Dark Side Of The Moon? Answered

I have been taught that we always see the same side of the moon.  The other half is called the dark side of the moon.  Is this dark side really dark, or is it really bright when the moon is a new moon?  I know this is a stupid question, but I just wan't to clarify with so many dark sides.

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Knex Side arm

I'm looking for a easy to build knex gun that has a mag that don't jam easily and uses NO Yshaped connectors or 'HANDS". Post a link or write the URL PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

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The Dark Side of Crafting?

I was recently sent this update from UC Berkeley and Indiana University, and thought I would pass it along.  I have never had a brush with the "Dark Side" of crafting they describe here.  Have you? Do you sew clothes, print posters, or shop for craft supplies only to realize your craft has negative effects, e.g., on the consumer or society at-large, morally, socially, and/or legally? Do you see a “dark side” to craft? If so, UC Berkeley and Indiana University researchers conducting a research project on handcraft and computing would love to talk to you. We will conduct interviews by instant message, email, phone, or in person within the next few months. To help us with our research, please email Daniela at daniela@ischool.berkeley.edu, Jeff at jbardzel@indiana.edu, or Shaowen at selu@indiana.edu.   image blatantly stolen from pirateluv which just has so many other cool things on it too.

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Best Side Arm

Alright we need entries for my best side arm contest at ibeatyou. Even if you don't want to enter it would help if you voted once we do have more entries...and if you're curious enough you can see and listen to me...ooo meeting TheDunkis that has to be awesome right? Guess not... Competition LinkI don't care what you say here. Sure discuss whatever you want here although the real discussion is there I'm just inform those of you who haven't joined. I would join if you haven't. Knexperts like dsman, I_am_Canadian, and Jollex have already joined me.

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welcome to the dark side

Welcome new ones

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server side bug

Recently I've been posting the odd code sample from Arduino sketches into answers. I open the source view option of the rich editor, and paste the HTML copy from Arduino 1.xx That's code with the  pre tags set start and end. I close the source view, and my rich edit preview is fine. I post the message, and all hell breaks loose - I see the "Instructables is down " message in the middle of the postings, and all the text becomes centred. This is FF18, but the error seems to come from Instructables - or where would your "Instructables is down" come from

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Three Sided Truth

Global Consciousness Project – Long Term ExperimentI've been watching the GCP for over 4 years. I would like to create a permanent visual installation based on acquired data from the EGG database. The installation will be a tetrahedron, displaying past, present, and the "so-called" probable data. No explanation of what the display portrays. Mysterious as it will be, time and historical data will stir subconscious minds to recognize patterns. I believe this is the perfect device that will develop questions within closed minds and thus in time, answers.Read up on GCP here: Princeton GCPI have a physical design in mind for the installation. I would like to lead the creative task force for creating such a device. I'm wondering if I can find people here that would be interested in helping with the internal electrical and mechanical engineering that will be needed to operate the device. Serious minds needed only. This is a long-term project possibly taking several months to a year to complete. Funding will be provided once the preliminary concept is thoroughly defined. I would like to see that these devices are scattered across the globe and placed in highly visible areas.The domain name ThreeSidedTruth.com has been registered for this project. I hope to find some interested minds.threesidedtruth@gmail.com~ Demannu

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How do I put two videos together side by side?

 I have two digital video clips that  are the same duration and would like them to play side by side on the same screen at the same time. What program would allow me to do this?  

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knex side arm list

This the list of knex side armstrauts side armtds or the dunkis side armloosewires slide action pistolflie-ing goose side armdsman195276's side armtd10 a mod of the tds made yet again by thedunkisOTTG1 by OblivitusP 2000 by the one the only ironman69TheDunkis's Mini-er TDS lol loads of mods for the TDSOKP K'nex Mini Pistolthe TDS2 a major mod or overhaul of the TDSdj radio's 357 knex pistoldgm's mesIf you want your side arm posted please comment the url and the name you want it posted as.Also if you don't want your gun posted up here message me and i will take it down.

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The right side column seems to be missing

It might just be me but I don't see the info and suggestions column on the right hand side of my own instructable. It happens in Ff13 and also in Opera signed in or not. It doesn't happen on other "ibles. I see others fine. just on my own.It's been that way a couple of days but I figured it would fix itself. It hasn't. https://www.instructables.com/id/Pintail-Duckboat-build-log/

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wall painting side effect

Recently I painted my daughter's room with pink color (egg shell finish). Unfortunately there is lot of pink color reflection in the room. entire room feels pink, even ceiling, door and closet are white. It seems that color was darker side of pink. In the past when the room had white color, two bulbs gave good light. Now even with 4 bulbs not enough light.  I saw many houses with different colors, but never felt such type of huge color reflection. Now this room is no more good for studying. Why it happend? How can I fix it?

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Scooter Side Stand Alert?

Hi How to create Scooter Side Stand Alert in new TVS WEGO pls tell 

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SIde loading K'nex shotgun

First side loader on site! Pic is of top view. I'll post the whole instructable soon.

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hard shelled side bags?

I need a pair of side bags for my 86 Honda that will hold my laptop without risking busting it if i put my bike down.  if anybody has any ideas on how to build a set id love to here it.

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Fuzzy 20-sided dice

Fuzzy d20'sSo I bought a set of these about a week ago. I love them.But....They happen to be almost totally round, any ideas to make the triangles stick out a bit? Some way of giving it sharper corners and edges?Thanks!

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Well, I finally got around to making a sidearm. Largely based on TheDunkis' new oodammo AP. Instructions - http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t;=685

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New Side-Arm DMTD (name pending)

Well some of you might have heard dsman and I are making a new side arm mainly by combining our side arms and then adding even more features. Some things we (well I) plan on -Stronger and just as reliable as DMS -Small and as comfortable as TDS -Removable magazine -Slide -A new feature I'm working on. Adjustable site for aiming at distances. So yeah we decided to team up because I honestly just got tired of competing with dsman. I have some questions for you though What ammo do you want us to use? We are leaning towards dark greys. Also what other details do you want? Such as what kind of trigger (true obviously) and also do you want it to be detailed like the gun down below or do you want it to be straight forward like the TDS? Give me any other features you want. This gun isn't what we are working on...yet. We might use it as a base. For anyone curious this gun is my newest version of what used to be the D. Falcon from the video comparing our side arms. It was what I was working on to beat both of them. This is mainly for the concept removable magazine I'm working on.

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are there any knex guns with the mag on the side? Answered

Are the any knex guns with mags on the side? i think it would by pretty cool lookin,

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Only one side of headphone working

I have a bluetooth headphone one side of it is not working. I opened it and found that one side had two wires while other had 3 wires. The side with three wires is not working. You can see in pictures

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Favourite Primary and Side-arm (K'nex)

If you could only make 1 primary and 1 side arm to take on your stupid little brother in a K'nex war, what would they be? Personally, I would take Dsman's DD-27, and Dsman's side-arm.

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Sewing Machine (Brother side bobbin)

Please help. I have just aquired an old Brother "Mademoiselle" model JA28 with the side bobbin. How do I thread it? Thanks!

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staining finished one side plywood?

I got a piece of finished one side plywood and decided to make a desk out of it. i cut a top ,bottom sides and spacers for drawers all out of the same piece of plywood. sanded the top down smooth. all the sides take the stain fine but the top will not. it wont penetrate the wood on top for some reason. can anyone provide some in site on why this is happening. or what i need to do to get the stain to work? thanks.

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Dutchj's experimental K'nex side-arm

Having finished my rifle and finding myself with nothing to do ( Don't worry, it will still be posted this week ), I thought I'd finally have a go at side-arms. So I built the TDS2, and hated it ( I'm going to get bashed for that, I know it ). I decided to have a look at some others like Oompa-Loompa's unofficial side-arm, and the one Bakenbitz posted a picture of on KI some time ago. Afterwards, I came up with this. This side-arm is powerful because the magazine is at the front and the trigger is at the very back. It's also kept reasonably small because the magazine is inside the handle.It fires grey connectors. It's a bit clumsy, but it is only a first version. I can probably make it a bit smaller and more user friendly if I remake it. Tell me what you think, and as always, constructive criticism is more then welcome

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Build Roof down the side of house

Hi all i know very little about this type of stuff  i was wondering what would be the best way to go and was unsure what i want to do is down the side of my house inbetween the fence and gutter (approx 2m wide and 10m long) install a roof ( shed material? some sort of metal) that i could use to store stuff how should i do this could i just screw it to the gutter or what? thanks

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Laptop charges only tipped on side?

Greetings!  I'm in need of some laptop power help. About ten days ago, my 1-year-old HP Pavilion G7-2017 laptop stopped charging when plugged to the AC adapter.  I've googled this issue a bunch and have only come up with wobbly power seats, battery issues, or with people who have finicky adapters that have to be moved to get a charge.  None of these are applicable to my situation.   Currently, my laptop (not the charger) has to be moved or tipped to get a charge from the old AC adapter but runs great on battery power once charged and, if stood on its side, will connect to the power supply without the battery installed.  Moving the laptop breaks the power connection, though, and shuts the computer down if the battery is not in it. In fussing with it, I discovered it would work when either: A) it was tilted totally on its left side (dc connector is on the right side, so cord would then stick out the 'top') B) slight pressure was put on the underside just in front of the battery where the RAM is located.  Finally, it stopped registering the AC adapter with either the orange or white LED and I couldn't get it charged so I did the next logical thing and took the whole thing apart.  I thought because of the nature of how it was charging and finicky it might be a loose connection to the power supply internally.  I took everything in the laptop out and double checked all the connections on power, motherboard, etc -- nothing is amiss.  The power cord slot inside is secure and functioning, RAM is seated correctly, etc.   Put it all back together and still couldn't get it to charge so I took it to Best Buy to borrow an appropriate AC Adapter today.  This is what happened: 1.  With the battery in, I plugged in new power cord while laptop was sitting neatly on the countertop (not tilted) and it immediately registered with an orange LED light at the point of entry for the power connection without having to manipulate or tip the laptop, which is what I had to do with the old adapter, ergo I thought AHA! It MUST be the AC Adapter!  2.  Started it up and got three long beeps.  Checked BIOS records for HP Pavilion G7 2017 and learned it could be hardware related.   3.  Replaced the original 4GB RAM with borrowed Geek Squad matching test RAM and tried to power again. 4.  Success!  New RAM and borrowed adapter did the trick, assumed it must be RAM issue.  5.  Bought replacement 4gb RAM stick, installed, rebooted to double check while it was plugged into borrowed AC Adapter -- everything booted fine.   THEN: 6.  Got home and plugged in my old AC adapter but no orange LED to tell me it was registering.   7.  Tipped laptop on its side and voila!  New RAM plus Old AC Adapter still had to be tilted on its side.  8.  Put old RAM back in and tried again; same result -- old AC adapter only registers in the power connection when the laptop is placed on the left side with cord sticking out the 'top' or when lightly pressed on the underside of the center of the laptop, though this latter is incredibly finicky.   The fact that a borrowed adapter worked fine but this old adapter only works when the laptop is tilted is what keeps me thinking it's AC Adapter itself but could still be a connection issue or other hardware issue.  Am I totally off base?  For what it's worth, I've ordered a new AC adapter to try it out again.   Any thoughts out there?   Thanks! Erica

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Small Foldable Crossbow + Side Project

1st Image: This is what the current prototype looks like, when unfolded. It can pierce through a piece of cardboard using its 1x3 rubber band string. It actually is pretty sturdy, although he blue flexi's could be considered exotic pieces =/2nd Image: This is what it looks like when folded up, when the 4 blue flexi rods are made loose, it will try to fold up.3rd,4th,5th Images: This is what I made in an attempt to make a crossbow even stronger, this one uses 8 strings of 5 rubber bands; 2 strings per wheel. It currently does not have a trigger and it is not possible to fire it without it, because it is impossible to draw back.

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Hauling a Refridgerator

I have heard you can haul a refrigerator on its side as long as you let it stand vertical at least 24 hours before plugging it in, is this true or not?

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Knexgunner's Sidearm

I have a new Pistol I just finished building. The problem is, that my camera broke and I need to use MLCAD and I don't know how to put a rod so it connects to a connector diagonal from it. Another problem is that I don't know how to put Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. I know of a way, but it doesn't work and I need an idea on how to get the Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. Please help me on how I can do this. Sorry for the boxes in other boxes I cant get rid of them.

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i have two pieces of cedar that i want to put together side by side

I have two pieces of cedar wood 6foot long 18" wide 2" thick that i want to make a bar out of what is the best way to put them together side by side so they will be strong.On one end of the bar will be attached to the wall  by use of a rwo by four mounted to the studs.And the other end will be attached to a cedar trunk so most of the weight will be on that trunk. What is the best way to put them together so that they will be good and strong.Any ideas would be greatly appreiated thanks.

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How should I make a right side wing using only the left side?

I have a little ceramic figurine. IT'S LEFT wing (opposite of one shown) is broken and has been lost. Now, I want to somehow use IT'S RIGHT wing (pictured) to make another left wing for it, through casting, molding, clay baking, using foam or whatever. I don't have access to anything high tech. Basically foam, clay, etc. but no molten metals or anything. Any ideas? I mean, it would seem simple enough to just make a mould with the existing wing and use it as a mold to make a new one, but the wings are obviously mirror images of each other, so not only are they on the opposite side, they're sort of reflected. Here is the wing I have, I need to create the other. Thanks,

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Arm tendinitis, arthritis of the elbow....any advice ?

Hi all, I have been struggling lately with two problems:   #1: tendinitis of my lower right arm and wrist #2: arthritis of the right elbow.  The doc believes both are aggravated by overuse of the mouse (actually resting my hand on it an entire work shift, plus the time I spend on line at home).  The first thing I must do, of course, is unlearn the behavior and remove my hand when I am not actually USING the mouse.  This hasn't been very successful so far.  Does anyone have any further suggestion on how to "rest" the arm and still be able to go to work and work a bit at home?  Anything serious will be considered.    

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how come my am / fm tube radio works on am side but not fm side? Answered

I have an Arvin 480 tfm am/fm tube radio from 1950 that the am side works perfectly with the built in am antenna and has no hum. but when i switch it to fm mode it has a faint hum coming from the speaker and doesnt change with volume, no static, music or anything, just a hum and it just stays the same. all the tubes light up and i even switched around the ones with the same rating in the radio but it still does the same hum. i connected a wire to the fm antenna screw to make sure it wasnt just not recieving anything but it didnt change. im just confused why the radio works perfectly on the am side and the fm side has nothing but a faint hum. any ideas?

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Is there any reason you can't keep a small floor safe on its back or side permanently?

I have a small fire safe that I want to secure, but the anchor hole is on the bottom and I have no way to secure it to the floor (apartment). I do have a way to anchor it to the wall, however.  Is there any reason I couldn't leave it permanently laying on its side or back, rather than upright like normal? Might be a stupid question, but I don't want to risk damage to an expensive unit. Thanks.

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Old Makita Drill

I have an old cordless Makita drill the water guy left at our house 15 years ago, I found in my shed with the charger :-). The battery is pretty much completely dead, and I don't want to buy a new $40 one or zap it with a welder. How can I turn it into a Corded drill or use a different battery with it? It is the kind that stores the battery in the handle. 9.6V Battery.

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Align 2 bikes exactly side by side? Answered

Help! I need to align the pedal systems of two bikes almost exactly side by side. The two crank sets are joined at the inside pedals.  Can anybody think of a relatively easy way of aligning the bottom brackets along the (almost) exact same axis? Note, it's just the cranks I'm concerned with, I'll be chopping off the remaining bike parts later. Thanks! **********UPDATE******** I think I've done it.    

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Related boxes show up on the left side.

The related and ratings boxes show up on the left side ONLY on Instructables when I'm logged in. (by instructables I mean write ups)

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why did the instructions pages switch sides?

Why did the instructions pages switch sides? now whenever i click on an instructables the related and info are on the left, and the instructable is on the right. is this a new feature, or a bug, if its a new feature then is there any way that i can change it back? thanks.

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Any one from the eastern side of PA?

I just moved out to PA and Im looking for friends. Anyone live near Philly?

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The fgsa - Flie-ing goose side arm

As everybody is making a side arm, i'm going to make one, this will not be like my other guns, i am going to put full effort into this,features:bottem loading mag, inside handleslim slide EDIT* i have now made it detachable as i do not think everybody would want to use ittrue trigger good looking design

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How to build a six-sided planter box?

I am trying to build a six-sided planter box around a tree. I am having a problem joining the pieces together, I am using landscaping timbers to build this box. My problem is getting the ends to join and have stability to the box. Please help.

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How do put PS3 on side of wall? Answered

I have a PS3 I want to know what one can suggest to attaching it to wall

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hot water side smells all of a sudden -

On a well with a Hydrogen Peroxide and water softener system.  Warm water side smells sulfury or nasty all of a sudden.  Plenty of salt in softener and plenty of Hydrogen Peroxide being pumped into system.  Due to softener, the watre heaters never had their anode rods installed - so not coming from there.   What is causing the recent smella nd how to remove? 

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Side-emitting (or sideglow) fibre. Cool ideas?

I have about 20m of 0.7mm diameter side-emitting (or sideglow) fiber optic cable, and access to high powered LASER modules. Does anyone have any cool, creative, funky or bright ideas on what to do with it? Apart from mood lighting at a night-time BBQ, or making a halo for a fancy dress party, or ricing up my motorcycle, I'm stumped.

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Will a refrigerator compressor run when on it's side?

I'm building a Keg-erator out of a used Bourbon Barrel. I've stripped the guts from a 'Dorm Fridge' and planned on using it as my cooling element, but when I plug it in, it only runs for about 10 seconds, then shuts off. I tried to make sure the grounds were attached to: (first the metal bands on the barrel, then second the piece of metal, then onto the floor). I'm wondering if the fact that the compressor is now on it's side has anything to do with it, or if it is in fact a grounding issue. The outlet does not trip when plugged in. Anyone have any ideas?

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How can i convert the side windows in my truck shell to be side doors? More in details...?

I have an Innovation truck shell, it is a discontinued brand (came with my truck when i bought it) so no truck shell people want to work on it (a lot of them seem to have the policy that they won't work on shells they didn't install. My original plan was to find and have installed windoors, then have aluminum water jet cut to either cover or replace the glass if i couldn't just get them premade as metal or fiberglass doors. There was a video from germany that had the installation of what i was looking for, but nothing local, and i couldn't find them to buy doors. i am concerned if i can't find them and go to my secondary plan, to piano hinge and attempt to gas shock my waterjetted pieces and fabricate doors to fit in the frames, will leak and not work well, the frames aren't made for that kind of movement and may fail. i know i will probably have to cut my shell if there aren't indoors that fit my window holes. not sure where to start or go with this, any advice or strategy by  a knowledgeable person appreciated, Thanks!- Subconscionaut

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single sided board in eagle into a double sided board? Answered

I have a one sided board in eagle and i need to know how into a double sided board so i can etch it

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