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Knex Shelf

Hey guys, I made a knex shelf! I hope you like it! If you want to build it, you can head over here for instructions! I hope you guys like it :)

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shelf couch

I have a fairly barren room with two windows on one wall, and I would like to make a low bookshelf underneath the windows that will also be wide enough for a pseudo-couch to lie down on for reading and other relaxing activities. I took more time making the paint drawing below than this post, so APPRECIATE! Thanks 8D

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Earthquake safe shelf

I have a place on my wall where I would like to hang a shelf and put a bunch of wine bottles and a picture or two. But I want it to be safe as can be.  So I'm thinking it needs a lip or something so that  if i knock it or something the bottles won't fall. I've googled it and can't find anything. If anyone has any ideas of how I can go about this I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Invisible Book Shelf

This is a variation on the Invisible Book Shelf that I did (but didn't document). It allows you to keep all your reading books while getting some use out of an old phone book.This book is a shelf, a "safe", and a mystery to those who haven't discovered the secret yet.The photos below will tell all (except the first.. I just wanted to show off one of my patches). Any questions, just ask.The total weight of the books on the "shelf" is: 19.8 lbs.

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Invisible shelf hangers?

I have a 6' x 1'x cubby hole in a wall that I'd like to add shelves to. I don't want to lose any of the room instead the hole with hangers of any kind, or have them be seen. Is there a way to hang the shelves so that the hangers won't be seen? I was thinking small pegs of some kind that the shelves would slide on top of. I assume that would need a router, though, which I don't have. 

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Look at these cool shelves...... Anyone reckon they could make them? I reckon some clever person could tell us all how...

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Ho to make a hole in a shelf?

I need to run some cables up the back of a built in bookshelf.  How can I make a neat hole if my drill will not fit, I am trying to avoid purchasing a 90 deg Chuck? I thought of using my small electric screwdriver but it does not have the power to drive the bit.

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Snowboard Shelf... Any ideas?

Hey guys! I searched for something like this, but got no hits. I have an old snowboard in the basement that isn't even worth selling. I'd love to do something with it, but I'm not too crafty. Can anyone direct me to, or create, an instructable on how to make a shelf out of a snowboard? I think it would be tacky in a pretty cool way. Thanks a lot.

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shelf brackets for angled wall

I have no doubt this is simple for someone who knows, but... I was to put shelves on a wall that is slanted out from the floor.  I see Ikea has a locking bracket for shelves but I want to put in bigger shelves than that bracket supports.  How do I make a bracket for this situation?  I am also open to other suggestions.  I want the top shelves to be deeper, say 24", and taper down to narrower depths so I can utilize most of the wall. Thank you for any assistance.

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how to upholster a shelf with fabric?

I have a 96 inch long by 18" deep and 1/2" thick piece of plywood that i want to cover with fabric using a staple do i do the corners so they're not thick?

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Best way to mount video game controllers to a shelf?

I don't know if this is the right place. The forum structure is confusing. Anyways, I'm building a shelf (well, it's a bit more than just a shelf) to hold all of my video game consoles. I'm planning to make an instructable for the shelf as well, but I've hit a roadblock. I want to mount all of my controllers to the shelves in front of their respective consoles. The shelves themselves are 5/8 inches thick, so I may have to be a bit conservative with drilling and the like. Anyways, the hooks have to be different for each console, since the controllers are all different shapes and sizes. Also, I want it to cost effective. I'm not planning on spending $45 just to mount controllers to a shelf. I was thinking of using some sort of wire that isn't malleable enough to bend under the weight. I could form them to the shape I need and it'd probably work pretty well. I just need some way of mounting them. I could maybe drill holes of the same size and put the wire in there, but who knows what that would do to the shelf integrity. Basically, I'm either asking for some ideas for mounting the wires to the shelf, or other ways of mounting the controllers themselves to the shelf. Any and all help is welcome. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

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If I am going to make a cardboard shelf, how do i make sure it will be sturdy?

For instance, will the edge of the cardboard just bend and be a floppy piece of bent cardboard? Or is there a specific type of cardboard that i am supposed to use?

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Looking for particular instructable

I'm looking for an instructable that showed how to build a curvy style shelf like that in Alice in Wonderland. It is similar to the one in the link below but had much more detail. I have a friend wanting something similar for their daughter and thought that shelf would be perfect but now can't find it.

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should I build a replica of the spiderball track from metroid prime?

If I do I will make it 2'x10''x2". how far should the spacing be inbetween the glowing lines?

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Need to make a shelf or table for the top of my TV

I need to be able to put plants on top of my TV and need a shelf/table of some sort to put them on.  The tv is on a 15" deep microwave cart and there is about 2" clearance on either side.  The cart is 25" wide.  I have 15" wide 3/4" fiberboard that I can cut to needed width but can't come up with a good way to make it stand up (independently of the tv).  I thought about just putting some legs on the board but am concerned that this will be strong enough to hold the weight of a plant (let's assume 35 lbs but I doubt I would put anything that heavy on it).  Here is photo of what the table/stand will go on and the red lines are what I hope it to look like.  Any help would be appreciated.  Oh, and it has to be CHEAP!  I've already spent $15 on 8' of board and don't want to spend a great deal more.

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how many might see my just instructable called Shelevator, just featured in Living?

I just submitted this and was hoping to get a lot of feedback but so far only 1, so now I am concerned that maybe I didn't tag it properly or something

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How to make a vertical moving shelving system

The wall against which i will install my kitchen has a niche about 1 mt wide X 0,45 mt in depth going from floor to ceiling. I would like to install a 2 level shelving system that moves vertically to hold conveniently lets say a coffee maker, a food mixer and other appliances. Any suggestion about components to make a durable thing? I am thinking about a counterbalanced braked manual moving system with linear gear, chains and weight or a servo system with integrated gear reducer, 12 volt motor, stroke limiter, 220v-12V converter and command , plus a linear guide. Any idea is welcome

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Looking for a speaker cabinet shelf project

I saw an instructable here that featured a guy gutting his floor speakers and turning them into nice home theater cabinets. I can't seem to find it and was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Recycling Vinyl Albums as shelf cabinets

Hey guys, My good friend is a graphic designer and music lover. He has a great project for those of us with vinyl album covers with great art. If you're like me, your album covers are collecting dust and no one gets to see the art, but he put together a design that allows you to use your covers as art as part of a book shelf cabinets. He's very close to meeting the funding goal for his prototype on kickstarter -- any support from the community would be much appreciated (especially if this is something you want but think it would be too complicated to make yourself -- as is the case with me :p ) - LMNH

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Sound proofing shelf frontage help

I was wondering if any of you had any advice for the front of a whole wall shelving unit I am planning on building (and the shelves as well if you have any suggestions). You see, although there is a cavity wall between this room and the next, I am wary of a noise complaint as it is a different flat’s bedroom. I will be using it as a music production room and ideally want decent acoustics as well as adding an extra these extra layers to stop leakage. (I’ll draw some pictures and upload them to clarify what I’m saying)* Two things I’ve been thinking about using: 1.  A high-density curtain hanging in front of the whole unit. While this could possibly deal with the main issue of a noise complaint better than the next idea, I’m worried it will create a bad mixing environment with a really ‘dead’ wall behind my speakers. 2. Hanging, sliding acoustic panels using egg box foam under a sheet of fabric. This will look like a normal acoustic panel with the fabric pinned around a timber frame. I was thinking of forgoing using any sheet wood so I could hang a piece of high-density carpet/ fabric at the back and not have the panel too heavy. The wall measures about 3.2m W x 2.3m H so I was thinking of using three, maybe four hanging panels. It’s my understanding that a hanging panel would absorb more energy from the sound waves than one on wheels or in a sliding track. To hang the panels the main idea I had was to use metal tubing (uncertain as to what material to use, conduit?). With the three panels, I would use two main lengths of it one on the same height, parallel to the other, with the distance between needed to stop the panels on either track hitting each other. From above or below it would look a bit like this U=====U (sorry if this doesn’t translate to your device well… See pictures) with the ends of the U going into holes drilled into the wood, extending as far as the shelves will be deep if needed. With four I would just have two sets of the same but smaller. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, rushed off me feet at the moment. Many thanks Jay *Sorry the pictures ended up pretty awful, just moving in, need a proper table…

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Sleek/Small/Wooden Corner Wall Shelf

Hi there!  I am no woodworker, but I do enjoy a DIY project here and there.  I am wondering how hard it would be to make this corner shelf?  It looks incredible, simple, sleek, and perfect for storing computer software and the like.  I don't understand why they are selling it for 90 euros (120 USD).  It seems simple enough to make. Would it be possible to make this in good quality?  If anyone is an avid woodworker and finds interest in this challenge, I would be very grateful if they would make a great Instructable on it. Size: H 250mm, W 420mm, D 250mm Material: Solid oak Thanks very much!

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I need help making a geometric metal plant shelf without welding?

I want to make a geometric metal plant shelf like the image below to hang on my wall. I'm going to paint it so the metal connections don't have to be pretty, but they do have to be strong enough to hold a few pounds of plants. I'm think I could use 1/8 inch steel rods from Home Depot and connect them with epoxy or soldering but I'm not sure if that would work. I have a chop saw. If you have any advice on how I could connect these together to make a shelf, I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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How can i attach these metal poles together easily? Answered

I'd like to build a frame to use as a free standing book shelf type structure with them. Theres 24 of them and around  3mm in diameter and around a foot and a half long. See pic for a better idea of what im talking about. The second pic is what im looking for but i cant find anything like them in any hardware store.... Any suggestions?

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I'm looking for a gaget that will allow me too read book titles of prices on low shelves without crawling on all fours. Hey, I'm 74. I look rediculous in libraries and find it hard to get up. Some sort of a periscope might work, or a traveling low chair to scoot along on and handle to help get up.

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Mounting an LCD Monitor

Hello everyone! I am working on project that involves mounting a 19in LCD monitor onto a board. The monitor has 4 threaded holes in the back for mounting onto an arm or wall mount. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of screws to use or has any advice on properly and securely mounting the monitor. The monitor is a Westinghouse 19" LCD. The whole project is going to be a small entertainment center for my monitor. I am going to attach speakers and accent lighting. I am doing this for a class project and drafting it in Vectorworks. *If anyone is interested in looking at the plans I will send them to you; however please don't redistribute them. They will be in DWG format. GC

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What's the best way to mount wood boards to a wall (for shelves), maintaining low visibility and high strength? Answered

I was thinking about making a custom shelf for all of my DVD/video game cases. I have very little space in my room and would like to make use of my walls. I'm going to measure everything and build the actual shelf myself using wood boards (sanded, cut, etc.). The only problem I have is mounting it to my wall. What I'm wondering is what is the best way to mount the "shelf" to the wall in the least visible way possible, while still maintaining very high strength (so that the shelf doesn't fall down)? The shelf is going to be pretty bland: no funny cuts or weird shapes, so finding a way to mount it shouldn't be a problem.

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I am trying to find instruction on how-to build a wall bed or similar ideas for space saving.

My husband and I bought a piece of land with a converted garage into an efficiency apartment - so we are thinking of living in there while we save up money to build an actual home on the property. Any ideas on how to save space and still have all the necessities?

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i want to make a 'shelfing unit' that is an upright with slits across for the shelfs (with matching slits) to fit into.

The shelf will have two purposes: one for putting plant pots on and secondly as security against someone breaking in. I have to keep drilling to the minimum as its rented property so the uprights which are 4 x 1in will be wedged from sill to ceiling with just small (maybe 1in) angle brackets to fasten to wooden sill. Few questions: 1. How can I get a perfect fit between sill and ceiling? I know I can measure but it isnt even. 2. How to get those slits perfect? Would there be a certain type of jigsaw blade that will make the job easier?  3. Are there any other measures I can take eg. to stop the wood splitting at the end of the slit.

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I have three spare sheets of cardboard, I want to make a book shelf, shoe shelf and a small bathroom cabinet? Answered

Hi All, I am new to the site and need some help. Is it possible to make the above three or two out of the sheets ,I can get more aswell. I had these for a partition which I took down. Is it possible to get them made purely out of the chipboards? and how do I colour them so they look cool. I will appreciate any kind of help.

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When and how to install cross-braces on a shelving unit?

Hi! I purchased an "industrial" shelving system that I will soon install in my home. Each unit will be separate and measures 7 feet high, 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Each will have 5 shelves that can hold 600 pounds each. They can be bolted or clipped, but I prefer to use the clips (unless instructed otherwise by a guru). I'm not going to put anything much heavier than books on them. I was assured by the seller that the units did not need bracings, but everyone else tells me otherwise. So what's YOUR take, fellow instructables member? How can you tell if a shelving system needs braces? If so, where do you put them? At the back back or on the sides? Full length (7' x 4') or any size but in the middle of the posts? Thank you very much!!

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Need your ideas on how to make a wall display case for thomas mini trains

Hi, after buying these little trains for my son, I decided to collect them in order to complete the collection, so they need a home on the wall, if not on the wall in some kind of cabinet where they can be easily displayed. I am not very crafty when it comes to these things but if I spend enough time I think I can build something, but I need some ideas to get started. They take up 2" x 1.5" space, and fit perfectly in 32 slot (30 of them) bead storage cases: Thanks in advance.

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How do I create a "keyword" with embedded spaces

For instance, Eric's Book shelf instructable manages to have "book shelf" as one of the keywords, but in my Prime Rib instructable I could only figure out how to have "prime" and "rib" as separate keywords...

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Are there any inexpensive EMT fittings to make conduit shelving?

Gas pipe (steel bought in plumbing with threaded ends) is pretty commonly used for shelving because you can get threaded pieces, joints, flanges, etc easily and it's incredibly strong....but it is too expensive and way stronger than I need. I haven't been able to find good fittings for EMT conduit, and I'm considering ordering a custom made batch of them from a manufacturer but I wanted to check if anyone here knows of a place I can't find. 

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How do I add an iPod/mp3 player jack (aux) to my CD/radio stereo shelf system?

We have a stereo shelf system and want to plug the iPod Touch into it, so we can make use of the speakers. We also want to play our CDs and use the radio.

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diecast cars acrylic or plexi glass display case/shelf

I have a growing collection of hotwheels, tomy and matchbox cars mostly 1:64 scale. i need an idea on making a clear display case for my cars, in its blister pack and loose cars. something i can hang or put on a table (car can be viewed on both sides). that would be two instructables (i'm demanding).. lol. please help. thanks in advance.

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Ikea Hackers -- How does one deconstruct an EXPEDIT shelf?

I have a 5x5 EXPEDIT shelving unit from IKEA. It is AMAZING. But now I need to first MOVE the shelf, and then I plan to hack it (adding LED's to each box! I'm excited!) Here' s a  link to show you what this shelving system looks like: My question to this AMAZING community is this: How the heck do I deconstruct this thing such that I can move with it? This is made of compound/particle board (I believe) and held together with little wooden nubs (sorry I have no idea what these wood nubs are called) which are hammered into pre-drilled holes. Any help is appreciated!  

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Flexible bedside table?

As I mentioned in another post, I'm working on a nightstand/shelf with a built in dock for my iPod. Besides getting that to work, another challenge I'm facing is finding a way to cram that shelf into this spot at the head of my bed. At the end there is what, in denmark at least, is known as a "french balcony", which is basically a door leading nowhere. The trick here is that I would like a shelf spanning the entire width of the door, to place books, my phone, speakers, cups of water etc. but I still need to be able to open that door slightly to cool things down in the summer. I have a few ideas for how this could be done, but I would really like to hear if anybody here has any suggestions on clever ways to go about this.

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Can Ball jars be used for "bottling" homemade beer and wine? Answered

New lids and for a short shelf life.  Is there any reason not to?

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Rewire the laptop power button.

Hi, I have a desk and I've put  shelf on it that is 4 inches high from desk. On this shelf lie two 23 inch monitors. Below the shelf, tucked away, is my laptop (with the lid closed). The problem is that I need to be able to turn the laptop on without opening the lid. (The power button is right above the keyboard). My motherboard does not support Wake on LAN but it does support USB Wake. This is a bit useless to me, however, because it doesn't allow me to fully shut down the computer, but rather put in stand-by. So i wanted to know if there is a way to attach an external button (maybe a push switch) that can power the laptop? If so, can anybody help me out how to do it? I'd assume it would be in parallel to the regular switch.  I have an Dell Inspiron 1521 (which I think is a fail to being with :P ) Thanks! AK

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What kind of of the hardware shelf motor should I use for an electric bike that only needs about 25 mpr?

I'm trying to convert my street bike to electric and I'm looking for a cheap motor that I could find at almost any local hardware store. the motor needs to be able to move me and the batteries on my 27 inch bike at least at 25 mpr on flat road and sidewalk. and at least at 15 mpr up hill.... the motor needs to also be quiet as to not scare and walkers.

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Does anyone have a suggestion for a ferret/cat friendly plant stand on wheels?

I've got ferrets and cats and I am trying to grow plants indoors. I'm looking for a simple design (preferably on wheels) which gives me good shelf space and support, but no access for ferrets/cats. I've seen good metal rolling stands for $70-$150, but I'd have to "waste" the bottom shelf or two which is in pet reach. I'm out of wall space to mount shelves out of reach.

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Voltage-capacity relation discharging an alkaline AAA battery?

Let's say I have a fresh alkaline AAA battery, 1.5V, 1200mAh. Also, let's say it discharges itself with 3% per year, just lying in the shelf. After one year, has both voltage and capacity been reduced 3%, or just the voltage? If not, how much has the capacity dropped then? I also wonder if the battery is being discharged the same  way, when in use? E.e. is the proportion between voltage drop and capacity drop the same on the shelf while in use?

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