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Spider Jerusalems Shades?

Spider Jerusalem has a funky pair of sunglasses, what would be the best way to make a pair?

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Deus Ex Shades

Alright folks. Those of you who are gamers must know about the last Deus Ex game that came out about a year ago. Ever since I first played that game I wanted to get my hands on working replicas of the retractable sunglasses that the main character, Adam Jensen wears in the game. The only problem is, I have not an ounce of knowledge on electronics. I can make shapes out of plastic and so on, so this would be no problem for me if I wanted to just make shades that didn't retract. I tried figuring out how to make these things by myself, but the world of electronics just proved to be way too complex for me to want to delve into just to work on this one project. So if anyone wants to help make this, here's what I have in mind... In the first picture we see Adam Jensen, sporting the shades. Notice how in the game the casings don't really have enough space for the shades to retract into. This is something that wouldn't work in the real world. There's a picture of a cosplayer that I've found online. As you can see, a realistic version of these shades would require the casings to continue all the way back towards the ear. Finally, if you look at the little picture I drew, you can see the basics of what I have in mind. Basically; we need a mechanism that will propel the glasses forward in some sort of a rail system at the push of a remote control button. We can hide this button on our person to secretly push it and create the effect of the user just controlling the shades mentally. You hit the button and, Woosh! The shades slam shut. If need be, this could be made so that the glasses need to be pushed into place manually after releasing them. Whatever works. The little silver circles at the ends of the glasses would work perfectly as batteries. Also, because the shades would be glued on to the face, our primary concerns with the parts we choose would be to keep them very light, very small, and to keep the parts very stable. If anyone wants to pick this project up, please let me know so that I can help as much as I possibly can. I really, REALLY want to see this happen.

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How to recover a lamp shade?

The lamp shade on my table lamp is falling apart and I would like to recover it in fabric. Right now it is plastic covered with fabric. The frame is metal.

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Retro lamp shade pattern

Found what I want online but they are too expensive. I want a geometric, atomic age shade pattern. But, I am open to any other ideas. Here is a link to the type of shade I would like to make:;=2

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Light Up Shutter Shades

Well i saw the grammys performance and i was wondering if anyone can make them like in the videoany info or instructable would be heavily appreciatedjust though it would be cool to own a pair like 0:36

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how do i modify the ocarina of time ROM so it has cel-shaded graphics, or twilight princess graphics?

Exactly what the header says, i saw an instructable on how to do it but i can't fibd it or remember how to do it (*EDIT*) i can legally download this particular ROM for an emulator (And about 20 others) due to the fact that i have legally purchased them, or have been given them, now, specifically, how can i do the graphics mod with an emulator download? i got a graphics shading pack, now what? (*EDIT#2*) adding more clarity, and specificity, how do i modify the graphics in the nintendo 64 emulator Project64? (*EDIT#3*) ok, the instructions on the following page DOES NOT WORK! so please do not refer me to it:

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how do i modify the ocarina of time ROM so it has cel-shaded graphics, or twilight princess graphics? Answered

Exactly what the header says, i saw an instructable on how to do it but i can't fibd it or remember how to do it (*EDIT*) i can legally download this particular ROM for an emulator (And about 20 others) due to the fact that i have legally purchased them, or have been given them, now, specifically, how can i do the graphics mod with an emulator download? i got a graphics shading pack, now what? (*EDIT#2*) adding more clarity, and specificity, how do i modify the graphics in the nintendo 64 emulator Project64?

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What shading techniques are used in the funnies?

If you open up the newspaper to the comics section, and the strip is in black and white, you will most likely see a bunch of dots used to shade the strip. For some time I have been trying to find out information about these dots, and have so far learned that they might be called Benday dots, or as I recently learned from a FoxTrot book (Camp FoxTrot), self-adhesive shading film. If anyone knows anything about this, I would like to know (if possible) three things, what are they, how do you use them, and where can you buy them? Thanks Instructables community, because I know if someone has an answer, it would be you guys. Thanks! -Splazem

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Mecho Shades - Keep heat in in winter?

We are building a 4 seasons room. Contractor recommended Mechoshades - I know they protect from sun and heat in summer, but do they keep the heat in during the winter?

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can we use fabric for making lamp shades and how ?

We are using nylon to make a lamp shade. we need a support to hold the fabric in position. the support should be thin with less weight so that it should occupy only less area.

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How can you make your own shade cover for spectators at an event using PVC pipe?

We are having a handball tournament and behind the courts is a basketball court the only place to sit and I wanted to make a background with shade material for the spectators.

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Craft: Making lamp shades with waxed paper

I have several lamps with cool shades that resemble brown paper with woven paper. They remind me of the lamp shades that I have seen at art fairs created with brown paper and waxed paper. Anyone know how to make them??

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Shading Rug hooking wool with Tide detergent?

Tide detergent:  I took a rug hooking class a number of years ago, and one session was all about dying.  The woman had a special technique for shading the wool using TIDE detergent (and it HAD to be tide).  She would have one color of a wool, and then soak it is tide, and then add more water and soak the next piece of wool to make a lighter shade.  I have lost the actual instructions.  Does anybody know about this?

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Lamp Shade Out of MRI Image Film?

I have a set of MRI scans of my knee. I make lamps and want to make a lamp shade out of these scans. A friend says, no - they will burst into flames. Another pal says, yes - go for it, get an old lampshade from Salvation Army, remove the cloth and clip the MRI scans to the wire armature. Oh, and if I make one, to be sure to use a low watt bulb. I think the scans are cool. But if they burst into flames, that would be bad. So - any idea how this could safely be done? Thanks.

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I want to make a faux roman shade for above my kitchen sink window. Instructions please?

I have one window in my kitchen above the sink and want to make a non-working roman shade type curtain/valance. I need instructions. Thanks

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Contemporary Wire Frame Lamp Shades (Drum Shaped) and Lamp Bases?

Hello!I have looked all over the internet and cannot find:* Drum Shaped Wire Frame Lamp Shadesor * Contemporary Lamp BasesDoes anyone have any suggestions?Thank you!Jeff

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Does anyone have a blueprint for making a bigger lamp shade than the one I have?

I live in Italy and they don't have much in the way of craft stores and most US stores don't ship over here. I want to make a new, bigger lamp shade for my living room floor lamp. Does anyone have a pattern they use to make their own?

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how to print a collage of digital photos on to a material that can be made into a custom lamp shade.?

I am looking a for a material that I can print a black and white collage of digital photos on for the purpose of making a custom lamp shade. I am also looking for tips and instructions.

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A sunscreen that keeps you in the shade all day long

I have been thinking about a suncreen that will keep shaded all day long. Rather then to move along as the sun changes position during the day, why not move the suncreen so that it always shades the same spot ? To that end, and after some thinking the idea of a movable abstract tree like shape which projects shade on the ground, was come up with. It would be able to move, let the wind pass trough, and because unlike traditional suncreens it would not be a parasol, it would give shade but cooler wind is also possible. Question remain though. Ho do you know which shape will give which shade ? As the screen would have to automove, a GPs with clock and arduino/wire would be needed. In a later step how to deal with excessive wnds would have to be included. There is also a possible cantilever mecanism and the weight of the whole thing. Also possible is to add a solarcell for the energy. As when one side is giving shade the other is pointing towards the sun. So some of the mecanism for it could be used for other things. I wondered if there is some kind of formula, algortirhm where you put height, surface area , shape/coordinates position of the sun, season in it, and the coordiantes of the area which should be shaded, and then run or show or find which shape would work best, but also to use in the arduino/wire. The shade could be be like big leafs that cover each other, like thick crosses, which allow the wind to move through, or other things. Please let me know if this is not so clear.

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Need a funky cool lamp shade pattern for an atomic age table lamp

I just bought an antique, funky, table lamp that is need of a shade. I have seen the kind I want online but they are wayyyyy too expensive. I know I could make one very inexpensively if I had a pattern and knew what kind of materials I need. I want a geometric, atomic age type of shade. But, I am open to any other ideas. I would upload a picture but I am in the middle of restoring the wiring and getting the rust off the base. Anywho....Here is a link to the type of shade I would like to make:;=2   Thanks for any help :)  

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Would shades, or sunglasses protect you from flashbangs?

Let's say you are in a situation where every second counts. Do wearing shades or sunglasses protect your eyes from temporary blindness as a result of a military grade flashbang? If not, what are some ways to protect yourself from the bright, instant flash of a flashbang? What are some ways I could imitate the blinding flash of a flash bang, without having to use actual flash bangs for an experiment? I'd appreciate your ideas.

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Podcast: CA Rule casts Shade on Solar Panels

Day to Day, October 27, 2008 Solar panels are this season's must-have construction accessory in Southern California. But there's a regulatory roadblock. Green boosters say one more state rule needs to change if solar is going to be anything bigger than a flash in the pan....Link to Podcast download

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How can I build an extra large drum light shade?

I would like to make a big drum light shade (approx measurements are 40" wide by 12" tall). I've got a basic hanging light fixture (just a triple bulb fixture with no shade), and I would like to fashion a frame (this is the hard part) around which to wrap a thin fabric.  Here is the style I'm going for, but not nearly big  enough: Any guidance you might have on where to get loops (or make loops) with approximately a 40" diameter, or how to get that frame done would be much appreciated!

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Shade options for a casual, outdoor wedding? Easy to put up/take down? Fairly cheap? Attractive? Impossible?

Hi- I'm trying to figure out our shade options for a casual wedding. I'm hoping to find something fairly cheap, easy to build/take down, and made with reusable materials. Am I dreaming? We have tools and the like, but the solution has to be pretty easy. The event will be stressful enough. There might be a breeze (probably not too heavy) and it has to look okay for the older and more judgemental guests. Preferably it would fit 10 chairs and a couple of small tables. Do you have any good diy links? Vendors for parachute material? Thanks in advance!

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i'm collecting dead bic lighters and would like to make some sort of lamp shade or statue of some sort with them?

Any suggestions on any kind of project i could do with the lighters would great.

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Sunglasses Lamp

This nifty lampshade uses 40 pairs of mirror shades to create one blinged out lampshade for your room. Points are lost for using new shades and for the ridiculous price tag of $1,600, making this a great possible remake project. More points are taken away for the bizarre claim of reflecting 80 times its surroundings. OK, I know what they meant, but it sounds like this is some light amplifier instead of a collection of cheap shades. Linkvia Make

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Midori no kaaten "Green Curtain"

I just read about an inspiring idea from Japan to lower electricity bills in summer: you mount a wire frame outside the window, plant vines at the bottom, and the vines will grow up the wires, providing shade, a more "organic" feeling, and probably a little more oxygen to the room its shading. This sounds like a GREAT idea! Does anyone know of any fast growing vines that are succulent/lush enough to make this work well?

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Straightening old oil lamp glass shade metal ring?

The lamp is 19th century. The metal ring has bent over the years and the three spokes have come away. First need to unbend the outer metal ring, and then find a way to fix the 3 spokes (have tried soldering, without much success). If anyone knows how to repair this or someone capable of doing the job well, this would be very useful.

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looking for ideas for easy, inexpensive homemade beach sun shade?

Maybe with a tarp, PVC pipe, and some kind of twine/nylon cord?  looking to pick up the materials while on a budget vacation in Florida (staying with family) at the end of May.  Not sure if this will be something I can/will bring on the plane back home.  don't want to cause problems with airport security or have to check a bag.  Really want to avoid being crispy fried.  ideas please?

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how to rip 3D models from an emulator ROM?

I have seen stuff like that online, where people have stuff from N64 emulators in editing programs, i would like to know how that works, and/or how to do it.

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How can I make roller blinds.

Hi, Can I get an instructable on how to make simple window blinds/shades. One piece of fabric stitched top an bottom but how do i do the pulley thing. I know it can be purchased but that's no fun. TIA

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Heating HDPE and Safety

Hi, I have a light and am bothered by the glare below the shade. I have cut a piece of HDPE from a plastic milk bottle and have slipped the section below the bottom of the bulb (60 Watt  - 75 Watt bulbs) ca. 1 inch below, and the bottom of the  lamp shade.. There are gaps between the plastic and shade to allow heat dispersal. I have noticed that the HDPE gets quite warm, but looks and feels alright. I am concerned about any possible toxic emissions, ethylene gas (no smell) etc. Can anyone advise regarding safety? Thanks

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Is it better to put compost bin under direct sun or under shade?

I have several compost bags (ex flour). I put them on shade. But I just read from the web that compost works better under direct sun. My question is it better to put my compost bags under direct sun or just keep tem away from direct sun? Could you please give the reasons also. Thanks

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I need to know now?

Is there a way to make an out door atmospher indoor. So a huge building that has the feeling of sun on you shade temp. changes.

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shows battery AND at the bottom of battery its shaded in and has lig bolt throygh it!

Have a 30 gb ipod wont power up when charger is plugged in it it shows a battery waith a bolt through it.. PLEASE HELP thanks me email

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I'm trying to build a frame out of super unistrut channel.

I basically building a frame of a little house so that I can attached shade cloth to the top to shade my bonsai trees from the hot sun. I live in Texas and its hot! Also in the winter I'm going to but plastic on it and make it a greenhouse. I need something I can take apart and something that the wind isn't going to tear up. I have one made out of PVC pipe right now but the wind is picking away at it.

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LED's For The Holidays....

Hi everyone.. it's christmas time once again in america and the led light sets are pretty cheap... different shades of white and colored strings are usually cheaper than buying the led's individually.... enjoy.. :)

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Can I grow tomatoes (and other vegetables) in part shade (4-5 hours)?

I've recently moved into a new house (I'm not telling you where) and the backyard only receives 4-5 hours of sunshine per day. I'm wondering if my vegetables requiring full sun will still grow? I'm tired of seeing the same old "it must have at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day" . If this is still not possible then I will consider a hydroponic system with growth lights under my stairs... I was always interested in hydroponics ever since I saw an advertisement for the AeroGarden, but I never actually tried to build a system and I definitely can't afford one.

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Is using a wet grinding wheel or a wet belt sander easier to grind curved glass pieces?

I make lamp shades out of glass pieces. I take glasses in different colors break them apart and then wire them onto frames to make the shades. I have found that hand sanding down the edges on these pieces just takes too long to do. I am contemplating getting a sander but am wondering wether the flat surface of the belt sander will work for the curved pieces of glass, or if a wheel would get into the curve better. Anyone had any experience with either method?

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I acquired 2 large x-rays of myself ...? Answered

(front and side view, neck to pelvis) with the idea of making some kind of light or light shade, but I'm shaky on design... suggestions?

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What about sidewalk planting,should symmetry play a factor?

I am planning to plant beside my sidewalk,one side is sun,the other part shade,how to choose the correct edging plants,and what about symmetry?

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I am making a project and i needed a bit of help. I needed to make an inductor of 0.35mH and I do not have a shade of an idea how to make it. If anyone of you might help me i would me greatful to you. THANX.

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Sandwich Art

I just stumbled upon this fantastic post showing a huge selection of artistically crafted sandwiches! The artist(s) use different shades/shapes of bread and sandwich fillings to create delicious looking sculptures. Below are some of my favourites, there're plenty more here.

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