Public Shop

What do you think about a community shop with access like a gym membership? All the tools and equipment you need to get your job done. Check it out:

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instructables shop

I think instructables needs a shop for us to buy hats and other stuff.

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Tech Shop

Anyone else out there use/go to the Tech Shop in Menlo Park? I've taken 3 of their safty and basic usage classes for the lathe, mill and aluminum sand casting. I want to start making things, but I'm still a little unsure of myself. For a first project I want to make a vise. I found some plans that I want to scale down a little. I will need to either by or make a lead screw. I'll probably try to make one, its a learning experience, so what's the point otherwise? Anyone there have advise?

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Shop Advice

I always wanted to open my own candy/bakery place where people can come sit read what have you. I am just a little concerned on how to start it up I have all the paper work just now that I finally scrimped and saved I am finding myself wondering if now is a good time, and if so how do I get the name out there for the general public plus I wanted to start selling on the internet too. any suggestions?

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Killerjackalope's shop...

Well I read the rules of the forum first and decided it would be sensible to post my cafepress shop and products, simply because most of them are fun or vaguely related to my projects (extra points for guessing right)Also I am now desperately looking for money due to some bad events in the short term, never worry I'll get back on my feet but have a look, here are the current products. The Beartrap thong'Ive got a rocket in my pocket' T-shirt'Sold out' T-shirtThe orange fractal T-shirt Here you goPhotos of the products are below, nobody likes being made to go to a site to see products they might or might not like, hopefully you do. If I missed the whole point of the rule I'll take it all back but I think this is about right...

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JOT shop.

Selling duct tape wallets, can be customized, will only sell to UK, unless you are willing to pay higher postal costs.Catalog;JOT duct tape walletsmk1; Plain duct tape wallet, size-22cm by 9cm. Plastic card holder can hold around 10 cards and the note holder can hold well over 35 notes. This product comes with a 2 year guarantee.* cat no: 610 silver cat no: 611 blackmk1.3; Same as mk1 but with The JOT BBW (Blue, Black and White) design on it. This product is covered by the 2 year guarantee*, the design falling off is not part of the guarantee and may happen. cat no: 613mk1.6; Same as mk1 but with your initials embossed on the design (so they stick out). This product comes with a 2 year guarantee.* cat no: 616 silver cat no: 617 blackmk1.45; PROTOTYPE, this prototype of mk1.3 and is made of cheap, "Pound land (r)" duct tape, it is high quality but has sticky bits on and smells a bit like plastic bags. Prototypes will always have a 25% discount. This product has NO guarantee as with all prototypes it is sold as seen. cat no: 913Variable stockI also sell tonnes of electrical parts, so if you need anything, from LED's to 400v capacitors, from Motors to Photographic censors from digital cameras. Even x-box and PS2 parts, I'll sell you just about anything you could need to do with electrics for the lowest prices too, (lowest prices are including UK delivery, any other country will pay higher P&P; charges due to overseas delivery costs.Pricescat no; Price; Delivery size;610 £5.00 M611 £6.50 M613 £6.00 M616 £11.00 M617 £13.00 M913 £4.50 M LTDStandard UK delivery (2 large items marked L OR 4 medium items marked M OR 6 small items marked S) costs £2.50.Guarantee*This product comes with a 2 year money back guarantee if it is ***accidentally damaged***. No re-fund will be given if we can prove it has been deliberately cut with scissors or any other hand tool or mechanical tool of any form including, but not limited to hand saws, flamethrowers and army tanks. If you can manage to tear it with your hands, without peeling away individual layers of duct tape, then you will be awarded 100% re-fund plus a replacement wallet, the same terms apply to this guarantee that apply to the money back one above.Please not that you will not get a re-fund on any postage and packaging int his guaranteeAll products have a 30 day re-fund period in which you may return the product, with the receipt to the return address found on the back of the packaging for the wallet. If it is opened then it will qualify for the 2 year money back guarantee. The only major difference is you will get the postage and packaging re-funded as well as the price of the product.Please not that YOU will have to pay for the postage for it to be sent back to us as we can only re-fund what YOU paid US. ''Thank you for shopping at the JOT shop!''

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Firebert010's Shop

My shop will be updated as I see fit. For Sale: JET SKI: Stand-up jetski of unknown brand or type. It runs perfectly, and the motor is in excellent condition. Outside is a bit buffed up, but it runs like a charm. Pictures below. Bidding starts at $350 if you pick it up.

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Reverse Shop Lifting

You've heard of shop lifting, but have you ever heard of Shop Dropping?"Shopdropping as it's known, is an ongoing project in which artist Ryan Watkins-Hughes replaces the packaging of canned goods with his own artwork, and then shopdrops the items back onto grocery store shelves."Read More...

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Kiteman's NEW Shop!

I am currently putting together a new Spreadshirt shop.I'm not going to offer specific products this time, so that you, dear customer, can have as wide a choice as possible.This is the link to the shop, but all you need to know is that all the designs will be tagged with at least instructables and kiteman.It will, naturally, be offering the infamous Zeroth Law design.

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Homemade shop urinal?

Any plumbers out there? I know that to some this sounds pretty gross, but I would like some ideas on how this might be done. I am not aware of all of the possible pipe fittings and combinations and ways of hooking things up. I have a homemade "sink" that I made out of one of those plastic storage containers and I have a hose bib as my faucet. As a side note, anyone know of an affordable but efficient "on demand" water heater, for the purpose of washing various shop related things? Anyway, I was thinking that there might be a way to maybe put a 45 degree fitting below the drain and run it out to a point to where it would be easily accessible. I would think that just running the water down the drain would sort of clean the pipe, and I would just have to maybe fill a cup with water and pour it down the 45 after using it to clean that part out. Meant to mention that I'm a man. I'm sure that's a useful piece of information! Also, meant to say that I have the pipe drain going down through the floor of the shop. It's then connected to a 90 and it runs the length of the building underneath the ground. I had drilled holes every inch or so along that whole length so that some of the water etc goes out all along that length and seeps into the ground and not just all the way to the end. Thanks for any ideas.

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Shopping Cart Furniture

This set of furniture made from a shopping cart by Ramon Coronado is pretty sweet. There's a table, a chair, a lamp, and even a swing, all made from a shopping cart with a plastic basket. It's a lot like Tim Anderson's Shopping Cart Chair, but with the extra option of bending the plastic with the help of a heat gun. MERCADO NEGRO via MAKE

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Shopping cart kennel

We just acquired 2 large dogs.  Dog crates/kennels are expensive especially when you have to buy two. I'd love to see if there is a way to make one.  Maybe out of a broken shopping cart?

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NYC Electronics Shops

Are there any good electronics shops in New York City to go to? Im looking for like components resistors capacitors switches encosures etc etc. And I will be around times sqaure and manhattan.

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Kruser495's Shop!

Take a look at some of my shops at cafe press. these are only a few of my designs! Come to the dark side!seals!salad fingers!Lamas!More Lamas!ArthritisMore Salad Fingers!Check it out!

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Shopping Bags to Frisbees

Someone once told me that about the only way to join polyethylene plastic was with heat and pressure. Plastic shopping bags are a recycling problem.  I think they are polyethylene plastic.  Heat and pressure might turn them into Frisbees, or other essential things.  I visualize a vertical, heat-resistant cylinder with a removable  Teflon-coated bottom cap in the shape of a Frisbee -- black to absorb solar heat.  A piston inside with the other half of the Teflon-coated mold could have a weight on it to provide pressure.  Fill the cylinder with shopping bags, with the piston inside, and suspend it over a solar reflector to heat the end cap of the cylinder.   There you have heat and pressure -- and free energy to turn the shopping bags inside into Frisbees, or other objects. Personally, I don't have need for more Frisbees, and don't collect enough bags to keep the equipment busy.  On a community recycling scale, though, it might be a way to get rid of a lot of bags that nobody wants.  Would anybody like to run the experiment? 

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Adding shop links?

Are you allowed to add links into your instructables? I run a small etsy store (selling beads and things) and am writing an entry for the jewelry making comp. I was wondering if it ok to put a link to my store after the last step?

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Shop-a-Mini Contest

As Lira would say, I haz skillz. I do not, though, have any serious photo-editing skillz. So, it should be easy to impress me and earn a patch in my new contest; apply your skillz in Photoshop, Gimp or even Paint to join a Mini with anything else. Caitlinsdad's hybrid of my Mini and Thunderbird 2 (below) was the inspiration for this contest, so he has already won a patch. You can join the Mini with anything you like - animal, mineral, vegetable, even celebrity. You must use a Classic Mini (any model), not the BMW version. To win a patch, your image must impress, both with creativity and the level of skill exhibited. The judge's decision is final and potentially rather arbitrary. Ready... steady... shop! EDIT: This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT

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why isn't instructables' shop online anymore? Answered

I was going to buy some segru but now I have to go to ebay

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Any good hobby electronics shops and places in London? Answered

My father sort of works in London and I am going there for my school autumn holidays. Does anyone know any good and interesting electronics shops, except for  obvious ones like Maplin, maybe some small and strange ones... I don't have much money, and I am going to be in Battersea, but the shops can be anywhere, if it is a reasonable, not walk-bus-train-bus-walk distance away.

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T.O. Chapter of Tetra needs machinist

Hi, the Toronto chapter of the Tetra Society is looking for a machinist within the city who can volunteer some time and a machine shop. Tetra is a volunteer organization dedicated to designing and building assistive devices and adaptations that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. Tetra would pay for the materials used, and the volunteer machinist may receive a tax receipt for the hours the machine shop is used for Tetra projects. If you know of a machinist in Toronto who's willing to volunteer time and shop space please let us know. Thanks.

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Air compressor set-up/not just for cars

Ive got all the fixns<need to run aroun 10x12 garage

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Alpha Channels In Photoshop

How do I make a transparency (alpha channel) in photoshop that I can upload into a program called Second Life?

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Multi-function, multi-materials workshops?

I'm on a small rural acreage. My shop situation is that I’ve got two separate, fairly compact spaces for working with wood (or general “handyman” repairs for the home) and for working with metal (cutting, welding, grinding, etc). My metal area is where I also often work with small-engine equipment. These spaces are located inconveniently, separated by nearly 100 feet! I think about how I might like to combine functions under one roof. So I’m posting to try to coax some of you people to show me how you may have done this. Or examples you've found on the internet (give URLs). Obviously, no one wants to get sawdust into an area where torch flames or electric-welding sparks could cause a hazard. And you wouldn’t want to get engine lubricants or solvents mixed up with wood projects. Discussion and description are fine, but I’d really like to see pictures or floor-plan diagrams if possible.  I need examples that represent modest investment, as I could probably only afford to build an enclosure of about 16x24 ft, with a bay door. ( Yes - could probably learn something from shops that are somewhat bigger than this.) In grandfather's day, farm shops were usually multi-purpose. You know, for "bench carpentry", and maintaining or servicing the truck or tractor, welding bailer components back together, etc. Often had a tablesaw, maybe a bandsaw - besides the hoist, welders, socket wrenches. I suppose sometimes a fire did occur in one shop or another, but probably not often.  I'd like to see some more modern versions, rather than just the "version" I have in terms of vague memories. Thanks.

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Tech Deck Work Shop

this is a group for people who want to make obtacles for finger boards/ tech deck.

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Help me find a shop.? Answered

It was a shop that sold new york themed goods, and some extravagant things like the resolute desk and hot dog carts, any Ideas?

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circular saw using a guide, need help (solved)

  Ok I'm doing something stupid and I can't figure out what.  I have been cutting a lot of plywood lately with my circular saw.  I have a metal level that I have been clamping down as a guide.  I have also used a board to do the same thing.  For some reason after I get part way through the board the saw starts to stall.  When I pull the saw out I'm off my line and the cut is moving towards the guide.  It's like the saw is going straight but after a while the blade is moving towards the guide.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm using a Ryobi  5-1/2 18V saw. Now that I'm typing this I'm wondering if the piece I'm cutting off is pushing on the blade and pushing it off track.  Thank you for any help

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Shop Vacuum Hose Adapters

The more I try and understand the nightmare that the shop vacuum hose and adapter issue has become, the more I have to believe Washington was involved in its design. There is apparently no more oversight of this industry than there was over Wall Street and the banks that led to the second great depression... Can someone tell me where a person can find a source that makes real problem solving adapters, and tells you the true inside and outside diameters of both ends instead of contributing to the confusion of this national mystery? Thanks

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Shops popular with British teens?

For reasons known only to myself, I need to know of some shops popular with British teens. What shops do you guys on that little island like to go to? I kinda need to know actual shop names, I can assume you shop for candy, clothes, gadgets, and whatnot like us on the other side of the pond. Your quiz crazy pal,RocketScientist2015

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point shops and a lego question


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shopping cart car thing

This is a forum for me to post my ideas on a shopping cart car that im designing

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wood shop project ideas??

So for my shop class i have to make a project using wood and whatever else i want but idk what to do i wanna do something video game related so suggestions please !(no weapons) shields allowed

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Bicycle & Folding Shopping Cart

I've been trying to find some DIY instructions on how to attach a folding shopping cart to a bicyle, but get no where. I once saw someone on a bike who did just that, but I didn't get a close look at it. Nor did I ask them how they did it. Both of us were on errands, so.... Anyone out there who can figure out how to do this, without welding & metal bar cutting, as I don't have such tools to do that. However, if a hacksaw will work for any cutting needed... Thanks

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3D Printing Shop - Amsterdam

Hello! Print3D Matter are in the process of opening a 3D Printing and prototyping store in Amsterdam - I would absolutely love to be approached by people interested in 3D prototyping and design.  We're a shop located in the heart of De Pijp, Amsterdam. That specialises in 3D printer & accessory sales, print on demand, design on demand and, well, we want to make loads of cool stuff in our store.  Contact me via the website or pop in - 182 Ferdinand Bolstraat, Amsterdam. Thanks, Print3D Matter

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Machine shop training course.

I am thinking of running machine shop training courses in the UK for those interested in learning how to really use lathes and other big shop equipment. The idea is subject to insurance company permission etc. but I wanted to gauge if there was any potential interest from people here (obviously only those based in the UK, unless you really want to commute) I'd expect costs to be something like 50 GBP per day + materials, and no more than two or three people per session, keeping the ratio of machines to people as 1:1. We'll probably try and do "group projects" as well as bring your own. The idea of group projects is that every ones gets to make more than one of something, to get techniques sorted out, and then we combine everyones work into assemblies - collaboration at its finest. Steve

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One-Stop Shop for Makers

Hi Everyone,  I'm Sarah Calvillo, a visual artist and interactive designer based in San Francisco. I created Steampunk Mr. Potato Head on instructables a while back.  I recently built the first one-stop shop for makers in the U.S. to find and book affordable studio time. Growing up, I've watched my father build our house from his personal workshop. Living in the city, I've found there is limited space to build my own projects. I wanted to create a platform where you could rent space and resources from your community. Funding this project was a major challenge, so I resorted to bartering design for development services with a friend to build Concourse. It took us a couple months to build and launch the site. My only advice for someone replicating this project like this is not to fear being scrappy or hacky. Build what you can, then iterate on what you've built. As a one-woman operation, I’ve been focusing my efforts on helping the Bay Area to start. However, Concourse is open for anyone anywhere to use. You can either rent out your workshop or rent someone else. Visit us  Hope I can help you continue making a create cool stuff on Instructables. DM me for more information about Concourse. Alright ladies and gents, take good care and thanks for your time. All the best, Sarah

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WANTED: Metal/Wood Shop in NE Ohio

I am looking for a metal/wood shop in North East OHIO that me and my dad can use.

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Shop made bench power supply.

Hello I have an atx dual sata 550 watt power supply... I have seen a bunch of instructables on here that allow just a few different voltage selections.. I have also seen a few with potentiometers to allow it to be more adjustable (dial up or down the voltage). That is what i want, i dont want to be limited to just three different options. S my question to you is, what type of potentiometer do i need to buy for this? And will a regular autostore purchased dashboard voltage meter window work? Also, what type of fuse/or breaker should i use?. Do i even need one? I also head i need some kind of "switch" for this as well. I found circut diagrams, i found list of items needed, but most of the instructables ihave found arent very specific on the specs of these extra items needed... Any help or direction would greatly help. Im going out to radio shack today and would love to grab the items needed to finish this priject. Thanks all...

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Sparkfun CNC parts. Need a head start with project, need help with shopping list.

First off, I know practically NOTHING of robotics and I have a plumber's understanding of electronics.  This has to be a "For dummies" project.  It's also important that most or all of the electronic parts come from Sparkfun, because I wish to take advantage of the great bargain they have coming up and because I cannot find anything locally. That said, I have been looking at building a small CNC milling machine.  Something that can engrave and cut light materials like circuit boards, foam, and softwoods.  I want to at least be able to engrave steel as well, but I feel that is up to the tool attached to the milling machine. The machine itself is not a problem.  I understand the mechanics of it, have the tools and know-how to produce, find or buy all the required parts. The trouble is the steppers, driver, and software.  The more I look at it, the less I understand.  Let's get to the questions I guess.  There's a lot, I'm very sorry. -Are there any well-documented projects here or on the web using mostly Sparkfun parts? -What is typically involved in setting up a stepper controller/driver?  Will I need to flash anything? -What software is best for operating a CNC from a windows or linux PC?  As a printer driver? -Out of the motors available on Sparkfun, which will give me the highest resolution and which will be strong enough to move up to five pounds of material without trouble? I know I need a lot of hand-holding here, but I really want to get started on this and I really want to take advantage of that sale.  It seems like the perfect time to begin.  Please help!

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Can I link my online shop in some of mine instructables? Or it is against the policies? Thanks anybody for answering.

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2 questions

1st- is it or if how possible to combine 2 electronic devices into 1 2nd-Can you give me a link to a  shop like thinkgeek that sends anywhere in the world

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Anything like TechShop in IL?

I wanted to do some more fabrication on an aluminum block (1' cube), and was wondering if there were open machine shops that gave members access to a CNC lathe/mill, specifically in IL.

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Where can I find brushes for a Chicago Electric 4" grinder Item#91222 ?

Do they cross reference to something else?

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phenoptix - LEDs, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, SMD and Superflux

Www.phenoptix.comLEDs, resistors, Kynar wire and many new products coming soon.UK based with fast and low priced shipping worldwide.

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Whats the cheapest place (In the UK) to buy LED's ? Answered

Hi Guys, I was wondering where the cheapest place (In the UK) would be to buy LED's. I need good quality wons that will fit in an xbox controller and some to fit in the xbox. It has to be in the UK because i dont like ordering from abroad. Sorry to be fussy. Thanks, PREDATOR

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Portable Work Space

Hello,  I have been kicking around this design for a portable work bench. My profession is product design however I am a DIYer by nature (mostly wood working, furniture and the occasional home renovation). I would always loose count of the number of trips I would make back and forth to my shop in the garage.I thought that a portable table that could fold into a hand truck would be a good solution to design, build and possibly sell. I have teamed up with a metal worker in the PA and we are considering crafting a few of these tables however I would like to ask the community if an idea like this was worth anything. If you are at all interested in something like this, could you please take this very short "yes/no" survey so that I could tally and see if there is enough interest in this idea. Also, could you please let me know what you think of this idea? If enough people think this is worth the time I will build a  few tables and post pics.  Survey Link: Thanks, -S

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Instructables Store

Unfortunately we've closed down the store for a while. You can get t-shirts and other goodies through us by winning contests! ---------------------------------------------------------- We very recently opened up the Instructables Store! Right now it's still very early and only has a few items in it, but we are going to be expanding it a bit more soon. Currently available are T-shirts, packs of Sugru, and a couple of cardboard kits. Next to be added are more cardboard animals for construction. After that we'll be looking to add a variety of very limited edition items. It will be experimental and we hope to learn a lot from it as well as offer up fun and unique items to all of you. Again, that's the new Instructables Store! Thank you.

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Say you had a giant wall designed for fastener storage....

I've been working on a project for the last week. When it's done I'll have a chunk of wall with: 90 1"x2"x4" drawers 64 3"x4"x7" bins 48 3"x6"x9" boxes My goal is to get all my various hardware organized and to fill in some gaps so that I always have a small handful of whatever size of nut, bolt, nail, lag screw, rivet, sheet metal screw, etc. that I need and don't have to go making a trip to the hardware store unless I'm doing something big and need dozens of something. So my two questions: If you had this setup, what sorts of less common hardware would you make room for? Where would you go to buy hardware to fill this thing up? I know if I go to the big box stores and buy those little plastic bags with four of this or five of that in them, I'm going to end up spending a lot more than I need to. I know places where I can buy hardware by the pound, so that will help keep costs down. But I'm also imagining that there are people here with on-line sources that might be cheaper still?

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Whats your favorite coffee shop?

 Add your favorite: coffee shop, cafe, place, and even your favorite drink to get there!  If its a gastation, add the location and name of it! If you add a picture, i will add it to the pictures on this topic! don't forget to join the llcoffee group!  

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