ideas for a project of light and shadows?

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Need help with shadows

I've been working on a few black and white pieces, and I seem to be having issues with shadows and illuminations. The ones I already have in place make the image distorted and even more eerie than their supposed to be. I know that I do use grey in the pieces, but I want shadows to be a pure black and lighting to be a pure white. Can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this issue? The man with the umbrella is the most troublesome. I cant quite figure out how to illuminate the umbrella, and the shadow he makes is first off, the incorrect shape, but secondly, in grey. I did that to try and distinguish the difference between his feet and his shadow, but I would still like an actual black shadow in the finished product. (help!) The children have a really creepy feeling to them. I want to lighten up the whole mood of the piece by just a notch, and I think the way of doing that would be to add more light to the shadows on their clothing. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

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shadow profile person ?

Shado profile person cameo

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Shadows Knex launcher

This is my next Instructable the "Knex launcher" (was flinger)I'm pretty sure that that this hasn't been down before, anyway it can "Launch" 17 different types of knex starting with the biggest the big yellow wheel right down to the smallest piece the blue spacer(all shown in pic),it can Launch between 1 and 5 pieces at a time.SpecsRange: 55ft+load time: 3 sec +capacity: 1-5POSTEDShadow's Knex Launcher

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

This is a really cool game! I beleave that all computer geeks should check out this game. The phisics are amazing, the DX9 Renderer renders everything so quickly and seemlesly. Go Check it out:

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Candle Powered Shadow Projector

Ever seen the movie "Sleepy Hollow" starring Johnny Depp?  There is a scene in the movie where a little boy lights a punched tin candle holder, the punches are shaped like cats, witches, scary trees, etc.  The heat from the candle makes the tin slowly spin.....casting scary shadow pictures all over the walls.  This is SO COOL, I have been looking for one for years on ebay, antique shops and such....cannot find one!  This would make a GREAT instructable!

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Wierd website shadowing instructables

Ok, i just stumbled upon this wierd website that shadows instructables. And I wonder what the hell that is. Is that legal at all? Anyways, here it is:

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Demon Shadow-Windmill Shuriken

Hmm.... I have seen all these shurikens on Instructables, but none of them have pleased me. I think it would be cool if someone made the windmill shuriken....

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Candle Powered Shadow Projector

If anyone has seen the movie "Sleepy Hollow" starring Johnny Depp, you must have noticed the scene where the little boy lights the candles in the punched tin can, the can starts to spin from the heat of the candles, and the punched holes in the can are shapes, a cat, a witch, a tree, etc, and these shapes are actually projected onto the walls, projected and spinning very, very slowly.  As you know this movie is set in the late 1800's, so it is not any kind of electrical thing.  I would love some ideas on how to make one of these, I don't even know what they are called, I have looked for one on ebay and here on instructables....I've been calling it a "shadow projector" but that probably isn't right.  It is an awesome little contraption, great for halloween or anytime, depending on the theme of the pictures punched on it.  Any ideas/photos/clues would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Why a "shadow" effect on an LCD monitor? Answered

I have two Acer 24" LCD monitors for my laptop, one at home and one at the office.  The office monitor sometimes shows a dark 'shadow' effect to the right of both text and graphics.  The home monitor is fine so it can't be the computer.  Any ideas as to what's causing it, and whether it can be fixed?

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Shadow Man 39- the next Kitman.

Alright, to start the topic off, I'd like to tell you about an incident 2 years ago, that actually happened a few months before I found the instructables website, but Kiteman has told me all the major details. Apparently, in this incident, someone made an account called "Kitman" and pretended to leave as a joke. Now, a similar incident is happening.  A member called "Shadow man39" impersonated the real Shadowman39, and he also pretended to leave (look at my orangeboard).  I posted this topic because someone else (Original name started with RC, now it's "The Ch(something)", idk how to spell it.) can't do it.  So I'm doing it for him.

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HELP PLEASE my DS is failing!!!

I've had my faithful Hot Rod Red Nintendo DS for a long time now... at least 4 years or more! A couple of years ago, my friend smashed the top screen with his forehead (don't ask...please, just don't). I sent it in to Nintendo for repairs and paid $70, and when it came back everything looked fine. This year, however, i have been noticing that something is wrong with the top screen. The colors aren't shaded right, like they don't blend into each other like they should. Also, every once in a while the screen flickers into false colors (light colors turn black, dark colors turn that freaky blue color). ALSO, every once in a while a shadow of what's happening on the bottom screen appears on the top screen. How weird is that? The best example is when I'm playing Animal Crossing, and as I'm walking around I can see a shadow of my character, the trees, buildings and everything on the top screen. They aren't colored in, just dark shadow images. It hasn't been that bad, but recently it's been becoming worse, and i'm afraid it's going to fail completely on me soon. I'd get a DS Lite, but a new DS, the DSi, is coming out sometime next year. Should I pay to get it fixed? Should I attempt fixing it myself and risk ruining it? Or should I just wait a whole year for the DSi, and hope that the screen holds out? Someone please help, my DS is pretty much my main console, and the discoloration and shadows drive me nuts when I'm playing MarioKart and such.

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I need help building a shadow box with many sections

Im looking to make a shadow box in the shape of the periodic table for my element collection. how could i make the boxes (i have basically every tool but a router that im guessing il need for this)?

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i want to make a simple shadow theatre but not with puppets, but with people?

What kind of light do i need? How can the sides be black so that the actors may hide or carry stuff?

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Does Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame work on an iPod 3rd generation? Answered

I looked at the page and its says it only works with 4th gen and above, but usually thats just for precaution.  Does anyone with the 3rd generation of iPod touch have this game, and if so, does it work???

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Where find more informations about real-time shadow projection/animation ?

I am looking to replicate this type of effect

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Batch Questions

Ask all your questions about batch programming in this topic, and I will give you my best answer! Be sure to check out my batch instructables, which can be found here!

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Plz don't call Link Zelda or Shadow will get you. hehehehe...

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Someone show me how to make a bowie knife!!

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Battery operated LED lighting inside for inside a picture frame shadow box ?

I need to light a shadow box for a guitar and would like to know if I can use battery's to power it  and a timer to shut it of after a few hours, the box would measure 26 wide and 40 tall And help would be greatly appreciated  Lester

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Finally PRO!

Well, I've finally become PRO! So I made this image portraying I've joined the wall of PROs!

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Okay so this is where you would come to get help on any type of Homework assignment.... Jump in and get all the answers you are looking for.

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Who else is from AUS??? Answered

It seems like everyone here is either US or UK??? Anyone else apart from me and Dusk Shadows?

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Does any one know how to play "Organ Donor" on the piano by DJ Shadow?

i cant seem to find any sheet music for the song, but would love to play it! D:? i've got the main theme so far c# g# f# g# e# f# d# e# c# c# g# g# f# f# g# g# e# e# f# f# d# d# e# e#

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Anyone know of a good, free ebook site?

Does anyone know of a website that offers free ebooks for download? (hopefully in txt or raw text). Thanks! -Shadow Ops

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Where can I download a bunch of effects and transitions for the Vista Movie Maker?

Thanks!-Shadow Ops

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Who wants sunshiine as a mum/grandma? Answered

Well sunshiine is a great friend and is always nice to me HMice and LillyLovesVampires so i just want to tell her that i would happily take her into my family anytime 

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Is it possible to send an email via batch?

I have a batch file I have been working on and wondered is it possible to send an email via this program? if you know how or know a program please tell

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Mini Haul

Hey please check ouy my latest video and don't forget to subscribe, comment and like :) So what do you think of it? Please leave a comment.  

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How Many Words Can You Make Out Of The First Five Letters?

"A,B,C,D and E" come on people,i wanna see how the instructables community confronts this!!!

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Can I get banned for posting a referral link on my Instructable? Answered

I want to post an Instructable telling people how to get free prizes, but am I allowed to post my referral link?

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Converting a design to basic lines?

Okay, here's the deal. I want to put this design on the blade of a knife I'm making (the design is the USNA class of 2013 ring crest). Before I can do that I need to have a stencil made of the design so I can etch it on the steel. But, the design is to complicated (all the shadowing and such). So I need to clean it up, get rid of shading, shadows, all that. How would anyone suggest I do that? I gifure I'll have to do some editing in a photo editing program, what program? And how do I do it?  Thanks for any help, I'm not a computer graphics person at all, so explain it like you would to your grandpa (no I'm not old, just not computer smart) Oldanvilyoungsmith

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Time & space: A dimensional discussion

Would anyone care to discuss the forth dimension of space? I have included a little Paint drawing I made. The "box" drawn as we would see a 3-D glass blox. and a 2-D world of Flatland. In this world, we demonstrate that the inability to turn their heads (left or right) prevents them from seeing the 3rd dimension directly, but that a shadow cast by the dimension, would be seen, either on the box itself or on the ground. A number of illustrations of how we might see a four dimensional cube are included. The last one is how it might appear if it was unfolded from itself. If this is indicative of reality, what conclusions might we draw from this?

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In the Instructables contests, do the people with most views, highest ratings, and most votes win first prize, or...? Answered

Do just the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place people with the highest votes win first prize in the contests?

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A site pretty much cloning Instructables

So I googled the word 'zorgenflarg'. One of the results was a Russian site that pretty much clones Ibles: As far as I know, these sort of things are illegal, so I reported it here.

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Help with DIY quadcopter Answered

For school im building a quad copter. I was thinking instead of wiring all four motors and all that stuff that I could purchase four of the same helicopters, glue them on, and set them to the same frequency so I control all four helicopters with one remote

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Solar panel help

Hi, i'm buying a small 6v 160mA solar panel for a project I'm working on. I'd like to power a small motor with solar power. How do I "store" some electricity generated by the panel so the motor doesn't stop in short periods of shadow? Thanks, Francisco

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What is the best site for buying computer hardware? Answered

I was wondering what a good site is for buying good quality, affordable, computer hardware (like PCI cards, ram, video cards, fans, heat sinks/distributors, CPUs motherboards, etc..) Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

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Anyone else Australian??

OK, so far in my endeavor to find who else on this site is Australian, Kiteman told me that AUS is one of the top 5 countries (I think) and I know that Kryptonite, Dusk Shadows, ice cream and I are all Australian. Please post a comment telling me if you are.

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How do you make edible black icing?

I am trying to make a childs birthday cake I need to put some back shadowing on the cake, most things I have tried taste yuk, I would like some help with nice tasting black icing.

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What is the easiest way to remove DRM licenses from downloaded iTunes 9 music? Answered

I want to remove the DRM licenses from all my download iTunes music. What is the easiest (free) method of doing so? Thanks! -Shadow Ops

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How to make cylinders move in a serpintine pattern

I am creating a sculpture that has a very complicated movement that I am struggling with.  I have a shadow box containing 2 rows of two foot long one inch diameter cylinders. I want them to "weave" back and forth in the shadow box. I thought about cutting out a track from a 1/4" plate and mounting it on the top and bottom of the box. Than placing a motor  inside one of the cylinders connected to a shaft and a gear that would ride in the track. I like this idea but, I do not know how to overcome the problem of where the track crosses itself. (the track would look like multiple figure 8's) Any ideas on this or better ideas? Thanks for your help!

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What is the best firewall software for Ubuntu?

I am starting an Ubuntu home server, and I'm wondering what the best firewall software is that's compatible with Ubuntu. For example, Gufw or Fire Starter. Some Pros and Cons would be nice too! Thanks! -Shadow Ops

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Radio Shows

I was recently given a copy of an old radio show called The Shadow. I enjoyed listening to the program, and could not help but wonder if there are any new radio shows being broadcasted. I found a few shows that air in the UK, but I could not find any in the US. Does anyone know if there is a station that still has radio shows?

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What the difference between SNES roms with different filename spellings? ([!] [h1] [t1])

I've seen these ("codes?)" all over the place, and I have no clue what they mean... Usually a ZIP file will come with 3 roms, each spelled different. Any help would be great... Thanks. -Shadow Ops

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Where can I get free rubber bands?

They have to be out there somewhere... They're lurking in the shadows... They're watching me... I know there has to be some way to get free rubber bands and I would love some help finding them. Thank you! =-]

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Is it legal to transport an air rifle over the USA/Canada border? Answered

I have a .22 Gamo Shadow Express break-barrel air rifle with a 3-12x50 scope and i would like know if it is legal to transport it across the USA Canada border.

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Am I able to upload a project in progress, and add new steps over time? Answered

I have a 90% complete foam block model: Should I wait until completion before posting steps? Furthermore, what is the best type of clear, matte/satin, hard setting varnish to use on acrylic paint?

Question by Shadow Of Intent 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago