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I am running Maxthon ver. 1.6.3 & have a very hard time viewing the site. Some of the pictures & menus load while others just show an empty place holder. Is there a bug in Maxthon, or something I should do differently? The first few times everything loaded fine, & I have not changed anything on my PC. It looks & loads in Firefox just fine, so I am using it for now!!! Thanks Brian

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Cheap sites?

Could someone put together a guide or something to cheap sites. so that it would be easier for people to find what they want and dont need to spend so much time on google. if u know a some good ones that is

Question by Qsam    |  last reply

Design of site?

Hi people. Could you say ma something about site design?

Question by Broneplenka    |  last reply

my site

Hey people, i would like to invite you to see my siteor even subscirbe or leave a comment i would liketo see many subscribers and comments at my sitethanks already,cheers.

Topic by ryan knexer    |  last reply

Site outage

We had a site outage from about 11pm-4am PST due to a server error. The site should be all better now, but if you see issues please email good night

Topic by frenzy  

Love this site!!

Love this site. I have great fun with my son making many cool things. This site has also made me more aware of junk I used to just throw out that can be used to make cool stuff. Just had to finally say THANKS for the awesome site and contributor's. All my best. //rick//

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Site update?

What happened to the instructables site? I can't find anything, no "recent" "featured" "topics" or "question" good luck finding this post. Is it an update or does my computer just hate me?

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Site suggestion

It would be really helpful if there was an option when you upload a photo to have it as the picture for the form topic and not for the photo under the message, and an option to have the photo for the photo under the message and not the form topic photo.

Topic by The Cartographer    |  last reply

Awesome site

If you are a member of this group you will probably find this link quite interesting...

Topic by wingman246    |  last reply

site navigation

Do you think that the site could be easier to navigate? i think that if you could choose how many items were listed per page e.g. instead of 20 per page, you could have 100 or more. it would make it easier because you would'nt have to click next page as many times. another thing to make the site easier to navigate would be if the names of the 'ibles, questions ect were listed in each category in alphebatical order, so that you could easily find an instructable by name.

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Site Suggestion

I wasn't sure this is the place to post this, but I think this site needs to have a search on the personal favourites page. I have 119 favourites, and when I can't remember the title of one it would be great if I could look up its keywords. It might also help if I can change the settings so it can display more than 10 favourites at a time. I hope this helps improve the site!

Topic by octochan    |  last reply

site error

Has anybody noticed that after a search, in the little drop down menu, instructable is spelt insrtuctable. just like to point that out.

Topic by hedgiehog    |  last reply

layout of the site

why does instructables have to change the layout for the worse every time i get used to the old one? this most rescent one is horrible! it just might make me quit the site. ***edit***  i didnt realize how whiny this sounded until after i posted it. i dont like that there is a drop-down for the different channels in the catergories. and the tape around the pictures in the instructables are annoying. the main screen doesnt fit onto my internet window any more, i have to use a scrollbar at the bottom to see it all

Topic by Dr. Who    |  last reply

site question

Recently my latest "make" I shared here won the honor of being Featured. Thanks by the way.  :) I also won a premium service for 3 months as a result. My question is, after it expires, will my account go back to its original state? or will it be frozen? I like to know these things before I go further since I had this happen to me at another site. Also I kind of like my account and it would be disappointing if my current account would get messed up. Thanks. :)

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Site Feedback

Hello, I have some feedback regarding the site. First, the page width is a little too big. On 1024x600 resolution there is a horizontal scrollbar, which seems kind of useless to me and takes up vertical space. Secondly, the link named Feedback on directs to;=faq, as does the link named FAQs on the Contact Instructables page. Third, a button to hide the search header would be a nice feature, it's unnecessarily big and takes about 1/6th of vertical space on resolution of 1024x600. I hope I explained understandably and that you can make some tweaks. Firefox 21.0 Windows 7 Home Premium

Topic by rein365    |  last reply

Help with the site

I posted this in the Help section but no one responded. I can see the smaller icon sized photos that indicate which images are to appear in the instructable but when I hit the next step, there are no images at all. I checked my browser and can't see any problem on my end. Any suggestions?

Topic by ThePanda    |  last reply

Site Suggestion

Right now for an Instructable your able to see how many views it's received and also an average rating of your Instructable. But I've noticed that a lot of people, even those who like your Instructable, do not bother rating it. Thus, I was thinking it would be cool if there was some way we could see how many people chose are Instructables as a favorite - which people always seem to do with Instructables they genuinely like. Do you think this may be a neat feature to have?

Topic by LoneWolf    |  last reply

Wonderful Site

First up, let me say sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum, but I looked and couldn't really find anywhere else for it. If it's wrong, show me to the dunce's corner while a mod moves it to the appropriate place. I just want to say what an amazing site this is. I stumbled in while looking for a knitting pattern for a Pokemon toy (on instructions from my youngest offspring). I quickly got sidetracked in my search, and soon found myself joining because I wanted to comment on something I found. I love the concept of sharing ideas with other people. Among other things, I make dollhouse miniatures and the local club I belong to is big on the idea that if you know how to, then share your knowledge for others to enjoy. So a few days after joining, I now find myself creating an instructible of my own to share and hopefully (if it turns out) to enter into one of the competitions. Norma

Topic by Twinmum    |  last reply

Site Update

So maybe I've got the right spot for this comment this time (Thanks, Kiteman, for the wake up), but here goes..the last time the site had an update wasn't too bad. Things were relatively easy to see and find, and the previous style had been a little cumbersome--now it's a big mishmash and confusing as hell. What is it with geeks who can't leave what works well enough alone, but have to try and fix it? (I'm looking at you here, too, Firefox.) Pay attention here folks! The project of the day humongous header at the top of the page--it's frickin' annoying!! It was good to be able to see all the projects in a row, very neat and organized, and then go to the one I'm interested in. Surely I'm not the only one? I can't get here everyday and now the different projects are extremely hard to catch up on. I'm not trying to be mean, nor am I against constructive change or fixing problems, but changing something just to be different doesn't always work. People come here to see the projects, etc., To connect on ways to do things or build things, not to see a website where someone wants to show off their building skills. Please take a poll of your readers or something and see what everyone else thinks. If I'm a minority opinion I'll just learn to lump it, but I still won't have to like it!

Topic by beatyruth  

unblock sites at school?

What sites can i got to to unblock sites

Question by jabarimommy    |  last reply

Site search box? Answered

Where is the search box on this site?

Question by bigbbubble    |  last reply

Are there cheap Airsoft sites? Answered

Are there any airsoft sites similar to those jewelry sites where $400 things are sold for $20-$30? Furthermore, I'd like to ask if hobbytronusa is a trusted site.  I've heard things about sites similar, but wasn't sure if it was that one. Thanks.

Question by bighead5454    |  last reply

Virus and trojan on this site

Two days ago I got a virus on this site. BEWARE USING THIS SITE UNTIL THEY CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topic by Judith756    |  last reply

Super site ... but SLOW!

This is a wonderful site ... I learned how to remove rust electrically ... good stuff; however, the site is brutally slow between pages (downloading). I have high speed access via cable modem and this site is like using dial up. What's up? Is it the server? Has the site been optimized? Pictures optimized? I will continue to visit because the site and concept is strong. Thanks.

Topic by dkmanley    |  last reply

New site layout

I like the new site layout. I'm sure others will have a problem with it but change is typically a good thing. It will just take some getting use too is all.  Keep up the good work!

Topic by mpilchfamily    |  last reply

Electronic part site? Answered

I have been to many sites, just trying to find one that carries, well, everything! I'll go to one, and it'll have a whole bunch of led's, but no resistors, or a whole bunch of switches but no led's. I end up spending a fortune on shipping by ordering parts for a project from 5 different sites. I would like to find a site that has all these things in one place. leds switches resistors capacitors transistors most other basic electronic stuff. Share your site!

Question by kcls    |  last reply

New K'nex site!

Here is the new knex site i created. I don't care if it utterly fails. Just created it bout' a hour ago, so don't expect anything. I want to get a few members first.

Topic by NYPA    |  last reply

****kool knex site****


Topic by assasin    |  last reply

April Fool Sites

I just found Google's! Anybody find others?

Topic by LasVegas    |  last reply

Marshmallow shooter site? Answered

I found a really good site that had the pvc pipe guns for sale a couple of years ago. They were not the store bought guns. If you know the site that i am talking about, i would highly appreciate it. also, if you know a similar site, please tell me. thank you for viewing.

Question by chopstx    |  last reply

Sites with helpful information

I was browsing the web looking for information on a component, when I discovered this site: EDUCYPEDIA and figured I'd share it with everyone. If you know of any other sites that could prove to be useful to helping with electronics, post them below (I suggest searching the site above first cause it has thousands of links such as digi-key and other component datasheet sites).PS- You can search for just about anything if you use the navigation bar at the top (History, General Useful Info, Science, etc.)

Topic by FrenchCrawler    |  last reply

Suggestions for Site Improvement?

Where might I best submit suggestions, beg for features, etc?

Topic by ryzellon    |  last reply

instuctables site quesions

Instuctibles is a grate site but its not perfect and i have been getting a publishing error "We hit an unexpected Problem. If this problem persists, please contact us about what happened." could you please help me fix this i would appreciate it 

Topic by PRO DR MR BOB    |  last reply

Nice Changes to the Site!

I really like the new layout, with the different drop down menus, and the tabs. It looks really good. Anyway, just my 2 cents, nice job Instructables team.

Topic by Brennn10    |  last reply

Is there a site updates log?

The title basically states my question. Can the site updates be shown publicly? I've noticed small changes here in there, like that temporary one where we couldn't see the number of favorites (much like Instagram). Is there a place where we can read all of the updates from the start of instructables up to today? I was just curious, and it would be cool to see the site's development from the start. Thanks :D

Topic by zakbobdop    |  last reply

My site,

Hey everyone, I own a small site with about 150 members in the forums, It is focused on solving Rubik's Cubes. If anyone is interested in learning to solve the cube I recommend you go to my site, I specialize in helping beginners :D

Topic by Strife - Site launch

Hey guys,I wanted to let you all know I just launched my new hacking site. It's oriented more toward game console hacking but it has a bit of everything, like this site. Please check it out and leave me feedbackThank youDIGG IT -

Topic by Joe426    |  last reply

Link to an awesome site

I figured this would be a good place to place this link... in the Guns and Weaponry group.

Topic by wingman246    |  last reply

Something to add to the site

Well i was just on here and was bored and remembered my time on when i would just hit random to get a quick laugh. is it possible to add that to this site so that we can bring up random instrucables which we may not find otherwise.

Topic by evan_124    |  last reply

Site not Working on PS3

I was trying to get onto Instructables on my PS3 earlier, but all I got was an error message. The error says: 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. Is this site not allowed to work on the PS3, or is the Ps3 blocking it for some reason. ~thanks

Topic by qwertyboy    |  last reply

Is this site not working anymore?

Hi, I joined this group two days ago, I uploaded a video and added this video to the Kollabora group. Besides nobody saying "hi" (sic), the video I added to the group is not showing and nobody is saying nothing. Is this site still working or not? Thank you, Sidonia Petki

Topic by Sidonia    |  last reply

Instructables ripoff site?

Just ran across a strange site that appears to be ripping the content from Instructables. See, for example, Is this something Instructables is working on? If not, then our articles here may be penalized for being "duplicate content." Just wondering. Thanks

Topic by flyingpuppy    |  last reply

Web Site Improvements

Thank you for adding the "More by the author" profile banner to the top of each Instructable. Three author-instructable images used to appear in the right-hand panel along with some recommendations but disappeared with the last site upgrade. The new location at the top of each instructable is a nice touch ...Thanks also for restoring the graphical "Launch Stats" ...

Topic by lingib    |  last reply

Site Navigation and Search

Hello everyone!  I'm having some trouble with navigating / searching the site.  When I am browsing and I select most popular, it doesn't seem to sort in particular order. When I sort by views, it shows them in descending order, but when using most popular its a hodgepodge of results.  Also, is there anyway to search the site by materials used? It would be awesome if I could say I've got these parts / pieces, what could I make with them?  Thanks! Tim

Topic by Fxguy    |  last reply

Referral/GTP sites

Before anyone freaks out and starts screaming SPAM (lol) I am not posting links to my account on a referral site. To be honest I find it extremely annoying when people do. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with referral/GTP (get paid to) site.  Basically they pay you to complete surveys and basically buy your personal information, and you earn more money for getting other people to join under you. I started using one called FusionCash and got through a few offers by using bs information. Then I realized that they have a minimum payout of 25$ (they wont send you a check or paypal until you have 25$ in your account on their site), 15$ of which must be from completing "offers", on top of this your account on their website resets itself every 90 day (should have read the fine print, lol) I found this system kinda fishy and utterly ridiculous. Then I started looking into other sites. I found CashLagoon which has no minimum payout and works through paypal as well as check (win!). The other site I found was CashCrate which pays you by check in mail but has a minimum payout of 10$. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about which sites to use and if there are any legitimate ones that are worth my time. (DON'T POST REFERRALS) ;-) Dan

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I think they should add a fb login thing on the popup login box as you have to scroll to the top again every time an it gets so annoying. who agrees?

Question by bcavaciuti    |  last reply

New Howtoons Site!

You may have seen some of the awesome Howtoons comics up on Instructables; you may even have added a project to the Beta Howtoons group. Howtoons is the brainchild of our own Saul Griffith of Squid Labs, artist Nick Dragotta, and Joost Benson.We're happy to let you know that the official Howtoons site is now up- check daily for projects and updates. The first Howtoons book will be coming out in November.

Topic by canida    |  last reply

Need a hack for this site

I need to find a better way of organizing friends in categories, messaging them, The sight leaves much to be desired and wants to charge for things and way too much'

Topic by Charley Davidson    |  last reply

web site build

Hi all guys and ladies ...  so glad i found this site looks like fun. I found you all here due to a search i did looking on tips of building and hosting my own web site, and what i read here in great detail with no fuzz i just thought was the bees knees. I do have one problem but, if i use my ip address to host my own server on an old machine and use a new pc for working here at home, the ip address will be the same, will this not lead to people trying to gain excess to my every day to day pc? jamstir.

Topic by jamstir    |  last reply