilt my computer can use up to 1000watts and the monitor uses about 150. With standard use my computer uses around 400watts or so. Would it be possible to use 2 UPS both wired in parralel to a single deep cycle lead acid battery. Would this work? The thing I'm worried about is wouldn't both UPSes try to charge the battery at the same t ime, and would that be ok? Red is positive and blue is negative in the picture. I would hopefully get around 1 hour of backup. Also, is there any way to make my computer go into energy conservation mode when the power goes out? I have a 2008 8 core mac pro.

Question by snowluck2345    |  last reply

LEDs Driveway Solar Setup

Help with LEDs (2 Part Question- Answer what you can) I got a reel of 5 Meters SMD 3528 Epistar LEDs Power Source: 12 Volts DC Wattage: 60 Watts Power Consumption (W/m):18 Watts / Meter LED Chip Model: SMD 5630 LEDs Number/M: 60 pcs / Meter How many Amps needed in a charge controller? Solar Cells Average Power (Watts): 2.6 Wp Average Current (Amps): 5.2 Imax Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax Do I need to wire the solar cells 3 in series to reach 15.6 volts (Calculated loss so not 12v) and then parallel to reach 60 watts for the LEDs? (I plan to have around 70 watts just for incase and rely on the charge controller to lower voltage to 12V.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (I am using a standard car battery. An old one that has lost a lot of juice, but I tested the LEDs on it and it still works.) Is this okay? Am I doing things right? Thank you all for your help!!! :o)

Topic by Learning Exp  

DIY battery setup help

Hi, I'm a first time DIY-er and would like to build a useful, long lasting battery pack for my *new* laptop (late summer). I'm 17, and this would be a perfect project for me to finish in the next few months. I'll be working with my dad and asking my physics teacher, who seems very all-knowing, for advice. My teacher understands electricity and batteries better than anyone else locally and is leading our STEM team, of which I am a member and need this experience. Keep in mind that I'm not just doing this to have a (much needed) battery pack for my laptop. I got most of my information from here and will most likely be purchasing new batteries. As far as the housing of the components, I have a hard plastic, 10+ year old lightly used blue lego container in the shape of a kid-sized briefcase.  Case: Old blue lego carrying case, 11” x 7.5”(9 including curved  front) x 3.5” Insulation tape Batteries: (x4) Battery holders: (x4) PCB: (protected voltage is higher, balance charger required) Balance Charger: Fuel Gauge: DC port: Wire terminals (for organization) Balance charge cords: Optional inverter: I heard about these being inefficient, so I'm not sure about it. Please inform me if there are any other parts that I'll need or if I've left out any information. Also Inform me if everything I'll need for a lithium battery pack is on this list. P.S. The case was chosen based on the fact that it will fit in my backpack with my books and looks much less alarming and more like a DIY battery than a black box or briefcase. especially with the fuel gauge and plugged in laptop.

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on a flyback transformer, what pins are used to supply power to the transformer? Answered

Its a flyback transformer from an old tv. made by samsung, i know the red cord from the top is high volt out. but what are the pins to put power in? and where is the nagative out?

Question by jshpps    |  last reply

Questions about the new contest setup.

So I guess someone had a bright idea to change the contest page, and it DOES look a lot better, but where are the contests that are in judging? I liked that with the old one you could go to the bottom of the contest page, and there would be all the ones that are closed, the ones that are being judged, and the contests that have the all the winners. Did this feature get removed on this new contest page?

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Multiple "void setup" in Arduino sketch? Answered

Hello ! Can I use more than one '''void setups' simultaneously in one arduino sketch. Something like that - void setup() { code  } void setup1() { code 2  } void setup2() { code 3 } I saw in here that I can run multiple "void loops" simultaneously in sketch.

Question by Konstantin Dimitrov    |  last reply

Brass/Sax Cheap Mic Setup

I have made a cheap setup that attaches to your instruments bell and provides a clearer sound then a mic mounted on a desk. Oh did I mention it cost me about $2.00- $2.50? Please let me know if anyone is interested in an Instructable on this?

Topic by LinemenOwn    |  last reply

will this gear setup work for an RC car? Answered

For a while now i have been working on an rc car from almost scratch. i picked up a nice car for this on the clearance rack for $10, it already had a gearbox, but no gears. This was a pushtoy, after all. abyways, i found gears and filled the gearbox. will this setup of gears work well for speed in my car? or will there be more torque? for the best speed, what does my setup have to be like? (im using a high rpm motor, but not the one in the picture, the one in the picture absorbs way too much current)

Question by zack247    |  last reply

How to setup IP phone network?

I want to know what is required to make IP phone network. I mean what software? what type of Phone? how to set up parameters in software. thanks

Question by Nokia_sa    |  last reply

which wifi antenna setup is better?

Hi, I currently have an antenna in form of 12" dish and alfa 1w usb nic with 5db eboit antenna in the middle and I get signal from 1km range but I will be moving to an half island and there is internet about 1.5 km away. is the fallowing antenna any better then my setup? can you compare. thank you fellow wifi geeks.. Al

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

3D Glasses setup? Crystal Eyes?

 I recently found a old pair of Crystal Eyes, and i recognized them as 3d stereo glasses, i found alot of wires, a manual, and an emitter box. I was wondering if their is an easy way to connect them to my computer I have a 8800GT and a Gateway 24inch monitor

Question by snowluck2345    |  last reply

Small LED Push Button Setup

So I'm trying to create an LED ring, to where if I squeeze my finger the led will come on with a push button, and squeeze again to turn it off. So I bought a small series of LED's and Push Buttons from Radio Shack, but cant get it to work the way I need. I found that the push button switch was for a circuit board or something. Bear in mind I'm not the best with this type of thing but I thought I could figure it out on my own. This setup is supposed to be small enough to fit in a ring, so the smaller the better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Topic by Pistulio    |  last reply

Multi- 9v or 12v outlet setup?

Does anyone know how to make or where to find a single wallwort (120v outlet) that has multiple 9v or 12 v out plugs? I've got alot of little electronics (mainly things that light up/ glow) and I hate all the blocks and power strips that I've got to use. (I'm in the US btw.) Thanks for any help! The Atomic Soul

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Setup Cable Management. Convert to Wireless.

A while ago, I dropped my laptop and shattered the screen. Because it was less expensive to just buy an external monitor, I removed the entire upper half of my laptop and am using the external monitor. The problem is that this leads to a really clunky setup since I have to connect all of my wires to the laptop base which I'm using as a keyboard. My idea is to instead connect all of the cables to a hub I'd build into my desk, and that hub would transmit the signal wirelessly to wireless converter dongles in my laptop's USB ports. Any ideas on how to make this work? Is it even possible? I couldn't find any female Bluetooth adapters. Any advice would be appreciated

Question by jj1always  

How do you setup a router? Answered

 I have a 54M Wireless router here. It's a TP-Link with 5 ports at the antennae side. The first port is labeled "WAN" and it may mean "Wide Area Network" or "Wired Area Network" or "Wireless Area Network". The other ports are for wired connections. I want to use this router, but my problem is that I can't seem to secure the thing with a password (remember it's wireless). Also, the last time I tried to use it, the whole thing won't work. Well, sure the Network was setup, but the internet won't work. Where do you plug the network cable from the modem to the router, and the PC to the router.  Straightened out: How do you put a password on the router? How is it supposed to be connected? Could you disable the wireless feature? If so how? What does "WAN" mean?                                        - Thanks                                                                                                        

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Motion sensor to motor circuit setup

Hi I'm trying to work out what I would need in terms of components and possibley wiring to produce a circuit of which will allow a motor to start for a short period of time once a motion sensor has been triggered then turn off automatically. It is basically to track whether or not something has exited a large box rather than its entry, this is so that on exit of the box the motor will change the the internal environment but not be triggered by entry, only on an additional exit. I am confortable with the mechanical side of this project however I am a novice to electronics and any help you could offer on the subject would be fantastic. If you need more information please feel free to ask. I could insert a quick sketch if this would help.

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pic 16f690 ADC setup- solved

Hi, i'm trying to get the ADC module on the 16f690 operational. The analog input is on A0, and is variable between 0V and about 1.8V. The result is just displayed in the format it comes out of the converter on 8 LED's (all tested and functional) on C0 to C7. When I run the code, it continuously displays '10001100xx'  (the two least significant bits are not displayed, so are unknown) The .asm file attatched (will open in notepad) compiles ok, with no errors, and the warnings about the correct bank have been checked. The configuration used is as follows: INTOSCIO oscillator: I/O on A4, A5 WDT disabled PWRT disabled MCLR tied to VDD, I/O on MCLR pin code protection disabled BOR disabled internal/external switchover mode disabled fail safe clock monitor disabled Thanks for any help.

Topic by The Skinnerz    |  last reply

Extremely basic laser tag setup?

I'm looking into building a cheap, easy to build, no frills (score, shot counter, reload, etc) laser tag setup. All I'm looking for are: - a modulated 40khz IR emitter, with a muzzle flash LED - shot sound (any easy way to do this with a piezo buzzer, or other really easy way?) - a receiver that sends the signal to a piezo buzzer connected to your ear I'm not gonna go for milestag, because it's too expensive to make my goal of 8 guns with, and I don't have the skills to make it (or time), but I will use its general emitter and receiver setup, just no fancy microcontroller. All I want is a "point and shoot you got me". I AM looking for a long range, though, equal to milestag guns, and for that I'm using its modulated emitter and receiver setup (to avoid sun interference... am I right?). So far I've seen this and this as for attempts at making something old school like this, but as electronic-circuitry inadept as I am, I can't put everything together easily without some help. I've included a photo of my schematic, created with the help of the above links and modified/simplified forms of the milestag sensor... please help with corrections. My primary questions are: - how do I add a sound output to the emitter? A beep is acceptable, but if there's an easy way to add a real shot sound, I'd go for that. - how do I limit the pulse to a short, like 0.25 second time period (I realize this was answered in one of the above links, but I need a circuit diagram or more noobproof explanation for it), then stop the beam? - how would I ground the LED (Vishay tsal 6100) and a non-ultrabright, red LED (the emitter output) in the emitter schematic (left)? Do I need resistors before the ground? - how would I add the piezo buzzer to the output in the receiver schematic? I'm using a Mouser part #  539-PT2130FPQ, in case there are resistors i should know to add. - do I ground the #1 terminals on the 3 terminal 40 khz receiver/demodulator? Originally, they would have been linked to the "data" wire on the milestag module. Please help a budding DIY electronics enthusiast out?

Question by MadBricoleur  

How to setup an LED hunting light?

I'm trying to copy something I've seen online...without buying it. So I dont have a light to look at in order to copy it. I'm doing this for my own use, not to sell, so i'm not trying to take business from anyone. Online they have hunting lights that are green LED's that hang below a feeder. These are used for wild hog hunting since they usually come out to feed at night. They cannot see the green light, but green is easier to see at night to the human eye. I'm wanting to power it off of the 12v battery in the feeder since I have it charging with a solar panel. The LED's i found online for fairly cheap are super-bright 5mm green LED's. It says they give off more than 8000 mcd (light rating?). They require 3.2v (3.4v max) at 20 mA. I've looked at some of the posts on this and wanted to know if my math is right on how i can set these up. I figure i would wire 3 in a series, which would require 9.6v. Using Ohms law with a current of .020 Amps, I get (12-9.6)/.020=120 Ohms So, 3 LED's in series with 120Ohms worth of resistors and my 12v battery will power it fine. The part i'm not sure about is how the current works with this. The battery is 12v 7Ah. Will that fry them or is the current the amount of juice it has? If i wanted to make a light with say, 30 LED's, can I make these 3 LED units and wire multiple units together in parallel? so each unit would power off of the 12 volt and the parrallel units? Hopefully this makes sense. Will this work? Is this the best way? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Windows 7 Setup error:Windows setup could not configure one or more system components.?

Hey, I am trying to install Windows 7 RTM, legally, Have my legal product key with me.So it installs, i have the ISO image, i mount it, and run the setup from there, that is how i did it with the windows 7 RC, And it worked fine.But now, It gets past the first part, installs fine, Second part, Fine, 3rd part where it is at "Completing installation", At about 99% done, It gives the the following error:Windows setup could not configure one or more system components.Then it restarts, and ends there.I tried re-downloading twice, I tried Re-installing 4 times, No avail.Any help? Ideas?Thanks~ReCreate

Question by ReCreate    |  last reply

Can RevolverMaps feature be added to an Instructable?

I would like to add the RevolverMaps (reference: feature to my Instructable, but it doesn't seem to allow this, or just doesn't seem to work. The RevolverMaps feature would allow me to be graphically appraised of the general areas the visitors are from, across the globe.

Question by shastalore    |  last reply

Can anyone help me with a NASCAR 09 car setup? Answered

Hi daredevil499 here, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a great car setup for Daytona international speedway on NASCAR 09 for the playstation2. I want a setup that will make me go 195 mph or faster please. Don't worry if you can't. Thanks

Question by daredevil499  

Set up RepRap Pursa i3 Printer?

I have completed the build of my RepRap Pursa i3 printer. Where do I go from here? How do I set up the printer to make it ready to plug into my computer and start printing?

Question by HenryAT    |  last reply

What is a good, cheap setup for a server computer?

I am looking to build a server computer to run some basic stuff like file hosting, and maybe some ventrilo. (Maybe a game server in the future) What would be a good setup for someone on a budget?

Question by N1CK4ND0    |  last reply

How to design and setup a mobile phone jammer?

As a part of my academic project, I would like to build a mobile phone jammer, sufficient enough to block CDMA and GSM signals. Where shall I get technical assistance for that? 

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how to make a direct mic to speaker setup?

I am trying to run a microphone directly to a speaker and I am having some troubles with how to integrate battery or 12v DC power into it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Question by nrepak    |  last reply

Simple question about RAID 1 setup

I plan on buying 2 of the following Hard Drives: I also buy the following RAID controller: Will these be compatable with eachother in a RAID 1 setup? After plugging the HDDs into the controller, and the controller into my MB( is there anything else I need to? Or will BIOS automatically take care of it? Thanks!

Topic by metrogdor22    |  last reply

speaker setup for computer - beginner needs help

Hi all, I am new to all this but I am keen to have a go at some kind of project. I was thinking of making my own speaker set up using some old speakers and then setting this up with a sound card in my computer. I would be ok fitting the sound card but do not have that much of a clue as regards to what speakers i could use or how to put them together. cheers- Muckster

Topic by muckster    |  last reply

Amp hour draw question for LED setups

Hi, I have an led setup that is drawing .39A  @12v.  I am running it with a 4.5ah alarm panel battery. My questions are: Is there a way to calculate the how long this set up will run  knowing that leds stop working when the power dips under a certain amount?  I have been running this set up for about 4 hours at a time, about once a week without issues for several years.  I always top off the battery at a 2amp setting on the charger.  It always takes less than an hour to top off after 4 hours of use.  This is probably good for the battery cause it shows that it isn't being drawn down much during it's 4 hours of use.  I then put it on a float charger for storage till the following week.   Could this be run on a smaller battery without affecting the battery life?    I would like to run the smallest and lightest set up possible while maintaining the health of the sealed battery that probably doesn't like heavy recharge cycles. What is the smallest I should go while keeping the battery healthy?  Thanks for the info. 

Topic by thewetturd    |  last reply

Wanted: Someone to setup HomeAssistant for my house

I bought a bunch of Sonoff basics and a Raspi 3 thinking it would be easy to build a home automation system out of this.  I was going to use and my android phone, weekend project, no big. That was 9 months ago and I still just have a pile of Sonoff switches and a kinda booting Raspberry Pi 3. I'm so out of my depth, I don't know what part of it is or isn't working, or if it's just not configured correctly, etc.  I need someone to either walk me through this or give me a bunch of files to download and instructions on how to flash the devices.   Name your price and what you can deliver.

Topic by jongscx