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Knex Sidearm

What kind of knex sidearm do you use? Or do you even use a sidearm? This topic is for showing off your knex sidearms, but please, do not post it unless it is new. This is my knex sidearm, I will not be posting it because it is not new (other than the trigger), so don't ask. It is a semi-compact pistol. It has a hole you can put your thumb in so it is harder for someone to hit it out of your hand. It also has sights on the ram, and it has a new but simple trigger.

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Knexgunner's Sidearm

I have a new Pistol I just finished building. The problem is, that my camera broke and I need to use MLCAD and I don't know how to put a rod so it connects to a connector diagonal from it. Another problem is that I don't know how to put Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. I know of a way, but it doesn't work and I need an idea on how to get the Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. Please help me on how I can do this. Sorry for the boxes in other boxes I cant get rid of them.

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sidearm of mine

This is some handle loaded pistol I made today whilst I was in bed 'ill.' Yes, it occasionally jams, but the power makes up for that.

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My Sidearm

Hello everybody, as some of you might of saw I just made a new pistol and I'm making it my new sidearm. But, I know it doesn't have a mag and one is going to be added today. Also, I will post if I get asked to and that will include the new update with the mag plus these new updates. Mag (Mabey 6 or 7 rounds) More power (that is a update in the trigger) So, if you want it to be posted I will do it. Also, it really helps me when you guys leave a comment or something like that so please keep it up. On another note if you want it posted leave a comment saying so or send me a pm and I'll resond as sone as I can.  Btw these picures are without the mag just keep that in mind AND sorry to ramble but the mag WON'T be in the handle because of the mech of the non rubber-band trigger inside there aswell as the curves for comfort in the handle.                                                                                                                                                                        -Didexo

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Slide for Taruts's sidearm.

I am making a slide for Taruts's sidearm based off TheDunkis's slide sidearm and it is the thinest slide I seen and almost finish making it. Should I post it? P.S. I have made a barrel extension\silencer should I post it too?

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knex sidearm contest

Ok everyone. post your best sidearm or build one! you can enter every sidearm you want : a glock, oodammo, single shots as long it is an sidearm. if you can please make a vid you win: a 5* on all your ibles+sub the deadline is: 1 july so please enter YOUR sidearm current entrys: thedunkis oodassault 3.6 and 3.7 djradio's jackal v4 knex gun builder's halo magnum   dsman195276's sidearm selonzia's pp2000 and the winner is... THE DUNKIS!! congratulations!

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dsman195276's sidearm

Its a good 8 shot pistol. it has ok power and a range of around 20 feet( sidearms are for close combat) heres a picture, it is a old picture but not to many mods have been made to the gun.

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awsomest knex sidearms

I like big guns,but sometimes compact is the only way to go...... think u got one of the best knex sidearm(s) on ibles? well lets see em! (NO BLOCK TRIGGERS!!!!!!)  

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What is your favourite knex sidearm? Answered

Mine is the ironman69's G-D1.

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Knex Sidearm [Project Deviance]

Hello my friends and iblers! I have one of my latest projects that I finished. I might post if I feel like it. Below are the stats that match this gun. Pros: Very powerful Great range 40-55 ft Accurate Handle  Trigger is very strong Bullet lock Cons: Single shot

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Is it possible to make a side arm firing green rods with slide and removable mag ?

I have searched the whole Internet but didn't find something useful... And of course it has to work :-)

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Knex Side arm

I'm looking for a easy to build knex gun that has a mag that don't jam easily and uses NO Yshaped connectors or 'HANDS". Post a link or write the URL PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

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TBOS (Thunder Bolt Oodammo Sidearm)

Here is my newest, and best pistol so far. It has a great range and accuracy. Check it out!!Killer~SafeCracker

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knex pistol contest

Well, there are literally thousands of sidearms out there, all made from knex. All have fallen to two categories: have not built yet and built. I'm seriously tired of knex guns that have a lack of function and too much good looks. and so, I would like to declare a contest. there are three main areas for scoring criteria: 1) function 2) size 3) broken pieces I am asking this great community to pull together and create something awesome. all entries should: > have a satisfying feel when the firing pin first slides home and the shot leaves the barrel. > feel/ look like a traditional side arm > have an innovative feature: IE, removable clips > not use broken pieces > be efficient. I don't want to be pulling the firing ram back with 20 pounds of force. scince people will continually argue over their gun's position, I will judge. I will also not submit anything. If you think you built a knex gun that meets these suggestions (and maybe smashes them), feel free to: < make an instructable with good/ amazing clarity of instructions < make the instructable sound like you care < post the instructable as a link in reply. thank you, and good luck. I'm sort of like the Simon Cowell of knex judging. hard to please. contest has opened now. contest will close on march 31, 12:00 AM.

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Which knex sidearm should i build? Answered

I don't generally use primary weapens, besides shotguns, but which sidearms are the best of the best of the best of the best of the best? It can range at any pieces, just as long as it shoots pretty far without having to put 5+ bands(my ahnds get sore when i pull them, i mean like with my bands a normal knex gun shoots 1.5x or double the range. I'm looking for sidearms withing this category-realistic(optional),no block trigger(any beside that),mag-fed (preferaably through the handle but doesn't really metter), no jams(yes no jams). I'm oing to make my own but until then i just need a good one....My current one is the TDSS(TheDunkis Slide-action Sidearm) because it fits above categories.

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My somewhat official sidearm VIDEO ADDED

Shotguns can be side arms too right?( i will add video after youtube inspection )EDIT: what attachments do you want on this?

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OodAst Update 3.5 *Further updated to 3.6*

Well I still didn't feel up to making an entirely new weapon so I tried improving the oodast...again. The main concern with everyone last time was reliability so I fixed that. It's a lot more reliable. I'll spare you the rest of the details until the movie so just watch it. For those who don't want to or can't want watch the video for some reason here's what I did. I changed it to a yellow rod magazine. Tan was alright but really big compared to the rest of the pistol and it left a lot of room for reliability errors. Blue is simply too small for my tastes. This is a nice average. I changed the mag pusher a little so that an extra part extends around the guide rod and it helps keep the pin locked more securely using a "weaker" connection to keep it compact. The magazine was actually moved forward a bit. I'm not sure how much of an increase to range this gave but I guess every few inches can make a difference. The mag "tilter" is now a straight pull back mechansim instead of a push up. I find this a little more comfortable. I also made another minor mod that stills somewhat nice is that I finally made a new safety to work with the version 3 series entirely. It's pretty simple. There's a black hand and a blue cap on the trigger guard bottom facing in opposite directions (don't get in the way of your fingers at all) and when the gun is cocked you can turn the trigger guard so that the blue cap fits in between one of the gaps on the trigger. The black hand provides a fast way to turn off safety by just pushing it back from underneath the guard to the side again. It doesn't get in the way of the tilter slide so you can load the gun while it's cocked without shooting yourself in the face. Sorry no pictures yet. The video should suffice until I get home from school.

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What are good knex sidearms/pistols rifle, ?

I have a pretty good amount of knex pieces and i want to build a lot of knex true trigger pistols/sidearms, rifles, Guns overall so that i can have an armory. so what are guns that are are compact, small,(be great if the rifles are small) shoot white rods or bigger (no tiny bullet waste of green rods) that are true trigger and are strong or moderate and range between pistols, gatling guns, rifles, sniper rifles, etc. and that they look nice that dont look so bad or ugly. PLEASE HELP cause i wanna try to have an armoury in a few days.

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What is wrong with this picture? Answered

Look really carefully and you will see it.

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Which gun should I build? Answered

I want to build the best pistol/sidearm on 'ibles range/power wise but I dont want to build spiff-every time I tried to build it it doesnt work. I also hate beast pistol. Whats the next best pistol/sidearm? Please dont go on about how this should be a forum.

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What is the most powerful knex sidearm/pistol/revolver on the site.?

Dont care about looks or mag size or how comfortable it is. Just power!!

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how did you find knex guns or why did you start to build them?

Tell the short version I started by browsing youtube and I came across lego guns so i built some of my own. they were cool but I wanted more. So I busted out my old knex and checked out ibles for instructions lately ive made mostly my own designs trying to learn and experiment with diff mechs.

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Well, I finally got around to making a sidearm. Largely based on TheDunkis' new oodammo AP. Instructions -;=685

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Knex gun combo? Answered

I've been looking for a good knex gun combo (main gun and sidearm) and I can't find one! please tell me what you think I should build.

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What is your favorite.... (Knex)? Answered

So... What is your favorite.... Pistol? Sniper? Single shot? Cannon? Non-gun thing? Sidearm? Most innovative thing? Favorite knexer? 2nd favorite knexer? 3rd favorite knexer? :-) Here are my answers: Pistol? - MeZak Sniper? - Don't know... Single shot? - 'Not a Rectangle' Cannon? - Heavy cannon v1 Non-gun thing? - Shadowman39's mitre saw Sidearm? - Don't know... Most innovative thing? - Shadowman39's mitre saw Favorite knexer? - Shadowman3 2nd favorite knexer? - KnexFreek 3rd favorite knexer? - DJ Radio

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Is there an easy k'nex pistol that is (preferably) easy to conceal and uses minimal pieces and a true trigger? Answered

Hey, I'm nex to Instructables and have been looking for a simple,small,realistic,somewhat powerful(30-50' angled?)k'nex sidearm.Please help.

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Why Do all you awesome k'nex builders join the group but not post your guns?!

All of you great knexers join my group but a majority of you don't post guns.... Why? Ironman69: My knex hero/role model! You have all these great sidearms why don't yea post them? I Am Canadian: Well I'm Canadian too so be a fellow citizen and add your sidearms! (I LOVE THE SPIFF!) Oh and just in case you never saw it. I have another group called bolt, slide, and pump. Check it out! P.S. IRONMAN69 you have such a nice bolt action gun.... put it in my group! Lol Have fun!

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 Replicas... what can I say?  Some people like them, some people hate them.  I'm starting to get sick of them, after I post my F2000, I'm going to take a break and make a war kit.  It will have: Sniper Assault Rifle Shotgun Sidearm For my sniper, it will definitely be a slingshot.  The shotgun will have multiple bullets per shot, and the assault rifle will have good range and a high ROF.  I'm not really sure if I should make the sidearm oodamo or not.   Do you guys think I should follow through with this idea, or should I just make replicas?  If I do this, I will certainly go back to replicas after, but this will come first.  Tell me what you guys think I should do.

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BMSS-62v2.5 - ???

I have decided to make a forum topic for the BMSS-62 so that I can keep updating you guys on new versions of the gun. Right now there is v2.5, v2.8, and v2.9. Here are the pictures.Historyv1.0: I made a good breech-mag barrel combo with no trigger.v2.0 Used the breech-mag combo and added body with trigger.v2.2 added stock.v2.5 Added handle and reinforced mag the barrel.v2.8 Added bendys to make the gun look better. It is now able to hold dsman1's sidearm on the side.v2.9 Fixed the handle guard and made the handle comfier.

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What mods do my knex SP-6 magnum pistol need? Answered

I want to know what the SP-6 Magnum needs to make it better and to be the best out there in the knex gun world.

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BAP-31v1.4 (True Bolt Action Pistol)

Here is my true bolt action pistol. It is pretty small for a true bolt action but pretty big for a pistol. It is also pretty ugly but it has to be like that with the mag because it uses gravity to operate. The trigger is TheDunkis' trigger from the TDS2. Pics: 1:The gun 2:TheDunkis' trigger 3:Firing pin and bolt forward 4:Firing pin and bolt back 5:Firing pin back and bolt forward 6-8:Internals

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DD-Kyt Mods

Ok i want people to post pictures of their Moded DD-Kyts here. As most of you might know i realy want to build the perfect sidearm and believe that if we all work together we can do it! So far im working an a way to stop it from jamming (pain in the @$$!)

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has any one made a quality knex gun the uses a real trigger and hammer and shoots knex pieces NOT ruberbands Answered

(maybe even a magazine/ clip)? perfebly a hand gun and less than 700 pieces

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Which Knex guns are the most powerful

I was just wondering what knex guns are the most powerful so I have set up this vote for these catagories: sidearm, assault rifle, assault pistiol, sniper, shotgun, semi auto, machine/minigun and bazooka/cannonput up your top 3 in each catagory you do not have to do every catagory but it would help =P

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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Three

I've been doing a lot of stuff the past week.  I have to memorize songs for band, do summer homework, yada, yada, yada.  But, as always, I've found time for K'nex, and this is what I've come up with.  If there's enough interest in any combination of these, I'll post accordingly. The first picture is of the 'collaboration project' I had with Dr. Richtofen.  X3  It really wasn't a collaboration...  It was really me looking back through Dr. Richtofen's many successful attempts at a non-shooting Walther PPK and trying to make them shoot.  When I was finished building, I realized something: there was no firing pin for the gun that would make sense; the red rod was too short (it didn't reach the end of the barrel) and the black rod was too long (it stuck out the end).  I could've used a red rod firing pin and jammed the bullets down the barrel, (it was a singleshot) but I thought better of it.  I'd say at least 50% credit goes to Dr. Richtofen for that project.  The second picture is just a random little pistol I made out of boredom after scrapping the PPK.  it was cute and compact, but the next day, after I woke up at three in the morning because I couldn't sleep, I had a revelation...   What if I used the type of trigger off of The Racker Rifle (link below) on a mag in the handle gun, and positioned it just perfectly as to have the trigger block behind the handle.  I'd then give it removable magazines like on Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol (link below).  The last three pictures are the result of about an hours work so far; I may update again soon. (Oh, and the Elvis mouse pad is my Dads, not mine; my Dad's a big fan, obviously.) The Racker's The Racker Rifle: Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol: Thanks for viewing! UPDATE:  The big pistol thing is now named George, and I have pictures of it completed structurally, and internally.  It is now in Pre-Beta. UPDATE/NOTE: The internals you see in the last picture won't work, sadly.  I've updated it so that it now functions.

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Give me your opinion for airsoft?

Ok, I have a problem. I am just getting back into the sport of airsoft and need some of your experience. well, i used to be an avid airsofter, but i switched to paintball and got rid of most of my airsoft stuff, including my sidearm. well, now ive gotton some money and would like to get back into airsoft. well, i have recently purchased the echo 1 m8a3 cranestock aeg, an nc star 3-9x40 scope, and a madbull gemtech blackside supressor. but i forgot one thing, my sidearm. Well I have around 130 bucks left to spend on a pistol. I was wondering if you guys know of anyhting in that price range within these general perimeters: I want it to be a gas pistol mainly blowback (im flexible), over 300 fps, and all metal. let me know of anything that you may know of or just comment on the gun lol. Thanks, The lonelysandwitch

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KNex Sniper Thingamabob: Reborn

I've decided to take DSman's advice and make a beter rifle. It will feature: 1. a better barrell 2. True Trigger 3.Fuller Stock 4.No Cage Sadly, I dont have enough green rods to make both my sidearm and new rifle(w/ a better barrel), so i might make it using MLCAD. Range: I got 38Ft. Con: Single shot

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Whats your knex arsenal?

In my knex arsenal i have 4 outstanding weapons. i would mainly use them for a knex war. they are: (1) asault rifle / primary weapon:  ZKAR v2 (2) sidearm / secondary weapon: Mezak (3) sniper / sharpshooter: sipriani rifle v2 (4) bazzoka / heavy weapon: Knex heavy cannon v5 handheld thank you for the people who made these outstanding guns! now, show me you knex arsenal!

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I've been cruising the site for any knex pistols that either are a 1911, or look like one. So far, I haven't found any. So, I thought I'd post a topic for it and see if anyone had any ideas, or if anyone wanted to make one, ore do a joined project (shared credit). I'll be making my own to, but I could use some input. Tell me what you guys think.

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Oodassault-Pistol Review

Here is my take on the Oodassault-Pistol By TheDunkis.Link: I start, I'd like to highly recommend it.Trigger:Strong,Realistic,and reliable.Also has a safety, and is very innovative.Mag:Small, but it is very reliable. Note that it is slow to reload.Is also very new.Handle:Not much to say, but it feels good,and is very sturdy.Barrel:It looks iffy, but it is really good.The bullets fly extremely straight, and are pretty powerful.Overall:Innovation: 10/10 Almost all of this gun is 100% TD.Accuracy 10/10 I can hit a small target from 20 feet using the sights. Trigger: 9/10 Feels great, and is very reliable.Strength: 8/10 Like most 3-layer pistols, it could be broken quite easily.Range: 8/10 It shoots quite far, and maintains it's accuracy.Comfort 8/10 Trigger feels very good, and so does the handle.Reload: 8/10 The mag is slow to reload,but it is VERY reliable. Mod room: 8/10 This gun could have many mods for various reasons.It is built so you can easily change things like: Change ammo type (?)Add longer barrel, stock...etc.....Looks 7/10 It's not very realistic, but it looks cool.Raw Power: 7/10 Oodammo tends to be not very damaging, but it more than makes up for that with it's accuracy.83/1008/104*I love this gun. Love it.But the mag is too small and slow to reload.This makes a great sidearm, but just don't plan on reloading this while running away from the enemy.Link: It would make a good gun to make two of then have a mini war

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The Best K'nex Guns Answered

This is an update to my previous question. I have found what I think is a good gun for all the types of guns. Ths is for my Knex War I'm having. I can't find a good rating real bolt action gun. Could someone please find one for me? Also, if there are any types of guns I'm missing, please tell me. Also, check out the guns that have the link and tell me which guns are not good or if there is a better gun for that type than the gun I chose. shotgun: Break Action Shotgun pistol: Oblivitus' Beast Pistol rifle: The Bolt machine gun: Machine Gun slingshot: Arrow Slingshot crossbow: Reaper Crossbow sidearm: Sidearm RSN-33 assault: Assault Rifle semi-auto: Truly Semi-Automatic Gun pump action: Pump Action Rifle lever action: Lever Action Rifle bolt action: AR-4 Commando v3 turret gun: TR18 cannon: Heavy Cannon bazooka: A.D.U Bazooka pocket gun: Pocket Gun

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Best K'nex Gun Answered

PLEASE READ FIRST!!! I don't want to know what the best knex gun ever is, I would like to know the best knex gun for each section: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun, Slingshot, Crossbow, Sidearm, Assault Gun, Semi-auto, Pump Action, etc... Any section of guns that I did not list, add them. Please give links if you can. If you can't, just give the name.

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Hello knexers of instructables! I present the final edition of the BCS shotgun. I am showing you guys this gun because it was one of the best sidearms ive made.  Pros: Very Powerful Good range 30-40 ft Very sturdy Easy to use Reliable Accurate Cons: Trigger can act funky Will not fire on one trigger pull sometimes Ammo will almost always explode in the barrel when inserted the wrong way *ammo is a white rod and orange connector* Credit goes to Zak for the trigger.

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Just a few ideas I'll be working on and thought you may want to as well

Https:// Take that old concept... line a bunch up and turn it into a claymore mine. #2 take that concept extend the mag capacity and turn it into an uzi type sidearm with a barrel to guide the shots a bit for a fast firing all or nothing last resort side arm. #3 maybe turn it into a grenade. These are a few of the ideas among many other I will be experimenting around with hope I sparked some ideas!

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What are you working on at the moment?

I want to know what guns you are working on at the moment. I get so tired of missing out on seeing new projects because I didn't know about them. I'll go first. I am working on a new semi auto sidearm, handle mag, true trigger (SALSA) Semi Automatic Light Side Arm Also I have a new light single shot rifle (X117-LSS) I don't plan on posting as it doesn't do anything a Wrecktangle or Ultra pistol doesn't do. (I may post a pic though)

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A few projects of mine

I have just come back from a nice long holiday up to snells beach (i dont really think that i needed to say that since i am the only new zealander on ibles but what the heck) and did some building. First thing is my prototype tank. i ran out of peices (only the gears) so it wont go any further. and yes the track does move thing is my new crossbow. it is damn good. look out for it current project is re-desingning my side arm because the handle angle is the same as the dunkis's sidearm. i have succesfuly redesigned it (it is awesome) and finishing soon. goes well. the last image's are of my new sniper. i took way too many peices and took about 2 hours to build the barrel so it is a no go

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FX-9 Pistol V1.2 Review

Ahh here it goes! Alright , this is my review for the FX-9 Pistol V1.2 made my Killer~SafeCracker. It is a 9 round sidearm with decent strength. it is 5 layers thick. It shoots gray connectors. Now lets go down to the pros and cons:  Pros:            9 round magazine            True trigger            Internal Ram Guide            Comfy            Nice, Easy Ram Pull-back            Reliable            Strong Cons:         15 ft Range With One Band         Jams Occasionally          Not To Easy To Find A Place To Attach The Mag Band To         Somewhat Awkward Trigger Pull Alright now we will do the scoring:                                     Strength: 8/10              Range:6/10              Durability:10/10              Capacity:10/10              Trigger:7/10              Comfort:10/10              Accuracy:8/10              ROF: 10/10              Looks:10/10              Inovation: 8/10 Total:87/100 Great gun K~SC!  

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new idea for a knex gun video game

I have an idea for a knex video game. basically, you have several missions at various locations and they get progressively harder. ideas for missions (easiest to hardest) -instructables HQ -golden gate bridge (the areas where mechanics go) -Beijing, china -monte carlo casino -Empire State Building -Sears tower weapons -the Dunkis TDS (default weapon at the start of level)-10 shots -Dsman's sidearm-10 shots -I_am_canadian's heavy cannon (non-movable turret)-3 shots -my Longbow SR-L crossbow-5 shots -SR-v1-5 shots -DD-27-5 shots -oodalump's machine gun-25 shots -Storm 223-15 shots -a grenade of some sort enemies have 3 hit points each except for elite commandos, who have 10. the bosses have a health meter and a shield that must be defeated first

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parts lists!!!

 hey guys if you need/want a parts list just comment what gun and leave a link to the gun. also i will be putting up set parts lists. 325 TUB: rods: green:28 white:32 blue:14 yellow:8 red:2 flexi orange:4 flexi purple(gray rod size):4 connectors: dark gray:6 lt gray:6 red:12 green:12 yellow:12 purple:8 white:3 blue:5 other: blue spacer:40 gray spacer:9 blue clip:5 tan clip:2 y clip:7 ball socket:4 ball joint:4 red "eyes":2 small wheels:1 snap on wheel:4 large wheel:2 snap on tred thingys:2 large wheel outer wheel thing:2 small triangle pannel:2 med. tri panel(3 holes):2

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