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There should be a contest.

There should be a contest for the worst instructable ever.

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Should I....? Answered

I received a PM this morning from someone asking to use one of my instructables project photos in their book. Here is what they wrote: I'm finishing writing a book dealing with sci-fi, and I thought it would be kind of fun to include your photo of your croched USS Enterprise (the first one-- tilted upward) . I have similar Trek artwork, and yours would be fun to add. If I show you as artist, might I possibly have unrestricted permission (all future world editions/languages/derivations/ads), to sell it in my printed book as well as from the book site's down-loadable image bank? Should I? I think it would be cool to have something in a book.  The other question is can I? Since it was entered into a contest and according to the contest rules :9. By submitting an entry and entering this contest, you hereby grant Instructables a perpetual, irrevocable, sublicenseable, worldwide, royalty free right to publish and distribute your entry for their promotional purposes.

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Should I use this stock?

Should I use this stock? Its just one that I made and thought it looked pretty cool, it may have been done pretty similar before, but do you think its good, and should I use it on my up-coming sniper thing?

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shall i submit?

I've had an idea for a Batman-style net launcher i am wondering if i should post it? it should be able to launch a net and catch about anything.

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Should I Create a Facebook? Answered

I have been debating whether or not I should get a Facebook... I am 14, and my parents wouldn't let me get a Facebook until I started highschool, and of course I am entering highschool this year.  I am trying to weigh the positives and negatives and stuff like that.  I am just thinking that if someone needs to contact me, I can just call, email, or text them.  I can text or email multimedia, and chat by texting, and play games at  If there is any good reason that I should join Facebook, just let me know.  If there are any reasons NOT to join Facebook, also let me know.

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Which pistol should i build? Answered

I have a oodammo pistol that i have built. It seems to be great. I want to know what oodammo pistol I should build so i can compare it and see if it is up to par (equal).

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What Should Be My Next Instructable?

Ok, well after i post my semi-auto(yes i made one!) i will be open to ideas. so, what do you want me to build? i am going to have a vote for it. the voting ends when my semi-auto is posted. um, i am open to anything but try to make the gun realistic. please no big grenade launchers please. voting: low piece machine gun: 2 votes. gun with my new bolt mech: 1 vote 12 shotgun: 1 vote.

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What kind of laptop should i get?

I am pondering the possibility of getting a new laptop sometime. I want portability, LOTS of storage, ease of use, and a RELIABLE OS. I play WoW, do lots of high def video editing and Im home most of the time but when im out i dont want a 40 pound paper weight in my backpack. I also want something thats easy to use IE a decently large keyboard or a good trackpad. I'm not addicted to WoW but i play it enough that I cant but a netbook! I also do video editing for my youtube channel.....Basically, I like small but I NEED STORAGE and processing speed and some RAM for my games....I prefer windows after my crappy experience with my mac but ill stay open minded and allow mac suggestions....oh and Im a klutz also I drop things all the time.

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What to do with Ball Bearings?

For some while I've had a pile of ball bearings sitting here on my lounge room table, and without knowing what on earth to do with them, I now ask you. I have found uses such as adding to my "mousetrap racer," a small car, run by a mouse trap, that can go up to 15 metres. With ball bearings it goes twice as far as it used to, so I have become curious... what to do now though? All ideas would help, and an instructable would be even better. Cheers

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Should I post?

I made a paintball extra parts/problem kit.Should I post? DUHAnyone find this useful? DUHShould I post a begginers guide along with it too? Um?Help, I will love any feedback!

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Should I post?

Just kidding. :P I will post my Instructable for the Photo Contest, but I'd like to know how big of a Photoshop base there is here. How many people are interested in getting started with Photoshop? Just wondering! Thanks, Bran.

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should i post? Answered

thats the vid so should i post???

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should i post?


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Should i post it?

This is a sea plane i have been working on, plz comment on what you think of it and tell me if u think i should post it

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Should I post it?

Just a few days ago I made a portable K'nex cannon. I was just wondering If I should make it be my first instructable. Here's more info: Range: Average Accuracy: Difficult Size: Medium Extras: Loading stick doubles as a small spear, end of barrel has points, and Includes ammo carriers. Should I post it?

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guides that should be made

I dont know if somthing like this exists but i'll put it out there anyways... here people can post guides they believe should be created, started, etc. i'll start with one all for Palm Pilots

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Should I post?

Should I post this new design? it has a true trigger and no frame. cool handle, too you might be able to make it from the pictures. P.S. I just got micro knex! yay micro knex guns! Imagine having a micro shifle! that would be sick!

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Should I Post?

Should I post? And no, I am not a diesel freak; I was just bored. I've put on bigger tires and made the trailer longer and made 2 indy cars that both fit in the trailer. I also added seats and doors and a steering wheel. I hope you like.

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should i post this?

Hi i recently made a  new gun and kind of wan't to post it but i don't now if its worth the effort 

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should i post this??

I made a small (about 1 foot in length) archery bow, its pretty strong for its small size and pretty easy to make

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There Should be a Solar contest

There should be a solar energy contest, I'm sure there are lots of awesome ideas out there. I'm thinking solar powered coffee machine, kite wind generator, ..... Maybe categories like small gadgets, garden, home power, cooking? Prizes like a 100w photovoltaic panel, solar cell phone chargers, Stirling engine for the coffee cup.Lets put our heads together on this.

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Should I post?

Dinner tonight is fresh chicken, literally just clucking a few hours ago, which set me to wondering-should I post an ible on how to butcher and clean chickens? Yeah, I know...Kiteman's law. But I have no pictures (you kinda need both hands, and anyway they'd be fairly gross...). Would it still be worthwhile using stock photos/drawings? What sayeth ya'll?

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An Instructable that should be featured

Please consider featuring this Instructable. In my mind it demonstrates everything good about Instructables. It is not one of mine. I do not know the author. I simply believe it is excellently done. Thank you. Phil B

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Should I use it? Answered

I got this flyback transformer without high voltage cable so I cut it until I found a tiny piece of metal. Is it safe to use the transformer ? and If it is how do I find the best coils to be the primary and the feedback from the 2n2055 driver.

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Should I Post?

Ok well i wanna know if i should post this true trigger pistol i made. its a semi automatic rubberband gun. its pretty decent, and can hold as many small rbs as u want, but after about 12 rbs, it gets hard to load. so should i post? and please rate EDIT: i took most of the pics, and will get the instructions up ASAP, but that might be a while cuz im getting left 4 dead today... ANOTHER EDIT: i AM going 2 post wen i finish with the detachable mag idea that me and dunkis were talking about. it might be a while, but ill get it up AGAIN, ANOTHER EDIT: i made the gun, i have all the pics except for the front of the barrel. i made it so it shoots pieces, but reloading takes a long time, so im just gonna post the rbg version, it is SLIGHTLY modified to have a longer barrel, and a slanted handle PLEASE RATE

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Should I post?

This is a new gun I made after finding about Ipod Killer's "innovative" trigger system. It uses Mepain's ram and part of the Burito Master's clip for his scar gun. The clip pushes up the ammo by itself, so all ya gotta do is pull the ram then trigger. It also uses a spring to absorb the shock of the ram.

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Should I post ?

Im not sure if I should post this, it kinda looks like a bazooka. I fires a big purple rollercoaster about 25 ft. And has a new trigger idea. It is powered by rubberbands and mainly a big orange motor found in the rippin rocket set(you can also find that rollercoaster in that set too). The trigger idea is fairly simple. A block thing blocks the roller coaster from running into the motor, so you pull the trigger the block goes down and the roller coaster gets fired. Some of these pics are really blurry, so I apoligize for that, and any mispelled words in this forum. Thank you for reading.

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Should I publish this?

I just finished building a RepRap Huxley, and I took time lapse video of each build day. You can see everything on my blog post here. Instructables is a kind of showcase for my work and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to publish each video (there are four) as a step in an instructable. I didn't design the Huxley, and it would be difficult to reproduce my results just from watching the videos, but I did build it myself. That's why I can't decide if I should post it. I wouldn't want people to think I posted build instructions for the whole thing. So what you you think? I would love to get the opinion of some higher-ups.

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Should I post this?

I'm about to undergo a diet (well, somewhat) and exercise regimen to get rid of all this excess fat I've gained over the last 4 years. I'm pushing 198, and I really don't want to break 200 at 14 years old, even though I am 6' 1". I've got a 40" waist, so my gut is big. I'm slimming down mostly because my dad is big and is at risk for becoming diabetic, and I don't want to follow him down that road. Oh, and looking good helps too. If I get my fat % down far enough, I might give one of those "six pack abs" iBles. The regimen was created by me, just from things I've read on the Interblag and been taught in Health class. Sure, I know there's Kiteman's Law, but I really don't know, or think, that my way of going about things would help somebody else, and if it did, do y'all think Instructables is the right place for it? That said, perhaps a forum topic would be best, or a slideshow? I could set it up like Rachel did with her polyphasic sleep experiment, updating it whenever possible. I just want to know what y'all think, really. Anyhoo, thanks!

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what should I build???????????????????????????????????

I need to know what type of knex gun to make... FAST!!!!!!!!!!

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Should all crossbows have handles? Answered

Should all crossbows have handles? DJRADIO NO VOTING =)

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what can i use candy wrappers for? Answered

I have a ton of acandy wrappers but dont know what to use them for a got starburst wrappers, dum dum lollipop sticks and wrappers,dots boxes, tootsie roll wrapper, paper gum wrappers, and alot of other wrappers any idea what i could use them for? thanks

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we should go back to the old rating system

I think we should go back to the +-1 rating system instead of the stars. I was just browsing some instructables because I was bored and they all have roughly 3 stars, that's a big help rating system for which ones I should look at!

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I Have a Single Servo Motor, What Should I do with it?

I was making a robot, so I had to modify the servos for continuous rotation and I accidentally broke one. I didn't dare risk breaking the other one. What should I do with it?

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What is better the knexsayer or the TR18 which one should i build? Answered

 I have enough pieces to build either one.

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Should I get an Xbox?

All the other kids have them and they always talk about them. I don't want to hear why I should get a Play-station. I know its a bad reason to get one but I totally can.  

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What gun should i build?

Does anyone know a good knex gun that is a challege to build?

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How should I clean my guitar? Answered

My guitar is looking real dirty and I want it clean.

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So what Knex gun should I build next?

I have built the ZKAR v2 before, it really was a magnificent gun. Played quite a few wars with it and I beated the entire neighbourhood and their El Diablo's and Turret Pistols. It was my trusty gun and we have been through quite a lot. Now it is time for me to say goodbye to my beloved ZKAR w\scope, and to step up. The ZKAR v2 was great, but now it does all weird things. It breaks down very often and such. The bolt often jams and the trigger doesn't work quite properly either, but that's more because it is a really old gun. I've been using it for almost a year now if not more then a year. It is time for me to use something else. Only one question remains. What should I use? I need a Knex gun that can either beat or outclass the ZKAR v2. That means reliability is key, yet any kinds of fancy guns would still be nice. I am already thinking something like swagboss or D-TAB. Anyone has any suggestions? Preferably no TR-18. I can't stand turrets, they always have problems with me.

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Should I shorten my name to Blivit? Answered

I just realized that Oblivitus is kind of an odd name. I might change it. Any ideas?

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what should i remake? Answered

What should i remake? the Z35 or the knexsayer?

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should i post my....

Should i post my homemade copycat white castle burgers?

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Should I buy a breadboard? Answered

Half the stuff i make fails so should I buy one? And want are the benefits?

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Should be possible to edit comments

We should be able to edit comments that we have published. I found an error in a schematic I posted, for instance, and I should be able to go back and revise it instead of deleting the whole comment and re-posting. This is a common feature in other forum software.

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What should I do?

I have an IBM ThinkPad Model 560 type 2640 made in 1996. And it won't boot. What should I do with it.

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we should have shoutbox

We can talk with online pro's

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Should I build the BR36?? Answered

Should I build the BR36?? Which is better the BR18 or BR36?? I can build it but should I take the time and pieces?? I just don't want to waste my time and pieces. If I do build what kind of mods should I use??Thanks, and I will give out best answer.Killer~SafeCracker

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Should i post This gun? Answered

This is my new knex slingshot sniper and i dont know if i should post it but another thing is that it is knexfreak360.

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Should I post an instructable for this? Answered

Should I post and instructable for this? Or wait a bit and make it better? The only problem with it is that the handle is weak. Sorry the pictures are blurry, I was in a hurry.

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What should I to do with this? Answered

I have a Massively Mini Media player from Tiger and What should I to do with this? And how can i hack it to run something other! :-)

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