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What is this shell? Answered

#2 bought this shell at a charity shop. It's about 12cm long, and feels quite thin. Any ideas what it might be? 

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Shell ejecting airgun??

Im making an marble air gun just like the one the teach you how to do at and i was wondering if anyone could give drawings on how to make the marble gun eject shells? Is it possible on a home air gun? Please tell me beucause it would be really nice if i could eject shells on my homemade marble gun. And not only that but another question as well: Can i make bullets myself from melted tin? EDIT: I just made some drawing and i was wondering what your openion is.

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How to kill Windows XP background process from DOS' ?

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A display shell with whistle

Fireworkshere Effect:White Strobe Willow W/Red Strobe Pistil and whistle.Click the following Url: Or click here the "video" Icon to watch this fireworks effect. Perhaps you like it.

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Prototype knex pistol with shells

Hi everyone, I was messing around today and came up with a pistol that uses shells. It uses a new shell design, but not a new gun (well except for the front where the shell is held). It shoots white rods about 40 45 feet. I won't be posting this unless I get inspired to make it into a true gun. Picture 1-2 the gun. Picture 3 the shell. Picture 4 the shell in the gun. Please tell me what you think, it only takes a few seconds. Killer~SafeCracker

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Shell ejecting air gun?

Im making an marble air gun just like the one the teach you how to do at and i was wondering if anyone could give drawings on how to make the marble gun eject shells? Is it possible on a home air gun? Please tell me beucause it would be really nice if i could eject shells on my homemade marble gun. And not only that but another question as well: Can i make bullets myself from melted tin?

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Etching and installing parts in shells?

So I'm trying to make a music box. I bought a 15 note hand crank mechanism I want to install into an 8 inch nautilus shell. I also want to etch the outside of the shell like in the photo. I've never worked with shells like this before and I obviously don't want to shatter it. What tools would I need to do this? What should I be careful of? Anyone with experience working with shells advice would be appreciated. :)

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Custom Flashdrive shell Question

I've got a couple flash drives with broken cases, but the drive itself still works. I was wondering if anyone happens to know if the drive would survive temperatures high enough to harden modeling clay.  This would involve about an hour at 300 degrees Farenheit in an oven for hardening.

Topic by Great Wight Ninja    |  last reply - Google web shell

The unix geek in me loves this , it is an Ajax front end to google that looks like a unix shell window written by Stefan Grothkropp.-Joe

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hard shelled side bags?

I need a pair of side bags for my 86 Honda that will hold my laptop without risking busting it if i put my bike down.  if anybody has any ideas on how to build a set id love to here it.

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Break Action Gun with Shells

Hey Guys, I recently made this break action gun. I know it's nothing that new and that's why I didn't post it, but I might if you want me to. If I do decide to post it, I would change a few things. It's not the best looking gun out there and I would probably work on that, but it functions perfectly. It shoots white rods about 30 feet. It has an eject lever to eject spent shells. That's the biggest problem I've seen on other break action guns. I'll explain everything in the image notes so be sure to read them. Tell me what you think needs to be changed. Let me say this gun is more made for fun not war. Killer~SafeCracker

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Help getting used bullet shells.?

I live in the UK and I want used bullet shells for jewellary and future projects. I also need shotgun shells. If any one knows of anywhere I can get them prease tell me.

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Duct Tape Drum Shell Help?

Will coating the outside of a drum shell in duct tape drastically change the tone or anything else? I wanted to pattern the outside of them with checkers made out of duct tape.

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Identify WW1 20mm shell casing?

A WWII veteran friend of mine has donated two shells collected on the battlefield in WWI by his father. Following are some photos of the shells: I have tentatively identified them as 20mm HE shells but would like more information, such as manufacturer and probably use. The first image shows both shells. They are 20mm in diameter, the brass casing is 70mm, the steel casing is 49mm and the head is 25mm. The steel casing shows an A and what appears to be an exploding shell. The other two images are of the bases. The letters at the top appear to be B &S;  but could be something else. I believe this is the manufacturer's mark. The 18 should be the year of manufacture. I have no idea what the 125 on the left means nor the numbers on the bottom which are hard to identify. Any assistance would be appreciated because my friend, who is now 95, would like more information concerning the shells. Thank you. Roger Laplante

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Create a phone shell/frame/body?

Hello all,The new phones these days break too easily and its harder and harder to replace the battery or sim card. Instead of buying or making a case, my idea is to make a phone shell/frame/body with a 3d printer, and just taking the parts out of my Samsung and just putting it into that.Is it doable?

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How do I make shells and coral smooth to be used as buttons?

These buttons hang, so they are in motion against the fabric and can abrade the fabric. Is there something that can put on the shell to enhance the shine and cover the roughness? Does porcelain petal work?

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How to remove a tiny shell from ear canal?

Okay, I know this is going to be weird, but my 4 year old daughter stuck a tiny shell in her ear canal about 3 weeks ago.  Its probably 5mm in diameter, flat snail shell.  It reminds me of a very small man hole cover.  We've seen several doctors, including a specialist, and we're just waiting to see if it will come closer to the outside before having to put her under general anesthesia to remove it.  So, my question is there any way to get it out without hurting her?  I figured the scientific minds here might know some way to remove it.  We've tried ear candles, flushing it with water, olive oil, ear drops, tweezers, even gluing a stick to it (yes really).  So, we've tried a lot of stuff with no luck.  I won't do anything harmful to my child and won't hold any one liable for suggestions.  There just has to be a physics based answer to removing this thing that we're missing!

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is anyone working on a k'nex gun with shell ejection? Answered

I was wondering if anyone is working on a shell ejection knex gun

Question by Loutraki    |  last reply

Shell says "Peak oil in 7 years."

In a recent e-mail to Shell employees, Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer writes:"Regardless of which route we choose, the world's current predicament limits our maneuvering room. We are experiencing a step-change in the growth rate of energy demand due to population growth and economic development, and Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand."2015 is seven years away and with limited resources and an expanding population we are sure to see more and more limitations on resources we take for granted. Water, cooking oil, and food are also in that list.The e-mail goes on to say that little will likely be done about this situation by any governments until the poop has really hit the fan and by then it will probably be too late. Two scenarios are laid out in the e-mail, Scramble and Blueprints. One is a mad dash towards a solution as we hit the problem head-on and the other is to make a plan now for the inevitable.Personally, I hope for the Blueprints scenario, but I feel like the Scramble is likely what we'll be doing. link

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Diy ipod shuffle shell enclosure source?

Does anyone know if anyone sells ipod shuffle-like enclosures (more specifically similar to that of the Fiio E5)?  I would like to use one to house a project.

Topic by guyfrom7up  

Can anyone identify this 20mm shell casing? Answered

My grandfather gave me this shell casing, and I have been having a hell of a time trying to find out what kind of gun it is from. On the bottom it says "20mm MK 4 I.S. 1944" From my browsing on the internet, I think it might possibly be a US naval autocannon round, possibly from a 20mm Oerlikon gun, or from a British Antiaircraft gun That said, I still haven't found an exact match. The thing that sets this shell apart from the others is the taper. Normally, casings are straight or are tapered in sections, at a much steeper angle. This shell has a simple taper at a very smooth angle. I have not found a shell that has a matching taper.  The other distinguishing feature are the small divots around the edge, presumably to help hold the projectile onto the shell. This is rather rare, because usually the projectile stays seated in the shell without any special aid. There is also a weld mark on the side of the shell, possibly from being held in a belt, but I am not sure. I have big hand, so the shell looks rather small. It is actually pretty small for a 20mm shell. Any help in ID'ing this shell is appreciated.

Question by ilpug    |  last reply

Where can I get the DS shell?

Need to replace the Ninetendo DS shell. I have a DS with a broken hinge on the top shell

Question by MrTopsy    |  last reply

if a snails shell is broken will it die or anything bad will happen? Answered

'i wanted a pet snail but i also wanted to carry it if the shell brakes will it die or will there be any possible problems?when will the shell be able to break and how can you carry it im talking about slugs too but not about the shell slugs dont have any shells though.

Question by maryjolene    |  last reply

Baked Potatoes~~ Do you eat the shell?

This is just a general poll. There are no right or wrong answers. I'm just interested in your personal preferences. When eating a Baked Potato... do you eat the shell? Never? Sometimes? Always?

Topic by bajablue    |  last reply

Ceiling art made from beetle shells

In Most European palaces and castles, it is common to find the ceilings decorated with ornate gilded woodwork and elaborate frescoes. In Brussels, Belgium, one particular hall in the Royal Palace has a very peculiar ceiling that is decorated with very strange items. The hall's ceiling, which has remained unfinished since 1909, was redecorated by the contemporary Belgian artist Jan Fabre. Fabre was inspired by Sternocera aequisignata, a type of jewel beetle of the Buprestidae family, which has a shimmering green iridescent shell. Fabre and 30 other diligent artist armed with a truck-full of beetle shells and glue, transformed the empty ceiling into one bejeweled with a sea of swirling and twinkling green. The team also went to work on the center chandelier in the hall, turning it from gilded gold to sparkling green. As one gazes up at the masterpiece from the floor, the whole mass of shells appears to move as the light reflects from different angles.Jan Fabre calls the the ceiling Heaven of Delight, as a reference to ''The Garden of Earthly Delights'' by early Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch ( a personal favorite of mine). The green shells do indeed add a great amount of energy to the once bland and vacant hall. 1.6 million beetle shells were used. The beetles, which are wood-boring and are mostly considered a pest, appears abundantly in India, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are sometimes cooked and eaten, however their beautiful shells are discarded.LinkTranslated Original

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Waterproof BNC Shell (protect BNC connection)

I need to protect the video (BNC) and power (rca) connectors, so they can withstand the outdoors and not rust/degrade. The shell needs to be removable so I can access/detach the connectors and relocate the cctv cam/cable. I could use a plastic bag with tape - but prefer something like a box I can open without tape/tools.pic All ideas appreciated! Thanks

Topic by 222fbj    |  last reply

NES Project. Where can I buy a shell?

Hi, im making a NES computer kind of like the one already on instructables, but with a Raspberry Pi. I just need to know how I can buy the shell (Case? I dont know) of the NES. I dont want to buy and scrap an NES though(If possible). I wanna keep those guys alive :) Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get one? Thanks alot! :D

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buzz bee rapid fire rifle shell catcher

Well I got the buzz bee rfr(rapid fire rifle) and i found it to be OK. i still haven't moded it(not very many good mods). i always hated going to find and losing the shells, so i have a shell catcher out of duck tape and cardboard(got to love it!).it works really well(the only problem is the gun it self jamming but that has nothing to do with the shell catcher. so, what do you think? do you want instructions(yes i know kitemans law but i really don't feel like making the Instructable unless i know some body is going to use it)?

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

Semi-permanent Shell for Fire Pit to Make an Oven

I'm looking for a semi-permanent solution to making a fire pit into a wood fire oven. The shell could be something modified from an existing item or something from scratch. I'm thinking a dome shape similar to a brick wood fire pizza oven would be best, however I would want to be able to remove it so the bottom portion is functional as a fire pit and could also be used as an open pit/grill. It would probably be more on than off, so semi-permanent is okay. The pit itself would only be about 2 1/2 to 3 feet in diameter, so nothing too big. As far as functions, I would have a grill at the top of the fire pit (maybe height adjustable within the fire pit, but that's getting kinda fancy). Then in "oven mode," I would have the grill in and put a ceramic pizza stone on top of it for baking then the cover on top. And perhaps even without the stone as a smoker/meat slow cooker. Ideally the cover would be well insulated to keep the heat in and well distributed. It would also have a cutout or door for putting in bread or pizza (rather than a cover that lifts off losing a lot of heat in the process). I'm not sure what materials would be good, but it should probably weigh no more than 75-80 lbs. (light enough for one strong person or two middling strength people to lift). Maybe an inner dome of some metal with a layer of some kind of flame resistant insulation and then another outer dome of more metal? It would also have to be weather resistant for cold winters. Some assembly might also be good as the individual parts would be lighter, so long as being in pieces doesn't compromise the overall effectiveness of the "oven". I've tried searching for a few things, but nothing has really popped up that fit this description. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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I need a shell ejecting system for white rods?

I need one because im making a shell ejecting spring gun knex

Question by knex man123456    |  last reply

Knex break action shell ejecting shotgun video

Here is my Knex shotgun. Its break action, uses shells and is ram rod powered. Shoots blue rods and also a burst of 4 green rods or a shell full of mini knex pieces. It can shoot blue rods 30FT and the spread shots 15-20 feet. Its single shot with only one barrel. Link to video is the video below isn't seen or if it doesn't play:

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Knex KAR98K shell ejecting clip fed rifle

Here is my Knex KAR98K Bolt action rifle. It was a very nice weapon and it could eject shells or it could just be fed through normally in the top. It could hold five shells at the top and it could also hold ten normal blue rods without the shells. It could shoot around 30FT. (If I remember correctly.) It was pretty cool. Im lucky I found these Images on my computer or else this gun would be history. It had a very nice handle to...

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What sizes of solar cells shell I select?

Hello I have been given a task to suggest solar cell sizes, that are needed to be laminated with a newly invented structured glass, in order to test its useful effects on the solar cells. The questions in my mind are: What type of solar cells shell I select? What sizes shell I suggest? Any other notable things that I might consider while suggesting the cells...

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Where does one find gutted electronics "shells?"

If you've ever been to IKEA, then you've probably found that the expensive electronics in the mock-up rooms (TV's, computers, etc.) aren't real, and are just plastic shells. I'd love to get my hands on a couple of laptop shells, leave them out in public, and see how long it takes for someone to try and steal one. The problem is, IKEA won't sell them to me! Does anyone else know a way to get a couple? Update: I managed to get an employee at Wal-mart to give me a fake mobile phone, but I need more.

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K'NEX Gun: RSEC (Red's Shell Ejecting Carbine)

Hey guys! Well, here is my most recent project, the RSEC (Shell Ejecting Carbine). The title really explains it all, it is a shell ejecting carbine... of sorts. Technically, the definition of a carbine is a gun that is in rifle form, but shoots pistol / SMG ammunition. This gun does not EXACTLY fit that definition, as it shoots blue rods, which is the K'NEX equivalent of a rifle round, but, all the same, I'm gonna call it a carbine. The thing that perplexed me about this gun is it's pin pull-back length. You see, the pin pull-back length on my K'NEX Gun: Reliable (R3) outdistanced the RSEC's pin-pull length, but I'd bet you that the RSEC would get better range, even without shells. I couldn't really tell you why that is, but, more likely than not, it is a result of the barrel. The R3 has a long barrel, which may mess with the rounds, but this, the RSEC, has no barrel (I.E. the rounds are shot right out of the magazine into the open air). Let that be a lesson to us all, K'NEX barrels are pretty much useless (which may be part of the reason why K'NEX bullpups are no good). Features: Great range: 50 - 70 ft. (even without the shells) Comfortable Everything in the gun is well situated (IMO) Nice 'n short, just like I wanted it Heavily modifiable True-trigger operated Good pull-back-length Hand guard Shoots shell ammunition OR non-shelled ammo -The Red Book of Westmarch

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instructions/recipe for a totally edible popcorn shelled pinatas?

   When I was a kid I remember every year we had a Popcorn Pinata at Grandmas. I'd like to make one for the kids at Church. And maybe start the tradition agian. All I remeber is it was a big hollow popcorn ball that was actually two half somehow glued together and it was pretty tastey too. I tried once before to guess at how to make it. Heres what I used and the probelms with it. Light Corn Syrup and popcorn two metal bowls and wax paper to lift it out with. The probelms were; it didn't hold it's shape taking it out (so it sure wont hold up to a beating). I'm not sure how I would go about making a loop or something stirty enough to hang it from either if it did harden enough. Also, I remember some years it was impossible for us kids to even crack it. (but the Uncles had fun helping)  Any thoughts?

Question by MrsMcArt    |  last reply

h a any one know some things about bullets?

Ok so i have a bullet(no powder) with a spent primer in it and cannot seem to get the primer out,im doing this to get the bullet out although ive done it by hammering a nail into a with no primer i cannot get the primer out its a rifle shell rws.308 and is there a easier way to get the bullet out of the shell,i dont have a kinetic bullet puller and cannot be bothered to buy one for a few shells

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

New Shotgun

So, I've been working on a new shotgun for a while, sort of as a sequel to my first one. I just finished version 1, and will be testing it for a while, and I will hopefully have instructions a little bit after that. Features: New, easier system for loading shells/cartridges True, sliding trigger Decent power (more than the last shotgun) More solid construction Still no mag though :(

Topic by DRADIS    |  last reply

What can i do with a broken up coconut shell? Answered

The only cool stuff i could find used at least half a coconut, I didn't have any near-perfect circle-halves or circle-1/4s (as you can see in the pictures). What can i make with the pieces in the pictures attached?

Question by vakama380    |  last reply

What is the best source for tortoise shell looking belt buckles?

Looking to make belts and want an inexpensive source for buckles - tortoise shell looking ones prefered

Question by LulieB    |  last reply

Can maynard shell work with raspbian wheezy or is it a different OS?

From what I understand it will be a OS, or will it be a add-on for other operating systems?

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

Making translucent, glowing cubes. Best shell material choice?

I'm making eight, seamless 15 cm3 cubes that will be translucent and have a glossy finish. They will be lit up (with LEDs, etc.) so the entire cube appears to glow, but there is a base side which will always be on the bottom (it doesn't have to be made of this material.) Sturdiness is desired (they will be in transit at some point), as well as low cost. The solutions I have in mind at this point are: Frosted acrylic/perspex glued together Some form of cloudy resin cast into a single-piece shell I imagine that the resin would have a better overall appearance if it goes well, but it sounds expensive and complicated. The perspex solution may have a less appealing end result due to the edges between each face. Please suggest alternate solutions if you can think of some! Thanks for your help. TK.

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UK suppliers of pink/blue housing foam? Answered

I can not find any suppliers for housing foam!? I am looking for big sheets of the foam, I am making a rowing shell and I am going to make the mould and then fiberglass. This is the project I am going to begin All comments are welcome Thanks

Question by oscarthompson    |  last reply


Like the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe, only far cooler, here is a house made from a snailshell. (OK it is not a real snail shell, it is a sculpture, but I don't care. It's amazing work.)A few more pictures here

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Is this a seashell or a clam? If so what is it called? Answered

I found this shell thing on the beach of Cape San Blas Florida. It's like a clam due to its "lips". The shell is somewhat heavier than a regular shell, my sister found another like it but practically on the other side of the beach. The lips of the shell are black and thick, they go around the  shell almost the whole way but stop at the back like a clam. It's small and fits in the palm of my hand.

Question by CasuallyCreepy    |  last reply

I am new to Unix, what's a good tutorial to start with? Answered

I am new to Unix, and would like to learn my way around, shell scripting etc. Is there a good tutorial I can use?

Question by DELETED_erikals    |  last reply

How do I install prelude on Emacs?

I am very new to Emacs (as of the 25th) and I learned that prelude adds some functionality to the program. But, on github where it is available for download the directions seem unclear and confusing to me. I don't know whether or not I'm using Curl or Wget and I don't know how to use them if I am. I tried entering the provided lines as a Shell command into Emacs as well as just entering the text in to my command prompt. For the shell command in emacs nothing seems to happen, and for command promp is gives the  "not an exicutable" splerge. I have downloaded the file from GitHub but I don't quite know what to do with it now that I have it. I use Windows XP if that accounts for anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Huge problem involving invincible materials

Ok I'm making a few projects and the cutoff for one of them (the bottom end of a bullet shell casing) is a perfect piece in the puzzle for another, i need a hole drill through it, so I got the drill of doom out and the apparent uber go through anything drill bits and the metal ones, I went to drill in to the bottom of this using the firing pin impression as a starter guide (it was dead centre) And at first I thought this was all going smoothly, and as I spun the drill up to full speed there was plenty of metal shavings coming out, I stopped for a look because a bit of distance had went by and there was a tiny dent in the subject, the drill bit however was noticeably shorter than before... the same bits as the ones we use for drilling out flint tubes in antique lighters, they're tough (it was bigger bit in this case but same type) so I tried the bog standard metal work bit it made no difference to the hole and was shredded away similarly. First of all what the hell is that striker made of and second of all what the hell drill bit can get through it, I knew they were tough, I couldn't be assed cutting one with just a hacksaw blade so i did it with the drill as a lathe...

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