The Shack

According to this article over at engadget, RadioShack is rebranding as "The Shack" and attempting to change their corporate culture. I wonder if this will be the end of components being available there? Not that I particularly enjoy paying $3.49 for an 8 cent LED, but sometimes you don't want to wait for it in the mail.

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Radio Shack

Hi everyone, i'm completely new here, and have had a good look around, anbd a quick look on these forums, and I have a question, which I am sure has been asked before but I couldnt find it.... What is the English equivilent (sp?) of Radio Shack? I can't seem to think of anywhere, at least near me, that sells electronic components and such such.. Thanks BBD

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Radioshack competence

  I found this at the radioshack website. I know for a fact that radioshack is not competent is components.

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Radio Shack exploded this morning

In New York City, a Radio Shack exploded this morning. Well, to be more accurate, the sidewalk right in front of it exploded. A manhole explosion led to a transformer catching fire which led to 100 people being evacuated. So far, it looks like nobody was hurt, which is pretty amazing. But still, a "manhole explosion"? They just explode now? I thought that only happened in Die Hard. Link

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Radio Shack Digital Multimeter beeping?

I bought this meter last week and when turned on it does not cease beeping. I know this is not normal. Is it bad or can the beeping be stopped. I looked in the instructions a and could not find anything on this. Thanks, MV

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Value of the resistor in Radio Shack Led holders?

I got this LED from radio shack and I want to recreate it with smaller LEDs. Does anyone know the specs of the resistor? I think it's 680 Ohms, but is it 1/4 or 1/2 watt? Thanks

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Radio Shack digital multimeter issue

Model is 46 range pc interface. Got it last week, second one after the original went bust, so rs interchanged it. But this one once turned on, does not cease to beep continuously. I know this is not supposed to happen. So, how do i stop this beeping? Thanks

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Where did instructables go? I just see radio shack?

This is bogus -- do not like 

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Radioshack's doom - a problem for Makers?

I had missed this story until today, but it seems that Radioshack is on its last legs, with most commentators expecting it to cease trading by the end of this year. Aside from the fact that it will be sad to see such a well-known name disappear from the scene, I wonder what it will mean to the Maker community? How many folk buy their components, especially the last-minute bits needed to finish? Will the demise affect the Maker community, or does the company's image loom larger than its real influence, and the closure won't affect much after all? Will it affect you?

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Circuit Boards and LEDs

Ok I need to know, does radioshack sell circuitboards? or at least those white ones as seen in If they don't then what store can I get them at? Also does anywhere else other that radioshack and the internet sell LEDs

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Anyone remember this?

Hey there everyone! I was just going through some of my old stuff (trying to find loot for new projects), and I came across this gem. I got this for Christmas 25 years ago and I have held onto it for some reason. It wasn't until I started poking around this site and building again, that I realized why i have kept it. This it what got me interested in electronics.....well not really, I believe this was given to me to curb my random destruction of electronics around our house ;). So I want to say thank you to my dad, whom at the time saw an interest and tried to encourage it. So let me know if you remember this and if anyone still has one!

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Radio Shack Bankrupt? How will it affect Instructables users?

Recently Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy. I know that tons of projects here on Instructables rely on Radio Shack, and some have even been sponsored by them. How is this going to affect our ability to find and buy electronic components?

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This guy at the Bonney Lake Radioshack

I was talking to today, he wanted to build an LED circuit for a bike. I recommended instructables.

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I bought a multi colored 3 prong LED and it blinks... what did I buy? Answered

What's the pinout?I have it working, but... I would like to make sure I do not fry it. it's red blue and green but automaticly cycles in an odd pattern with teal... Shouldn't there be a purple? Bought from radioshack. Sorry, no images.

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radio shack 3 channel doorbell/intercom wireless signal doesn't reach inside home, how can I rig it?

Radio shack 3 channel doorbell/intercom wireless signal doesn't reach inside home, how can I rig it?

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Remember when Radio Shack sold electronic components? And didn't suck?

I just went into a Radio Shack for the first time in quite a while, and I was struck by the glaring lack of components and project kits. Seems like all they carry these days is a bunch of consumer electronics that you can get cheaper anywhere else. It made me sad. Of course, last time I went into The Shack looking for anything more complicated than a pack of batteries you could also still see music videos on MTV, so there's that. I once got an awesome strobe light kit from Radio Shack, and I remember they carried photoelectric burglar alarm kits and a bunch of other neat junk. Anybody else miss the cool stuff?

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Connecting a soundbar to a tv?

Me and my family recently purchased an Auvio soundbar from radioshack. It came with an RCA cable to hook up to our TV. However, my TV uses an "S/PDIF" jack for audio. I don't know where to get one of these, but it's been really inconvenient having to switch the RCAs to whatever component I'm using at the time instead of just hooking it up to the TV. What should I do? 

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Does rselectronics means radioshack electornics ? Answered

Does "rselectronics" means "Radio Shack Electronics", i would be happiest in the world if it does....because in my country there is some building "rselectornics", webpage:

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How to add a proximity sensor (LED) to the Radio Shack (276-1323) recording module

How do you add a proximity sensor (LED) to the Radio Shack (276-1323) recording module

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How much is liquid solder flux at menards?

I like to solder things and stuff. I get frustrated when the solder just wont stay or go where I want to. Today I was working on a robot for science olympiad at school and my teacher showed me how to use liquid solder flux. I was amazed by how well it worked. I asked him where he got it and he said menards but he didnt remember how much it cost. Does any one know. I cant drive yet and my family is sick except me so asking a friends mom to give me a ride to menards would be kind of weird. Do you know how much it cost at other stores? I could only find the paste on radioshacks website. It didnt seem to work as well when I used it. 

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What are some favorite suppliers for LEDs other than Radio Shack?

I am just curious to see where people like to purchase their LEDs from other than the usual places like Radio Shack and Frye's Electronics. 

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Best LOCAL Places/Stores For Electronic Parts.(Besides Radio Shack)

I cant buy stuff online as of right now because I dont have a credit card (I am 15 gimme a break) BAsicly I am looking for the equivilent of Radio Shacks electronic componets section but a different store because Radio Shack doesnt have a good enough selection for me.I am looking for stuff like switches ,capacitors ,potentianometers ,rectifers ,LEDs stuff like that basicly.

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[SOLVED] How do I crimp RS Banana Plugs

I bought a set of Radio Shack Crimp-On Banana Plugs, but can't figure out how they crimp... they seem to be pretty thick brass... has anyone used these? if so, how do I crimp them?

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I have a laser that i bought from radio shack and i wanted to hack it? Answered

I saw a video on how to hack one by removing the button or front of the laser cap. I have not been able to remove the button or front cap of laser. If you know a better way to hack please tell.

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Cabin photos from indie book release- Mobile shack/trailer/fort/camper made from trash

As promised, here's some photos of one of the newer JUNK CABINS I'm building.... AND...    Its part of the indie book I just released on small houses/shacks... This cabin's nothing fancy, and stands at a mere 24 square feet, but it sleeps two (bunk-style), has a dutch style door (made from two recycled kitchen cabinet doors), and all in all is almost completely made from salvaged roadside/free materials- even most of the screws and nails. The paint (to make all the forklift pallet wood and scrap wood appear uniform) was unfortunately purchased (but after I sold some salvaged/found junk on craigslist). Also, The roof was originally made from mdf plywood/particle board from old stereo cabinets and tv armoirs (and an entire junked roll of roofing paper), but that proved too heavy for this wheeled/mobile cabin. In the endrun, I bit the bullet and bought some tuffex panels for roofing, which DOES give the interior some nice natural light- the only reason I decided to "cheat" with this route.      When finished, the cabin will have a mini-woodstove created from an old propane gas tank I nabbed at the dump (safety/workability pending), an outdoor kitchen/prep area attached to the cabin., and perhaps a small broken solar light kit I rewired and fixed. I'll also finish the wine-bottle window (not shown).    Anyway, thanks for looking!  Built to fit a trailer of mine, I'm eventually planning on hauling it up to my land in VT, where it can be used as lo-fi guest cabin or sorts, for those who always forget to bring tents.

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Sugru sellers

So has anyone else noticed that Radio Shack has now started selling sugru. Now it can be purchased locally. Woot.

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New dumpster-dived micro-shack/shelter episode of "Tiny Yellow House".....

Brand new episode just went up of "Tiny Yellow House" TV, for those looking to waste time while on the clock, etc.... more episodes have already been shot, or are in the works- and we're always looking for small co./indie backers/sponsors, books to review, show ideas, etc.... Thanks for looking. And yes, we'll be doing a seperate video on the vegatable oil heated in the cabin soonish, as so many people have asked (we planned on it, but ran out of time...)

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Where can i get a small SCR? Answered

 I checked the Radio shack website and haven't found any mention of SCR's.  I also found out that Radio shack is the only electronics store nearby.  I don't really want to have to order it in because my parents are really finicky about ordering things in and I was wondering if anyone knew of any common or cheap products that carry a small Silicon controlled rectifiers for me to salvage.

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TINY YELLOW HOUSE- webshow- episode #1 (tiny cabins- junk construction)

Here's a link to episode #1- as a test run of sorts. Subsequent mini-features will cover some more in depth, step-by-step construction of several different redneck-thrift building projects. -Deek Author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."

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how to paint a project box

How do u paint a plastic project box from rat do u do stencils to

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interesting video(not something stupid, its serious)

This is the video, around 20 minutes long. but worth every secondshe even pwns radio shack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can you unsolder electronics from tv's and things and reuse them? Answered

If so why go to radio shack and buy new parts? Just become good at unsoldering.

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is the LM741CN op amp work same as the LM741 op amp? Answered

I'm making a distotion pedel and radio shack has the LM741CN but not the LM741C op amp.

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What can you use hook up wire for? Answered

And I'm not talking about things with cars I'm talking about the stuff you get at radio shack

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Help! My Leds wont sync to the music! Answered

okay, so here is my problem: i have done this tutorial, and have had no luck.... i got all my parts from radio shack yesterday, ( Transistor, LED, switches, etc....) so they aren't old, and to make sure, I just tested the two transistors, and the still are working, same with use, battery. I do not know what i am wiring wrong, but please help!! here are the pictures of the wiring

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Does anyone know were to purchase a "Thermistor" for a Ridgid 14.4 drill battery.

I have attempted to get it at Radios shack, and several rebuilders of batteries and they will not sell me one.

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Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip?? Answered

Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip like you buy at radio shack? (batteries will be charged via solar charging circuit)

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Using potentiometer to dim Lights, controlling volume etc.?

I Live in a suburb of India I have found a radio shack here. I have managed to found only one kind of rotary potentiometer there ie, A10K(Brand: I-MAXX Made in Taiwan) with 3 pins on the side and 2 pins at the bottom... (something like the pic however instead of the blue bottom I have sea green). Well how to embed it in an led circuit or speaker circuit to dim the light or control the volume of a speaker respectively..... Thanks....

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Soldering a TRS to TRS cable?

I am trying to make a transfer cable for my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator. It came with a USB-mini to USB-mini cable, but it has two ports on top. One for a USB-mini cable, and one for an I/O cable, with 3/32 TRS jacks (2.5mm) from Radio Shack. I am wondering how to connect two TRS jacks together to make a transfer cable. I don't know what kind of wire to use, or how the wires should be connected.

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Electronic Stores in US? Where!?

Are there any electronic stores in US that I could actually walk into and buy Arduino boards or components? Other than radio shack. Are there any in say... Massachusetts?

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Got a schematic for a way to charge a couple AA rechargables using several solar panels linked?

From parts still available at Radio Shack? Not old listings for rectifiers you can't buy anymore or that sort of thing.

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Multimeter DIY Repair?

I have a Radio Shack digital multimeter, Model 22-174. Since the 10 Amp measurement circuit is not fused I blew this circuit and that part of the meter does not work now. I like this meter and would like to know if I can DIY repair it and what I need to do. I have looked around the Internet and have not found any information including the Radio Shack site. Was looking for the wiring diagram only found a parts list. I hope that I can fix it. If I can fix it I will fuse the test leads (black lead) or work out an internal fuse for this circuit so I don't repeat my mistake. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

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good LEDs?

Hello, i was just wondering if you guys think that these are good LEDs?eBay LEDsIm just starting out, they are only $9 for 100, and you get free resistors! (even though resistors arn't that expensive... even at radio shack )Anyway i was just wondering.ThanksSorry if this is not allowed or the wrong forum.

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Fixing a charger

I was charging my Toro 20360 when my son tripped on the cord, jerking the wires out of the plug (mower end).  I checked with Radio Shack and they only have 4 connected prongs instead of single ones.  Where can I get replacements for the prongs that insert into the plastic plug in? MK

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Where can i get cheap high powered LEDs? Answered

I was thinking about some ideas for future projects and i was wondering, where could i buy some cheap LEDs that actually are good, since the once from radio shack aren't that great.

Question by FrozenStar 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

What's a good soldering iron?

Me and my dad have a really crappy soldering iron. It has a really messy tip, it heats slow, it has a short cord, and it is clumsy to hold. We were wondering what to look for if we were to go to Fry's or Radio Shack to buy a new one.

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cheap easy pyro detonators!!!!!

Get some silicon diodes 3 for a 1.99 at radio shack or cheaper online tape one to a match and ad 6 to 12 volts to it and after a few seconds it will overload and get real hot! then it with ignite the match which will then ignite the visco fuse. original idea from jolly roger creator of anarchist's cookbook

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automatic fireworks ignitor

Its kind of a spin off on tet's but with alot less exotic pieces and alot easier to build, i plan on making a video or taking a picture soon sorry about image shack instructables thing is kinds retarded right now

Topic by iKill 11 years ago