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Why does kiteman look sad?

I wonder how long this has been going on...

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RIP Sir Patrick Moore

The greatest British populariser of astronomy and space science, Sir Patrick Moore died today at 89. I would suggest that nearly 100% of British astronomers were influenced by Moore and his TV programme, The Sky at Night - of which, Sir Patrick was the longest serving presenter of any TV series anywhere. It is hard to imagine any more iconic figure in science media than Patrick Moore. A great loss.

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RIP Sir Bernard Lovell

One of England's most important radio astronomers, really the founder of the field in the UK, and an important member of the radar design team of WWII died today - he would have been 99 at the end of the month

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dear sir, i want a electronic circuit for moving a four legged hexapod robot which moves by motor Answered

Actually sir, in this project the motor is used for running some type of gear arrangment  and i want to control it by computer so please suggest me a electronic circuit

Question by sachin gautam    |  last reply

sir please once more explain how to prepare the motor in 'No-Solder, Funny Robot in Minutes'?

Sir i searched in instructable website simple and cheap robot . then i opened no solder,very funny robot in minutes' but there was a problem in preparing the motor so please explain it once more

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hello Sir i need vpn server how i gate?

I need vpn server like this

Question by khrshimul    |  last reply

can you help me with my bicycle, sir? that'd be kool.

I need help switching over the entire pedal/crank fixture thing on my bikes, ones longer than the other, although the biggest problem i have is the nut on one side (get your head out of the gutter), is all messed up and at such a weird angle its hard to get to and only two grip slots in it at a weird angle also.. any ideas? it just wont come out, i tried wd-40, doesnt work, but i dont think rust is the problem. i'll get pictures soon, sir. this is a picture f the bike im taking the crank off of.

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

dear sir i have this chip ,i dont know what is it ?

 this chip is used for device for bleaching teeth  called zoom . after 60 minutes of use it stop working . so the device wont work until i replace the chip again . the chip work just for 60 mins. some people tald that its photoisolater but i didnt  know which type because there are many types of photoisolater.  other said it is power unit .    regard rafail11

Question by rafail11    |  last reply

login on

Dear Sir, I would like to ask a question of one of your contributors but the login keeps failing

Topic by frankboase    |  last reply

information Answered

Sir i've made speaker but it is not working yet what can i do to improve its working?

Question by shani12345    |  last reply

longest instructable?

What is the longest instructable ever?

Question by sir-zeke    |  last reply

sir , how can i make a device which can read books for kids ?

Actually i saw a device named dolphino , it can read books whith the help of a  senser  and speaks words loudly and it has some kind of in built memory in which poems n rhymes are saved... this is rechargable also... i need u to guide me to make it

Question by ManoharP3    |  last reply

CNC plotter help

Hello sir/mam My Name Rana. I am from India. I doing a Mini CNC Plotter project with Arduino Uno, L293D, Servo & 2 DVD motors, 9v external power supply. My Plotter is working good with Arduino programs but it's not working with g-code from gctrl. please help me sir this project is very very important for me. I have a faith on you.

Question by Aryan1987  

Motor Controller

Dear Sir, Can you help me in developing a 24/36 mosfet controller for tricycle? Regards P​

Topic by hgsan    |  last reply

Ipod Imbedded in Shirt?

 Hey I wanted to know if I should make a sweater that has a pocket for the IPod and the headphones are in the hood strings.

Topic by sir instructable    |  last reply

Buried at 45 degrees...

As I type, Sir Jimmy Saville is lying in "state" in a golden* coffin in a Leeds hotel. According to his wishes, he will be buried at an angle of 45 in Scarborough, "so that he see the sea". What odd burial wishes do you have? Mine are simple - a cardboard box under an oak or horse-chestnut sapling. BBC Story. Just in case you don't know who Sir Jimmy was. *Golden, but not gold.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Inquiry about kanne of Patang (Kite)

Dear Sir, I am Indian & live in India { Gorakhpur , U.P. } . My name is Amitabh Srivastava . Sir , I likes to fly kites but i have a problem that i do not know how select a Patang from shop & how make kanni in Patang ?I do not know how much ( in number ) kanii given in upper & lower end of Patang . Sir, i asked from many people always , but they do not give right answer . I suffer from 6 years .Please told me . Can i contact you on mobile ? PleaSE PROVIDE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER .Please tell me . I shall be thankfull to you . Thankyou . RegardsAmitabh

Question by kumarsrivastava    |  last reply


Hai sir,          i am udhaya engineering student.i have one doubt ............ HOW TO INSERT A PROGRAM IN INTEGRATED CIRCIT?         please send me about this details...

Topic by udhaya anandh    |  last reply


Hello sir, i am stuck with my arduino uno. in the manage driver list i cant see arduino uno's name so what to do please tell

Question by maitrteya    |  last reply

Farewell to David tennant

David Tennant (The Tenth doctor) will soon be leaving Doctor Who, and be replaced by matt smith

Topic by sir-zeke    |  last reply

pwm o/p pic?

Dear sir,                how to get low frequency 30.....300c/s square wave from PIC MCU ,application required to simulate a tachometer.

Question by padmanabhan.k    |  last reply

A Dedication to Kiteman and Science teachers everywhere....

While he is STILL at Head Quarters I'd like to dedicate the following video to Sir Kiteman.

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

where do i get pdf files?

Sir,    I have signed-in as a free member i wanna know where do i get pdf files.

Question by mohammedimranece    |  last reply

How Do I Delete forum topics in my group?

How Do I Delete forum topics in my group?

Question by sir-zeke  

Awesome New Group!

Hey everyone, I think that Nerf Fanatics is an awesome new Nerf group! Please join! If enough people join maybe we'll be featured!

Topic by Sir Patrick    |  last reply

Can the large amount of sodium acetate decrease the stability of the glow of TCPO?

Sir we had made the TCPO by ourselves and we used the dye DAPN(diaminp phenazine) instead of 9,10-bis(phenyethyl) anthracene and use the solvent ethyl acetate for this and procced as your procedure but we didnt't get the glow for minutes.It lasts only for seconds(i.e. 3-5).Is this due to the use of DAPN rather than the use of anthracene? We had made the DAPN with the mixture of OPDA(orthophenylene diamine) with Distilled water and the addition of the HRP(horse radish periooxidase). We had used the amount as: 15 ml of Ethyl Acetate 1gm of Sodium Acetate 3mg of DAPN 3ml of hydrogen Pero-oxide 800mg of TCPO Sir, we are the student of Nepal studying Biomedical Engineering and we are doing our final year project and we need your help in this, as our project is based in the che miluminescece method for the pregnency detector.Please,please sir help us sending your reply.We will be very thankful towards you if you will be kind to us.Eagerly waiting for your reply.?

Question    |  last reply

Doctor Who: The End of time

Discussion about the last doctor who special this year Doctor who: The End of Time

Topic by sir-zeke    |  last reply

Walkie-Talkie set at 80 Mhz,50m

Sir,i want to make a walkie-talkie set to work at 80 Mhz,over about 50 metres range.Can anyone provide the circuit diagram and oyher help?

Question by knlkohli  

Moffet VS. Davies

Do you like steven moffet as a writer for Doctor Who? Why? or Why not? or do you prefer davies? Davies is leaving along with tennant

Topic by sir-zeke    |  last reply

Your valuable information on robotics?

       sir,                        My name is krishna chaitanya ,i am studing B.TECH -3 YEAR                                                      I have intresting to build a two leg robot, so please give me your valuable ideas                 

Question by krishna chaitanya    |  last reply

PS3 names (online)

Your psn names please mine is: sir-buck1994 (no caps or spaces) DanGosling (caps where shown no spaces)

Topic by Tom Buckey    |  last reply

Easiest and cheapest way to convert 12V down to 5V and keep it that way?

I need the easiest and cheapest way to get 12V down to 5V - Sir Evil Chicken

Question by Mr_ChoCho21    |  last reply

how should automatic paper towel dispenser work?

Sir, i want full details off automatic paper towel dispenser, how the sensor board will work automatily, how we get a paper in few sec

Question by sundar86    |  last reply


ATTENTION!! You all should join my new Scott Pilgrim fanclub group on Instructables!! URL Share your ideas and SP related stuff! Go Scott Pilgrim!!!

Topic by sir instructable    |  last reply

100% home made lathe by catwood sept.20 2007

Sir, Catwood posted about a 100% homemade lathe. where I can find measure drawings of the lathe?so I caould buld one. Mike

Topic by bandit01  

how can i change my wiis ip address to a uk one? Answered

I have the internet channel and would like to be able to use the bbc iplayer but i live outside the uk

Question by sir-zeke    |  last reply

need a tutorial on fly robot fly

Respecte sirs, i saw a image for fly robot fly i want to develop a same size robot can any one help me to develop this i will be thankful to him

Topic by massmailer123    |  last reply

fly robot fly

Need a tutorial on fly robot fly Respecte sirs, i saw a image for fly robot fly i want to develop a same size robot can any one help me to develop this i will be thankful to him

Topic by massmailer123    |  last reply

resistor parallel

Sir I need 100ohm 3 watt resistor but cannot find it in market, in market I find 100ohm 1watt resistor ,plz tell me how I acquire (100ohm 3 watt resistor) value. can I parallel three 100ohm 1 watt resistor to get my value

Question by robinhoodxx    |  last reply

Playstation 1 box?

My Friend ring wraith159 had a old PS1 and was taking it apart he didn't want the external case so he gave it to me and i'm making a box out of it like my Radio Box. any ideas as for what to put in it?

Question by sir-zeke    |  last reply

could I use pvc cement on upvc pipes?

Dear sir, I'm in title to use pvc cement to glue with it upvc pipes & fittings, pls advise if applicable & works which I had been using it before & it works . advise also ur recommended materails to use .

Question by nebrashasan    |  last reply

speakers? Answered

I just got some cheesy speakers frm wal-mart and was wondering you had any ideas on what creavtive thing i could do with them?

Question by sir-zeke    |  last reply

How to connect LED Strip

​Dear sir, i have purchased a 5 Meter LED strip with adaptor today in online. can u just instruct me how to connect the strip? the 12V adaptor will work for 5 Meter strip or can i use it the strip by cut in to pieces? kindly help me in this regard.

Topic by shiva_nalla    |  last reply

Raspberry Pi: Launch Python Script on Startup

Hello sir, Running Python script at boot works fine with crontab, only thing is that I am stuck to it. How to come out of it ?How to stop it. Cntr+C does not work

Topic by dgkanade72    |  last reply


Hello sir,  Im intrested in solenoids feild and wanna have practical experince in that.can you please tell me how to generate electrical charge by using solenoids and storing that charge in mica capacitors with less voltage rating high storage capability..which also has slow discharge. The time of storing the charge should be high.Hope will guide me. Thankyou. Raghudeep,

Topic by RaghuC    |  last reply