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Comic Con came to Reno

Using my Dark-Energy stick, I raised my iPhone over the curtain to film the Trek Captain just in time to capture my family doing a selfie with Kirk while security was busy trying to prevent me from shooting over the curtains. Whaat a Rush.... ! ! !

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Common people

Checklist:Rent a flat above a shop: checkCut your hair and get a job: checkSmoke some fags and play some pool: checkPretend you never went to school: noHow "common" am I?and if this takes 2 days to turn up like usual I shall not be happy...

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Turn up your speakers really loud and click on this link. It's really quite funny. Link:

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Random music quiz - just for fun, but maybe a patch

I've attached 10 short audio-clips. All I wanted was "who is singing"? Any additional information would have made someone look extra clever of course. Remember that this is the internet, searching for stuff was allowed (and expected). 1 Tom Jones 2 John Lydon 3 Leonard Nimoy 4 Desmond Dekker 5 Buddy Holly 6 David Bowie 7 William Shatner 8 Shaun Ryder 9 Trent Reznor 10 Bob Marley

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