I just love the show. It is brilliant. Adam is really funny, and Jamey is always serious, they make one good team. I really liked the new episode "lead balloon myth"... Tell me something you like in the show, what is your favorite myth they busted, what do you think about the junior mythbusters???

Topic by comodore   |  last reply

Accepted But Not Showing

Hi, I have recently posted an instructable in the category of Arduino. It has been accepted however it is not showing up in any of the electronics category.

Topic by Bitline   |  last reply

Instructable not showing.

Hello, I wonder if  you could help me; it's not a bug but this seems the most appropriate category. I posted an Instructable on the 3rd of Dec. It hasn't shown up yet. Is it because it has the word 'pistol' in it and needs to be filtered or have I pressed the wrong button. I started to unpublish it and try again and then I decided to ask your advice instead. Thank you

Topic by FriendOfHumanity   |  last reply

Comments not showing :(

Is it me, or are comments, and the author tab and the related tab not showing up? Also, instead of white, only the top is white. The background is no longer white for the whole instructable. It is really bugging me

Topic by LvNo1000   |  last reply

Radio Shows

I was recently given a copy of an old radio show called The Shadow. I enjoyed listening to the program, and could not help but wonder if there are any new radio shows being broadcasted. I found a few shows that air in the UK, but I could not find any in the US. Does anyone know if there is a station that still has radio shows?

Topic by Sedgewick17   |  last reply

Show Off

Okay, I am totally bored right now SOOOO..... Post all of your time wasting avatars to show off

Topic by Chicken2209   |  last reply

video not showing

I made a new instructable and on the last step I put a video but when I publish it there is no video!

Topic by Jimmy Proton   |  last reply

Photos not showing

I am trying to figure out why my photos are not showing when previewing instructable. I also cannot get it to format where I have separate pages of instructions. Please assist.

Topic by ralema69   |  last reply

Instructable not showing!

Four days ago I created a Instructable but its not showing up when I search for it. But if I go to "Published" I can view it and it says that it is published. What is wrong?

Topic by Arnseb   |  last reply

Show moves

Hi everyone, i was wondering if in parkour and freerunning "shows"(ie. Showing off to a small crowd) if you have any trademark tricks? Just name/describe/post a video of you doing your trick, and maybe suggest improvements as well. My showmove is a front-somersault with a 180 twist, then going backwards in a handstand for 5 seconds. It's less impressive than it sounds, but it gets a good roar from the crowd ;)

Topic by The Jamalam   |  last reply

Craftland Show

Celebrate the 9th annual Craftland Show in Providence, Rhode Island.  At this holiday sale you will find all sorts of eclectic crafts and handmade items.  It is a month-long event in downtown Providence.  Over 170 artists will be featured. Times and Dates: November 26 – December 31, 2010 and is open even days a week 10am - 6pm Providence is my hometown so I look forward to attending this sale when I go home for the holidays!

Topic by Carleyy   |  last reply

Pro is a no show

I received a pro membership for winning a contest.  I have see "Pro" beneath the Pro's avatar but I do not see myself identified as a "Pro".   Why is this?

Topic by Toxictom   |  last reply

Show and tell

Hey all, I am super keen to see projects using 3D printing for personal fabrication, whether it be via RepRap, Makerbot, Shapeways whatever.. Just to share the 3D printed goodness

Topic by dscott4   |  last reply

Instructable not showing :/

Yesterday I published an instructable called "". Today I checked on it and saw that I could only find it by going to my profile. I cannot find it through the search box or recent instructables. Has it just not gotten published or is something wrong? How to fix it?  Please help!

Topic by m bedi   |  last reply

Instructable featured but not showing

I got an e-mail  thay my instructable was featured, but on my list of instructables it does not have the featured flag. And it does not appear in the Recent, Featured, or Technology pages.

Topic by JRV31   |  last reply

My question doesn't show? Answered

Asked 6 hours ago I see it in questions I have asked on my page but not in the questions list??  Odd

Question by rickharris   |  last reply

Published instructable not showing up

Last night I posted this instructable, and about 10 hours later it still hasn't shown up on the site. Is it still caught in the filters, or is something else going on?

Topic by M3G   |  last reply

New Topic Not Showing UP ?

This probably won't show up someone is filtering out my forum topics! I posted many. No way to find them in : Burning Questions or Community Blog. The topic is : AMR ELECTRIC METERS - radiation poisoning people, etc... Can not find my blogs. Can you look into this administration people, bug fixers ! There are people on your staff who have an agenda that is working against peoples forum answers and questions. You know who he is. He is not from the USA. Check out his activities for yourself. Something is covert and not right with his interferance and deletion of blogs and personal agendas. Thanks.

Topic by triumphman 

New Instructable not showing up in "recent"

I've been publishing Instructables both for myself and Gadget Gangster for a while now and I've never seen an Instructable that didn't appear in the "recent" section when published?   Have I discovered a bug, angered the gods, or just published too many in a short period of time?  (I have created three in the last 2 months.)  Thanks  -Jeff-

Topic by Propellerpowered   |  last reply

Videos not showing, and cannot remove/ edit videos

Hi troubleshooting team, Here's my info: Windows 8 Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit) This Instructable, and others I've made, was created many UI revisions ago (back when a "Video Instructable" was a creation option). When I try to load it, a blank space appears where the video should go. There's no way to access the video from the Instructable editor, not even in the HTML. Also, the title image doesn't appear. This appears to only be an issue for Firefox on Windows. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on OSX (those work) and MS Edge on Windows (also works). Haven't tried Chrome on Windows. I'd like to know how to be able to remove the video so I can just add YouTube's html code. This is occurring with several of my Instructables. I was alerted to this issue by another user who noticed that a video seemed to be missing, so I feel confident that it's not caused by an issue with my PC. Thanks for looking into this!

Topic by LanceMakes   |  last reply

I can't see my slideshow pictures after publishing them but other can...

I can't see my slide show pictures but others can...

Topic by smidge147   |  last reply

Missing Ible

On Sunday, I posted an ible here;  and it's not showing up. Not sure if it's something I did on my end as there was a strange glitch when I was using the photo editor.

Topic by antagonizer   |  last reply

Comments not showing up

Recently whenever I comment on a question the page "scrolls" down like I have commented, but no text shows up. Sometimes this happens with my version of Chrome (15.0.874.121 on Mac osX lion), but a page refresh usually shows the comment. I checked again once and about 4 hours later, but nothing shows up... Any help? :)

Topic by astroboy907   |  last reply

Post not showing up

Hi, I published an article on Saturday and it's still not live two days later. I've sent the team an email and tweeted at them but no answer. Any help appreciated.

Topic by Go Repairs   |  last reply

Krylon project not showing up either

I posted it, i entered it, it cleared mod approval, but it won't show up on the list of projects. i really don't wanna get no votes due to an issue tbh. Thanks for any help!

Topic by nightarya   |  last reply

Forum topics not appearing.

Over the last month, I have noticed that my forum topics do not show until a few days after posting. By this time they have sunken three pages in.One of my previous topics, did not show until Kiteman commented in it. I'm not sure how he found it.I have just posted another topic, which still hasn't shown up after a day.This has only occured of late as previous topics showed within 5 min.Thermo electric generatorand my recent topicSia preforms still MIAAny ideas?

Topic by Lftndbt   |  last reply

Pages blocked

Just recently certain pages have not been displaying, along with the Instructables header. Probably ad ware problems

Topic by Mud Stuffin   |  last reply

Instructable appearance

My Lego Lunar Module is not appearing when I search for it. This means I don't get many views, which means no favorites, which means no popularity. HELP ME!

Topic by emcee2   |  last reply

Contest Voting

My wife submitted a dress for your contest that needed to be done by 6/12/11 midnight. She did so at about 11pm on 6/12/11 and your site stated that it was accepted. BUT now the voting has started & her dress is not listed!!! Why? Her name is Conny Johnson.

Question by jimmie2101   |  last reply

Slide show updates to a published show don't show up on preview

I am trying to update a slide show but the image captions don't change. I update the image data, save it, then hit the save and preview button - and voila - no change. I go back to edit mode and the changes that I saved are still there. Also, the images don't seem to be all there. I added some to the end and they don't show on the preview. Again, I saved the changes, but in preview mode, the added image doesn't display. The images are saved and I can still see them in edit mode.I published the slide show hoping that would show the changes. It didn't show the first day, but after one day, the changes showed up. This is on my only slideshow.showNot really a bug, but I find the whole drag and drop for reordering the slide pictures very difficult to control accurately. This may work for one page of images, but for larger slideshows it is frustrating to try and move images.BTW - I tried to insert a hyperlink into one of the text boxes on one of my pictures. It saved, but when I went to preview it - the entire box is missing. I went back to edit mode, and the box is gone. I guess you really don't want hyperlinks from text boxes.Thanks

Topic by gumwrapper   |  last reply

instructables at the Home Show

I was at the BC Home + Garden show a while ago, and found this great sign.

Topic by threecheersfornick   |  last reply

Make a web show

I'm thinking about starting a webshow, similar to iCarly (if you watch the show), and I am trying to get some ideas for the show. Can someone give me some ideas for it. Sorry for no pix, or about anything but this info.

Topic by chopper00700   |  last reply

Why didn't it show?

So I made this instructable: know it sometimes takes a bit to show up under recent instructables...but why isn't it showing in this group? Same reason?

Topic by Weissensteinburg   |  last reply

latest instructable not showing

I don't see my last instructable anywhere except under my instructables where it is showing as published.

Topic by JimRD   |  last reply

Robots Are Art Show

In the Bay Area and like robots? Check out the Robots Are Art show!The opening for this event has already passed, but you can still catch the show for another two weeks.The Float CenterPhone: 510.535.1702Hours:Tues-Sat 10-10Sun/Mon By Appt.Location:Float Center1091 Calcot Place #116Oakland, CAThe show runs through Jan 17th, 2008.

Topic by noahw   |  last reply

Amazing Light Shows

Favorite light shows or props that are inspiring?  Lasers and LED's.... I just saw Squarepusher's latest "Dark Steering" and was impressed, and Pink Floyd's shows were awesome.  Any others?

Topic by CrLz   |  last reply

question not showing up?

I asked a question in Answers on (i think)thursday, and it never showed up on the front page of answers. also, when i search for it it doesnt come up. if you go to my profile it shows up there though. the link to it is here.

Topic by revelae 

instructable not showing up

My instructable is not showing up anywhere . i have it published, but not showing in the contest i entered. why? if there is an issue with the instructable can you let me know ? otherwise it may affect winning the contest. other people show up in the replicator 2 contest but not mine.  the issue is with my radial engine to be printed. instructable. thanks

Topic by sparten11   |  last reply

Instructable not showing up? Answered

I published an instructable yesterday and it still hasn't showed up in the technology section. all my other instructables that i have posted have showed up within an hour. is there anything i can do to make it show up or should i copy and paste it and try making a new one? here is the instructable

Question by joshmt2012   |  last reply

videos and slide shows

Do they need to include instrucions. most slide shows and videos do not but it is suposted to be a instructable. i am plaining tom post my newest creation as one of there but i am not sure if it will have instructions. does it need instructions?

Topic by dsman195276   |  last reply

pdf's show no pictures?

when i download a pdf it has no pictures

Question by chicochan   |  last reply

LEd light show

Is there any way to synchronize your computer LED lights with an equalizer to make it do a light show? based on bass and treble. thanks for all ther help you can provide.

Topic by Yomster 

Favorite T.V Shows

What are/is your favorite T.V shows/show?Mine are:Criminal Minds (really demented killers)The Unit (Awsome/intence)24 (awsome/intence)My Name Is Earl (really funny)Reaper (Funniest ever!)MonkCSI (Sometimes, See other topic/rant )CSI NYBones(sometimes)HeroesEverybody Hates ChrisSimpsonsFamily Guy Robot Chicken

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll   |  last reply

ITP Winter Show

The 2008 ITP Winter ShowFor those of you out there in New York, you may be interested to know that Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) is gearing up for their infamous Winter Show which will run this year from 5 PM - 9PM from December 17th to the 18th. If you have never been to one of these student shows before, prepare yourself to see more cutting-edge student artwork than the average human mind can process in a single evening. It is definitely worth checking it out (and its free!). For more information, check out their website:

Topic by noahw   |  last reply

Bug in showing collaborations

I've noticed several times that if I go to "View Persona" on myself, sometimes it shows collaborations that I'm not a member of there. Now I believe I've determined that after I look at someone else's profile, it shows their collaborations on my page for at least a little while if I look at my own profile. I'm not sure why this is.

Topic by daenris 

instructable not showing up

My instructable says that it is posted and the direct link to it works but it doesnt show up under the technology section or through a search. it has been 3 days since i have posted it and i dont know whats going on because all my other instructables i have posted showed up within an hour

Topic by joshmt2012   |  last reply

Peep Show anyone?

So has anyone seen the brilliantly funny ( but very underrated) Peep show?It is extremely funny, and very witty in it's humour. It is a British comedy and has made 4 series and is going on for 5! Yay!It uses the first person veiw in its shows and does it very well. ( you can hear the duos secret thoughts! lol!)It is by far my favourite comedy!How did you get into / come across it?Favourite character (s) ?Best episode?Funniest moment?Your welcome to share your news and comment here!-- Peep Show is AWSOME! --

Topic by Baron A   |  last reply

Instructable not showing up

I finnished an Instructable several hours ago and it said it is published. However it does not show up in the 3D Printing section at all. There was another user with similar problems not long ago, he too was unable to find his Ibles in the Technology section. How can I get my Ible to show up so people can actually find it? The Instructable in question

Topic by Downunder35m   |  last reply

Skype live show.

I have an idea for a live show on skype.  However I need to work out some details for it, such as when to host it.  Everyone listening in can be in a conference call with me, and so forth. My skype name is dj_jazzy_jeff1, but if you want to participate, you must tell me your skype name in the comments and be willing to contribute if I am to add you to the contacts list.

Topic by DJ Radio   |  last reply

Instructables not showing up

I've published my project. Left it over night and its just not showing up in the technology area. It has 1 view as I viewed it in a different browser to test if it was published. Any help?

Topic by jacktrow   |  last reply