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what to sing?? Answered

The talent show is coming up and idk what to sing i have a choice of it's time by imagine dragons or human by christina perri or me and my broken hearth by rexloin the sign up are on monday 28 of april and rehearsel on tuesday and wenseday at a early early time and i still dont know what to sing. what should i sing??

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Singing question? Answered

I just tried to sing my highest and lowest i was able to hit a F2 on the low end comfortably and a F5 on the high end comfortably what is my range classified as Bass Baritone or Tenor?

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how to sing awesomely tips and hints

How to train voice while just singing

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Can someone pelase make an instructable on singing?

There is a certain technique to singing, you must breathe with your diaphragm or else you may sing with to much breath in it, i'm a drummer and the singer and one of the guitarists in my school band want to do Clint Eastwood by gorillaz and have elected me to be the rapper in it but i'm not sure how to sing, i get puffed out to easy and i cant afford a singing tutor

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Dancing/singing robot

Hi guys, I'm thinking of building a dancing/singing robot for a close friend of mine. I want it to be similar to one of those electronic santa toys that dance and sing carols when you turn them on. Except, I would change the body and make it look like the singer of my friend's favourite band, and make it sing her favourite songs. How would I go about starting this project? Any suggestions? Thanks

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CFL Singing Arc Answered

Can you use a clf ballest to power a singing arc. My idea is to connect the 1kohm side of an audio output transformer to the 120vac input of a cfl and connect the other side to a cd player. I will turn the ac to dc by putting in a 1amp diode. so will it work? Also will a commom 3kv cfl work with dc? Please Answer! Please  Answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Singing Book Cover

I want to build a book cover that plays a song i chose when pressed the button. I wrote a book about our good times with my girlfriend. I have it with hard cover. I wanna add a button on it that will play the song. But I'm so new to these things and have no idea how to do it. It have to be a little slim so to keep the esthetics. Anyone can help me with that ?

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I need ideas for a cheap drum booth or vocal booth for a band

I have absolutely no money and i want to build a vocal booth or a drum booth for recoding tracks. What can i do?

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knex singe shot gun

Well i inpfooved the range and power of my gun and a litle bit of its apearence its stil a single shot gun but i have a new way of reloading but it is petty cool i think :D but it has to be improved couse the bullets get stuck to often so i would like to post that to if anyone can help me to make it better thx and please coment the gun

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Modifying a Singing Greeting Card

A while ago my wife got one of those singing Hallmark greeting cards. (This particular one played the Law and Order theme song) Well after a while it no longer played the song. I opened it up and found that there is a circuit board inside with a 3v button cell battery attached to it. I removed the board and the speaker and the battery and I'm pretty sure that I could attach wires to the two contact points and connect them to batteries that would complete the circuit and allow the theme song to play again. What I want to know is if I need to take any special consideration when putting in a new battery(s). I was going to try to just put two AA batteries in series (1.5v +1.5v =3v, right?) but I don't actually know anything about electronics and so I wanted to ask here if there were any resistors needed or if there were any differences between the button cell and the AA batteries that would require me to do something different.While we're on the topic of these cards I just thought of a neat project. Design some sort of holder for the circuit boards that would allow them to act as sort of an interchangeable cartridge. Basically detach the speaker wires and battery contacts from various boards out of various cards and design some sort of holder with contacts for the speaker and power source at the appropriate points and be able to change out the different boards. Not really practical but sounds like fun.I just thought of yet another question!Would there be anyway to hook the board up to some sort of audio cable (in place of the speaker maybe) so that I could plug these into a computer and record the song off of the board in a digital format. (Again not very practical but sounds like fun.)Anyway, this is my first post here and I'm sorry if it's a bit jumbled but I don't have a very organized mind and sometimes it's hard to put my ideas down in a succinct manner. I tend to just ramble on incessantly in a train of thought sort of manner until I think that I've said what I think I wanted to say. In closing, I like this site and plan to be around for a while and learn as much as I can. If somebody would like to help me with these ideas/projects I would be happy to provide pictures of the circuit board and pieces that I have if it's necessary.Thanks.~JoshI'm using two AA batteries. I have a wire between the positive side of B1 and the negative side of B2 and wires coming off the open ends. I tried connecting the batteries from the spot where the negative side of the button cell was to the silver rectangle thinking that that would complete the circuit and make music. That didn't work. Then I noticed that the positive connection for the circuit was actually where the clip that secured the battery was before I removed it and that the positive and negative sides of the battery were going through a capacitor before touching the final contact. so I tried placing the positive wire up on the positive contact and then placing a wire from the positive contact to the final contact but that also didn't work. I don't have any solder and have been using electrical tape to secure the wires. The wires are a fairly thin (I don't know the gauge) stranded copper. I'm not sure if the wires aren't making good contact or if I'm just doing something wrong.

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Big Mouth Billy Bass Mod?

hey guys i just found an unused "Big Mouth Billy Bass" singing fish thing in my attic and i was just wondering if anyone has/knows how to mod it to possibly play a pre-recorded message, possibly off an mp3 player? i want to make like a security device out of it, utilizing its motion-sensitive singing i figured someone out there might know how to hack it to play something other than the horribly obnoxious music it comes programmed with. thanks in advance!

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How to hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass with arduino?

I was wondering how to hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass so that he sings a different song than the ones he comes with. And I want him to have different movements so that he moves to the beat. More specifically, I want him to sing these songs and move like this: I know how to solder, and I have worked with singing fish before. I know how to switch circuit boards, but I would like to try Arduino.

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what song matches these lyrics!? Answered

my english teacher performed today in class. the song he played was acoustic and it was great! i want to learn it myself but wont see him until next monday. the lyrics talked about the sound of screeching brakes and smashing glass and screams of people or something. then he begins talking about his love or something like that. does anybody know the song?

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How do I improve my singing voice?

Please help me or give me a link to an instructable.

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Has anyone else seen Joss Whedon's newest creation, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Joss has a letter on the site explaining how and why it was created, but the gist of it is that Whedon was bored during the writer's strike, so he got some siblings and buddies together to create Dr. Horrible for the Internet. It stars Neil Patrick Harris as the horrible doctor (The Super Villain protaganist), Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer (The Super Hero antagonist), and Felicia Day as Penny (The Love Interest). The Story is about Dr. Horrible's attempt to join The Evil League of Evil and win the heart of Penny while Captain Hammer constantly foils his plans. His story is told through his video blog. It's an amazing movie, and the music (yes, it's a musical, and yes, Nathan can sing!) is great. I highly recommend you check it out!

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Which program, application, or site is the best site for music making and mixes (I know it's opinion based)?

I've recently taken an interest in producing my own music to supplement my YouTube account. I'm very interested in creating techno, club, jpop mixes, hardstyle, and light dub step. I want to make music I can shuffle to. I also want to branch out in to other genres of synthetic music, including classical-inspired music. I want to be able to rip, warp, distort, and modify music clips. I'd like to be able to separate aspects of a song (vocal from instrumental) but I don't think free programs offer that feature. I thought I would use the previous paragraph to get past the usual "what are you using it for?" question. Which program, application, website, etc. is your favorite for making music and mixes? ~Kaddyshack

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how do i sing louder and still sound good? Answered

I sing very quietly, but I'm in a metal band. Whenever I try to sing loud enough to register on the mic, my voice kind of quits. I need to beef up my voice quickly, so we can start recording again. I am open to any excercises, or whatever else you can think of.

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How do I sing Avenged Sevenfold music?

Any tips?

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should I sing "stop and stare" and post it to youtube or facebook? Answered

I want to sing this and put it online so I can be recognized "this town is colder now, I think its sick of us its time to make our move..."

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Light/Sound kit to make singing pumpkins

Small, Home neighborhood haunt.  I can't really afford the Light O Rama that coordinates the lights and sounds.  Anyone have anything for sale or novice directions on how to accomplish this?  You can see many versions on You Tube,and I'm looking for use in foam carvable pumpkins with a Halloween themed music loop.

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Want to make singing lighted pumpkins for Halloween?

I have looked at pre-fab LOR and really can't afford it at my home haunt for this one project.  Any plain language schematics to create this for a newbie.  I want to do "This is Halloween" and was hoping someone out there could help out with some simple suggestions to make it work without spending a fortune.  Help!  Any links to specifics or

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can i block the singing part in a song to just hear the instruments?

I was wondering if its possible to use a mixer to cancel out the singing in a song so that you can only hear the instruments? i want to listen to the different instrumenst so that i can learn how to play the part just by listening, but its kind of difficult with the singing as the main sound. and if you can, is it a certaing type of mixer that you can connect to a computer?

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Newbie... How do I create the singing pumpkin as a singing Christmas Ornament for my holiday bash?

Every year I have a huge Christmas party at my place, and every year I do something more over the top. I'm just now getting into lighting and things and have no background experience in any of this. For instance, you say relay switch... I say WHA? I of course can "look it up", and I've been known to dabble in circuitry. However, I wanted this year to try to re-create the singing halloween pumpkins (that I saw in a video), or the singing Haunted mansion ghosts, into singing animated ornaments (the big kind). I know this can be done, its just a matter of understanding the steps involved. For instance, I know I will probably need a projector of sorts and huge ornaments and some sort of animation. I mostly have mac products so if the programs are for windows they won't work for me. Also, the easiest will probably be the best since I'm new. I also checked out the hologram illusion technique and the glass projection as ideas for doing this or possibly showing a floating movie or christmas short. Thanks for any and all highly detailed information. I would love to get into these things as I'm a Christmas nut and well, most of the Christmas stuff out there just sucks for creativity, but Halloween decor is insanely cool.  I want Disney-like animations and projections. Something special that WOWS. Thanks again!

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audio amplifier for singing arc speaker, 110v design

Okay, I'm planning on starting on a plasma speaker, I know somewhat how I want to build it. My neighbor has one of the old school neon sign transformers for sale, he wants next to nothing for it. So I intend to use that to simplify finding materials. I am incapable of designing a circuit, so I am asking for help. What I need is for somethng to control the 110v for the transformer based on the audio input. My alternate idea was to use two NSTs and have them become a stereo channel unit. I do prefer that idea myself. I simply have no idea how to control the sound from the arc without taking the arc out. Honestly, my electronics knowledge in circuit design made me think a really big relay would work. Until I realized that was stupid. Anyways, my preferred idea is using a project box to contain a circuit, fused around critical areas to prevent the music device being blown up on accident or anything else bad happening. A stereo plug, with one transformer being the left, the other the right. I also want to try to drive either the low voltage or the 110v computer cooling fan type things so that there is an airflow through the arc.  Please help me-I can't design circuits for the life of me, and I would rather this work out. Thanks!

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best mosfet config for a powerful flyback driver? would a capacitor across the flyback windings improve preformance?

Well i have an instructable on my singing arc project, i tried the simple 555 driving a power mosfet, but they kept burning out. even the IRF840!!! rated for 500V!!! what am i doing wrong? i tryed using a neon lamp with a series resistor of 4.6K ohms (i think) but it didnt help at all, in fact, it wouldn't even light, yet i got a nasty shock and 2mm spark from the 555 timer, i was amazed that it survived, but not for long, anyways. so i moved on to try a fast diode across the primary, but backwards, to absorb the back-EMF. but it just cut away at the output significantly (from an 2 cm to less than 5mm). it got quite warm in the process too, for the few seconds it was on. i havent tried it yet, but would a diode in series with the power supply, mosfet, flyback, and ground work better? and give a place for the electricity to go? what would a capacitor across the primary do? i heard people doing this and increasing the output, but will it impair an audio signal?

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Voice program? i meen, see details to help me and see what i need exactly!!! Please! Thx! :)

I need some kinda program, to i can type text there, and like narator, i choise what voice i want to sing, and then i fill notes, tones, or whatever, and he start singing that text on that tones.. Like some program that making voice on melody you type or play, and he sing text i typed.. Because i dont have mic.. and if i have, i dont know to sing, and i wanna make some song for my girlfriend.. Some nice voice program.. whatever.. if it even exist.. i will really appracieted all answers.. !!!!! sry for my bad english, i am serbian, i kinda s*ck in other languages... ;)

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Did anybody hear Steven Tyler sing the star spangled banner?

The other day I heard someone on a TV show carrying on about how awfull of a job Steven Tyler did singing the star spangled banner. I hadn't heard it so I looked it up on the internet and listened to it. I didn't think it was that bad, what do other people think? Did people just dislike it because he screamed part of it? I kind of liked his rendition. Thanks

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How to make voice sound like a fuzzy record? Answered

Like in the song Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz. I want to know what program I could use to do that, preferably for Macintosh. there is the link to the song. The part I'm talking about is when he is singing into the megaphone.

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How to scream? Answered

Like singers do in bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, and Bullet For My Valentine?

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I can't change my e-mail

Before I want to sing up but it said that my e mail have been used so I use my friend's e mail to sing up and then I tried to change my e-mail I my account but I still can't change the e-mail what can I do? please help.

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My Biggest... and Only fear. Keeping me safe? or Holding me back?

I want desperately to be able to sing well in front of people, but I just can't. right now I think I am .... well..... almost OK at singing. I think I have some potential but I'm terrified to sing in front of people. I have played Bass guitar and lead guitar in front of 10 + thousand people on a couple of occasions and it was the biggest thrill of my life. I think the difference comes in because.... I know I am a great Bass player...... and a pretty awesome guitar player (not trying to brag, just kinda makes my point) but I have no idea if I'm even close to listenable (is that a word?) when I sing..... mostly because other then fall down drunk, I've never sung in front of people (The crowd was also fall down drunk, so no help there) I practice daily but only when there isn't a person for miles that could possibly hear me. I recored myself often and listen to it..... I can defiantly hear much improvement since I first started really trying to sing..... but I couldn't tell you if I went from god awful to please stop singing or if its decent to not bad. I've considered recording a song and posting to youtube..... figuring that maybe I could get some feed back without embarrassment...... but even that terrifies me. How can I get over this?..... even if just to find out if I suck or not?

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Indiana jones theme lyricsOMG, indiana jones was bad. at least we now know the lyrics to the theme song. i hope you sing them during the movie.

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The bassist of my band quit, and now my I have to be the bassist and vocalist at the same time. I'm pretty good at playing the bass, but I can't seem to stretch my fingers out that long.... Anybody have any idea on how to increase finger-stretching capabilities? Any advice would be appreciated.... Oh and I can't sing properly if I'm playing an instrument, so any advice on how to sing while playing a guitar/bass would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Job - Silence your neighbour

I want someone who can actually create the setup described here -  My neighbour is very noisy and they don't decrease it no matter what. If someone can build the setup or come with their plan to achieve the goal, I can pay whatever you demand.  My neighbour has 3 loudspeakers and 2 big-box speakers. He uses an amplifier with a CD in it. He also uses few mics sometimes for his band to sing. they sometime sing for 24 straight hours.  Please help and advice.

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can people download insturctables?

Is because every time i click at download it takes me to this link thats say "wanna go premium or already a member" and im already singed in and it seams you just want me to spend money

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What Is Thought ? Answered

Thought isn't a white donkey against a blue sky. Thought isn't a young girl singing an old song. Thought isn't a windmill in a tunnel. Thought isn't a saffron robed monk pissing in the snow What is thought ?

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Automated Log-in

Hello Instructable community, I have an amazing idea.  Every time we visit, it does not remember who I am.  Its easy enough to click log in with Facebook.  How about automating that feature like

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Is it legal to use a midi file for backing and sell the recording on my own album?

I want to sing, improv, and add a guitar (keytar) solo to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" for my upcoming album, but I don't want to learn all the instruments in it.

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I am trying to start a band but i cannot get any songs written yet and i can't think of anything to write?

Any one have any ideas of how to start a band and write songs?

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Need to find out how to transfer videos from video camera to computer (You Tube). Not too techie, can you help?

Video camera is a Canon ES55. Trying to send video of grandaughter singing for a contest but can't figure out how to do it.

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How to store and play an audio file in a very simple circuit?

Maybe a better way to put this is: how does something like a talking McDonald's toy or a singing toothbrush store and play audio files? Is storing a 4 minute song possible this way? Much thanks.

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Its Voting Day, Do YOU Know What Rank Your -Ible is In?

Yes, its that time of contest season,The birds are singing, robots rebooting, and excellence is in the air.This is just a reminder to do your duty as a community member, and hopefully a spot in:THE BOOK

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how does this tea container work? Answered

My parents have had it for as long as i can remember, and then a bit more, its branded by Tetley, and as i recall, it is some sort of limited edition container, there is no date stamped on it anywhere, its made by Royal Winton. when you poen the lid, the container will play a tune, and its only when there is light visible by the bottom of the lid, if you set the lid on a flat surface or turn off the lights, it stops singing. which brings me to the question: how does it know its open, how does it make noise, and, most confusing, how has it managed to keep working even though its at least 20 years old? surely if it ran off of a battery it wouldve burnt out by now, right?

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Maker Faire UK on BBC

The BBC stopped by the Maker Faire UK that happened this last weekend in Newcastle. They were especially interested in the robotics. A fire-breathing horse, a walking and singing robot, iRobots, and battlebots. Nothing else about the rest of it, but the video's worth checking out.See also:Maker Faire UK in 3DLemonie's report

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Merry Knexmas!

Merry Knexmas! From Hiyadudez! It's almost here, Christmas, one of the happiest times of the year. Lets start of by singing a song, made by Logic boy :-) Rudolph, the red-turreted knexsayer had a very shiny turret.  And if you ever saw it,  you would even say it was awsome.  All of the other knex guns  used to laugh and call it names.  They never let poor Rudolph  join in any knex wars.  Then one foggy Christmas Eve  Mepain came to say:  "Rudolph with your Turret so bright,  won't you be my primary tonight?"  Then all the knex guns loved him  as they shot out with glee,  Rudolph the red-turreted knexsayer,  you'll go down in history!     Well, that was completely random... but I bet you are singing it in your head right at this very moment though! Hehe :-) Anyway, I only made this because I was bored, cya!

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Im trying to make a singe row 18 LED circuit, i used 18 random resistors that i salvaged from things (one for every led), i connected that to a 12v battery and only 4 light up, (1 out of the 4 are dim, the other 3 are good) what do i do to make all 18 light up. (the LEDs are blueish)?

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Creator of Bagpuss, Ivor, Clangers dies aged 83.

Oliver, dear Oliver,Creator of fat furry cat-pussWake up and look at this thing that we bringWake up, be brightBe golden and lightOliver, Oh hear what we sing

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