Hello.. My project topic is "cooling and heating of air with solar system".

I am unable to find the research which have been done on this and what is the further scope of this. if u know about something related to the topic, please help me.............

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A proposal for Instructables and fellow Investers

Dear staff, I didn't knew who to actually send this message to so i posted it here. I come here with a proposal which will make your site get attracted to more traffic or as for investors reading this you could make double or even thriple the amount. As you know i have made 1 million dollars in just 1 year and i wanted to show how i did it exactly and how people can eventually make 1 million in 1 year. This guide is no scam and is a real story which i accomplished without going online like most teen millionaires. It's my hard work and it did pay out well. So here is my proposal, i will sell you my " Make 1 milion in 1 year" Instructable or ebook for $ 100,000 + (price negotiable) and i will give you full rights to it. You would be able to double or even thriple your site traffic with this instructable and for other people as such who are interested in buying it can set their own website and make 10 times more by simply getting ad revenues and or selling it. I am giving you this proposal as a only chance, and if i wanted to earn any more money from it i would have already. Made millions from it but i am not interested because i have already acomplished my mission and thats enough for me. So dear ibles staff if you think you would like to buy the instructable then do private message me as soon as possible cause it may be too late. Thank you for your time.

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Somebody tell that how to know the datasheet of an unknown thermoresister

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oxygen percentage in plants

How much percentage of oxygen a plant produce in one day ? my project is here https://www.instructables.com/id/recyclereuse-gardening/

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oxygen percentage in plants

How much percentage of oxygen a plant produce in one day ? my project is here https://www.instructables.com/id/recyclereuse-gardening/

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as 2 hw i should make my presentation on the reading of catherine belsey TITLE MAKING space?

Im finding difficult in it.not understnding as 2 what it is saying

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Hi I am new to the website and have published 1 instructable and I got it featured I have heard it that if you get an instructable featued you get pro membership for 3 months. Is it correct? And if so please tell me how to avail it? Thank you

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my pickup was not working i tried to repair it but it is not sounding well please suggest me how can i make it better

I am having peavey raptor plus exp my humbucked pickup was not working i tried to repair it but it is not sounding well please suggest me how can i make it better?

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I wanted to know that why has been my entry been rejected from the fiber arts contest. Please have a look at my instrcutable(I have only 1) and tell  me whetherr it completes the qualifiaction needs. The contest says you can sew it and for making the patterns in the cushion you have to sew it as shown in the video. Please reply.

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Does an IC needs to be programmed to work?

Sir, i am a student. I want to know that an IC needs to be programmed to work? If we did not program the ic then what will happen. i am making a line following robot in which i am using an IC i.e. ULN 2003 IC so what should i do tell me, does it need to be programmed to work in the line follower robot

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how can we test metal thread with the help of light

Hello everyone pls if some one can help and guide i want to build a device which can scan the threads metal bolt automatically after threading the metal in machine weather the thread is right or wrong i think it is possible with the help of light please if some one can help and guide Thanks in advance

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what is the inductance of a coil which is 3mm in diam having 5 turns? Answered

I'm testing FM transmitter using multisim software.I don't know the value of the inductor to be used in the oscillator ( the oscill. has a variable cap.).I got this ckt. from a site, it is mentioned that the coil should be about 3mm in diameter and 5 turns. The wire is tinned copper wire, 0.61 mm in diameter.Since I'm testing it using multisim so i need a specific value.anyone knows it PLZ... let me know........THANKS.....

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What about a 3D simulation device??

Hi, Instructables community. This is a great place for making and sharing our projects. I am working on a 3D simulation device that uses rotational and linear motion wheels' axis as well as servos to control the finger position. What do you think about it? I had already made up a prototype. Can you suggest me if it would be a useful device? I think gaming. What are your views?? Thanks! :-) See you soon..... 

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Water purifiation for flood victims

Hi, I am a flood relief volunteer based in India. During flood, many children get seriously sick due to consumption of contaminated water. The flood water is contaminated with suspended particles,rotting organic matter& pathogens( specially E-coli) . These people do not have access to electricity,sanitation & medical relief. I am working on small, cheap & effective water filters that can be made/assembled at the site. If someone can suggest methods to make effective turbid water filters using commonly available materials, or send me the links which can help make these filters, it will be a big big help. Thanks, Chandan Singh,GreenPower India.Images of last yr floods 1Images of last yr floods 2 Images of last yr floods 2

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Is it possible to convert bench drill machine to automatic drill machine ? Answered

Please if some one can help and guide in detail , thanks in advanceI have this type of bench drill machine 1, I want to convert it to double chucks2, so that it can hold two drills3, I want to drill diameter 4mm, depth 5mm in two pieces simultaneously 4 I want to put some sensors so that drill bit( dia 4mm) should automatically go deep to 5mm After touching the job surface and then should go up again so that we can put another same job again5 It should also sense the load the drill bit is having while drilling and it should stop automatically when the drill bit has certain higher load so that it can be re grinded and re fitted again Thanks In advance

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Inventors needed

Dear inventors and instructors, Let me welcome my self , my name is Arylic Singh and i have just started a small company called : Arylic which is divided into three small component companies which include Arylic Robotics, Arylic Green and Arylic Inventions. You see the main goal of our new business plan is to use the least amount of money on the publicity and the advertisements and gain as much profit on the sales. So our objectives now is to look for young and old inventors and makers and make deals with them for their invention or products. So what we do here is we take the idea or plan or prototype of the invention or product and manufacture it under the companies name but their would be a deal that 30% of every sales goes to the inventor. There is a advantage to the inventor because he/she does not need to put any money into the manufacturings. SO now we are looking for new and fresh inventions and inventors to join our company and sit back and eat the creams........ Pm me for further information or post here.

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